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(generated from captions) Tonight - in the Middle East Worsening bloodshed exchange fresh fire. as Israel and Hezbollah with plans to get more out by bus. Australians escape the war zone,

after dripping a trail of evidence. Alleged Sydney fuel thieves caught TV interview And Kylie Minogue's tearful after beating breast cancer. Well, I'm happy to be here. This program is LIVE captioned. with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. has worsened, The Middle East conflict and biggest loss of life yet. with the heaviest battle In today's main developments, Lebanon's capital, Beirut, Israel has bombarded striking the airport, a power station of militant group, Hezbollah. and the headquarters the Lebanese town of Tyre, Israeli jets also targeted including eight Canadians. killing 20 people And Hezbollah has fired missiles

of Haifa, into the northern Israeli town

killing eight people. hitting a railway station stranded in Lebanon. Thousands of Australians remain in the war zone. Seven's Chris Reason is in Beirut, there's hope they will soon get out. And Chris, can't come soon enough Ian, help to leave Lebanon for the Australians here. organising an evacuation to Syria The Australian Government is z

using three buses. It's a dangerous mission. The road has been bombed they'll get through to Damascus. and officials here can't guarantee to give it a go, But plenty are willing in greater numbers. as missiles rain down Beirut Airport lit up the night sky. Israeli bombs falling on EXPLOSION Spectacular. sixth consecutive day of bombings But the awful truth is that this in this conflict. is the deadliest yet inside Israel's border with Lebanon. A Hezbollah rocket landed 40km of a railway depot in Haifa It smashed through the roof were holding their morning meeting. just as workers Packed with ball bearings,

as many casualties as possible. the intention to claim Eight people were killed. SIRENS SOUND panic set in... As news crews covered the carnage, and more missiles pounded the city. Air-raid sirens rang out

in the history of Hezbollah This is the heaviest attack its rockets have ever reached. and the furthest went on Lebanese television. Its leader

He said his militia is strong, denied any involvement of Iran, and Muslim world to join the fight. and called on the Arab "a defining moment" by Israel. The attack on Haifa is being called southern Lebanon to leave their homes It warned residents of retribution. before unleashing killed including eight Canadians. In the city of Tyre, 20 people were

witnessing it all - And caught in the crossfire, helpless Australian tourists. Smoke, fires went up, everything.

Glass was shattering. The pool was trembling. everyone was terrified. Everyone was running, falling over each other. Kids were running, scaring, watched These three Sydney holiday-makers helicopters hovered off their balcony as three Israeli Apache attack and fired on a nearby building. They were terrified. I can't wait to get home. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, the underground car park They ran for the hotel's bomb shelter two floors below ground. stairs, remember guys? We just kept running down these We were just running down here. was cowering in subterranean safety. The entire hotel guest list people in corners There were people everywhere, they were just panicking. there were people hiding near cars, They didn't know what to do. covering their kids, They were just covering themselves they were just hoping for the best.

dozens more trapped Australians Further north, we met with just desperate to get out. It's hard. How hard? Very hard. now? How much do you want to be home right

more than anything in the world, I want to be home just to be safe. are busing their citizens They know the Italians and Austrians

to safety. The French are ferrying theirs out. is frustrated. Melbourne priest Monsignor Joe Takchi I don't think it's good enough. action done I think there needs to be some

by the Australian Government. considering plans Australian officials are now to provide buses to Syria, but it is so dangerous. Israel released in-flight video of targets being destroyed

taken off the air. including a Hezbollah TV station,

South Beirut another target. heartland. again striking at Hezbollah's of supporters. It only fuelled the anger (speaks foreign language) says this man. "We're proud of what's happening", "We won't surrender." (speaks foreign language) Hezbollah. This woman says they'll support G8 leaders meeting in Russia of their deepening concern, issued a joint communique for the conflict blaming Hezbollah and Hamas of the consequences of its actions... but also asking Israel to be mindful

launchers were put into position more tanks and antimissile near the Lebanese border. have a right to defend themselves All sovereign nations against terrorist attacks. we hope that there is restraint. However,

the Lebanese plm is now calling on

the united nations to help broker a

ceasefire. However, Israel is

saying that as long as Hezbollah

consequence to attack its northern

region, it will continue to hit

back just as hard at Lebanon, this

is a very frightening stand off who have escaped the carnage Australians after arriving safely back in Sydney. broke down in tears today to help rescue those left behind, They're pleading with the government there are few safe escape routes. but admit

At Sydney Airport - reunion... ..and relief, after fleeing Lebanon for their lives. but everyone is fine, It is nightmare,

everyone is fine Not everyone. and the bombs never stop. It is frightening

how the people will survive again. So I don't know

everything blocked everywhere. We lucky, because after that And thousands of Australians are trapped - like Anne Nicholas. We can't get out of here, Dad. They've blocked the roads, they've bombed the roads. Yeah, I can imagine. Any news from the Department of Foreign Affairs? No, um... Jessica Kahawaty's mum waits for rescue, in a town near Beirut. Jessica even tried calling John Howard for help. I mean, if he had his family and friends there, I'm sure he wouldn't take so long. It's difficult, it's very dangerous. The plan is to move Australians out by bus to Syria and then to Jordan,

with officials also looking for a safe port to ferry others to Cyprus. There is no point in providing buses and ships for them to get out if those buses are going to end up being attacked. If all is going according to plan,

the first of the buses should soon be on the way out of Lebanon, but the government says

some Australians have decided it's safer to stay. Jessica's mum is not one of them. I miss you. I miss you too, mum. And a reminder about numbers to call for more information. If you're concerned about relatives in Lebanon and you're calling from Australia: If calling from Lebanon, the number is: Sydney's Jewish and Muslim leaders have called on their communities to show restraint despite the bloodshed in the Middle East. Police have taken precautions by increasing patrols around Sydney's mosques and synagogues. We've left Lebanon because of the strife. Really, we don't want to see that carried over to Australia. From the perspective of the Jewish community, wars in the Middle East have never spilled onto our shores.

In Melbourne, protesters put on a show of support for Israel with calls for the banning of Hezbollah. To other news now. is in a serious condition A young child

and an elderly woman is critical after being hit by a four-wheel drive in western Sydney. The three-year-old boy and 70-year-old woman were struck while trying to cross Henry Lawson Drive at Georges Hall just after 2 o'clock this afternoon. They were taken to hospital with head injuries. The driver has been treated for shock. Two men have been arrested over the theft of diesel fuel from a Sydney service station. The thieves thought they'd made a clean getaway, but they hadn't. All police had to do was follow the trail of evidence. Fuel theft comes easily to many thieves these days, but some struggle. Take early this morning for example. And I wake up and went to the kitchen and slightly I opened the venetian and I look. Police say what Harry saw was this - a tanker arriving in the dead of night, its drivers helping themselves to 500 litres of his diesel. and started pumping straightaway. They were very quick at it. What the thieves didn't know was that an alarm on the security camera...

ALARM SOUNDS ..woke Harry up. He pressed a panic button. They recognised somebody was there and they just took off. Yes, they took off. But no, they didn't secure the petrol cap.

So, like Hansel and Gretel, the truck left a trail behind it - a 7.5 kilometre trail of dripping diesel, which investigators followed all the way to this property. Police say they arrested one man in the house.

The other was hiding in the bushes. It's not the first time Harry has been hit. Nothing you can do to put more security here. This morning, they took around 500 litres. But four weeks ago, I lost 20,000 litres - 20,000 litres exactly. The two men have already been charged, but detectives are still interviewing them tonight. Their truck has been confiscated. A tearful Kylie Minogue has revealed her struggle with breast cancer is far from over. The pop princess has told British television she's been left feeling weaker, but is still determined to entertain her Australian fans later this year. I was saved, I really was. Kylie Minogue is again enjoying the celebrity lifestyle, but the world is very different now. Coming out of the other side is like springtime. May last year marked the start of the darkest winter. In her first interview,

Kylie told British Sky TV the full extent of her struggle. It's no picnic, and I am still going through it. It's not like it's all over. After her life-saving surgery in Melbourne, the pop star retreated to Paris with boyfriend Olivier Martinez for chemotherapy. The days you didn't see me or no-one saw me were the days that I simply couldn't get up. I could not do anything.

There she also had to deal with losing those famous golden locks. When it starts to grow back it's so thrilling - "Oh, there's an eyelash, oh, there's an eyebrow."

Now on the road to full health, Kylie is dealing with the rumours, like a wedding and children. Are there any rings on these fingers? But it was the fear of never being able to perform again that hurt most.

I just thought that that might be it, you know. Don't make me cry.

Thankfully, Kylie will be back - returning to Australia in November to finish a tour that was cut short.

But she warns not to expect too much. Really, I've got a mountain to climb, but I don't fancy hanging around at the bottom of the mountain. I would like to do that.

Ahead in Seven News - Dozens of new surveillance cameras for Sydney's transport network. Also, a budgie breeder caught smuggling eggs out of Sydney in his underpants.

And great escapes from a fiery plane crash.

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Extra security cameras will soon monitor Sydney's ferry wharves to increase passenger safety. Existing cameras around terminals will be updated

and 87 new ones installed. This improvement to CCTV comes at a time when our attention is again brought to the fact that terrorists around the world are still targeting mass transit systems. The government also hopes the cameras will reduce vandalism and violence. Ferry services to Parramatta resumed this afternoon, two days after the river was shut down by the discovery of a gluey sludge.

The substance is believed to be an acrylic polymer resin used in paints. Parramatta City Council has launched an inquiry into what caused the spill. In a case that sounds like an episode of 'Border Security', a man has been fined for trying to smuggle native bird eggs in his underpants through Sydney Airport. Customs officers searched him after noticing an unusual shape in his trousers. Like most Australian birds, the Gang-Gang Cockatoo and the galah are beautiful - and friendly. Hello! And worth a fortune on the Asian black market. The galah will fetch US$2,500, the cockatoo more than $30,000. That's why Wayne Frederick Floyd stuffed half a dozen eggs in his underpants before he tried to board his sixteenth flight to Bangkok in five years. Obviously they weren't expecting Customs to invade their privacy to detect the eggs. How wrong he was. Floyd was frisked by a female officer. She found what the judge called "an irregularity" in his groin. Floyd said he had a medical problem. The eggs were taken to Taronga Zoo, and after they hatched, the birds were handed to National Parks. Even when Wayne Floyd finally admitted his crime, he couldn't stop lying. He told authorities the eggs in his undies were a surprise for his girlfriend in Bangkok. And he put them there, not to hide them, but to keep them warm. The judge imposed a $25,000 fine. We'll send a signal that we will catch you, take you to court,

and there'll be a severe penalty. So Wayne Floyd and those like him will think twice before trying to smuggle a cockatoo - or two. Hello, Cocky. NASA has given the Discovery Space Shuttle crew final clearance to come home. The green light came after inspections showed the shuttle's thermal shield hasn't been damaged by space debris. Crew members are confident of a safe landing, but accept there are no guarantees.

I bite my fingernails every time a shuttle lifts off, every time a Soyuz lifts off, any time any of my friends go into space. Weather permitting, the shuttle should touch down in Florida just after 10pm. Video has been released showing the crash of a Russian plane in Ukraine

earlier this month. The Tupolev 134 slid off a runway and exploded into flames while trying to take off. Russian officials say nobody was killed, but three navy officers suffered burns. It's thought a bird may have been sucked into one of the plane's engines, causing it to fail. The death toll from flooding across south-east China

has risen above 150. Typhoon rains have unleashed mudslides and caused rivers to break their banks. Many homes have been swept away and entire villages inundated. The army is helping with evacuations, including this baby, floated to safety in a plastic tub. Heavy rain has also claimed lives in Taiwan and the Philippines. Time for sport with Matthew White. And Trent Barrett nervous about his comeback.

Yes, it's probably understand ablt

because he has been out for six

weeks and he just wants to stay on

the park for this season More shortly. Also tonight, look who's back on top of his game - the Scud sounds a warning to world tennis. COMMENTATOR: Mark Philippoussis! And two riders in hospital after a nasty crash in the Tour de France.

Dragons skipper Trent Barrett returns to the field this weekend after six weeks on the sidelines a little gun-shy. and he admits to being The English-bound star knows and his side a title. another slip-up could cost him He's fit and raring to go in defence at least but Trent Barrett knows that against the Raiders. he can't be too keen Brian Carney Barrett's six week ban for striking could cost him the season. means another charge nervous Yeah, I guess you'll be a bit

but the first few tackles I make cautious I guess will certainly be a little bit any slip-ups the way the system is. 'cause I know you can't afford Barrett initially beat the system television editor before he was dobbed in by a but he's no longer bitter. that's what they say. You do the crime you do the time, The Wigan-bound skipper's return

Daryl Millard. covers the loss of centre at the time I thought I may have broken a rib I'd punctured a lung. but didn't realise

has escaped action Knights winger Anthony Quinn despite abusing a touch judge.

I'm not going to cop that, Andrew,

the bin stop, it's a big game You'll go in

It turned the game a little bit and I've apologised to the boys for my actions. of retaining prop Nate Myles. And the Bulldogs haven't give up hope that he'd love to stay He's indicated and we'd certainly love him to stay.

to dollars and cents I think. Obviously it'll come down Ricky Stuart late today. Myles met again with Roosters coach with whatever happens. We'll just back him

It's been almost three years,

is finally back on the winners list. but Mark Philippoussis the Hall Of Fame Championship, The Scud has won in straight sets. beating Justin Gimelstob serve throughout the event The former World No.8 didn't drop were equally devastating. but his ground strokes COMMENTATOR: I think he got the line. What a shot. Yes he did. Just caught that side

since 2003. It's his first tournament win in the rankings. He moves up 89 spots to 125

on the US PGA tour The Aussie invasion continues claiming his first title. with Queenslander John Senden Classic by a shot. Senden took out the John Deere on the US tour this year. Australians have now won seven events and down from a bunker at the last The 35-year-old needed to get up to win. COMMENTATOR: Played it well. How about that, John Senden! The victory also earns Senden a spot in the British Open, starting on Friday. has become the first driver Michael Schumacher grand prix eight times. to win the same Formula One Schumacher's victory in the French GP leader Fernando Alonso to 17 points, has closed the gap on championship

with seven races remaining. Michael Schumacher wins! COMMENTATOR: with tyre trouble. Mark Webber retired on lap 53 At the German MotoGP, to hospital suffering concussion Australia's Casey Stoner was taken in warm-up. after this high-speed crash He was cleared of serious injury, won by Yamaha's Valentino Rossi but still missed the race, World Cup shirt on the podium. who celebrated by wearing an Italian

injured in a nasty crash And two riders have been seriously on stage 14 of the Tour de France. and Spaniard David Canarda Belgian Rik Verbrugghe were airlifted to hospital after crashing into a safety barrier. of the rest of the race. They have been ruled out has the leader's yellow jersey, Spain's Oscar Pereiro Aussie Cadel Evans is fifth.

Roscoe, it's official, tonight,

Alissa Camplin has wear welled

worltd cup air yals, she has fair

weld We're going to miss her I

think she wants to do a ski tour

company She is well qualified to do

that Thank you Checking finance now. dragged the share market lower. And the Middle East crisis again

bank stocks. almost 50% Australian Mining Investments plunged of a Queensland copper find. after the prospector halved estimates tomorrow. Sydney's temperature is set to drop live from Lavender Bay. Nuala has the forecast next,

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Good evening. The rain finally arrived on Saturday, to much of our State. delivering 20 to 40mm But falls were much lighter in Sydney landing in our catchment. with only around 12mm Today, the showers held off, this afternoon, even though it became quite cloudy

due later tonight. ahead of a cold southerly blast eased today's temperatures Light westerly winds and up to 18 in many western suburbs. up to an average of 17 in the city and cloudy with a top of just 11. While up in the mountains it was cold On the charts, as the low off our coast moves east and deepens, push further up our coast overnight, southerly winds will strengthen and to Sydney with a few showers. delivering cold and windy conditions

Around the nation:

southerly change late this evening, We'll feel the fresh-to-strong and fairly cloudy day tomorrow ahead of a cool-to-cold

with gusty winds gradually easing. There could be a few showers, in the morning and evening. more likely along the coast

a few showers. Wednesday will be even chillier with There won't be too much in them, completely until the weekend. but they don't look like clearing we're in the middle of winter So, we'll be left in no doubt that this week.

Coast, only joking We should all move to the Gold

And that's Seven News to now.

Goodnight. Thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross.

I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. cancer, her hopes to have a child, Tonight, Kylie on her fight with an inspiration to Australian women. and how she's become You can. You can get through it. surveillance video of Jeff Fenech Also, the boutique shop that led to his theft charges -

he'll fight to clear his name. but he says Plus, carefree Kev -

in 30 years he hasn't held down a job he hasn't found the right one. because, he says, what people think. I don't give a damn And extraordinary mums - and she's barely out of her teens. five children, can you believe it - And another mum with - and they were natural. four sets of twins, Kylie Minogue is an inspiration. But first -

And when the pop princess announced to the world she had breast cancer which was found during a routine breast examination, she urged other women to have a check-up - and they did, in record numbers. Well, now Kylie's back and speaking publicly for the first time,

not only about what she's been through but also her hopes and plans for the future. David Richardson reports. You can get through it. You can. You're living, breathing proof? Yeah. That's why. With sparkly earrings and sparkly eyes. Wear those diamonds.

Yeah. Not like, "I had this, this, this, this and this." That's boring, it's personal, and I don't want to remind people of that.

This is... ..coming out the other side, it's like springtime. # Take these lips that were made for kissing. # In Australia they call it "the Kylie effect" - how Australia's most famous breast-cancer survivor has sparked other young woman