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(generated from captions) Theatre, adding another dimension The intimate nature of the Street to the powerful performance. terrible moments in these people's G I mean you're seeing the most audience really close having them lives, so I think having the makes the experience more sort of feel like they are a part of it, real. Y night, and runs for two weeks. "Wolf Lullaby" opens tomorrow G Y .... night. That's all in our bulletin this News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night EXPLOSION We're in the beachside town of... In the line of fire - up in a Hezbollah rocket attack. Nine News reporter Damian Ryan caught Family rescued - as a Sydney house burns. an off-duty fireman acts on instinct on the corner, Just near the foot of the bed there, I saw him and I just grabbed him. Up they go - interest rates almost certain to rise inflation. as high petrol prices push up And, over the top - from school fetes the push to ban sausage sizzles because of health concerns. Good evening. This program is captioned live.

conflict, Raising tensions in the Middle East

a UN border post, Israeli rockets have hit killing four UN observers. Kofi Annan has accused Israel The furious UN Secretary-General of a deliberate attack an immediate investigation. and has demanded Fighting remains intense, under fire. with civilians on both sides in one terrifying incident Damian Ryan was caught up of Nahariya. in the Israeli border town

This is his exclusive report. We're in the beachside town of... EXPLOSION Katyusha rockets ..OK, that was one of those that I'm just talking about. are elderly people. The only people in here to be evacuated from this town. They're too old, too frail on every face in the room. Terror and confusion written are so stunned they can barely move. The residents of this nursing home the staff are hysterical. By contrast, all reason. Nerves shredded, they lose all sense, and nothing can comfort them. The fear is overwhelming That was extremely close. went flying over us, That Katyusha rocket didn't hit anything, thank God. apart from the shock. These people are OK, from the border with Lebanon. Nahariya is only 5 kilometres Boom! two people have been killed, It's been repeatedly hit - is destroying the lives of many more. but the fear and uncertainty In the past 24 hours, 100 rockets into northern Israel... Hezbollah has fired more than SIRENS WAIL ..Haifa hit again and again. was killed. Today, a 15-year-old Arab girl

The missiles do not discriminate. and further into Lebanon The soldiers are advancing further have fled. and claim that most of the civilians Everybody's Hezbollah. There's no kids or women, nothing. in this house, in Nabatiyeh - But there were children when their home was hit. six members of one family died anywhere they can. Others are taking refuge they've converged on a hospital. In the town of Tibnin, darkened basement, Some are hiding in a hot, it's standing room only. while on the ground floor, and very, very angry. They are frightened (Speaks Arabic) "Damn the Arab world." "Damn Israel", says this woman, We want you to help us. It's a vain hope. EXPLOSION Beirut, Now that Condoleezza Rice has left with this massive bombardment. Israel has resumed its attacks EXPLOSION that Israel is not about to stop. Proof - if any was needed - looked pretty frightening. Damian, that incident in Nahariya under fire, day after day? What's it like for civilians coming

And they continue, Mark. In the

past hour more rockets have hit the

city of Haifa and there are more

casualties. It's been relentless

but worst of all the randomness of

it all. People asking, "Will my

house or car be next?" The

psychological damage sun believe

skpbl unforgettable. I won't forget

the images of those poor old people

in the nursing home. We're seeing

that everywhere. There was a moment

in a bunker yesterday where a young

15-year-old Israeli girl almost in

tears grabbed me and said, "I

cannot take this anymore." a lot of cannot take this anymore." a lot of

people in Israel are feeling

exactly the same way. has officially wound up The Australian Embassy its mass evacuation out of Lebanon, whatever help it can however, it will continue to offer in the country. to Aussies still trapped But that help will be very limited. In the final exodus of Australians, of life and survival. a quiet, remarkable story the final ride out of Beirut - At the back of the boat - a sleeping baby. born just two days before the war, Tiny and healthy, just 15 days old, Zeinab. an emergency Caesarean for mum, I left the hospital on Wednesday

the bombing started. and when I got to the house camped at the Australian Embassy, A week on the run, then three days his emergency Aussie passport. trying to get the baby It was rushed, this final ferry left Lebanon. and printed just four hours before They didn't think they'd make it. but at the same time I'm happy, I'm really exhausted to Australia soon. (laughs) because I'm going to get Any Aussies still in Lebanon, Australian chartered boat have certainly missed the last out of town. if they're stranded But, if they're desperate, over the next few days, and they make their way to safety try and help them find a place the Embassy, obviously, will still on a ship hired by another country, that's if they're still operating. it had closed the gate, And, just when the Embassy thought onto the dock. one family drove their beaten car At the very last minute, all day to catch a ride to peace. a family of Australians who'd driven

close, they were very close. The last couple of bombs were very and everything. We could see all the smoke REPORTER: How does it make you feel? Terrified. And that is it - of Australians overseas. possibly the largest evacuation for these people - A bittersweet mission the relief, the happiness and the sadness of leaving Lebanon. In Beirut, Michael Usher, National Nine News. International efforts to end the crisis Now to other news -

and a family of six - from Kingswood near Penrith - had a very narrow escape this morning when fire engulfed their home. A fireman - who saw the smoke while driving past - was among those who joined the rescue effort. A father, blackened and burnt - in shock, but relieved his family is safe. And he can thank off-duty fireman Carlos Henry for helping save them. Any off-duty firefighter going past that premises would have done exactly the same. Somehow the father managed to get three of his children out of the burning townhouse

but he couldn't find the youngest. The first thing I heard when we ran to the front of the building was, "My 3-year-old son's inside." And that - it was like a movie. Carlos climbed into an upstairs bedroom. He overcame the flames and thick smoke by crawling along the floor. He had just about given up when he saw the boy's body. Just near the foot of the bed there, on the corner, I saw him and I just grabbed him. Carlos passed the boy to his mother on the roof outside. Sergeant Jon Cornelius noticed he was turning blue. Certainly a critical part of this whole incident was Sergeant Cornelius breathing life back into the child. The boy was later airlifted to the Children's Hospital at Westmead. He's stable and was even well enough to speak to the big man

who saved his life.

"Thanks for saving my life", which was pretty cute. And he also wanted his 'Bob the Builder' DVD. Carlos and three local police officers will be recommended for bravery awards. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. A major security review is under way at Sydney Airport after two cars raced through unlocked gates and onto the Qantas jet base, where planes are parked. It happened at around 9:30 last night. it's thought one car was chasing the other following an accident on the nearby M5 Motorway. State and federal police are investigating. Both drivers were questioned but no-one's been charged. The operators of the Cross City Tunnel have confirmed they'll sue the State Government for millions of dollars over the reopening of roads that had been closed to force cars into the Tunnel. Motorway chief Graham Mulligan says the Government has proven it can't be trusted and he says the Opposition is even worse. Within hours of learning of the lawsuit, the RTA ordered its crews to work non-stop through the night to reopen Druitt Street in the city. DRILLING The Government is committed to getting the best deal for motorists and the community by offering them a direct route through the city. From tomorrow, there will be a direct and toll-free route from William Street to the Anzac Bridge for the first time since the Cross City Tunnel opened last August. While some motorists couldn't wait for the work to be completed, the Minister insisted the tunnel operators had nothing to worry about. The road changes that we are implementing will be of minimal impact on the Cross City Tunnel operations. But that's nonsense according to Cross City Motorway chief executive Graham Mulligan, confirming the Government will be sued for tens of millions of dollars over its decision to reverse 13 road changes designed to funnel traffic into the tunnel. Mr Mulligan said: He said: Although Peter Debnam has vowed to reopen all the roads if he becomes Premier,

the Coalition appears to be softening its stand. There's good faith on the part of the Opposition to sit down and talk with Mr Mulligan about these public road changes. Adam alters, National Nine News. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Letterio Silvestri was in the witness stand again today at the inquest into the cruise ship death of Dianne Brimble. His lawyer tried to have his evidence kept from the public but the Coroner said he'll just have to put up with it. When Letterio Silvestri boarded the 'Pacific Sky', he says he knew about the ship's reputation - one where there was plenty of sex. Silvestri travelled with seven other men - all are now persons of interest in the drug overdose death of Dianne Brimble. Here, four of them pictured on board the ship. Silvestri denied his evidence at the inquest had been affected because he was afraid of the men. He claims he was told by his cabin-mate, Mark Wilhelm, that Mrs Brimble performed oral sex on Silvestri while he asleep.

Today, though, Silvestri admitted it might never have happened. At the start of today's proceedings, Silvestri tried to stop the media reporting any more of his evidence. His lawyer applied for a suppression order and complained about the intense publicity. He said if Silvestri was ever charged, he couldn't get a fair trial. But the Coroner refused to stop the media coverage. Nina May, National Nine News. If it hurts every time you buy petrol and you can only window shop for bananas, you probably won't want to hear that skyrocketing prices for both those things mean you may also be paying more for your mortgage. In the June quarter, inflation rose by a hefty 1.6%, taking the annual figure to 4%, putting more pressure on an interest rates - the news not a good birthday present for the Prime Minister. Happy birthday. For 67-year-old John Howard... Hello! and greetings. (All sing) # Happy Birthday to you # Thank you very much. As he walked beside Melbourne's Yarra River - an impromptu cuddle. You are as old as you feel. There were presents no Prime Minister wants - a workplace reform protest and inflation leaping to 4%. The pressure is now on the Reserve Bank to be putting up interest rates yet again. They meet next week. Australia now faces a serious inflationary challenge. Though, take out petrol rises and Cyclone Larry's effect on banana prices, and inflation would have been about 2.6%. Our greatest hope, of course, would be that the world oil price would come back, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen in the near future. The man who wants John Howard's job wished him happy birthday,

but did not harp on it. I'm sure he'll be having a great day.

And greetings, too, from Labor. Kim Beazley says John Howard should use this birthday to do some forward planning. I'll wish him a happy birthday and tell him what he's got to do now is say to the Australian people he's going to contest the next election. If anybody asks me about my future, what I say is what I have said before. He once said 64 might be a good retiring age. Now 67, John Howard still has those who want him gone, guessing. (All) Hip, hip - Hip, hip - Hooray! Tim Lester, National Nine News. The humble school sausage sizzle and lamington drives could become casualties of the war against childhood obesity. The Parents and Citizens' Association wants to ban them because they're at odds with efforts to improve students' health but even some nutritionists say it's going too far. SIZZLING

Snags on the barbie - you see them at most school events on a Saturday, such as fetes. And, while they look healthier than a doughnut or chocolate, the parents and citizens disagree. Very soon the sausage could be added to the list of foods considered junk. It's such an Australian thing, like the sausage sizzle, the barbecue. The sausage sandwich at the sausage sizzle at the fete is not going to kill them. There are already strict guidelines for school canteens but, with Australian children getting fatter, the P&C say it needs to go further. A sporting activity doesn't need to have a sausage sizzle involved and perhaps we need to look at new ways of thinking about how we do our social activity. But this Brookvale butcher who makes sausages for school fundraisers disagrees. The kids walk 5km, 6km, 7km raising money for charity and then after that they have a sausage sandwich. What's wrong with a sausage after that? Nothing, according to one nutritionist. It's a little over the top, it's a little extreme, it's a little like policing what children eat. And it's not just the sausage sizzle that's causing a stir. The traditional means of fundraising with lamingtons and chocolates are also considered a big no no. The P&C will vote on the proposal this weekend. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. In the news ahead - concern over the safety of Australia's blood supplies. And a car freighter on its side and ready to sink. SONG: # Born free # As free as the wind blows # As free as the grass grows # Born free to follow your heart # Born free... # Only a stress-free cow can produce a stress-free yoghourt - Jalna yoghourt. Radio broadcaster Derryn Hinch has been cleared over a sexual assault claim.

Earlier this year, a former Army major made an allegation to Melbourne police but they now say there's not enough evidence.

One of the country's former leading justices has cast doubt There's concern tonight over the future of Australia's blood supplies. The Red Cross and cancer groups are worried that quality cannot be guaranteed if blood processing is opened up to foreign competition. When Australia and the US signed a free trade agreement two years ago, everything, it seems, was up for grabs, including our precious blood supplies. In particular, the process of separating plasma into life-saving components such as treatments for cancer. It's a market that's worth $200 million a year, and now the Americans want some of the action. When I heard that I was just completely stunned. The Red Cross and the Leukaemia Foundation are stunned and alarmed. Since 1952, virtually all of Australia's plasma products have been produced by CSL in Melbourne, but that could change if the business is opened up to competition. Every country has different standards with regard to these sorts of things and Australia claims to have one of the safest in the world. The States, including NSW and Victoria, also hold grave concerns - contamination is one. Could we guarantee we got our own blood back or would it be mixed up with others? Supply in the event of a major disaster is another. We need to have some very, very strong assurances, particularly on the issue of security of supply. The Federal Government says a final decision will only be made after an extensive review, but the Red Cross says the verdict is already in. In a recent survey of both donors and non-donors, 96% said they wanted their blood to stay in Australia. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. All 23 crew members from a Japanese cargo ship have been rescued from their sinking vessel, off the Alaskan coast. The 'Cougar Ace' is on its side and taking water, apparently after the load shifted during a North Pacific storm. The ship was carrying up to 5,000 cars from Singapore to Canada. After a lifetime of dressing for great occasions, the Queen has allowed an exhibition of many of her outfits as part of her 80th birthday celebration. The clothes mark the customs and climate of countries she has visited, including a summer dress she wore on an early tour of Australia. Also featuring some of the Queen's jewellery,

the exhibition will continue at Buckingham Palace

until late September. Ken with sport is next and is there any good news for the Roosters? Not really. Braith Anasta won't play again this season. and right now Adrian Morley is facing the league judiciary. Also, Glenn McGrath rolls his arm over for another Ashes series. Some exclusions apply. The Monster 15% off Storewide,

plus extra discounts ends Saturday. Adrian Morley is facing the league judiciary right now as his NRL career goes on the line. Morley has pleaded guilty to kneeing Bulldogs player Corey Hughes. And joining me live from NRL headquarters is Danny Weidler. Danny, what's happened so far?

Well, Adrian Morley turned up about

1 hour and 20 minutes ago with 1 hour and 20 minutes ago with his

manager by his side. Adrian

Morley's case began around 20 Morley's case began around 20

minutes ago. Morley's basically

hoping desperately he's only

suspended for five weeks. He's

already pleaded guilty. If he's

suspended for five weeks, he'll get

to play one more game with the to play one more game with the

ruesers and be able to farewell his ruesers and be able to farewell his

fans and a proper farewell with his

team-mates. Willie Mason was

expected to provide evidence. He's expected to provide evidence. He's

written a letter of support for written a letter of support for

Adrian Morley. In that letter, he

said he doesn't condone what Morley

has done but he deserves leniency

because he's such a legend of our

game at the moment. Willie Mason, a

good act, supporting a rival player

there. I don't know whether that

will make a difference in the end.

I think Adrian Morley will probably

get between 8 and 10 weeks which

will place his international career

in doubt. It's bad news for another

Rooster, Braith Anasta? His season

is over. He had an operation this

afternoon on his troublesome groin.

That's bothered him all season long.

This is what he said before he went under the knife. It won't come back or anything like that, so... They said the success rate is - 95% success rate, so I'm pretty confident it should be fine.

Thanks very much. Glenn McGrath has resumed full training for his planned comeback ahead of this summer's Ashes series. The fast bowler was put through his paces against State and national team-mate Michael Clark at cricket's Centre of Excellence, where coaches are assessing McGrath's progress. Glenn has not played since January when wife Jane was diagnosed once again with cancer. Her health's going really well, everything's heading in the right direction so we're really happy there and now it's time to concentrate and focus on cricket again. Our netballers have broken their drought against New Zealand, beating the World Champions for the first time since 2004. Australia won by 10, but the Kiwis still took the series on a count-back. As usual, Irene Van Dyk was the main target for the Silver Ferns but Australian captain Liz Ellis managed to keep the South African import quiet. At the other end, Susan Pratley top-scored for the Aussies with 19 goals from 26 attempts.

Next up, the All Blacks at the

weekend? The Wallabies turn

hopefully now. Our girls aren't playing them! After the break - the CommSec finance report and all the weather details. STEALTHY MUSIC THROATY REV METAL CLATTERS With 245 kilowatts of power and all-wheel drive, In finance, shares were sold off as investors braced for higher interest rates. Major banking and resource stocks all lower. Qantas also fell - its discount carrier Jetstar will offer one-way flights to Asia from $169 in November. Now to the weather - There were a few patches of sunshine today, but not many. Light rain fell across the city, where it reached 17 degrees. Penrith was a little cooler, along with Liverpool. Right now in the CBD it's 14 degrees. That low pressure trough continues to generate a wet front along the NSW coast while a high pressure cell is keeping the other States mostly dry. Having a look at the capitals tomorrow: And that's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Good night.

Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre You never, ever remember the losses. Addicted to pokies -

the desperate housewife who gambled away $350,000. The betrayal - all these emotions are just going through me. Also tonight - the family with four little girls forced to live in a caravan and the builder who wrecked their dream doesn't care. And fruit juice versus soft drink - what's best for your child's health and you may be surprised. Plus - the 91-year-old great-grandmoth r P us - the 91-year-old This program is captioned live. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Imagine an addiction so strong it will make you risk everything that's most important Made

by a former business partner.

Derryn Hinch joins us now. This

must be an enormous relief to you?

It is, Tracy. It is. I was in my

studio packing up after my program

and I was grabbed and said, "Quick,

watch Channel Nine News." I didn't

know I had been charged or hadn't.

I raced out and heard the news I

had been exonerated. You don't

realise how much it lurks in your

mind , when I saw that I got tears

in my eyes. I can imagine, it

Newcastle have been a

nerve-wracking couple of moments

for you but it was surprising you

haven't have heard this first? I

haven't have heard this first? I just hope you guys are right. I did

know some time ago had gone from the police to the the police to the Department of

Public Prosecutions. I haven't

heard since. Had the police given

you any indication how they were

viewing the allegations and the

case? No. None. None. I did, I gave

the police all my diaries. I gave

them my emails. I gave them

anything. I knew, way back months

ago when this came up, I said, "I'm

innocent. This is malicious and

vindictive." I would see the

headlines - Hinch accused of this

and that. It was a tough time. I

was going through some health