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a young worker's contract shock. Tonight - sanctions. Sacked for resisting new sick leave The Melissa Mayfield murder - as a suspect faces court. her family's anguish deepens - And the 'Pacific Sky' scandal to encourage excess drinking. claims staff were paid and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. another petrol price hike on the way. Also tonight - reacted to the news she had cancer. And Kylie Minogue tells how she But first this evening - the young woman who claims tough new working conditions. she was sacked for resisting 12 hours notice for sick leave The boss's demands allegedly included who don't comply. backed by fines for workers 21-year-old Lorissa Stevens and threats used by her employer is still shocked at the intimidation for an individual work contract. to try and convince her to sign up the stuff she said to me. Howling like a baby from some of She said stuff to the effect out of her way to destroy me that she would personally go the Hunter Valley mine site again. and make sure I never worked in last month The bullying allegedly occured at Mining and Earth Moving Services. Lorissa wasn't prepared to sign up in particular. because of the sick leave conditions It's a newey to me. It's a red hot one so - for all sorts of things. but these AWAs are going to be used quit another job The former national soccer player

in the mining industry. to try her hand isn't worth it. She says turning up to work sick Driving a 240 tonne dump truck, are fatigued or sick, if it gets out of control whilst you it can cause a lot of damage. the Office of the Employment Advocate The dispute is being investigated by at the Federal Court. and will eventually end up The company is refusing to comment. to sign an agreement. someone, an existieng employee, It is duress to seek to force

It is duress to seek to force to sign an agreement. well, the law will be applied. Now, if they're the circumstances, her fighting spirit as she left. Lorrissa confirmed for my country I'd certainly prefer to play for sure. than put up with this sort of crap, Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Signs today Kim Beazley's promise workplace agreements to rip up the controversial

is giving the Opposition a big boost. the ALP would have won The latest Newspoll shows if an election was held last weekend. Support for Labor is up 4 points to 47%. while the Coalition has plunged has dropped to an 8-month low. And John Howard's satisfaction rating tough to win another term. The Prime Minister admitting it'll be a pushover in federal elections And the Labor Party has never been for a year or more now so that's why I've been saying for a very tough fight. that we must prepare Despite the boost for his party, popularity with voters remains flat. Opposition Leader Kim Beazley's

a Sydney court today High emotions outside as a man faced a charge of murder. in her own home He's accused of killing a young mum who witnessed the crime. and attacking another woman Melissa Mayfield 29-year-old single mother was beaten, strangled loungeroom of her Bossley Park home. and left unconscious in the and died a fortnight ago. She never regained consciousness originally said they found her body Friends of the victim 36-year-old David Shepherd but now one of them, with Melissa's murder. has been charged gathering at Fairfield Court The victim's close-knit family to hear details about the murder. I loved her so much. I miss my daughter so much. I protected her all the time. I've always loved my daughter. Shepherd refused to leave the cells. bail wasn't applied for. His lawyer said Police told the court who was scared of him. Shepherd knew Melissa Mayfield,

A witness told detectives there was a demon inside her David had said the young mother. Shepherd allegedly strangled Melissa's best friend, Angela Wells, The killing witnessed by with him. who was in a de facto relationship Police told the court Wells stated that she saw the accused hours of Wednesday last week, Detectives allege that in the early Shepherd was at his home in Blacktown 28-year-old Angela Wells. where he allegedly attacked that he tried to kill her. Police claimed in court Miss Wells remains in hospital once she has recovered. and is expected to face charges She was a lovely granddaughter. I loved that granddaughter. Shepherd was remanded in custody. John Hill, Ten News. is suing radio station Nova 969 Treasurer Michael Costa by a prostitute. over comments made on air Merrick and Rosso breakfast show During an inteview on the early last month, a Sydney prostitute a woman claiming to be about Mr Costa. made certain allegations The politician, and the Minister for Infrastructure, who's the Member for Hunter against Nova. has lodged legal proceedings the first time in the Supreme Court The case will be be mentioned for next month. has declined to comment. The Minister's office public with startling new claims Former P&O security guards have gone cruise ships. about conduct on the company's

to ignore bad behaviour, Staff were allegedly encouraged for getting passengers drunk. and even received kickbacks continues, The longer the Dianne Brimble inquest about daily life on cruise ships. the more sordid the tales that emerge today pleased to hear Former husband Mark Brimble staff are exposing the truth. is being put on the cruise industry I think the spotlight right across the world. the 'Pacific Sky' with her daughter, Dianne died just a day after boarding

sister and niece. in the company of eight men She was last seen remembered by many other passengers for their drunk and sleazy behaviour. But according to a former security guard, misconduct on ships happen all the time because people think laws don't apply out at sea.

P&O allegedly sacked the petty officer for being heavy-handed when he asked the man to stop. Another worker claims bar-staff received financial bonuses for getting the passengers drunk. Both men have been asked to tell their stories to the inquest when it resumes later this month. But they've come as no surprise to Mr Brimble, who recently became a spokesman for the International Cruise Victims group. I think that the emphasis of putting this out in the public is to make them come forward. The organisation points out cruise ship crime has long been hidden from the public eye. Conservative figures estimate nearly 180 sexual assaults took place between 2003 and 2005. Another 24 people were reportedly lost at sea. What we're seeing is a difficult situation in terms of regulation - that is we've got international-registered vessels operating in international waters

and, in those circumstances, NSW laws do not apply.

Late today, P&O responded with yet another statement

noting the latest allegations. But claims its already addressed the issues in its recently revised guidelines for security and safety. Amber Muir, Ten News. The two housemates banished from 'Big Brother' have apologised

for carrying out what they call a dare gone wrong. Ash and John - real names Michael Cox and Michael Bric - have spoken for the first time since their sudden removal. It was just a practical joke, and Camilla knew this, and we were just mucking around, having a good time. It's unfortunate it had to end this way, because there was never intentions to be any breach of rule or to hurt any individual. The men say they're sorry, but claim the media is blowing their behaviour out of proportion. The Australian Communications and Media Authority has investigated whether Network Ten breached broadcasting regulations

by streaming the incident live on the Internet. It's delivered a report to the Communications Minister, who'll make public the decision tomorrow. Kylie Minogue has spoken publicly for the first time about her battle against breast cancer. In the hour-long interview with a British television network, she describes the terrifying moment she was told she had the life-threatening disease. My mum and dad were with me, then we all fell to pieces and I was saying "No, but I'm getting a plane." "Um, no, you're not getting a plane, you sit down." The singer says she's looking forward to her Australian Showgirl tour starting in November and spending Christmas at home with her family. Tim Webster joins us with a look ahead to sport and a major health concern for the Maroons. Yes, on the eve of the Origin decider

the Bulldogs Willie Tonga has been rushed to Melbourne on stand by. But he arrived too late for training. Josh Hannay is the latest player to be quarantined with a severe stomach virus.

Queensland officials fear it might have spread through the team. More developments in sport. And Lleyton Hewitt has fought his way through to the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Shortly we'll have Lleyton's thoughts on the match up with the man who ground it out at the Australian Open, Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis. And Maria Shaparova is pumped up as well. Also coming up - a re-call for a discarded Qallaby ahead of the All Blacks Test. An Aussie stage winner in the Tour de France. And a rather unfortunate mishap for a javelin thrower.

A not-guilty plea by the skipper who accidentally ran his boat aground near the PM's Sydney home. That's next. Also tonight - oil companies under fire for huge profits as motorists count the cost.

And domestic bliss for Keith and Nicole after their high-profile wedding.

There's no place in the world like Sydney, with 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert',

a musical spectacular. Stay & See Hotel Packages now available at Star City from $235 per person twin-share. Call: Or visit: A father who accidentally ran his boat aground near the Prime Minister's Sydney home has pleaded not guilty to drink driving. Jamie Henderson sparked a major security scare when his boat wound up on the rocks outside Kirribilli House. For security reasons, water police had to gain permission from Australian Protective Services before even approaching the stricken vessel. Henderson's pleaded not guilty to drink driving and negligent navigating offences. Two rogue traders have been jailed over a multimillion-dollar scandal that rocked Australia's biggest bank. Former National Australia Bank employee David Bullen will serve a minimum of 2.5 years in prison. He was convicted on a string of charges related to unauthorised trading. Colleague Vince Ficarra was sentenced to at least 15 months jail by a Melbourne court. The illegal foreign exchange trading cost the bank $326 million between 2003 and 2004. Time to fill up your car tonight.

Petrol prices are set to skyrocket tomorrow as the big oil companies are accused of making obscene profits at the expense of motorists. Motorists have been steadily cutting back on their fuel purchases in recent times. It still adds up though, enough to give Caltex a projected half-year profit of $170 million. $170 million in profit in just the first six months. That's an obscene level of profit.

Especially when they're blaming the high price of oil.

Critics say oil companies are profiting by lifting their margins. The refining margin appears to be too high given the state of the industry and it renews our suspicion that the industry in Australia is not particularly competitive. While motoring groups back an upcoming senate inquiry, Caltex defends itself blaming the price of crude and saying its profit amounts to just 1.7 cents on every litre sold. We would very much like to see the price of crude come down so that we'd be able to see the price at the pump come down, but 1.7 cents a litre, that's no means an unreasonable amount to be making. Not everyone believes profit is a dirty word for oil companies. We know that motorists are very upset about the high cost of petrol but that's not because of Caltex. That's because of high crude oil prices. Oil company margins aside, the regular ups and down of the fuel cycle is likely to have an added sting in the next week and that's because of the US summer holiday season. When Americans take to their cars,

it's likely to affect world oil supply.

And that can only mean higher prices here. While petrol would go up to around $1.40 this week at the peak of the cycle - it may go up an extra five cents -

if not tomorrow, certainly next week. The only good news - prices will fall again. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The PM says Washington is close to a decision on the case against terror suspect David Hicks. The Australian's fate remains uncertain after a US Supreme Court ruled the military commissions set to try him were illegal. His lawyer in Adelaide calling on the Foreign Minister for Hicks to be returned to Australia. I indicated to him, in my opinion, the charges were no longer in existence and David Hicks was simply a detainee at Guantanamo Bay. Hicks has been held in the Guantanamo Bay prison for more than four years.

I think it's best that he faces a trial. Hicks has been held in the Guantanamo Bay prison for more than four years.

Check of the weather. Tim Bailey,

how widespread was that rain today?

Pretty interesting this, Ron. The

distribution, as always, was more

coastal than anywhere else. Boy,

was it? Rose Bay - 85mm. Now that

figure is their wettest July day in

27 years. Cronulla, on the coast

again, got plenty - 44mm.

To give you a bit of an indication

just how dry it was out west,

Penrith today didn't score. 0 for

Penrith. 85mm at Rose Bay, zero out

west, it's just not fair, is it.

The next seven days is exactly that

- not fair, if you're looking for

precipitation. Mostly sunny

conditions, blue skies, and

temperatures between 18-16 degrees.

Skywatch - the grey - it coloured

in the day till around about 2:30

today dropping rain along the sand.

That was about it. Blue patches

around about 2:30 this afternoon.

No problems with pollution levels.

And tomorrow at your place - fine

and sunny, 18 degrees. I'll see you

again in around about 10. Spain in mourning. Next - disaster strikes on an underground railway. And soccer hero Luke Neill's bold plan to become a football tycoon.

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Time which check on the traffic

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Vic, last night,

you jinxed it - you said it was all

clear, then 10 minutes lateter was

a standstill. Will you wreck

everyone's drive home tonight as

well? I've already had a word to

motorists - hopefully not. It's

been a great run home towards

Sydney's south. You can see the

Georges River flowing underneath

the bridge. There's hardically any

traffic to the Sutherland Shire. No

accidents or breakdowns on the

motorways. No excuses for getting

home late again. Let's see what we

can do. We'll be back at 10 to 6:00,

hopefully with some good news for

Deb this time. We'll be checking.

Thank you. The Spanish city of Valencia is in mourning after a train disaster that's killed at least 41 people.

A wheel broke derailing two carriages. Above ground, the race to ferry the injured to hospital as horrified residents watched. Emergency crews scrambling to control chaos on the streets while, beneath them, bodies littered the subway tunnel. SIREN WAILS Early fears of a Madrid-style terror attack were quickly dismissed. Investigators pointing to speed and a wheel that shattered on a curve.

(Speaks Spanish) This man says he was one of the lucky ones. His carriage crashed on its side, hurling passengers forward. (Speaks Spanish) A woman remembers the car starting to bounce, then a bang as everything went black.

It's one of the worst rail accidents Spain has seen and it happened on the same line where three trains collided just 10 months ago. As the injured were escorted to hospitals across the city, priests arrived to comfort hundreds of friends and relatives who flocked to the metro station to learn the fate of their loved ones. The grief too much for some they'd been dreading. as they received the news More than 40 people confirmed dead, including the train driver, and dozens more injured. No Australians are known to have been involved. The accident comes just days ahead of a visit by the Pope when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are expected to flood the city's transport system. Charmaine Dragun, Ten News. Israel has ignored the deadline to release Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the safety of a captured soldier. Instead, it's intensified air and artillery strikes against Palestinian leadership targets. At least one man was killed in the latest raid which badly damaged the Islamic University in Gaza. Soon after, a heavily armed group swooped on a police station in the West Bank town of Ramallah, seizing three men being held on suspicion of killing an Israeli civilian last month. One of the militant groups that kidnapped Corporal Gilad Shalit is refusing to comment on his fate.

The space shuttle 'Discovery' launch will go ahead tomorrow despite a chunk of foam falling off its main fuel tank.

A similar problem caused the 'Columbia' disaster three years ago. 'Discovery' may be damaged but NASA says it's safe to fly. We are ready to go do what we've decided to go do

and that is continue with the launch. It kept the countdown clock going despite engineers finding a 12cm crack in the insulation around the external fuel tank that caused a 7.5cm piece of foam to fall to the launch pad. The obvious question is

"Gee, if this was to happen in flight "and this piece of foam would have come off, "would that have been an issue?" and the answer is no.

It's believed the insulation cracked as a result of the tank expanding and contracting each time super cold fuel was added or drained

during previous launch attempts. But NASA says there is no proof the damage will cause more to fly off during launch or put the shuttle at risk of overheating. It turns out there is actually more foam on this strut than is truly needed for its purposes.

Critics have accused NASA of having 'go fever'. If 'Discovery does launch tomorrow it will go down in history as the first to be launched on Independence Day here in America. Are we pushing too hard trying to make this flight occur? The answer is we've laid out the The answer is no, we've laid out the data, we've looked at it calmly and we are ready to go fly. There is just one further hurdle - the weather. There is a 40% chance thunderstorms may again delay the launch. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Four people have been injured after a car ploughed through a crowd at a speedboat regatta in the US.

The sports car veered into spectators on the bank of the Ohio River hitting an official's golf buggy before flying into the water. Bystanders raced into the river to rescue the 18-year-old driver who was unconscious at the wheel. Police say it's not known whether alcohol or drugs were to blame. The first journey from Beijing to Tibet on the world's highest railway. Many passengers had to spend much of the ride

with oxygen pipes up their nose

as the train rose to more than 5,000 metres above sea level. Three people suffered severe altitude sickness. Apart from being a remarkable feat of engineering, the railway forms a link between the poorer western part of China and the affluent east. A drug that slows the onset of Type 2 diabetes. That's next. Also, the search for our long-lost soldiers. Aussies on a gruelling new mission in Vietnam. And settling in to married life. Keith and Nicole in Tennessee.

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Tonight's major stories -

NSW Treasurer Michael Costa launches legal action against radio station Nova 969. He's suing over comments a prostitute made on air last month

during the Merrick and Rosso breakfast show. Proceedings begin next month in the Supreme Court. High emotions outside a Sydney court today as a man faced a charge of murder. David Shepherd is accused of killing young mum Melissa Mayfield in her own home at Bossley Park,

and later attacking his de facto partner who witnessed the crime. And the union movement takes up the cause of 21-year-old Lorissa Stevens who claims she was sacked for resisting tough new working conditions. The mining contractor she worked for allegedly demanded 12 hours notice for sick leave backed by fines for workers who don't comply. After years of searching, the final resting place of two Australian soldiers killed in Vietnam

may finally have been found. And the former enemy has been crucial to finding the remains. Even viewing a simple map showing where his father fell is humbling and emotional for Robert Gillson. The prospect of finally retrieving his remains daunting but reassuring. Speaking on behalf of the family, it's going to be closure. They're going to have somewhere to go and pay respects to someone

they love dearly. Robert was just four months old when his father Private Peter Gillson and another man Lance Corporal Richard 'Tiny' Parker were killed in action. A group of former Australian soldiers recently spent hundreds of hours trawling through the Vietnamese jungle searching for their mates' battlefield graves.

Expedition leader Jim Bourke is confident the search was a success. But Mr Bourke says it was a former enemy officer

who gave critical information about the fateful fire fight on November 8, 1965. He recalled the battle in the minutest detail. He was able to describe the two men, he was able to describe the weapons that were left on the position

and he says the bodies were buried on the position the next day. But I remember that there are three but two dead here.

The Australians will return to Vietnam in November to dig for their mates' remains. For Robert Gillson, that prospect unlocks a diverse but still unknown vault of emotions. It's easy to sit back on this side of the fence and think, you know, "I'll be fine, things will be OK, "wow, what an experience this could be. "It'd be great to find Dad," but to tell you the truth, I won't know till I get there. Luke Waters, Ten News. The Australian share market has closed slightly stronger today ahead of tomorrow's Reserve Bank announcement on interest rates.

Australian researchers may have found a pain-free treatment

for Type 2 diabetes. They're trialling a tablet that will hopefully eliminate the need for insulin injections. Tens of thousands of Australians rely on daily insulin injections to manage type 2 diabetes. They're uncomfortable and inconvenient, but there's been little alternative, until now. Researchers in Adelaide are trialling a simple pill which could eliminate the need for needles.

What this drug does is activate that enzyme so the liver uses up more sugar and the pancreas makes more insulin. And the best news...

It's most likely that people will only need to take one tablet a day. After 16 years as an insulin-dependent diabetic, Cyril Harris welcomes the news.

A tablet would simplify the whole thing, just the effort and time it takes to do it. Diabetes is the world's fastest-growing medical condition. 275 Australians are diagnosed every day. Most people develop type 2 diabetes because of poor lifestyle choices. 50% of people with type 2 diabetes do commence insulin within 10 years of being diagnosed. If people could avoid having to do that, I'm sure people would really relish that experience. While this pill is certainly a breakthrough for diabetics, it is by no means a cure for diabetes. Regular exercise and a healthy diet

remain the best way of ensuring you don't contract type 2 diabetes. If trials prove successful, the pill could be available within four years.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

First pictures of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban enjoying married life in their adopted home of Nashville, Tennesee. The pair returned from their romantic honeymoon in Bora Bora at the weekend. Keith, ever the gentleman,

opened the door of their ultra lavish Bentley for his bride but he did let her do the driving.

Work commitments means the newlyweds will soon be separated. Keith's tour kicks off in Canada next week

while Nicole will start filming her next movie 'The Lady from Shanghai'. The Hard Rock Cafe has turned 35 and the birthday party has lived up to the famous burger giant's name. More than 80,000 fans enjoyed concerts in London's Hyde Park by veteran rockers Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and The Who.

While at the cafe itself, Bonnie Tyler entertained an A-list of golden oldies. Yeah, I remember really well when they opened up this particular first venture, really, wasn't it, you know? And, uh, it was a cool idea then, you know? And it's a cool idea now. Fans of The Who can download the entire set from the concert at with all proceeds going to charity.

Let's take a look at the weather

with Tim Bailey. It was looking

promising this morning - the rain

was there. But the clouds have

cleared? Indeed it's really cleerg

up hout here now. For the next

seven days, mainly fine and sunny

conditions. The city, until it did

clear, got 37mm. The catchment area

in the past 72 hours - somewhere

between 5-20mm. The wind was a

problem at Little Bay this

afternoon - 50km/h. Dropped to

9km/h across the top of the Sydney

Harbour Bridge right now. Tomorrow

at your place - 18 degrees. That

for Thursday as well. You'll rarely

see a cloud. It will be quite warm

for winter.

You just saw the Hard Rock Cafe

celebrating the 35-year

anniversary. That's why I've got

Ronnie Wilson's old leather jacket

on and one of his original body

shirts. That explains the

rock'n'roll. I look good, too! Skwhr Very swish. Sport is next and Tim, Socceroo Lucas Neill could be a team owner in the A-League? Yes, he really wants to give local players a boost.

More details shortly. Plus the Blues get a Telstra Dome experience their rivals missed out on.

Also the Maroons continue to be knocked around by a stomach virus. Josh Hannay the latest player in doubt. And Lleyton Hewitt fights his way into the Wimbledon quarterfinals.

How long can you wear your hair up without telltale kinks letting you down? For smooth hair all day through,

Queensland has rushed the Bulldogs Willie Tonga into camp on the eve of the Origin decider in Melbourne.

Adam Hawse joins us live from Melbourne and the Maroons are on edge about a virus possibly sweeping through the team?

Yes, Tim. A disastrous scenario has

unfolded for the Maroons just 24

hours from kick-off in tomorrow

night's decider, their centre Josh

Hannay is in isolation with a virus.

They've flown Willie Tonga down,

the Bulldogs' star. He came down

late this afternoon. He's expecting

to play. Hannay is in extreme doubt.

He didn't train with the side today.

The Maroons fear that Hannay may

have already spread the virus to

other team-mates. He may have been

in contact with the others. It's

possible - we don't know what the

time frame for it is. It's just a

matter of waiting anding what

happens. I spoke to Mal. He said he

had come down with a 24-48-hour bug.

He doesn't look like playing.

Whether he does play or not, I'll

be ready. A drama for them. What

about the NSW preparations - how

smooth have they been? The Blues

have been drama-free in comparison.

A very interested spectator is

mining hero Brant Webb.

Unfortunately, he's tipping the

Queenslanders to have another big

win. The NSW side train would the

roof closed. The Queenslanders had

snow such luck earlier in the day -

the roof was open and Graham Murray

walked over and within seconds it

closed. Graham Murray is saying

there could be changes to his side.

Nothing major, but, um, we haven't,

uh, finally finalised that yet.

We'll see how we go from here to

kick-off. And Tim, I caught up with

some Melbourne Storm players today

at a function. They're tipping

Victorians to get right behind

Queenslanders. The their hatred of

NSW runs so deep, they say. Expect

an announcement from Manly tomorrow re: Jamie Lyon. Bulldogs winger Matt Utai has copped a 5-week ban from the judiciary.

Utai taking an early guilty plea for a reckless high tackle on Wests Tigers hooker Stuart Flanagan. Meanwhile, Jason Taylor says he'll be glad to watch Andrew Johns break his NRL points scoring record against the Eels on Saturday but the new Eels coach says that's as far as it goes. He's more worried about the result. I'd be happy to swap Joey the record for two competition points, if he wants to do that. And the Warriors have signed Eels fullback Wade McKinnon to a 3-year deal. The Wallabies have named an unchanged starting line-up for this Saturday's Tri-Nations opener against New Zealand in Christchurch. Selectors stuck with the same run-on team that beat Ireland recently. There are changes on the bench.

Ben Tune replacing injured winger Clyde Rathbone. It's Tune's first test in four years. Yeah, very excited. It's been pretty hard to wipe the smile of my face, obviously for a while I guess the big thing for me is to keep a tap on my emotions. Matt Giteau also on the bench and confident his injured thumb is ok. Scott Fava replaced the injured Wycliff Palu.

The media has added some extra spice to the World Cup semifinal between Germany and Italy tomorrow morning. Star German midfielder Torsten Frings has been suspended for the game after FIFA obtained new pictures of the brawl that followed Germany's penalty shoot-out victory over Argentina. FIFA originally cleared the Germans.

But after viewing the new vision, ruled that Frings had thrown a punch. German fans immediately blamed the Italians for providing the video forcing FIFA to deny the claim saying it was the Germans themselves who provided the pictures. Socceroos star Lucas Neill is looking at forming a high-powered consortium to invest in an A-League club. Appearing with team-mate Tim Cahill at a kids coaching clinic, Neill says it's all about capitalising on the hype around the sport and creating a foundation for the future. There's a lot of high-profile sports people and business people who have shown interest and want to put their money where their mouth is. There's still a lot of ground to cover but it's definitely something we want to look at. The long-term goal - to ensure that Australian players no longer have to go overseas to make their living. Lleyton Hewitt has fought his way through to the Wimbledon quarterfinals with a tenacious win over number 23 seed David Ferrer. Australia's last singles hope dropped the third set and was forced to come back from 3-love down in the fourth. Having never been defeated by a Spaniard on grass, Hewitt looked set to keep his record in tact against Spain's David Ferrer.

COMMENTATOR: That's the way to do it. APPLAUSE The Aussie winning the set 6-4 before meeting resistance in the second. Oh, good shot. Hewitt forced to save four break points in taking a 2-set-to-love lead. It's been a battle. It hasn't been easy this second set, but Hewitt survives. Tensions remained high and so did the temperature. Hewitt feeling the heat as Ferrer smashed his way through the third before consolidating an early break in the fourth. Two-love, Ferer. He's charged. But Hewitt rediscovered that fighting spirit that won him the 2002 title. C'mon! That's the break. That's the break in the fourth set. The sixth seed claiming an astonishing 7 of the remaining 9 games

securing a quarterfinal against Australian Open runner up, Marcos Baghdatis. It's a matter of me trying to get off to a good start again

and trying to work things out. Meantime, world number one Roger Federer is one step closer to his fourth Wimbledon title defeating the Czech Tomas Berdych in straight sets. That is great. Wow! Despite running into a crowd-pleasing Georgian,

the French Open winner Rafael Nadal has converted his clay court success onto grass also advancing into the quarterfinals in straight sets. Ah, too clever! 2004 champion Maria Sharapova also over the moon about her round 4 win over Italy's Flavia Pennetta. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Australian sprint king Robbie McEwen has continued his good form at the Tour de France taking out the second stage.

Under a searing sun, riders set off on the second-longest stage of the tour. A pair of Spanish debutants broke early and stayed in front for more than half of the 228km road race. But, as the Luxembourg finish approached, the lead evaporated. COMMENTATOR: Because that is Hernandez being swept up. The top sprinters picked up the pace, lucky to be ahead of a mass pile-up inside of the final 3km.

A big lump of riders down in the middle, but the leaders are still here. The finish in sight, the race was anyone's,

but it was the 34-year-old McEwen who emerged from the bunch, edging out world champion Tom Boonen. Robbie McEwen takes it on the line. That man is unbelievable. Any sprint you win in the Tour de France is magnificent. It doesn't matter if you win it by a length or a millimetre, but I'm really pleased with that. The team worked all day long on a long, a hot stage. That final was really difficult with all those little climbs. The final dash not without controversy - contact between McEwen and Thor Hushovd who almost upset McEwen's chances of claiming his first win of the year and his ninth stage win in as many tours. The Norwegian with stitches in his right arm from being knocked off his bike by a spectator yesterday managed third - enough to regain the leader's yellow jersey. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. A bad day at the office for Danish athlete, Christina Scherwin, at a Super Grand Prix meet in Athens. Christina was looking good on the run-up right until about now. It's an athletic's blooper the 30-year-old won't be able to live down for quite a while yet. In Sports Tonight - we've already seen him with his young fans. Tonight Lucas Neill meets the punters at Star City.

I think it's great these blokes are

getting all this recognition. They

deserve it. They do indeed. Wonder

where that jafblen ended up as well.

There's some problems on the M4?

You've done it again. I think it's

Ron. The M4 has let me down. No

accidents or breakdowns, I can be

proud of that. Traffic heading out

towards St Marys all the way

towards Penrith - bumper-to-bumper

towards Penrith - bumper-to-bumper delays. Good news for traffic

towards the mountains past Penrith

via the Great Western Highway. See

if we can break the curse tomorrow

night. Thanks, Vic. Tim Bailey next with the weather. And who's a pretty baby then? The beauty quest for the tiniest tots. There are so many nappies. It all adds up. Coles is listening. Really listening. And how are you today? She's all smiles. And so am I. How special is that?

LAID-BACK MUSIC Hi. Cappuccino, please.

Ow! Ow! Then we make sure quilts and pillows You can rest easy with Target bedding and manchester.

You know how Tim Bailey has a

little saying for every occasion?

He's got a beauty tonight. Watch

carefully. He might get in trouble.

Here's hoping, anyway. Give it to

us. If you're a duck, you're in

luck at Rose Bay today. 85mm, folks,

overnight and this morning, making

it the wettest little period in

July for 27 years. How about 44mm

at Cronulla? You get the picture

at Cronulla? You get the picture that it fell in the harber and on

the coast and to further that,

Penrith got 0mm. Weir where I'm Penrith got 0mm. Weir where I'm

from, you call that none. For the

next week, whether -wise - nothing

but fine and sunny conditions -

temperatures 16-18 degrees.

Beautiful blue sky for seven days

in a row when we really need winter

rain. We want you on the telly, we

always do. We love coming out to

your place or where you live or

what you're doing in the community:

If you haven't won a game, if

you're chasing a grand final, if

you need a new club house or want

to buy trophies or are holding a

raffle or want a fun in the

under-8s or over-qaigts, tenpin

bowling, cricket, fishing, we don't

care - we want your team on the

television. Drop me an email and

I'll bring the camera and the

satellite truck out and we'll have

satellite truck out and we'll have a whole heap of fun.

To the sat all - cloud is being

pushed onto the NSW coast and

ranges by onshore winds and is

causing showers, mainly in the

north. Cloud crossing the

south-east ahead of a weak front is

only bringing drizzle to Tassie and

skies are mostly blue elsewhere

across the country. Tomorrow's

weather map - a cold front will

cause stronger winds and showers to

cause stronger winds and showers to develop in Tasmania, South

Australia and western Victoria.

Winds will turn more onshore on the

northern NSW and Queensland coasts,

causing showers to develop. A band

of high pressure will keep the rest of the country, unfortunately,

bone-dry. Predicted precipitation -

the only place being worried by such in the

such in the next 24 hours in NSW

will be northern parts of the State.

Queensland coastline around the

south-east, showers over Tassie,

western Victoria and southern South Australia.

Australia. Clearing on the south

coast of WA. Thursday - a cold

front should spread showers across

the south-east falling of snow on

the Alps, maybe 5cm-10cm across

Thredbo and Perisher Blue. Moist

south-easterly winds will bring

isolated showers to the Queensland

coast. A high-pressure system

centred in the Bight will ease

showers in South Australia while

keeping it dry and mild. Fine and

sunny, 16-18 degrees for the next

week. A good weekend coming your

day. Tim's

We'll put your sporting team on the TV.

That's the next week. Does that

mean I can have the rest of the

week off, Ron and Deb? See you

tomorrow night. Every mother thinks their baby is gorgeous but there can only be one cutest in the country. Mother and baby magazine's 'Cover Star' finalists posed for a glamour photo shoot modelling the latest in nappy couture.

Dad was on hand to draw a giggle. Daddy's gonna tickle you. Look out.

That's it. Oh, yeah! Baby Charlotte's certainly a stunner although she seems more interested in a TV career.

She might have 1 too. Very cute. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Enjoy your evening. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( PLAYING THE BLUES )