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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight, Tonight - Liberal Party who forgets that Any member of the parliamentary and arrogance. is indulging in hubris The Prime Minister refusing to budge, from his deputy, Peter Costello. despite an ultimatum for 1,000 workers. A retail giant bears bad news Hydraulic failure blamed getting in a tangle on a tarmac. for these passenger planes the three rules of real estate - Also - position, position and paper clip. for one fish pen, I traded one red paper clip which I traded for one door knob. How one man used the Net to trade up of office stationery from the most basic to a roof over his head. And results from the AFL Tribunal with Ryan Phelan. headline Sports Tonight taking their chances tonight, Yes, Deb. Three players for the Brownlow Medal, Daniel Kerr. including last year's runner-up on the rampage, Plus - the Roosters' Adrian Morley but the Sharks say, "Bring it on." sort of, stuff. I like a bit of confrontational, RACE CALLER: Oh there's one down! in a spectacular race fall. Seven horses and riders down for Italy's World Cup champions. And a wild welcome home

First this evening - has descended on the Liberal Party a tense calm John Howard and Peter Costello, after a truce between he's going nowhere, but the PM has made it clear they had a deal for him to step down. despite his deputy's insisting it's been a bad few days, John Howard admits are still a partnership. but he and his Treasurer the professional relationship I do not believe that has broken down. between Mr Costello and me to force his leader into retirement, If Mr Costello was hoping there was no such promise. Don't anybody think for a moment to this job. that I have lost my commitment for today's Cabinet meeting Peter Costello arrived also in a defiant mood, of a leadership deal. sticking to his claim he's known of this. I've known this for 12 years, knowing the truth of all of this. We've worked together,

caught in the middle. His Cabinet colleagues We've got a lot of work to do today that we get through it. and I'm determined Minister? Is the Government in turmoil, No, absolutely not in turmoil. Once the doors were closed across the Cabinet table. it's understood voices were raised The Treasurer is even said to have given his leader an ultimatum - to leave by Christmas. to iron out their differences. Both men later met for half an hour in the Treasurer's eye And yet another poke from John Howard, the PM reminding his deputy by the party room. the top job can only be handed out Liberal Party who forgets that Any member of the Parliamentary and arrogance. is indulging in hubris if you've done nothing wrong My parents always told me, by telling the truth, you've got nothing to fear and I told the truth. with something to sing about. All this leaving one side of politics what a glorious morning! # (Sings) # Oh, Fenn Kemp, Ten News. Paul Bongiorno, And our political editor, joins us now from Canberra. for the Liberal Party. Paul, certainly a very dramatic day they can work together, John Howard and Peter Costello say but is this crisis over? Well, Deb, I've got to say to you of a cheap papering-over job, that it has all the appearances of the crisis still remains. because, really, the cause

And we know a lot more about it now. not only has refused We know that John Howard to Peter Costello, to hand over the reins so hard done by. but we know why Peter Costello feels

undertaking from John Howard He believes he had a solemn welshed on the deal. and John Howard betrayed it, in the last two days He also has made it clear John Howard's word. that he can't trust

for this crisis to continue So all the seeds are there and to bubble up again. his hand. Well, Peter Costello has played survive this? Can his political career that he has been damaged. Well, I've got to say Howard today did lash out at him, He's been damaged because John of overweening pride, did accuse him of hubris, of being arrogant,

for someone looking for re-election the very things that are fatal to an election win. or to lead the Government to see now what Labor does It's going to be interesting of the last two days. with the events at Peter Costello. They'll certainly hack extremely interesting to watch What's also going to be announces his decision. is what happens when John Howard that John Howard will stay. I'd say it's more than even money What then does Peter Costello do? or does he quit? Does he challenge, does he stay, of our Ten News poll. And updating the results major job losses today. A record share price yesterday, Workers are tonight asking, in the boardroom at Coles?" "What's going on is the single biggest employer This Coles Myer distribution centre of New South Wales, on the Central Coast the small coastal community hard - its decision to shut it down hitting around 500 people are now out of work.

and that's wrong. They don't have a heart, anything like that? How can you describe You can't because, you know, for the kids they can't put food on the table or pay the mortgage. Coles Myer management says isn't economical, its Sommersby warehouse

preferring to build new centres are in strategic positions, in areas it says they feel betrayed, but loyal long-time workers say particularly after Coles Myer shares on the stock market yesterday. reached a record high I feel terrible. I've been here 11 years. they're now sacked. I have two sons work here - will be offered alternative jobs, Coles Myer says Sommersby staff

if that's practical. but the union questions They've got a big site at Goulburn. Do they expect people to commute Central Coast to Goulburn? How feasible is that idea? The news also wasn't good for Coles Myer staff

at the Hampton Park distribution centre in Melbourne's south-east, announcing it, too, will close, shedding a further 600 workers. Coles Myer says it will pay out all staff entitlements and also offer redundancies or retraining. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A brave young man has made an emotional appeal for help finding his father's killer. Police are investigating if the shooting of a solicitor is the result of Family Court dispute turning deadly. Investigators piece together the last moments of David Robinson's life,

the killer of the 30-year-old legal veteran still on the run, his wife and three sons left asking why. We know of no reason why anyone would wish to harm him.

We have given statements to the police.

We would ask that anyone who knows anything to come forward, We are very distressed. Adding to their pain, the fact Mr Robinson had only gone to the firm last night to help his oldest son, Nick, print out a university assignment, the pair discovering someone had broken in and attempted to light a fire inside. As his son waited, the 56-year-old went to investigate the back lane and was shot. He staggered for several hundred metres before collapsing. It may turn out to revolve around something in the Family Law Courts. Sometimes they are very emotive and I just think that this has got a lot of emotion attached to it. Mr Robinson worked mainly in family law, and the firm had been targeted before.

There were bullet holes all through the front of David's glass. But most agree he was always a positive part of the community. Always joked around, told jokes - he was a good man, he was a really good man. I didn't know him any other way. James Wakelin, Ten News. A high school student has been charged with the attempted murder of his teacher. The 16-year-old fronted court in Sydney today and was allowed to go free on bail in the care of his family. He's accused of trying to strangle a teacher after school last month. The boy's lawyer told the court the teenager was a committed churchgoer and choir member. No explanation for the alleged attack has been offered. A court appearance today for seven people arrested over a multimillion-dollar fraud ring. They're among 13 people accused of bribing bank workers

and intercepting mail to steal the identities of scores of Australians and companies. Darren Cranshaw appeared in court facing more than 50 counts of fraud.

Police claim he possessed false credit cards, driver's licences and cheques, part of a $5 million scam broken up by State and Federal Police. Detectives allegedly identified Cranshaw using photo facial recognition technology. Eva Elassaad, also charged with fraud, was allegedly a runner for the gang. At her home, police found false passports, credit cards and Medicare cards.

She was allegedly identified trying to cash a counterfeit cheque at this branch of the ANZ Bank. Arthur Grigolia faced three charges over the alleged theft of mail from letterboxes. The theft of mail containing the personal and financial information of both people and organisations. Kieten Booth was a bank employee who now faces charges over the alleged infiltration of a bank's database and passing the data to the gang. Police allege the counterfeit documents were used to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards and take out personal loans. Businesses were also hit through parallel ghost companies, which milked their bank accounts. There were a number of supervisors who had various runners working for them. Some of these runners - their individual role was just to steal mail. Other people were involved in credit card fraud, other people personal loans. Police say 13 people have been charged so far. They expect to make further arrests. John Hill, Ten News. Many happy returns, Mr Whitlam. Thank you. So say all of you? Still to come - anointed, appointed, promoted and sacked. How a controversial former PM celebrated a special birthday. And the bizarre bazaar. I traded one red paper clip for one red fish pen, which I traded for one door knob.

How a man started with a paper clip and traded up to a house. Nose blocked from a cold or flu? Keep your Lemsip Max With Decongestant Capsules handy

when you're out. Lemsip Capsules, with the added power of a decongestant. This program is captioned live. Surveillance footage has just been released of a collision between two packed passenger planes. The footage shows one aircraft reversing from the terminal while another, which was taxiing to its gate after landing, lost control,

leaving the crew unable to steer or stop, It slammed into the larger plane, skidding along the tarmac and spilling fuel. Several people were injured, including a passenger and the aircraft and ground crew. The accident is still being investigated. Schools are being told to do much more to crack down on bullying. A new report says it can lead to long-term psychological damage, as serious as child abuse. The school playground can be a tough place growing up, a new survey showing 1 in 5 students are being bullied every day and the psychological harm found to be just as bad a child abuse. They suffer from depression, withdrawal, low self-esteem and, very often, suicidal thoughts. Whether it's physical attacks, verbal abuse or teasing, the research found

the problem is just as common among private schools as it is in the public system. The report's author is now calling for mandatory reporting of bullying to child protection authorities.

It really is time for us to take it very seriously and perhaps use the legislation that is available to offer protection. Most schools already have an anti-bullying policy, but many children suffer in silence, fearing, if they tell someone, it could get even worse. Unfortunately, our school counsellor ratio in our schools is such that

one school counsellor has a case load of 1,000 students. That's just far too much.

Playground bullying is often dismissed as part of growing up, but it can have an impact many years after leaving school, with reports of severe psychological damage, depression and even suicide attempts. People get flashbacks. I've spoken to someone recently

who felt he wanted to go back and track down his bully and take some sort of revenge. Parents are being advised to report any cases of abusive behaviour, no matter how small, to teachers. Richard Davies, Ten News. The elder statesman of the Australian Labor Party has reached a special milestone. Gough Whitlam is 90 and there were plenty of friends on hand for the big celebration. The birthday boy was the first to arrive at the big bash. Many happy returns, Mr Whitlam. Thank you. So say all of you? Gough and Margaret Whitlam joining a throng of true believers at a restaurant named in honour of the most cunning politician of them all. Gough Whitlam is the bloke who made the modern Australian Labor Party. A great milestone for a great man.

Glad to be here. Never one to miss an opportunity to say a few words,

Gough Whitlam spoke. On occasions like this we must demonstrate a sense of perspective. I've now lived longer than Gladstone, Bismarck and Chairman Mao. LAUGHTER

Revealing he'd received a birthday note from John Howard. Dear Gough, As you know, 11 July is an auspicious day

in the Howard family calendar - Jeanette was born on 11 July. But while the day might have been all about Gough, politicians will be politicians, and so the conversation around these very powerful tables

inevitably turned to the Government's leadership woes. Was there a sense of deja vu at all, Mr Hawke? Oh, I think there may have been, to an extent, yeah. Australians have to make up their own minds who to believe. It's clear the PM and Treasurer don't believe one another. Soon enough it was back to the festivities - just one candle for this 90-year-old, and a serenade few could equal. # Happy birthday to you! # Hip, hip! Hooray! Angela Bishop, Ten News. The three new rules of real estate are position, position, paper clip. A young entrepreneur has started with the most basic of office stationery, and traded a new home. It's a story that will turn every hopeful homebuyer red with envy. 26-year-old Kyle Macdonald dreamed of owning his own home, and set out to trade one of his red paper clips over the Internet. He offered it up to cyberspace for something bigger and better. I traded one red paper clip for one fish pen, which I traded for one door knob. Then a camping stove, a generator, a beer keg and beer sign, a snow mobile, then trading a ski trip for a supply truck, and then... Traded the cube van for a recording contract. One year of rent in Phoenix. I traded the year of rent in Phoenix for an afternoon with Alice Cooper, one Kiss snow globe, which I traded for one role in a movie. The director of the film is actor Corbin Bernsen of 'LA Law' fame, who just happens to collect snow globes and wanted Kyle's. It was then the 1,140 residents of Kipling, Saskatchewan, saw the promotional opportunity for their town, offering up this 3-bedroom house on Main Street for the right to hold auditions for the movie. We're going to do our best to use the publicity we get from this to let people know what a great place Saskatchewan is to live.

But if Kyle's after an Oscar for his mantelpiece... What you got in there? (Marcus) Chopped liver on toasted rye with onions. ..he might need to barter for it. Tim Potter, Ten News. Sports Tonight is next with Ryan Phelan

and Ryan, a big night at the AFL Tribunal. And some surprising results, Deb. We'll tell you how all three players successfully defended their charges, and which champion of the game has announced his immediate retirement.

Plus - the outcome of this spectacular race fall.

League's had enough of rugby union poaching its players. NRL boss David Gallop steps in. We just felt it was important that the Raiders knew we were interested in how it was going. And France supports its shamed superstar, but what made Zinedine Zidane lose his cool?

This program is captioned live. Stunning AFL news to begin with - champion Sydney midfielder Paul Williams has announced his immediate retirement. A shoulder injury has forced the 33-year-old out of the game just weeks after he declared his intention to hang up the boots at season's end. Paul Williams has been denied a fairytale finish to an illustrious career. Only last month the Swans veteran fronted the cameras to announce this year would be his last, then today coach Paul Roos revealed the midfielder would be rested from this week's trip to Perth. He's certainly got a couple of niggly little injuries that would help from a weekend off. Just hours later the club released a statement, saying Williams requires season-ending shoulder surgery.

The 33-year-old has suffered ongoing complications after breaking his collarbone last year. Williams exits the game after 306 matches, two Best and Fairests, two All Australian honours and an unforgettable Premiership medallion. St Kilda forward Aaron Hamill is also battling to play again this year after suffering a major setback in the re-hab of his injured knee. It's hard to say when the knee will be fine

but I'll sit down with the right people today and we'll go through a few things. Hamill will undergo surgery tomorrow having not played for nine weeks, but is still hopeful of returning for September action. As expected, Glen Archer has escaped the need for a shoulder reconstruction. He's now considering playing for one more year, should the Kangaroos want him.

It'll be more up to them, once I get to the end of the year and sit down with them.

I sort of know in my own mind what I want to hear. Last year's runner-up in the Brownlow Medal, Daniel Kerr, went before the Tribunal for his low blow on Hawthorn's Sam Mitchell. He had his 2-match suspension reduced to 1. Yeah, I was just trying to get under his skin. I definitely didn't intentionally go hit him in the area which it appears I've hit him in. Port Adelaide's Stuart Dew also rolled the dice and won, with his 2-match striking ban downgraded to 1. And Brisbane fullback Mal Michael has explained that bizarre rushed behind,

admitting it left coach Leigh Matthews very confused. Well, I've been pushing my claim to play in the forward line but they refused to play me up there.

Hopefully, after the weekend, they might change their mind. Kelli Underwood for Sports Tonight.

NRL chief executive David Gallop has joined the bid to stop Canberra captain Clinton Schifcofske signing with rugby union's Queensland Reds. The NRL concerned about the state of the game in the national capital with a looming exodus of senior players from the club. The Canberra captain's switch of codes was supposedly a done deal before a frantic series of phone calls this morning. Among the callers, the NRL boss. We don't want anybody, any of our stars going to rugby union. From time to time it's gonna happen but as long as we've done all we can within the rules... The League offering advice on how the Raiders can organise a career after football for Schifcofske without breaching the salary cap. I think he can be a contributor to the club and the sport when he finishes playing. Penrith star Craig Gower has also been offered a rugby union deal - an off-season guest stint with a European club - but the Kangaroos halfback still has four years to run on his contract with the Panthers. Friday night's blockbuster between St George Illawarra and the Bulldogs is set to sell out, but police have major concerns about tensions between rival fans,

more than 100 extra officers rostered to patrol Sydney's OKI Jubilee Stadium.

Dragons forward Dean Young is out of the match with an ankle injury, but Mark Gasnier will play, despite being offered a rest, team management concerned that he's played too much football. I don't feel too bad. I'm just trying to be honest with them, and I feel pretty good,

so while ever I feel like that I'll keep playing. At Cronulla, a pair of rookie props are hoping they don't end up like this when they come up against Sydney Roosters enforcer Adrian Morley this weekend. I'm keen. I like a bit of confrontational, sort of, stuff. I'm a simple player, so I'll just run hard. If I get hit by him, just as long as I get back up, that's the main thing. Yeah, I hope they develop a sidestep between here and Saturday or Sunday, you know? Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Queensland half Josh Valentine has signed with the NSW Waratahs. He's tipped to take the spot vacated by the departing Chris Whitaker. Meanwhile, returning Wallabies prop Rodney Blake ran freely ahead of Saturday's clash with the Springboks. Coach John Connolly's dilemma at the selection table is which Matt to welcome - Rogers or Giteau. Matt's got the games under his belt - Matt Rogers - and Matt Giteau is coming back from injury

and has a great combination with Mortlock and Larkham

on the back of many years together, so it's a reasonable position to be in for us. Both teams will be finalised tomorrow. 1.5 days after the World Cup final and that head butt is still the major talking point, but the Italians don't care, too busy celebrating becoming champions of the world for a fourth time. A day of wild celebrations in Rome... ..from the airport, to the streets... the ancient Circus Maximus, the Azzurri fans unable to get enough of their heroes with that stirring victory still fresh in their minds. For now, at least, the murk of a match-fixing controversy has been lifted from Italian football, though questions are still being asked about the extra-time verbal sparring between Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi, Zidane's agent says a very serious slur pushed the French captain over the edge. COMMENTATOR: And Zinedine Zidane leaves football,

sent off in a World Cup final. Tight-lipped while meeting his President today, the player is expected to provide further details of the exchange in the coming week. Meanwhile, speculation has been rife, Materazzi denying an early report which claimed he called Zidane's Algerian-born mother a "terrorist whore". Another media outlet came up with their own interpretation. Finally he told the Frenchman to "Go f--k yourself." It's not the Frenchman's first indiscretion, though - he sat out two matches of the 1998 World Cup and has been sent off 14 times in his professional and international career, those black marks ignored as Paris farewelled one of their all time best, President Chirac saying Zidane's football genius, passion and conviction guaranteed his country's love. Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight. Football Australia continues to reap the benefits of the Socceroos' inspiring World Cup campaign with fans jumping at the next opportunity to see the team in action. Four tickets, Australia vs Kuwait, Aussie Stadium, 16 August. Got them! It's all happening! The first release of 10,000 public tickets

were sold out before lunchtime today, and sight-restricted seats are almost all gone. Seven jockeys have escaped injury in a spectacular fall at Warrnambool in country Victoria this afternoon. in the final race of the day. Approaching the home turn swept to the front, Mezaire, with Kate Walters aboard, then dipped with dramatic results. RACE CALLER: Oh there's one down! oh, so has Recidivist, Mezaire's fallen, Sunrise Song's lost the rider. in the last. This is an unbelievable fall

No riders or horses were seriously injured in the fall. into the fall Stewards have opened an inquiry but no date has been fixed in South Australia and Queensland Meanwhile, racing has been dealt a blow downgraded to Group Two events. with the Adelaide and Brisbane cups The races no longer measure up and quality of horses, in terms of prize money was no surprise. so the loss of their Group One status but we have to be realistic The decision's regrettable from a national perspective. about where the race fits are confident Racing club officials in both States the decision won't effect crowds at future events. They're women. The Pantene Young Woman of the Year Awards... ..salute young women who are talented and passionate achievers, Your mother's wrinkles. Your daughter's pimples. SONG: # Stuck in the middle with you... # the appearance of blemishes and reduce For Blemish Prone Skin from Olay. with new Total Effects This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time now horsepower and strike power and it's a battle between on a tarmac in England. On one runway to win the Le Mans 24 hour race. the first diesel-powered car On the other, a Harrier jump-jet. won the start The Audi Sports prototype and held its own in the drag race...

..but the 1km test was too far, the jet prevailing by a nose - just 0.1sec - and into our Play of the Day. before it roared off into the sky Some

eem have too much time on

their hands. Why did they do that?

guess. To give us a play of the day, I

To finance news of an interest rate rise and the chance are being blamed on top of the political uncertainly in the local share market, for a drift down

the All Ordinaries losing 31 points. The big mining stocks lost ground, BHP Billiton down 16 cents, Rio Tinto down 96 cents. The big four banks all lost value, the biggest loser the NAB with a 49-cent drop. Media companies were among the few stocks making gains after the Communications Minister said made a decision on media reform Federal Cabinet had today due later this week. with a formal announcement

News Corp climbed 15 cents. a little better about their money, Telstra investors are feeling

the telco rising 6 cents. 75 American cents. The Australian dollar is buying Gold is up to almost US$628 an ounce.

And finally tonight,

around the nation. a look at the weather southern Victoria and Tasmania Cloud across parts of SA, is bringing showers and small hail. along a trough across inland WA and SA Cloud is forming causing rain. in a developing upper trough, across New South Wales and Queensland Mostly clear under a ridge of high pressure. will bring rain to inland WA A trough in the west of SA and the NT. and neighbouring parts will generate showers and alpine snow Cool south-west winds in Tasmania, Victoria and southern New South Wales. A weak trough in the north-east will generate rain or showers in tropical Queensland.

Showers in Cairns and mostly sunny in Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra. Showers in Melbourne, windy with showers in Hobart and a clearing shower in Adelaide. mostly cloudy in Darwin Mostly sunny in Perth, in Alice Springs. and cloud increasing from the Ten News room. That's the latest thanks for your company. I'm Deborah Knight -

See you tomorrow. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions