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(generated from captions) Tonight - I'm grateful to be home.

there's nothing like home. I'm glad to be home - flights from Cyprus arrive in Sydney, The first evacuees on government for the Australians left in Beirut. while it's now or never troops cross the border into Lebanon. Rockets rain down on Israel as its the social cost of our urban sprawl. And a Seven News special report - This program is LIVE captioned. with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. now they're back - They've been to hell,

who braved the bombs in Beirut hundreds of Australians and the trauma of evacuation on government flights. have arrived home this morning, Almost 600 landed in Sydney relieved but clearly shell-shocked. and into waiting arms. Out of a war zone Mum, you're home! like they were never going to let go. They hugged I'm glad to be home.

There's nothing like home. All that emotion coming at once. I think she's about to faint. Yeah, yeah. She's about to faint?

It's just too much? Generations were together again. Oh, feeling is hard to describe. with my family over here. I'm just - I'm just happy to be back like more than us. They went through hell,

that's it." I thought "We're going to die,

I thought "That's it for us." I had to take the chance. into Sydney this morning, There were three special flights bringing back around 600 Australians. As soon as we touched down, everyone clapped, a tear fell out of my eyes.

so it's good to be home. out of my mouth I'm so happy. I can't - the words can't come Beirut's port, They were stranded by delays at waited days for a flight from Cyprus, any frustration became praise. but today for the Australian government, I'm so grateful

I'm so glad to be Australian. Luggage had to be left behind. Nothing! REPORTER: Everything left behind. Only what you see here, that's all. Everything left behind. their passport home. Clutching what was quite literally we couldn't get here at all. Without them, They've fled Lebanon, will be harder to escape. but what they saw there too many people died. Too much destruction, Too young. All these houses fall down. There is joy and relief, this homecoming is bittersweet. but for some here

They may be home safe they've left behind in Lebanon. but there are loved ones lives near the Israeli border Zeinab's father and hasn't been heard from in a week. don't know if they're alive or dead. It's the hardest part because you There's a special hot-line or counselling. for anyone who needs medical help The details are on our web site: and that's all that's important. She's back home

in Beirut who want to escape - For those Australians still time is running out. Seven's Chris Reason is there. continue these evacuations? Chris, how long will the government basically issued a last call Chris, the embassy here has

wanting to leave the war zone. for Australians

up their evacuations tonight. In fact, most countries are winding We've been told safe passage out of Beirut, 8,000 Australians were offered have taken up that offer. but up to now - less than half embassy staff are prepared. While stretched to the limit, for the last of the boats. The final rush We want to come home! the car-park assembly point, These Australian evacuees crowded knowing today was deadline day. from 2.30 in the morning. We were here yeah, There's been a couple of bombs, to get home. and we haven't really been able

Many had left it to the last minute - to separate from family. they couldn't bear It is very sad. We're leaving big family behind us. in a steady flow They are packed and loaded could get its hands on. to whatever boats the government they are boarding by the busload. Here, a Greek super ferry, onto a Turkish catamaran. And here, by foot, will be available today. A total of 3,000 places perhaps even worryingly, But surprisingly, turning up here than expected. there are far fewer numbers it's just about empty Here at the processing centre, and yesterday so few arrived here 400 Australian seats away theat they ended up giving to Swedish nationals. the government's plan came too late, Why? Some believe to drive themselves out forcing many Australians or catch buses north to Syria. It's very dangerous. We're here in prison. we can't go anywhere, Like, even when we're in the house, we can't do anything. we can't leave, to fill the empty spaces. But these people are keen at Australia's embassy, They're queuing for family and friends. wanting visas

really horrible and sad - Well, the situation just looked and trying to push in. everyone is trying to get in

got engaged two days ago. This Sydney Optus worker She's the best. REPORTER: What's her name?

Salem. But they won't let her come. Very bad, yeah, very bad. I'm not going to leave her. I have to stay here - If I die, we die together. Australians scattered across Europe. There are now thousands of by boat, exhausted and traumatised. Hundreds arrived in Turkey a small gesture of welcome. The children given a flower, Many of them are distressed. they have of lying in their beds, They talk about the experience hearing the bombs falling around them. 10 hours sleep - probably shows. In the last nine days I've had about It's just bad luck. are now on the ground, In Cyprus, 100 ADF personnel

helping our nationals get home. Logistics experts and medical staff, making a difference. every pair of hands To see a whole heap of happy smiling faces,

So, yeah, it's a good feeling. and they're glad to go home.

from Lebanon is in sight. The end of the nightmare escape no-one could ever have imagined. A brutal finish to a holiday Chris, it's cold comfort, there in Cyprus - but for those people you've just seen the journey is almost over. Their government-sponsored flights have been leaving constantly and like those who arrived in Sydney this morning, they'll be safely home within a couple of days. That's good news. Chris Reason there in Beirut. Now across the border to Israel and Seven's Anna Coren. Anna, the conflict appears to be getting worse. Yes, Chris. Well, just a few moments ago Hezbollah targeted the chemical plants here in Haifa. It may have been the Sabbath here but Hezbollah has launched more than 100 rockets at northern Israel in an unprecedented attack. In response, Israel's tanks and troops have now crossed the border and have taken control of several Lebanese villages, while Israeli aircraft continue to bombard Hezbollah's positions in the south and in Beirut. Another day of fear and chaos on the streets of northern Israel. Hezbollah fired more than 100 rockets on the Jewish holy day of the Sabbath. EXPLOSION The attacks damaging homes and injuring more than a dozen people, hammering another wedge of terror into the hearts of all Israelis. I heard the bomb, yes. And very afraid - It is very, very, very big. But the government says Hezbollah's violence is only strengthening the nation's resolve. This is a tough enemy. They fight fiercely. But we, I think, have a juster cause, a better case and we will win the day. The smoke you can see rising just a couple of hundred metres away is where a Katyusha rocket fell just minutes ago. Now, directly behind those hills is Lebanon and the army has told us we cannot go any further north because it's just too dangerous. On the border,

hundreds of Israeli tanks and bulldozers crossed into southern Lebanon. Thousands of troops continue to build. Many are already fighting deadly battles as they continue to raid villages and towns, searching to destroy Hezbollah rocket launchers and compounds. EXPLOSION Lebanon's citizens are fleeing to the north as fear grows that Israel is as fear grows that Israel is preparing a full-scale invasion. There's a lot of bombs, all the buildings are on the ground, there is no food, no water, no safe, no medicine. But Israel says it has no plans to occupy its neighbour. We are not going to stay inside. We don't want to stay inside. Israeli air strikes have been relentless, attacking launch sites and communication towers as well as Hezbollah's headquarters in Beirut. The United States has also decided to get involved, providing shipments of powerful smart bombs to help Israel penetrate the Hezbollah bunkers up to 60 metres underground, that scatter southern Lebanon. The arms deal

has made the job of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice even harder. She leaves for the troubled region today knowing many are accusing America of aiding the Israeli bombing campaign. Her chances of brokering a peace deal look to be almost non-existent. We want to get Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon. We want this menace out of our sight and we want to live in peace and security with our Lebanese border. Chris, the United Nations now estimates as many as 700,000 Lebanese have been displaced by this conflict. The hope is that once all the foreigners have been evacuated that those locals won't be forgotten because we are facing a humanitarian crisis. Two Sydney children who were missing, feared dead in Lebanon, are alive. Ali and Abbas Sayed from Rockdale were holidaying in southern Lebanon and hadn't been heard from for days. They became separated from their mother and were staying with their grandmother.

Fears for their safety grew, near the border. We have no evidence that Australians have been killed and there was a story of two boys having been killed but they're both - we've been able to confirm they're both safe. Mr Downer says he expects hostilities to continue until Hezbollah withdraws. To other news now, and our special report on the predicted social cost of Sydney's growth spurt. Experts say we're heading toward community conflict, even riots, if the government doesn't build better schools and infrastructure and push for more jobs in our burgeoning housing estates. To find people homes, Sydney is stretching its horizon, seemingly to breaking point. On the city's fringes, it's simple - build it and they come in droves, usually for one reason. You can get a brand new home for under $500,000. You can get four bedrooms, rumpus, ducted air. Mushrooming housing estates making the dream of owning a new Sydney home a reality. Lance and Melanie will marry next month. They bought here six weeks ago, after renting in the city. For what we wanted in a house, we could only get it out here. In the Camden growth centre, population has risen well over 100% in the last decade but are services keeping up? What I fear is that we will never get the infrastructure right and we will get isolated suburbs that will end up to be places that people don't want to live. Without new jobs joining the sprawl, home-owners in satellite suburbs

are forced into trips of three hours or more to work, paying up to $15 a day in tolls, while waiting for other transport options. In Sydney we seem to wait until it becomes very dense population, the population screams for public transport, and they'll get it in ten years time. And they're not impressed by local education either, often preferring to drive their children long distances to other schools, public or private. As people are moving out to where the dollar is dictating, it is perhaps not where their heart and community sense is and, as a result, they're looking elsewhere for education?

Unfortunately, yeah. Building houses is a start, but does it create communities? Some planning experts believe it's only luck that's kept Sydney from major urban problems, but that luck could dry up from social divides caused by new housing estates rubbing shoulders with established areas. Wealthy ones scattered around the fringe

and not so wealthy ones scattered between them. Some fear the long-term consequences, like in Macquarie Fields, of not moving infrastructure and jobs to where the people are. Otherwise we have what Paris had, we have suburbs that just blow up. Ahead in Seven News - Hollywood star Kate Hudson heads west to walk the red carpet at Parramatta. Also, the threat to the Air Ambulance Service.

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after being told it had to pack up and leave Sydney Airport. In what the State Government's labelled a backflip, the corporation today announced the air ambulance can stay. Since the 1960s, the air ambulance has flown tens of thousands of patients to Sydney for life-saving treatment. But the State Government and the air ambulance say they're being kicked out. our site is going to go and our future is up in a cloud. The bottom line is if the New South Wales Air Ambulance wishes to have their own facility at Sydney airport, then they will be able to have their own facility at Sydney airport. And it will be a stone's throw from where they are now. A new modern facility will be built which they will then occupy in the same area.

But that's news to the air ambulance, until we showed them the paperwork. Well, if it's true, that's great news, but, um, in the discussions we've had over the year, this type of information hasn't been been communicated to us. The airport upgrade still needs the Federal Government's approval. The weird and wacky are tonight bashing their way through the Aussie outback, all in the name of charity. Competitors in the annual Variety Bash set off from Sydney this morning on a 4,500km journey across New South Wales to Bundaberg in Queensland. The event, now in its 21st year, is a fundraiser for sick, disabled and disadvantaged Australian children. Hollywood honey Kate Hudson has stepped out in Sydney for the premiere of her latest movie 'You, Me and Dupree'. Crowds gathered at Parramatta to catch a glimpse of Hudson

as she dazzled her way down the red carpet alongside co-star Owen Wilson. It's funny and it's sweet and Owen's great.

Everybody's really great and it's a sweet movie. The film opens nationally on Thursday. Time for sport with Ben Damon. And the Eels win the war of the west. They've smashed the Tigers to put a huge dent in the premiers' title defence. All the action in a moment. Also tonight, Roosters bad boy Adrian Morley in trouble again.

His NRL career could be over. COMMENTATOR: That's just a brain explosion. And the lucky 13th - Aussie John Senden pulls an ace from the pack at the British Open.

Written off as top-eight contenders a month ago, the Eels are now a genuine finals chance after thrashing the Tigers today. Manly won a thriller at Brookvale, while the Eels put a massive dent in the Tigers' premiership defence. Eels hooker Mark Riddell was too sick to start and after this shot, Bryce Gibbs could sympathise. COMMENTATOR: A blue and gold wall. Luke O'Dwyer lapped up an intercept to get the Eels on their way through Jarrod Hayne. They won't be able to go with him. Then the Tigers' season all but collapsed, along with Brett Hodgson's knee. He clutches at his right knee. A grade three medial ligament strain saw him taken from the field as Souths-bound No.7 Jeremy Smith then had them in a spin

before Hayne inflicted more pain as Parramatta led 16-6 at the break. off another intercept. Hayne does it again

Wade McKinnon copped a big shot but popped up when Widders needed support to deliver the knockout blow. He can't stop him. Jason Taylor loved it but Brett Hodgson could hardly watch as Nathan Hindmarsh helped the Eels make it five wins on the trot. What an effort. Dragon Trent Barrett was hungry for a win

after a six-week suspension and Colin Best put him into the game early in Canberra. And over goes the skipper. But in defence, the Dragons were soft. Weyman gets over. Veteran Jason Smith again showed his worth before half Todd scored tries both sides of the break to help the Raiders to their fifth straight win against the Dragons. At Brookvale, Penrith raced to a 24-6 lead at the break before Manly stormed home to win with four tries in 14 minutes. The Roosters are blaming frustration for a moment of madness that looks certain to end Adrian Morley's career in Australia. Last night, the Cowboys overcame an injury to Jonathan Thurston to win the Queensland derby, while the Knights held on against Souths. Morley was sent off for kneeing by the Bulldogs. Fan days are meant to be a chance for supporters to meet the players, not say goodbye. But with Adrian Morley heading to England at season's end, it looks like this was his parting gesture.

COMMENTATOR: Adrian Morley - that's just a brain explosion. I feel for the bloke if that's his last game for the club. It's just frustration obviously boiled over and he's pretty upset about it. Morley's send-off came after 68 minutes of Bulldogs dominance and with just six games left, it looks like the Roosters' final hopes are gone.

Andrew Ryan - he'll find his way to the line. A worrying sight for Cowboys fans, but today's news is good on Jonathan Thurston. Even he thought his season was over when he went down clutching a knee against the Broncos. The doctor reassured me when we got into the medical room that, you know, it's not as bad as I thought and hopefully it's a couple of weeks and I'll be back out on the paddock. Without Thurston, the two Matts guided the Cowboys to a brilliant win, once, not twice, but three times. Bowen kicking for Sing to score not

That is the ball game and that is the greatest win in the history of the North Queensland Cowboys. But there were no celebrations for the Cowboys - forward Robert Tanielu spent the night in hospital with a serious spinal injury.

Tanielu's regained some feeling in his limbs today. And South Sydney fought back from 24-0 down at half-time against the Knights, but the unlucky Bunnies fell six points short. Off to Nathan Merritt and he scores beside the posts. So with six rounds left, the Storm lead from the Dogs, Broncos, Dragons and Sea Eagles. Four teams on 22 points, then it's the Eels and Panthers. And in the Tri-Nations last night, by 18 points.

The All Blacks play the Wallabies in Brisbane on Saturday. You can see the game right here on Seven. To AFL, and the Sydney Swans took a massive step towards finals football

with a convincing win over Richmond last night. Elsewhere, it was Brisbane by 10 over Hawthorn, while the Swans beat the Tigers by 48 points at the SCG and in the process unearthed a new talent in Heath Grundy,

a late inclusion for Ben Matthews. The youngster booted three goals on debut. COMMENTATOR: And for his first goal in the big leagues - and he drives it home. But while his kicking was accurate, Richmond's Shane Tuck missed the ball completely, but didn't miss Brett Kirk. He left the ground on a stretcher to a hero's welcome. but returned later is Port Adelaide on Saturday night. Next up for the Swans In today's games, St Kilda beat Port by four, Geelong and the Western Bulldogs, while it was even closer between the Cats home by one. To the ladder, still to be completed in the round, and with one game the Swans are seventh. it's Adelaide clear at the top, for his third British Open title, Tiger Woods is on track breathing down his neck. but he's got some big names Garcia, Chris DiMarco and Ernie Els. Woods leads by a shot from Sergio Adam Scott is the best-placed Aussie. was more subdued in round three, After yesterday's fireworks, Woods mixing five birdies with four bogeys, the highlight of his round. this approach at the sixth was Spain's Sergio Garcia But the big mover at the second. who went one better than Woods He's holed it! COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's holed it! this birdie putt at the seventh, Adam Scott got his round going with

a two-under par-70. the Aussie carding who produced the shot of the day But it was Queenslander John Senden with his approach to par-three 13th. Oh, get in! Oh, that's unbelievable. Senden finished the day at level-par. Series leader Garth Tander of the V8 Supercar Championship. has won the latest round

in race two Mark Skaife took the chequered flag of the season. to record his sixth win it was Garth Tander from go to whoa, But in race three, earning his first-round victory.

what he did in '99. COMMENTATOR: He repeats Garth Tander wins Queensland. is at Oran Park on 11 August. The next round is back in the world's top 10 Aussie surfer Mick Fanning

in South Africa. after winning the Billabong Pro

with Fanning up against Taj Burrow The final was an all Aussie affair "white lightning" who struck gold. but it was the man dubbed just really seemed to go my way, Today and the last few days following his victory in 2002. It's Fanning's second win at J-Bay

A big night of support. The final

round of the British Open. The find

round of the tour de fropbs. Thanks, Ben. Stay with us. after today's warm reprieve, After the break -

this week. what the weather has in store for us

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It was a blissfully warm day two or three degrees above average. with temperatures reaching