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(generated from captions) about your business, I know too much about you, and you know that. and I can cause serious damage You don't want me as an enemy. You're my son, not my enemy. Drop the charges. Then get my mother out of jail.

Don't force my hand. You may lose. Dominick. It is unwise to threaten me, for what you really are. It's sad to see you Work. Honour. Family. You've got till morning. DOOR OPENS DOOR CLOSES the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. the Liberal leadership showdown. Tonight - at odds over the top job. John Howard and Peter Costello one and a half terms as PM. He told me he intended to do by a neighbour's dog. Tears as a Sydney toddler is attacked Italy's incredible win in Berlin. And Sydney soccer fans go wild after and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Heading the news at 5:00 - it's on. at war over the Liberal leadership. The PM and his Treasurer now publicly contradicted John Howard Peter Costello has directly to hand over the Party's top job. insisting there was a deal Peter Costello has broken his silence After 12 years, made to him on December 5, 1994. about a promise he says John Howard

1.5 terms as PM He told me he intended to do and then would hand over. I did not seek that undertaking. and I took him at his word. He volunteered it The only witness to the meeting Ian McLachlan, was then frontbench colleague that offer was made. who has already said publicly

His account is entirely accurate. like this, That account led to headlines brushed aside by the Prime Minister,

denied there was a deal, who this morning saying it was just a discussion. There were many discussions of the party at that time about the future leadership after that particular meeting, that went on for weeks been concluded at that meeting. which suggests nothing could have Mr Howard was very grateful There's no doubt, at the time,

a free run at the leadership. that Peter Costello gave him Peter Costello has in every way and cooperative deputy leader. displayed the qualities of a loyal he's continued to serve loyally. Peter Costello says John Howard's Treasurer? But can he still be It seems so. can be done to improve Australia, Whilst there are things that to doing it. I intend to dedicate myself between Bob Hawke and Paul Keating When Kirribilli agreement became public, first blow in a knockout bout. it was the then-treasurer's is not challenging John Howard. But Mr Costello to explain his broken promise, Kim Beazley wants John Howard the Kirribilli deal was revealed. just as Bob Hawke did, once these sorts of deals at all. I don't believe in

I don't think they're right. and out there on the table. I think politics ought to be open But Mr Howard still has his fans. You're our favourite politician. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Paul Bongiorno joins us now. And our political editor Paul, an interesting turn of events. Is it possible now though, can still be a unified team that John Howard and Peter Costello and work together?

almost impossible. I'd say it must be the two most senior figures How do you have in the Howard Government virtually calling each other liars? today And Peter Costello in his doorstop has not honoured his word to him. virtually saying John Howard resolution to this disarray It seems to me that the only in the Howard Government steps aside. is if one or other of the men The all-important question then,

to mount a successful challenge? does the Treasurer have the numbers

there's been no counting Up until this point of time no line in the sand. and certainly there's been saying There's been no Peter Costello but you can't have both of us". "You can have either of us Thank you. An intriguing political day. Paul Bongiorno Ten's political reporter

reporting from Canberra. And we'd like to know what you think. Costello before the next election? Should John Howard make way for Peter

that poll later in the bulletin. And we'll check the results of charged over a brutal attack A South Coast man has faced court

which killed an 11-year-old boy

fighting for her life. and left his mother in their own home. The two were attacked The 11-year-old boy, for legal reasons, who can't be identified at Callala Bay near Nowra. was allegedly attacked last night was arrested nearby The alleged killer and as he was being interviewed, for clues. detectives combing the family's home

of the house were covered in blood. The attack so violent, parts and her son were rushed to hospital Police said the 31-year-old mother to the head and upper body. both suffering serious wounds

child's arrival at the hospital Unfortunately, upon the 11-year-old he was pronounced life extinct. Hospital to stop heavy bleeding, The mother had surgery at Nowra and remains in a serious condition. at Callala Bay Police were alerted to an emergency

from a public phone after the man allegedly called them at this shopping centre. Along with the ambulance, and found the mother and child. they then went to the home

in Nowra Court late this afternoon, 24-year-old Dean Nolan appeared and attempted murder. charged with murder and was remanded in custody. He did not apply for bail

was in the house during the attack. Police say the victim's baby brother was discovered at the house. A 13-month-old child

That child was taken into our care into the care of relatives and he was subsequently delivered of Community Services. and to the Department of violence escalates to the point I find it staggering that the level or a child is killed. where a child is injured

in September. Nolan will reappear in Nowra Court John Hill, Ten News. in hospital tonight A toddler is recovering in western Sydney. after a vicious dog attack in the area. It was one of two incidents The other involved an elderly woman.

The toddler's young sisters were left in tears after witnessing the brutal attack.

They'd been playing out the front of their south-western Sydney home when their 2-year-old brother was set upon by a neighbour's dog. Their mother heard her children's screams and raced to pull the dog off her son. Badly bleeding,

he was rushed to Liverpool Hospital in a serious condition suffering bites to his face, head, stomach and legs. Police helped Fairfield council officers seize the dog - a Japanese akita - a breed known for its size and power. It's believed to have escaped from a nearby house. The council is yet to decide whether it will be destroyed. It's heightened calls for a national dog bite prevention week

to help educate children. If a dog attacks, the most important thing to do is actually to stand still, not to run, not to make a lot of noise. The dangers to children are very real. Of the 100,000 dog bite victims each year, half are aged under 10. 2,000 more victims requiring hospitalisation and reconstructive surgery. As the young boy was being moved this afternoon

to Westmead Children's Hospital for surgery, police were responding to another dog attack victim in Sydney's west. These two dogs come charging at me. I just didn't know what to do. I just stood there stared at them. but they just ripped at me and ripped at my legs. She suffered three bites to her foot and leg. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

The three Bali bombers on death row are likely to executed by the end of the month. An Indonesian newspaper is reporting Imam Samudra, Amrozi and Ali Ghufron will face a firing squad on July 30. An official in the prosecutor's office has revealed the bombers' lawyers have not lodged promised appeal documents clearing the way for execution within weeks. But the Indonesian Attorney-General's Department has refused to confirm any details.

A former Cronulla Sharks player who punched a young woman in the face has escaped a jail term. Tevita Latu today successfully appealing his original sentence of 8 months periodic detention. Relieved but still a bit sheepish, Tevita Latu left court with 200 hours community service instead of a jail term. He's very happy with the decision of Mr Justice Blanch

and he wants to put all of this behind him and get on with his life. Latu punched Brooke Pennington at a Cronulla service station in Sydney's south in May after she slapped him. The former Cronulla Shark was given 8 months periodic detention when sentenced last month. He won his appeal at the District Court and said he was sorry. Yeah, I sure am and hopefully it won't happen again. He also wrote to his victim expressing his remorse. In overturning the original Local Court ruling,

Justice Blanch accepted the footballer didn't have a prior criminal record and found. Latu remains deregistered from playing in the National Rugby League

but he does have a playing future in England.

There, at least one super league club is interested in pickiing him up once he's completed his community service. I'm not too sure at the moment but hopefully, yeah, if possible.

Latu estimates the punch has cost him up to $50,000. The incident occurred after the footballer ignored Pennington when she tried to introduce herself. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Wild celebrations in Sydney after Italy's stunning win in the World Cup. Huge crowds braved the cold to witness the dramatic penalty shoot-out. Waking up to the World Cup final, welcome torture for Italian fans. Their teeth chattering and nerves rattling, crowds across the country fretted during the penalty shoot-out. Relief grew with goal... ..after goal. Until finally - the big one. COMMENTATOR: And he wins the World Cup for Italy. Sparking a big party in Little Italy.

Fans lining Melbourne's Lygon Street also rejoiced. But it couldn't compare with the riotous celebrations in Rome.

In Paris, the opposite - thousands of French fans in despair. Back home, French-Australians comforted each other. The Consul General looking on the bright side. It is horrible for us but at the same time we are happy it was a European team. But that won't stop the Italians gloating.

(All sing) # We are the champions. # So confident of winning, they prepared a French coffin for the victory celebrations. The partying carried on through the morning - responsibly and irresponsibly.

Italian fans say even if it doesn't feel like it, it's a win for Socceroos supporters too. This means Australian only just lost to the world champions. Italy went all the way so when we got there they won the Cup, so we're proud of Australia, we're proud of Italy.

But some Socceroos fans are still sore. It should have been us! It should have been us! Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport and the Bulldogs want one of their players to settle his future. Yes, it surrounds signing one of the boom forwards in the game. Nate Myles has plenty of clubs queuing up for his signature and the Dogs are worried all the negotiations could affect his form. More shortly including the rookie who produced one of the passes of the year. And Roger Federer's reign at Wimbledon continues.

He beat the new prince of tennis Rafael Nadal. In sport - all the highlights and we'll tell you why 'Roger the Great' now has equal billing on the all-England club's honour board. Also later - even their coach thinks the Swans are about to take a dive. More frustration for rail commuters as new carriages are delayed. That's next. Plus, a violent assault on a Sydney cabbie. Police seek your help to find the suspect.

And a party behind bars - Schapelle Corby's family helps her celebrate her 29th birthday.

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A row between the State's police and the Federal Government over sending officers to East Timor. Commissioner Ken Moroney says he won't be allowing anyone to go until the Defence Force ensures officers receive the same compensation entitlements for injury or death, as they would at home. When those matters can be resolved and I believe they can be, NSW Police will commit its proposed 15 personnel.

I'd be prepared to commit more than that. The Federal Justice Minister says the arrangements are adequate and won't be altered to suit New South Wales. More problems tonight for our struggling rail system. Transport officials refusing to set a delivery date for a new high-tech outer-suburban train. It's been hailed as proof of a multimillion-dollar face-lift for a troubled rail system.

Politicians lining up to promote and be seen with the $400 million outer-suburban or OSCAR train project. But this high-tech service planned for Gosford, Wollongong, Campbelltown and the Blue Mountains is running seriously late. We cannot respond to any pressure to bring these trains into service before they are ready to do so. First promised last year,

the latest estimate is the last quarter of this year, but RailCorp is refusing to set deadlines. Problems have emerged during testing concerning the wiring of door systems and computer software controlling the brakes. The Government has rejected comparisons with the much-maligned, much-delayed Millennium trains but Railcorp says comparisons with that train have taught it lessons. It is the experience of the Millennium train

that has led us to undertake a far more intensive testing programme. With a State election just nine months away, the last thing the Government wants

is a repeat of the Millennium train's saga of 60 defects that plagued its first six months of operations in 2002. What we need from the Government is a little honesty, a little transparency. Tell us what the delivery dates are for each of the carriages.

In the meantime, outer suburban commuters will have to make do with metropolitan Tangara carriages lacking the much-needed toilet facilities. Paul Mullins, Ten News. A 71-year-old man has been shot in a terrifying home invasion in Sydney's west. Two men wearing balaclavas broke into the Mt Vernon home around 5:00 this morning demanding money. When the man refused, he was shot in the buttock.

He was then tied up, along with his wife, while the thieves ransacked the house for more than an hour. The victim remains in hospital in a stable condition. Calls tonight for a safety review of Sydney taxis after a cabbie was stabbed twice in the head. Police are appealing for public help to catch the attacker. This is the man police say lashed out at a Sydney taxi driver. Aged in his early 20s,

he's seen smoking outside the George Street Cinemas before hopping in a taxi driven by Assad Choudhury. When they arrived in Ashfield the man snapped, pulling out a screw driver. Immediately I pull over the car, he stabbed me. First time here, and then I turned to him and he stabbed me another one. REPORTER: And what did you say to him? And he say "I want to kill you now."

Assad grabbed his money and fled from the taxi, blood running down his face, screaming for help. The offender got behind the wheel and drove off running into a tree a short distance later, before fleeing the scene. Assad was treated in hospital and he's been off work since it happened two months ago. This attack was just callous and unprovoked. The taxi driver never saw it coming. The assault has sparked calls from the Opposition

for a review of safety standards in Sydney cabs. I think the videos are an effective deterrent

but we need to know how many cabs are fitted with the videos and the Government either doesn't know or isn't telling us. Assad's wife, Rumana, is worried the cameras don't do enough to protect drivers. She doesn't want him to go back behind the wheel until a security screen is installed. Ashfield detectives are urging anyone who's seen this man to come forward. Evan Batten, Ten News.

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has celebrated her 29th birthday in a Bali prison. Corby's mother, Rosleigh Rose, sister Mercedes, and her nieces and nephews arrived at the jail with bags of gifts including earrings, a new top, patty cakes and a big bunch of flowers. This is the second birthday the former beauty student has spent behind bars. Did you sing 'Happy Birthday'?

Yes, we did.

And she was so good. She was what? Happy. The mother and father of one of the Bali Nine, Scott Rush, also visiting the prison today. Time

for a check of the weather

with Tim Bailey, you are my hero, I

said I might nominate you for

Australian of the Year awards. Any

day you can be on television

day you can be on television with a

gorgeous blond, take the

opportunity. He he is. Lisa Curry

Kenny joins me, nominations for

Australian of the Year open today.

Ron Wilson sitting on zeero. It's

about every day people nominating

every day people. We see it every

day. People in their community see

others doing fantastic, inspiring

things. They are the people we want you to nominate,

you to nominate, someone famous, or

someone living down the road or

your grandmother if she does

something fantastic. It's about

having an opinion, discussing who

you think is Australian of the Year

and nominateding them. They can't

win it if you don't nominate them.

That's right. The website

www.Australian of the

Or pick up a

Or pick up a nomination form from

any Commonwealth Bank. We'll queez

in a bit of weather. It was a

chilly start to the morning. Ask

her, she was paddling on Narrabeen

lake. It was cold. If you have to

put up with a Monday, it may as

well look that good. Brilliant

conditions, pollution levels on

your television and later in the

bulletin we'll tell you more been

the Australia Day awards. Thank

the Australia Day awards. Thank you.

See you again in around about 10. Two women sue after screening fails to detect their breast cancers. That's next.

And space shuttle astronauts perform the most crucial checks they'll ever do.

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso. Vik, I've been

checking the RTA website. All the

fiasco at ar tar mon was something

to do with road markings. It was a

mess for traffic heading towards the city

the city from the north-west, some

motorists taking two hours from

the base of the M2 near Lane Cove

Road all the way to the Gore Hill

Freeway. It was something to do

with the Lane Road tunnel and

markings to do with the offramp the

the line markings are rectified we

won't see the delays we saw this

morning. This morning it was a

totally different picture.

totally different picture. Tonight

good news, there are hardly any

traffic delays from Lane Cove all

the way to Epping. We'll keep a

close eye on it and brick you

another update. Thank you Vic

Lorusso in the Mix helicopter A cold and wet wake-up call for a Sydney family, when a ruptured water main soaked their home. The pressure of the break sending a waterspout about 2 metres into the air, flooding their front lawn and street, before soaking through their home.

The water running a course through their lounge room,

bedrooms and out the front door. The were owners forced onto the back of a fire truck to dry off. A devastating cancer bungle in Queensland. Two women have launched legal action after a breast screening clinic overlooked their tumours. They were given a clean bill of health - one of the women is now dying.

A few years ago these two couples didn't have a care in the world.

But today they're facing a life-and-death struggle

with both women fighting aggressive cancers. It has totally destroyed my life. It's totally destructive. Really angry and really upset. Mum of three Sandra Harley has had her left breast removed while 52-year-old Philippa Naismith has been given just eight months to live.

It is there every morning when you wake up, it is in your face at night before you go to sleep. I feel very... I feel duped by the whole health system. The women were regular clients of BreastScreen Queensland's Gold Coast clinic - a clinic they allege failed to diagnosed the disease despite ongoing mammograms. They've hired one of the country's top law firms to take on their case.

The scans themselves were misinterpreted and our allegation is that they were negligently misinterpreted. The free, State-run breast cancer service has screened over a million women since it was set up 15 years ago and today fiercely defended its reputation. We would detect 9 out of every 10 cancers present at the time of screening.

Despite state-of-the-art technology, no breast cancer test is fail-safe - something that's disclosed at time of screening. The women's lawyer hopes the case won't get to court, that it'll be settled through mediation.

Either way, they want damages for pain and suffering and loss of expectation of life. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. Nobel Peace prize winner Jose Ramos Horta

has been sworn in as East Timor's Prime Minister. Dr Ramos Horta took an oath to serve his people during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Dili. President Xanana Gusmao named the former Foreign Minister as Mari Alkatiri's replacement on the weekend. Alkatiri quit last month after the country descended into violence and Australian peacekeepers were sent in to restore order. The joint forces have captured more

and confiscated more than 1,000 assault weapons. Dr Ramos Horta will serve as Prime Minister until elections next May. The space shuttle 'Discovery' has been given the all-clear to head back to Earth. Mission Control told astronauts on the international space station the shuttle's heat shield was safe. NASA experts have decided a 5cm piece of fabric sticking out of thermal tiles is no threat

to Monday's planned re-entry. I hope it comes out OK and I think it's going to and I just - my hat is off to all the engineers and all the folds shuttle program who worked so hard on this for so long.

'Discovery' is making the second shuttle flight since the Columbia blew up in 2003 killing all seven crew. We'll update our viewer poll on the Federal Liberal Leadership shortly.

Also, they've performed medical miracles including hand and face transplants. Now some of the world's leading surgeons demand new organ donor laws.

And it was home to one of the raunchiest series ever on TV. Coming up - the stars return to 'Number 96'.

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Wild celebrations in Sydney after Italy's stunning win in the World Cup. Huge crowds braved the cold at Leichhardt to witness the dramatic penalty shoot-out which saw Italy beat France 5-3. A toddler's being checked for internal injuries after being attacked by a large dog in western Sydney. The 2-year-old was bitten on the thigh, face, head and stomach

at his Horsley Park home. It was one of two incidents in the area.

The other involving a 73-year-old woman who was attacked in front of her house.

And the PM and his Treasurer now publicly at loggerheads over the Liberal leadership. Peter Costello has directly contradicted John Howard insisting there was a deal to hand over the Party's top job after Mr Howard served one and a half terms. And we're seeking your view on the issue asking the poll question:

The phone lines are open until 2:00am tomorrow, eastern time.

Calls tonight for Australia to make organ donation compulsory. The pioneering surgeons behind the world's first hand and face transplants making the appeal in Sydney. They're the surgeons who've done the impossible. Professor Sylvie Testelin gave Isabelle Dinoire back a face.

She looked like a horror movie and couldn't go out without a scarf, as if she was a Muslim and what they've converted her to is a very pretty-looking younger lady than she was, who's so happy. By re-joining nerves, they've given limbs that work. Denis Chatelier owes them his hands. He's back to work and, you know, he can do all the major activity that can be expected from somebody.

The first hand transplant recipient, Perth man Clint Hallam, had to have it amputated but surgeons say it only failed because Hallam, who turned out to be a con man wanted by police, refused to take medication. We were very disappointed with him after we found out that he was not the person we thought he was the day after the operation.

These surgeons say

the future of transplants depends very much on organ donation. In France, everyone donates when they die. These surgeons want Australia to adopt the same system and allow for a register for anyone who objects. We are pressing for the law to change here so that every single person is automatically a donor for any form of body parts that they have

to be transplanted and donated to another person to give them life from their death.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. The Australian share market has closed slightly higher today shrugging off a negative lead from the US markets.

Long before 'Big Brother', another Channel Ten programme had people talking.

And 35 years on, 'Number 96' isn't looking any tamer. It was billed as the night Australian television lost its virginity and the facts lived up to the hype. In 1972, Australians had never come face to screen

with the likes of the knicker snipper, blow-up dolls, or Abigail and that see-through shirt. It was exhausting, but we wouldn't have missed it for quids. Some of the cast's most famous faces today returned to the Woollahra apartment block where it all began

to receive their copy of the just released 'Number 96' DVD. You see every great moment from the TV show from start to finish. While it certainly had some titillating tidbits,

the show also covered serious issues never tackled on television before including drug use, breast cancer and homosexuality. Because of the nature of the show, it was fantastic. The impact was wonderful and then it became something you could talk quite openly about. I thought you knew! What? I'm a homosexual. In the 1970s 'Number 96' regularly hit the headlines

with plenty of calls for it to be axed. So the question needs to be asked, 35 years later on, is 'Big Brother' the new 'Number 96'? The public is always ahead of us. Australia was ready for all this outspokenness. But even some cast members were shocked. Here's the real reason Norma Whitaker always wore a wig.

No, that was because of the sex and sin side of it. I didn't want to be associated with such a disgusting show. All in all, explosive stuff. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The search is on for our top Aussie. PM John Howard kicking off the campaign to find the 2007 Australian of the Year with rescue and emergency workers. Current title holder Professor Ian Frazer and national local hero Toni Hoffman also lending their support.

It's truly a great Australia event. It's growing in esteem and prestige and it's a reminder to all of us how much this country has achieved and how much we have to be proud of. Nominations close on August 28.

Let's take a look at the weather

with Tim Bailey, who didn't waste

any time getting a kiss from Lisa

Curry Kenny at the launch of this

Olympic Game ocean, but you've got

a fantastic day. Look at that on

your television, it's a brilliant

city we live in. 22 degrees

tomorrow after a chilly night as as

tomorrow after a chilly night as as the mercury started to plummet,

getting down to minus 1 in some

suburbs in the west, and it will

probably do it again. Tim's top

temps Quickly for you:

Hello to the Farnham family and

everyone that said hello across the weekend.

You know why they call it

You know why they call it Glen

Innis, the prettiest harbour in the

world, because it's the prettiest

harbour in the world. Can argue harbour in the world. Can argue with that. Sport is next and Tim, there's a Bulldog in demand. Yes, Nate Myles. But the Dogs are concerned contract talks will distract him from footy. More shortly. Also all the drama from the World Cup decider. And Roger rules over Wimbledon again.

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As you may have seen earlier, Italy is celebrating its fourth World Cup success. A penalty shoot-out breaking a 1-all deadlock after extra time.

All that after a drama-packed final which saw french captain Zinedine Zidane's career end in disgrace for head-butting.

While the beat was samba... COMMENTATOR: Hips don't lie - certainly not in her case. ..the football was all European - the first time since Italy's last Cup win in 1982. A knock-out on the field in the opening minute which had Thierry Henry smelling salts. But on five minutes it was Materazzi hurting. Maybe he did get out of the way. In his final international, Zinedine Zidane put France in front.

Oh, on the side of the bar. And the assistant has flagged that it has crossed the line. On 18 minutes, a redeemer from the bad boy of Italian football.

And the header to level from Materazzi! Italy's aerial dominance nearly brought a second through Luca Toni.

They just can't handle a ball in the air. And with the sun setting across the German capital, Toni found the back of the net only to be ruled offside. In extra time, two greats battled - Zidane and Buffon. It was to be Zidane's last magic use of the head before using it for a parting moment of madness. If you are going to behave like that on a football pitch, I think retirement is a very good option.

But to win the World Cup, Italy would have to face its biggest demon - penalty shoot-outs. And it was France who faltered through Trezeguet. And here goes Grosso. And he wins the World Cup for Italy. Italy's fourth World Cup makes for a golden time in what is a black moment in Italian football with the Serie besieged with a match-fixing scandal. It's coming, it's coming.

There it is. Italy are on top of the world. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. Bulldogs coach Steve Folkes wants Nate Myles to sort out his future as soon as possible then concentrate on his team's charge towards the finals. The Queensland Origin star has become the game's most wanted forward. Nate Myles wasn't talking about his future today and his coach was almost as economical with his words

when asked about the Bulldogs chances of keeping the boom forward. Um, oh, I'm not sure. The Dogs want him, the question is whether they can afford him. If they can't match the bucketloads of cash on offer elsewhere, onfield success may prove their most valuable incentive. Well, we won a comp in 2004

so I guess that's what we can offer him. They've already lost prop Roy Asotasi to South Sydney. Myles due to talk with at least three clubs before Friday night's showdown with the Dragons. I've got into his ear a few times, but I think Nate's going to decide on his future where he's best going to play his football. If the Bulldogs are looking for a lucky charm, rookie half-back Ben Roberts might just be their man.

He's yet to lose a match in four top grade starts. A Test cap for New Zealand last month the catalyst for yesterday's match-winning pass in extra time

against the Warriors. I did get a lot of confidence out of it. I come back and a few of the boys even noticed it the way I was training during the week. At Canberra, long serving full-back and captain, Clinton Schifcofske,

may join the exodus of senior players from the club. The Queensland Reds now appear to have the cash to lure him home to play Super 14 rugby union. There's no reason why if he does decide to leave, that he should stand down as captain. Everyone respects him for the job he does and that won't change, no matter what his decision. Leanne West, Ten News. Some good news in the Wallabies camp today with powerhouse prop Rodney Blake coming through a fitness test.

Blake's ankle was tested for all it could handle in the lead-up to the crucial showdown with the Springboks. The Wallabies sorely missed 'Rodzilla's size and aggression against a dominating All Blacks on Saturday - a plan South Africa will no doubt try to emulate. I mean, a lot of people were expecting the front row that played last week to be good enough to hold the All Blacks and obviously they didn't. So let's see what happens this week when they put Rodney Blake back.

Queensland Reds hooker Sean Hardman has also been brought into the squad to replace the injured Tai McIsaac. Plenty of soul-searching at the Swans in the wake of coach Paul Roos comments after they were hammered by Adelaide yesterday. Roos has given them little hope of winning back-to-back premierships. He says they've lost their hunger. The Swans's premiership aspirations may have taken a dive after their biggest defeat of the season but Leo Barry believes Sydney still has the determination.

REPORTER: Do you feel as though you have lost your Hunger? Ah, not personally. No. We've still got a lot to achieve. Collectively as a group we've still got areas to work on. The season is not over yet. The co-captain concedes the team has slackened off giving merit to Paul Roos's post-match assessment. The Swans's failure to sustain pressure, their major concern.

Definitely last month too many flat spots. Teams are scoring too easily, too quickly against us. An area heavily exposed by the ladder leaders who scored three goals in three minutes mid-way through the second term. Turning an even ball game into a blow-out. COMMENTATOR: He can shoot on goal 40 metres, he's got another one! Barry Hall was kept goal less for the second straight week. Uncharacteristic play posing the question

is this team capable of back-to-back premierships? Definitely the way we are playing at the moment, you'd probably say no. The task doesn't get any easier for Sydney

who face West Coast in Perth this weekend in a replay of last year's grand final.

The Eagles almost certain to lose Daniel Kerr for the clash.

The midfielder faces a two-match ban for this low blow on Hawthorn's Sam Mitchell.

Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Roger Federer has won a fourth consecutive Wimbledon title

after beating young gun Rafael Nadal.

The world number one became just the third man in the open era to win four in a row at the all-England club. The world's top two players

in battle for their sport's top honour. COMMENTATOR: What a shot - what shots from both players. Nadal had won six of their previous seven encounters

but they've never met on grass. Federer all class finishing the first set in just 24 minutes. The Spaniard then made his intentions clear. Trying to pump himself up, Nadal. Some incredible shots giving him advantage in a tiebreak before Federer clawed back to take a two-sets-to-love lead. Great shot from Federer. Nadal may have been down but he was certainly not out

as the pair traded blows in the third. Oh my gosh! Great shot! The 20-year-old successful in a tiebreak. Federer's first dropped set all tournament. But Federer came out firing in the fourth. Oh, scorching forehand.

Breaking his opponent's serve twice as he ran away with the fourth set and another Wimbledon title. That's out. Roger Federer is Wimbledon champion for the fourth consecutive year. Federer joins Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras as the only men to have won four straight Wimbledon titles in the open era. There are heroes of the game and this is the most important tournament and to win four it's out of this world.

I'll come back and try for a fifth. Andrew Brown, Ten News. In Sports Tonight - the Dragons haven't finished shopping. We'll have their latest signing.

Let's take a look at the traffic

with Vic, how is the drive

with Vic, how is the drive around

Old Toongabbie. It's a bit slow northbound. There was an

northbound. There was an accident

at the junction of the M2 much the

accident is clear, as you can see

there's a sea of brakelights for

traffic out to the north-west.

Motorways and freeways clear tonight. Tim Bailey with what the week has in store for us weather-wise, next.

We apologise for the break in captions.

The business of the brolly Isolated

showers southern NSW, that's the

best news, a trough and upper trough

combining to cause rain across

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