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(generated from captions) night. In Sixty Minutes at 7.30 on Sunday young aussie soldiers who died in An heroic war story featuring a French village. have their story recorded in our Ray Martin tells of the battle to history books. Friday night. That's all in our bulletin this at The headlines are on our website at the WIN News team, have a great I'm Peter Leonard, from all of us weekend. This program is captioned live. close to all-out war. Lebanon and Israel edge dangerously

sign off on sweeping reforms. The Prime Minister and the premiers What a great meeting it's been. Fires wipe out two Sydney businesses. and the whole place shuddered. I heard this huge bang about her battle with cancer. And we hear more from Kylie it's like a bomb's dropped. Your family is totally - Good evening. from the outside world, Lebanon is now effectively cut off by air, land and sea as Israel intensifies its attacks of two of its soldiers. in revenge for the kidnapping dozens of rockets into Israel, Hezbollah has retaliated by firing closer and closer to all-out war. the conflict spiralling are trapped by the fighting, As many as 25,000 Australians of getting home. with no immediate prospect in southern Lebanon A Palestinian refugee camp and Israel spares no-one. have been killed At least 55 Lebanese civilians including 15 children. by Israeli air strikes and shells, In Beirut, people run for cover on the Hezbollah TV station. as an Israeli helicopter opens fire a country under siege. A city in panic, finished off the runway F16 fighter planes at Beirut's international airport. the airport's fuel tanks, At night, they returned and attacked evidence of the offensive since Israel invaded Lebanon in 1996. that's being called the fiercest More bridges have been blasted. has been targeted The road out to Syria Lebanese ports - and gunboats are blockading raid by Hezbollah militia all retaliation for the cross-border they are operating against Israel. Nothing is safe once who captured two Israeli soldiers.

are now trapped in Lebanon, As many as 25,000 Australians of Foreign Affairs. according to the Department

have been overwhelmed Australian travel agents trying to get out. with calls from those and they are feeling scared. They are feeling hurt We have told them to be calm, to stay away from Beirut area. we have told them the Hezbollah guerillas. The Israeli barrage has not silenced more than 100 rockets It's estimated they have fired into northern Israel. balcony was killed by one of them. A woman standing on this top floor The strikes have been random, close to the border. but they are terrorising towns Israel's third-biggest city. Hezbollah have also hit Haifa, Its military have warned in the fighting. that strike is a major escalation Mark Burrows, National Nine News. with global implications. It's a regional conflict

to the north and Hamas to the south, As Israel battles Hezbollah a new high. oil prices have already hit

to condemn Australia and the US have been swift Hezbollah's part in the crisis,

and restraint on all sides. but they're also urging calm takes it to a new level. Hezbollah marching into this conflict of the US military barracks in Beirut Hezbollah was behind the bombing in 1983, when 241 marines died. Now America will sit back and watch are settled. to see if some old scores are willing to take innocent life. It's really sad where people As a matter of fact, it's pathetic. has the right to defend herself. Having said that Israel, Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, A little later Bush's a less strident message, was sent out to give that Israel exercise restraint. saying it was important as well. PM Howard spoke out

There's not much doubt was triggered by the provocative, that the latest incident under international law - potentially illegal - behaviour of Hezbollah. is the same as Hamas' - Hezbollah's stated aim to destroy Israel. political forces. Both have now become in the Palestinian parliament, Hamas now is the largest party hearts, minds while Hezbollah has been winning in the Lebanese Parliament. and 23 of the 128 seats Syria and Iran And, lurking in the shadows, backing. providing military and financial have a flow on effect, Problems anywhere in the Middle East

This suits Iran's bruder strategy

as it find itself pressed by the US and our allies to negotiate over

side issue. its nuclear program to create a

have a flow on effect, Problems anywhere in the Middle East the inevitable - so, with the missile attacks came stand by for higher petrol prices. and that's a new record. Oil tonight moved above $76 a barrel, National Nine News. Robert Penfold, heads of government meeting Now to Canberra, and today's and State premiers. between the Prime Minister on what John Howard is calling Agreement was reached a "mammoth reform agenda". business regulation It covers health, education, and infrastructure being brought forward in NSW. and could also see daylight saving federalism's not working, Peter Costello claims but tell that to these people. ut tell that to these people. When the Liberal prime minister met the Labor State and Territory leaders today, it really WAS a love-in. What a great meeting it's been. It's been very constructive, a very cooperative meeting. I think it was a very good day. I just worry how good this can get. They do just get better. The Council of Australian Governments agreed on an ambitious program

to produce more doctors and nurses, improve education across the nation, boost skills training,

streamline the regulation of business, improve infrastructure and make more efficient use of water. The major outcome has been agreement on a huge, indeed mammoth, national reform agenda. There was sweetness and light. NSW, Victoria and SA agreeing - at Mr Howard's suggestion - to consider bringing daylight saving forward by four weeks to match Tasmania. Another decision was that Canberra and the States will all back an Australian bid to host the 2018 soccer World Cup. Will you still be prime minister when it comes? Oh, look, I can definitely say there will be another prime minister there. Definitely say that. Definitely. Gee, heavens above. So now we know - John Howard is going to retire - some time in the next 12 years. That will cheer Peter Costello up. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Ever since the Waterfall train crash, CityRail has been under pressure to change its procedures so that passengers can free themselves from a carriage during an emergency. Today, the Opposition demanded to know why those changes still haven't been implemented. It's been three years since seven people died in the Waterfall disaster. An inquiry found that locked carriages hindered the rescue effort. Despite numerous safety recommendations being implemented, one concern remains the same. RailCorp admits passengers would be confined to their carriages in the event of an emergency, such as a terrorist atack, but it's defended the network. Sydney's network today is safer than it has ever been. The Opposition claims that couldn't be further from the truth.

People are being jammed in like sardines, and then they're not being allowed out of the train in the event of an urgent need to exit the train. The Opposition is calling for all train windows and roofs to be made exit points and a larger police presence across the network. RailCorp has formally agreed to change its policy so that passengers can open windows and doors unsupervised in the event of an emergency. But implementing the changes could still be months away. The Opposition claims the delay is effectively Russian roulette.

When we're now living in an age of terrorism, passengers have to be given the responsibility and the right. RailCorp conceding there are no guarantees. Whatever policy we take involves some risks. Stella Lauri, National Nine News. Arson investigators are examining the ruins of two Sydney businesses that burned down overnight. The fires started just minutes apart and within a few suburbs of each other. This is the blaze at its worst. A series of explosions in an auto-electric shop fuelling the flames as they leapt into the sky. I heard this huge bang and the whole place shuddered. I thought it was an earthquake and I ran out on to the verandah and looked directly down to see the whole building exploding. It was very scary. within minutes. . Fire crews were on scene within minutes .. ..but the blaze was just too powerful.

As they struggled to put it out, 150 residents were evacuated, the building in danger of collapse. Today, a mangled mass of burnt-out metal and cars

were all that remained, investigators now trying to determine if it was deliberately lit. 15 minutes earlier this gymnasium at Petersham was also destroyed. Traffic was still being diverted at peak period this morning. Fire investigators spent the day sifting through debris looking for any evidence of arson. And they had reason to be suspicious - less than 300 metres up the road, a boarding house was deliberately lit just 20 minutes before this business went up in flames. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Police had a battle on their hands overnight during a wild chase in the northern suburb of Duffy's Forest. They were pursuing two men in a BMW, which rammed two highway patrol cars. Officers fired shots at the car, but no one was hurt. The pair, which included a prison escapee, was arrested. An Italian magazine has prompted worldwide outrage

by publishing photos of Princess Diana as she lay dying in that Paris car crash. The glossy 'Chi' magazine is running the picture on its front cover.

An Italian newspaper also used the shot. There's been an unofficial black-out on the images since Diana died nine years ago. Friends of the royal family say Princes William and Harry will be devastated. We were given another peek today at the extended television interview with Kylie Minogue where she described being diagnosed with breast cancer as like a bomb going off. The singer says the whole experience threw her into another world and she worried constantly about how it would effect her family. (Sings) # I'm spinning around... # She was a singer on top of the world, when in May last year, Kylie was told she had breast cancer and her world turned upside down. I had - I had one day's grace where I knew and went for a walk down to the beach with my brother and my boyfriend. in a total daze And I would have been Even for someone accustomed to the public spotlight, the attention became overwhelming. The next day we made the announcement and then I was virtually a prisoner in the house, which, um... Not that I intended to go anywhere, but... Since starting her treatment, the 38-year-old has preferred to cope in private, first with surgery, then chemotherapy. I would just quietly go to my bedroom and just have 20 minutes to myself. The feeling of devastation shared by everyone around her. Your family is totally... It's like a bomb's dropped. With her stylish cropped hairdo, recent trips to New York and Paris have shown she's making a steady recovery. Her full interview will be shown on the Nine Network on Monday night. Kylie's comeback tour opens in Sydney in November. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a suspected gangland killer arrested in Liverpool. Also, a former Sydney policeman found guilty of contempt, and the cable car ride from hell. Your face is caught in the middle. Help fight the seven signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of blemishes For Blemish Prone Skin from Olay. Here in Kenya and in other countries around the world, That's why, by the end of August, we need 10,000 sponsors We went out and sponsored and the feeling has been enormous. couldn't have been easier. including country, age, whether I wanted a boy or a girl. But I left that up to World Vision. I just rang the number and then did it by credit card over the telephone. We decided to sponsor a child through World Vision The price you pay is nothing compared to what you feel inside. When we opened the package from World Vision and saw the little boy that we were sponsoring, it just made us feel great. please do it today. Heavily armed police in Liverpool arrested a man early this morning, accused of being a killer in Melbourne's notorious gangland war. They swarmed around his ute on a busy road, cuffing him before taking him away. Damien Cossu's family was there when he appeared in court. We know His family knows he hasn't done nothing wrong. The 30-year-old was wanted over the murder of a Melbourne underworld figure, whose burned remains were found in a garbage bin, hidden in a drain, three years ago. Victorian police are now arranging his extradition. A former Sydney detective has become the first person ever found guilty of being in contempt of the Police Integrity Commission.

A judge has found that Christopher Walker's inability to answer questions was criminal and not just a loss of memory. Free for now, but facing a stint behind bars. Not happy to show your face today, Mr Walker? Christopher Walker did all he could to hide his face. It was the same trick during the former policeman turned private investigator's first appearances at the corruption hearing. Get out of the way. You're assaulting me! That's him again in the red shirt and cap, making a run for it. And in the witness box, his memory proved even more elusive. Even after being shown a videotape featuring himself and others - including then policeman Christopher Laycock - allegedly involved in a $10,000 extortion bid - he couldn't remember a thing about it. The Supreme Court found him guilty of contempt. The former cop claimed he'd been taking medication for anxiety and depression and that, combined with the stress of the PIC hearing, had affected his memory. The PIC says the crime warrants a jail term. Mr Walker will be back in court next month for sentence. Nina May, National Nine News.

An Australian has been arrested on the Indonesian island of Lombok,

suspected of sexually abusing children he met on the beach. Resort owner Don Storen was detained after allegations from the children, aged between 13 and 15. They say he invited them to his hotel room, promising money and gifts. Police say he's one of four Australians currently under suspicion. Outside, locals staged a protest, calling for a crackdown on paedophiles. Two cable cars have crashed on a Scottish mountain side, throwing passengers more than 10 metres to the ground. It's thought one car slipped backwards, smashing into another behind. The other one that the guy jumped out of, Five people were seriously injured. A London book dealer has paid nearly $7 million for a rare first edition of Shakespeare's plays. This is, undoubtedly,

the greatest book in English literature. Published in 1623, the book is still in its original calf skin binding and is one of only 40 complete copies still in existence. It contains 18 plays, including 'Macbeth' and '12th Night' that would otherwise have been lost.

One of America's best-loved comic actors, Red Buttons, has died in Los Angeles. He was 87.

(Sings) # He's a man! # Best known for his comedy, he was also a serious actor,

winning an Oscar for his performance in the 1957 film 'Sayonara'. Cameron Williams with sport next and Friday Night Football should serve up a blockbuster tonight. They're calling it a grand final preview. We'll go live to Kogarah next.

Also, the Wallabies prepare to face the monster Springboks. We know it's going to be a very physical battle. And the battle within the Sydney Swans. We don't look too kindly at players that think of themselves before the team. BEEP! BEEP! It's Mitre 10's Dollar Deals! on palletloads of great products. or borrow the neighbour's station wagon. Mitre 10. All the help you need.

The Bulldogs' State of Origin forward Nate Myles

will make a decision about his future on Monday, after meeting with the Raiders and the Gold Coast over the weekend. Meanwhile, round 19 of the NRL kicks off at Oki Jubilee Stadium tonight, with the Dragons hosting the Bulldogs in what's been described as a grand final preview. The Dragons have lost Jason Ryles for tonight's game, but have won their last seven games and are premiership favourites. However, it's worth noting the Bulldogs have had the wood on the Dragons lately, winning five of their last six encounters. Joining me live from the ground is the Dragons' suspended captain, Trent Barrett. Trent, will it be tough sitting out one of the games of the season?

Yeah, certainly will, mate. It's

been tough the whole five weeks.

Particularly tonight, it looks like

it's going to be a sell-out gerps

one of the form teams in the

competition. It will be hard. I

know I've only got one week to go.

Your Dragons are the premiership

favourites and tonight you'll find

out if you deserve that tag?

There's still a long way to go. We

can't read too much in to that tag

at the moment. We're going to be

miss agfew key forwards tonight.

And they're pretty much full

strength. It is going to be a great

game. I think up front is where it

will be won. We've heard a lot

about Mark Gasnier at faifbg. He

plays that a bit -- five-eighth. He

plays that a bit differently from

traditional five-eighths. Will the

wet change his style? We'd prefer a

dry track for Gaz to get the ball.

We have the luxury of Ben Hornby.

He can do a lot of the kicking and

Gaz has free rein to do what he

wants. I'm sure he'll be fine and

we can get a good win up. Thanks,

Trent. Turning to rugby and the Wallabies will be looking to get their Tri-Nations campaign back on track against South Africa in Brisbane tomorrow night. Top priority for the home team - taming the Springboks' monster forward pack. The Wallabies boast an unbeaten record at Suncorp Stadium, but after last week's loss to the All Blacks, another real test looms for Australia's forward pack. The combined weight of their South African counterparts is over 900kg,

Forecast rain and a wet field will make them even tougher to handle. We've gotta make sure we turn up and meet them front on. We know it's gonna be a very physical battle and if it's wet, it'll probably make that a little bit more so, Apart from elephants in the pack, out wide the Africans also boast a gazelle, the Wallabies well aware Bryan Habana remains one of the quickest wingers in world rugby. He's dangerous. We learnt some harsh lessons last year. He's a very good opportunist and he's very, very fast. A relaxed swim maybe, but the Sydney Swans are in damage control ahead of Saturday night's grand final replay, after an explosive outburst by dumped forward Nick Davis. Dropped from the Swans' line-up to take on the West Coast Eagles, for last week's 39-point loss to Adelaide. We don't look too kindly at players that think of themselves before the team. Team-mates weren't so harsh, but believe the out-of-form Davis deserved to be dropped. No, I don't think he was unlucky. As a group, we haven't been playing well so there was always going to be blokes who were going to miss out and it happened to be him, yeah. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Australia's Cadel Evans

has ridden into serious contention on the Tour de France. A noted mountain-climber, Evans surged into fourth place overall after a 206km stage through the Pyrenees as the race briefly entered Spain. American Floyd Landis captured the yellow jersey, with Evans now just a minute and 17 seconds behind the leader. Fellow Australian Michael Rogers is also in the hunt currently in seventh place.

There's a lot of people thinking he

could be the in the man into Paris,

Cadel Evans. I think he can go all

the way. After the break, the CommSec finance report, then Jaynie with the weekend weather details.

In finance, the record oil price has caused heavy selling on the share market. Resource giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto were hammered. Harvey Norman disappointed with its annual sales. We're in for a wet weekend. With the details, here's Jaynie. Mark, looks like an indoor weekend coming up. Good evening. It was a chilly Friday, with drizzle across most of Sydney, with overnight falls heaviest near coastal suburbs. Grey skies today - we struggled to make 15. It's now 14. The weather we have all been waiting for - the trough and low are bringing widespread rain and isolated storms to inland areas. The upper western district of NSW has already picked up close to 20mm. This system will track to eastern areas tomorrow, with 10mm-20mm widespread, including over the catchment areas. Locally, heavy falls with the storms. For the ski fields, gale-force winds, rain falling as sleet on the higher peaks, showers and highland snow on Sunday and Monday. A wet weekend for many of our capitals, too. Canberra expecting moderate falls. Rain at times for Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin. Adelaide will be basically cold, wet and windy. Perth, morning drizzle. Sydney - if all goes to plan we expect 10mm-20mm for most of Sydney. Dark grey clouds with north-easterly winds, fresh at times. Rain moving in from the west right over the dams. Temperatures will be in the high teens and if you are heading out for a surf, a 3m swell will fall over the weekend. Sunday, 18 degrees with rain set to clear early. Fine on Monday, with showers moving in from Tuesday. But this weekend - rug up, stay dry and let Mother Nature do her thing, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre This program is captioned live. a year. a year.

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