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(generated from captions) Interest rates go up, Tonight -

to breaking point. forcing many Sydney families and buying things for the kids. We're cutting back on going out

More hip-pocket pain, are over-charging drivers. with claims petrol companies between rival Sydney schools. 15 students arrested over a fight

Lebanon's war zone And Australians escape as fierce battles resume. EXPLOSION Good evening. interest rates up 0.25% The Reserve Bank has ordered on the average mortgage.

to keep rates low, But, despite his election promise for him to apologise. John Howard says there's no reason News of the rate rise hit hard in the quiet suburbia of Camphor Close, in outer Melbourne.

those mortgages have to be paid We have mortgages and on other things and we have to cut back

can be paid. to make sure those mortgages typical mortgage-belt street, The Prime Minister chose this

with media in tow,

before the last election just two weeks to keep interest rates low. to spoon-feed his promise

some benefit from other things I mean, you might think you get It affects everybody so much.

a small interest-rate rise, but if you have

it would more than wipe th of Camphor Close aren't happy. Three rises later, the residents to go up, but they have, He said they weren't going

and all Australians know that now. we have to have to accept I think are going to rise that interest rates the Howard Government. while we have

on a $200,000 loan After today, monthly repayments will rise another $32. $49 on a $300,000 loan. And $65 on $400,000. to go up, Nobody likes interest rates no alternative. but there was really

Mr Howard says by high petrol prices the Reserve Bank's hand was forced and that he owes no apology. anything more I don't owe the Australian people to the Australian people, than what I've committed

the economy well. and that is to manage signed, sealed and delivered This is an interest-rate rise from John Howard. in Camphor Close, On the last remaining block here

is slowly taking shape. the latest Australian dream of this McMansion, But for the owners the news today is their mortgage repayments have just been super-sized.

Prime Minister return to the street. The builders would like to see the spend a week on a job site I'd just love to see him to earn that extra bit of money and see how we have to work to keep it all going.

For some Sydney families, is simply unaffordable. today's rate rise the household budget They've already cut previous mortgage increases, to cope with at risk of losing their home. and this one leaves them for Genevive Sabater. Life is difficult enough with two teenage children is tough Living on her husband's wage puts their home at risk. and this rate rise let's put the house on the market I've said to my husband, go in a one bedroom place. into a nursing home. I've been willing to even go

She's not alone. to cut back on vital things, The Herron family will be forced like Hannah's preschool. didn't go to preschool? What would happen if you What would you do?

Home... You'd have to go home?

So they can save $35 a week.

The cost is beyond monetary. I can't put a price on it. budgets in NSW The rate rise will cut household by $600 million a year. at those shopping centres, There'll be less spending at Penrith at Liverpool. at Bankstown at Parramatta

Yep. and buying things for the kids. We're cutting back on going out Food! Yeah, going food shopping.

We have to budget.

We have to use a calculator. very little understanding But there seems to be of this rate rise about the real impact to go in to bat for the battlers. from the people you'd usually expect I would be very surprised very small interest rate increase if they couldn't absorb a

The big banks are reviewing their

rates. For home owners, facing more

financial stress, there are fractical solutions. Seven's finance expert, David Koch, to get household debt under control. has put together this survival guide

Add extra mortgage repayments vegetable and petrol prices to already rising fruit, is taking a battering. and the family budget from the recent tax cuts, and more. It's taken all the extra money will take a hit, Plus, property values particularly on the east coast. will depend on where you live. How big a hit

I think the Sydney market could I think the Sydney market could take

another hit, and, you know, prices

could decline another 2% or 3%

between now and the middle of

year. The possibility is they could between now and the middle of next

go down a bit further than that. debt under control. Now is the time to get your personal That means calling the bank in your home-loan rate. and asking for a cut Yep, give it a go. If you're a good customer, your bank manager can do. you'll be amazed at the deals and offset today's rise. They could cut 0.25%

Don't just focus on your home loan. Credit card rates are a lot higher,

reducing that outstanding balance. so get stuck into around the house. Be aware of little savings They all add up.

putting the heater on all the time. Wear a jumper instead of calls you really need to make. Think about the number of phone Maybe get rid of the second car. the end of the bad news. But that may not be Money markets are telling us in official interest rates to expect another increase of 0.25% before the end of the year. to have spare savings, And if you're lucky enough you're laughing. mean higher returns. Higher interest rates A new survey has revealed are hurting Sydney families. just how badly high petrol prices Half of all drivers are now suffering financial hardship. And the NRMA says it's no surprise because we're being over-charged. understands the pain at the pump Peter Costello says he

because he filled up a tank recently. Weekend before last. I got it at $1.35. People today were paying around $1.45 and they're not convinced

the Treasurer or the Government understands what they're going through. They don't know. They don't know that we're struggling. But we have to pay the petrol prices. We have to drive. They're not in touch with how the normal working Australian's are coping with the cost of living. A new Morgan Poll shows petrol is hurting households. Around 50% say the price of fuel has caused financial hardship. That includes 20% who describe those money problems as serious.

$93! What a beautiful day!

But the NRMA says some of this pain can be stopped. It claims North American prices show we shouldn't be paying more than $1.20 at the moment. The motoring group says we are paying more because the oil companies profit margins are excessive and the Federal Government won't reign them in. The Government's got to see that it's an essential product and make sure it's got control of the environment and we're not being overcharged for petrol as we are now.

And there's another issue the Premier's keen to point out. GST revenue raised in NSW is helping drivers in Queensland. I mean, today, NSW motorists are subsidising the price of petrol in Queensland. That's an affront. On top of the interest rate rise. Extra police are patrolling Macquarie Fields tonight after a school had to be locked down under threat of student violence.

The gates were closed

as students from another school answered an SMS call inciting a fight.

go down a bit further than that. It

started when student from a

neighbouring school came to James

Meehan high. News of the planned

brawl spread by SMS. The principal found

found out and enforced a lock-down.

All the students who are in the

school are safe. All the students

who are in school have been

accounted for, and we're running

lessons this afternoon. An incident

took place at the

took place at the front fence where

a bottle was thrown at a student and

a rock was thrown, striking a

teacher. The troublemakers

teacher. The troublemakers ran, but police tracked

police tracked most of them down.

There were up to 10 back at the

mraes station and a further five

were interviewed, and there's a number

number still assisting us. number still assisting us. Parents

gathered at the school. Why don't

they jump us? I'm very worried about

my kid. Some local parents are so

concerned, they're too scared to send their kids send their kids to school tomorrow.

Police say there's no need - they'll be out

be out in force. Police visibility

will be up all night as well - the

aim is to prevent a repeat of the

unrest 18 months ago.

A Sydney man has been charged with murdering his ex-wife's lover and cutting off the man's penis. Baulkham Hills home last night Garbor Ziha was arrested at his

two hours after the attack. Police say he assaulted his ex and his victim, Barry Corbett, while they were in bed. It would appear from early investigations

that that male person has suffered numerous stab-type wounds to his... several parts of his body. Ziha allegedly put his victim's penis in a bed-side drawer before leaving. 30 more Australians have been rescued from southern Lebanon during a lull in the fighting. But an estimated 170 are still stranded as the battle resumes more ferocious than ever. Israeli troops and tanks poured across the border, seemingly determined to make up for lost time. They're pushing 30km north. EXPLOSION The plan - to create a buffer zone controlled by multi-national peacekeepers. The plan - to create a buffer zone controlled by multi-national peacekeepers. Fierce fighting, too, around Baalbeck, north-east of Beirut. EXPLOSION At least three Israeli soldiers have been killed, 30 wounded. Hezbollah television showed off captured equipment, including torn and bloodied uniforms. Air strikes, too, have resumed, here targeting suspected rocket launch sites. Trapped in the middle, Lebanese civilians, like these in Aitaroun, just a kilometre from the border, now fleeing Israel's invasion. Some could barely walk - the old, infirm broken by days of sheer terror. "Don't take pictures of us, "take pictures of our destroyed homes," she yells. Women and children amongst the last people to be evacuated from southern Lebanon. This is a scene being repeated right across the war zone at the moment.

It is a race against time to get out. Ismael Haida's been trying to leave Aitaroun for three weeks to return home to Sydney.

I was scared - very scared from Israel. Other Australians are also part of the biggest flight north since fighting erupted last month. When night comes, that s the worst part, because during the day you can see where the bombs are going. More than 30 Australians left Tyre

on coaches laid on by the Australian Embassy, leaving behind a devastated, depopulated landscape. Ahead in Seven News - the vaccination that could cure obesity. Also, a lottery winner's lucky escape from a runaway car.

# Whoa whoa when my baby, when my baby smiles at me I go to Rio...# And Hugh Jackman back in Sydney to shake his maracas.

This week, get into Kmart for new season must haves. You must have 20% off clothing. This week at Kmart. in the 2006 Census. Information you give is vital for the future of... Education. Crikey! TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS Transport. And business. Thank you. Australia's counting on you.

Plans have been released, for the biggest hospital project ever undertaken in Sydney. The $700 million re-development of Royal North Shore will include a new emergency department,

operating theatres, day surgery and teaching facilities. It'll be combining not only acute care services but research and education and community health. There'll be no disruption to hospital services while the new buildings go up.

They should be open for business in two years. Scientists are reporting early success with a vaccine against obesity. They've found that immunising mice against a so-called hunger hormone allows them to eat what they like without gaining weight. These mice - either fat or skinny - may have helped unlock a cure for obesity. All have been binging

on the rodent version of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

We fed our mice a 35% fat diet, so this is quite high in fat. But the smaller mice were injected with an anti-fat vaccine and actually lost weight. Scientists in Europe and America have developed a vaccine to block a hormone in the stomach called ghrelin,

thought to influence hunger and weight gain. In fact block this hunger in response to weight loss,

so we could eliminate this yo-yo effect in dieting and hopefully help patients maintain weight loss. But put down that cheeseburger and donut for now. An anti-fat injection allowing us to eat anything we want is still a long way off. And Australian scientists warn tampering with our hormones could even be dangerous. It's a significant development,

Professor John Shine from Sydney's Garvan Institute has also been investigating obesity hormones. So to suggest that you could vaccinate to eliminate one particular gene as some sort of magical elixir to lose weight is pretty unrealistic. So for now, it's back to the vegetables - and the gym. Bed-ridden Cuban leader Fidel Castro says he's stable and in good spirits a day after handing power to his younger brother, Raul. A new statement from the 79-year-old

was read on national television - but Castro himself didn't appear. He seemed frail at a rally last week,

but still spoke for six hours. And it's not clear, just how serious his condition is. We don't know the exact facts of this because Cuba is a closed society. Cuban exiles living in America spent the night celebrating news of Castro's illness.

An American man has had a narrow escape from serious injury

when a car ploughed into a shop. Thomas Massey was collecting $5 from a winning lottery ticket when it happened.

Dude it's this close! This close!

I said you better call the police (laughs). The teenage driver told police his brakes failed.

MTV, the original 24 hour music channel is all grown up. 25 years ago today, it burst onto screens with one-hit wonders

(Sings) # Video killed the radio star # We are so excited about this new concept in TV - video killed the radio star.

MTV evolutionised the music business

it's also been blamed for everything from shortening attention spans to trivialising politics. Boxers or briefs?

Usually briefs. But, with the original MTV generation now in their forties some see a limited future for the ageing up-start.

Hugh Jackman has shimmied his way through final rehearsals ahead of his Australian debut as Peter Allen in 'The Boy From Oz'. The stage show has cost $21 million to produce apparently much of it, on feathers and sequins.

# Whoa whoa when my baby # When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio # The 'Boy From OZ' premieres at the Sydney Entertainment Centre tomorrow night. Time for sport with Matthew White, and they're turning back the clock at Parramatta Stadium. Two famous dads will step aside - now it's up to their kids. More shortly. Also tonight - Joey Johns hangin' loose as the Knights plan a top-8 carve up. And, that's not a wave - this is a wave! But is it the biggest ever ridden in Australia?

An amazing tale of family ties will be played out at Parramatta Stadium on Friday night

when the Eels meet the Dragons. Two of Rugby League's great names - Eric Grothe and 'Slippery' Steve Morris are about to share a father-son night like no other. Eric Grothe junior is the son of a gun but this week he's not the only one.

Back in 1986, when the Eels hosted the Dragons, it marked the opening of Parramatta Stadium. Eric's Dad, the guru, was up against Steve Morris and 20 years on its the turn of their sons. It's funny, cause outside of Parramatta in the '80s Slippery Steve Morris was my favourite player. So, yeah, it's a bit of an honour to play against his son. Brett Morris has been brilliant on the wing for the Dragons. It should be a good game and looking forward to these guys playing against each other. Brett wasn't born when Parra won by 30 points that day. Yeah, oh right. Fair enough we've gotta win. When the Eels went on to win the title in 1986 Eric and his baby brother, Daniel, did the lap of honour with their dad. And just like all long-suffering Eels fans the Guru is hoping his son can help the club do it again 20 years on.

They've been touted as being the team to beat before

They're coming from the

They're coming from the back end, and they have to win every game.

They've been touted as being They've been touted as being the team to team to Pete before, and they've

fallen down. This might suit them.

Yeah, it's all in history. Good to repeat it. Nice and relaxed at Newcastle where Joey John's Knights went surfing ahead of their clash with the Roosters. While the captain can do everything not so Singleton boy Steve Simpson. Yeah there's not too many surfboards up that was so yeah it's good to get out in here and have a go. Wallabies coach John Connolly has tinkered with his forward pack again for Saturday's Test against the Springboks.

There are two changes to the side beaten by the All Blacks.

Tai McIsaac replaces Jeremey Paul at hooker, and Wycliffe Palu pushes aside Scott Fava at lock. Palu's 120kg will come in handy against South Africa

who are looking for revenge after being thrashed by the Wallabies 49-0 the last time they met. You know they've got big forwards and you know they've got big physical presence out there

and they just try to intimidate you by playing aggressive football. George Gregan will break the Wallabies captaincy record when he leads Australia out for the 56th time. It'll be a new-look Socceroos side to play Kuwait in two weeks, with just three players from the World Cup squad named for Australia's first game since Germany. Eight Sydney FC players have been selected, and it's a fitting return for midfielder Steve Corica,

against Kuwait in 1993. who debuted for Australia I do. I do remember it. be my last game as well. Let's hope it's not going to I do I do remember it - my last game as well, let's hope it's not going to be

Finally tonight, incredible images Australia's biggest wave. from the chase to ride These are the latest pictures competition, from Oakley's Big Wave Award

30ft-40ft monsters being tamed off the West Australian coast. at a break called Cow Bombie of the biggest waves They're believed to be some ever ridden in Australia.

with $30,000 prizemoney on offer The competition runs until February, who catches the biggest for the surfer and the photographer who captures the biggest.

Yeah, it's all in history. Good to repeat it. They've all got to be mad. It's not

mad. It's not enough money. Wouldn't

pay the medical bills. That's a

shocker. Thanks, Matt. Finance now. Those showers could make a comeback tomorrow.

Nuala has all Sydney's weather details after the break.

Good evening. We've had to shiver through a chilly old day today. And we have the cloud to thank for it. It moved in thicker and faster than expected and keeping temperatures blocking out the sunshine below average even for winter. 13 degrees, The coldest suburb only reaching which is 6 degrees below average. wasn't too much warmer - The rest of Sydney 14 in town, which is 4 below. to just 8 degrees. And the cloud kept Katoomba across from SA All this cloud is drifting ahead of this decaying front. While it looks impressive, under 5mm. it hasn't produced much rain

State, As the front crosses into our

Adelaide, Canberra and Melourne. Interstate - a few showers in

Mostly fine in Hobart. 21 in Perth. Fine and 22 in Brisbane, On the waters winds will be light and variable during the morning before tending southerly during the afternoon - around 8 to 13 knots, reaching 15 knots offshore. Seas slight on a 1m to 1.5m swell. Sunrise around 6:45. Sunset around 5:15.

Cloudy tonight and still pretty chilly. But a few more breaks in the cloud should stop tomorrow from being quite as cold as today. Though there is still the chance of a late shower. Tops around 17-18 degrees.

11 in the mountains. on Friday Those showers will increase And into next week. They're saying around 15mm to 25mm all up. And that's Seven News to now. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions and welcome to Today Tonight. Hello I'm Naomi Robson. Tonight, tough love - the mums publicly naming and shaming their children.

I can't believe a word

I can't believe a word she says, you

have to lock up the

have to lock up the house

That mum says her 14-year-old is so out of control, she needs to be taught a lesson - that story shortly. Also - why the Aussie dream of owning your own home is turning into a nightmare. How governments slug you up to $130,000 in taxes and charges before you walk in the front door.

200 to 300%, We'll also check out home prices around the country to find out what you get for your money

and where home prices are heading. Plus, meet Australia's most amazing parents - a story to lift your spirits. Parents overcoming adversity to raise their children.

200 to 300%, even more I don't feel

other I'm any more amazing than any of the I'm any more amazing than any of

I'm any more amazing than any of the

other mums finally gets her come uppance And - a shifty real estate agent and not before time. But first - daughter is behaving so badly, Wendy Apilino's 14-year-old

on national telelvision. she is about to shame her sounds extreme, And while this course of action to take back control. this mum believes it's the only way as Nicolas Boot reports. And she's not alone She was my angel. goes through rebelling Every teenager but probably not as bad as me. She gets everything that she wants but she wants more and you can't keep on giving because you can't punish any more because the system won't let you.

This mother is trying to keep a grip on her daughter,

stopping her from getting into anymore trouble, but shaming 14-year-old Kiara on TV?