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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Deborah Knight. Tonight - the voters have their say to lead the Liberal Party. on who they want girl taken by a crocodile. The grim search for an 8-year-old for organ donation to be compulsory. A controversial call for the law to change here We are pressing is automatically a donor. so that every single person And the Italian World Cup victory with Ryan Phelan. headlines Sports Tonight Thanks, Deb. They are still celebrating.

for Italy, Tonight - what the win means World Cup brain snaps. and the upside of one of the great but why he has reason to smile. What was Zidane thinking, one of the greats of tennis. How Roger Federer officially became in the Wallabies line-up. And 'Rodzilla' to reclaim his place worried? But why aren't the Springboks when they put Rodney Blake back. Let's see what happens this week

has exploded tonight, First, the Liberal leadership crisis his leader. with Peter Costello openly defying The Treasurer going public he ever made a deal after the Prime Minister denied

to hand over the top job. at the end of an extraordinary day. at Kirribilli House John Howard arrived back

at Kirribilli House at the end of an extraordinary day. Peter Costello has had enough. After 12 years of silence, 1.5 terms as PM He told me that he intended to do and then would hand over. I did not seek that undertaking. and I took him at his word. He volunteered it former frontbencher Ian McLachlan, The only witness to that meeting was that offer was made. who has already said publicly just a discussion. No deal, the Prime Minister insists, There were many discussions of the party at that time about the future leadership after that particular meeting, that went on for weeks

been concluded at that meeting. which suggests nothing could have

a liar? So is the Treasurer calling Mr Howard whatever you like. Look, you can interpret That is what happened. its luck. The Opposition can't believe so routinely misled by Howard, If the Australian people could be of Costello be as well? why shouldn't somebody of the likes that things have changed, In a sure sign to have cancelled a trip to Africa Mr Costello is understood later this week. to make the point today The Prime Minister was very keen that in the end leadership change will be decided of the parliamentary Liberal Party. by the 100 men and women But the Treasurer's outburst Cabinet meeting tomorrow. will make for an interesting earned the right to pick his time. The man Mr Howard replaced says he's according to his own formula, When he chooses to retire,

then we will respect that. we will continue to support him But, in the meantime, in the job that he is doing. And for now at least, he has the support he needs. the PM is confident You're our favourite politician. a discussion is not a deal. Mr Howard is sticking to his guns - the Australian public. I have in no way misled Fenn Kemp, Ten News. Paul Bongiorno, And our political editor, joins us now from Canberra. Paul, a fascinating turn of events. now inevitable? Is a Costello challenge to the PM camp is talking challenge tonight. Well, Deb, nobody in the Costello is really up to John Howard. In fact, they say the next move in his press conference today, Peter Costello, for the truth to be out there, said he was happy enough to know what really happened. for the Australian people

of what will Mr Howard do - That then raises the question and there was no deal? pretend that they really agreed Or will he shore up his leadership that he really is in charge? by calling a spill to prove This is ahead for the Government. Lots of counting of numbers. for the Government, Paul? And how damaging is this Well, it's got to be damaging, two most senior figures because the Government's

liars. are virtually calling each other

today virtually said And Peter Costello dishonoured him, that John Howard has has dishonoured his word. It is very difficult to see can credibly work together. how these two men one of them has to leave the scene. Something has to give - meeting in Sydney tomorrow. It will be an interesting Cabinet Thank you, Paul. Paul Bongiorno reporting. Ten's political editor And a short time ago,

released the contents former defence minister Ian McLachlan of a note he made of a conversation Peter Costello in which the PM appeared to promise the Liberal Party leadership. It confirms what's being reported,

that if he became prime minister that John Howard gave an undertaking after 1.5 terms. he would hand over to Mr Costello

Costello before the next election? should John Howard make way for Peter And what do you think -

until 2am eastern time. Phone lines are open later in the bulletin. And we'll check the results

are still searching Northern Territory Police taken by a saltwater crocodile. for the body of an 8-year-old girl

in the Blythe River, The girl was fishing with her parents

considered safe by locals. Police have killed two crocs on sweeping the river banks. but will now focus that it's quite probable So I guess that paints the scenario in fact been stashed underwater the body of the missing girl has of those crocodiles. by perhaps one or two The search will continue tomorrow.

what's believed to be Police have busted identity fraud rings, one of Australia's biggest with the arrest of up to 13 people. has been siphoned It's alleged a million dollars and financial institutions in Sydney. from bank accounts of an inquiry The arrests are the result and NSW officers. by the Australian Federal Police shooting this evening in Melbourne. Police are hunting a gunman after a at Fairfield. A man was shot dead in Station Street his getaway on foot Police believe the gunman made seen the incident to contact Police. and are asking anyone who may have a State Government Two women are suing failed to diagnose their tumours. after a breast screening clinic

They were given a clean bill of health. Now one woman is dying. A few years ago these couples didn't have a care in the world.

But today they're facing a life-and-death struggle with both women fighting aggressive cancers. It's totally destroyed my life. It's totally destructive. Really angry and really upset. Mum of three Sandra Harley has had her left breast removed while 52-year-old Philippa Naismith has been given just eight months to live. It's there every morning when you wake up, it's in your face at night before you go to sleep. I feel very... I feel duped by the whole health system. The women were regular clients

of a Queensland Government-run clinic - a breast cancer clinic they allege failed to diagnose the disease despite ongoing mammograms. They've hired one of the country's top law firms to take on their case. The scans themselves were misinterpreted and our allegation is that they were negligently misinterpreted. The free screening service, which has tested over a million women, today fiercely defended its reputation. We would detect 9 of every 10 cancers present at the time of screening. Despite state-of-the-art technology, no breast cancer test is fail-safe - something that's disclosed at time of screening. The women have come forward to warn others not to be complacent, to seek a second opinion if they have any doubts. But they also want compensation for pain and suffering and loss of expectation of life. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. Italy is the master of the universe tonight - the Italian soccer sensations finishing off the French in the World Cup clincher. And the celebrations and commiserations continue tonight. Waking up to the World Cup final, welcome torture for Italian fans. Their teeth chattering and nerves rattling, crowds across the country fretted during the penalty shoot-out. Relief grew with goal... ..after goal. Until finally - the big one. COMMENTATOR: And he wins the World Cup for Italy. Sparking a big party in Little Italy. Fans lining Melbourne's Lygon Street also rejoiced. But it couldn't compare with the riotous celebrations in Rome. In Paris, the opposite - thousands of French fans in despair. Back home, French-Australians comforted each other. The Consul General looking on the bright side. It is horrible for us but at the same time we are happy it was a European team. But that won't stop the Italians gloating. (All sing) # We are the champions # So confident of winning they prepared a French coffin for the victory celebrations. The partying carried on through the morning - responsibly and irresponsibly. Italian fans say it's a win for Socceroos supporters too. This means Australia only just lost to the world champions.

Italy went all the way so when we got there they won the Cup, so we're proud of Australia, we're proud of Italy. are still sore. But some Socceroos fans It should have been us! It should have been us!

Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Still to come - the law to change here We are pressing for is automatically a donor. so that every single person for organ donation to be compulsory. A controversial call And getting back to basics - it was fantastic - Because of the nature of the show the impact was wonderful. return to their old stomping ground. The cast of a daring TV soap Don't just get up, wake up... (Women yawn) cleanser and SPF moisturiser. ..with Clean & Clear Morning Burst burst to wake you up, The cleanser's soft beads This program is captioned live. tragic plane crash in Siberia, As Russia mourns the weekend's another airliner has crashed. International Airlines flight Police say all 45 on board a Pakistan

coming from the plane Witnesses reported seeing flames have been killed.

just minutes after take-off as it spiralled out of control in central Pakistan. before crashing into a wheat field A controversial call tonight

for Australia to make organ donation compulsory. It comes from the pioneering surgeons

who did the world's first hand and face transplants.

who've done the impossible. They're the surgeons gave Isabelle Dinoire back a face. Professor Sylvie Testelin She looked like a horror movie as if she was a Muslim, and couldn't go out without a scarf,

and what they've converted her to lady than she was, who's so happy. is a very pretty-looking younger they've given limbs that work. By re-joining nerves, Denis Chatelier owes them his hands. He's back to work and, you know, that can be expected from somebody. he can do all the major activity

Perth man Clint Hallam, The first hand transplant recipient,

had to have it amputated, but surgeons say it only failed a con man wanted by police, because Hallam, who turned out to be refused to take medication. We were very disappointed with him the person we thought he was after we found out that he was not

the day after the operation. These surgeons say depends very much on organ donation. the future of transplants when they die. In France, everyone donates to adopt the same system These surgeons want Australia for anyone who objects. and allow for a register

to change here We are pressing for the law so that every single person is automatically a donor for any form of body parts that they have to be transplanted and donated to another person to give them life from their death. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Jose Ramos Horta Nobel Peace prize winner as East Timor's Prime Minister. has been sworn in to serve his people Dr Ramos Horta took an oath at the Presidential Palace in Dili. during a ceremony

the former foreign minister President Xanana Gusmao named on the weekend. as Mari Alkatiri's replacement the country descended into violence Alkatiri quit last month after were sent in to restore order. and Australian peacekeepers The joint forces have captured more assault weapons. and confiscated more than 1,000 Minister until elections next May. Dr Ramos Horta will serve as Prime The three Bali bombers on death row at the end of the month. are likely to be executed Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Ali Ghufron An Indonesian newspaper is reporting will face a firing squad on July 30

lodged promised appeal documents, because the bombers' lawyers have not clearing the way for their execution. department The Indonesian Attorney-General's is refusing to confirm any details. Schapelle Corby Convicted drug smuggler in a Bali prison. has celebrated her 29th birthday with bags of gifts Corby's family arrived at the jail and a big bunch of flowers. including earrings, a new top 'Happy Birthday'? REPORTER: Did you sing Yes, we did. Oh, good. GIRL: And she was so good. Happy. And she was what? This is the second birthday has spent behind bars. the former beauty student A blast from the past tonight, most controversial soaps with the cast of one of Australia's to their old stomping ground. heading back television lost its virginity It was billed as the night Australian and the facts lived up to the hype. had never come face-to-screen In 1972, Australians knicker snipper, blow-up dolls, with the likes of the and that see-through shirt. or Abigail have missed it for quids. It was exhausting, but we wouldn't Some of the cast's most famous faces apartment block where it all began today returned to the Woollahra just released 'Number 96' DVD. to receive their copy of the the TV show from start to finish. You see every great moment from

some titillating tidbits, While it certainly had never tackled on television before the show also covered serious issues and homosexuality. including drug use, breast cancer it was fantastic. Because of the nature of the show, The impact was wonderful you could talk quite openly about. and then it became something I thought you knew! What? I'm a homosexual. regularly hit the headlines In the 1970s 'Number 96' to be axed. with plenty of calls for it So the question needs to be asked, the new 'Number 96'? 35 years later on, is 'Big Brother' The public is always ahead of us. for all this outspokenness. Australia was ready were shocked. But even some cast members Norma Whitaker always wore a wig. Here's the real reason and sin side of it. No, that was because of the sex with such a disgusting show. I didn't want to be associated All in all, explosive stuff. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

with Ryan Phelan. Sports Tonight is next Ryan, the Rugby poaching is on again. lose a State Of Origin star. Yes, Deb, this time the NRL could We'll tell you who next. officially great, Plus, Roger Federer - consecutive Wimbledon title. with a record-equalling fourth A Kangaroo stalwart suffers a serious injury. Could this be the end for Glenn Archer? There it is! The Italians celebrate a fourth World Cup triumph. And why this won't cost Zinedine Zidane.

there's one frontier Nissan believes no-one has ever really conquered, It'll convert you. The new Nissan Murano. This program is captioned live. and so too was the finale. It's been a dramatic World Cup its fourth World Cup success Italy is celebrating in Berlin. after a tense penalty shootout

after extra time. The match finished 1-1 The Italians then held their nerve to beat France 5-3 on penalties. A triumphant return to their hotel, and, at the mast head of the team bus, the prize craved by Azzurri fans for more than two decades. Early morning euphoria to match the tension of a tight Cup final. The Italians served a taste of their own medicine after just five minutes. COMMENTATOR: He's going to get there. He's gone down - it's a penalty! Red-carded against the Socceroos, Marco Materazzi seemed harshly dealt with. Unconcerned, French veteran Zinedine Zidane only just converted. And the assistant has flagged that it has crossed the line. It was only the second goal against Italy all tournament. They sought redemption through the air - a familiar face with the equaliser. Grosso by the near post. And the header to level from Materazzi!

Both sides had their opportunities to break the deadlock. The Italians oh so close late in the second half. And Luca Toni is stopped in his tracks by the linesman's flag. Zidane repelled by Italy's keeper of the tournament, Buffon, in the first extra-time period. Materazzi back in the mix in the second, goading the 35-year-old French captain into this most inconceivable retaliation, tainting the end of an extraordinary career. And Zinedine Zidane leaves football, sent off in a World Cup final.

Penalties needed to break the deadlock. Replacement forward David Trezeguet faltered for France. Fabio Grosso's perfect strike igniting wild celebrations on the field and wherever Italian fans gathered across the globe.

Anthony Goodridge for Sports Tonight. And what of Zidane's headbutt? Well, voters for one of soccer's most prestigious honours ignored his shameful exit from the final. The French leader out-polled nine players in the Golden Ball Award for the World Cup Player of the Tournament. He pipped Italy's Fabio Cannavaro for the honour. German striker Miroslav Klose won the Golden Shoe for the top goalscorer. His five strikes the lowest for a Golden Shoe winner in 44 years. The future of Kangaroos veteran Glenn Archer is still in the balance. He will find out tomorrow if he will play again this season after dislocating his shoulder in Sunday's match against the Bulldogs. Archer, is keen to return before the final round to farewell football on his own terms. With a visit to more specialists tomorrow the future for the 2-time premiership player is far from clear - Glenn Archer resigned to the fact a shoulder reconstruction would spell the end. You know, if it's a reco, of course I'm gone, and if it's not, hopefully I can just get back in. Best-case scenario is probably four or five weeks. The 32-year-old leaving the MCG in agony but hoping it was not his last game. Oh, yeah, it'd be shattering if that was the last game but only time's going to tell now. After the match reviews, Bomber Nathan Lovett Murray has accepted a 3-match ban, taking the early guilty plea for this haymaker. COMMENTATOR: That is a big roundhouse. That is the end of the season, I'd suggest. That is a massive one. While Eagle midfielder Daniel Kerr will challenge his penalty of two matches for this low blow. Little tummy smack... ..oh, no, you get weeks for that. Port Adelaide's Stuart Dew has copped two weeks for this whack, and Carlton's Simon Wiggins has been fined $3,300 for making contact with an umpire. After a weekend thrashing, Collingwood has sprung to the defence of embattled forward Chris Tarrant. I think we're just beating him up too much. I think it's, you know... ..why do we have to support him? Because you blokes are bagging him? Another contender struggling at the moment is Sydney, with leaping Leo Barry agreeing with the coach's assessment that they can't win back-to-back premierships playing as they are. Definitely the way I'm playing footy at the moment you'd probably say no. Grim news from the Lions - midfielder Nigel Lappin may not play at all this season after ankle surgery. He's just about running out of time now. I mean, if it's eight weeks to round 22 and he hasn't joined in group training yet. And scans have shown West Coast Mark Nicoski has a fracture in his right ankle and he'll be sidelined for eight weeks. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. The Rugby poaching season is on again. The Queensland Reds appear set to lure the Raiders' Clinton Schifcofske away from League by using a third party. The feeling in Canberra is he's as good as gone. As the Raiders met with their fans today, concerns remain their captain won't be there next season. Clinton Schifcofske soon to receive a better offer from the Queensland Reds. The Origin flyer is likely to be seen

in a maroon jersey of a different kind next year. Even with the ARU not backing the proposed move, the Raiders are bracing themselves for the worst. There's no reason why, if he does decide to leave, that he should stand down as captain. Everyone respects him for the job he does and that won't change, no matter what his decision.

Schifcofske's Origin team-mate Nate Myles another player with some thinking to do. Three clubs are seeking his services for coming seasons. The Bulldogs can't match the money others are offering. But they remain confident their bolter from the bench will stay for other reasons. Well, we won a comp in 2004, so I guess that's what we can offer him. I've got into his ear a few times but I think Nate's gonna decide on his future where's he's best gonna play his football. After four seasons at the Rabbitohs, Luke MacDougal has signed a 2-year deal with St George Illawarra from next season. Parramatta back rower Nathan Hindmarsh has been charged with a grade one dangerous throw by the NRL judiciary but can escape suspension with an early guilty plea. South Sydney prop Scott Geddes must beat a grade two careless high tackle charge in order to play in Saturday night's Telstra Stadium match against Manly. Rob Canning for Sports Tonight. The Wallabies received a boost today - powerhouse prop Rodney Blake expected to take on South Africa this Saturday after passing a fitness test. Blake's ankle was tested for all it could handle in the lead-up to the crucial showdown with the Springboks. The Wallabies sorely missed 'Rodzilla's size and aggression

against a dominating All Blacks on Saturday. We've still got to step up for this weekend's game, but we'll improve from that. And we're learning as we're playing every week.

I mean, a lot of people were expecting the front row that played last week to be good enough to hold the All Blacks and obviously they didn't, so let's see what happens this week when they put Rodney Blake back.

Queensland Reds hooker Sean Hardman has also been brought into the squad to replace the injured Tai McIsaac.

Roger Federer, he's officially a great of the game of tennis. He's become just the third man to win four consecutive Wimbledon titles. The world number one Swiss beat Spanish young gun Rafael Nadal in four sets. The world's top two players in battle for their sport's top honour. COMMENTATOR: What a shot - what shots from both players. Nadal had won six of their previous seven encounters but they've never met on grass. Federer all class wrapping up the first set in just 24 minutes. The Spaniard then made his intentions clear. Trying to pump himself up, Nadal. Some incredible passing shots giving him advantage in a tie break before Federer clawed back to take a two-sets-to-love lead.

Great shot from Federer. Nadal may have been down but he was certainly not out as the pair traded blows in the third. Oh, my gosh! Great shot! Great shot. The 20-year-old eventually successful in a tie break. Federer's first dropped set all tournament. But Federer came out firing in the fourth. Oh, scorching forehand. Breaking his opponent's serve twice as he ran away with the fourth set and another Wimbledon title. That's out. Roger Federer is Wimbledon champion for the fourth consecutive year. Federer joins Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras as the only men to have won four straight Wimbledon titles in the Open era. There are heroes of the game and this is the most important tournament and to win four, it's out of this world. I'll come back and try for a fifth. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. At least the Tour de France gave the French something to celebrate, despite losing the World Cup, with local rider Sylvain Calzarti winning the eighth stage. The Frenchman, whose father is Italian, made his break with 30km to go. He finished two minutes ahead of the rest. Green jersey leader Australian Robbie McEwen won the bunched sprint for fourth place. Fellow countryman Michael Rogers remains third overall and Cadel Evans eighth. Juan Pablo Montoya has quit Formula One to go stock car racing in the United States. The fiery Colombian has abandoned his F1 dream to sign on to race in the popular American Nascar series. Montoya won seven Grand Prix. His last race for McLaren will be in Brazil in October. And the V8 Supercars have today conceded defeat on their controversial reverse grid races. After excessive panel damage, they've been scrapped for the final four events of the 2006 Supercar Championship. This program is captioned live. Play of the day time now. Australian golfer Mathew Goggin has been denied his first US tour victory. He tied with Tiger Woods for second all because of this guy - South African Trevor Immelman with this 35-foot monster putt on the last hole. COMMENTATOR: Birdie 3 in what could be a breakthrough victory. Even if it meant dudding an Aussie, Trevor, that is worth our play of the day.

That's the day's sport. Wimbledon's

over, World Cup's over. I'm gonna

enjoy a good night's sleep. Too

much sport is never enough. You'll

find something else to watch! In finance, the Australian share market closed higher after a volatile day of trading. Finally tonight, a look at the weather around the nation. A cold front will spread showers and Alpine snow across Tasmania, Victoria and southern NSW. Cool southerly winds will maintain light showers across agricultural South Australia and southern Western Australia. A jetstream cloudband will see the rain spread across inland Western Australia to north-western South Australia. So tomorrow, showers in Cairns, mostly sunny in Brisbane,

and windy in Sydney and Canberra. Rain for Melbourne and Hobart, showers in Adelaide

and mostly sunny in Perth and Darwin. Cloud increasing in Alice Springs. And a reminder about our phone poll, asking the question: should John Howard make way for Peter Costello before the next election? To vote 'yes', call 1902 555 500. To vote no: phone 1902 555 501. Or you can SMS the words "yes" or "no" to 1991 10 10. So far, around 75% of voters say the Prime Minister should not give up his job to his Treasurer. The phone lines are open until 2am eastern time. Some breaking news, and police have killed Russia's most wanted man, a Chechen warlord accused of being behind the Beslan school massacre, the Moscow theatre siege and dozens of deadly encounters. That is the latest from the Ten News room. Thanks for your company. Stay with us here on Ten. our next bulletin is at 6:00 tomorrow morning with all the latest on the Liberal Party leadership, and what will be an interesting showdown in Federal Cabinet between John Howard and Peter Costello. I'm Deborah Knight. See you tomorrow night. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.