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competition will go on to compete The winners of the Canberra and broadening our knowledge of Seeing the competition, having fun at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night

Time to go.

to be axed. Growing calls for 'Big Brother' Get this stupid program off the air. Death trap - of barred windows and blocked exits. the Childers fire inquest told Sharing the pain - of little Sofia Rodriguez. a community mourns the death and the hurt won't go away. Evil has visited us And hometown hero - a rock star welcome at his old school Socceroo Tim Cahill gets at Bexley North. (All cheer)

This program is captioned live. Good evening. the chorus of people demanding The Prime Minister has joined

program be taken off the air. that Channel 10's 'Big Brother' as 'stupid' Mr Howard described the show after two contestants were booted off and sexually charged incident for a tasteless with a female competitor. in big trouble - This is what's got 'Big Brother' JOHN: Lie down and shut your eyes. in to bed with two male housemates... Contestant Camilla Halliwell climbs CAMILLA: Let me in. while the other exposes himself ..she's then held by one of the men and rubs her face. LAUGHTER At the time it seemed a bit of fun... LAUGHTER a laughing matter ..but it was hardly had reached the top. and by today the outrage Here is a great opportunity a bit of self-regulation for Channel Ten to do off the air. and get this stupid program the door. The two housemates have been shown will not be returning to the house. BIG BROTHER: John and Ashley Oh, my God. Please don't... her version on national television. Last night the 22-year-old gave while John did it Ashley was then going to hold me I looked at him in the face, and I said to John, and I go, "No." It shouldn't have happened. It was offensive. Those guys did the wrong thing. they know they did. They crossed the line, Michael "Ashley" Cox says But the mother of out of proportion. the incident has been blown If you were just sexually assaulted, and play around and tickle? would you stay in the bed No. given his verdict on the program, And while the Prime Minister has the power to pull the plug broadcast regulators who have are tonight still deliberating. the show will go on. Channel Ten insists Damian Ryan, National Nine News. to take over all economic powers Peter Costello's plan for Canberra from the States has stirred up a hornets' nest.

the proposal 'bizarre' State governments have called of posturing and accuse the Federal Treasurer to advance his leadership claims. in the Solomon Islands today, Peter Costello flew to Honiara of South Pacific finance ministers, to attend a meeting of premiers and State treasurers. leaving behind an angry group by the Federal Treasurer. This is a grab for power Peter Costello can't be serious. his future leadership ambition. This is really about by suggesting yesterday Mr Costello sparked the row take over all economic powers, that the Federal Government should including the levying of taxes, with the States providing services by Canberra. in line with objectives set require reform This country does desperately of Federal-State relations, by starting a cat fight. and you don't get genuine reform proposal than to say I can't think of a more bizarre have responsibility the Commonwealth Government should for all tax powers.

short of endorsing the Costello idea, Prime Minister John Howard stopped the federal and state governments but said the roles of should be debated. producing a good outcome If an existing arrangement is not for Australia, we ought to change it. to talk about reforming federalism. And the NSW Government is prepared for a number of months now We have been calling for a national summit arrangements. uon State-Federal financial

who solves the problem Mr Costello has said that the person

will come to be regarded of a dysfunctional Federal system

Australians of the 21st century. as one of the most important Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. A coronial inquiry has been told from brain damage a Sydney dental patient died after being given too much sedative. The lawyer for the man's family says charges against the dentist. he'll be recommending criminal about going to the dentist, Sabatino Catignani was so nervous he'd always try to avoid it. But, in November 2002,

his decaying teeth he finally decided to replace with a set of new ones. $16,000 dental implants. The 67-year-old opted for to this Brighton le Sands surgery He was taken by limousine performed by Dr George Pegios, and underwent a procedure

and two assistants. who was helped by a nurse had smoked up to 180 cigarettes a day Mr Catignani was obese, before giving up 20 years prior and drank 2 litres of wine daily, up until the month before surgery. Counsel assisting told the inquest intravenously. Mr Catignani was sedated But, during the surgery, and he had a heart attack. his brain became starved of oxygen two days later. His life support was switched off from two expert witnesses. The inquest will hear evidence

emergency was handled in the surgery, Both are critical of how the medical of sedative drugs were used. and both believe an excessive amount One said it included:

for Mr Catignani's family, It was clearly distressing their lawyer telling the inquest charges to be laid over the death. he would be asking for criminal

Nina May, National Nine News. backpacker hostel fire at Childers Six years after 15 people died in the in Queensland, being made the survivors are once again to relive the terrible memories. An inquest began today with evidence that victims were trapped by bars on windows, while a bed was jammed up against an exit door. Six years on, While Robert Long is serving a life sentence for lighting the fire, this inquest - in a room just across the road from the rebuilt Palace Hostel - will determine whether anyone else should be charged.

Detective Sergeant Robert Campbell said the hostel's fire alarm was faulty, wasn't properly connected to the power supply, and in any case, was switched off the night of the fire. 9 of the 15 victims died in room seven. The investigating officer said one of the doorways - the one that could have led the occupants to safety - was blocked by a bunk-bed. At one point, the inquest was shown graphic images of the burnt-out interior of room seven. It was a haunting scene - everything blackened and charred. The police officer showed where groups of backpackers died - on the bed, on the floor, and finally, the three whose bodies were found under a window that was blocked by steel bars. The inquest heard the hostel's operators, John Dobe and Christian Atkinson, had tried to have the malfunctioning? alarm system fixed and just a few weeks before the fatal fire had received a quote for a new one. They'll give evidence tomorrow. Certainly, with three days to go, there's still a number of issues that the Coroner needs to explore. For some, it can't be over soon enough. I'd say I just want it to be over with. I'd think they've gone through enough. Get back on with our lives properly. In Childers, Phil Willmington, National Nine News. A Sydney man has been jailed for 16 months for what a magistrate has described as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty he's ever seen. 37-year-old Brendan McMahon tortured and mutilated 17 rabbits and a guinea pig. The dead animals were found in and around his city office,

where he ran a finance and mortgage company.

The son of former prime minister Paul Keating has made a brief appearance in a Sydney court. Patrick Keating is charged with assault, accused of attacking lawyer Robert Herd in April. MAN: See you later, Patrick. See you later, Bob. Cheers. Keating did not enter a plea and the case was adjourned until August. The people of Perth and many around the nation shared a family's pain today, hoping somehow that it might make saying goodbye to murdered schoolgirl Sofia Rodriguez a little easier. But her funeral was a difficult celebration of a young life which ended far too soon. It was all so sad and so very wrong. In the clear bright air of a day full of promise, they brought little Sofia to the Chapel of the Gate of Heaven. BELLS TOLL

All her playmates were there - the school closed for the day - and they prayed for their friend. Parents held their children very close today,

hands clasped tight, the memory of Sofia's terrible, lonely death still a very real thing, still impossible to comprehend.

PRIEST: Evil has visited us and the hurt won't go away. Sofia's mother Josephine sought some solace in the arms of Perth's Bishop Don Sproxton, but for her, husband Gabriel, Sofia's brother and two sisters, there's little comfort in this day. What there was, they took. PRIEST: Let the little children come to me. The kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Sofia was assaulted and murdered in the few moments she left her brother in a shopping centre last week. 21-year-old Dante Wyndham Arthurs charged with the killing. Sofia's death has touched people across the nation but none more so than her classmates - some deeply distressed by the service, helped outside to recover. At the end, as they sang her to her rest,

the sky darkened and a soft rain began to fall. The honour guard of children released their balloons and all that's left is the single question - why? Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - Sydney researchers develop what could be a super drug to treat a raft of diseases. And left hanging - the skydiver trapped in power lines.

A minor traffic accident in Orange had some major consequences this afternoon. What began as a crash between a car and a truck ended with half a house being demolished - the truck ploughing into the unoccupied home after the collision. There were no injuries, but plenty of explaining to do. In medical news - Sydney researchers are working on an experimental super drug that could fight cancer and a host of other diseases.

In the words of researchers at the University of NSW, the drug acts like a molecular assassin, seeking out and destroying the genes which cause disease. ...which hone in on these bad genes and snuff them out. The results in laboratory trials of Dz13 have been impressive. Applied to skin and breast cancers implanted in mice, the tumours either stopped growing or shrank dramatically. We have gone from something on paper that might work to something in biology that does work. Because the drug attacks the master gene found in a variety of diseases, the hope is the discovery will become a one-size-fits-all treatment. Certainly in terms of the most common causes of blindness in our community, this form of therapy has enormous potential. Potential, also, as a safer alternative to chemotherapy and for treating inflammation, including arthritis and the impact of heart disease. We've been able to reduce heart attack size by up to 50%.

Dz13 is being hailed as a revolutionary treatment, but the hope is that one day researchers may find a cure, even a vaccination, for a range of diseases.

The first human trials targeting skin cancer will begin early next year. But, as always, testing the drug will take time. It is years away. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. Israel has intensified military action against Palestinian targets, with helicopters launching missiles at suspected militant bases, in the effort to force the release of a captured Israeli soldier. Earlier, the Israelis fired a missile at the Palestinian PM's office, while it was unoccupied. Palestinian fighters have threatened a new round of attacks inside Israel if the military assault continues.

For the second day in a row NASA has put off the launch of the space shuttle 'Discovery' because of bad weather. We've decided to terminate the count today. Stand down for 48 hours. NASA is extremely cautious about this mission, which will investigate safety problems which caused the 'Columbia' disaster. In South America - In outh America -

a man had to be rescued after his parachute snagged in power lines, 100 metres above ground. Two rescuers had to crawl along the cables to connect a safety harness to lower the man to safety - the effort taking five hours to complete. Ken Sutcliffe is next from Wimbledon where, Ken, Lleyton Hewitt plays tonight.

He'll resume his campaign against Spain's David Ferrer. Also, tearful farewell - David Beckham calls it quits as England captain.

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Welcome back to Wimbledon. And the news from here is the weather is good. After a rigorous opening week, there's no doubt Lleyton Hewitt would have enjoyed the rest day and should be fresh for tonight's fourth round clash with Spaniard David Ferrer.

A win will put the Aussie into the quarterfinals. But to big news in rugby league, Dan Weidler joins us live from Redfern and Souths finally have something to celebrate, Dan?

Big news for South Sydney tonight.

A 5-year deal with Roy Asotasi from

the Bulldogs and the man who did

the deal, Shane Richardson is

joining me now. Is this the most

significant deal the job has done

significant deal the job has done

since you were readmitted to the

comp snigz I think it's the most

significant deal for 15 years in

the club's history. It heralds a

new history for Souths with the

involvement of Crowe and

Holmes-A-Court. Russell Crowe

played a big part? A huge part.

We're a different club now and the

fans have a lot to look forward to

in the future. It was a relaxed Roy Asotasi this morning at the Bulldogs recovery session. It looked like the issues which have been swirling around in his mind have finally settled. His manager told the Tigers this afternoon that they were out of the running,

but big Roy wasn't giving it all away. Souths have made a few changes and they're looking on rebuilding. Obviously they've got a 3-year plan and I'd definitely like to be a part of the rebirth. Asotasi is still struggling to come to the terms with the Bulldogs' decision not to offer him a deal. Nothing was offered... so I'm just... they just left me wandering at the moment. And that's probably what disappointed me. With his son by his side today, team-mate Matt Utai looked like he couldn't have been the perpetrator of this tackle. He now faces at least five weeks on the sideline - seven if he contests the charge and loses. While Joel Moon will avoid penalty for this stomping incident - a lucky escape when Billy Slater received seven weeks for this. In Origin news, Queensland captain Darren Lockyer says the Maroons can exploit NSW's lack of kicking options to gain an edge in Wednesday night's decider. We'd be silly not to sort of target their kicking game. Obviously we've got one of the best in the game with kick pressure in Steve Price. Dean Young joined the Blues in camp as 18th man. First on the ground to greet him was father Craig -

a NSW legend who's now the Blues manager. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. They were always going to be big shoes to fill, but Soccer Australia may be close to finding a strong replacement for super coach Guus Hiddink.

There are strong indications tonight that former France and Liverpool manager Gerrard Houllier will take over the Socceroos. If Socceroos midfielder Tim Cahill was ever thinking of releasing a single... CHEERING is the time. Australia's World Cup hero got the rock star treatment at Bexley North Public.

(All cheer) He even had a run on the oval where it all started. If t e Football Federation needed f the Foo ball ederation needed further evidence of the World Cup's impact at home, here it is. While a Dutchman helped the Socceroos break into soccer's elite, the job of building on the success is going to a Frenchman. The FFA hasn't confirmed the appointment but Former Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier is set to take over. The 58-year-old signed Harry Kewell in his six successful years at Anfield and he's got the backing of the players. He'd be a great guy for the job - tactically very good and great experience and he's achieved a lot in his career. Lucas Neill could play a leading role under the new boss. After that heartbreaking penalty against Italy, he's now the man most likely to step into the Socceroos captaincy. I'd love to be able to be a leader in the next World Cup campaign because I've got a real taste for it now and I want more of it. David Beckham has had enough. After 58 games as captain of England, he quit the top job a day after his side's quarterfinal loss to Portugal. I'm extremely proud to have worn the armband and been captain of England and for that I will always be grateful. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. At the US Formula One Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher has avoided a massive first lap pile-up to keep himself in contention for another title. Of the 22 starters, only 9 finished - Australia's Mark Webber among the victims. It all went wrong

just seconds after the starting lights went out. On the very first corner, the Grand Prix became every panel beater's dream. COMMENTATOR: And just unbelievable scenes. It was triggered by Juan Pablo Montoya

shunting team-mate Kimi Raikkonen and the chain reaction took a frightening big chunk out of the field. Just cars scattered in all directions here. Hanging on hardest was BMW driver Nick Heidfeld. No problems for the Ferrari teams, they finished first and second. At the MotoGP in England they also got down and dirty. In the main event Dani Pedrosa had a scare on lap 5 but he recovered to win the race from Valentino Rossi. Australia's Casey Stoner was fourth.

And a bloody end for the early leader of the Tour de France in bizarre circumstances. The drama unfolded in the first road stage.

In the yellow jersey, Norway's Thor Hushovd is hugging the safety rail when he clips a couple of spectators that shouldn't have been that close. By the time Hushovd crossed the line the wound had opened up and ambulance officers rushed to his aid. COMMENTATOR: This will be a problem the organisers will have to address now. Robbie McEwen finished second and fellow Aussie Stuart 0'Grady was seventh. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. And Mark I'll be back at 10:35 with Lleyton Hewitt live on Court One. After the break - the CommSec Finance Report, Jaynie with the weather, then Cirque du Soleil breathes new life into the music of the Beatles. Hi. Is Mr McPherson there? MR McPHERSON: Hello. Um, page 15, OK? We'll escape these fools forever. And I shall gather my horses and we shall ride into...

With Telstra's HomeLine Ultimate... Oh, hi, Dad. It's me again. can make unlimited local and STD calls from your home phone for: So you can talk about anything you like as often as you like. So, what do you think? I think you're great, sweetheart. Break a leg. Thanks, Dad. And ask about Telstra's HomeLine Ultimate. To finance - and while motorists continue to feel the pinch at the pump, oil giant Caltex is raking it in. The company is forecasting a 14% increase in first-half profit, partly due to soaring crude prices. On the markets: Telstra was lower after signs the Government could scrap plans to offer its shares to retail investors. Now Jaynie with the weather. Thanks, Mark. Big falls just south of Sydney right now. Storms are mostly off the coast with the chance of small hail tonight. We have seen a few millimetres fall over catchment areas

but it looks like most of it will land over coastal suburbs and eventually track northwards.

Barely a drop of rain today though. A cool morning especially for the west - tops of 19 in Liverpool and Sydney, and it's now 14 outside. Widespread storms are lying on and off the NSW coast from a trough. 50mm for Ulladulla.

Tonight scattered showers for the coast and eastern ranges, staying fine for western NSW. Morning drizzle over Canberra reaching 13 tomorrow. Melbourne and Hobart will have morning fog with light winds.

A cool morning for Adelaide and Perth. Sunshine for Darwin and a light splash for Brisbane. sunrise at 7:00. Staying cloudy all day with most of the showers towards coastal suburbs.

Moderate southerly winds and sunset at 5:00. 11 degrees for the mountains. Most of us reaching 17 degrees for our Tuesday. And for surfers - the 2.5m swell is on the rise until mid-week. Fog on Wednesday morning, reaching 18. We might get an early shower on Friday, 16. That's it for another week. Just more chilly nights and fine days, Mark.

Beatlemania has hit the United States all over again. 'HARD DAY'S NIGHT' PLAYS Their music has been brought to life by performers from Cirque du Soleil

to create the latest hit show in Las Vegas.

Called 'Love', the acrobatic and dance spectacular features characters from some of the group's most famous songs. And it was given the stamp of approval by Paul McCartney,

Ringo Starr and John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono.

You know, sometimes we don't agree with each other, as you know -

we are famous for that - but we agreed on everything and it's just beautiful. Music from 130 Beatles classics are crammed into the 90-minute extravaganza.

'GET BACK' PLAYS That's National Nine News for this Monday.

I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre

I think it stinks. You just don't know what you're getting. Labelling lies that catch you out when buying fish. Inferior quality, imported from Asia, but you pay top dollar. You don't know what they are? Also tonight - outrage over the 'Big Brother' sex scandal. But was it all a giant publicity stunt? Plus - the teacher sacked over his affa r with a s udent. Now they're having a baby. And remarkable transformations - Australia's best slimmers reveal how they did it. This program is captioned live. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. All the dieticians tell us to eat more fish. And when you're buying fish, the things you usually want to know are what type of fish is it, where was it caught and is it fresh or has it been frozen? But despite new laws, st ll aren't getting the truth. all too often consumers still aren't getting the truth.

I think it stinks. You kpwont know

what you're buying when you buy fish. Juanita Cummings rarely buys fish and it's easy to understand why. It could be anything from anywhere. And what did they tell you it was? I was told it was basa from Indonesia. Basa is actually cat fish. Really? I didn't know that. Can you tell us anything about the fish labelling here 'cause clearly these dory fillets are actually cat fish, aren't they? I have no idea. You don't know what they are?

No. You're selling them and you don't know what they are? I'm just working part time. you just don't know what you're buying when you buy fish. At this shop on Brisbane's southside, most of the fish was imported from Asia, but customers would never know. Aren't you deceiving the customers here? You are selling these as dory fillets and clearly they're not dory, are they? That's Vietnamese catfish? That's right. Isn't that deceiving the customers? If they ask, we tell them. So how many breaches of the regulations would there be here? A number, quite a number. Martin Perkins from Queensland's Seafood Marketers Association is an expert at identifying fish and could tell us that most of the fish in this store was incorrectly labelled. Not good enough? Not good enough, not good enough. The consumer should be able to make an informed choice whether they want to buy local or whether they buy imported. Do you feel you're deceiving your customers in any way by not labelling where they come from? Well, it's been like that for 20 years.