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(generated from captions) to Los Angeles. You've got to come with me You are absolutely insane.

We don't have a lot of time. Your father's messages? Didn't you get my messages? what it was about. Yes, but I didn't know Ridge is in the hospital. Why didn't you call us? He's had emergency surgery. He's had a heart attack, Brooke. A heart attack? it's even a miracle... The doctors say He needs you. I need you.

I do need you, Brooke. Please! to Los Angeles. You've got to come with me His life depends on it. He needs his Logan. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by Tonight - feeling the pinch -

by another interest rate rise. families hit en

Most Sydneysiders will find

off now. themselves about $60 a month worse

of the mutilation murder Jealous rage - a Sydney man accused of his wife's new lover.

And school lock-down - have hit a 5-year high First tonight, interest rates in Macquarie Fields. police called to break up rival gangs

in Macquarie Fields. police called to break up rival gangs have hit a 5-year high First tonight, interest rates

tightened the squeeze on borrowers. as the Reserve Bank today The 0.25% hike comes on the back and rising inflation. of record petrol prices may have been a joke, The cardboard executioner's axe since the election but the third rise in interest rates soured the PM's day. it's the rise the Bank had to make. It seems, though,

making a decision today If they put off then it would be worse into the future, and they would be rightly condemned for not having done their job. Business agrees.

disease for the Australian economy Inflation can be an insidious

in the bud. and it needs to be nipped impressed with John Howard. But Labor says voters won't be has been breached The trust that he asked for and people won't forgive him. In the election, interest rates at record lows. the Government promised to keep of the low interest rates We're offering a continuation of the last 8.5 years. rates have been rising steadily, But Opposition graphs show eroding that promise now at $1,400 a month, and, with average repayments shattering its credibility. as a shield, They'll attempt to use bananas they're yellow and they're bent. but, don't forget, bananas,

Interest rates are still 3% lower was elected than when this Government under the Labor Party. and 10% lower than the peak at Labor's peak rate But a CommSec analysis shows of household income. average repayments were 25.8% repayments are 2% higher at 28.2%. After today's rise, And the worst may not be over. petrol prices and wage increases The Treasurer fears could push inflation higher. And the Reserve Bank is warning forecasts in the months ahead. inflation is likely to exceed Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. will be felt around the country, While the impact of this rate rise

will be hardest hit, there's little doubt Sydneysiders

the State Government warning the housing market's recovery. the hike will torpedo many people will have tonight - It will be a discussion if they haven't already - from the family budget just what to cut starts to bite. when today's rate rise to get smarter with everything. It just means we have general activities with the kids - Grocery shopping, to look at everything. you just have 0.25% may not sound like much, in the country for housing, but in the most expensive city it adds up quickly.

$100,000 above the national average. The average mortgage here is will now top $2,500 - up nearly $60. Monthly repayments about $50 or $60 extra for us, It's going to be so it's going to be noticeable. have already hit hard. And this when petrol prices every time I go, I fill up the car just a little bit because it's so expensive. impact will be well above $60. Analysts warn the total monthly

outside the average mortgage, Taking into account facilities at $115, $120, households can be looking when you take into account credit cards, personal loans the petrol price increase, the mortgage in Sydney. and then, obviously, of the yearly income to service debt. It used to take 88% Now it takes 150%. to juggle their finances, It's forcing borrowers lenders like Wizard trying to fix their loans. seeing a trebling in the number

there are still strategies. While fixed rates have already risen, a part-fixed, part-variable, I think the strategy is to consider in relation to the fixed part so you are taking a hedge of the variable rates and then you are taking advantage if they go down from here. is not bad news for everyone. But this rate rise large increases Some lenders are reporting seeking new mortgages in the numbers of people that comes down to first home buyers and they say of lower property prices in Sydney. taking advantage But the State Government warns in Sydney's housing market. this rise will torpedo any recovery Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A man has faced court, of his wife's new lover. charged over the mutilation murder attacked the couple in their bedroom Gabor Ziha allegedly and cut off the victim's penis. 56-year-old Gabor Ziha Police arrested late last night at his Baulkham Hills home

his estranged wife's boyfriend and charged him with murdering earlier in the evening at Parramatta. Maria separated some months ago. Mr Ziha and his 54-year-old wife with his two adult children, He remained in the family home and began a defacto relationship while she moved out 58-year-old Barry Corbett. with the victim, the attack on Mr Corbett Police told Central Court with several deep knife wounds, left him dying,

before his penis was sliced off. Police alleged in court to his estranged wife's unit that Gabor Zihar came just before 10 last night. with a knife and a torch He was allegedly armed and it's claimed he used a key to let himself in. Police say the couple were in bed when the husband allegedly entered the room,

stabbing Mr Corbett, before mutilating him. His severed penis was found in a drawer, with some of Maria Ziha's belongings. Neighbours are shocked by the killing. They're a very quiet couple. Very nice couple. Police said Maria Ziha suffered a stab wound and ran screaming from the unit, calling for help. Officers discovered the victim's body covered in blood, lying on the bed.

When contacted by phone and informed of the murder,

Gabor Ziha allegedly told police, "Yes, I know. You can come and pick me up now." He's been remanded in custody to reappear in court next week. John Hill, Ten News. To breaking news - there's been a shocking outbreak of gang violence at a Sydney school. These pictures just in - police standing guard as students are finally allowed out

following an attack at James Meehan High School at Macquarie Fields. Up to 15 students have been arrested. We'll have more on this breaking story shortly. Outrage tonight as a convicted wife-killer demands compensation, The man once dubbed 'Sydney's most evil husband' claiming police were heavy-handed when investigating the murder of his second wife. His father murdered his mother

and even stood trial, accused of killing his step-mum, but Michael Keir believes his father is an innocent man.

Have you got something to say about your father? Just let him out. Let him out. Thomas Keir is spending up to 22 years in jail for murdering first wife, Jean Keir, in 1988, after her remains were found in the backyard of their Tregear home. But now Thomas Keir wants taxpayers to fork out $750,000, claiming he was unlawfully imprisoned by police

investigating the murder of his second wife Rosalina Canonisado - found strangled and burned in his home in 1991. The Government promising Keir won't get a cent. This man won't get any payment. It will go to his victims. His son Michael would be one beneficiary. $1,000 a question. A jury aquitted Keir of killing Rosalina, after he claimed she'd been killed by an intruder. But Keir wants the compensation, claiming police treated him like a dog on the day of her death, handcuffing him to a pole during a 7-hour interrogation. Thomas Keir has already racked up a hefty bill for the taxpayer.

He's up to his third attempt at compensation over the deaths of his two wives, had three trials for his first wife's murder and been found guilty each time. Next month, he's making yet another attempt to have that conviction overturned. The Premier says Keir may lose a victim's compensation payment

he received for the death of his second wife. We're pursuing him for $50,000 to go into the victims' fund. James Boyce, Ten News. Two thieves have bashed a 73-year-old Sydney man - AFTER he handed over his money, police warning western Sydney residents that such attacks are on the rise. Joe was walking home from the shops late Monday night

when he was attacked by two men aged under 30. Turned him over like that - bang! He gave you a punch? Then I punched him again. You punched him? Straight away, in his face, then I grabbed him from his neck. He bite me - I let him go. The 73-year-old gave them $80 cash but the thieves demanded more. And then, straight away, he hit me straight away - bang! In my head here, twice - bang bang!

The men left the former soldier lying in the gutter,

blood running down his face. Joe called for help but no-one came, so he staggered home, calling an ambulance. He's been working as a postman for more than 30 years but has been off work since the attack, receiving medical treatment.

Local police say there has been a real increase in the number of these types of crimes happening in the Merrylands/Parramatta area.

They say they don't know why

and it's very difficult to catch the offenders. There's no real set cause for any increase in any robbery, but, like I say, that's why we are looking at and promoting some involvement by the community, to help us looking at people that are involved in these type of offences. Both men are described as of Middle Eastern appearance, one 160cm tall, the other 180cm. Why? Why? I didn't do anything, you know? I was just walking home.

Evan Batten, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us now with what's ahead in sport.

Yet another Bronco is under investigation over an alleged public incident. This time, it's Test fullback Karmichael Hunt, who, it's claimed, squirted a woman with water at a taxi rank. Ahead - why the Broncos have defended him. And it's now 'Professor Barry Hall' as the AFL sends new fans to school. We'll show you more of the new ad targeted at giving the Swans

a bigger slice of the Sydney sports market. Also later - the Socceroos you have when you're not in the World Cup - a bit different. Former world champion cyclist Gary Neiwand faces court on stalking charges - that's next. Also tonight, a new lead gives hope to the family of a young woman murdered in the Southern Highlands.

And the skydiving instructor hailed a hero - he died saving a Melbourne woman in a plane crash.

Well, the individual in question was driving a Ford AU Falcon.

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This program is captioned live. A terrifying ordeal this afternoon for students at a school in Sydney's south-west. They ended up in a stand-off with teenagers from a rival school after a simmering feud erupted. Drastic action to keep a lid on the violence - teenagers under arrest,

students from James Meehan High school at Macquarie Fields only allowed to leave this afternoon in groups of 30,

police fearing an exodus en masse would be a recipe for trouble. A bottle was thrown at a student and a rock at a teacher earlier this afternoon by youths from a nearby school who tried to enter the grounds.

The school we're aware of the

students coming and undertook a

lockout process. As part of that

process, the gates and access and

egress to the school were locked down. Worried parents descended on the school after hearing of a text message campaign warning that a brawl would take place this afternoon over a dispute arising from a party two months ago.

They hit one of the little kids.

They jumped a little kid. 15 people allegedly involved in the incident have been taken into custody, a number still here, assisting police with their inquiries.

We have undertaken a process of high visibility to

high visibility to ensure that

there is no repeat of this incident this afternoon. Tonight, police are maintaining a strong presence around the school,

the public order and riot squad patrolling the streets. Tim Potter, Ten News. A man has been questioned for a second time over last week's shocking cigarette attack on a toddler. The suspect was brought into Bankstown police station last night by detectives investigating the random street attack in Sydney's inner west. An 18-month-old boy is recovering after having a lit cigarette stubbed out on his face.

The man was again released without charge. Detectives are appealing for anyone with information to come forward. A last-minute twist in a Southern Highlands murder mystery. After mass DNA testing and a 5-year investigation, an inquest was to start today into the gruesome death of Rochelle Childs, but it's suddenly been put on hold because of a new lead.

Arriving at court today, Graham Childs had just two questions - who killed his daughter and why? A lively 23-year-old who loved life, who had enourmous amounts of friends and colleagues

and, um, yeah, was just a great person.

Rochelle's body was found in scrub land at Gerroa more than five years ago. It was so badly burnt, police couldn't say how she died.

The young woman may have been at the nearby Bargo hotel the night before she was murdered. Two years after the killing,

detectives asked more than 60 men from the area to submit to DNA tests as they hunted the killer. Rub it around your cheek. A coroner's inquiry into her death was due to start in Sydney today, but was abruptly suspended. The court was told

there's been a recent development of some significance

which may alter the course of the coroner's inquest and police will have to make further inquiries.

That's positive and hopefully that will lead and as I've always said all the way along the way, there's at least one person who knows what happened. The Coroner's inquest will resume in November. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Disturbing evidence today about the conduct of our troops in Iraq.

An inquiry into the death of Private Jake Kovco has been told they played games with their guns. He was sitting less than a metre away when Private Jake Kovco was shot in the head, but soldier 17 didn't see his friend reach for his gun. The soldier has told a military inquiry he was unaware how Private Kovco was shot, but thought he could have been joking around with his weapon. Soldier 17 said

fooling with pistols before he'd heard about Private Kovco mishandled their weapons, and he said other soldiers

but wouldn't reveal their names. for Australian soldiers, he claimed. Life in Iraq isn't easy

was always happy and positive. But he said Private Kovco So angry was Soldier 17 repatriation was botched, about how Private Kovco's for being so cheap, he said he blames the army your country, but for what? telling the inquiry, "You serve want her son to join?" "Why would any mother to shed more light on the bungle A consular official is expected

when the inquiry resumes on Friday.

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Gary Neiwand Former world champion cyclist this month on stalking charges. will have to face court again later the Melbourne Magistrates Court, The 40-year-old briefly fronted but didn't apply for bail. and one of theft, He's facing five charges of stalking between May and July this year. allegedly committed with breaching an intervention order. Neiwand has also been charged

He'll return to court on August 28. of survival and sacrifice. An amazing tale

is recovering in hospital, An Australian tourist after a fatal plane crash in the US. instructor, who died saving her. Her family praising the skydiving only two survived. Of the eight people on the plane from Melbourne was one of them. 21-year-old Kimberley Dear She's in pretty bad physical shape. Her back is broken in seven places. and a smashed collarbone and pelvis. She has concussion, a dislocated knee who rushed to her bedside, She's told her father, the 22-year-old skydiving instructor, before taking off, she met five minutes saved her life. He actually connected the harness and he was wearing that Kim was wearing and he said to Kimberley, "When we go and hit the ground,

you and the ground." "make sure that I am between As the plane nosedived, and then a tree, slamming into a power pole he calmly talked to her would be certain death. as they plummeted to what she thought "Help me, help me," One girl was yelling and we told them just to calm down would be here, and that the ambulance so quick we couldn't get in there. because the fuel was coming out it was going to blow up. We were afraid

he's a hero, She said that, you know, can meet the definition of a hero, and my view is if any person ever

it's him. Robert Cook died on impact. on a 4-month summer camp Kimberley had been in the US working with the disabled. at skydiving. It was to be her first attempt and a close friend Kimberley's mother, her fiance flew in from Melbourne tonight, but it will be at least eight weeks

to return home. before she's well enough a birthday her family knows Kimberley turns 22 next week, to not making. she came dangerously close

Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States,

Time for a look that weather now

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Bailey. It's all rock'n'roll

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Genes. Today - a case of the chills.

14 degrees for Sydney. 4 degrees

below average. Tomorrow - a sunny

morning and then cloud increases

for around about 17 degrees, some

late showers. No showers all over

-- those showers all over Friday,

Saturday and Sunday like rash,

temperatures down to 16. 17 at your

place tomorrow. We'll see you again

10. live from the Civic in around about

at Mel Gibson's anti-Jewish jibes, Hollywood hits back that's next. cancelling his TV series - that almost went horribly wrong. And the high-speed teenage prank

Not long now for census night - bit - fill in your census form. So on Tuesday, 8 August, do your Australia is counting on you.

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Wellmancome back. Vic Lorusso in

the Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter.

Some problems in

Some problems in North Sydney?

Unfortunately, Bill. A very

ordinary drive home for motorists

tonight. A 3-car accident on the

Gore Hill Freeway. The brake lights

are on. A slow trip all the way

around the corner. The bad news is

the traffic doesn't improve for

motorists driving on toward the M2.

motorists driving on toward the M2. At least an extra 35-minute traffic

delay for motorists get gettic home

in toward the north-west. Also

traffic delays for motorists

driving down toward the south.

We'll bring you an update just

after sport with Deb. Thank you, Vic. A young boy has been caught by police after crashing a speeding car. The boy, thought to be just 9 years old, had been driving the car at speeds of more than 100km/h in Macquarie Fields. He lost control on a bend and crashed through a fence.

Amazingly, he appeared to walk away without injury. The boy's been questioned by police.

He was taken to hospital to be

checked by doctors. Another drowning in Bali - an 84-year-old Australian woman has died while snorkelling. It comes as Indonesian police search for Melbourne surfer Chin Fung. The 30-year-old sales manager was last seen surfing in rough conditions near a popular break on Saturday. He was with a friend, who managed to make it back to shore when they were dumped by a massive wave. On Friday, a 48-year-old surfer from Perth drowned at a Bali beach. Jeffrey Rigby died on the sand, locals holding a cleansing ceremony to chase away bad luck. Israeli troops have penetrated deep into Lebanon,

with fierce fighting reported along the border.

As the casualties mount on both sides, 170 Australians are believed to still be in the area.

The pause in Israeli air strikes has now passed.

Across Lebanon, Hezbollah strongholds and supply lines are being targeted, the bombing heaviest in the south. It's from there that 30 more Australians were rescued and taken to Beirut in a bedraggled fleet of taxis and hire cars. Nearly 200 Australian citizens are believed to be still in the south and beyond the reach of the Australian Embassy. The danger of travel on the roads illustrated by this Israeli defence video, purporting to show strikes on Hezbollah supply trucks. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is standing firm against calls for an immediate cease-fire. He says the Israeli offensive is creating a new balance in the region which will be safer and better for Israel. But for now the casualties mount on all sides. After 21 days of conflict,

more than 460 Lebanese and 18 Israeli civilians have been killed. The toll in the Israeli Army has risen to 36 dead. There are 46 known Hezbollah casualties. From Washington, some hope that a cease-fire acceptable to Israel might be achievable soon. Certainly we are talking about days, not weeks, before we are able to get a cease-fire.

Prayers before battle among Israeli soldiers, and no sign of a backward step in the deadly search-and-destroy mission against Hezbollah. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Cuban leader Fidel Castro claims he's perfectly fine after surgery. The world's longest-serving leader says he was suffering from internal bleeding, but will add no more. He says his health has to remain a state secret

to stop the United States taking advantage. Mel Gibson has issued a new apology over his drunken, racist outburst, the alcoholic actor now asking the Jewish community to 'help him heal'. The Malibu locals who partied with Mel Gibson say

the Oscar-winner was in a great mood in the hours before his arrest for drink-driving.

He had a very, very friendly demeanour. He showed no sign of any kind of outrageous behaviour whatsoever.

Star-struck, they offered to buy him a drink, but Gibson told them he only wanted water. It seemed like he definitely drank a little too many that night. That's why they were shocked when the celebrity indicated he felt fine to drive home. We were, you know, "We'll give you a ride home. "We don't think you should be driving."

He's like, "No, I live in Malibu. I live right down the street." We're like, "OK, so do we.

"We can give you a ride if you need one." He said, "No, no thanks." He appreciated it and everything. In a second written apology, Gibson today admitted making anti-Semitic comments on the night of his arrest, describing his words as vitriolic, harmful and inexcusable. The devout Catholic wrote: and asked the Jewish community to help in "his journey through recovery" from alcoholism. It may not be enough to appease Jewish heavyweights in Hollywood.

ABC America today cancelled a Holocaust miniseries it had planned to make with Gibson's production company. Rabbi Marvin Heir asked ABC to scrap the show, saying like alcoholism, bigotry can't be cured in one day. The Jewish officer who copped Gibson's tirade has been more understanding. He says it was the booze talking and he's sad he may have ruined Mel's career.

I am the guy - I guess I'd be the Mel Gibson slayer. In California, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. British police are trying to track down the teenagers behind a dangerous playground prank. This mobile phone video was downloaded on the Internet. It shows two teenage boys lifting the back wheel of a moped onto a merry-go-round and revving it up. The wheel acts as a motor, spinning the girls around

until they're thrown backwards and hurled off. What looks like, sort of, great fun to some teenagers could have ended up with two girls dead. The video attracted more than a million hits before it was pulled from the web. A truck driver has been arrested An incredible escape for a shopper in the United States. Security cameras capturing the moment a car crashed through the front of a corner store, narrowly missing a customer. No-one was seriously hurt. Police are trying to work out what caused the crash. The jab that lets you eat whatever you want without getting fat - that's next. Also, parachuting into the history books - oe man's record-breaking descent into the Telstra Dome. And the Boy from Oz comes home to Sydney, kicking off an Australian tour.

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This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - a shocking outbreak of gang violence at a Sydney school, police standing guard as students were finally allowed out following a series of attacks at James Meehan High School at Macquarie Fields. Up to 15 students have been arrested. A man has faced court, charged over the mutilation murder of his wife's new lover. The 56-year-old allegedly attacked the couple in their bedroom and cut off the victim's penis. Interest rates have hit a 5-year high as the Reserve Bank today tightened the squeeze on borrowers. The 0.25% hike comes on the back of record petrol prices and rising inflation. Scientific research is raising the hopes of millions of dieters around the world.

They've discovered a vaccine that could combat obesity, but dieticians are warning against a 'magic bullet'. It's music to food-lovers' ears - a vaccination that lets you eat to your heart's content without putting on weight. It's now another big step and a lot more research to work out how to use that knowledge to effectively develop new ways to treat obesity.

A US study vaccinated mice against gurelen - a hormone that regulates metabolism - and found they maintained their weight no matter how much they ate. While this study is exciting, it requires further extensive testing, meaning it will be many years before it's trialled on humans, if ever. So in the meantime,

the traditional advice of exercise regularly

and eat healthily and in moderation still applies. And that's just what 71-year-old Keith Weaver did with the help of his dietician, Joanne Turner. He's lost 23kg in 10 months - that's 11 notches from his belt. Alot more agile. Improves the way I can work and move around. Dieticians argue treating obesity early could prevent diabetes and heart disease, saving taxpayers $6 billion. They're calling on the Government to allow dieticians to bulk-bill patients seeking treatment for obesity. It's not just about money, it's about your overall wellbeing,

your happiness, your vitality. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Interest rate gloom and fears of another rise have forced down the stock market.

A Melbourne man has made history, parachuting into the Telstra Dome. Jumping 800 metres above the city skyline, David Boulter battled swirling winds, but found time for patriotism.

And while the entry was tricky,

it was nothing the veteran of 4000 jumps couldn't handle, though his landing wasn't quite pinpoint.

The world-first attempt was part of David's preparation for next week's World Championships in Russia. He's conquered Broadway - now Hugh Jackman is back home to play Peter Allen on stage.

After six weeks of gruelling rehearsals, the Boy from Oz is ready to open and we have a sneak peek. Hugh Jackman has his maracas in hand and his hips on full throttle, ready to bring Peter Allen to life in the 'Boy From Oz'.

(Sings) # When my baby, when my baby smiles at me # I go to Rio # And at final dress rehearsals today it was clear he's got some pretty amazing co-stars playing the women in his life.

(Sings) # Don't cry out loud Keep it inside # Colleen Hewitt plays Peter's mum, Marion.

She's me. She's women that have gone through living with abuse, drunks, the whole thing,

and what she's got is what a lot of mothers have got, and that is a child that just has a special quality.

Playing Judy Garland - the woman who discovered Peter and sent him the road to international fame - is Chrissy Amphlett. (Sings) # It's hard to lose it when you had it #

It's second time round for the Divinyls singer,

who created the role in the original 1997 'Boy From Oz'. Well, I've done it once - what was that line in 'Pleasure and Pain'? "If you can do it once you can do it again."

So at least I've got that so it helps with the nerves. And playing Judy's daughter and Peter's wife, Liza Minnelli, Angela Toohey. (Sings) # When it the time comes, run and catch it # Our women, it's like they channel. I know Liza and I met Judy as a boy. But it's Hugh who'll be on stage for most of the show when it kicks off its national tour in Sydney tomorrow night.

Angela Bishop, Ten News. And a sneak preview of another Hugh Jackman project - this time, he's even more animated. Hugh joins Nicole Kidman and Robin Williams as just some of the voices in 'Happy Feet'.

It's the latest movie from 'Babe' creator George Miller and is a musical comedy about a penguin branded a social outcast because he can't sing. 'Happy Feet' opens on Boxing Day.

Some claim that Tim Bailey can't

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Weatherwise - tomorrow, a bright,

sunny day when your head comes off

the pillow. Tops of 17 degrees.

Cloud late in the afternoon.

Showers in the evening - they stick

Showers in the evening - they stick around Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mercury down to around about 16 degrees.

The website is:

Make sure you get involved. Don't

Ronnie's old leather jackets come

in handy? I knew it would come back.

Very rock'n'roll. Thank you, Tim. Sport is next and Tim, the Eels are filling in for Fui. Yes, they've vowed to keep the forwards charging along. More shortly. Also, the Broncos claim they're easy targets as Karmichael Hunt becomes the latest player under a police investigation

And what's going on behind the gates of the Barry Hall 'hall' of learning? As the AFL's latest commercial targets more Sydney fans.

let you cook the one pack any way you want. You can stir-fry. Stir through. UPBEAT ACOUSTIC GUITAR You can simmer. Hey! Hey! Mmm!

Baste and bake. New Continental... ..Flavour Bases... Just look for the 'C'.

This program is captioned live. While they wait for police to finish their investigations into the Brett Seymour incident,

the Broncos have played down another allegation against one of their star players, fullback Karmichael Hunt. The Broncos reckon the latest complaint has gone a bit too far.

Karmichael Hunt's golf game almost landing him in hot water. Fore! The fullback, though, shocked to hear he's been accused of spraying water at others

in this Brisbane taxi rank last Friday night. I haven't been notified of anything like that, so I wouldn't know what the complaint's about, so... Broncos officials saying they have received no official complaint, and suggesting players are being unfairly targeted.

I'm not condoning squirting water on anyone, but all I'm saying is, jeez, there's a lot of bad things going on in the world today, and I don't know where this one rates.

Bad headlines for the Cowboys as well - Johnathan Thurston's knee injury worse than first thought. It could be upwards of six to seven weeks to go, yeah. After losing Fui Fui Moi Moi for seven matches, the Eels suddenly having a shortage of props, but plenty of volunteers.

I don't mind it, no. You get your

hands on the ball, so um, yeah, I

don't mind it. Their next opponent - the Dragons, whose skipper Trent Barrett is under fire for his form at five-eighth. An old team-mate coming to his defence. My advice to Trent is to not read or listen to the crap. There's always going to be people doubting you because you're losing, but if you were winning they'd be patting you on the back. So Trent Barrett's one of the best five-eights in the world. He doesn't have to change a thing.

The Sharks planning some bonding exercises in New Zealand before their crunch match with the Warriors. Non-alcohol bonding. I'm sure David Gallop will be happy to hear that. There's hot springs about 30 minutes out of Auckland - we're going to go there, have a bit of fun, go to the movies. Perhaps in a good omen, the Sharks mistaken for the all-conquering All Blacks. ..Two, three, cheese. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

The Wallabies have made two changes to their starting team for this Saturday night's crucial Tri-Nations clash with South Africa at Telstra stadium. Giant flanker Wycliff Palu named at number 8 for his run-on debut, while hooker Tai McIsaac replaces Jeremy Paul. Meanwhile, South African coach Jake White has denied rumours

they will target Wallabies flyhalf Stephen Larkham with cheap shots. No, no. Not Smiths's hair, either. The Boks have also made two changes to their starting line-up.

A lot of youth, with just a dash of experience. That's what the Socceroos will look like minus their World Cup stars when they take on Kuwait in their Asian Cup qualifier in a couple of weeks. Sydney FC has eight players in the squad, including a recall for 33-year-old forward Steve Corica. Also brought back - Australia's hero from the 2001 World Cup qualifier in Melbourne, Kevin Muscat. Let's not get carried away - it's a completely different side

to the one that everyone saw in the World Cup, but on the other side of the coin, it'll an opportunity for the Australian public

to see what's coming through. World Cup socceroo Stan Lazaridis is the third veteran leader in the side. The AFL's push into the hearts and minds of Sydney-siders continues, with a light-hearted advertising campaign starring Swans co-captain Barry Hall. The big man has been cast in the certainly unaccustomed role of university professor.

Welcome to Barry Hall Hall, centre

for fan education and excellence

since 2006. Barry Hall Hall is a

learning institute like no other. I

got into the spirit of it. I

suppose it's a light-hearted way of

looking at AFL, and probably

looking at AFL, and probably for

the fans who some of the rules are

pretty confusing, so it will clear

up that area a little bit in the ad

and have a bit of fun along the way.

It has caused amusement to some

team-mates. There's 40 players that

will argue he's nowhere near a

professor. Tadhg Kennelly one of

several other Swans to feature. I don't know

don't know how much I achieved

myself. Hopefully I passed it off.

See if I can

fool a few player. A shocking role.

He had to stand there as casual as

anything and I was tackling him

onto crash mats. The ad campaign is

part of a concerted effort by the

AFL to grow on the interest in the

AFL to grow on the interest in the

sport in Sydney generated by last

year's historic premiership win.

It's a light-hearted look at AFL

rules. There's some confusing ones

amongst it. It clears them up in a

amongst it. It clears them up in a fun way. I just hope people can

catch up with it. Do your homework.

Just 3rd Broncos have information

Karmichael Hunt will be cleared.

Plenty more in Sports Tonight.

How's the drive in Seven Hills,

Vic? A little slow for traffic

using old Windsor Road. You can she

backlog behind. A slow trip towards

Sydney's north-west. Thank you. Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details. And making waves -

the tiny water-skier showing you're never too young to learn.

My mouth opens and it just comes out. I text 'cause I always put my foot in my mouth. This gives me the opportunity to think about what I'm going to say. I don't even need to look at it. Addic-ted to text. Er...I did a wrong letter, and when I do a wrong letter, I've got to go back. But I know I did a wrong letter... (Laughs) ..without looking.

Get 100 free texts when you recharge at $30. Just register first at: Make the most of now with Vodafone. I got "I'm addicted to tent." See?

Tim Bailey, leather jackets and

probably a raincoat as well over

the next few days. You'll certainly

need the raincoat on Friday,

Saturday, Sunday, temperatures down

to 16 degrees. A cold front maybe

dropping 15-20mm of rain in the

catchment area. Friday night is

made for going out. Put the dancing

shoes on, get out to a gig.

shoes on, get out to a gig. You've

got an excuse this Friday. It's

called Jamm 4 Genes. See some

talent like Watusi.

Yes, and the small, intimate crowd

go wild. One of the small intimate

crowd comes across. Keep your hands

going for Becky Cole,

going for Becky Cole, ladies and

gentlemen. Spokeswoman for, I'm

allowed to look there because it

says it, Jamm 4 Genes. Indeed. What

a great thing. Part of Jeans for

Jeans. Absolutely. It's fantastic

for live music in Australia. It's a

great cause. I'm blessed it and I

have the beautiful healthy young

little fellow. I've been to the

children's institute and I've seen

what they do. We

what they do. We need more money to

get it together. See some live

music and you can help them outt

They cost $5. Helping sick kids

doesn't help much better than that.

You've been playing around with

Dave Harvey. There's a downside to

everything. 8 foot of pure cheek.

The best in country music. You make

him look good. You'll be playing. I

will be. It will be a

will be. It will be a great night.

Friday night. The website: Go and

see some music. Watusi will be

playing as well. South-east

Queensland, ACT, NSW, you'll find

some music and you'll be making

kids a lot happier by raising money.

Thank very much for being on

television. That's Becky Cole. Now

the television looks rather ugly.

The weatherman tells you tomorrow -

17 degrees, bright blue

17 degrees, bright blue sky early,

then cloud, then showers, but only

for four days.

Satellite - low cloud is pushed

across south-west WA and coastal

South Australia by westerly winds

bringing isolated showers.

Tomorrow's weather map - there it

is, a trough and

is, a trough and upper-level cold

pool will bring showers and alpine

snow to NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

3 predicted precipitation -

tomorrow, isolated showers, alpine

snow spread across NSW, Victoria

and Tassie. Friday - colder,

unstable south-easterly winds will

generate light rain in NSW and

southern Queensland as a high

clears Victoria, Tassie and South Australia. Tomorrow

Australia. Tomorrow morning, the

only chance for blue sky for the

next five days. Then showers and

much-needed rain for the catchment.

Ronnie Wilson's old leather jacket.

Still picking up girls. What a

beauty. See you tomorrow. You are a troublemaker. Thank you, Tim. An American toddler is proving you're never too young to start a sporting career.

Cole Marsolek is still a couple of months away from his second birthday, but already he's a dab hand on Dad's special water skis. And cutie Cole thinks nothing of skiing one-handed, while giving a cheeky wave to onlookers. Mum says he took to the skis like a duck to water and hasn't looked back.

That's the News at 5:00. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us, I'll have updates throughout the evening

before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.