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(generated from captions) Webber and Williams part ways - in Mark's Formula 1 career? what's the next chapter but who gets to sire the Diva? She's the Horse of the Year let the cat out of the bag. We don't want to demands tonight for tougher laws But first, being ripped off at the petrol pump. to stop drivers

An inquiry's been told is a toothless tiger, Australia's consumer watchdog to put a lid on prices. lacking the power The Prime Minister says biggest bugbear facing Australians. the high price of petrol is the I can promise Australians of trying to help at the margins. I am always looking at ways petrol price inquiry in Canberra. The PM unimpressed by the latest There have been umpteen inquiries the level of collusion and none of them have revealed people think occurs. that I understand think something's not quite right. But, even members of the Government who break into a bank It's like saying two people at the same time, who happen to be there

are not colluding. both in the safe at the same time, The prices go up on a weekly basis a Thursday and Friday of each week in the major capital cities on

of collusion or cartel behaviour. but that doesn't provide evidence it could even prove The consumer watchdog doubtful

involved price fixing. phone calls between petrol companies You'd actually raise a question

football scores. whether they were discussing The solution - sharper teeth. give the consumer watchdog

in the powers that the ACCC has. There needs to be an increase Treasurer Peter Costello says

about high world oil prices there's nothing the Government can do but hold on for the ride. this oil shock We've got to make sure as much as possible. can be contained Australia is heading for a recession, The Government denies prices and rising interest rates. despite the double blow of petrol that interest rates went up I am sorry that it will hurt some people. in the sense that I understand

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. And a shock tonight from analysts how high the petrol price will go, asked to predict is not out of the question. some saying $2.00 a litre but no longer shocks. It's a figure that displeases is now common - Petrol above $1.40 a litre hovering around US$75 a barrel. tied to global oil prices But for how long? for at least the next 3-6 months We think it will be around US$75 towards the end of this year before modestly declining and then into 2007.

is disputed by others who warn That measured view which hits refineries another Katrina-like hurricane in the Middle East or an escalation of violence could push that barrel above US$125. closer to $2 a litre. That would force petrol here

on any given day, Regardless of what that price is motorists are very confused one thing is certain and just why it fluctuates so much. about how that is made up The price of unleaded in oil and production costs, is made up of 78 cents

more than 50 cents in tax that slides between 8 and 14 cents. and an oil-company profit margin I knew there was some sort of tax, it would be that much. but I didn't know And that tax take is under fire. of 38 cents per litre, We've already got an excise we're paying a 10% GST - and on top of that so we've got a tax on a tax. And right now, in our view, the GST. the Government ought to remove around 14 cents a litre, While that would save motorists it would be short-sighted, the Greens believe given the days of cheap oil are over. about addressing the fuel price, If the Government was serious it would invest right now and in public transport in alternative fuels for vehicles. and set fuel efficiency standards seem to be getting it - Car-buyers at least

down by as much as 26%. large vehicle sales Eddy Meyer, Ten News. is departing Beirut. A final ferry-load of Australians after a day of extreme fighting. The deployment coming Australians unable to escape Lebanon. Grave fears still held for 170

They're the lucky last. they could salvage, Boarding boats with what luggage for the safety of Cyprus. Australians escape war-torn Beirut to our parents and family. Just wanting to go home to get away, I guess, from the war, Just trying for everyone that remains here. and hoping for the best uppermost in their minds. The plight of those left behind put a dampener on everything I guess the war but as long as everyone's OK we'll have and hopefully this is the last war and Lebanon will be strong again.

much needed aid arrives. As the Australians prepare to depart It's expected to be distributed soon. resuming, With fierce air and ground attacks on both sides of the border. civilian casualties recorded targeting Hezbollah hideouts. Israeli tanks penetrating deep, infrastructure has been destroyed. It's claimed two-thirds of command EXPLOSION Closer to the border, with Hezbollah guerillas tanks and troops battle for control of several villages. While fighting ceases, to salvage what they can. locals take the opportunity in the town square, Bodybags are laid out on make-shift coffins. names scribbled at more than 900 The Lebanese estimate the death toll with 3,000 injured, have reportedly been killed. while 56 Israelis Luke Waters, Ten News. out of East Timor, Australian troops have begun pulling

as the security threat eases. are coming home, Around 1,000 soldiers leaving another 2,000 on the ground. The East Timor deployment on our troop numbers is contributing to the strain Chris Barrie and former defence force chief to boost ranks. has called for compulsory service

support conscription, The Government does not national service. nor does it support only ever consider such a thing A future government would direct military threat. if Australia were under

its aiming to boost recruitment, The Federal Government says instead of training people who don't want to serve the country.

The Federal Government is defending its plan for a floating prison off our northern coastline. The vessel could hold 40 illegal fishermen or asylum seekers for up to a month. If the plan goes ahead, patrols in Australia's northern waters will snare many more illegal fishermen and asylum seekers. Under the bold mother ship proposal, this group would've been loaded onto a government-leased ship, effectively a floating detention centre, before the navy or customs went hunting for more. It's purely operational to hold people whilst patrol boats can go about their duties and other vessels can then transport those people that have been arrested back to shore. Tenders are being sought, with the vessel required to detain 40 people under armed guard for up to a month. It'll cost about $10 million a year, money the Opposition says would be better spent on a larger patrol fleet.

So what you're going to have is illegal fishers being held on detention in a boat out at sea for 30 days in the ship's brig. It seems a little bit cruel to me, quite frankly.

Civil libertarians have slammed the mother ship idea as archaic. They say it's another example of the Federal Government trying to take the asylum seeker problem

out of sight, out of mind. The Council for Civil Liberties

wants the Human Rights Commission to investigate. They won't have access to lawyers, they won't have access to basic facilities and, particularly, and this will be helpful to the Government and I suspect is the Government's main motive, it'll be beyond the prying eyes of the media. The Government hopes to have the prison ship fitted out and floating off northern Australia by January. Max Futcher, Ten News. A grieving family is demanding charges be laid after a coroner found a bouncer responsible for a pub patron's death. Michael Robertson died from a crowd controller's single fatal blow. Three years since his eldest son's death, the grief is still profound for Don Robertson, who cherishes their final words. He kissed me and said, "I love you, dad". That's the sort of man he was. Michael Robertson had been celebrating his brother's bucks night at Bridie O'Reilly's in Brunswick when a fight broke out and a bouncer hit him. A coroner today finding crowd controller Eillias Zakkour caused the death: Mr Robertson's brother is now calling on the Department of Public Prosecutions to charge Mr Zakkour. We're definitely going to do what we need to do to find some justice for this. My brother's death wasn't in vain. Previously the DPP said there was not enough evidence to charge anyone over the death. The Robertson family claim that decision came just weeks after bouncer Zdravko Micevic was found not guilty of the manslaughter of Australian cricket great David Hookes, who died in similar circumstances. The Coroner also commended WorkSafe for formulating guidelines for bouncers. It's devastated the family. For all we know, he's out in the workforce still working. Mr Zakkour could not be reached for comment, while Nuforce, which employed him at the time, refused to say if he still worked for them.

To me, it's a cowardly act, very cowardly, and he's got to live with that. Mignon Henne, Ten News. A tragic end to a search for a toddler. The 2-year-old girl has been found drowned in a pond in Brisbane after wandering off during an outing with her aunt. Still to come... I know I did the wrong thing and it was just a big error of judgment. A court delivers its verdict after a former TV star's run in with the law. And Mel Gibson's big night out... He wasn't out of control, but he was drunk-happy. ..caught on video. So, what do you think? Well, the individual in question was driving a Ford AU Falcon. Done about 90,000 k's. And check this out. Book him in, Davo. VOICEOVER: Nobody knows your Ford like we do. Visit your participating Ford dealer now and we'll expertly fit and balance new Dunlop tyres Ford Service. Oh, fantastic! KFC's Boneless Banquet. With eight tender boneless fillets,

six pieces of Original Recipe Chicken and heaps of your favourite sides, there's more than enough of everyone's favourites. KFC's Boneless Banquet. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. # This program is captioned live. A warning tonight to computer owners - a powerful new virus has infected thousands of PCs across the country. The Trojan called A-311 Death has already stolen the tax file numbers of 200 users who've lodged tax returns on-line. Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team has swung into action tonight. It's believed the Russian Trojan can bypass most anti-virus programs. The decision, rather than the price, was right for TV personality Ian Turpie today. The former host of 'The Price is Right' successfully appealing his drink-driving conviction. Turpie lost his licence for six months

and copped an $800 fine for driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08. I'm still very sorry. I know I did the wrong thing. And it was just a big error of judgment and it's been a big wake-up call, I tell you. You won't see me here again. Turpie says he needs to drive to continue his travelling one-man show. Asked A fan used a mobile phone to video Mel Gibson sipping water two hours before his arrest for drink-driving. He wasn't out of control, but he was drunk-happy. Industry insiders say it shows a suicidal man.

Mel went out drinking by himself. He went out, somebody very close to him told me, with an agenda, a death wish, if you will. The Oscar winner was today formally charged with driving with a blood alcohol reading of 0.12 and having an open bottle of tequila in his car, but he managed to escape charges of threatening an officer and resisting arrest despite claims of both being in the initial police report. This is what we believed we could prove. This is what he's going to be facing. A day after the devout Catholic apologised for making offensive remarks about Jews, his fate is being hotly discussed, even at the White House, where the President dodged the question. REPORTER: Should Mel Gibson be forgiven? LAUGHTER One of his most vocal critics has already accepted his appeal for forgiveness. I think it's important that he did apologise. With silence so far from Jewish heavyweights like Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen, other Jews are urging Hollywood not to forgive and forget. Legendary 'Dallas' producer Merv Adelson took out an anti-Gibson ad in the 'L.A. Times', while the Jewish creator of 'MASH' suggested:

if people don't speak out.

If found guilty, Mel Gibson could

face a maximum printer It's a place where little problems

like rising interest rates and the price of petrol don't mean much.

Because chances are, if those things matter to you, you're probably not in the market for one of these. There's almost a billion dollars worth of craft on display. You could by a small inflatable for as cheap as $500

or, if you want to, you could spend up to $11 million on one boat. And here's that boat -

a 94-foot marvel with four cabins, each with its own en suite. It's got all the leather lounges that you'd expect, the DVD, surround sound systems, the big plasma televisions, all the fabrics and finishes you'd find in the finest penthouse. And despite the tougher economic times, these big boys' toys continue to sell. We'll turn over $1,388 per second, on the floor is about $5 million. so per hour our average sales

In six days, the show exhibitors will turn over $300 million. Not ready to take the plunge and part with some cash? Well, there's still plenty to look at. There's the rebuilt 'Aggressor' race boat, complete with a V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engine that reached speeds of 280km/h. Or a bunch of boats fit for the greatest spy of them all - actual watercraft used in the movies by all the assorted James Bonds. Roger Moore used this one in 'For Your Eyes Only', while Q built this one for Pierce Brosnan's Bond in 'The World is Not Enough'. And this underwater tow sled used by Sean Connery's Bond in the 1965 hit 'Thunderball' tops of the collection nicely. Bishop - Angela Bishop - Ten News. Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan is next. And, Ryan, selection issues dominate AFL news.

Yes, Deb. Will the Magpies play Chris Tarrant and Ben Johnson? We'll tell you next. Bombers Kevin Sheedy says AFL stars are easy targets. You know, you can get a truckload of kids rock up and want to punch the hell out of a bunch of AFL players. He's not the tigers ball boy, but the NRL's latest teen rookie. And, a German lowers Libby Lenton's record. DOOR SQUEAKS SONG: # Oh, yo # Oh, mio... # The legendary El Maco is back. With sour cream and taco sauce. and feed your inner Mexican. The $2 Jackpot Lottery... These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick. This program is captioned live. Despite being involved in a street brawl earlier this week, Collingwood bad boys Chris Tarrant and Ben Johnson

have been named in the side to face the Crows on Saturday night, And while the pair will travel to Adelaide, serious doubt remains about whether or not they'll actually play.

It wasn't the ideal day for a Collingwood PR event. Rookie Heath Shaw left to face the music. I can't really comment on that. REPORTER: Has the club told you not to comment? No, I just think it's wise to say anything about that. Were you out with the boys? No, I wasn't out Saturday.

Chris Tarrant and Ben Johnson remain under a police investigation. Their manager today jumping to the defence of his players. What's disturbing is the manner in which the players have been treated, particularly by the media, as there seems to be no presumption of innocence. But while the troubled pair has been named, there are no guarantees. Their coach, Mick Malthouse, seriously considering leaving them out of the 22. He certainly canvassed us, we certainly threw it around the room

but Mick said, "Look, thanks for your input but I'm going to decide on it." Well, he's going to make that call and I think he's going to sit on it. I'd suspect that Mick and the club has gone through that process and decided that they still see Chris as an asset, and Ben, as an asset, not a liability. A blow for St Kilda tonight with Steven Baker's appeal dismissed after a two hour hearing. His two week suspension will stand,

meaning Baker will miss tomorrow night's crucial clash

with West Coast. The Eagles will welcome back Chad Fletcher and Andrew Embley but not Dean Cox. Port Adelaide skipper Warren Tredrea has tonight undergone surgery on his troublesome knee in Adelaide. The career of Hawthorn's John Barker is at the crossroads after he was dropped from the side to play Fremantle on Sunday. Skipper Richie Vandenberg and debutants Beau Dowler and Max Bailey named in an extended squad. Docker Paul Medhurst has been axed. Glen Archer's return from shoulder surgery has been put on ice for another week And Sav Rocca could wind up his career as early as this weekend. The super boot is preparing for a possible whirlwind trip to the United Sates, after organising a trial with an NFL club. Kellie Underwood for Sports Tonight. The Wests Tigers have recruited another rookie to help revive their premiership defence and what a stage for a debut. The Tigers must win-match is against the ladder leading Melbourne Storm. The latest cub has hair like a rock star and legs like a catwalk model. 18-year-old Keith Eshman set to join one-gamer Chris Lawrence

into the big time. But coach Tim Sheens concedes if it wasn't for injury there would have been no promotion. Probably ahead of our time The question mark is still on. The jury's still out. The Tigers are one of the few teams to have beaten the Storm this year. A round 4 victory

also remembered for its fair share of controversy. I think Billy was preparing for the World Cup so I think that's all over and done with now. The premiers still hopeful injured captain Brett Hodgson will return this season, if the Tigers can scrape into the finals. In other news, there's talk that Penrith could still make a play Wing to join the club next season. for Roosters hooker Craig come up in the system at the moment If somebody does that's a high-profile player that we're looking at, who's in a position we'd certainly be interested. We still have money there to spend. beating Newcastle Despite the Roosters the last eight times they've met, denies his side captain Craig Fitzgibbon will benefit from history on Sunday. takes affect these days No, I don't think that really the competition's too tight. can beat you. Every team at any given stage If you just turn up on the day over some team, thinking you've got a hold

well, they'll beat you. into a nightclub incident In Brisbane, an investigation immediate future. continues to cloud Brett Seymore's replaced by Shane Perry The dumped halfback their flagging form. who the Broncos hope will turn around a steadying factor on the field He's definitely going to be taking some pressure off Locky. and definitely Rob Canning for Sports Tonight. for a backlash from the Springboks The Wallabies are bracing themselves at Telstra Stadium. in Saturday's Tri-Nations clash Cheap shots maybe, is unconcerned. but coach John Connolly take cheap shots at Stephen Larkham. There's been talk the Springboks may of his South African counterpart, Connolly accepts the denials Jake White. yes I do - very honourable man. I believe everything Jake tells me, to shadow the South Africans - Meanwhile, off-field dramas continue against Coach White. there are rumours of a player revolt wont be rattled by in-house issues. But the Wallabies believe the Boks

the post-racing future Intrigue still surrounds of champion mare Makybe Diva. The triple Melbourne Cup winner Australia's champion racehorse was last night crowned for the second time was on who would be the sire but all the talk in her next career move as a mum.

The sense of anticipation who would win Horse of the Year wasn't so much about in Makybe Diva's career will unfold, but rather how the next chapter on which stallion he'll choose owner Tony Santic tight-lipped first trip to stud next month. for the mighty mare's but we don't just - Well, it's very close let the cat out of the bag. we don't want to he already knows. But trainer Lee Freedman reckons Encosta De Largo, Pretty sure it's my old mate and it probably should be. last night crowned Racing's greatest female for the second year in a row. Australia's Champion Racehorse of a possible 150 votes, Makybe Diva polling 145 third Melbourne Cup. thanks mainly to her history-making becomes a legend - COMMENTATOR: But a champion Makybe Diva has won it. We went back to the crowd and she just said, she just stood there "(bleep), look at me." and jockey Glen Boss The combination of Santic, Freedman dominating the awards, Champion Stayer, with Makybe Diva also crowned Australia's Most Popular Racehorse. Middle Distance Performer and something walk in the gate I'm not expecting to see that's as good as that ever again. And Freedman doesn't expect one for a while either. to walk into anyone else's stables but, you know, It might take 10 years, been waiting 2,000 years the Christian religion's for the second coming. with last night's awards, But the accolades didn't stop commissioning the State Government and VRC today a bronze Makybe Diva statue, alongside Phar Lap and Bart Cummings. which will look over Flemington, Damian Booth for Sports Tonight. Libby Lenton, Australia's sprint queen of the pool,

her 100m freestyle world record. is confident of re-claiming bettered the mark Germany's Britta Steffen by 12 hundredths of a second overnight. at the European Championships to mount an assault on the new time. But Libby says she's in a position my best to come. I know that I still have my potential yet I don't think I have reached so that's pretty exciting for me. A showdown with the Germans, 4 X 100 world record, who also claimed our women's in Melbourne next March. will come at the World Championships his under-performing Williams team Mark Webber has severed ties with and he's now caught in a tug of war powerhouses. with three of the sport's option on the Australian's services Team boss Sir Frank Williams had an for next season. But after a hideous year to date, after the final race of the year - he allowed Webber to walk free the Brazilian GP in October. Renault, McLaren and Red Bull

Australian's signature for next year. are now in a battle to win the is moving up - Adelaide United coach John Kosmina

Socceroos assistant coach, he's been named to the minor premiership last season. after leading the Reds the stand-in coach, Kosmina will join Graham Arnold,

for Guus Hiddink is found. while a permanent replacement You can always learn. with the best coach in the world, Arnie spent a lot of time of information there, so he would have picked up a lot with the World Cup. from being involved for the Asian Cup qualifying series Kosmina and Arnold will work together on August 16. against Kuwait in Sydney took just 47 seconds Former league wild child John Hopoate to win his first professional bout tough opposition but he's expected he'll face on the Gold Coast tomorrow night Kiwi Amateur Heavy Weight champ, against former Alex Mene. who's gone the distance of his professional fights to date. in all five to jump in, No-one knows what it's like someone else is out there knowing that to try and knock your block off, so it is pretty daunting. the Magic Millions complex. The fight is at Great Read Guide' The '2006 Books Alive everyone will want to read them. features 50 books that are so good, Get your free copy 'Australian Women's Weekly' or at participating booksellers. LIGHT-HEARTED MUSIC was driving a Ford AU Falcon. Well, the individual in question is out by four degrees. The camber of the front left wheel And that means trouble. like we do. VOICEOVER: Nobody knows your Ford from only $99 each. Ford Service. This program is captioned live. We had all sorts of weather here in the mountains today. An overnight dusting, some sunshine, more clouds and then the forecasted snow started to fall in the afternoon. As for the cover, all the resorts are looking a lot better after the 30cm of new snow fell earlier in the week. Cold temps keeping it nice and dry and the snow-makers have been freshening things up.

In Thredbo, there was some awesome wind-blown on the upper slopes especially around Central Spur and the Basin. The dusting of fresh stuff at Perisher Blue means Kamikaze at Blue Cow is great for steep, ripping turns. And 10 lifts are now open at Selwyn Snowfields. Some fresh snow it did arrive at the Victorian resorts as well, a couple of centimetres on top of the packed base. So at Falls Creek,

hit up the dry stuff on Sun Valley and Ruined Castle. At Mt Hotham, Big D and Heavenly Valley are the picks for a carve. While at Mt Buller go a snow-spraying charge down Summit. The bureau is expecting isolated snow showers for tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. So if you're heading up for the weekend let's hope there's lots of fresh stuff to blast. This is Madeleine Hubbard in Thredbo for Sports Tonight. Play of the Day time now - and tonight it's a toast to the tough guy. Hundreds of mad competitors put their strength, stamina and stability to the test in the annual Tough Guy race in England, an event that takes cross country to the extreme.

Competitors faced a gruelling 10 mile course filled with fire and barbed wire. Throw in a whole lot of mud and you have what it take to be tough. Some flexed their muscles, others flapped their wings but, for getting down and dirty, these guys get our Play of the Day.

I wish you always run like that. Some

years - the jockey that head-butted

the horse last week - the verdict

from the stewards is he has been

suspended for one meeting.

The weather around the nation - Unstable southeasterly winds will generate showers in eastern NSW, mainly along the coast. A high will clear Victoria, Tasmania and SA. The high will bring a cold morning to the southern inland and direct warmer northerly winds over Western Australia.

A front will bring showers to far southwest WA. Fine in Cairns and Brisbane and showers in Sydney. Morning showers in Canberra.

Becoming fine in Melbourne, and fine in Hobart. Fine and partly cloudy in Adelaide, the chance of a shower or two in Perth, and fine and sunny in Darwin and Alice Springs. That is the latest from Ten News. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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