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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the heartbreaking moment plunges fans into despair. a ref's controversial decision in a shopping centre toilet. The murder of an 8-year-old girl with the shocking crime. Police charge a young man

makes new sordid allegations And a young woman at the Diane Brimble inquest.

Good evening. Also tonight - improves your health. the snack food that actually wave goodbye to Sydney And Nicole and Keith as their tropical honeymoon begins. we were robbed. But first this evening - among Australian soccer fans That's the consensus to Italy in the World Cup. after last night's controversial loss is in Kaiserslautern. Ten's Frank Coletta and the dream is over. Frank, one dubious call

Talk about disappointment. Just one

dubious call and the whole dream

for the Socceroos and all of

Australia, in fact, is over. Ron,

it's still hard to keep the

emotions in check. Yes, cruel and

controversial at the same time. And

controversy has followed this

Socceroos team right through this

World Cup campaign. A lot of

dubious refereeing calls. The UK

'Times' coming out today saying

that the Italians have got through

with a last-minute suspect penalty

wilting and bleeding and crawling

their way into the quarterfinals.

Ain't that the truth? The green and

gold army, as the Socceroos, can

hold their head up high. They spent

the entire game against Italy

chanting, cheering and dancing for

the Socceroos. Great support there.

The only time they ended up in

their seats was when they slumped

to the feet at the last minute. You

could say we gave the Italians a

footballing lesson. Perhaps they

gave us a lesson on how to win a

World Cup match. Australia had feared all tournament It was the moment and it came with just seconds to go. Oh, it's a penalty! COMMENTATOR: Fabio Grosso.

Oh, it's a disaster for Australia. Lucas Neill committing himself early was given to Italy. but a highly questionable call

Did he fall over Lucas Neill?

wouldn't be enough. For once, Schwarzer's heroics and it's all over, surely, And it's 1-0

at the Fritz-Walter Stadion. It's cruel, oh, so cruel. controversial decision yet. The Socceroos gutted by their most It was a soft sort of a penalty have gone against us lately. but it seems those decisions penalty decision It was bit of a dubious

really. with the last kick of the game, a handball decision moments before. Australia claiming they were denied Definitely a handball. controlled it with his hand, I was right behind it and he but the referee didn't see it. had started with a huge setback. Our biggest day in world sport with what's turned out to be gout. Harry Kewell out Schwarzer saved Australia early. Gilardino!

Tipped over by Mark Schwarzer. is the hallmark But absorbing pressure of Italy's World Cup triumphs.

Up goes Craig Moore. by Scott Chipperfield. A volley - a half-volley in fact - in controversy The Spanish ref embroiled just minutes into the second half. reducing Italy to 10 men for Marco Materazzi. And it's a red card

Despite that turning point, their domination the Socceroos couldn't convert

we've come to expect. into the late goal and at the live sites across Germany Outside the stadium tears flowed freely, stunned silence. the green and gold army falling into

We were expected to go close. to give it to the Italians, And if the ref had a chance he would have. FIFA wins again, hey? for Australia. That's just devastating supporters, yes, This is a sad day for the Socceroos from the start of the tournament but they've been singing and dancing to the bitter end, and they're cheering and they'll be back in four years. to their Oehringen base The Socceroos returned for the final time. from Coach Hiddink, And a final farewell after a short but epic reign. CHEERING

Well, what disappointment there,

Frank Coletta. Although I've got to

say the one good thing about this

is suddenly the Socceroos are

household names in Australia. is suddenly the Socceroos are

What's next for the team? Ron, once

the tears dry up and we get our

voice back, well, attention will

turn to the Asian Cup qualifier in

August against Kuwait, a big match

that. The football federation of

Australia is telling us that they

expect the entire squad to be

available for that match and a

ticker tape parade has been planned

through Sydney for the squad at the

same time. One person who won't be

there is Guus Hiddink, who will

take over the reigns as Russian

coach almost immediately. He says

that qualification for the second

round is not a good reason for a

ticker tape parade, so he must be round is not a good reason for a

hurting a lot there. Also, we have

to quickly think about the players

already in their 30s - whether they

continue on for the South African

World Cup qualifiers in 2010, and

always that question about Harry

Kewell as to whether or not his

injury problems will continue and Kewell as to whether or not his

what that means for his Socceroo

future. You go away and do some

work on that hoarse voice after all

the cheering. Thank you. work on that hoarse voice after all their World Cup fairytale over. Despair for fans across Sydney Some cried, others complained

of the Socceroos. but all remain fiercely proud with no expectations A sea of Socceroos fans and plenty of enthusiasm. WILD CHEERING their faces contorted For two tortuous hours, disbelief and despair. in anguish, hope, and nail beds bleeding, Prayers unanswered the final blow hit hard.

COMMENTATOR: It's all over. for Australia. It's cruel, oh, so cruel fanatics sobbing off their face paint The same goal that had Aussie into euphoria. sent Italian supporters standoff... Aside from the odd singing ( All chant) # Italia! Italia! #

# Aussie, Aussie, Aussie # (All sing) and quick to follow orders. were well behaved from the awning now MAN ON LOUDSPEAKER: Please get down otherwise police will be on site to arrest you. A handful left in handcuffs.

Thousands more left, simply shattered.

We were robbed. You know it. I know it. We all know it. That's all. Destroyed, disillusioned. Can't believe it. So close but yet so far, you know? Close enough for the positive thinkers.

Nobody even thought we'd qualify but here we are, eight seconds from the quarter finals. Next four years - we'll win the World Cup in the next four years. And well before then - There'll be a heroes' parade in Sydney, the home of the Socceroos. Match won, Sydney's little Italy suddenly seemed much bigger. While Australian fans slunk home, feeling cheated, Italian fans stayed on to party. And the final team standing should get the last word - We're going to make it to the finals and we're going to win. (All) Yeah! Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A heartbroken PM Howard was full of praise for the Socceroos after watching them from Indonesia. He says it was an amazing performance but the loss to Italy was tough to accept.

I'm brokenhearted that we could lose. A very cruel way to lose, but the team just played so bravely the whole match, and the country's so proud of them. They performed way above where they were rated and it's just a very cruel way to lose.

Mr Howard says the referee's penalty decision was debatable, but it's all over and done with now. A 21-year-old man is in custody tonight over a shocking crime in WA. He's accused of the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in a shopping centre toilet block. She was gone only minutes. Like so many children, 8-year-old Sofia took herself to the public toilet.

Her brother and uncle waiting and watching nearby as she went. Getting anxious when she didn't return, they checked for her, unaware she was just metres away and maybe already dead. The disabled toilet cubicle door was locked

with an occupied sign on the door so we can assume the person was in there with the young child when they were checking. Her small naked body was found in the cubicle a short time later. Her 14-year-old brother making the grisly discovery after seeing a suspicious man leave. It's an horrific offence against a young child, an innocent young child who just made the fatal mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's one of the most shocking cases I have ever heard of and I know much more detail, and it's quite horrific. In a chilling twist, the alleged attacker did not leave the shopping centre immediately, loitering for nearly another hour as police responded to the tragic event. Investigators worked through the night, swooping on the home of a 21-year-old man this morning. He will be charged with wilful murder, obviously the murder of the young child, deprivation of liberty and sexual penetration. The area is known for its high number of young families. As tributes flowed, locals struggled to come to terms with the horrific crime. I just can't believe it. It's horrible. And so close to home. It's scary. It's sickening. My son is going to be eight in another month's time. It's horrible. It was really hurtful what happened to that young girl. It was scary because you just go to the toilets by yourself. Sofia's family has issued a statement saying they're devastated by the sudden and senseless loss of their little girl. Pamela Magill, Ten News.

The Dianne Brimble inquest has heard eight Adelaide men kept partying and chasing girls after the Brisbane mother died in their cabin. One of them even started a romance with a teenage passenger on the cruise with her family. Bobby-Jo Vial is a zoo keeper who specialises in the care of carnivorous predators. But it's the care she provided a person of interest. that's brought her to the attention of the inquest. The 22-year-old had a sexual relationship with Mark Wilhelm within days of Dianne Brimble's death in his cabin. She told the Sydney court Wilhelm had convinced her he'd had nothing to do with the 39-year-old. Ms Vial knew her parents were wary of Wilhelm and his friends after seeing their flirtatious and drug-affected behaviour.

But she says she was vulnerable, having just broken up with her boyfriend. She also believed Wilhelm needed comforting after his ordeal, often finding him Ms Vial says she had no idea of the suspicious circumstances of Mrs Brimble's death until she heard about the inquest this year.

She said she almost choked when she saw a picture of Wilhelm,

naked except for a life jacket and only now realises her picture of him was very different.

Detective notes indicate they knew about Ms Vial but didn't ask for a police statement until after the inquest had started this year. Her evidence about Wilhelm also suggests he may have been secretly assisted by a cruise staff member after Mrs Brimble died. The Adelaide man upgraded twice to other cabins, despite P&O records showing just one move after his cabin became a crime scene. The coroner querying: The case continues. Amber Muir, Ten News. Embarrassment for the State Government over a high school teacher charged with dealing drugs. Parents are outraged they're only now being informed about the case.

For two weeks, Epping Boys High has been at the centre of a drugs scandal yet parents and even the Education Minister weren't told about the charges. I'm just shocked. I think it's ridiculous, you know. It's not right. Yeah, you wouldn't expect it. There's not much of drug culture. The casual maths teacher has been charged with supplying cannabis to a boy under 16. He was a good teacher when I had him back in Year 9 for a couple of months. The school principal today wrote to parents.

The man hasn't taught at the school since mid-April when he wasn't asked to return because of poor performance. The 28-year-old will face court next month. He had taught at the school last year and for the first term of this year. He's no longer teaching and if he is convicted he will be banned from teaching in this State. The decision by the Department to not tell the Minister straight away has the Opposition suspicious. Given the fact that the Department of Education has failed to tell parents at this school of charges against a teacher what have they failed to tell other schools across the State? According to the Education Department no other school has a teacher or former teacher up on drugs charges. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at what's ahead in sport. And Souths players told to get their act together. Yes, Deb. The call coming in the wake of the weekend's 66-point mauling. The club's new owners demanding more from the cellar dwellers. With the finals already out of reach, we'll tell you what they're playing for now. Plus - rain wipes out the opening day's play at Wimbledon. Almost on cue, the summer's downpour allowed just 33 minutes of tennis. Later, how Roger Federer and Martina Hingis faired before things got damp. Also, Socceroos interim coach Graham Arnold takes a swipe at FIFA officials. A council rates shock for many households across Sydney. The worst-hit areas next. Also - one of AFL's most trouble-prone characters becomes a victim of crime. And - the deal set to keep the beer flowing across Sydney. Picture this.

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DOG: Is it? ALL: Is it? (All sing) # Is it as good? # Bushells has the flavour

(Fish sings) # Is it as good? (Choir sings) # As good as tea can be

# Is it as good as Bushells? # Is it as good # As Bushells? # (Man laughs) This program is captioned live. A horror crash on a notorious bend in the Pacific Highway has claimed two lives. Emergency services were called out just after 4:30 this morning. A 4-wheel drive clipped a ute south of Coffs Harbour, doing little damage. But then it swerved onto the wrong side of the road, slamming head-on into a B-double truck - the 4-wheel drive virtually disintegrating when it slammed into the guard rail. The man and woman travelling in the car died.

The driver of the semi was treated for shock. The cost of living just went up again for many homeowners across Sydney.

The State Government approving a spate of council rate rises. Nine councils were granted special permission to up their charges to householders, to pay for environmental projects, new roads, and other infrastructure.

A man who was bashed, tied up, and left for dead in his burning shop has spoken publicly of his ordeal for the first time.

The Queanbeyan businessman appealing for help to find his attacker. 42-year-old Paul Hincksman was ambushed as he arrived at work one Monday morning in April -

a thief waiting to attack inside his spare parts business. Opened the front door and I was hit on the back of the head. The blow knocked him out. Drifting in and out of consciousness, the thief tied him up, demanding money. I was verbally threatened. I was held at knife point. The shop was set on fire, Paul out cold on the shop floor, left for dead. Police estimate it was an hour before Paul smelt the smoke and came to. He untied himself, running next door to call for help. I had a severe lump on the back of my head and my forehead. Police are looking for a man with a tattoo on his right hand. We believe this tattoo is distinctive,

being green and blue in colour and being in that particular place between his thumb and index finger. While a small amount of money was stolen, police are trying to work out a motive for the attack. They're treating the investigation as an attempted murder. The man was bound and the building was set alight, and police are treating this investigation very seriously indeed. The business has been suffering since the blaze. Paul now works from home while police and insurance assessors investigate the damage. Evan Batten, Ten News. Former AFL superstar Gary Ablett has been bashed in a savage overnight attack. Ablett was taken to hospital after being repeatedly punched and struck with a belt buckle outside a Geelong car yard. A catheter, still in place after recent surgery, was also dislodged during the assault.

He's naturally shaken. He just

doesn't know why these things are happening. A court's been told Ablett's alleged attacker demanded $200 before assaulting him. The 31-year-old suspect has been refused bail on charges including attempted armed robbery and assault.

Tooheys truck drivers and transport company Linfox have struck a deal over new work contracts 57 drivers blockaded the Tooheys depot in a bid to force negotiations fearing the new contracts would send them broke. It was really unworkable, unjustifiable it was. But this is a better one. We've worked hard to get this. It's a big relief, a big relief. We've all worked hard to get this result.

Tooheys have done the right thing in my eyes. The new deal begins in August.

Time for a check of the weather.

There's only one reason I can think

of why I don't want to see the

Socceroos play again any time soon,

and Tim Bailey, you're wearing it.

I've been in it since about 1:00am.

Unfortunately, a sad and hollow

feeling. They'll never lower our

colours, though. This is Vy Nut. 30

years of her life to the North

Rocks soccer club. Give her a big

round of applause! APPLAUSE You

loving it? Yes, very good. You've

gone from 46 teams to 56 teams in

12 months. What does this journey

of the Socceroos mean to you?

Fantastic. Fantastic. You've

clambered up on the TV. You're a

beauty, aren't you? You can tell

Ron you love him. Yeah, but I love

your shoes better. They are winners.

Skywatch - a bright, blue day even

if we had the sulks - not a loss, a

theft! Tomorrow - 19 degrees and a

glorious day at your place. The

North Rocks soccer club. See you

again in around about 10.

The fighter bomber set to replace the ageing F1-11s. Next - our Defence Minister demands guarantees on their performance. And the gunman who ignored casino security to go on a deadly shooting spree.

I never thought of joining the police force before, but I'm glad I did.

I'm back at my old job because the kids have started school. I never really left. And coming back is the best thing that I've done. Serious crime rates are lower than a decade ago. Police have tough new powers and the latest equipment. We're continuing to lower crime rates with 750 new recruits. Shouldn't you consider a career with Australia's highest paid police force?

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Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Vic, I suspect

there are a lot of bleary-eyed

soccer fans struggling on the M4

tonight? Unfortunately so. We're

not helping. There's been an

accident near Homebush Bay Drive. A

westbound prang. Up to three cars

involved ambulance crews are still involved ambulance crews are still

in the grass. You can see in the

grass median strip. As a result of

this is accident, all lanes are

open, but the traffic delays go

back past Haberfield for Parramatta

Road and entering in toward Burwood.

A slow road home for motorists -

the Great Western Highway is a

better alternative. More traffic

after sport. Thank you. A police officer has been found guilty of assault for illegally using capsicum spray. Constable Hugh Brennan was charged after spraying a drunk and verbally abusive man at Leumeah in Sydney's south-west last year. The magistrate found the officer did not act in self-defence, saying police officers must not let their anger get out of control.

The Prime Minister has been criticised for failing to persuade Indonesia to act on radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir. The Opposition accusing Mr Howard of being weak in his meeting with President Yudhuyono. Indonesia's Foreign Minister came to bid farewell to John Howard,

the flying visit successfully putting both countries back on speaking terms. Well, it's been a wonderful visit. His hour-long meeting with President Yudhoyono failed to get a commitment that the activities of the terror suspect the radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir would be curtailed. We will continue to argue for the things that were contained in my letter. There will be surveillance of Bashir, but his schools of hate will not be shut down. Not good enough for the Opposition.

John Howard has got to stand up for Australia in circumstances like that. It's not easy but it's got to be done. The Indonesians are demanding consultations over any future granting of asylum to Papuan boat people.

It seems they won't get it. We don't negotiate with any country the way in which we handle people who come to this country. The President, though, welcomes Mr Howard's plan to send future would-be refugees to Nauru. Both leaders discussed the crisis in East Timor. Australia is now under pressure from former foreign minister Ramos Horta to leave our troops for at least a year and our police for another five years. An uneasy peace has returned to the tiny state as President Gusmao begins discussions to find an interim prime minister, We'll obviously not leave chaos and disorder behind

and I don't believe we will. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Two more suspects have appeared in court over last year's deadly bombings in Bali. It was the first appearance for the men from East Java who were arrested a few months ago. Four others have already faced court over the blasts

at three Bali restaurants which killed 27 people including four Australians. Outside court, one of the men said his actions were payback

for those who fought against Islam citing Australia as an ally of the US in Iraq. Australian defence bosses have been given a sneak peek at the new $16 billion fighter jet set to replace the F1-11. But before any orders are officially placed, a few guarantees are being demanded of the plane's American maker. Australia has already spent $155 million on the fighter jet program which critics warn is a dud. Now, with another $180 million due by the end of the year, Defence Minister Brendan Nelson is in Texas to see what our money is buying. And he wasn't disappointed. We need to be prepared to take calculated risks in making sure that we have the best aircraft technology we can get to service Australia's long-term future. A staunch defender of the project, he says the Joint Strike Fighter is the warplane to replace the F-111 and FA-18s. That's despite serious flaws with its software, cockpit displays and central computer system having to be repaired in the past 1.5 years.

We've had the detailed classified briefing, we've taken part in simulated exercises, so it has great capability and I think it would be great follow-on to our current aircraft. The Opposition predicts it will be another in a series of defence spending bungles. Quite frankly, the aircraft is not in a condition for us to buy it now. Before he commits, the Minister wants a guarantee America will share its warplane technology so that Australia can upgrade and maintain the jets by itself. The Minister will now meet with US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to discuss the deal but a final decision on whether to buy and how many won't be made until 2008.

Manufacturer Lockheed Martin is planning the first test flight in October with delivery to Australia expected in 2012. Everything is tracking to plan today. We should have Australia's airplanes there on time. All going to plan, the fighter-bomber will be operational in Australia by 2014. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A deadly casino shooting spree caught on surveillance video has left Las Vegas police stunned. The drama started as a fight when a group of people left a bar. But the brawl escalated when a young man pulled out a gun and started spraying bullets around the casino. If you are going to pull out a gun and start shooting off rounds inside a casino, you don't really have any concern for human beings. One person was killed and another wounded in the shooting. Police are still searching for the gunman who apparently didn't care that his crime was being caught on camera.

A failure to rake some leaves could land singer Boy George in jail. The newly crowned Miss Australia finds out tonight whether she'll be stripped of her crown because of raunchy photographs.

The photos of Erin McNaught have been published in a men's magazine. The 24-year-old defending having them taken,

saying she told competition organisers before she won the title. It is absolutely ridiculous.

It's been really, really stressful

and really disappointing, to be

honest. Like... I'm just so... I

don't know what all the fuss is

about. It's absolutely ridiculous.

They are fantastic photos. Erin is

rightly proud of them. We think

she's beautiful and she should be

representing Australia in Miss Universe. Erin's manager says they will appeal if she loses her crown. The Treasurer's extraordinary attack on James Hardie over asbestos compo. That's next. Plus - is this the ultimate snack food? Scientists claim it tastes good while doing you good. And goodbye Sydney - Nicole and Keith jet off for their tropical honeymoon.

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Tonight's top stories - the Diane Brimble inquest has heard eight Adelaide men kept partying and chasing girls

after the Brisbane mother died in their cabin. One of them even started a romance with a teenage passenger who was on the cruise with her family. A 21-year-old man charged with murder after the body of an 8-year-old girl was found in a Perth shopping centre toilet. 8-year-old Sofia Rodrigez-Urrutia-Shu had been raped then strangled. And the Socceroos are set to leave Germany shortly after a controversial end to their World Cup campaign. The dubious penalty decision in favour of Italy the talk of the town - and the world. Violence erupted in Melbourne with police on horseback forced to separate angry Australian fans from Italian supporters. After the loss, up to 2,000 Socceroos fans marched to the city's Italian heartland. Police were forced to move in when scuffles broke out, arresting several people for drunkenness, assaulting police, and damaging patrol cars. What can you say? It's just stupidity with a capital 'S'.

But police were generally satisfied with crowd behaviour,

given 35,000 people were on the city's streets. After a good lead from Wall Street, the local sharemarket exploded out of the blocks this morning but faded this afternoon.

Treasurer Peter Costello has delivered a blistering attack on James Hardie over its tax problems. The company is complaining its $4.5 billion compensation plan to help asbestos victims is under threat

because the tax office refuses to treat the fund as a charity

denying it concessions. For a company that tried to cheat the victims, get out of the country, to give them a special tax privilege - I don't think many Australians would think

that's the kind of reward that Hardie would be getting. James Hardie is waiting on a second ATO ruling to see if the fund will be tax-free. A new snack food has been unveiled and it contains a few unusual ingredients. Developed in the lab instead of the kitchen, it's meant to re-invent healthy eating. This is the healthy snack scientists hope will one day rival junk food in the taste test. Hidden in the organic mashed potato and parmesan cheese cracker are omega-3 fatty acids and zinc to improve brain and heart function. We want foods to perform multiple functions. They should be healthy, they should also taste good. An anti-inflammatory extracted from olive oil has also been added to the mix.

It's linked to the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Those diets boast lower levels of heart disease and stroke.

It was lovely, it was very spicy, delicious. There's also a natural appetite suppressant in the snack, but some critics say they won't be going back for seconds. Not a big fan, no. Well, I think it's nothing that's really impressive. 10 years in the making, the prototype still isn't ready for supermarket shelves. Scientists say maintaining the flavour while jamming all the supplements into the snack is a challenge and admit there's still a lot of work to be done on the taste. The zinc in the product is also supposed to increase immunity and boost male virility. Well, can you get another packet for me? Veronica Buck, Ten News.

Let's take a look at the weather

with Tim Bailey. Tim, anyone would

with Tim Bailey. Tim, anyone would think, looking that scene behind

you there now, that there's a

Socceroos match on tonight. Indeed.

They've captured our imagination,

Deb, haven't they? OK, the journey

has to an end. Soccer numbers going

through the roof - or should we

call it football? Hello, North Rock

soccer club! CROWD: Hello, Tim!

It's going berserk, Tim's Team on

Ten: Big round of applause for

Steve Corica from Sydney FC. And

three cheers for the Socceroos,

please? Hip-hip, hooray!

Tomorrow at your place... fine and

sunny and 19 degrees. Big round of

applause, please! APPLAUSE.... for

the Socceroos as we throw you back

to the desk and the rascals I work

with each and every day. Thank you,

Tim. Sport is next. And, Tim Webster, one Socceroo star has already vowed to try again. We'll have more reactions to the most controversial call in our Cup history. Also - a last-round shocker has the Bunnies bosses eyeing off training

and demanding much more.

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through to the final eight of the World Cup. Arnold's comments coming in the wake of that dubious injury-time penalty decision, which ended Australia's dream run. In a bitter blow for Australia, Harry Kewell could only hobble to the sideline a spectator. Luca Toni almost causing more pain for the Socceroos.

COMMENTATOR: And it is inches wide of Mark Schwarzer's left-hand post. Lucas Neill continued his great form in defence, ably supported by Mark Schwarzer, who made brilliant back-to-back saves. Luca Toni - saved with the legs of Schwarzer. Mark Viduka couldn't get enough on his header from close range. Australia's best chance falling to Scott Chipperfield. Up goes Craig Moore.

A volley - a half-volley in fact - by Scott Chipperfield. Gianluigi Buffon needed two bites at that.

Craig Moore's tough tackling keeping the score sheet clean at the break. The match taking a huge swing the Socceroos' way in the 51st minute when Materazzi was red-carded for his tackle on Marco Bresciano. And it's a red card for Marco Materazzi. Another big chance falling to Scott Chipperfield. Chipperfield beaten away by Buffon. Tim Cahill headed just over. But the Italians were still able to conjure up chances themselves. Partially cleared and then stacked towards goal by Iaqinta. Then claims for a penalty for an Italian handball turned down. And when Grosso wriggled free on the wing, trouble was on its way. Oh, it's a penalty. Oh, it's a disaster for Australia. And would you believe it's Lucas Neill.

Francesco Totti nearly breaking the net, and Australian hearts. And it's 1-0.

And it's all over, surely, at the Fritz-Walter Stadion. It's cruel, oh so cruel, on Australia. Lucas Neill later remaining inconsolable in the Australian rooms. The architect of their great success, Guss Hiddink, bitterly disappointed about the penalty which cost his team a spot in the final eight. The free kick was not, in my opinion, a free kick. But overall, we are knockouts. With a new Socceroos coach still to be confirmed, Australia will also rebuild with senior retirements from this Cup squad.

Schwarzer, though, vowing to play on. I'm not stopping. I'm going to keep going. That is definitely a goal for me. Neil Cordy in Kaiserslautern for Ten News.

Italy now face Ukraine. They booked a place at the expense of Switzerland. Described as the most dour match of the World Cup so far, the result was decided on penalties after neither side had scored in extra time.

Switzerland then completely depressed their supporters, by missing all three attempts from the spot. That gifted Ukraine a place in the quarter finals in their first World Cup appearance. Russell Crowe was on hand at Souths training today as the Rabbitohs pick up the pieces following that record-breaking loss to the Warriors. The new club owners say the demoralised team has plenty to play for despite being certain of collecting the wooden spoon. What do you do when you buy a team that loses 66-0? You walk, and walk, and walk. Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court wearing a path around Erskineville Oval today. They reject Rabbitohs players have nothing to play for. Everybody goes out there to play for pride, to play for their colours, to play for their club, to play for their mate that they're playing against, they play for their reputation going forward. They've got a lot to play for. Crowe leaving the talking to his co-owner. His visit coinciding with their repair job starting on the venue's run-down grandstand. The new owners do not believe last Sunday's nightmare will effect recruitment. The Rabbitohs are a big chance of signing Bulldogs prop Roy Asotasi and are well in the hunt for Canberra veteran Jason Smith. Do I think that result was a turn-off? No, because people coming to the club Do I think that result was a turn-off? No, because people coming to the club are coming to win matches we want to win next season. The boss again stating Shaun McRae's job is safe. Embattled rival Ricky Stuart receiving the same reassurance in a public statement from Roosters chairman Nick Politis.

Players rubbishing talk of a rift. There's definitely no division in the club. We're all tight blokes, a tight group of blokes, and I can't see where that's coming from. We're as close as you can get. Captain Craig Fitzgibbon's re-signing for 2007 - some good news for the Roosters. Lance Thompson signing for three years with Cronulla.

Meanwhile, Manly's Travis Burns will miss a week for this high shot, and NSW and Queensland players arriving in Melbourne ahead of next week's decider. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Swans have vowed to return the SCG to a fortress for visiting teams. Starting with this weekend's clash with Fremantle it was business as usual at training this afternoon. But last night - players were locked in a crisis meeting to self-assess their recent performances

and turn around the form slump that's seen them lose their last two games. This was more about tactically, on-field stuff, where we needed to get those things right and we didn't and it's probably something that's been going on for two or three weeks now for us. A win Saturday night will keep the Swans in the top six. A wet start for Wimbledon with less than an hour's play on the opening day. It was just long enough for defending champion Roger Federer to cruise through the first set against rising French star Richard Gasquet, 6-3. Playing in her first Wimbledon in five years, Martina Hingis also pocketed a quick set from Olga Savchuk, before the covers came out. The heavens opened before any of the Aussies had a chance to take to the grass. And some positive news out of Hong Kong where Shane Dye is recovering after that horror fall. We're told he is improving slowly, but will be in hospital for at least four weeks. Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

That is some news on what's been a

disappointing day. Hope he does

well. Vic, how's the drive in bell

avista tonight? A she run towards

Sydney's north-west. The vehicles

have been towed away. The traffic

delays - about a 6km traffic jam

towards Bellavista. The M2 has not

been affected, which is good news. Thank you. Stay with us here on Ten. Tim Bailey's weather is next.

And - Nicole and Keith wave goodbye to Sydney as their tropical honeymoon begins.

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, for so many people

today, they are saying the dream is

over. But for many others, the

dream of soccer is beginning, as

you're finding out tonight in the

greater west. The dream of the

world game is alive and well, isn't

it, folks? You try telling these

guys that football is over just

because the Socceroos are knocked

out. We're having a great time.

This is North Rocks soccer club.

Say hello to everybody at home,

folks. Fair numbers. They had 46

teams last year, and in the last 12

months - that will be enough of

saying hello to everyone at home!

Good idea, Tim, wasn't it?

Pleasepet putt your hands together

for Steve Corica from Sydney FC.

APPLAUSE Champions last year. You

must be amazed at what football is

doing at the moment off the back of

this momentum at the World Cup.

Definitely, it's been sensational.

I didn't think I'd see the day in

Australia, but the Socceroos have

done us -- us proud over there.

It's unfortunate the way they went

out with that penalty kick.

Hopefully it will do good things

for them. It was a sad, hollow

feeling this morning. It wasn't so

much a loss as a theft, wasn't it?

I think definitely so. The referee

has obviously made a mistake there

and it's cost us crucially roo,ally

-- really. Did you ever think you

would see these sort of numbers?

The milo program - 25% up on last

year. It's huge. It's unbelievable.

Sydney FC's membership has gone

through the roof as well - we've

got more members than this year

than last year already, and there's

seven weeks to go. It will be a big

year in football. Indeed. It

already has been. Congratulations

again to the Socceroos for doing us

all proud. Weatherwise - -2 degrees

at Richmond tomorrow, and up to 19

degrees and a fine and sunny sky

across most of sadeny, two above

average. -- Sydney.

Satellite - cloud is increasing

over south-west WA ahead of a

strong front, causing squally

showers and isolated storms.

Weather map -

a high will generate another cold

morning in the south-east followed

by a mostly sunny day. The business

of the brolly, predicted

precipitation - dry across NSW, the

old story. Showers along the

Queensland coast. Widespread

showers along southern WA. Thursday

- a trough and front will cause

isolated showers and thunderstorms

to develop in South Australia as a

high clears most of WA. A high in

the east will keep inland

Queensland, NSW, Victoria and most

of Tasmania dry. The Socceroo boys

- how are they feeling right now,

Steve? Obviously disappointed. Like

I've said, they've done wonders for

the game here in Australia. They

should be proud of themselves. That

16, it's an achievement. And the

sport is going boom. We surprised

a lot of people over there in the

World Cup. We haven't been in it

for 30-odd years. Hopefully we'll

be there in the next four years.

Round of applause for the wurl

game! Thank you, ladies and

gentlemen. -- for the world game!

Right now - a riot at North Rocks!

CHEERING Thank you, Tim. Nice green colour. The world's most famous newlyweds have set off on their honeymoon. Nicole Kidman was all smiles

as she and new hubby Keith Urban left her Sydney mansion. The Oscar winner's publicist revealing her tears of joy on the way to the wedding

were due to the huge turnout of wellwishers. The happy couple took off on Kidman's private jet last night bound for a private island in Fiji. The cost of living just went up again for many homeowners across Sydney.

Something tropical would be nice

right now, wouldn't it? That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.