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This program is captioned live. 'catch me if you can' conwoman, Tonight - the suspected most wanted arrested in Sydney. one of Australia's to a Gold Coast court Boxing's Jeff Fenech returns charged with stealing three watches. return home after their Origin loss. And down and out - the dejected Blues

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - push petrol prices to a record high. the Korean missile crisis expected to And the beauty bunfight - leaves her rivals fuming. Australia's Miss World contestant

But first this evening - taken into custody in Sydney. one of Australia's most wanted Jodie Harris is accused Suspected conwoman in three States of stealing other people's identities and cleaning out their bank accounts. ahead of the law for years She stayed one step but was arrested this morning a police officer, dobbed her in. after her boyfriend, Alleged con woman Jodie Harris this afternoon for treatment being taken to a Sydney hospital in police custody. after almost 12 hours Jodie Pearson and Jodie Kilroy, Also known as Jodie Harding, in NSW, Victoria and Queensland she was being hunted by police for a string of alleged frauds. at 4:30 this morning 28-year-old Harris was arrested

on an inner-city street. when police stopped a car We are currently interviewing her the identity of numerous women in relation to her assuming

throughout NSW. Victorian policeman Andrew Twining It was Harris's love affair with that led to her arrest. Victorian police have confirmed Jodie Harris this morning Twining was with in a phone call to detectives. and had given her up that I was arrested with. Ask them where the detective is Ask them where Andrew Twining is.

but freed without being charged. Twining was detained with the policeman's child. Jodie Harris is reportedly pregnant Senior Constable Twining with inquiries is assisting Victoria Police but he is still assisting us. and at this stage he's off sick It's alleged licences, passports and credit cards Harris used scores of stolen drivers

of her female victims. to milk the bank accounts airline employee and a police officer She allegedly posed as a doctor, an of dollars to steal hundreds of thousands other people's identities. after assuming It has been a nightmare.

It's quite scary thinking

impersonating you. that someone is walking around She's been pursued for a long time arrested on a number of occasions. and yes, she has come close to being to face court tomorrow. Harris is expected

To face several fraud charges. John Hill, Ten News. The North Korean crisis is deepening, a new round of missile tests. with the rogue state preparing sparked international outrage - The regime's actions have even from traditional allies. arrived at the United Nations North Korea's Ambassador and questioning to a barrage of criticism over his country's actions. in the United Nations. OK, you can listen to me I'll be there, OK? But even as the UN discussed first round of missile launches, what to do about North Korea's another short-range weapon. the regime last night launched on launch pads, ready to go. Another five are reportedly for the world. This is quite a big issue as you can have. This is as worrying an issue said State-run television in Pyongyang the launches are a deterrent for war,

from the United States. and have prevented nuclear disaster and condemnation. But the action has prompted protests to continue to work hard, We must work together, to give up any weapons programs. to convince the North Korean leader North Korea's strongest ally, Even China, has joined the chorus of protest.

was certainly a regret. What happened yesterday about what happened yesterday. We are concerned China's stance is an encouraging sign

back to 6-party talks. that it may help bring North Korea it may not be enough. But John Howard warns of influence on North Korea, Although China has a lot make the simplistic error we shouldn't that China runs North Korea. of assuming It doesn't. may already be faltering. And the resolve against North Korea is considering sanctions The UN Security Council against the regime, they will oppose the move. but Russia and China both say

Laurel Irving, Ten News. news for Sydney motorists The missile stand-off is also bad of oil soaring overnight. with the price than 75 US dollars a barrel. It's a new record price of more jumped to $1.44.9 in Alexandria. Today prices at the bowser prices are here Analysts are predicting high oil for the foreseeable future further over the coming week. with petrol expected to rise

Jeff Fenech Former world boxing champion charged with stealing three watches. has appeared in a Gold Coast court Mauler' helped shoplift the watches It's alleged the 'Marrickville last December. while on holidays in Broadbeach Jeff? Got anything to say to your fans, I love everybody. an adjournment until next month. Fenech's lawyer was granted on board the 'Pacific Sky', Almost four years after her death receive a full refund for her ticket. Dianne Brimble's family will finally it didn't make the offer earlier P&O says

was making an insurance claim because it assumed the family to cover the cost.

until recently the claim was rejected A spokesman says it was not aware were involved in her death. because illegal drugs since apologised to her family The cruise operator has for the misunderstanding. dental surgery has been adjourned An inquest into a man's death at a to give evidence. without the dentist required suffered a heart attack 67-year-old Sabatino Catignani

at a Brighton-Le-Sands surgery. while receiving teeth implants Dr George Pegios, It's claimed his dentist, the recommended dose of anaesthetic. gave him double Dr Pegios was due to testify today, from the witness stand but the court excused him after finding him unlikely to answer questions on legal advice.

Are you concerned the direction the inquest is going? No comment. The case resumes in August for one final witness - a dentistry expert. An emphatic denial today from the Prime Minister

that he's done a deal to hand over the reins to Peter Costello. Mr Costello has stirred fresh tensions by refusing to rule out any leadership pact. Peter Costello was out of sight, after returning from a South Pacific finance ministers forum, so it was left to the Prime Minister to put the record straight, or at least his side of it. You're asking me is there a deal or an understanding. The answer to that is no. At the forum Mr Costello looked quite at home behind a 'PM' sign and he was unwilling to directly rule out that a handover deal was in place. These things have worked in the interests of the Australian people

and the Liberal Party and the people concerned. Views are split on whether the Treasurer is getting impatient or, as his office says, just refusing to engage. His senior colleagues caught out by the leadership uncertainty. The position of everybody is that the Prime Minister will retire - or, of course, be defeated, if it happens earlier. He'll retire when the time comes. Mr Howard is sticking to his line,

which amounts to he'll stay as long as he wants to. Earlier this year the Prime Minister said he hadn't made up his mind but as the months roll on and as he celebrates his 67th birthday in a couple of weeks, his future is beginning to overshadow the Government's political agenda. It's not good enough, says the Opposition.

The health of our democracy demands the PM end this catfight. And it's enough to make Peter Costello's heart jump - renovations at the Howards' Wollstonecraft home. Are they planning to move back sooner rather than later? Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The Blues have arrived home in Sydney after their shock 16-14 loss to the Maroons in Melbourne. The shattered team says losing the decider hasn't sunk in yet.

Signatures, but no smiles for Blues fans welcoming their team home - serious faces for a serious disappointment. Obviously we lost it towards the end, but that's Origin. For the first time in four years, Queensland carried home the shield.

It was a shock end to a dramatic match with the Maroons well down late in the second half after a disallowed try for Tonie Carroll. COMMENTATOR: No try, penalty. Ridiculous.

The controversial calls went the Blues' way. And Grothe!

And the game-winner - a wayward pass let Darren Lockyer in. Intercepted by Locky! The theatrics lapped up by a sell-out Melbourne crowd. Because Melbourne's the centre of sport! Should have it next year. Should have it next year. But they'll have to wait until 2009, when Queensland gives up its home advantage for a Melbourne decider. Well, there's a spot for rugby league down there, and I think last night proved that. Back in Sydney, a lost bet meant the Queensland flag flew atop the Harbour Bridge. As well as flying the flag, the winning State's Premier, Peter Beattie, also wanted the losing State's Premier to front a press conference wearing a Maroons jersey.

But, as luck would have it, Morris Iemma is currently, conveniently, on holidays. And the acting Premier flat-out refused - he can't even stomach the flag. I've been ringing BridgeClimb all morning trying to get a ticket so I can get up there and rip it down. And if I was the Roads Minister today, I'd order the bridge to be closed. Of course, it all depends on how you look at it. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

And Tim Webster will have more Origin fall-out in sport.

Take take the flag down now. It's dark! Yes we'll hear from the Blues players. And Lleyton Hewitt knows how they feel. He's been knocked out in the Wimbledon quarterfinals by the surprise packet of this year's Australian Open, Marcos Baghdatis. We'll hear from Lleyton shortly in sport. And making sure of a penalty - the call was correct but some extra French flair was added in their semi final against Portugal. A 1-0 victory has earned France the right to play Italy in the World Cup Final. All the highlights shortly as well.

Marlon Brando couldn't do better. And another stage win for our super sprinter Robbie McEwan at the Tour de France. More frustration ahead for people using public transport - details next. Also, a violent showdown in the centre of Sydney - police appeal for witnesses to a gang attack on two tourists.

And the beauty bunfight - a row over who should compete in Miss World wipes the smiles from those fabulous faces.

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This program is captioned live. Another major drug bust in Sydney. Police swooped on this home in Punchbowl earlier today, seizing cannabis plants worth more than a million dollars. The sophisticated hydroponics system was set up in seven rooms and a garage. No-one was home at the time. Emergency crews called to the scene of a burning van have found an automatic teller machine inside the vehicle.

It's believed thieves used the van in a ram raid, before dumping the vehicle in the South-western suburb of Bass Hill and setting it alight. Police have seized the van for forensic examination. Police have released graphic footage of a stabbing attack on a tourist in the city. The 28-year-old Czech man was left for dead by a gang of up to 10. Security cameras show a woman running to break up a vicious stabbing.

But she couldn't stop the gang of up to 10 men unleashing a savage bashing on two Czech tourists in the CBD. 28-year-old Jiri Janda was stabbed eight times just seconds after he saw his mate punched to the ground. They push him on the ground. I just turned and said, "What's going on?" He hit me first and I was bleeding. Ambulance officers found the weapon - a screwdriver -

lodged in Mr Janda's back, close to his spine. And I couldn't see what was in my back. I just feel something strange. He was left for dead, hit so hard both his lungs had collapsed. At this stage, we believe it's an attempted murder. It's a cowardly and random attack. Police are appealing for anyone who saw the attack to come forward. Chief Inspector, this actually happened two months ago on a Sunday morning, and these are the people you're looking for?

Yes, that's right - we believe the two girls witnessed the incident and may be able to provide information as to the identity of the males involved, and we believe the males pictured have some involvement in the stabbing and we're hoping to identify them as well. While police track down the gang - said to be of European and Middle Eastern appearance -

Jiri Janda says he's afraid to go back to the city. I'm still thinking, you know, what's going to happen? Evan Batten, Ten News. More doubts have been cast over Sydney's new public transport ticketing system. The T-Card is already six years late and the company behind the project is now in financial trouble. But the Transport Minister says the project will go ahead and won't cost taxpayers any extra. The T-Card is coming. It's in the hands of 300,000 school students. It will be rolled out through next year, the T-Card is on its way.

This has all the hallmarks of being another cross-city tunnel fiasco and John Watkins is simply trying to skate through to the next election without specifying the timetable for implementation. The T-Card system was originally supposed to be up and running for the 2000 Olympics.

A beauty quest brawl has erupted over who'll represent Australia at the Miss World contest. Some contestants angry at the decision to cancel local pageants, and send last year's runner-up.

Meet our new Australian Miss World representative - but she didn't have to compete to win that honour. Confused? So are many tiara-wearing hopefuls, including Brisbane fitness instructor Tanya Rose. I was quite disappointed. It was something a lot of girls would have liked to have done. Sydney University student Sabrina Houssami doesn't know what all the fuss is about. The 20-year-old believes she's worthy of representing our country in the Miss World competition. I went through the contest, I came first runner-up, I'm here by every right, and if they're complaining about not being given a fair go, the contest is currently happening for 2007,

so please enter it. Host nation Poland brought the event forward by three months to September

and organisers say that didn't give them enough time to select a new candidate, forcing them to choose last year's runner-up. Sabrina says that decision seemed the most practical solution.

But Sydney cheerleader Renee Offner disagrees, complaining the competition is concentrating too much on beauty when it's traditionally about fundraising. The girl that raises most funds isn't the girl who actually goes over and competes for Miss World. Which was you?

Yes, I did raise the most money - I raised $62,500 for my local charity Dalwood. The controversy eclipsing the fact that Sabrina's the first Australian representative of a mixed cultural background. I am breaking down a lot of catty, bimbo-ish pageant stereotypes. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Bailey is turning into an action

Jackson this week - trout-fishing

last night. Have they left you in

charge of that chainsaw tonight or

what? This will be what? This will be a lifelike

wooden statue of Ron Wilson.

Actually a wombat, but who will

know the difference? Hello,

everybody! (All) Hi, Tim. Give us a

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Service. What we're doing here is

promoting a big thing at Berkshire

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and work show. We'll show you three

of 160 utes that will be out there. We'll let Phil loose We'll let Phil loose on this wombat.

Not yet, Phil. It gets a bit

dangerous. And loud. Folks,

weatherwise - what about that

chilly start? Down to -1 degree in

the western suburbs. The day got

bigger, blueer and better. Up to 19

degrees, three above average today.

Skywatch - they're coming blue and

shiny at the right time of the week.

You know what? You go to sleep tonight, tomorrow tonight, tomorrow is Friday, and

the next couple of days are called

the weekend. Currently 17-18

degrees. No problems with pollution

levels. They call this anode to Ron

Wilson. We'll see it take shape

during the bulletin. Into it Phil,

please. We'll get back to you when

it starts to look a bit more like

you! See you again in around about 10! A violent case of mobility scooter rage! Victims left hobbling after one woman's rampage. And a critical day for the crew of 'Discovery' - checking the space shuttle for damage.

Time to check on traffic now with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Up in the north-west tonight, Vic. Where's

the problem? A real struggle for

traffic heading toward Bella Vista.

A semitrailer has given up the go

on old Windsor Road northbound. Unfortunately,

Unfortunately, motorists... off the

M2 are experiencing... That little

traffic gremlin is here again

tonight. We'll talk to Vic again

later in the bulletin. Victoria's elite armed offenders squad could be scrapped,

following allegations of intimidation and assault. The State's police watchdog raiding the unit's headquarters. The Armed Offenders Squad has nailed some of our worst criminals, but just how they got information and confessions is under a cloud. The Office of Police Integrity has seized dozens of documents amid complaints that members assaulted and intimidated suspects. What we're seeing concerns us about the culture within the Squad and we're forming the view, very quickly, that it's not a healthy culture that exists there. No charges have been laid but the independent watchdog warns it won't hesitate recommending the Squad be disbanded.

The Chief Commissioner says she'll wait and see. At this stage it is again too early

for us to suggest any members have behaved inappropriately until the investigation is completed. The Police Association says there's been only one complaint made, by two offenders who fired shots in a jewellery store. It's backed the Armed Offenders Squad and accused the Office of Police Integrity of grandstanding. It's called for the body to be scrapped. The Chief Commissioner should start standing up for her troops. The Armed Offenders Squad deals with some of the State's worst offenders.

The Union believes the force's own Ethical Standards Department should be left to investigate complaints. The OPI should stop this disgraceful conduct of trial by media. It's not for the Government or, indeed, the Police Association to seek to step in and interfere in what is a statutory role. The Squad has been investigated in the past

and action taken against officers. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. An 89-year-old New Zealand woman has been ordered to pay $2,000 compensation

after a hit and run with her electric scooter. 71-year-old victim Elva Ellison says she was hit from behind as she used a pedestrian crossing in Invercargill. Now Elva has a permanent reminder of the incident, a metal plate screwed into her ankle. it hit my left leg, and I thought, "That's it." Next second my right leg was hurt and I thought, "Who's trying to kill me?" Elva's husband had to track down the scooter rider, June Bridgeman, by knocking on doors in the neighbourhood. She wasn't talking today, but admitted in court she hadn't stopped after hitting Elva. And she says she's going to keep riding her scooter.

No signs of major damage to the space shuttle 'Discovery' despite debris falling off during launch. The astronauts today using a robotic arm to check the orbiter's fragile heat shield. The unofficial African-American anthem was the wake-up call for the 'Discovery' crew's first full day in space - a symbolic choice by crew member Stephanie Wilson, only the second black woman in space. STEPHANIE WILSON: After the day of our nation's independence it's very fitting because it reminds us that anyone and everyone can participate in the space program. Their first mission was assessing the shuttle's heat shield for possible damage

using a 15m boom with highly sensitive cameras - a task Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas carried out on 'Discovery's last mission. The section scans the top side of the forward wing glove. They focused on 'Discovery's right wing and nose cap, the images beamed back to NASA control in Houston, Texas. During yesterday's lift-off, video showed at least five pieces of foam breaking away from 'Discovery' with one piece thought to have struck the orbiter. In 2003 a loose piece of foam struck the 'Columbia' shuttle during lift-off causing it to burn up on re-entry. NASA says, so far the shuttle seems to be in good shape.

The images only show two areas of concern - one, a piece of protruding gap-filler, the other, a white splotch on the right wing which they think is a bird dropping. We didn't see anything with the quick look as the crew was doing the survey that would cause us any concern. And that includes organic material. Mission Control will get its first look at the belly of the orbiter tomorrow when it does a somersault manoeuvre before docking at the International Space Station. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The head of collapsed US energy giant Enron has died suddenly at his holiday home in Colorado. Kenneth Lay, the 64-year-old former chairman and chief executive, was convicted of setting up an elaborate scheme

to deceive investors about the company's crumbling finances. Enron's collapse was America's biggest ever corporate bankruptcy.

Lay was facing up to 165 years in jail. It's believed he suffered a massive heart attack. More revenge strikes by Israel as the military resumes control of former Jewish settlements in northern Gaza. A suspected Palestinian militant searched at a roadblock was found with an explosives belt strapped to his body. It was destroyed by remote control. The army says the bomber was a 17-year-old member of the Islamic Jihad group. Israeli armour has joined helicopters and warplanes striking militant targets across the Gaza Strip. A student protest in El Salvador has turned deadly. A demonstration over public transport fares jumping from 5 to 25 cents drew hundreds onto the streets. When they turned to vandalism, riot police moved in to break up the crowd but then a gun battle erupted.

Police say it's unclear who fired first, but the battle put 11 officers in hospital. Two later died. The students retreated inside the university. An intriguing case of industrial espionage - next - Three people accused of stealing Coca-Cola's secrets. Also - technology overload - The huge amount of time we spend at home answering work emails.

And we'll join Hugh Jackman and the rest of the cast rehearsing for 'The Boy from Oz'.

Tonight's major stories - Jeff Fenech has appeared in a Gold Coast court

charged with stealing three watches.

It's alleged the former boxing champ helped shop-lift the watches while on holiday. The case has been adjourned to next month. One of Australia's most wanted taken into custody in Sydney. Suspected conwoman Jodie Harris is accused of stealing other people's identities in three States and cleaning out their bank accounts. And the Korean missile crisis expected to push petrol prices to a record high.

They're already nudging $1.45 a litre in parts of Sydney with further increases likely later this week. Three people have been charged with stealing trade secrets from soft drink giant, Coca Cola. US prosecutors allege one administration worker took files and a new Coke product from the company's offices in Atlanta, Georgia. They claim two other employees tried to sell them to rival Pepsico last month.

Pepsico says it alerted authorities after being offered the information.

Coke says the formula for its main drink was never compromised, but security is being reviewed. The Australian share market has closed stronger today as investors continue to speculate

on a possible interest rate rise in the US.

It's a case of information overload - increasing numbers of workers finding it impossible to lose touch with the office. Mobile phones and emails are forcing many people to put in extra hours at home. These days it's not uncommon for the home to be transformed into a portable office, the world of technology turning us into compulsive emailers,

the Chamber of Commerce revealing one in five businesses admit

employees spend at least five hours a week checking work emails outside of business hours. That's an extra day every fortnight

that employees are giving to their employers to deal with this out-of-hours email. Being available at all hours is something most workers are being forced to get used to. Three-quarters of businesses admit to calling employees while they are off-duty or on leave. It may be the way you have to be to stay at the top of your game, to be more productive. A workforce reliant on technology means most of us are forgetting basic social skills. How many times have you seen somebody send an email to someone in the office next door as opposed to getting up out of their chair and walking next door and having a conversation. Employers have expressed concern

that their workers are using company time to respond to personal emails. Some are even considering blocking pop-up email alerts to eliminate the temptation for staff to respond right away. More than half of businesses surveyed were worried time spent on email would compromise productivity. They're not dealing with customers,

they're not improving your business performance, but they are sending and receiving their own personal emails then plainly you've got to have a much stricter regime.

One simple solution... We're all running a little bit too fast and should stop and smell the daisies occasionally. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Hugh Jackman is hard at work in Sydney, rehearsing for the hit musical 'The Boy From Oz'. The multi-talented performer will stay in Australia for a while also starring in a movie with Nicole Kidman. He's trim, he's fit and he's working his buns off -

and that's just the way Hugh Jackman likes it. I've honestly never been happier going to work. And this sneak look behind the scenes at rehearsals for 'The Boy From Oz' proves that. I'm blown away by the show. When I hear all the things - we have big video screens, monstrous video screens, and pyrotechnics, we have a cast of 160, 600 costumes. Tickets are selling so well extra shows have been announced for Melbourne and Adelaide. But Hugh's already had one major dress rehearsal of one of the show's biggest numbers and that was when he performed at Nicole and Keith's wedding. Nicole rang me and asked me to sing Keith's favourite song, and I said, "Oh, Nicole, I don't know. "This is breaking one of my golden rules - "never sing a singer's favourite song." But it was 'Tenterfield Saddler', which is my favourite song as well. His next Nicole moment will be on film when they co-star in Baz Luhrmann's still untitled epic next year. Nicole and I have done a film together before, which comes out later this year, called 'Happy Feet'. We were both penguins in that. So it would be nice to actually work with her in the flesh. But he loves being on stage where, as Peter Allen, he can do some shameless ad-libbing, something that was a feature of the show when he did it on Broadway. I spotted Barbara Walters in the audience and Matt Damon and they were sitting very close to each other. So of course I dragged them both up on stage and Matt Damon and I gave Barbara Walters a lap dance, which he seemed to quite enjoy, actually. I'll bet. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

He's a fantastic actor as well. The

show is very good. Tim Bailey, how is that block

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Can anyone tell the difference? I

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who's got 400 chainsaws. In a

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we'll get you back into the Ron

Wilson. Speaking of the white stuff

- we've got a 4-ugg boot weekend.

They should be coming up beneath me.

Four, because quite frankly, we've

got 5cm of snow last night. The

snow depth is around about 40cm.

We're hanging out till Monday and

Tuesday for a dump of Tuesday for a dump of 15cm worth.

It is the Berkshire Park rural life

and youth show. That's Jacob. Round

of applause for Jacob, please.

APPLAUSE That's his turbo ute. 160

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Be careful down there. We'll see

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handsome wombat that, I reckon.

Very harsh. Sport is next. And Tim, the Blues feel they were the better team. Yes, and they're strong views. Plus - Brett Hodgson talks about going from hero to heartbroken.

Also - Lleyton Hewitt bows out to Baghdatis.

And a little French diving flair as France advance to the World Cup final.

This program is captioned live. Still stung from last night's defeat in Melbourne, NSW has not taken their heart-breaking State of Origin series defeat well.

As both teams returned home today, the Blues claim the better side lost. The Blues must be feeling everything's against them. An escalator giving up on the team

as they arrived home to face the music. Injured winger Timana Tahu forced to take the stairs. The first NSW side to lose a series since 2001 claiming the Queenslanders got lucky. Was Queensland the better side? No, I don't think so. I thought we were the better side through most of the game. That's what sucks. Were Queensland the better side? No, no, don't think so. Like, it was a good game of footy, it was a real big arm wrestle But I thought we had the edge on them

for the majority of the game. After a night of partying, the Maroons too tired to fire back. Each to their own. We came away with the money and that's all that matters, mate. The Blues now bracing for more chest-beating from their rivals. I suppose they're going to talk up Queensland spirit and how they do it every year. They got there in the end, so good luck to them, I suppose. Brett Hodgson still popular with fans

despite his critical blunder in the dying stages. It's one of those things which you've got to learn from, otherwise it can mess with your head a bit. I'm OK with it, I thought I played pretty well through the series, and I'm going to learn from it and make sure I come out a better player because of it. Hodgson the centre of more drama earlier - Queensland up in arms about Eric Grothe's second-half try. COMMENTATOR: And this is a disgraceful decision. it was a try, to be honest. I was a little bit surprised And Parramatta's season from hell continues - Tahu likely to miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. Our club's struggling a little bit, and I think we'll be lucky to make the top eight. And doing this knee in it just feels like I'm letting the team down.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. Wallabies coach John Connolly says it's a big ask for his team to beat New Zealand in Saturday night's Tri-Nations opener in Christchurch. The Aussies acclimatising to the freezing conditions expected for the game with a training session under lights. Connolly admits the Wallabies front row is still a weak link. I think there'll be question marks on us, as someone said about our front row before, the forwards. They've got question marks on us and the challenge for us is to step up.

Wallabies forward Rocky Elsom has called for his forwards to shut down the All Blacks' powerful back row. France and Italy will square off in the World Cup final. Portugal's hopes of reaching the Cup decider for the first time ended by a 1-0 loss to the Frenchmen. If one thing has defined the 2006 World Cup it's been penalty decisions.

When Thierry Henry went down in the area in the 33rd minute, it did nothing to dispel claims the referees were not influenced by diving. COMMENTATOR: A wild slash with one foot but did the other foot deliberately bring Thierry down? Zinedine Zidane accepted full responsibility to take the advantage. A perfect penalty. Bars in Paris erupted.

And thousands were triumphant around the Arc

as Portuguese lamented the end. But they had good reason to feel some Socceroos sadness over Thierry's trickery. They didn't go down without an incredible fight -

their Argentinian-born striker went close to landing the opening goal. Portugal's all-time top goal-scorer Pedro Pauleta hit the wrong side of the net. And Barthez's fumble in the 77th should have evened the scores with a Figo header. However, France continued to contradict pre-tournament assumptions that age has wearied them and were unlucky themselves not to extend their winning margin. France, the winners in '98, are in the final of 2006. The result ends the international career of Luis Figo, while it more than endorses his Real Madrid team-mate's decision

to come out of retirement. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. Lleyton Hewitt's Wimbledon campaign is over beaten in four sets by Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis. Roger Federer coasted through over Mario Ancic, and will now face Sweden's Jonas Bjorkman in the semifinals. Baghdatis will meet either Rafael Nadal or Jarkko Nieminen after rain delays postponed their match. Hewitt couldn't have got off to a worse start, Marcos Baghdatis winning the first set in just 26 minutes before taking a double service break in the second. COMMENTATOR: I tell you, Lleyton has big problems at the moment. With a concerned gallery looking on, the 2002 champion fought back tenaciously to level a set apiece. C'mon! He liked that one. But the Cypriot refused to be intimidated by the sixth seed as he claimed the third set in a tie break. Hewitt can't believe it. And then continued to be too crafty for Hewitt in the fourth. Yep, good touch. He's the aggressor. The Australian Open runner-up now through to his first Wimbledon semifinal. UMPIRE: Game, set, match, Baghdatis. You know, a little bit of missed opportunities. Then, somehow I got back in the match in the second set and through the third set I had two break points and just didn't quite take it to him, when I needed to. Earlier, two rain interruptions allowed Roger Federer's coach some time out but when play resumed it was his opponent Mario Ancic that was caught napping. CHEERING Game, Federer. The defending champion now one step closer in his quest to become the third man to win four consecutive Wimbledon titles. Well, that's even bringing applause from Mario Ancic.

Federer will meet Sweden's Jonas Bjorkman following his 5-set defeat of Radek Stepanek, the 34-year-old becoming Wimbledon's oldest semifinalist since Jimmy Connors in 1987. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen has won another stage of this year's Tour de France. The 34-year-old surged in the final uphill climb, avoiding a crash which brought down New Zealand sprinter Julian Dean metres from the line,

to pull away. COMMENTATOR: McEwen has got it again. His second stage win of the week moves McEwen up into sixth place overall.

In Sports Tonight - League's silly season is in full swing as players chop and change clubs

Good to see there's some action.

We'll our best with the traffic

gremlins. Vic Lorusso, how's the

drive around Epping Road at the

moment? A broken down car near

Epping station unfortunately

Epping station unfortunately holding up traffic. Live pictures

of Epping Road. Both lanes trying

to get toward Epping struggling.

Better for mortdests in the

north-west to take the M2. We'll try again tomorrow night.

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This is you! Phil, please put the

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rom bat, -- wombat, please. The

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You're very pleased you don't live

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Thanks very much, barny. As I said,

you're glad he doesn't live near you. Spud's

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Come over here. We'll put your head on TV too. This is a rarity. on TV too. This is a rarity. He is

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Satellite - skies are clear across

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influence of a large high-pressure system. A light snowfall

system. A light snowfall on the

system. A light snowfall on the Alps. South-easterly winds will car

the odd shower onto exposed parts

of the east coast tomorrow.

Isolated showers on the

far-northern NSW coastline. Showers

for Victoria, Tassie and South

Australia. On Saturday, a strong

high-pressure system will keep NSW

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Please, one more time, back at the woman you love. How you going,

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to you! What a love story. Finally tonight - the latest collection from fashion house Dior is certainly not for the shy and retiring!

The outfits looked like something from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, with an overdose of cabbage greens. The models were supposed to represent ultra-modern female warriors and elegant Middle Ages statues. Designer John Galliano continuing his habit of dishing up historical influences, mixed with modern day touches.

It's been one of those bulletins tonight! That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

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