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(generated from captions) current self. raises all sorts of questions for But in reliving her life, it lives, how we love, what we settle the audience. How we live our we die. for, what we most cherish and how compelling to watch. not a sentimental play, but she's No she's not a nice person, its the play its punch. tomorrow night. It opens at the ANU Arts Centre Wednesday night. That's all in our bulletin this at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night A shaky truce - a leadership challenge in the future. Peter Costello refuses to rule out served by a smooth transtion. The Liberal Party would be best Terror attack - in the capital of India. 190 killed as bombs tear apart trains Lucky escape - in a Sydney day care centre. children rescued from a fire hearing the smoke alarm The quick actions of the staff potentially saved lives today. And driven to crime - motorists driving off without paying. high petrol prices lead to more This program is captioned live. Good evening. John Howard and Peter Costello The fragile cease-fire between is in danger of collapsing calling on the Prime Minister with the Treasurer today publicly to hand over the Liberal leadership. rule out a challenge for the top job. And Mr Costello twice refused to

against. This is what Peter Costello is up We love you so much.

You're the best. their deep affection for John Howard Western Sydney battlers showing

at Blacktown Workers Club. at a community morning tea I've got to give you a hug. Prime Minister, (Laughs) You're very kind. the PM and the Treasurer this week If the confrontation between it's demonstrated has done nothing else, by the punters that it's Mr Howard who's favoured of Liberal MPs. and by the overwhelming majority Mr Costello's face. But that hasn't wiped the grin off CAR REVS news conference The Treasurer called a Melbourne Mr Howard to make public what he'd told face-to-face meeting yesterday. at their private, I think that the Liberal Party by a smooth transition." "would be best served That's what I said to him. Mr Howard should retire In other words - as PM. and let Mr Costello take over on that. Look, I don't have any comment he will consider these matters He indicated, obviously, these matters. and, he should consider But in another sign not step down, that he's inclined to stay on, want him and Mr Costello Mr Howard said Liberal MPs clearly to remain in their present positions. of my colleagues. I respect the views continue. That is why those arrangements will from some Liberal backbenchers - Mr Costello is coming under fire Queenslander Warren Entsch - one of them - of fuelling leadership speculation today accusing him and destabilising the Government. I heard what Mr Entsch said were very positive. and I thought his observations as a result of the current row, There is speculation that,

a decision on his future Mr Howard could now announce Federal Parliament next month. as early as the resumption of the PM put it this morning, And, as one commentator close to to the Treasurer's liking. that decision might not be at his news conference Which may be why Mr Costello a leadership challenge. twice refused to rule out Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Laurie Oakes now joins us live. a challenge, Laurie, if it does come to how far off is Mr Costello to defeat Mr Howard? from having the numbers

I think he's quite a long way off.

I think he's probably only got 30

votes max in a party room of more

than 100 7 from memory. But it's

the threat of a challenge that is

potent and powerful. John Howard

knows that even an unsuccessful

challenge would be enormous damage

to the Government's electoral

prospects and to John Howard's own

legacy. The Costello camp is hoping

he'll focus on that and decide the

best way is to hand over. Another

point worth considering is if John

Howard does announce he's staying

on and Peter Costello copatise

sweet, if he does nothing about it,

he'll look like a dreadful whimp. Totally humiliation. Thank you. to have died Close to 200 people are now known

on trains and railway startions in a series of deadly bomb attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai. More than 600 others were injured. on who was responsible There's no word yet of the attack points to al-Qa'ida. but some believe the sheer scale on a crowded train The first bomb exploded peak period. at the height of Mumbai's it was just the beginning. No-one realised 5 trains were attacked - In the space of 10 minutes, in overhead luggage racks. the explosives hidden railway stations Two more bombs tore apart teeming with evening commuters. an attack was coming India's intelligence service knew but had no idea where or when. trains every day 6.5 million commuters ride Mumbai's to maim and kill as many as possible. and the bombings were designed

aimed at our peace-loving people. I condemn these shameful acts At this stage it's believed the casualties. there are no Australians among to help the Indians Obviously we would do what we could

of terrorism. in response to this appalling act remains the unanswered question. But which terrorists were responsible of fear in India's biggest city, The attacks have spread a sense capital. which is also the country's financial one organisation. And some say that points to

to hit at soft, symbolic targets. Al-Qa'ida and its allies are likely of the country. And they like to hit at the economy to Muslim militants Suspicion has also turned in the disputed Kashmir region. opposed to New Delhi's rule running again - This morning the trains started as always, packed to the doorways, with India's worst terrorist attack as Mumbai does its best to cope in 10 years. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. for a group of parents in Hurstville, It's been a terrifying afternoon burned down. as part of a childcare centre Only the quick thinking of staff managed to save dozens of children who were sleeping inside. The rescued children didn't show any outward sign of what they'd been through. It was the staff who had to be comforted and the frantic parents who rushed to the gutted day care centre. The fire tore through three rooms, destroying learning equipment and toys. But it could have been far worse. It was nap time for the children but they were woken by staff who heard the fire alarm. The quick actions of the staff due to the smoke alarm potentially saved lives today. Police took on the added duty of caring for the little ones, while others, with their blankets still wrapped around them, waited to be checked for smoke inhalation. Their exposure to smoke was either negligible or minimal. None required further treatment and all were cleared to go home. They got the kids out, which is the important thing. Dale Paget, National Nine News. There's been another dog attack. 8-year-old Madison Smith was playing out the front of her Wyong home when she was bitten on the face by a small Jack Russell cross.

The dog's just growled and leapt at her face and she's jumped back and it's just tore off the side of her lip. Her mother says it's a warning to parents

that it's not only large, aggressive breeds that can attack. There was a telling admission today from the Roads Minister

about the Lane Cove Tunnel.

While showing the new RTA boss the project, he admitted the door is still open to negotiate planned changes

to reduce the number of lanes on Epping Road. And I am not necessarily going to rule out

re-examining changes some of the changes on surface roads if it turns out they are not going to benefit the community. What's more, the tunnel builders say they are happy to have frank discussions about any modifications the Government has in mind. The tunnel's boss also said it's unlikely it will open in November, sticking with the scheduled date towards the end of the year, when many motorists are on holidays. While high petrol prices are causing many motorists to change our driving habits, they're also prompting many to break the law. Service station operators are reporting a large jump in the number of people who fill up then drive off without paying. There were more than 1,000 so-called petrol drive-offs reported to Sydney police last month but service station operators say scores more are unreported. When the traffic is green, they just jump inside the car and drive off. Many of the fuel thieves are repeat offenders, using stolen or modified number plates to cover their tracks. Once they drive off, they put a full tank, like $60, $70, $80. Authorities say there's a direct link between the thefts and higher petrol prices. What we've been told by offenders that we have locked up is they can't afford to pay for the petrol and that's why they're doing it. There were 78 reported drive-offs in the Liverpool area alone last month. Highway patrol officer Sharon Clark has been assigned to track down the thieves. The State Government says policing's not enough, there needs to be a federal inquiry into fuel hikes. You've got to enforce the law, firstly, but you've also got to address the causes and one of the causes is the high petrol prices. Contrary to belief, it's rarely the big oil companies that foot the bill for petrol thefts, in most cases it's the struggling service station operators. They're not insured and every time there's a drive-off, they have to make up the shortfall. As a result, many petrol stations are introducing a "pay before you pump" policy, despite its unpopularity with motorists. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. While the cost of petrol forces some to crime it doesn't seem to be affecting consumer spending. It's bucked a downward trend and increased 3.5%, adding more pressure for an interest rate rise. Take an interest rate rise and higher petrol prices and you'd think our mood would be bleak. Not so. Australians' confidence is rising - we're spending more and coping well. But as confidence rises - so does the chance of more rate rises. The markets are currently pricing the certainty of one and a 30%-40% chance of another one. Confidence is such a hard thing to measure. But its confidence that helps us go shopping, get a new job, buy a new car or house or even to have a family. In other words, it's confidence that keeps the economy ticking over. Probably making a bit more money than I used to be years ago and that makes things handier. People are going to keep spending money, I suppose.

Well, most are confident. Mate, I hate shopping, Confidence is about knowing that the dollars will be coming in the door to pay the mortgage, to pay the bills. But consumer expert Mike Morrison says we just don't feel the pain anymore. I think we are utterly immune to credit card debt,

and we have raised and bred a generation of very acquisitive consumers. Which has a ring of truth. Forget all about it - forget the cost of things and just go out and enjoy spending. REPORTER: Do you think it is a good thing to enjoy spending? What do you reckon? Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. Economic confidence is heading the other way on the Central Coast, where those 440 warehouse workers have been laid off by Coles. Today, they formally accepted their redundancies.

The region is now preparing for a major economic impact. And there would be a number of people affected, paying off their mortgages and that must be a tremendous worry for them. Coles has denied union claims that the timing of the warehouse closure was due to the Government's WorkChoice laws. In a move that's likely to breathe new life into the Olympic Park site at Homebush, the Commonwealth Bank is building a major new headquarters there where about 5,000 of its staff will be based. When the flame went out six years ago there was a fear Sydney Olympic Park would become a white elephant, but today's announcement seems to have assured its future. The Sydney Olympic site is coming to life. In a $300 million project, the Commonwealth Ban wi l move the Commonwealth Bank will move 5,000 of its staff from the Sydney CBD to three purpose-built office blocks.

Another 3,000 will be transferred to Parramatta. Staff were told this morning. My preference at the moment would be to stay where I am but, you know, that's life. I live in the area anyway so I'll probably be able to just jump on a shuttle bus that's leaving from Strathfield, get out there within a few minutes - I'll be pretty happy. The bank says cost-cutting influenced the move. It will be measured in millions of dollars. And the bank believes a less stressful environment will boost staff productivity. After the first couple of days of working in this sort of environment they don't want to go back to the CBD. The relocation of staff will almost double the size of the workforce at the Park. In 15 years' time it's predicted there'll be more than 15,000 workers here. This tenancy is going to drive the retail, it's going to drive the transport and it's going to drive the housing. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a Sydney doctor charged over an illegal abortion. And Keith Richards finally talks about his fall from a coconut tree. It was like, "Ouch, I bashed my head." Don't forget Max. OK, we're here, kids. (Mumbles) That's... kilometres at... That's $7.50, thanks. A Fairfield doctor has gone on trial accused of killing a baby. Suman Sood is the first NSW doctor in 35 years to be tried over an illegal abortion. When a young woman visited Dr Sood wanting an abortion, she was 23 weeks, or about five months pregnant. Despite her being so advanced it's claimed that Dr Sood agreed to do it at her Fairfield clinic. She gave the 20-year-old a drug to start the process, with plans to carry out the procedure the next day. But the prosecution alleges the drug caused the woman to go into premature labour at home and she gave birth to a baby boy. He lived for five hours. For an abortion to be legal in NSW, the doctor must believe it's necessary to preserve the life or physical or mental health of the mother. That can include medical, economic or social factors. But the prosecution claims that in this case, the young woman hadn't undergone any counselling and Dr Sood had no information about her circumstances. This trial is expected to last up to six weeks. The jurors were told they needed to put to one side their personal views on abortion, freedom of choice and morality and remain objective and dispassionate. Nina May, National Nine News. Still hunting for a captured soldier,

Israel has stepped up its offensive against the Palestinians, sending tanks and ground troops deep into central Gaza. Daily air strikes continue - the latest claiming six lives - one of them said to be a Palestinian who's topped Israel's most wanted list for more than a decade. In Poland, a recipe for confusion. President Lech Kaczynski has just appointed his identical twin brother, Jaroslaw, as his PM. 60% of Poles are said to be worried by the move. In case yo 're wondering, In case you're wondering, the President is the one in the black suit. His twin is wearing grey. Syd Barrett, co-founder of Pink Floyd and the father of psychedelic rock, has died at his home in England, aged 60. He helped create the band in 1965 and, as the main songwriter, was the driving force behind their first album. He was a troubled genius, fusing art, rock and mind-altering drugs.

Within three years, the drugs had taken over his life and he left the band. And six weeks after falling out of a coconut tree, rock and roll survivor Keith Richards has been talking about his brain surgery. They put me out like a light, y'know, but (bleep) when they woke me up because I was having such a great sleep, y'know? The Rolling Stone initially thought it was just a bump. It was like, "Ouch, I bashed my head." Although I realise now it was a little more serious than that. I tell you what, it is an experience. He also confirmed he'll star in the next 'Pirates' movie alongside Johnny Depp, whose portrayal of Jack Sparrow is said to be heavily based on Richards. But he's not giving up his day job - the Stones resuming their European tour with a sell-out concert in Milan. Cameron Williams with sport is next and there's talk of a sex scandal at the Cowboys. They've had to come out to publicly deny the persistent rumours while the Eels are doing their best to clean up their image. And Matt Giteau in the Wallabies run-on side

at the expense of Mat Rogers. To rugby league first - and the North Queensland Cowboys have gone public about a rumoured sex scandal at the club, They've strongly denied that one of their players was sleeping with other players' wives. After weeks of speculation, Cowboys CEO Peter Parr was on the front foot today. The rumours have been unfounded, they've been malicious, they've been offensive

and, most of all, they've been untrue. Parr went public to prevent the rumours destroying the club's season. I think it has become upsetting for a few of them and the facts of the matter are if it continues like this it will be destabilising.

The Eels are working on their reputations, meeting their fans at Luna Park. eet ng their fans at una Park. Four-try hero Jarrod Hayne breaking his silence about a nightclub incident where he bit a woman. Obviously I got the bad image because of what happened but hopefully I can change things around and get back to the good boy image, I suppose. Hayne has been a real highlight in a season that, otherwise, has been a wild ride -

a change of coaches, drunken players, and more losses than they'd care for, but there's still a hope of making the eight. But a blow for the Eels with centre Brett Delaney agreeing to join the Gold Coast. In further signing news, Manly's Michael Monaghan is on course to leave the Eagles and join the Cowboys as their halfback.

And the Raiders may try to talk Queensland Origin hero Adam Mogg out of his overseas deal, if they lose Clinton Schifcofske to rugby. And the Titans and the Broncos will talk to Nate Myles on the weekend. He'll meet with chairman George Peponis about staying with the Bulldogs. We had a chat with George the other day and he wants to sit down and have another meeting and my main goal is to stay with the Bulldogs. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Mat Rogers has been dumped from the Wallabies' run-on team in favour of Matt Giteau for Saturday night's Tri-Nations Test against South Africa in Brisbane. Just back from that badly damaged knee, Giteau has not played inside centre for Australia since last year's Tri-Nations game against South Africa. A favourite son of Sydney club Eastwood, Scott Fava will make his run-on debut. Fava came off the reserves bench to score against the All Blacks and now wants a long-term mortgage on the number eight jersey. I want it to be mine and I want it to be mine for the next - at least up until the World Cup - you know, World Cup's the goal. Crucial to Australia's scrum and line-out, Dan Vickerman has overcome a back injury. What's more, the ex-pat South African understands the Springboks' lingo. You know, how critical is he? The fact he speaks Afrikaans is probably very critical to Australia. Meantime, Italy's Marco Materazzi has confirmed he insulted Zinedine Zidane but denies he mentioned the Frenchman's mother. In the past, Materazzi has wound up opponents and got a similar reaction - this, just last year. Not that Italy really cares. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Australian Robbie McEwen continues to impress on the Tour de France. Having already won three stages, McEwen - in green - finally found an opening for a finishing sprint but was just pipped by Spain's Oscar Freire. COMMENTATOR: Oh! And I don't know who won that. And I think - well, Robbie thinks it's Oscar Freire. McEwen maintains the sprinter's jersey, while fellow Aussie Michael Rogers is still third overall with Cadel Evans seventh.

Now the tough stuff really starts

because they start to climb through the Pyrenees. After the break - the CommSec finance report,

then Jaynie with the weather details. SONG: # Hallelujah! # Hallelujah! Hallelujah! # Hallelujah... # VOICEOVER: Aquanamel. The first water-based enamel paint from Dulux. In finance - commercial lending is up 22% on last month, to $33 billion, a sign the business community's gearing up production. On the markets - And wagering company Centrebet hit the ASX boards for the first time. Thank you, Mark. The winter chill is back, after a mild-ish night for this time of year. But as the sun came up, the clouds took over, keeping our maximum temperatures down to 17, which is in fact average for July. Cool southerly winds are blowing across the south-eastern States tonight in the wake of the weakening front. Light showers and a dusting of snow for the south and also around the Hunter region. Tomorrow, onshore winds may spill showers onto our coastline. Heavy rain in WA will head our way by Friday and could be our most widespread rain event for the country since last winter. Overnight rain Friday night, continuing on the weekend. At this stage a good 10-20mm is planned for the catchment areas and about 20-30mm for the State. Fingers crossed, Mark. And that's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. He's a builder who's unlicensed and unprofessional.

Unpleasant, difficult, frustrating. The bodgy builder bullying customers who complain. The only thing worse than his work is his temper. Also tonight - children and dangerous allergies. The Aussie millionaire backing the search for a cure after his daughter's narrow escape. But his customers don't find out that out until it's too late. Far too many have fallen victim to this dodgy operator. It's time he was finally put out of business. It's a dodgy fence/ I know. It is awful, isn't it? A girlfriend and I could have built a better fence than he was building. One of the fences he's built fell apart within two days and that's appalling work. Chris Henry is a former butcher and rubbish collector who started a fencing business five years ago. By late last year it was in voluntary administration Basically if anyone lent against that, it could potentially shatter. And then this pole was wobbly and the whole thing's just a disaster. Can we have a quick chat to you about your fencing business? Mate, you've got our letter from our solicitors, and no comment. Despite going into liquidation, despite having his company licence cancelled, Chris Henry was able to keep on building fences using his contractor's licence. He never wanted anything that normally tradesman do, like a cup of tea, a cup of coffee or "can I use the toilet?".