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(generated from captions) most vulnerable, But at a time when he was who had a criminal past. she cheated on him with a man Now she's giving us a promise - until her trial. that she'll remain in the country She can't be trusted.

I ask that bail be denied be held in federal custody and that Jacqueline Marone until the completion of her trial. to make my judgment. Alright, I'm ready I won't go anywhere. Please! Please, Your Honour. I promise you. I'm begging you! You can't put me behind bars! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the new missile crisis. capable of striking Australia. North Korea tests weapons Nearly $10 million compensation in an outback crash. for a Sydney man paralysed Ian Roberts pleads not guilty And former rugby league star to assaulting his partner.

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - about 'Big Brother'. the media watchdog makes its decision at the Origin decider in Melbourne. And the Blues out to make history the new missile crisis. But first this evening - North Korea firing off six weapons of reaching Australia. including one capable

chemical, even biological warheads They're designed to carry nuclear, missile tests won't be the last. and our Government fears these picked up six missile launches Satellite monitoring from North Korea overnight. of the long-range missile, The biggest concern was the firing the Taepo Dong II. it failed. 60 seconds into the launch, This is provocative,

North Korea has given. it's in breach of undertakings The 2-stage Taepo Dong rocket of 6,000km or more is designed to have a range a conventional or nuclear warhead. and to be capable of carrying That worries John Howard. We're talking, here, intercontinental ballistic missile about the test-firing of an such as Australia - that can reach continents so this is no light matter.

The United Nations Security Council later tonight. has scheduled an emergency meeting

sees the missile firings President George Bush as a defiance of the world community. Japan is talking sanctions as a direct threat. and sees the missile testings Australia says China is crucial on North Korea's Kim Jong-il in bringing pressure to bear to reconvene. and wants the 6-party talks

called North Korea's Ambassador. Foreign Minister Downer that we condemn what has happened And I have made it clear to him to international security. and we see this as a real challenge to journalists today. The Ambassador wasn't talking told us by phone, A diplomat at the Embassy sovereign right to defend itself. that is was his country's

were a matter for the army an that the missile tests and that's all he had to say. has information Alexander Downer says Australia there may be more testings. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. man paralysed in a car accident. A huge damages payout for a Sydney

He's been awarded almost $10 million teenager to take the wheel. despite allowing an unlicensed holidays in the Northern Territory. In April 2002, Paul Imbree was on family friend take to the wheel. When he let a 16-year-old unlicensed

at the time swerved The driver of the car and lost control of the vehicle. basically to miss a tyre on the road of his sons escaped serious injury Everyone in the car - including two but Paul was left a quadriplegic.

and life wasn't worth going on with. I thought my world had fallen down Supreme Court for almost $10 million Today he won a damages case in the he knowingly took a risk. despite insurers arguing

teach children to drive somewhere At the end of the day, you've got to

more than appropriate at the time. and the conditions seemed But because of his negligence, to about $6 million. the judge reduced the damages carer, lots of rehabilitation For Paul, life now means a 24-hour and of course, a wheelchair. the most of the life he now has. The payout he says is about making stay with family and friends It's a great relief to be able to

in a nursing home. rather than be stuck Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. by Hong Kong corruption authorities Jockey Chris Munce has been freed involvement in a betting scandal. as they investigate his alleged at the claims. Friends back home shocked On Sunday, racing season in third place Chris Munce finished Hong Kong's having ridden 49 winners and it's those winning rides

Commission Against Corruption that Hong Kong's Independent has been questioning him about the jockey spent in custody. during more than 24 hours over the scandal, Munce was one of seven arrested and two middlemen. including four illegal bookies

by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Munce was employed directly AU$430,000 for his services. officially earning more than he gave information to the gang But investigators claim winning bets placed in his favour, in return for the proceeds of another $235,000. which allegedly netted the jockey friends here in Australia in shock. The allegations leaving Munce's

Chris has not only been a fine rider in Australia but has been a great ambassador here to do anything untoward and the last person you'd expect within the industry. on the track came Chris Munce's finest moment

on Jezabeel. when he won the 1998 Melbourne Cup at home watching, I love youse all! And my beautiful wife and children concludes its investigation He's now free as Hong Kong's ICAC

to the Justice Department before forwarding a brief of evidence

whether to lay charges. which will consider John Hill, Ten News. Australia's media watchdog has ruled rules over an incident Network Ten did not breach broadcast

on the 'Big Brother' program. has just held a news conference. Communications Minister Helen Coonan Ten's Eddy Meyer was there.

have to say? Eddy, what did the Minister

Well the minister made it clear

that Network Ten did not breach the

code of practice for television

because it simply didn't broadcast

the alleged incident of sexual

misconduct on television. It was

streamed on the Internet, live on

the Internet. So she said that the

rules simply didn't apply because

minister has announced we didn't broadcast it. The

minister has announced that she

will be reviewing whether there are

adequate safeguards in the code of

practice for reality TV. And in

particular, the there's going to be

new legislation, specifically

looking at the Internet and

emerging tech nothingy like mobile

phones. What we're doing is

ensuring that regulation responds

appropriately to some of the new and emerging

and emerging issues to do with

reality television. Network Ten has

welcomed the minister's

announcement. The fact that we

didn't breach the code of practice.

It also stipulates that we

enforced very strict codes of

conduct for 'Big Brother'. The two

house mates were removed from the

house immediately and Network Ten says it does

says it does apply very strict

rules. Thank you.

A man who took on a violent mob after the Cronulla riots has been charged with hindering police investigations. 25-year-old Ahmed Jajieh was filmed

trying to protect the victim from his attackers, standing over him and pushing away the mob.

But police allege he hasn't been forthcoming with information since the incident in December, which left the victim with multiple injuries. A 20-year-old man was also charged over the attack. Both were granted bail and will return to court later this month.

Police are appealing for witnesses after two tourists were kicked and stabbed by a gang of men in the city. The Czech men were walking along Liverpool Street when they were struck by a bottle around 3:00am on Sunday the 7th of May. The two were then attacked by a large group of males. One man aged 28 was stabbed many times, as he and his 27-year-old friend were punched and kicked. Police want to speak with two women and a group of men

seen on closed-circuit television on the night of the attack. Italy is off to its first World Cup final in more than a decade, after beating Germany 2-0 in extra time. Sydney's Italian community dancing in the streets with joy. With a flag for warmth and a prayer for luck, soccer fans filled Sydney's Little Italy. After 90 minutes with no goals, they held their breaths into extra time.

Oh God!

REPORTER: A bit of a nail-biting game?

Oh yeah. I'm very, very nervous. The best cure for that - an Italy goal. And just to make sure, they scored again.

Yeah! Hysterical fans swamped the street. Some screaming... ..others singing...

(All sing) # Ole, ole, ole, ole! ..but all smiling. There were similar scenes in Melbourne's Lygon Street. My heart was just beating like this. Their drums beating even harder. Also broken were Australia's German supporters. They started out the morning with a toast... Cheers. ..and ended it in tears.

The partying left to Italian Australians... Italia! ..who say there could only be one thing better than this. I wish the final could have been between Italy and Australia. That would have been beautiful but it'd be hard to chose who to go for? Australia should have been there! The fans don't seem to care about being late for work. In the end, police had to move in and clear the party

to open Norton Street to traffic.

Some now searching for a ticket to Italy's first Cup final in 12 years. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna get on the plane and go there now. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Veteran Australian journalist John Hinde has died. The broadcaster began his career at the ABC in the 1930s before becoming a correspondant in the Pacific during World War II.

Mr Hinde was later a popular film critic reviewing movies for ABC television and radio. He died in a Sydney nursing home aged 92. Trouble-plagued space shuttle 'Discovery' is finally in orbit. Days of frustrating delays ended with blast-off this morning but the mission struck an early glitch. It was third time lucky for NASA.

MISSION CONTROL: Start - 2, 1, boost ignition and lift-off of the space shuttle 'Discovery' to the Space Station. After two previous delays because of bad weather and last-minute safety concerns, 'Discovery' lifted off on a hot and sunny July 4. It is a star-spangled start to 'Discovery's mission. The crew of seven astronauts showed patriotism, not nerves, as they headed or the Independence Day launch.

Each knowing 'Discovery, oldest shuttle in the NASA fleet,

has a 12cm crack in the insulation around its external fuel tank and is missing a chunk of protective foam which fell off yesterday. We don't think we are taking any additional risks. But video and photographs taken during the launch shows at least five incidences of debris falling from the shuttle and external fuel tank. Every piece of foam that came off was after the critical time and we can confirm

all but one of those was smaller than the master near the valve. It's feared a small piece may have struck the orbiter but NASA won't know what, if any damage it did, until the crew begins inspecting the heat shield tomorrow. In 2003, a loose piece of foam struck the 'Columbia' shuttle during lift-off causing it to burn up on re-entry. Last year NASA grounded the shuttle fleet

after foam again came off during 'Discovery's last launch

with Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas onboard. 'Discovery' is now on her way to dock with the International Space Station on Friday. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport and the Blues out for Origin history tonight. Yes, four series straight is the target and also saving face from Game II. League reporter Adam Hawse joins us

and Queensland still haven't finalised their team?

I think the Maroons might be up o

the told tricks. They still haven't

confirmed if Josh Hanae will play.

Even after a press conference, they

still can come up with an answer. I

still can come up with an answer. I think they're trying to keep the Blues

Blues guessing. My guess is that he

will play. Here's what the

Queensland doctor had to say just a

short time ago. Latest is that we

haven't made a decision. We've been

monitoring all day. The situation

monitoring all day. The situation is that he's improved but we still

have not made a final decision. And

it's been a controversial move to

play the decider down there. Have the

the Victorians even remotely

embraced it? It is a 53,000 seat

sellout. And there's been good

media coverage here. One newspaper

today took out half a page to

explain the rules to the readers.

But when you hit the street, rugby

league remains largely a mystery to

Melburnians. Do you much about the

game of footy on Heerenveen. Oh

game of footy on Heerenveen. Oh

rugby? No sorry, AFL born and bred.

Not into that, big neck. Don't

understand sorry. It's that sort of

response which has NSW fans asking

why we took a home game here. But

believe me, if there is a loss to

the Blues, there will be a black

lash to the officials. We'll have

more of that later in sport.

And pure concentration for Maria Sharapova. She wasn't put off by a Wimbledon streaker. A bloke managed to breach security at Sharapova's end of the court and then stayed there doing gymnastics and a bit of a jig. He eventually walked off. But Maria kept her back to him. We'll have her thoughts on the streaker shortly in sport. Also later, Italy into the World Cup Final has Socceroos striker Josh Kennedy and the rest of us wondering what if. That's next. Plus, a blow for some of the city's most vulnerable hospital patients.

And Sydney's most run-down schools - calls to bulldoze them and start again.

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Outrage tonight from doctors and patients over the Royal North Shore Hospital's decision to demolish family accommodation units. The vital facility to be torn down next month with no replacement. Sean Fitzgerald knows the value of Rotary Lodge. It's the place his family used

during his 10.5-month recuperation from a mountain bike accident that left him with no feeling below the shoulders. It shortened my stay in hospital by probably six months and saved me a tremendous amount of money. Raelene Maloney's husband also has a spinal injury. She's stayed in the room during his treatment. For as little as $2 a day, it's just a short walk from Royal North Shore's main entrance. When it closes, family members will have to stay in a near by motel

raising concerns about their safety. Walking home after dark

and I would have been in the same situation because I don't have a car here. I know my husband would be very upset. Trying to find them down the road at a motel, it's just not going to be the same. They're not going to be able to offer the same level of support to their families. It's just not possible. Not for Intensive Care patients. The Opposition supports the hospital redevelopment but wants to see the Lodge saved. I'm calling on the Government to abandon plans to demolish Rotary House

and until they've found an onsite replacement. The wrecking ball will move in here by the end of next month, there is no guarantee that patients' families will be accommodated onsite. But the hospital will have more parking. There isn't a defined long term plan at this time. The Government says negiotations are continuing but nothing can be done in the short-term and the Lodge can't be saved.

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A plea tonight to replace Sydney's aging schools.

An education expert believes they're no longer fit for modern schooling and could be forcing students into the private sector. It's an academic record not to be proud of. Education expert, Professor Brian Caldwell says hundreds of schools are dated and fail to meet modern standards. If we really want to get a 21st century approach

to learning and teaching, we have to redisign our schools. It's as simple as that. No chance of hiding the wear and tear at this ageing school. At others, temporary demountables have become almost permanent fixtures

inadequate heating one of the complaints. All tell-tale signs of infrastructure that deperately needs a makeover. Professor Caldwell says ageing school buildings are not conducive to learning.

The Opposition concerned poor infrastructure will force most students into private schools within a decade. There are schools in NSW where when you walk into it, you wish there was a bulldozer handy. The Australian Secondary Principals Association goes so far as saying more than 1 in 10 Government high schools are not meeting quality standards and should in fact be closed. That's at loggerheads with the State Government

pointing out during these school holidays, 190 upgrades are under way. There are no schools in NSW that should be bulldozed. I have every faith in NSW and great result getting. The Teacher's Federation has also weighed into the debate challenging the Federal Government to allocate some of its $11 billion surplus towards public education. The State Minister's reality doesn't match the reality

of teachers every day in classrooms every day. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Time for a check of the weather and

a man who is no stranger to being

a small fish in a large pond. Tim

Bailey, good evening. The reason

we're talking fish is because the

pool here at Macquarie Fields

leisure centre is full of trout.

This is one of the

This is one of the weirdest school

holidays ablt akivitys I've laid my

eyes on. 300Troud here and you can

catch them on Saturday and Sunday,

we'll tell you more about it later

in the bulletin. It was a in the bulletin. It was a sparkler,

our warmest day since the 25th of

May. Mercury got up to 23C.

Tomorrow, 18C, blue and sunny and

that's exactly what your weekend will

will look like. Let's look at sky

watch for you in case you didn't

believe me. After the fog cleared

at around 10 am today, it was just

glorious blue sky everywhere you

looked as far as the eye could see.

Pollution levels next for you. And

unfortunately a few particles in

the east and the north-west brought

up the medium level readings.

Later in the bulletin, you can't

miss this. We're

miss this. We're going to try to

catch fish out of a swimming pool.

School holidays like you've never

seen them before.

I think we have Vic Lorusso in the

Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. We're

have ago problem with the link this

evening. Are you there? There he is.

Here I am. You have a grass fire

there in the west to add to the

traffic problems? Yeah, we're just

seeing traffic trying to get out

towards the western suburbs at the

moment. Unfortunately big delays to

the right. You'll see smoke.

(Inaudible) Clearly we are having

difficulty there. We'll try to come

back to him later, Vic Lorusso in

the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. Former league star Ian Roberts has faced court charged with assaulting his ex-boyfriend. The 40-year-old has pleaded not guilty saying he's looking forward to clearing his name. Ian Roberts has played many roles during his lifetime - rugby league star, gay icon and budding actor. But today he was simply the reluctant defendant in a domestic violence case. Roberts was charged with assaulting his partner Ben Prideaux at the weekend but pleaded not guilty at his first court appearance. He says he's looking forward to the hearing so he can prove the allegation's false. Very much so, very much so. Roberts was last seen in a Sydney court as a key witness at the Arron Light murder inquest.

That hearing proved a painful experience for the 40-year-old revealing details of his sexual abuse allegedly by the same man who had assaulted his 17-year-old friend before he died. Roberts said at the time, he took part,

because the truth is of the utmost importance to him. The case comes just as Roberts had planned to move overseas to further his acting career. But it remains to be seen whether that will still be an option should the charges result in a criminal conviction.

For the time being, he'll have to comply with an AVO preventing him from contacting his ex-boyfriend or coming within 50 metres of him. Roberts's lawyer told the court:

The case returns to court in August.

Amber Muir, Ten News. Another health scandal in Queensland with the State's medical board clearing the way for a convicted rapist to return to work as a doctor. Strict conditions have been placed on James Manwaring to allow him to re-register as a doctor but the Queensland Opposition says the very idea is appalling. This is an extraodinary decision from the medical board that's almost impossible to understand. The scandal comes

after an inquiry revealed Dr Jayant Patel's credentials weren't properly checked.

Operators of the hostel at Childers in Queensland

where 15 backpackers were killed will not face criminal charges. A Coroner's Inquiry has heard there's not enough evidence to convict the owners despite claims The Palace was overcrowded, defied building regulations and fire alarms were unplugged. 85 backpackers were staying the night the fire was lit. It's occupancy should have been no more than 53. Nine of those killed were in one room, a renovated bathroom. Robert Long is serving a life term for starting the blaze. The coroner will hand down his findings on Friday. An amazing rescue in South Korea

after a blind man jumped onto a rail track and lay down in the path of an oncoming train. With just seconds before the train rolled into the platform, two station workers jumped onto the track, risking their own lives,

to pull the man to safety. It's believed he wanted to kill himself after authorities refused to give him a license to become a masseur because he was blind. John Howard's plan to control how history is taught in schools. That's next. Also, the chief of the failed Westpoint group admits taking large cash payments insisting it was for expenses. And the fight to save a great Aussie Icon - the traditional country pub. This is Andrew Corporation, where we develop global wireless technology. Got a mobile phone? We can pinpoint you anywhere on the planet. It's perfect for emergency services, and it's used by three out of the four major US wireless carriers. Wollongong is a recognised centre of excellence in telecommunications. We're world leaders in the field. Ingenuity, expertise, investment - it's all here in NSW.

To open doors for your business in NSW, visit our website.

Introducing Domino's new High Crust Plus. There's a Garlic, a Cheese & Garlic or a Crispy, each with loads more cheese. Try Domino's new High Crust Plus. SONG: # Domino's. # UPLIFTING MUSIC Visit Sydney Aquarium. It's like nothing on earth. The chief of Westpoint has admitted taking large cash payments during the dying days of the property group. He faced court today accused of hiding behind family trusts while creditors are owed millions. Fallen property tycoon Norm Carey came out firing today blaming ASIC's heavy-handedness for the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in Westpoint investor funds. But, yes, I am angry, because there was a commercial solution and none of this needed to occur. Mr Carey faced court for the first time today over the property group's collapse in February. His stated assets amount to just $69,000, despite years heading the former Westpoint empire and a continuing lavish lifestyle, including a Perth penthouse. The court heard Mr Carey took all his payments in cash, including thousands of dollars a week last year. ASIC's senior counsel asked: Mr Carey replied: He said he had no control over any bank accounts despite being a signatory to at least six Westpoint associated companies. Documents were also tendered listing Mr Carey as a signatory

to a company in the Channel Islands' tax haven of Guernsey. The court heard just days after a federal order

freezing Westpoint's assets in March he authorised a $600,000 transfer

to a company controlled by his sister Karen - a move described as highly suspicious. Senior counsel Stephen Owen-Conway asked Mr Carey if his sister was acting as a shield, to keep funds from Westpoint creditors, by taking over four of his directorships in April. He said: The court heard Karen Carey directs the $2 million Dyson family trust

whose sole beneficiaries are Norm Carey's two children. Nick Way, Ten News. The Australian share market has closed slightly lower today despite early gains.

The PM wants to take control of how history is taught in our schools. He wants it to become a compulsory stand-alone subject and is prepared to block funding to the States to make sure it happens. Students at Canberra's Lyneham High School learn history as part of the wider subject Studies of Society. The PM wants that to change. I cannot understand how anybody in any State government could object to Australian history being, for some period of time, a compulsory stand-alone subject. And while he denies he's trying to write the course, Mr Howard has outlined, for the first time, what he wants taught. An understanding of the Enlightenment, an understanding of the influence Christianity, of Western civilisation - all of those things that shaped Australian society.

He has an ally from the other side of the political fence - fellow history buff Bob Carr. When I became premier, a student could go through school and not learn about Gallipoli.

Well, I fixed that up, and I'm proud of that, and I want to see that happen across Australia. The Federal Government says it wants to co-operate with the States to review the history syllabus, but it's already threatening to withhold funding if the States don't come on board. It's already commissioned two papers to look at how history is taught. We'll get some expert advice on how to take the matter forward so that I can find ways to work with the States to implement Australian history as a separate topic. The Federal Opposition says it's a diversion. Let's get some action to support the teaching of history in our schools rather than more hot air from John Howard and his ministers. Labor says the government already reviewed history in schools six years ago. Laurel Irving, Ten News. New fears tonight for an aussie icon. The future of country pubs is looking bleak even though the hotel and club industry is chalking up record profits. The Court House Hotel has been serving the locals of Lithgow for over 100 years. Publican Ray Smith has lived in the town all his life and has seen nearby struggling pubs shut down and their licences sold off. They've sold off poker machine entitlements and licences and just sent 'em down into the city When someone comes along with a nice big cheque, it allows them to get out and pay off all their debts. Ray's brother Jeff also owns a pub in Taralga and says he's struggling because the drought is forcing farmers to re-think the drink. You gotta weigh up the pros and cons of wasting your money on drink or buying feed to feed your stock.

But one area patrons do find the money to spend up big on is the pokies. According to the latest statistics, pubs and clubs have generated over $18 billion of profits in the past year. $2.7 billion or nearly a quarter of their income came from gambling. But country publicans are worried when gambling zones become smoke-free zones it'll drive more customers away. Publicans have also been hit hard by the high cost of petrol. It's becoming more expensive to transport supplies,

especially to country towns and patrons are left paying the price. I'd probably make more on a can of coke than I do on a carton of beer. I think there is definitely a case of pubs under threat.

It's a case of competition and it's a case of surviving. It's a case of pubs are definitely out there battling. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Time now for a check of the weather

and trust you Tim Bailey. Even

though you're miles away from the

coast, you still found a body of

water to stand next to. Yes, but

this is a strange body of water to

be standing next to. Hello

everybody. Hello Tim. A good mob

here. It says Tim Bailey is going

fishing. What's going on? What are

you doing on the weekend? Going

fishing. Where are you going

fishing? In there In there happens

to be the Olympic swimming pool in

Macquarie Fields. They've filled it

with 250 trout and you can pay $9

and go fishing here. Some of

and go fishing here. Some of the

fish are about this big, so it is

worth it and you'll get a feed.

Let's look at the map of NSW, Tim's top tefrps.

We throw back to the desk, have a

look at this shirt. All I want is

everything! Got a problem with that

Ron! No. I hope they're biting out

there. All the action and excitement of the State of Origin decider in Melbourne. Yes, will it be Tonga or Hannay taking on NSW? We'll try and answer that shortly. Also, the Blues's pre-game stroll

that further confirms their lack of homeground advantage. Also, how Italy knocked out the World Cup hosts.

Queensland are leaving it to the last minute to confirm their starting line-up for tonight's Origin decider. Adam Hawse re-joins us from Melbourne and is Hannay in or out?

Well, the Queenslanders aren't

saying but my information is that

Hannay will definitely play. At

breakfast this morning he went up

to the coach and said I'm fit and

right to play. You can probably see

behind me, the fans are pouring in

here. 53,000 expected. There's a

lot more Queensland jerseys than

NSW jerseys. And for that reason,

there's more players feeling

nervous going into the game. New South Wales taking their traditional pre-match walk in the untraditional setting of Melbourne. Blues officials expecting a backlash if their decision to take a home game to Victoria ends up in a Series loss. Look, NSW supporters are passionate supporters, just as Queensland's are, and if they perceive that they lost because they lost home ground advantage, they won't be happy about it. Craig Gower also expecting to feel the heat. With five-eighth rookie Mark Gasnier beside him, Gower's been left as virtually the team's only general play kicker. Yeah, there's going to be plenty of pressure there. I know Steve Price will be there, Cameron Smith will be coming out - plenty of pressure. Hopefully our game plan's up to scratch. We're pretty confident in our kicking game that we'll have the right variation there to disrupt Queensland's plans if they're looking to put Gower under pressure. A past Blues Series-winner spelling out what New South Wales needs to do.

The Maroons team basically came out and out-muscled and out-enthused the Blues side. I think the Blues have got to fight fire with fire and go out there with the same aggression the Maroons showed in Game II.

And the Blues still not ruling out

a late change. That would most

likely be Paul Gallan coming off

the bench and Steve Simpson dropping

back to the bench. And if it goes

down to the wire, watch out for

Queensland's crafty Smith snapping a

field goal at dummy half. I saw him

doing it at training yesterday.

Thank you. Despite praise from the Irish, Wallabies captain George Gregan says his side will have to lift their game if they are to beat the All Blacks in Saturday night's Tri-Nations opener. The Aussies touched down in chilly Christchurch today

and Gregan admitted the feeling is good in the camp following their win over Ireland. We gained a bit of confidence from it and that's an important thing in any sport, but we're fully aware that there are areas we need improve to get the job done on Saturday night against the All Blacks. In the New Zealand camp, Mils Muliaina is excited about his switch from fullback to outside centre to cover for the injured Ma'a Nonu. Swans coach Paul Roos says Adelaide deserve to be premiership favourites the AFL ladder leaders presenting Sydney's toughest match of the year this Sunday. He says the Swans may need to change their tactics even mid-game to inflict a third loss for the year on the Crows. Most teams now are adopting at different stages of the game, a tempo-style of footy. To be a good side in the AFL, you can't rely on one way to win.

And the veil of secrecy still surrounds Jared Crouch and his mystery injury.

I don't know, I can't tell you that.

I would have to kill you. The Swans

and Crows play on Sunday at the SCG. Well, it's the result that has the Socceroos and the rest of Australia still wondering 'if only'. Italy are through to the World Cup Final after knocking out hosts germany.

The Italians scored two goals in the final two minutes of extra time in their semifinal. With just 90 seconds of extra time remaining, the patience of Pirlo combined with some Grosso greatness. COMMENTATOR: Can't see a way through - but Grosso does and sends Italy surely to the World Cup final. If that wasn't enough to pierce the heart of the host nation, glued to screens around the country, Del Piero completed the job. Oh, yes! Glory for Italy! In Rome all roads now lead to Berlin, with an estimated 50,000 fans celebrating at the Circus Maximus. It was a different Azzurri from the outset,

opting for attack over defence. However not all things changed - the much maligned diving skills remained. In extra time, Gilardino went desperately close to giving himself an early 24th birthday present. The tug-o'-war only intensified as Podolski was denied. Buffon creates his finest moment of the match. The finest moment however belonged to Grosso. Italy now awaits the winner of tomorrow morning's second semifinal between France and Portugal. Italy has the tears of joy, Germany has the tears of despair. For Australian fans still thinking what could have been, the success of Italy may just put the Socceroo's stalled campaign into perspective. It might sound better if we got beaten by the world champions. Personally, Italy are a good enough team to win it. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. Former champion Maria Sharapova has overcome the distraction of a streaker to reach the Wimbledon semifinals. The four top seeds are all through. Belgians Justine Henin-Hardenne and Kim Clijsters won in straight sets. Amelie Mauresmo was the only player among the final four, stretched to a third set. Sharapova began her quarterfinal in blistering fashion. The 2004 champion too powerful for fellow Russian Elena Dementieva. She put her body on the line... COMMENTATOR: Well, a little bit of pow! ..and then a member of the public did the same but this semi-naked man couldn't distract Sharapova from her semifinal ambitions as she streaked away with a straights sets win. That's it! Sharapova is through to the semifinal. REPORTER: Is that the strangest thing that ever happened to you on a tennis court? Yeah, I didn't really look at the guy, thank God. I didn't want to look at all the details. She'll meet Australian Open champion Amelie Mauresmo who survived a scare against number nine seed Anastasia Myskina. Oh, what a point of the match! The top seed dug deep eventually claiming the match 6-3 in the third.

Oh, that's a great shot from Mauresmo.

In the other half of the draw French Open winner Justine Henin-Hardenne cruised through her match against the unseeded Severine Bremond. And Kim Clijsters was forced to grit her teeth in her match against China's Li Na. The Belgian fighting back from 5-2 down in the second advancing into the semifinals in straight sets. Andrew Brown, Ten News.

Australian cyclist Stuart O'Grady is in doubt for the fourth stage of the Tour de France after injuring his back in a fall. In a crash-ridden race, pre-Tour favourite Alejandro Valverde fractured a collarbone ending his hopes for the second year running. It's opened up the field for others like Australia's Cadel Evans who's currently 11th. Germany's Matthias Kessler won today's stage but another Aussie Michael Rogers sits second overall and is challenging Belgium's world champion Tom Bonen

for the yellow leader's jersey. In Sports Tonight - all the action and excitement of the State of Origin decider in Melbourne. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's weather is next.

Vic Lorusso, problems with a grass

fire. An awful problem heading

towards the western suburbs, a

grass fire. But the fire service

have contained the fire. The fire

was to the west of the M4 at St

Mary's. The M4 lanes were still

open but obviously onlookers

slowing down. You can see the

traffic delays, it is taking

motorists an extra hour to get from

Parramatta to the foot of the

mountains. The Great Western

Highway is a better way to go.

Time for all the weather details

now, but Tim Bailey, for what it's

worst, how impressed I am with the

creativity of turning a swimming

pool in the middle of winter into a

fishing pond. What a great idea. It

is a great idea, that's why the

cameras are here. A great community

initiative. This is Macquarie

Fields leisure centre. This swimming

pool, well, you know, you can have

a swim in it, but let's get

creative and put 250 live trout in

here and open it up for fishing.

That's Saturday and Sunday. It will

cost you $9. And the trout they

tell me are this big. Weigh about

300grams and you can catch up to

four and have a feed across the

weekend. This is how it will work.

Anglers on your blocks. Set...

Anglers on your blocks. Set... fish. And the crowd goes wild.


Something like that. It is really

nice to be out at Macquarie Fields

doing it live. They're having a

good time out here. Have they

caught anything? Sna not yet. Thank

you, weather wise, not a bad day

for a fish, 20C. Three degrees

above average. It was the warmest

day since the 25th of May. Tomorrow

not quite as good. Around about 18C

but shiny blue and that will be a

precurser to the weekend, shiny

precurser to the weekend, shiny blue. That's the forecast. Have

they caught anything? Not yet.

There are 250 fish in here. Come

down Saturday and Sunday, pay your

$9 and go home with true fish and

chips out of a swimming pool. Into

your back yard and I hope it is

looking dryer than mine is at the moment.

Satellite, low cloud is driven on

to the western Tasmanian coastline

by strong north-westerly winds

bringing scatters showers. The map

for tomorrow. A cold front spreading showers over the

south-east. Falling with stpo on

the Alps. Soth easterly winds

bringing isolated showers to the

north, a high pressure system in

the bight will ease systems. The

business of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, drips and drops

across roof tops, what's fauing

from the sky in the next 48 hours?

A few showers over the NSW southern

inland with light snow on the

snowys. Friday, cool westerly winds bringing showers to southern

Victoria and Tasmania. A dominant

high pressure system clearing

showers from SA and keeping the

rest of the country sunny after a

cold morning. OK you guys, have

they caught anything? Not yet.

We're saving it all for Saturday

and Sunday when you can come, pay

your $9 and get amongst 250 trout.

Let's go interstate for you.

Have they caught anything? Not yet.

We'll see you live in the swimming

pool for a feed of fish and chips

Saturday and Sunday and I'll see

you on the couch tomorrow night and

see you tomorrow. It is time for

fish. They're not posed to be up yet! That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Join us again tomorrow night. From the Ten news team - goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING )