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(generated from captions) Come home with me. And let me be the mother to you always wanted me to be. that I know you've Come home, Brooke. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. a father hands himself in Tonight - amber alert - his three children. after allegedly abducting outside a Sydney court Violence flares compensation claim is rejected. as a convicted wife-killer's And under the pump -

skyrocketing prices. petrol companies forced to explain and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Bill Woods Good evening. the extent of sexual misconduct Also tonight, more details about at Goulburn's police academy. in the State's top job, And after a year some of his biggest mistakes. Morris Iemma admits a 16-hour city alert But first tonight -

three children taken by their father. as police desperately searched for

Sydney-wide amber alert system Authorities activating the new for only the second time. out of Sydney, Flashing warnings on main roads

on radio and TV news bulletins - the same message allegedly taken by their father three children missing, at a Lane Cove park after a dispute with their mother where she suffered arm injuries. Their grandfather was afraid.

Yeah, he's worried for the kids. good news. 16 hours after the search began, safe and sound The three children were located as we speak. and they're in the care of police at a hotel in Canberra The kids found with their dad to his mobile phone. after detectives finally got through By the time I spoke with him on the media he had seen the coverage and that assisted us in our inquiry. the media himself. The 29-year-old father had contacted and I would never hurt them. I love my kids and her children are fine. Police say the mother is ecstatic They appeared to be in good spirits.

I could hear them in the background

as I was speaking to the father,

spirits. and they seemed to be in good

ACT Magistrates Court tomorrow, The father will face his extradition. where NSW police will seek Danielle Isdale, Ten News. outside a Sydney court Violence has flared has lost a bid for compensation. where a convicted wife-killer into a rage. The decision sending the man's son and behind bars, His father remains almost penniless is anything but happy about it. and Michael Keir (Shouts and swears) 22 years in jail Thomas Keir is spending Jean Keir, in 1988. for murdering Michael's mother, But a jury found him not guilty

Rosalina Cannonisado, of killing his second wife, in the couple's western Sydney home. who'd been strangled and set on fire Acquitted of Rosalina's murder, $750,000, Keir wanted taxpayers to fork out unlawfully imprisoned him. claiming police On the day of her death 15 years ago, he was under arrest, Keir claims he never knew to a pole even though police handcuffed him for DNA testing. and took off his clothes saying: But a judge has dismissed this claim, a hefty sum. The decision saving taxpayers some money today - Thomas Keir did make $350 plus interest the State has been ordered to pay him of his second wife's earrings. for a pair on Rosalina's body Police had found them but handed them over to her sister. from today's verdict - Keir's son one of the losers of any payout. he was to receive the bulk (Shouts and swears) James Boyce, Ten News. has admitted The federal prices watchdog about high petrol prices. it can do nothing topping up our tanks is under way - An inquiry into the cost of that many families are struggling. the Government acknowledging We've all seen it - of petrol prices, the roller-coaster ride up and down, but usually up. of a Senate committee inquiry On the first day into petrol prices,

and Consumer Commission the Australian Competition was put on the spot. 149 cents, it did exactly the same thing. but on the board across the road Do you find that interesting? that says that There is no law in this land

can't charge suppliers of the commodity

whatever price they want to charge. can prove actual collusion Unless the Commission between petrol companies, what they like. they can more or less charge

The ACCC's submission to the Senate what they already know - tells motorists on interest rates and petrol prices, Holding the baby the Government is powerless. the Treasurer's plea is that about the world price of oil. The Government cannot do anything

That's John Howard's view, too. There isn't Government in the world

to high oil prices. that's found the answer would somebody please tell me? If there is, But Labor wants more action by petrol companies. on claims of collusion or the Prime Minister or both I believe that the Treasurer

need to instruct the ACCC to investigate those allegations. John Howard says more than a koala could bear. another inquiry would be Umpteen inquiries the level of collusion and none of them have revealed people think occurs. that I understand that within the Government There's obviously concern about the political impact the double whammy - of what Labor calls and rising interest rates - high petrol prices on either front. and no sign of relief Sympathy from the Treasurer. household budgets will be stretched That will mean that for people who are paying mortgages. I recognise that. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. at the pump? Why are you paying so much behind high petrol prices Our special report on the truth later this new shour. from Morris Iemma, Frank admissions tonight in the State's top job. who's celebrating one year The Premier naming the Cross City Tunnel and Cronulla riots as his biggest tests, with transport another area that needs plenty of work. The Premier came to Westmead Hospital to celebrate his anniversary by announcing someone else's report card. This time, good news on health -

a massive 99% improvement in surgery waiting times.

In January last year there were 10,514 patients State-wide waiting more than 12 months for their booked surgery. By June this year, that figure had been cut to just 50. The progress that's been made here is the kind of progress that we want to see on a permanent basis. Later, the Premier sat down with me to review his year at the top, revealing the Cross City Tunnel and the Cronulla riots as the two issues that gave him the greatest pain. Lessons learnt? One of them would be staying calm in the face of difficult situations, like the Cross City Tunnel and like the riots in Cronulla, Maroubra and Brighton. And his greatest failure? His inability to better communicate with the electorate and his lack of Bob-Carr-type media skills. Predictably, the Opposition Leader doesn't rate the Premier highly. I'd give him 10 out of 10 for blame-shifting and 0 out of 10 for taking responsibility and doing things himself. Morris Iemma rates transport, especially trains, as the Government's greatest challenge. And he's refusing to be lulled into a false sense of security by recent polls. No sense of complacency whatsoever. Paul Mullins, Ten News. And Paul joins us now live from State Parliament.

Paul, some honest admissions there from the Premier. You've seen a lot of State leaders at work - how do you rate his performance one year on?

Well, Deb, I think Morris Iemma is

going a lot better now than he was

in the first couple of months as

Premier. Politics is all about

perception and confidence. The

perception here at the moment is

that Morris Iemma would win an

election held tomorrow. He's

election held tomorrow. He's growing in confidence and, more

importantly, perhaps, his backbench

is growing in confidence in him. I

can tell you that wasn't always the

case in those first couple of

months. The coalition would need to

win 16 seats to win Government

overall and frankly I can't see

that happening that moment. Then

again, on the other hand, the

Government isn't going well enough

to become too complacent. Back to

you. Thank you, Paul. Thanks. Paul Mullins at State Parliament. A scathing report tonight on sexual misconduct at the Police College at Goulburn. The State Ombudsman found allegations were made against 30 police officers. 23 were found to have had sex with students. One officer asked for a sexual favour to be performed on him by a female recruit and indicated to her that if she didn't do that she would have difficulty passing. The Government has tried their hardest to keep the lid on this and keep the cover-up going. The Ombudsman says there's a need for a clearer code of conduct for police college instructors. A huge explosion at a house in Sydney's west this morning being used as an illegal drugs laboratory. It blew the roof off a granny flat at the home in Oatlands, near Parramatta. Neighbours saw two men running from the house just after the blast, one suffering serious burns to 25% of his body. Everybody running around, a guy screaming and bleeding all over the place. They were putting water on him and he looked like he had a very badly damaged left arm. It was quite an horrific experience. Police found chemicals and equipment used for making amphetamines in the rubble. Tim Webster with a look ahead to the day's sport. Ahead, the Panthers deny they're not targeting enough top players for next year.

It comes as the Wests Tigers unveil yet another teenage rookie at training,

this time a wiry centre. More about him in sport shortly too. And Germany grabs another world swimming record from the Aussie women,

the second in a week. This time Libby Lenton's 100m freestyle mark has been bettered.

Her response shortly. And the Wallabies bracing for a Springboks backlash on Saturday night. We'll have all that a little later. Mel Gibson to star in his own courtroom drama after being charged - that's next. Also tonight, on the turps - a former game show host in court appealing a drink-driving sentence. And take your pick -

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We like choice. And you get it from Jetstar. Guess who is going to Bali, baby. Choices, choices, choices, choices. We're going overseas! SONG: # Fly away... # To make your choice, visit This program is captioned live. The decision, rather than the price, was right for TV personality Ian Turpie today. The former host of 'The Price is Right' successfully appealing his drink-driving conviction. Turpie lost his licence for six months and copped an $800 fine for driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08. I'm still very sorry. I know I did the wrong thing.

And it was just a big error of judgment and it's been a big wake-up call, I tell you. You won't see me here again. Turpie says he needs to drive to continue his travelling one-man show. The family of a man gunned down in country NSW is outraged the killer is about the walk free. Tim Nam shot Michael Pestano two years ago but is now eligible for parole. The killing happened on a property near Wellington,

in the State's west, in July 2004. Sydney debt collector and enforcer Michael Pestano gunned down as he and a group of men tried to evict a family on behalf of the property's owners. But the man who shot Pestano - leaseholder of the property Tim Nam - has escaped a murder conviction, instead pleading guilty to manslaughter. The victim's family is outraged - his daughter says they want justice. My dad is dead and Nam, the killer, gets to walk free. Is this the message that we want to give to Australia - that it's OK to kill somebody just because they have a colourful history? Tim Nam was given the minimum sentence and, after two years in jail, is now eligible for parole. Judge Michael Adams acting leniently following evidence that the Nam family

had been subjected to a 2-day reign of terror by Pestano.

But the victim's family says the court's decision is unjust. Murder is murder, and nobody has the right to take somebody's life. Michael Pestano's family insists that he was unarmed and killed without justification. They're calling on the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal the judge's decision. We want them to do the right thing and punish this person for killing my father, for murdering my dad. Tim Nam remains in jail, with authorities expected to consider when to grant him parole. John Hill, Ten News. A concerted effort today to avoid a repeat of yesterday's terrifying incident at a Macquarie Fields high school. Police and community leaders joined forces as students returned to class. These young men were the peacemakers after a potentially violent school yard confrontation. As trainee youth workers with Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets program, they were among the first to be called in

to help defuse the situation. When something was about to flare up yesterday, kids around that 18, 19 age group were talking about going to other suburbs, they went and spoke to them and brought them back here, and those kids who were going to do that spent the night here with us. James Meahan High went into lockdown mode yesterday afternoon after a group of teenagers descended on the school - a rock striking a student and a bottle hitting a teacher. A 16-year-old boy has been charged with two counts of assault and one count of affray. Father Riley hand-picked the potential role models 18 months ago

during the area's notorious riots. They're pretty keen on listening to what we've got to say to them because we've been there, we've done that. We just try to ensure we lead them on the right path. I got involved in a bit of trouble back when I was young. Youth Off The Streets came down to the basketball courts and started helping out. While Father Chris Riley's goal is a 24-hour community centre, local police are already grateful for the influence and support his program offers young people in the area. The community support and the interaction between police, Youth Off The Streets and community groups and community members is really significant and it's working very well. Father Riley's community centre should go ahead once a block of land is found. Tim Potter, Ten News. First video has emerged of Mel Gibson partying in the hours before his arrest. California police formally charging the star over the incident that sparked outrage around the world. A fan used a mobile phone to video Mel Gibson sipping water two hours before his arrest for drink-driving. He wasn't out of control, but he was drunk-happy. Industry insiders say it shows a suicidal man. Mel went out drinking by himself. He went out, somebody very close to him told me, with an agenda, a death wish, if you will. The Oscar winner was today formally charged with driving with a blood alcohol reading of 0.12 and having an open bottle of tequila in his car, but he manged to escape charges of threatening an officer and resisting arrest despite claims of both being in the initial police report. This is what we believed we could prove. This is what he's going to be facing.

If found guilty, he could face six months in jail. A day after the devout Catholic apologised for making offensive remarks about Jews, his fate is being hotly discussed, even at the White House, where the President dodged the question. REPORTER: Should Mel Gibson be forgiven? LAUGHTER One of his most vocal critics

has already accepted his appeal for forgiveness. I think it's important that he did apologise. With silence so far from Jewish heavyweights like Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen, other Jews are urging Hollywood not to forgive and forget. Legendary 'Dallas' producer Merv Adelson

took out an anti-Gibson ad in the 'L.A. Times', while the Jewish creator of 'MASH' suggested: ..if people don't speak out. In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Going under - a burst water main floods a Sydney electronics store.

Weather now with Tim Bailey. He's

the one with the glasses, by the

way. Any tips, Tim? Looks like

we've got some rain coming for the

next four days. Why the long face?

We need showers, we need rain in

the catchment area. Doing it from

the racehorse owners' association,

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Today's pops up onto the television

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Australia's highest town.

Thanks very much, Mark. If you'd

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A line of showers moving across the

sate. Looks like some solid

rainfall tomorrow, and showers

across your weekend. Skywatch - a

brilliant day. Bye-bye, blue sky.

That's the last of it we'll see for

around about four days. Current

temperature around 17 degrees.

I'll see you again in around about 10.

Going under - a burst water main floods a Sydney electronics store. That's next. And burning up in the Big Apple - searing temperatures take their toll on the United States.

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SONG: # Scratch me happy. # This program is captioned live. Thousands of dollars damage to a city electronics store after a break in the building's water pipe. Fire crews sawing their way into Dick Smith's on York Street - the mini river soaking printers, DVDs and other floor stock. escaped the flood.

The store is hoping to reopen tomorrow. Australian troops have begun pulling out of East Timor as the security threat eases. Around 1,000 soldiers are coming home, leaving another 2,000 on the ground. The East Timor deployment is contributing to the strain on our troop numbers. former Defence Force chief Chris Barrie calling for compulsory service to help boost ranks. The Government does not support conscription, nor does it support national service. A future government would only ever consider such a thing if Australia were under direct military threat. The Government says the Defence Force should not be training people who don't want to be there, but it's working on a plan to boost recruitment. A final ferryload of Australians is expected to leave Beirut shortly for Cyprus. Israel's Prime Minister says Australian forces are welcome to help restore peace to Lebanon, but only after the campaign against Hezbollah is over. Israeli forces gather to face an elusive enemy. Tank crews are regularly penetrating deep, targeting Hezbollah hideouts on the ground... SHELL EXPLODES

..and from the air. On the outskirts of Tyre, locals who remain take advantage of a pause in the fighting to salvage what they can. Body bags are laid out in the town square, names scribbled on makeshift coffins. The Lebanese estimate the death toll now at well over 600. Israel claims

two thirds of Hezbollah's command infrastructure has been knocked out. A commando raid on the town of Baalbek earlier this week

captured on army video. The soldiers say they found these guns and ammunition inside the local hospital. A record 200 Hezbollah missiles have been fired into Israel in the past 24 hours one landing 100km into Israeli territory. Israel's Prime Minister says an international force will be welcome

after his army has cleared a buffer zone along the Lebanese border. I know that Australia was interested in helping keep this situation and we will be very happy to have Australian soldiers. The first concern in Canberra, however, remains the safety of the Australians still caught up in the fighting. We've managed to get, now, around 5,000 people out. We still have more who want to leave and we're chartering another ship today.

The Lebanese Government says a quarter of the country's population is now homeless.

Fenn Kemp, Ten News. America's heatwave continues to claim lives - the latest victim a pregnant woman. Days of stifling temperatures

shutting down concerts and tourist attractions. The heatwave which killed 164 people in California has hit America's east coast.

It's suffocating, really. It's kind of hard to breathe. Very hot, excruciating - Hades. Concerts and sporting events are being cancelled after a pregnant woman collapsed and died during a baseball game in Boston. Doctors were able to save her unborn child. Another 100 people had to be treated for heatstroke. She was my heart, but I have someone to take care of that needs me to be strong, so that's what you do.

The young and the old are most at risk. Fire crews had to rescue two toddlers after their babysitter accidentally locked them in her car. She's now facing possible charges. And an 18-month-old boy was found dead inside his mother's locked car in Kentucky. In New York, nurses are going door-to-door

to check on the elderly. You should drink more water. With soaring temperatures, electricity use is at a record high, authorities fearing a repeat of the 2003 blackout where 50 million people lost power. It is critical that we all do what we can to conserve energy, to avoid interruptions in the delivery of electricity. Billboards in Times Square have been turned off and the lights on the Empire State Building and other New York and Washington landmarks dimmed.

The weather bureau warns there is more hot weather to come, but there is another danger on the horizon - a tropical storm off Puerto Rico may become the first hurricane of the season and it could head towards New Orleans. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The number of officers on the beat in Sydney could soon be on the way up. The Police Association calling on the State Government to boost officer numbers by at least 3,000 over the next four years. It says public events like concerts and sporting matches, as well as visits by international dignitaries, are draining police numbers, taking officers away from crucial day-to-day duties. The community needs to know that we're there to provide the saftey for them, and the Government is there to provide that. We're calling on them to do so. The Association welcomes the Government's recent appointment of 750 extra police.

Let's update the traffic situation

now. Vic Lorusso is above a crash

at Granville. It's a bad one for

traffic heading to Parramatta,

possibly late-night shopping this

evening. Need to avoid Woodville

Road near Parramatta Road. In the

far right lane we have the RTA, the

accident vehicles and police

directing traffic. Zooming down on

Woodville Road is affected.

Parramatta Road traffic is all the

way back to Auburn. They go back

towards Marylands. We'll bring you an

an update just after sport with Deb,

Bill. Thank you.

Claims the Government is fleecing drivers with the GST on petrol - that's next. Also tonight, on the nose - Customs seize a huge haul of fake designer gear in Melbourne. And what's hot on the catwalk this spring - we take a look at Sydney's latest fashion collections.

This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - violence has flared outside a Sydney court where a convicted wife-killer has lost a bid

for $750,000 in compensation. The court rejected Thomas Keir's claim, sending his son into a rage. Sydney was under a 16-hour alert as police desperately searched for three children taken by their father. Authorities activating the new amber alert system for only the second time. The children were recovered safe and well in Canberra. And the Federal prices watchdog has admitted it can do nothing about high petrol prices. An inquiry into the cost of topping up our tanks is under way, the Government acknowledging that many families are struggling with rising fuel costs. With fuel under the spotlight again, the Federal Government is being accused of fleecing drivers with the GST on petrol. At the same time, some analysts are warning regular unleaded could soon nudge $2 a litre. It's a figure that displeases but no longer shocks. Petrol above $1.40 a litre is now common - tied to global oil prices hovering around US$75 a barrel. But for how long? We think it will be around US$75 for at least the next 3-6 months before modestly declining towards the end of this year and then into 2007. That measured view is disputed by others who warn another Katrina-like hurricane which hits refineries, or an escalation of violence in the Middle East, could push that barrel above US$125. That would force petrol here closer to $2 a litre. Regardless of what that price is on any given day, it's clear that motorists are very confused about how that price is made up and just why it fluctuates so much. The price of unleaded is made up of 78 cents in oil and production costs, more than 50 cents in tax, and an oil-company profit margin that slides between 8 and 14 cents. I knew there was some sort of tax, but I didn't know it would be that much. And that tax take is under fire. We've already got an excise of 38 cents per litre, and on top of that we're paying a 10% GST - so we've got a tax on a tax. And right now, in our view, the Government ought to remove the GST. While that would save motorists around 14 cents a litre, the Greens believe it would be short-sighted, given the days of cheap oil are over. If the Government was serious about addressing the fuel price, it would invest right now in alternative fuels and in public transport and set fuel efficiency standards for vehicles. Car-buyers at least seem to be getting it - large vehicle sales down by as much as 26%. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The Australian share market has closed higher - investors shrugging off interest rate worries. A major counterfeit clothing operation

has been busted in Melbourne. Customs seizing more than 5,200 illegal copies of expensive jeans, accessories and perfumes, the second large shipment of fake goods from China in three months. We make regular seizures but generally they are of a much smaller quantity than this. The haul, worth more than $1 million, was found in a shipping container that arrived in Melbourne. Sydney's fashionistas have been out in force

for an exclusive look at the latest collection from Fashion Assassin. The catwalk creations inspired by island militia. Organisers claim it symbolises "a relaxed yet serious approach to life".

Top Aussie designer Peter Morrissey and actor Alex Dimitriades among the crowd showing their support for the new line.

Tim Bailey has a relaxed but

serious approach to life too. He

joins us now with weather. You're

breaking the golden rules of

television today - never working

with children or animals. We'll

show you some horses later in the

bulletin. The Racehorse Owners

Association raises a lot of money

through these kids, some of them

battling through cancer. The mob is

called Redkite. Hello, everybody.

(All) Hulelow, Tim. They are just

gorgeous. Little Honey here - we'll

help her out. Last year we raised

about $100,000. Don't you think we

can do better than that this year?

Yeah? We have to. And you're getting

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You will get that, we'll make sure

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though. We could have been twins.

Apart from the fact that I can't

sit on a horse. Let's look at the

snow report for you - 30cm of snow

since Saturday. The -- six ugg boots out of 10.

A quick look at Tim's top temps

today around NSW:

Cute kids - the ugly jockey, the

bad-looking weatherman. Horses. All

of it coming

of it coming your way at 5:55.

Can't wait! Thank you, Tim.

Sport is next with Tim, and the Wallabies are braced for a Springboks backlash. Yes, confrontational is the word being used - more shortly. Plus, the Panthers ready to spend for new recruits. Also, rookies week at the Wests Tigers as another cub gets ready to debut. Also, the Germans grab another Aussie world record, this time Libby Lenton's 100m freestyle mark. Her reaction shortly.

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This program is captioned live. While most clubs have put away the chequebook for next season, Penrith have made it known they still have money to spend and are prepared to use it. The Panthers are still rumoured to be interested in Roosters utility Craig Wing. It's been a while since the Panthers signed a big name. But, with room under the cap, they're ready to pounce on any unwanted stars, including the likes of Craig Wing, should he become available. If somebody does come up in the system at the moment who's a high-profile player who's in a position that we're looking at, we'd certainly be interested. We still have money there to spend. The Panthers creating more flexibility within the cap by doing away with bonuses for rep players. The bonus system did hurt us in relation to the cap, so it's a policy now I take that I don't give bonuses. Tony Puletua with the chance to lead Penrith into the finals in his first year as captain after replacing former skipper Craig Gower. Puletua says he would like the job again next year, but admits taking over from Gower has been a tough task. Just Gowy's shoes, they're pretty big to fill, and he's an awesome leader out there for us. At Concord it looked like the ballboy was taking part in team plays,

but no, this is another of Tim Sheens' Tiger cubs.

Keith Eshman, an 18-year-old with skinny legs, ready to take on the Storm. He's very good under the high ball and played the NSW under-19s this year and has been one of the form players in our premier league, which is going along pretty well. There's enough of him to hang in there, yeah. With schoolboy Chris Lawrence also in the side, 11-game fullback Shannon McDonnell suddenly offering tips like a veteran. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Wallabies are bracing themselves for a torrid backlash from the Springboks in Saturday's Tri-Nations clash at Telstra Stadium. The Aussies are expecting confrontation from the South Africans, but the Boks still deny Stephen Larkham will be targeted with dirty tactics. John Connolly unconcerned the Springboks will target Stephen Larkham with cheap shots, accepting the denial of such tactics by his South African counterpart, Jake White. I believe everything Jake tells me, yes I do. A very honourable man. It's not a case of targeting, we just make sure that he's one of the key players in the Wallaby back line.

A lot of players are run off him and it's important that, you know, you just don't give him the freedom that he got in the first Test match against us. But Connolly is convinced of one thing - the Springboks will play with more fire than when thrashed 49-0 by the Wallabies recently. We don't expect what we walked into in Brisbane but they'll be a lot more confrontational, I think, and a lot more physical. Off-field dramas continue to shadow the South Africans - there are rumours of a player revolt against coach White, but the Wallabies believe the Boks won't be rattled by in-house issues. I don't think the players are. Whether they be Jake White's comments about Larkham or their issues at home, I don't think they are, no. I think they're fairly nonplussed and just concentrating on the game. Connolly convinced the Wallabies are still a chance of winning the Tri-Nations, despite having won only one game from three starts. Trent Higgs, Ten News. AFL coaching legend Kevin Sheedy says footballers of all codes

are easy targets for troublemakers off the field. Sheedy is in Sydney ahead of Essendon's showdown with the Swans on Saturday night at the SCG. His comments were made in the wake of Collingwood players Chris Tarrant and Ben Johnson being involved in a nightclub altercation. You know, you can get a truckload of kids rock up and want to punch the hell out of a bunch of AFL footballers. It's them versus the AFL footballers, who are meant to be role models. The Swans have made one change - midfielder Nic Fosdike back after a week off with a calf injury.

Australia's sprint queen of the pool, Libby Lenton, is confident of reclaiming her 100m freestyle world record. Germany's Britta Steffen bettered the mark by 0.12sec at the European Championships overnight, but Libby says she's in a position to mount an assault on the new time. I know that I still have my best to come. I don't think I've reached my potential just yet, so that's pretty exciting for me. A showdown with the Germans, who also claimed our women's 4 x 100m world record, will come at the World Championships in Melbourne next March. his underperforming Williams team. Mark Webber has severed ties with

And he's now in a tug of war between three teams.

Sir Frank Williams had an option on the Australian's services for next season, but, after a hideous year to date, he's allowing Webber to go after the final race of the year in Brazil in October. Renault, McLaren and Red Bull are now in a battle for the Australian's signature next year. Renault appears the dream scenario, with world champion Fernando Alonso leaving the team at the end of this year. Webber's manager is also the Renault team manager, Flavio Briatore. Sydney FC star Dwight Yorke has been injured at training. Scans tomorrow will reveal the extent of the damage. Two badly behaved AFL players could be selected to play for Collingwood, despite their part in a nightclub brawl. Details in 'Sports Tonight'.

You have too much fun with those

pronunciations. Vic Lorusso in the

Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter. A

nasty accident at Parramatta Road?

Late-night shopping at Parramatta

tonight? This is what you'll be sitting through. They've blocked

the M4 intersection as tow trucks

and investigations are under way.

You can see the extent of the

delays. They go back 4-5km past

Auburn. The best deal would be to

avoid Parramatta Road and take

Victoria Road so you don't have to

sit through all these delays and

get to the shops in real time. Thank you. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather is next. Then marine heaven - we'll take you inside some of the best boats money can buy.

It's time now for Tim's Turf Talk.

I wonder if the weather will be

stable over the next few days.

You're a champ. I thought Wilson

was bad. That's his sort of class

that came out of you there! What

have we got here? A very good cause.

The mob up from Redkite. Look at

the television and wave and say

hello. Come on. (All) Hello.

Redkite help kids battle through

cancer financially and emotionally.

We are at Graham xj rogerson

Stables. The Racehorse Owners

Association are having a big do.

Last year they raised $100,000 loo

for little girls like Honey, to

make her life a whole lot better.

Give osbig smile. With teeth and

everything. No, I wouldn't either.

I wouldn't either if I was asked by

a small chimp-like weatherman, I

would refuse to. Speaking of small

chimp-like people... Glen Boss, how

are you? Real wale. Racehorse

owners, thoroughbred racing,

they've got big hearts and big

pockets. A big night going to a

tremendous cause. How much dough do

you think we can raise? I'm timing

a lot more than $100,000 last year. There's some memorabilia from

Makybe Diva who was racehorse of

the year last year. Hopefully

people spend up and open their

hearts and wallets. Redkite has

been rebranded. They don't just

help little girls like Honey here,

but they help mum and dad

financially and emotionally when

people get cancer, a whole bunch of

people are influenced and brought

down to earth very quickly by that

experience. And Redkite get behind

every one of those, and help people

come out the other end. That's what

we like, don't we? CHEERING Look at

Charlie - full of cheek and bad

manners. If we can't raise $150,000

for Charlie and Honey next Thursday,

I'll be a disappointed weatherman.

This is your chance to say hi to

anyone you want to in the entire

world. Hi, declin, hi, Harry, hi,

Murray. Weatherwise, any idea? No.

That's two of us. No, folks -

showers coming your way, probably

starting tonight if not tomorrow

morning. They will turn to rain on

Friday. Showers and temperatures of

around about 16 degrees Saturday

and Sunday. You can tickle in

Monday and Tuesday as well.

Satellite - cloud drifts over the

south-east in an upper trough and generates thundery showers and

alpine snow. The map tomorrow -

unstable south-easterly winds will

generate showers in eastern NSW,

mainly along the coast. A high will

clear Victoria, Tassie and South

Australia. Predicted precipitation:

Isolated showers over the NSW

ranges, tendering scattered along

the coast. Possible thunderstorms

in north-east NSW, far southern

areas of Queensland. By Saturday,

fresh south-easterly winds will

maintain showers along the NSW

coasts. Showers may also reach

far-south-east Queensland. So, any

time you see the name Redkite, all

you've got to do is but putt your

hand in your pocket and give them

as much money as possible. It's

that easy, isn't it? Yep. Thursday

night, the racehorse owners

association get together to raise

in excess of $100,000 for these

guys. I think that's pretty nice.

Round of applause, please? APPLAUSE.

That was weak!

Glen Boss, lovely to have you on

the TV. You know what they say

about working with kids and animals. Youfpbg just done both.

Congratulations. See you again

tomorrow night, folks. Thank you,

Tim. See you up then. Working out how to spend that lottery win? Got a lazy few million lying around? Well, have we got a shopping trip for you - to the 39th annual Sydney Boat Show. It's a place where little problems like rising interest rates and the price of petrol

don't mean much. Because chances are, if those things matter to you, you're probably not in the market for one of these. There's almost a billion dollars worth of craft on display. You could by asmall inflatable for as cheap as $500 or, if you want to, you could spend up to $11 million on one boat. And here's that boat - a 94-foot marvel with four cabins, each with its own en suite. It's got all the leather lounges that you'd expect, the DVD, surround sound systems, the big plasma televisions, all the fabrics and finishes you'd find in the finest penthouse. And despite the tougher economic times, these big boys' toys continue to sell. We'll turn over $1,388 per second, so per hour our average sales on the floor is about $5 million. In six days, the show exhibitors will turn over $300 million. Not ready to take the plunge and part with some cash? Well, there's still plenty to look at. There's the rebuilt 'Aggressor' race boat, complete with a V12 Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engine that reached speeds of 280km/h. Or a bunch of boats fit for the greatest spy of them all - actual watercraft used in the movies by all the assorted James Bonds. Roger Moore used this one in 'For Your Eyes Only', while Q built this one for Pierce Brosnan's Bond in 'The World is Not Enough'. And this underwater tow sled used by Sean Connery's Bond in the 1965 hit 'Thunderball' tops of the collection nicely. Bishop - Angela Bishop - Ten News.

Too much fun on this news tonight!

A tinny would do me. Very good.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWS ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )