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(generated from captions) Ridge? Logan. Ridge. Yes, it's me. It's your Logan. I'm right here. I'm right here. It's your Logan. I'm right here. I'm right here. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - not guilty. who shot dead a robber walks free. The security guard Blown apart - struck by lightning a Cronulla unit block as severe weather slams Sydney. It was like a big bomb hitting. a family loses everything And cleaned out - posing as a cleaner. to a brazen thief and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Bill Woods Good evening. the female security guard First tonight - outside a Sydney hotel who shot dead a robber

has been cleared of murder. is at the Supreme Court. Ten reporter Tim Potter

to reach its not guilty verdict. Tim, it didn't take the jury long

That's right, Bill. It was a very

relieved and emotional Karen Brown,

on hearing the jury had found her

not guilty of the murder and

manslaughter. Now, back in July

2004, Karen Brown was working as a

security guard outside the moor

bank hotel in western Sydney when

she was approached, by someone

trying to steal a backpack

containing $40,000. Now, in the

attack, Karen Brown suffered a

fractured eye socket, fractured

nose, fractured wrist, as well as

multiple lacerations to the back of

her head and face. During the

attack as Mr Aquilina was making

his getaway, she approached his

stolen car, shot him and killed

him on the spot. Significantly, in

terms of this case, only 15 minutes

into the jury's deliberation, they

asked the judge, juice disJames, to

summarise the Crown and defence

case for the mental condition of

Karen Brown when she shot Mr

AcLeona. The court heard from a

number of expert witnesses,

significantly from the doctor who

treated her at Liverpool Hospital

directly following the incident,

who described her injuries as

post-concussion syndrome and when

she shot Mr Aquilina, she would not

have known what she was doing. This

was the basis of the Crown and

defence summary. Obviously leaving

court, it was a clearly emotional

and very relieved Karen Brown. I

want to get my life back to normal. in there? Was it completely emotional for you Yes, very upset, and glad it's over. anything to the jury? MAN: Karen, would you like to say very much. I'd like to thank the jury

Bill, as we just saw, it's

obviously been a very trying and

emotional experience for Karen

Brown and now she simply wants to

spend time with her family and wait

to see what the future holds for her. a Cronulla unit block. A bolt of lightning has ripped apart It struck the antenna, and damaging several of the units. tearing off the roof a bomb had gone off Residents who thought can't believe no-one was hurt. tore into three units In an instant, the lightning bolt on the top floor of the block, that resembled a war zone. leaving a trail of damage Just like a big bomb hitting. was one of the few residents Andrew Paice home at the time. it just blew up, I plugged the TV in,

halfway across the room. just threw me to discover the damage, Others returning home this afternoon when it hit. thankful they weren't there and through the front door It's blown a hole in the roof in the lounge room area. and all the roof collapsed in the roof of the unit block, The blast sparked a fire by steady falling rain. the flames extinguished was confined to the top floor, While most of the damage a badly leaking roof means in several other units. significant water damage this afternoon, Workmen were quick on the job to cope with the rain, carrying out hasty repairs over the weekend. which is forecast to continue to fall into tens of thousands of dollars, The damage bill is expected to run

for somewhere else to stay. residents now calling on friends Evan Batten, Ten News.

That's quite a price to pay. Tim

Bailey, we can only hope the rain

is also falling in the places we

want it to fall. Well, it is and it

isn't. We had around about five to

ten cent metres of rain up in the

Warragamba dam area. 57mm fell on

the beach. Wouldn't it be lovely to Warragamba dam area. 57mm fell on

harness all this water going down

drains in the city and out to sea?

That's something for us all to

think B unfortunately, only 5 do 10

milimetres in the catchment. It is think B unfortunately, only 5 do 10

chilly. 11 degrees. That is our

coldest day since August 1996.

There is a proviso on that. If it

gets to 12 degrees before 9 am

tomorrow, that record will not

stand. Let's look at the radar.

There was more colour on it today

than the SBS test pattern. The blue

and yellow, it was a busy little

fellow. Unfortunately, most of the

rain is coastal. A bit has drifted

over the catchment area, just

repeating 5-10mm so far. The

forecast for you for the next 48

hours. I think you can guess -

showers and 16 degrees Saturday.

The odd shower, mainly dry, though,

at this stage, on Sunday, for tops

of 16. A shower or two Monday and

Tuesday the sun should be back. So

most of this rain, although

torrential at times, has been

coastal. We'll keep on eye on it

for you when we see you again later. who poses as a cleaner. Police are hunting a con man in Sydney's southern suburbs - He's been robbing homes losing goods worth $12,000. the latest victim posing as a domestic cleaner, The thief struck at Sutherland, he cleaned the house out, but instead of tidying up,

musical instruments, cameras and CDs. robbing a family of computers, commercial vacuum cleaner He arrived with a massive yeah, and lots of cleaning equipment,

anything else. and had no reason to believe who rang the bogus cleaner Terri is a working mum in the local paper. after he placed an ad through the house He wanted to have a look of the house and stuff, so he could get an idea of the size and took him through the house. so I showed him upstairs

keyboards and computers stolen. Son Daniel is a musician who had items and leaving others behind. The thief taking the most valuable

had her computer stolen, Daughter and Year 12 student Chloe due for assessment next week. complete with HSC assignments on my other computer, And I had all my work backed up but he took that as well. Now I just don't have any work. Like, it had all my notes on it. Now the con man's mobile phone number rings out. It was a prepaid service. The ad in the paper also untraceable, paid for with a stolen credit card. Police say the thief has been active in the Sutherland shire, with several home owners hit by the scam, netting the con man tens of thousands of dollars. And the family doesn't have insurance. It was a real lesson to me because he wasn't here to clean.

The warning for home owners - be aware of who has access to your property. John Hill, Ten News. The banks have wasted no time passing on this week's interest rate rise to customers, and there could be more to come with the Reserve Bank warning rates might have to go up again, partly because of this year's big tax cuts. The first of the big four banks to lift their rates was Westpac, and today the PM found himself opening their new Sydney headquarters and urging home buyers to be philosophical about the rate rise. What matters, and what gives people confidence in economic management is consistent, predictable management over a period of time. But borrowers may yet have to be philosophical about another rate rise, possibly in November. The Reserve Bank's quarterly snapshot of the economy warns: While the Bank didn't oppose the tax cuts, they may prove to be the trigger for another rise. Tax cuts were totally justified and average Australians would have been under greater strain from petrol prices if there hadn't been tax cuts in the Budget. Labor still pointing the finger at Mr Howard's low interest rate election promises.

This is a major breach of trust by John Howard. But the Opposition's campaign hit a minor pothole. Labor lifted the voice of a 'Sydney Morning Herald' economics writer off the paper's website

and used it in a radio ad attacking the Government without the writer's permission. Challenged, they had to pull the ad off the air. Kim Beazley positively unrepentant. We're going to hold him accountable down to election day, and if we get a bit of publicity on the way through, terrific. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Some streets could soon be declared no-go zones by bus drivers left shaken by a spate of rock-throwing attacks. The decision comes as another bus is attacked in Sydney's west. Hard to believe, but this is one of Sydney's most dangerous streets for bus drivers. There have been five attacks along Luxford Road in just the past week, bricks and rocks used as missiles. Any more attacks and drivers will declare a no-go zone. Buses won't be servicing those particular streets or areas. And that will apply across Sydney. Drivers telling a crisis meeting they've had enough. What are we waiting for? For someone to get stabbed or end up, you know, in a cemetery?

They've been assured plain-clothes police will soon mingle with passengers on dangerous routes. It's a scary job sometimes, and half the time we just have to sit there and take it. Pedestrian underpasses are a hot spot for brick-throwing thugs, hurling projectiles at windscreens, vanishing down a maze of footpaths. It'll come from the side of the road and bang! You don't see who's done it.

With a potential transport nightmare out west if no-go zones are enforced by drivers, the Minister, John Watkins, has agreed to hold talks next week, where he'll be told in no uncertain terms these drivers' lives are at risk. Drivers want more than the no-go zones. They're demanding a centralised emergency system to take distress calls, safer bus designs and shatter-proof glass, fearing a driver or a passenger could be killed. Could you imagine that brick coming through a side window

where you're sitting? Could you imagine the impact on the side of your face? James Boyce, Ten News. A major flare-up tonight in the bitter Cross City Tunnel row. The Tunnel chief has launched another scathing attack on the Premier, while putting taxpayers at further risk with a widening of a threatened compensation claim. The Premier hurries from a government infrastructure conference with media in tow, leaving fuming inside Cross City Tunnel boss Graham Mulligan.

He's raised the stakes in the compensation row, threatening to sue the Government for loss of patronage and reputation. We have suffered immense damage by the Iemma Government. Also attending the conference - former premier Bob Carr, now a Macquarie Bank consultant. It's very nice to be out of it. I'll leave it to the others. Graham Mulligan fuelling his personal feud with Mr Iemma by making this unfavourable comparison with Mr Carr. Well, you know, one's a leader and one's not. The tunnel chief has slammed the Government's failure to implement full electronic tolling and integrate the Cross City Tunnel into the rest of the road network. They have created a boycott factor. They have created a very negative reputation for our business. The Cross City Tunnel is still only attracting 30,000 cars a day, a third of the original estimate. ANd Graham Mulligan says he's still waiting for a formal compensation offer from the Government. He's going to get a much better deal negotiating with Morris Iemma than he's going to get from me. The Premier is seeking to play down the latest tunnel controversy. What we did on the Cross City Tunnel was for motorists and for the public

and I'm not going to get into a slanging match with Mr Mulligan. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with a look ahead at sport. Tim, a slushy weekend ahead. Yes, tough going for the Eels and Dragons tonight. We'll preview that shortly. Also, a heated media conference for Wallabies skipper George Gregan when questioned about Eddie Jones's axing. And really wet and wild - we'll hear from the Aussie surfers who took on some of the biggest waves ever seen at the dangerous Teahupoo reef break in Tahiti. And you won't believe the length of the ban for that jockey who headbutted his horse.

Words from the grave -

the body in the boot diaries finally released.

That's next. Also tonight - feeling deflated. A hot-air balloon makes an emergency landing. And young diva Paulini breaks her silence, speaking exclusively to Ten about her rocky relationship.

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Joe's greatest regret in taking his life is leaving his 12-year-old son. Look after my son for me. Guide him.

Give him love. The same sentiment not shared for his step-daughter. Laura de Gois is not to get a cent. From the grave, this message for Maria's daughter: Of Tania Herman, who's serving 12 years for attempted murder, he writes "lust is evil," but never implicates himself in what caused her death. You're a beautiful, attractive-looking woman and what took you to the point of what you did, I don't know. The video diary was for sale after his death but failed to attract a bidder. Joe Korp, signing off. Kate McGrath, Ten News. A father of three who allegedly took his children from their mother has been extradited to NSW to face charges. The 29-year-old allegedly fled to Canberra with his children, sparking an interstate man-hunt. He eventually called police to reveal his location. The children reunited with their mother overnight. Their father will appear in Queanbeyan Local Court tomorrow. Police have released this likeness of a man responsible for stubbing a cigarette out near a toddler's eye. He's described as 40 to 50 years of age, thin and 175 centimetres tall. He has a distinctive walk and a blue mark, possibly a tattoo, on his wrist. The attack occurred in Dulwich Hill last Friday. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers. A senior Australian diplomat who mistakenly identified Private Jake Kovco's body has given evidence to a military inquiry. He's apologised to the soldier's family, but insists checking the body wasn't his responsibility. The Kuwait Australian Embassy's first secretary told the inquiry via video link he sealed the wrong man's casket. Alastair Adams compared the body of a Bosnian man to a passport photo of Private Jake Kovco. The inquiry heard Private Kovco's sergeant was by Mr Adams's side, and:

Warrant Officer Chris Hunter saw the two men checking the body. Once it was discovered the wrong casket had gone back to Australia with soldier 2, he was left to identify the real Private Kovco, still in the Kuwait morgue refrigerator. He said the mortuary was awful, run-down, and its staff didn't speak English, adding at the time he was glad the soldiers who'd accompanied Private Kovco's body weren't allowed in. And a second soldier involved in organising the repatriation has told the inquiry the Kuwait morgue should never be used again by the Australian Defence Force. But the company which was used to bring Private Kovco's body home still holds its repatriation contract. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Double drama in the skies above Melbourne, with two hot-air balloons making unscheduled landings. As the wind died down, one joy flight was cut short.

The pilot forced to land his 30m-tall balloon in a small courtyard outside this arts college. All 10 people on board walking away uninjured. I was just looking to put it down somewhere safe, and this was safe - small but safe. I wasn't the least bit anxious or toey. Another balloon was forced to land between trees in front of the city's Shrine of Remembrance.

A female teacher in court on hundreds of charges of sexually assaulting a student. That's next. Also - the last group of Aussies flee the war in Lebanon. And - a Sydney icon celebrates a major milestone. SONG: # How will you feel when it happens # When a Lotto win finds you? # 'Cause it's the big red ball... #

(All shout delightedly) # That makes dreams come true # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. #

Welcome back. Vic Lorusso, I guess

the traffic has been severely held

up by this wet. Bill, for traffic

trying to head around time, it's

going to take a long time. You can

see the storm in the distance here

at Campbelltown. We're shielding

ourselves watching the Hume Highway.

You can see peak-hour traffic

struggling in both directions.

Motorists to the south-west are

going to take 40 minutes extra via

the M5, M4 and the Hume Highway. A Brisbane schoolteacher charged with hundreds of child sex offences has appeared in court. It's alleged the woman, who can't be identified, assaulted a 14-year-old female student over a 2-year period

while teaching at a school south of Brisbane. The offences allegedly occurred at the 25-year-old teacher's home. A 2-week adjournment was granted so the woman can prepare her defence. She remains on bail. The last group of Australians has left Beirut, as fears grow for several hundred more still trapped in southern Lebanon. Israel is rejecting claims its Navy fired at one group of Australians tying to make it to safety. 307 Australians begin the long journey home. the last Australian ferry This was to have been by the busload, and eager expats arrived at the docks the only real ticket they had, their passports from boarding. but nothing was stopping them the perilous journey from the south. Some had survived They left with mixed feelings. for the people living here. I am feeling bad but they are not safe any more here. We are going, we are safe, weren't expecting so many, Foreign Affairs officials but each was accommodated on board. Once they depart Beirut harbour by the Israeli navy. the ferries are shadowed are asked to identify themselves Vessels large and small or be boarded. to ask you a few questions. Over. Good afternoon, sir, we would like Yes, sir, go ahead. This video was shot Australian ferries a fortnight ago. by the captain of one of the fired warning shots and harrassed him He claims the Israelis to support the claim. but there is no evidence the attacks continue. Back in the capital, though, Several massive blasts shook of southern Beirut until now untouched areas overnight and into the day. Israeli warplanes zeroed in Hezbollah missile batteries, on what appear to be as well as roads and bridges, capturing each moment of impact an onboard camera

in graphic detail - little is spared. remains defiant, The head of Hezbollah Israeli financial centre of Tel Aviv. now threatening to hit the

Israel says it's just tough talk Hezbollah on the run. and proof they have Fenn Kemp, Ten News. Two astronauts have spent 6.5 hours

International Space Station. floating outside the orbiting European Space Agency, The two, from the pieces of broken equipment. spent their time replacing several of construction The work was vital for the next stage $100 billion station. on the only half-built

for a Sydney icon - A special milestone Central Station turns 100 today, the anniversary recognising its role

for generations of Australians. as a critical transport hub and happy reunions. It's seen sad goodbyes

remains a meeting place And after a century, Central's clock at the heart of a bustling station. without it, It is hard to imagine this city there was no fanfare. but when Central opened in 1906 but it was a good choice. This was not the first choice, up in Hyde Park The first one was actually and there was opposition to it. Some things never change, do they? Central has changed, though, with one platform starting as a corrugated iron shed to be transformed over 100 years 2,500 train journeys each day. into a station that handles that they planned it If you look at the way

in the 1900s - you can imagine back then over 150,000 passengers a day? did they expect to have Possibly, because look at it - it can handle it. the way the infrastructure's set up, all those passengers do not see - But there is something 26 and 27, unused underground platforms

for a southern railway line, started after World War II never any money for. that there was simply they stay hidden - Described as the phantom platforms, rolled through here. trains have never these tunnels are haunted. Maybe just as well - some believe of a rich rail history, It's all just part since the 1950s, one David Thurlow has seen before the system was electrified. near the character that there was Oh, well, I mean, there's nowhere in the days of steam, is a lot more improved but I mena the engine man's lot on what it was in those days. and other activities Steam train rides of birthday celebrations. will mark a weekend centuries left in her yet. She's a grand old girl but she's got Eddy Meyer, Ten News. over a deadly crash. A truck driver's remorse That story next. Also, Paulini's pain -

about her rocky past. the young diva speaks exclusively And all shook up - gets his own back on Elvis, Barney the hound dog ripping apart his childhood teddy.

with a great book, If you want to escape Great Read Guide'. get the '2006 Books Alive for everyone, there's something With 50 titles, biographies, thrillers to fantasy. from children's books to everyone will want to read them. They're so good, a free novel and receive in the guide Buy any book by bestseller Monica McInerney. Get your free copy in this month's 'Australian Women's Weekly' or at participating booksellers. LIGHT-HEARTED MUSIC This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - who poses as a cleaner police are hunting a brazen con man to rip off his victims. in Sydney's southern suburbs He's been robbing homes worth $12,000. the latest family losing goods a Cronulla unit block. A bolt of lightning has ripped apart tearing off the roof, It struck the antenna, and damaging several units. a bomb had gone off, Residents, who thought

can't believe no one was hurt. who shot dead a robber And the female security guard has been cleared of murder. outside a Sydney hotel walked free from court An emotional and relieved Karen Brown after a 2-week trial. William Aquilina in 2004. She was accused of shooting dead back to normal. I just want to get my life in there? Was it completely emotional for you Yes, very upset, and glad it's over. anything to the jury? MAN: Karen, would you like to say very much. I'd like to thank the jury A court has been told over a horror road accident how an elderly truck driver convicted

with his victims if he could. would have swapped places including two little girls, Three members of the same family, died in the crash.

in concentration, It was just a short lapse but this was the end result - on the Pacific Highway at Bulahdelah. a semitrailer crushing this small car Rebecca and Jessica Campbell Inside were sisters and their grandmother, Barbara Cheadle. All three were killed instantly. This man, Jimmy Morabito, was at the wheel of the truck and has been found guilty of dangerous driving causing death.

Openly crying during sentencing submissions today, the young girls' mother asked the court to imagine what it's like:

Her husband, Greg Campbell, who lost both his mother and daughters in the crash, told the court:

One of those daughters told the court how truly sorry her father was. He cried in court. There was sobbing in the public gallery. Mr Morabito will be sentenced later this year. More interest rate jitters on the share market today.

not even the rain can dampen your

spirits on a Friday, Tim. That's

exactly right. They're all over

Monday like a fat kid on a smarty.

This was a day of showers and

shivers. Wasn't it cold? 11 degrees.

That is a Hobartian temperature and

our coldest day since August 1996.

The catchment ended up with 5-10mm

so far. We're hoping to get up to

20mm in the next 24 hours although

shower activity looks like it will

ease off tomorrow for temps around

about 16 degrees. 16 and mainly dry

but cloudy on Sunday. Let's look at

the map of NSW on a fabulous Friday.

Don't we love them?

Reports of Ron Wilson up after

midnight in a bar in Thredbo. He

can't afford to turn into a pumpkin.

He's back at work on Monday. Better

get my cardy on. And, Tim Webster, one Dragon can expect a hot time from the Eels tonight? Yes, Parra fans are unlikely to have forgotten an incident involving Trent Barret last year. More shortly. And it's the biggest wave ever ridden at the notorious Teahupoo.

And remember this infamous headbutt? We'll tell you how long the jockey was banned for shortly.

This program is captioned live. Parramatta are chasing seven straight wins for the first time since 2001 when they take on St George Illawarra tonight at Parramatta Stadium, The Dragons are looking to end a 3-game losing streak. The match will bring together two old sparring partners. It was an incident that sparked a war of words between both clubs. Trent Barrett and PJ Marsh now facing off again for the first time but not too keen to talk about it. Oh, yeah, yeah, it seems a long time ago now. The two points for us is more important than anything else. No comment there. Yeah, no comment there. A big home crowd more likely to have a say. Parramatta crowd, I'd say we're on par with a St George crowd - we can be pretty ruthless sometimes. So they'll definitely remember what Baz and PJ got up to. The finals suddenly within reach, but the new coach won't be reining in his players. I'm not going to be saying, "This game's important "so we shouldn't play like this or we shouldn't play like that."

Every game that we've gone into,

I've encouraged them to play what they see. Penrith taking on the Rabbitohs, wary of falling into the same Telstra Stadium trap that claimed Canberra last weekend. That's why preparation's the key for us. We've spoken about it and it starts today, hopefully building towards a good win. Nigel Vagana saying it's do or die for the Sharks against the Warriors. Yeah, I think so. I think we're running out of time - there's only five games left. If we don't get up this week it's going to be very tough to make the eight. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Australia's Tri-Nations clash with South Africa tomorrow has been overshadowed by another off-field drama. Wallabies captain George Gregan has angrily brushed off questions suggesting he had anything to do with the sacking of former national coach Eddie Jones.

George Gregan looked like he was

enjoying today's captain's run at

Telstra Stadium but later his mood

turned sour when asked if he had a

role in the sacking of Eddie Jones

as Test coach. Mate, I'm really not

interested in talking about Eddie

and what went on six months ago

seriously. No, well, confirm or

deny. I'm talking about a Test

match. I don't need to comment on

it. It's been done. It's dusted.

It's moved on. It's history.

Another talking point has been the Springboks targeting Stephen Another talking point has been the

Larkham with cheap shots. Gregan

believes that would abmistake. If

there's extra attention put on Stevey that will create

opportunities somewhere else. South

African fly-half Butch James has

the job of shutting Larkham down.

He's known as a fierce tackler

with illegal shoulder charges. The He's known as a fierce tackler

torrential rain is expected to

continue tomorrow but South African

coach Jake White believes that will

help his side and restrict the

Wallabies' slick back line. A lot help his side and restrict the

of talk has been going on about the

experience of their back line. We

know that that's one of the key

elements of their game. You know,

they play more expensive rugby

than most nations. In the wet,

that's a good leveller. the AFL top four The Sydney Swans' charge towards continues tomorrow night at the SCG. when they take on Essendon On paper, it's a mis-match a Bombers side but the Swans will take on finally finding some winning form. Warmth in numbers - hardly Swan-friendly conditions. a cold, wet Sydney morning chilly reception tomorrow night. The Bombers can expect an equally because they are a quality side. We can't underestimate them had some close losses this year. They have, you know, And two wins - in the opening round of the season the first of those against the Swans, the second, last weekend. of an evergreen James Hird. The Bombers riding on the coat-tails And I think we've got a good chance. We're planning to win. We've got a good side going up. we think we're a very good chance. Sydney are a very good side but of midfielder Nic Fosdike The inclusion Port Adelaide last weekend. the only change to the team that beat But there's doubt over Amon Buchanan. He's spent two days in hospital for a shoulder injury receiving treatment and could be a late withdrawal. on the Swans' preparation It's the only blight three wins in a row. as they look to string together

to get back into some form Yeah, I think we're just starting is coming back a bit. and the confidence

the Swans back into the top four. A win tomorrow night could propel Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Swans versus Essendon here on Ten And you can see the from 7:30 tomorrow night. Mark Webber's future in Formula One is still unknown, but the Aussie has no regrets about being cut by the Williams team. Red Bull are looming as the favourites to secure Webber's services for next year, but there's a still an outside chance he could drive for Renault or McLaren. Either way, Webber is confident he'll find a drive. Everything's under control. They shouldn't panic. We basically were pretty much in control of when you... There were no surprises to us. We had everything sort of under control with Flavio. The rest of that exclusive interview with Webber can be seen on 'RPM' this Sunday at 3:30. Tahitian surfer Manoa Drollet has drilled arguably the biggest wave ever ridden at Tahiti's Teahupoo reef break. The 28-year-old, who previously set the benchmark for tow-in surfing at his local break, continued to push the boundaries, taming this 10m monster.

Definitely the biggest wave I've got, if not the biggest. I've never seen such a big wave ridden. Most powerful, massive wave I've ever seen in my life. Aussie surfers Dylan Longbottom and 19-year-old Laurie Towner took part in the latest death-defying session as part of the newfound Billabong Adventure Division,

and while most pulled off the ultimate ride, some came off second best. Local Vatea David getting a little too close and personal with Teahupoo's razor-sharp reef. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. The English jockey involved in that other infamous headbutt incident has been handed a 1-day ban from his sport. Paul O'Neill faced the Horseracing Regulatory Authority for taking his frustration out on City Affair after the horse unseated him prior to a novice jumps race at Stratford. I want to take this final opportunity

to say how sorry I am, and I want to put this incident behind me and just get on with my career. The incident drew comparisons to Zinedine Zidane's headbutt of Marco Materazzi in the World Cup final, and the racing governing body accepted this as a reason why it had attracted so much attention across the world.

Vital games for finals aspirants in NRL and AFL tonight. All the highlights in Sports Tonight. We're in for a wet one. Tim Bailey's weekend weather is next. Plus, Paulini breaks her silence on her rocky relationship.

Then, torn to shreds - Barney the hound dog lets Elvis know what he thinks of his precious teddy. STEALTHY MUSIC THROATY REV VROOM! TYRES SQUEAL VROOM! METAL CLATTERS With 245 kilowatts of power and all-wheel drive, The possibilities are amazing.

This program is captioned live. One of the country's most successful young singers has opened up

about her rocky break-up with a rugby league star, 'Australian Idol' diva Paulini now relying on a little help from her friends. It's business as usual for Paulini as she joins her fellow Young Divas

for a "Who Weekly' photo shoot but behind the smiles, the singer's been doing it tough. Her rocky relationship with rugby league star Wes Naiqama playing out in the press. It's been a little difficult for me lately and, you know, I'm - I guess... you've just got to move on, you know? And kind of get, just get over all of the stuff that's happened. Two weeks ago, police were called to a dispute between the pair at a Sydney nightclub

and her worried family complained to his club after they became concerned about his behaviour towards her. Me and my family are very close, you know? We, like, me and my mum, for example, are like really close, so, yeah, she was just a little, a little worried a bit too much, you know? I mean, look, it's great to be worried - REPORTER: Did she have reason, though? Did she have reason to be worried? Yeah, I guess so, you know? I guess so. Are you still communicating with him? Look, maybe hopefully, yeah, you know? Hopefully I will but right now there's, yeah, no communication there at all. (Sings) # Your inspiration helps me... # It couldn't have come at a worse time for Paulini. She's been getting ready for tomorrow's release of her new album 'Superwoman' as well as touring with the Young Divas. This is much more than a case of putting together a group to cash in. These four young women have become firm friends who can support each other during the tough times, something Paulini's learned a lot about over the past couple of weeks. The best part about this is we can all lean on each other. Yeah. There's good things to come to each other and... (Sings) # Lean on me. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

For the weekend wash-up, literally,

I think, Tim Bailey. Indeed. What a

cold and grey one and a little bit

more of it on the way tomorrow.

Unfortunately, all the rain

basically fell on the coast and in

the city, as it always does. Not

much good to us on the footpath.

The dams got between 5mm and 10mm

worth. Most of the major shower

activity has moftd across Sydney.

We'll get a cold day tomorrow. A

shower or two and 16 degrees. Today

was not much to look at, was it,

folks? What about these photographs

you keep e-mailing us? They're sensational.

If you can match that 0405 101010 -

that is the SMS number.

You can email us all your fabulous

photographs. Congratulations and

celebrations while I've got you to

nap oldian Shravel and his

sensational super wife-to-be.

They're getting married at Old Bar.

Congratulations, Mattie. Tomorrow,

16, a bit grey and houry, although

Sunday, mainly dry, overcast, 16.

You won't see the sun again,

they're telling me, until around

about Wednesday. Exact rainfall

figures - 57mm over Cronulla. Just

5-10mm in the catchment area.

Cloud across NSW is forming a

trough of cool upper air bringing

scattered showers and storms. Clear

across SA, the NT, Queensland and

Victoria under a strong high.

Patchy low cloud is pushed far

south-west, WA and western Tasmania

by north-westerly winds. Tomorrow,

south-easterly winds maintains

showers on the NSW coast and ajaij

jaysent ranges. Isolated showers

and storms possible in south-east

Queensland. The business of the

brolly, predicted precipitation -

what's falling from the sky in the

next 48 hours? We can answer that

one for you. Skaltered showers on

the NSW coast mainly in the north.

On Sunday r south-easterly winds

maintain showers on the NSW and far

southern Queensland coastlines.

Probably got most of the rainfall

today, odd shower tomorrow, 16, and

an overcast but mainly dry Sunday and 16.

Thanks Billy Woods for filling in

for the other character cauldrony.

Can I have a week off to work on

the early news with you next week,

billy? Any time, mate. Elvis fans will be all shook up tonight.

The 'King's cherished teddy bear, worth $100,000, has been ripped apart at a museum. The culprit now well and truly in the dog house. Among the dozens of mutilated teddy bears, the remains of Elvis Presley's Mabel, now torn to shreds. And her killer? (Sings) # You ain't nothin' but a hound dog # This is Barney.

While guarding a million-dollar teddy bear collection he went beserk, sending the fur flying,

leaving precious antique toys completely unstuffed. Jumping up and snarling and ripping all the other bears, especially that one - Teddy Bear. You know, I was fearing for my own safety as well. (Sings) # Don't be cruel # Elvis had Mabel as a little boy. After his death, the bear, hand-made in Germany in 1909, was auctioned for almost $100,000. As for Barney - well, he's lonesome tonight. Well, the dog's been sacked and it's going to be retired to a farm where it can chase chickens. I wouldn't have thought it was possible for one dog in such a short space of time to cause such damage. (Sings) # I just wanna be your teddy bear # Patrick Burns, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. Jacinta Hocking will have the Late News at 11:20.

Have a great weekend. Goodnight.

Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. STEPH: Can't really stop thinking about L.A. It's in my head 24/7, so... Which is good. And, um, I'm very, very excited. And it's 11 days today until I'm at the airport heading on my way with Kate and my sister Katherine, so... Um, I'm going through stages. I was really nervous on Christmas Eve, as I said, and, um, right now I'm pretty content. I had a singing lesson today with David again and he was really happy and really excited, so that was good. Really excited about meeting everyone that's got together over there

and become quite a team, so I'm very lucky and very excited. (Steph sings) # Oh-oh I'm walking a tightrope