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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Sandra Sully


and we're sorry about it all. Yeah, I think was a massive mix-up battle to explain themselves The 'Big Brother' evictees over the housemates incident.

to have a bit of fun with Camilla We only ever intended and the rest of the house. to hurt Camilla at all. There was never any intentions It was purely mucking around. for the show's future? But what's it mean from the States A controversial plan to grab power in the firing line. puts the the Treasurer Corby gives herself a whole new look. And convicted drug smuggler Schapelle with Ryan Phelan, Then in Sports Tonight leaves a disastorous hangover. Ryan, a big weekend of AFL Yes that's right, Sandra. some clubs major headaches. Injuries have caused The hardest hit - Richmond.. How their big win over Collingwood into turmoil. has thrown their season from Mick Malthouse. Plus, a warning to the Origin stars The Dome is no cone of silence. at the Tour de France. The yellow-jersey holder sees red

favourite new football code. And Barnsey's anthem for everyone's For the first time, in the 'Big Brother' scandal the key players

about the weekend incident have spoken out from the highest corridors of power. that's sparked outrage Embarasssingly, the two young men say

of all porportion. it's an issue that's been blown out to the focus of a real life drama. From ensemble members in reality TV For Michael Bric and Michael Cox as John and Ashley, better known to 'Big Brother' viewers gone wrong their roles in a dare has left a lasting impact. for what has happened. A lot of regret and a lot of remorse Camilla in anyway You know, we never wanted to hurt for Camilla, and we have so much respect for 70 days. especially living with her I definitely wouldn't do it. If I could turn back time, 'Big Brother' experience Um, look, it's ended my on my whole entire opportunity and obviously, it's put a sour notes throughout the 70 days. of the 'Big Brother' rules. The incident was a direct breach and Camilla knew this It was just a practical joke and having a good time and we were just mucking around on hurting Camilla in anyway. and obviously, we didn't intend we have heard from the pair And while this is the first time of the matter. it's certainly not the end a report on the incident The Federal Government expecting from the media watchdog and Media Authority the Australian Communications within the next 24 hours.

she won't pursue criminal charges The alleged victim Camilla says for action. but the incident has led to calls for Channel 10 Here's a great opportunity to do a bit of self-regulation off the air. and get this stupid program was axed a fortnight ago The adults only version of the show is here to stay. but 'Big Brother' itself

and were removed from the house. These guys broke the house rules That's the way the show operates. to the Government That's the way we guaranteed that the show would operate. Others are on Big Brother's side. in the Sunshine State. The show now big business another program here? Do I want to see Yes, I do. Should they clean up their act? Yes, they should. that the show is scrapped. But it shouldn't mean Cameron Baud, Ten News.

Paul Keating has fronted court The son of former prime minister charged with assaulting a lawyer. confronted solicitor Robert Herd It's alleged Patrick Keating in April at his inner city apartment in Sydney and punching him. throwing him to the ground with common assault. The 29-year-old has been charged is linked to a property dispute. It's alleged the incident until next month. The matter has been adjourned The Federal Treasurer power from the states has been accused of trying to grab and undermine the Prime Minister. Premiers say leadership ambitions. it's all part of Peter Costello's a welcome fit for a king Peter Costello given on arrival in the Solomon Islands. is being accused of a power grab Back home the Treasurer take away State control of ports, after he suggested Canberra industrial relations and taxation. economic policy. We need the best possible We need to make sure we put in place through the next 100 years. the arrangements that will take us is a sort of arrogant thought bubble What you hear from Costello as he boards the plane for Honiara. the national economy - Costello wants to reshape control a concern for the States. the issue of financial and regulatory of the system. There is a case for reform has said is The problem with what Peter Costello it's half-baked, it's one-sided. The Federal Treasurer national reforms has been accused of putting at risk of State Premiers and the PM. to be discussed at the next meeting

I don't think that John Howard comments. would have welcomed Peter Costello's John Howard with his own view. to all of these things And my attitude is that if an existing arrangement for Australia, is not producing a good outcome

we ought to change it. questioning Mr Costello's motives. Critics of the plan positioning I can assume this is all about of Australia in the future. to be the next Prime Minister to be simply bashed up The States are not going aspirant. by a future Liberal leadership Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Australia in world soccer A coal truckdriver who represented a workplace agreement under duress. claims she was told to sign from the Hunter Valley 21-year-old Lorissa Stevens which cut her pay and penalties. refused to sign the AWA I was intimidated. not only, other trainees, I was humiliated in front of, and other mine workers. but training personnel The AWA also stipulated

each time she called in sick she pay her employer $200 without 12 hours notice. during a routine trip to the dentist The family of a patient who died recommends criminal charges. say they hope a coroner The 67-year-old died from a lack of oxygen while his teeth were removed. Sabatino Catignani's widow could barely contain her tears as she heard details about what happened to her husband during a trip to the dentist. The 67-year-old died after being starved of oxygen while under anaesthetic for teeth implants. A Sydney court heard Mr Catignani had some health problems such as obesity and a history of heavy smoking, but Dr George Pegio still considered him a suitable candidate. The dentist was helped during the two-hour procedure by a nurse and two assistants. But an inquest's been told Mr Catignani's airways weren't managed and that he was given too much anaesthetic. The assistants today admitted they were oblivious to the patient's vital signs as they'd had no training. Mr Catignani was connected to heart and pulse monitors but staff claim they didn't notice the alarms. The court heard a nurse would normally check a patient's nails for colour change during a dental procedure. Ms Bockaroska said nails were one thing she did know about because she used to work at a beauty parlour. It was a disturbing day of evidence for the family who called on the coroner to investigate:

Dr Pegio will be called to give evidence later this week. Amber Muir, Ten News. An online predator who had cybersex with young girls has walked free from court.

20-year-old Shaun Burger received a 15-month suspended sentence for having cybersex with a child. Child protection experts say the penalty is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. All children are at risk while that person remains available to offend, while they're not getting treatment and while the behaviour is seen as not so bad you'd actually have to go to jail for it. Burger is on a 3-year good behaviour bond. Sport stars and celebrities fear they've lost millions in a failed investment scheme. The man behind the company has been declared bankrupt, and now the investors aren't sure if they'll ever see their money again. He's never far from controversy, but this time it's personal. Hopefully we can resolve it and we can get our money back. That's all we really want. Aker, fellow players Mal Michael and Richard Hadley and other personalities all invested in company Healing Power, which aimed to provide a one-stop shop for natural therapies. They thought they would be helping people. It was a really sound idea, really good idea and for the most part it has been a real blockbuster, as far as companies go. But last Wednesday its managing director, David Catsoulis, went bankrupt, casting a cloud over the fate of $6 million of investors' money, while he, seemingly, still lives the high life. At their Riverside mansion,

wife Jenevieve was left to field questions. What about Healing Powers? At this time I'm unable to answer those questions under legal advice. A second mansion, at Hedges Avenue, is being sold off. Other groups run by the former millionaire are sinking. Blue Sky Foundation, a charity arm launched to raise money for kidney disease, has been shut down. Even today, Mr Catsoulis was texting high-profile investors saying they will get their money. But they're not so sure. Many are now investigating criminal charges. Because it's not resolved, it's not finished - this is not finished yet. Hopefully we can either retrieve our money or, you know. There's still hope, as they say. Other creditors are now investigating pursuing criminal charges. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. These are new generation molecular assassins. Australian scientists make a wonder drug that kills bad cells that cause many of our most serious diseases. Those details when we come back. In experimental models of heart attack we've been able to reduce heart attack size by up to 50%. (All sing) # Happy birthday to you! # MAN: Hip hip... ALL: Hooray! (Pants excitedly) Yum! Obviously, another Kellogg's Crunchy nut. Well, it is irresistibly tasty! This program is captioned live. A new look for Schapelle Corby tonight - the convicted drug trafficker cutting off most of her hair. Inmates at the Bali prison say she used scissors and a razor to snip off her long brown locks

before burying them under a tree. Corby later decided to dig up the hair when fellow inmate Renae Lawrence told her she could make money selling it on eBay.

But it's understood Corby's not happy with her new cropped look and is planning to grow it back. Australian researchers have developed an experimental wonder drug, that could stop serious illnesses in their tracks. It acts like a molecular assassin

killing off evil cells that cause disease. It's the Australian discovery that could revolutionise treatment for cancer, heart disease, arthritis and even blindness. Studies on animals have produced an experimental drug for humans that could even lead to a cure. These are new generation molecular assassins. In one fell swoop - this drug, Dz13, acts like a secret agent wiping out the gene that causes these inflammatory diseases. We're actually going after the core, if you will, the master switch which is the godfather gene. Chemotherapy has been a life-saver for cancer patients but it's like chemical warfare on the body. This drug could have its success without the side effects. This type of therapy has the potential of avoiding that sort of scenario and to that extent it's extremely exciting. Used on a skin cancer, Dz13 caused a tumour to shrink far more than other drugs. On a breast tumour, this drug again had a dramatic effect. It could also prevent the most common cause of blindness and dramatically increase the chances of surviving a heart attack. In experimental models of heart attack we've been able to reduce heart attack size by up to 50%. Although extremely promising, this research has a way to go. The first human trials will start next year on people with non-melanoma-type skin cancer where currently the only treatment involves surgery or lots of side effects. If it works, the potential of this is enormous. Results years away, but worth waiting for. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Breaking news right now, and 30 people are dead in a train crash tonight in Spain. More later as it comes to hand.

30 dead in a train crash tonight in Spain. Police have arrested a man over the murder of a mother who was found strangled in her home just over two weeks ago. Melissa Mayfields was found unconscious in the lounge room of her Sydney home. The mother of two young daughters never recovered and died in hospital. The man is being questioned tonight. Tears and tributes for the Perth schoolgirl raped and murdered in a shopping centre. Hundreds of family and friends gathered to farewell little Sofia at a moving funeral service. A prayer for little Sofia as hundreds of school friends gathered to lay flowers and say their final goodbyes. Students formed a guard of honour as dozens of pink and blue balloons were released in memory of their much-loved friend, the chapel overflowing as the close-knit community gathered in an outpouring of grief, classes cancelled to allow students time to attend the funeral, the emotion all too much for some. 8-year-old Sofia's life was cut tragically short last week. She was raped and murdered in a Perth shopping centre after leaving her family to go to the toilet. Today her tiny coffin arrived at the church in a white limousine, followed closely by her grief-stricken family, many of whom had flown from Spain, Hong Kong and Canada. Sofia's mother seeking comfort from the family priest, the 14-year-old brother who discovered her body surrounded by supporters. A condolence book provided for those wanting to pay tribute to the little girl described as happy, polite and respectful.

The family priest told the congregation Sofia was a gentle and kind girl who was the victim of immense evil. Her principal also paid his respects. Sofia's parents, too distraught to address the mourners, wrote a letter, saying they're thankful for the eight beautiful years they had with their daughter and hope she will find the road that will bring them together again in heaven. Samantha Jolly, Ten News. The man accused of attacking former AFL star Gary Ablett senior last week has spoken about the fight denying he assaulted the former Geelong player. Vyasa Ofthesea cried in court before being granted bail for ongoing drug and alcohol counselling. The court heard the former Cats' star was looking for a new car when he was set upon. Ofthesea claims he was discussing his concerns about Ablett's daughter Natasha when things turned violent. I tried to approach Gary and talk to him about his daughter and about what his daughter is going through. Ofthesea will face court again next week. Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, it's the walking wounded of the AFL. Sandra, some of them aren't even walking. Richmond the worst hit. Two players have broken legs. The injury update's next. Plus - Origin decider. The Blues say they'll play ugly if they have to. And he's a working class fan - Barnesy records a new soccer anthem. They're either just tasty, or just good for you. you'll love new Just Right Berry & Apple Flavour, with apples, strawberry pieces and the goodness of wholegrains, it's a perfect balance of the fruit you love and the goodness your body needs. New Just Right Berry & Apple Flavour. VOICEOVER: Even with its tough four-wheel-drive heritage, Nissan believes there's one frontier who thought they'd never drive a four-wheel drive in the city. With heaps of space, a powerful V6 and smooth CVT transmission, it makes city driving a whole new experience. The new Nissan Murano. It'll convert you. This program is captioned live. Round 13 has been very unlucky for some of the AFL's best players, with many clubs reeling from the weekends injuries. But as Richmond rallies around Chris Newman after badly breaking his leg yesterday, an angry Terry Wallace has lashed out at some Collingwood supporters. It's the walking wounded at Richmond with Mark Coughlin already out, and amazingly Chris Newman's flatmate Brent Hartigan breaking his foot playing for the reserves on Saturday. But coach Terry Wallace teed off at Collingwood supporters who gave the injured Newman a hostile send off. People might call me soft or weak like some of the Collingwood supporters called Chris yesterday which was pretty disappointing on his way off, suggested that he was fairly weak for his actions. I thought that was prety disappointing. At Essendon, James Hirds' future is again under a cloud after the champion strained a calf at training and is likely to be sidelined for up to a fortnight. On the upside, the Bombers have stitched up a new 3-year $2 million deal with skipper Matthew Lloyd. Carlton young gun Marc Murphy's dream debut season has turned into a nightmare, facing surgery on a torn shoulder cartilage after being flung out of a tackle.

Yeah, it is very disappointing. He's had a wonderful year. He was so important to Carlton.

Matthew Lappin is also on the injured list battling a troublesome knee. The Bulldogs Shaun Higgins remains in a Perth hospital with a broken and dislocated elbow. He's a tough kid, and the physios were saying that he didn't even flinch when they were putting it back into place. A blow for the Eagles with Dean Cox to miss six weeks with a broken collarbone. What can you do. It's unfortunate and he's obviously pretty sore but, you know, it's not the end of the world and he's one of the mentally toughest players. At Port Adelaide, Chad Cornes remains in hospital nursing his punctured lung, now expected to miss at least three weeks. To tribunal news, and Brent Guerra will serve two weeks for this shirtfront. COMMENTATOR: It wasn't very late but it was late. While Jeff Farmer has been suspended for one week for this flying elbow. And off-field, Eddie McGuire's woes continue. His club Collingwood being fined $10,000 by the league for the incorrect lodgement of player payment details relating to last season. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. Maroons captain Darren Lockyer says it's time to stop the rot. For the past three years he's skippered Queensland in the State of Origin without a seris win and rates Wednesday night's decider in Melbourne as his most important match in the Maroons jersey. Recent Blues domination of the Origin series has Queensland on the brink of 4-straight series defeats. A statistic captain Darren Lockyer will do everything to avoid. I just think the fact that Queensland hasn't won a series for - and this is the fourth year running,

and me being in charge - well, captain of the team,

it's probably the biggest Origin game I've played to date. The Blues themselves have pride to restore after being ambushed in Brisbane two weeks ago. We were quite embarrased last start so the main priority is getting out there and restoring some pride in your jumper and yourself. Both teams given some AFL advice about how to deal with the deafening dome atmosphere. If you can't hear your team-mate and you're looking for instructions, as we know in these sorts of games you've got to make a decision straight away. If you can't make it straight away you're on your backside so it's a little hint to make sure that players understand and actually almost get in the face of your team-mate because you won't hear them. St George Illawarra backrower Dean Young arrived in the NSW camp today as 18th man, welcomed by his dad Craig into the squad. In NRL news, Bulldogs hardman Roy Asotasi signed with Souths today. The Kiwi international set to earn over $2 million in the next 5 years. It was a busy day for the match review committee. The Bulldogs Matt Utai is facing a grade-2 reckless high tackle.

He'll miss five weeks if he takes the early plea, seven weeks out if he unsuccessfully fights the charge. Amazingly Brisbane's Joel Moon has escaped suspension for this stray boot on Sharks captain Brett Kimmorley. Melbourne fullback Billy Slater was suspended for seven weeks earlier in the year for a similar incident. Both the Cowboys Paul Bowman and Brisbane's Casey McGuire are likely to miss at least a week for striking. The Bulldogs Jarred Hickey and Penrith's Matthew Cross were charged with grade-1 careless high tackles. Rob Canning for Sports Tonight. Football Australia has denied reports it has signed Gerard Houllier as the new Socceroos coach, but is continuing its negotiations with the Frenchman. Socceroos hero Lucas Neill backing the search for a big-name overseas coach. Lucas Neill is watching with interest as Football Australia headhunts a new coach. He's no longer watching the tournament that gave him so much heartbreak. I don't care. I am so bitter that we are not in the final four. I'm actually anti-World Cup now. I love it and I'm so glad for the experience, but I just refuse to watch it at the moment. Neill says he'd welcome the appointment of Gerard Houllier as Socceroos coach despite a run-in with the Frenchman three years ago. The then Liverpool manager branding Neill a coward over a tackle that broke Jamie Carragher's leg. We've moved on from that. We've shaken hands and we could be considered colleagues and friends in the football world so no hard feelings there. Neill's performance at the World Cup has stirred interest from European giants Barcelona and AC Milan. His contract with Blackburn has one season to go. I play in what I consider probably the most competitive and highest profile league in the world, which is England. I would never dismiss the opportunity

to perhaps try Italy or Spain like you've suggested with some of those clubs. You can never say never in football. More immediately, he's setting his sights on Australia's five Asian Cup qualifiers between August and November. After really sinking our teeth into the World Cup we've got that real urge to succeed now,

a real desire and determination to do well. Neill gives himself another 4 or 5 seasons overseas before returning to play out his career in the A-League.

But right now, he's riding a wave of goodwill in his hometown. Everybody wants to shake hands and give you a kiss and just tell you how proud they are of what they just witnessed and it makes you feel very special. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Matt Giteau has been cleared to play in this Saturday's Tri-Nations opener against New Zealand after overcoming a thumb injury. He's expected to be named in the Wallabies squad tomorrow. Giteau dislocated his thumb playing club rugby in Canberra over the weekend, but the injury has quickley improved. Quite relieved. Obviously I've still got to get through training tomorrow hopefully once I get through that I should be alright to play. Scott Fava has been called up to replace reserve backrower Wycliff Palu. He was ruled out with a hamstring injury. Australian cyclist Robbie McEwan has been pipped at the post in the first stage of the Tour de France. It was a memorable finish and not without incident. Stage One, finally under way after the most controversial lead-up in the race's rich history. That cast aside for a 184km ride around Strasbourg. All that for a traffic jam over the final 50 metres. COMMENTATOR: And if that's the way the Tour de France is going to go, that is without doubt the finest victory. Frenchman Jimmy Caspar spent after a memorable stage win,

just edging out Australian Robbie McEwen. By the time I could go it was just too late. I was coming but there was just not enough road left. I've hardly even sprinted, I've done a 50 metre sprint, That's how it goes in a finish like that, you've gotta have the luck and make sure you don't get boxed in. Luck which escaped yellow-jersey holder Thor Hushovd, COMMENTATOR: The yellow jersey has gone down. I don't know when this happened. The yellow jersey has gone down. The Norwegian felled by an advertising board after crossing the finish line. He was taken to hospital with a serious arm injury. The yellow jersey inherited by Lance Armstrong's former team-mate American George Hincapie. To wear the yellow jersey in Tour de France is as big as anything I've ever done. The tour moves to Obernai in northern France for a 228km ride for Luxembourg. Paul Cochrane for Sports Tonight. Mark Webber's dramas continue. This time he was forced out of the US Formula One Grand Prix after a mass pile-up on the first corner. There was mayhem from the start. COMMENTATOR: Goes around the outside of Michael Schumacher and he's going to bang wheels for second place and it's carnage at the back. Webber, Kimi Raikkonen, Juan Pablo Montoya, Scott Speed, Christian Kleen, Nick Heidfeld and Franck Montagny all out of the race. Amazingly, Heidfeld walked away from this frightening series of flips. Michael Schumacher led a Ferrari one-two, Felipe Massa second, Giancarlo Fisichella third. This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time, and tonight it's the working class fan Jimmy Barnes who's recorded a loud and proud club song for Sydney FC. The Aussie rocker joining forces with Sydney supporters in a bid to ramp up support ahead of the A-League season. (All sing) # It's our team It's our time # ## I'm Sydney till I die I'm Sydney till I die # # Woo ooh, Sydney FC for me # So for lending his name and tonsils to the game Barnsey receives our Play of the Day.

That is a screaming day to end the

day of sport. It is. I'm looking

forward to seeing the final version.

It should be good. To finance news, and the Australian sharemarket finished the first day of the new financial year on a bright note. The retail sector dragged the chain, after new data showed retail spending is down. And Telstra fell 1 cent after Canberra confirmed the final sell-off of the Government's share may not go ahead this year. Now to the big story breaking tonight in Spain,

and more than 30 people are reported dead after a subway derailment in Valencia in Spain. The metro train has derailed between stations.

Emergency crews are now evacuating the dead and getting the injured above ground to waiting ambulances. More than 150 people are now trying to make their way above ground. At this stage, local police believe it is an accident but the cause is still being investigated. Now for a look at the national weather. Onshore winds on the NSW and south Queensland coasts will cause showers mainly in the Hunter region of NSW. A front will bring light showers to the southern coast of WA. And a high pressure system will keep the southern inland mostly sunny. So Tuesday, it'll be mostly sunny in Cairns. A possible shower in Brisbane and showers in Sydney. Drizzle clearing in Canberra. Melbourne can expect a foggy start before a sunny day. a mostly fine day. Hobart and Adelaide can both expect sunshine in Perth and Darwin The Bureau predicts increasing

in Alice Springs. and frost then sunny from the Ten News centre for now. And that's the latest for the Early News Join Bill Woods and Kath Robinson at 6 in the morning. I'm Sandra Sully. thanks for watching. From the Late News team, Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions