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(generated from captions) Good morning. Wedding bells are going to chime - to an Urban legend. our Nicole will today say "I do" from our man in the know - And we've got the inside goss from the beachside chapel. Nelson Aspen will join us live

Welcome to Sunday, 25 June 2006. This program is LIVE captioned. here's Andrew and Lisa. Now live from Brekky Central,

'The Wedding March' and welcome to wedding central. Good morning, everyone, Fitzy, if you're watching,

What are you doing here, you should be another 10 minutes yet.

Especially wearing black. Nicole

has been wearing black lace all

week, and Keith wore a black lace

shirt to his bucks' party, which I

thought wouldn't soak up a lot of

beer, but apparently he doesn't

drink now daifplts

I have been a

bridesmaid nine times. That has to

be a land speed record. Can I count

this as 10? Double figures. Why not.

You're a real professional. If

anyone is getting married and you

don't have a braids made, Monique

Wright is available. What's

happened to the dresses Every bride

always says, you'll be able to wear

it again, and you don't wear it

again. I'm going a wear a rhubarb

shift fon thunderbolt again. You

can borrow my pink one and my lemon

won. I feel a bit like an Italian

mama. You should look like so feea

Loren. Brownie points. for all the wedding goss. This is the place to be this morning at Manly Beach. Nelson Aspen is on location throughout the show We'll be chatting to him the Sunrise team And we'll be sending a telegram from to the wedding tonight. But what do we write? for Nicole and Keith. We want your telegram suggestions Just head to the Sunrise Soapbox. to get through this morning. So we have plenty

Last week, we started, dear Urban

kid. We were talking about

Nicaband being the shortened version

Keith and Nicole. It's not a con

flaigs, when you put two names

together, it's a Matraflation. I

hope it catches on. The 'Sydney

Morning Herald' is calling them kidban.

that's the winner. I still like Nicaban. I think

to get through this morning. So we have plenty Simon has the weekend off, with a check of the news so let's get things started and Monique Wright. Good morning. a police officer seriously injured Two people have been shot and on a Queensland motorway. during a scuffle will now investigate Ethical standards from the police officer's gun. how a single bullet was fired as a routine highway patrol What started soon turned ugly. pulled over a white Ford Falcon A police officer working solo on Queensland's Gold Coast. on the Pacific Motorway at Pimpama

walked up to the vehicle As the experienced officer it's alleged the male driver attacked.

Initial inquiries would indicate

severely assaulted that the officer's been prior to the weapon being drawn.

During the scuffle, from the officer's gun a single shot was fired shooting the driver in his stomach. who was travelling in the car. The same bullet then hit a woman

were taken to the Gold Coast hospital Both victims non-life threatening injuries. suffering facial injuries in the brawl. The police officer suffered He is also being treated in hospital. It's a terrifying situation. the officer, that's for sure. It would have been terrifying for Police are looking for a third person was also travelling the car. they believe on nearby land failed to find her. A search by the dog squad command is investigating. Queensland's ethical standards was captured on a video camera It's hoping the incident inside the patrol car. shot in a drive-by attack in Thailand An Australian nurse during a small service in Bangkok. has been cremated and Australian consular officials Pamela Fitzpatrick's close family at a Thai temple. attended the ceremony in the back of the neck The 26-year-old was shot once east of Bangkok on Monday. while sitting in a bar She died in hospital two days later. Pamela was the innocent victim Local police believe and local residents. of a dispute between the bar's owner will hold crisis talks today East Timor's ruling party Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. to decide the fate of its leader, yesterday The party was scheduled to meet

calling for Alkatiri to resign but hundreds of protesters stopped key members from attending. Prime Minister Alkatiri has been blamed for causing weeks of violence in Dili

after sacking 600 soldiers. a Portuguese newspaper He has reportedly told if asked by his party. he'll consider resigning with the boys Keith Urban has let his hair down overnight. at a bucks' party in Sydney He is due to wed today, proceedings well before midnight. so the country music star wrapped up REPORTER: How was it? Wonderful, thank you.

How are you feeling about tomorrow? Wonderful. I'm ready. are expected to attend the wedding 230 guests overlooking the ocean in Manly. have been warned to behave English football fans to break up clashes after riot police were forced in Stuttgart's main square. Police say the violence erupted the host country when England supporters taunted during their game against Sweden. When the match finished, and bottles into the German crowd. English fans threw plastic chairs over the weekend. Police have arrested 122 Brits have deserted Stuttgart's beer halls Still in Germany, Socceroos fans to try to secure a spot in the stands against Italy. for Australia's knock-out match for hours at the Maritim Hotel The Green and Gold Army queued late yesterday. where 1,500 tickets went on sale Congratulations, mate, you're in. Danke schon, danke schon. It's do or die for the Socceroos very early Tuesday morning. who face Italy Guus Hiddink has admitted On the field, Socceroos coach Zeljko Kalac in goal against Croatia. he made the wrong choice putting his goalie gamble was a mistake, Hiddink says will be wearing the gloves confirming Mark Schwarzer for Tuesday's clash with Italy.

for a final training session today The team will hit the field hit the 30s. as temperatures in Germany And the boys are fired up defender Alessandro Nesta to injury. with news the Italians have lost key As the World Cup knock-out stage kicks off Argentina has beaten Mexico 2-1 in a heated penalty time play-off. And host country Germany are through to the quarterfinal, beating Sweden 2-0 in their second round match in Munich. Striker Lucas Podolski led his team to victory kicking both goals in the first 12 minutes of the game. Checking the local sporting results from overnight - there was only one game in the AFL. Collingwood beat the Swans during a closely fought battle in Sydney. The Swans kicked four quick goals in the third quarter to overcome a 21-point deficit. But the Magpies cemented third spot on the ladder with a strong comeback to finally bag the match. In the NRL - the Sharks beat the Knights by 10 points. The Cowboys suffered their sixth straight loss to the Dragons. The Panthers had a 4-point win over Wests Tigers. Nigel Vanana scored twice in the second half to help the Sharks along to victory. Matt Cooper scored a hat-trick for the Dragons as the Cowboys continued their fall down the ladder. Despite drawing level with the Panthers at one stage

the Tigers lost momentum in the second half. And the Wallabies have beaten Ireland 37-15 in Perth. Greg Holmes scored the runaway try to become the home crowd hero. Mat Rogers limped off the field with an ankle injury. And Clyde Rathbone soon followed with a hamstring strain. Now to Sunday's weather -

We'll have more news at 8.30.

Keith's middle name is Lionel. Time now to go through the Sunday papers.

Over to the papers. The Sunday Telegraph reports that playground fights in New South Wales are taking a whole new meaning.

Four children drew guns last year while others had knives, iron bars and even hammers. Experts now want a summit

to prevent American-style violence in our schools.

Two turned up with bows and arrows.

One had a blow gun. I think that's

one of those jungle warfare type

things. Gone are the days when you

just through an apple at someone

you didn't like. Or gave them a

Chinese burn. Now people are

turning up with swords. That's got

out of hand. Absolutely. We don't

need another column bind here. Does

that mean we'll have to have metal

detectors at school? Parents will

demand that, because there will be

a massive public liability issue on

the schools' hands if they don't install them. Speaking of young people and violence, the Sunday Times in Perth leads with the story of a 15-year-old girl murdered in Collie. Two 16-year-old girls have been charged with the killing. The West Australian Opposition wants them tried as adults, claiming too many teenagers use their age

to get away with violent crime.

There's no doubt teenagers are

developing quicker than they used

to, but whether they are developing

mentally is another story all

together. Or emotionally. The idea

is that until they are 18 they are

not making fully formed decisions.

Just because they are committing

adult crimes doesn't necessarily

mean they are committing them as

adults. Does this mean all the

weapons and guns are more

accessible than they were? Surely

bows and arrows have always been

around. Why are they getting more

of them now? I guess there's more

of a glorification of a weaponry.

The kill Bill, if you'rees an

emotionally stable adult, it's

funny. If you're a teenager who

hasn't learned the difference

between right and wrong, it's

influential. The American standard

for movies, you find they are

really koi about, for example,

topless women, but violence gets

through the rating women. The Sun Herald today claims that women are delaying birth to qualify for the Federal Government's baby bonus. The payment is due to jump from $3,000 to $4,000 next weekend. Obstetricians fear babies could be put at risk by people holding out. They want the government to bring forward the increase.

When the baby bonus came in, they

had the highest incidence of babies

born for 30 years. How are the

women holding out for extra week?

It is a special harness you can

buy? I gather many women like to

have a caesarean, so they are

moving the baby forward to 40 weeks.

In this instance they were putting

it back a little bit. Andrew, you

have children. How could they

possibly come up with a harness?

Can we not explore that? I am sure

there are innovateors working on it

as we speak. Speaking of the offensiveness of topless woman: What do you think of this story from the Telegraph? A judge wants Australia's Miss Universe contestant stripped of her title. Erin McNaught became Miss Australia earlier this month but the judging panel wasn't told she once posed nude for a men's magazine. The Perth-based judge says

Erin is no longer a suitable role model and therefore shouldn't represent our country. We'll talk more about that with our All Stars later in the show.

What do you think about that? The

beauty passageents have stopped -

whether or not they are at all

relevant these days. I think the

idea was that if you're going to be

a Miss Anything, what goes with

that is the presumption that you're

a virgin, and if she's posed for a

men's magazine, the presumption is

that she isn't They call it art .

Or you make it a career move like

Paris Hilton and release it as a

tape. Ahead this morning, a major win for Sunrise viewers - Mark Riley will have that in his weekly diary. But next, we're off to the beach - Nelson Aspen is on wedding watch. Welcome back to Wedding Central.

If you're wondering why we're

attired like this, the dress code

for the wedding is black tie. What

do you mean, who ease wedding?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The service will take place at Manly, on the northern beaches of Sydney. Seven's Paul Kadak has been keeping track of developments.

Down to the last minute details and

nerves, the bride says she's coping.

I'm good, thank you. With Nicole

Kidman's wedding guest and director,

Baz Luhrmann. I'm very happy to be

a participant, that's for sure.

Rumours are the event will have his

creative touch, will his work on

Moulin Rouge set the tone, or maybe

the perfume ad? Is Baz involved Of

course, it's his production. He's

one of the family. All eyes and

lenses will be here. Manly's

Cardinal Cerretti chapel. This was

no rehearsle but the real thing for

Angela and Greg. It's wonderful

you're all here for this prelude

event. We got this first. The

acoustics are beautiful, it's warm,

the candles are stunning, lovely.

It's expected to be a traditional and simple Catholic ceremony,

lasting a little over half an hour.

It's thought the priest will be

using the long lasting marriages of

both their parents of the new

couple as they begin their lives

together. Outside, the big marquee

with the security personnel, and

from one happy couple to another.

Enjoy every second of the day. Paul Kadak reporting for us. Well the wedding is so big that our Hollywood correspondent Nelson Aspen

has made the trip out here. He's on line from outside the Manly chapel itself. Good morning, Nelson.

Walk us through what's going to happen today.

It was very exciting this morning.

I arrived before the sun came up

and have been watching the media

crews, the well-wishers, the

delivery trucks, every minute more

and more things are arriving and

happening. Meanwhile, the Nicole is

hanging out with her family this

morning, and then her hairdresser

will arrive to start the hair

process, the mum, the sister, the

daughter and the niece, everybody

will get their hair done. Even with

the assembled media, there is a

sense not just of well wishing but

respect They are giving her a

little more elbow room than you

would expect in A list cases. What

about the neighbours? Everybody is

swept up in the excitement. I think

a lot of it has to do with the

antics of Nicole's ex- in the last

year and the grace with which

Nicole has handled everything, she

has an exceptional amount of

goodwill and respect, and everybody

is looking forward to her special

day. That includes the paparazzi

and the security. I was at her

house yesterday afternoon and was

there when she was leaving, and

Antonia's parents stopped me to say

hello. Everybody was in a good mood.

I'm surprised you haven't been

arrested, getting there before

sun-up. I just want to be invited.

We are looking at some pictures of

the patch razy bam boredment Nicole

has endured. She claims her whole

focus is on the joy of the day. As

she was pulling out yesterday, she

looked a little bewildered by it

all. I think she just wants to get

to the actual vent. Her father says

the media event will be over by

Tuesday, then we can all focus on

the Socceroos. That's a live shot

of the church, three security

guards there. Obviously they will

need those security guards, because

there are some very big names on

the guest list. That's right,

Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Baz

Luhrman and Naomi Watts, we are

waiting to see an appearance by

Rene sell weather. That will be fun,

because Rene was briefly married to

Keith's buddy, Kenny Chesney.

Sometimes when couples split one

gets possession of the friends, but

this is civilised. I thought Rene

gave Nicole advice, don't marry a

country singer, it will never work

out, but obviously all has been

forgiven. I think it's great that

Nicole is following her heart. What

sort of a day is it in Manly? Not

only is the chapel gorgeous, I made

it in yesterday, until a very

friendly Sunrise viewing security

guard politely threw me out. There

he s we can see him now. It's a

might chilly, but the sky is blue

and it will be great. I'm sure she

will be in a high collared lady

like gorgeous designer gown. She

may be shivering a little, but

Keith will keep her warm. I know

they have a bandy coot traching

program, Nelson, so if you're

scuffling around the bushes, don't

be surprised if you end up in a

cage. I'm heading into Martin Place

and will see you soon in the studio. And before he left Hollywood, Nelson caught up with the cast of 'Superman Returns'. You'll see his exclusive interviews later in the show. But next, headline news with Monique. And the next of our wedding guests - Mark Riley glams it up in Canberra. 'Chapel in the Moonlight' plays

# I don't know much

# But I know I love you

... Why don't we have Richard

Mercer, the love songs dedication

God on the show this morning? I

wonder if that will be the wedding

waltz song. We would love to know

what you think should be Nicole and

Keith's wedding waltz song? What

about Stand by your man? In a moment on the show, why the Government is finally starting to listen on petrol prices. Mark Riley will have that in his weekly diary. First, though, it's news time with Monique. Good morning again, everyone.

Queensland's ethical standards committee will investigate a shooting on a Gold Coast motorway. The police officer pulled over a vehicle during patrol when he was allegedly attacked by its driver. The officer's pistol was fired, hitting both the driver and a passenger. They are suffering non-life threatening injuries. The police officer is receiving treatment for serious facial wounds. An Australian nurse killed in a drive-by shooting

has been cremated during a small service at a Bangkok temple.

And Australians suffering from green and gold fever have queued up for tickets to see the Socceroos take on Italy on Tuesday morning. Weatherwatch now. I'll have more news at 9 o'clock. Well, who said people power was dead? It may have taken a while, but the Government is finally promising to get to the bottom of high petrol prices. And didn't that give Mark Riley something to write about in his weekly diary!

As petrol prices have gone sky high, drivers have been feeling monstered by the big oil companies. Now, some of that road rage inspired by Seven's petrol campaign has forced our pollies to get their act into gear. I want a Senate inquiry into petrol pricing. The executives of the oil companies would have to explain what they do. Well, we've got a fair idea what they do,

but Labor needed support in the Senate to get the inquiry up. My challenge is to the Liberal and National Party Senators to support this. And One National was keen to help drive this debate. I think it would be good. The next day, the government saw something ugly looming up in its rear-view mirror. HORN BLARES Either it supported the inquiry or the drivers came after it!

We understand the concerns of motorists. Oh, they're concerned all right. So the government joined the traffic and backed the committee hearings. Good on Channel 7 for constantly arguing the case on this. Jeez. Did we argue? Are Shell and other petrol companies gouging consumers at the bowser? I think that's a... I think that's a - a - a totally inappropriate remark to make. Why? Because we're here to talk about science and you're here talking about fuel gouging! But you're a fuel executive. Who else talks about fuel prices if not a fuel executive? Well, maybe we argued a bit. But it was a fair old argument. If Shell don't set the price, who does? Simple as that. I mean, it's a bizarre comment. That's a killer interview.

Not suggesting the petrol

executives will crash and burn, far

from t I'm sure they will have a wow of a time Opening of Old Parly Press Gallery. It's this grand old building, politicians and journalists just couldn't avoid each other if they tried. It was a pleasant step back in time for the Prime Minister. Well, this is very nice, being interviewed on the steps of this magnificent old house. Those steps could certainly tell some stories. Well may we say "God Save the Queen" because nothing will save the governor-general. Inside, the PM had a tour through the serpentine corridors of the Old Press Gallery before returning to the chamber floor as the band belted out an old but familiar news theme.

The PM shared some recollections from his 14 years in the old house, which, he said, was a much more intimate setting than the new house on the hill. You could pick a coup coming here quicker than you could in the new building. I have personal experience of that. Pollies and the media mixed again the following night in the new house at the annual press gallery mid-winter ball. All the powerful and famous were there, like these blokes.

Well, they're actually our Canberra camera crew. Have you ever seen anyone looking more uncomfortable in a suit? Oh, yeah. And some bloke won an award and got his photo taken with the PM. Long may the contribution of the press gallery of Australia to Australian democracy continue. Thank you. APPLAUSE Hear, hear to that, Prime Minister. Not just any award. The Paul Lyneham Award for journalism excellence. Congratulations, Mr Riley.

Thanks very much. I've gone

straight to the reception, I'm

going to blow off the wedding.

That's been happening since

Wednesday night, has it? I know I

look like I'm dressed up for Nicole

and Keith, I haven't been out of

this suit since Wednesday night.

Nor should you. That is a fantastic

onor and well deserved, you've

broken some stories that have set

the political agenda, we

congratulate you. I'm proud for the

team here in Canberra, but a couple

of the Sunrise pieces were

acknowledged, particularly Howard's

heros, the sun with Hogan's heros,

the judges quite liked that. It

must be an honour to receive an

award named after such a

magnificent journalist as Paul

Lyneham. Yes, if I can do half as

good as him I'll be doing well. And it's nice to see some action on petrol.

What we helped to do was elevate

the issue. I think the politicians

in the end realised there was no

way we could avoid it and this

needed to be inquired into. The

government says it's the 45th

inquiry. But these are contemporary

events, we want to know what's been

happening in the past few weeks,

not the past few years. We want the

oil executives to go up before the

Senate committee. Can you imagine

barn bee Joyce and John Faulkner

getting hold of these people and

having a chew at their legs? We'll

get some answers then. Petrol is a

difficult issue, because if you

deflight prices you encourage

people to drive, not use public

transport, but at the same time you

don't want to see gouging on price.

We know the oil companies have a

legitimate reason to make a profit,

but if they do it at times when

demand is high and people are

driving on holidays, perhaps it's

just the market, and as they say

they are trying to dampen the

demand. If that's the case, tell us,

give us an answer. Thanks for

dressing up for the wedding. See

you next week. I'm going back to the reception. Ahead this morning - the American news anchor who really let her hair down on air. You won't believe this clip. Also coming up - the cast of 'Superman Returns'. But next, if you've got questions, we've got answers.

It's time for the Counselling Corner. HIP-HOP MUSIC A powerful 172-kilowatt V6, constant all-wheel drive and available with seven seats. all the power to all the wheels all the time. TOYOTA THEME PLAYS As always, Weekend Sunrise is here to help with personal problems.

We've got callers and emails on stand-by with questions on parenting. Here to answer them is Girlfriend Magazine's Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Good morning to you. Good morning. First up, Jodie's on the line with a question about her young son. Go ahead, Jodie.

My son is only three and a half, I

left his father when he was 8

months old and lately he tells me,

I don't have a daddy, let's go to

the park and get a new daddy and

bring him home. Having a father

figure is important but it's not

everything. The most important

thing is that you are a mum that

makes the little boy feel safe,

valued and listened to and that you

expose him to as many good role

models, particularly male role

models like young Andrew here, as

possible. Sports coaches, teachers,

ungles, grandparents, that will be

enough. But by about the age of 5

and three-quarters, when this

becomes important to him, he will

have enough good male role models

around him. For the first few years,

little boys tend to be mummy's boys,

but when they hit four or five they

want daddies. It's then they

realise they are male and begin to

discard the things associated with

being female. What's five and

three-quarters? That's the time

most boys think, I'm a boy, I have

to start looking around me for

those role models. Is that a

hormonal shift? I think it's got

to do with their brain development. An email from Catherine:

A difficult situation. Healthy

families fight. Am I talking to two

people who are married who

occasionally have a robust

discussion with their partners?

That would be me. That's health

arey. It depends on how you fight,

constructively or in an unhelpful

way. In that instance, it's an

absolute no-no to fight vile

emently and verbally in front of

children, that is not OK. They

clearly have issues in their

marriage. So this bloke has a

choice, either vent your spleen in

front of the of of the kid or care

for your children, you can't have

both, they are mutually exclusive.

My advice is to go and get some

counselling, perhaps go to a family

mediation session to sort it out.

If he won't play, she has to

consider her status in the marriage.

Would you think the goldn rule of

argument in marriage is to stick to

the topic rather than attack the

person? Character assassination is

the worst thing, and unfortunately

it's a habit many of us get into.

You're quite a good psychologist,

aren't you? Don't tell him that! On

the line we have Gai.

My stepson is lazy and unmotivated,

but how do I discipline him and

motivate him without taking his

mum's place. How old is he 16,

doing year 10. Rule of thumb is

that the brain goes completely

missing in action in teenage boys

in year 10. So you're basically not

going to get anywhere by nagging

and carping. You have to be

supportive and helpful. Three

techniques I use all the time and

with my own offspring is to make

study fun, so you get a kitchen

timer and say, you only have to

study for 20 minutes, and take a

break and do another 20 minutes.

You can cook them brain foods, by

saying, eat blue Berry must haveins,

have a cup of coffee before you

stud y, and improve gum, which

improves your memorandumry. Try to

be cooperative and helpful, don't

nag, and if nothing works, give it

12 months and they will grow up.

Chewing gum improves memory? 5%

increase in memory if you chew gum

and study at the same time,

absolutely true. Where would

someone find out about the brain

foods? New Scientist has a web site.

Blue berries is one of the

superfoods, like Brockley and

tomatoes? Lean meat - nuts, but

blue berries, sensational. You can

hide that in a muffin, too What

about if you chew blue Berry gum? I think you're on to something. And don't forget if you have a question for one of our team of experts, just head to the Sunrise web site. Coming up - find out what the British press has against Dannii Minogue. But next, our superhero is back. Yep - Nelson Aspen. He'll meet the cast of 'Superman Returns'. Well, our Nelson Aspen is getting all the scoops. As you know, he's in Australia this weekend for the wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. We'll head back to him at Manly shortly.

But before he left Hollywood, he nabbed another exclusive. He interviewed the entire cast of the new movie 'Superman Returns'.

And, as you'll see, Nelson takes his work so seriously, he changed his whole look. Does he still stand for truth, justice, all that stuff, lifestyle? Everyone knows what a huge comic book fan I am, so in honour of the release of 'Superman Returns' I decided to undergo a little personal transformation. But I couldn't cut it as the Man of Steel. So, I settled on the next best thing. It wasn't quite the transformation I expected but sometimes it's good to be bad. My new Lex Luthor look was complete with some help from the 'Superman Returns' villainess vixen, Parker Posey. Oh, I see why Lex loved you so. Can I use this on my legs? Okay. Does it really... (laughs) Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

So what does the latest Lex, Kevin Spacey, think?

I'm finding it very chilly. Actually, that's funny because I found when I put my hand on my head it was very hot. Because you don't normally feel the heat on your hand when you have hair. I was like, wow, am I ill? Every time, it was like, Oh, no, it's just the heat on my hand. A new way to take your temperature. The funny thing is, though, you sort of can't stop doing that and other people can't stop coming up and sort of rubbing your head. Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don't share their power with mankind. In 'Superman Returns' Kal-El of Krypton crashes back down to earth after a five-year absence. Did you find what you were looking for? I sort of hoped it might still be there. But things have changed. For one, Lois Lane is now a mummy! Enter Kate Bosworth. To play someone as iconic as Lois Lane must have been daunting? I had a certain nervousness about playing this character because, you know, Superman and Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, they're all so beloved by so many people, and it is daunting. I'm a huge Superman fan, obviously. I became Lex Luthor for this press tour. Really? I had a full head of hair two days ago. Oh, my god. My dog's name - she's 11, so this isn't a new thing - is Lois. You're kidding. Because she's a rescue - get it? So, the whole thing. Had you been a Superman fan?

I didn't grow up with comic books in the way that you may have. I loved...

You may call me Uncle Nelson. (laughs) I loved the Richard Donner's '78 version of the film,

that was the classic magical version. Lois, will you come with me? Brandon Routh is the new man in blue tights. But even he admits, he went a little overboard. There was something about how you had to work out less because - and you can debunk this if it wasn't in fact true - because your bulging biceps were screwing with the costume.

Well, I'll debunk it a little bit, because it was actually my back. But, yeah, we got a little bit overzealous, maybe. We had to calm down a little bit wasn't quite zipping up in the back. because the zipper

The film was shot down-under, much of it on the plaza right here at Brekky Central. The cast loved Australia!

I had a great apartment. And just walking on the weekends to my favourite places to eat, which takes me to my second favourite thing,

which would be places to eat.

And just the great weather and the kind people. What was the best thing about it for you? The botanical gardens, the flying fruit bats, the cockatoos instead of pigeons, all the people that I met there.

The movie was directed by Bryan Singer of X-Men fame. He drew parallels between Superman and his own childhood. Superman was like a looming inspiration, you know. I grew up an adopted only child. There was always an identification with this character on some level. I have blue eye, he has blue eyes. You had a dog named Krypto? I did not have a dog named Krypto. I'm fiercely allergic to animals, so I had a snake. What would you say is Lex's best quality? He dresses rather snappily in this particular version of the film. So, will they make another Superman film? Sounds like we probably will. You heard it here first. Up, up and away! And 'Superman Returns' is in cinemas this Thursday.

If they make another one, it would

have to be 'Superman Returns' again. Well, Nelson is working hard for us this morning We're about to head back to him, as we count down to what could be the showbiz wedding of the year.

Hark hash I will always love you # This is Andrew Corporation, where we develop global wireless technology. Got a mobile phone? We can pinpoint you anywhere on the planet. It's perfect for emergency services, and it's used by three out of the four major US wireless carriers. Wollongong is a recognised centre of excellence in telecommunications. We're world leaders in the field.

Ingenuity, expertise, investment - it's all here in NSW. To open doors for your business in NSW, visit our website.

That school is across the road from

the chapel where Nicole Kidman and

Keith Urban will be married today. Welcome back to Wedding Central and a big thanks to Pearsons Florists and Events of Elegance for dressing the set. We think this is something like the chapel Nicole and Keith will tie the knot in later today. Well, kind of.

They probably won't have the Seven

logo at the front. Great placement.

We're in negotiations. It will be

hard work swinging that past the

Catholic Church, replacing the crucifix with the Seven logo. We're going to get the truth on that shortly when we head back to Nelson at Manly Beach. Also coming up, have you heard of Connie Chung? She's one of America's best-known journalists. Wait until you see what she did last week on national television. Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out. Right now, though, it's time for the latest news. So here's Monique with the latest news. Good morning. We start with the world game this Sunrise. Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink has admitted he made the wrong choice putting Zeljko Kalac in goal against Croatia. Hiddink says his goalie gamble was a mistake, confirming Mark Schwarzer will be wearing the gloves for Tuesday's clash with Italy.

The team will hit the field for a final training session today as temperatures in Germany hit the 30s. And the boys are fired up with news the Italians have lost key defender Alessandro Nesta to injury. On the field, the first of the knock-out games have provided some nail-biting competition overnight. Host nation Germany soared to victory against Sweden 2-0. And Argentina scraped through against Mexico. Their match was forced into 30 minutes of penalty time after scores were level at full time. An 11th-hour rocket from striker Maxi Rodriguez sealed the Argentinians a place in the quarterfinal. COMMENTATOR: Maxi Rodriguez. Maxi Rodriguez - what a goal! Still in Germany, Socceroos fans have deserted Stuttgart's beer halls to try to secure a spot in the stands for Australia's knock-out match against Italy.

The Green and Gold Army queued for hours at the Maritim Hotel where 1,500 tickets went on sale late yesterday. Congratulations, mate, you're in. Danke schon, danke schon. It's do or die for the Socceroos who face Italy very early Tuesday morning. Hopefully, those who didn't secure tickets won't behave like this.

Riot police were forced to break up clashes in Stuttgart's main square. Police say the violence erupted when England supporters taunted the host country

during its game against Sweden. Police have arrested more than 200 people over the weekend. To other news now - An Australian nurse

shot in a drive-by attack in Thailand has been cremated. and Australian consular officials Pamela Fitzpatrick's close family

attended the ceremony at a Thai temple in Bangkok. Investigations are continuing to find her attackers.

The Australian Embassy is following it very closely. The 26-year-old was shot once in the back of the neck while sitting in a bar east of Bangkok on Monday. Ethical Standards Command will investigate how a single bullet was fired from the police officer's gun during a scuffle on a Gold Coast motorway. Two people and an officer were seriously injured. What started as a routine highway patrol soon turned ugly. A police officer working solo pulled over a white Ford Falcon on the Pacific Motorway at Pimpama on Queensland's Gold Coast. As the experienced officer walked up to the vehicle

it's alleged the male driver attacked. Initial inquiries would indicate that the officer's been severely assaulted prior to the weapon being drawn. During the scuffle, a single shot was fired from the officer's gun shooting the driver in his stomach.

The same bullet then hit a woman who was travelling in the car. Both victims were taken to the Gold Coast hospital suffering non-life threatening injuries. The police officer suffered facial injuries in the brawl. He is also being treated in hospital. It's a terrifying situation.

It would have been terrifying for the officer, that's for sure. Police are looking for a third person they believe was also travelling the car. A search by the dog squad on nearby land failed to find her. Queensland's ethical standards command is investigating. It's hoping the incident was captured on a video camera inside the patrol car. Overseas now - East Timor's Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri has hinted to journalists that he will step down if his party asks him to. The party will hold talks today to decide Alkatiri's fate.

Meetings were to be held yesterday, but protesters stopped key members from attending. The Prime Minister has been blamed for inciting violence on Dili streets after he sacked 600 soldiers. Keith Urban has celebrated his bucks' party in Sydney overnight. But he was tucked into bed before midnight

ahead of his nuptials to Nicole this afternoon. REPORTER: How was it? Wonderful, thank you. How are you feeling about tomorrow? I'm ready. Nicole's night was more subdued - choosing to spend some quiet time with family and friends. I'm just very happy.

Around 260 guests are expected at the oceanside wedding at Manly today. Around the grounds this Sunrise - there was only one game in the AFL overnight.

Collingwood beat the Swans during a closely fought battle in Sydney. The Swans kicked four quick goals in the third quarter

to overcome a 21-point deficit. But the Magpies cemented third spot on the ladder with a strong comeback to finally bag the match. In the NRL -

the Sharks beat the Knights by 10 points. The Cowboys suffered their sixth straight loss to the Dragons. The Panthers had a four-point win over Wests Tigers. Nigel Vagana scored twice in the second half to help the Sharks along to victory. Matt Cooper scored a hat-trick for the Dragons as the Cowboys continued their fall down the ladder. Despite drawing level with the Panthers at one stage the Tigers lost momentum in the second half. The Wallabies have beaten Ireland 37-15 in Perth.

Greg Holmes scored the runaway try to become the home crowd hero. Mat Rogers limped off the field with an ankle injury. And Clyde Rathbone soon followed with a hamstring strain. Both players are likely to miss the start of the upcoming Tri-Nations series. Now to Sunday's weather. And that's the latest. More at 9.30. As Monique just told us,

No rain today for the big wedding.

Have you noticed how Hollywood

celebrities are completely inured

to cold temperatures. Most of the

strapy frocks they wear, they are

standing on the red carpet in 3

degrees in London. I don't think

she will worry. Say you and I,

bareing flesh. We have a heater

under here. They can probably get

the jair aircraft to come along and disperse cloud. As Monique just told us, all eyes are on Manly Beach in Sydney today for the ultimate in showbiz weddings. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will both say "I do" some time this afternoon. So we thought we should check back with our showbiz correspondent who's flown in all the way from Hollywood, Nelson Aspen. And he's teamed up this time with New Idea's Mirella Cestaro. Good morning to you both. Nelson, we're getting lots of emails about Nicole's dress. What do we know about it?

I can fill you in on the likelihood.

Balenciaga is the likely dress,

however there are Australian

designers, she has options. I can't

imagine her waiting until the last

minute and waiting until her

wedding day. She has not released

an official statement. I think,

given the taste lately, it will be

something traditional, high collar,

long sleeves, formal traditional

wear. She always has a stunning

moment on anything she wears, there

is always something that is a

standout and you go, wow. You can

bet, whatever it is, next week at

this time the knockoffs will be in

the store. Indeed, something like

$295. In terms of photos of the big

day, her first wed to go Tom Cruise,

we had never - this is 15 years ago

- seen a photograph from that

wedding day. But that was before

the incredible fame she enjoys now.

Do you think she will release her

photos? The word is that she will

be releasing a photo, even three

photos if we're lucky. We think she

will release a free photo, so that

all the press and all the word can

enjoy it. It's a great way of

getting people off your back. Does

it work? It does, Russell Crowe was

savvy, he and Daniel released one

shot. Brad and Jen did that, I hope

it's not a bad omen. The media will

stay away and it gives your fans

all over the world a look at how

great you look and makes people

feel good about you. She's a

Hollywood star, she doesn't want to

be associated with people like soap

stars or Peter Andre and Jordan.

Don't mention Nicole and Keith in

the same sentence, thank you very

much. This is it, Nicole is A list,

so give out one picture. You

control your image then. I know

Peter and Jordan managed to sell

all their photos for 17 pounds 50

to Hello magazine. How much would

the photos be worth on the circuit?

They would have happily paid up to

US $4 million. Are you serious?

Absolutely. Because there is so

much goodwill to them, if they

release an authorised photo, if

anybody gets an unauthorised one,

it's not to say those wouldn't sell,

but the reputation of that flaver

dramatically changes, because it's

sleazy, we wanted to get the

authorised photo and you've gone

and ruined it. Would magazines

publish unauthorised? I remember

with Michael Douglas and Catherine

Zeta-Jones, they had sold the

rights, and Hello magazine got

someone to take unauthorised photos

and it end up in an ugly court case.

There was a lot of retouching to be

done with those. They said it

invaded their privacy. Pardon the

pun, but hello! If you're going to

sell your wedding, you have to be

open to the fact people are going

to try to get in, and will think

less of you. It's different when

you're a local home grown hero, you're a local home grown hero, but

Nicole gets US $15 million a movie,

we don't want her cashing in for

the sake of $1 million, she's above

that. They have asked guests not to

give them gifts but to donate to

their favourite charities. I know

that UniFem has been receiving

calls from guests saying, I would

like to prejudice X dollars,

because Nicole is an ambassador.

She's always a patron of the

children's hospital. I did a

marathon in Memphis, and because of

Keith's ties to Tennessee, he's

very involved with that. There is

confirmation that one official

photo will be released this

afternoon. We will look forward to

that. I hope they get her good side.

She doesn't have a bad side! You

have been down to the church today.

How were things looking? Every

moment, another van and truck was

coming in, more and more looky loos.

As crowded as it's getting, it's

not invasive. I talked to some of

the kids from the school across the

street, even they were saying, no

comment. I saw something in the

papers this morning, everybody who

is doing any business associated

with the wedding has signed a

confidentiality agreement, so they

are turning up with their trucks

with huge logos on the side, to

make sure people know they are

involved with the wedding. I'm

staying in Keith's hotel, and on

each floor there's a security guard,

so I'm like, I'm just going to my

room. Do they check your room key?

No, but they are just present in

the hotel. Quite a built of grid

lock as he was off to his bucks

night. Do you know where they are

spending tonight? I'll let you know.

They will be going back to Nelson's

room for a few drinks, no doubt.

When will the issue of new idea

with Keith and Nicole on the cover

be out? Tomorrow morning. You won't

get any sleep tonight. I will be

contacting you later with Lisa and

I's official portrait. Maybe we can

knock Keith and Nicole off the

cover. Up soon, how Danni Minogue off-sided the British press. And should posing nude disqualify you from being Miss Australia? There's no place in the world like Sydney, with 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. Stay & See Hotel Packages now available at Star City from $235 per person twin-share. Call: Or visit: Earlier in the show we told you about the row that's erupted over Australia's Miss Universe contestant. A Perth-based judge wants Erin McNaught stripped of her title. He says he wasn't aware that Erin once posed nude for a men's magazine. The judge thinks she's no longer a good role model. So, should it make a difference?

Let's bring in our Weekend All Stars, 2UE's Glenn Wheeler and social commentator Rebecca Le Tourneau. Good morning to you both.

You won the bet. Can Kamal. Why are

people so unkind? They are

obviously grand particular's

curtains. I said, I could turn a

nice jacket into this. I hope

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban like

it. Back to Erin McNaught, she was

Australia's entrant to Miss

Universe, but is she a good role

model? Adam and Eve made a whole

career out of running naked in the

garden of Eden. You turn to the

bible for inspiration? When it's

all said and done, a happy day at

Manly, what's the matter with

nudity? She didn't do anything

wrong. I didn't see the pictures.

Have you got any? Not in that

jacket, you're not seeing pictures

like that. They run around on the

stage with three trainingles to

cover them when they are taking

part in the contest anyway.

Remember Vanessa Williams, she went

through all that controversy, and

she went on and became a singer,

actor, was in movies, did a lot

better. Jennifer Hawkins bared the

backside one night. I don't think

she planned it. Drawing a long bow.

If she wants to chuck it away and

make a good career, good on her. I

don't think this contest is a role

model for girls anyway. I'm with

you, Bec. Speaking on role models

and appearances, we are moving from

nudity to hot pants. See if you can

stretch your imagination. Danni

Minogue copped flak from the

British press, calling her look

unflattering and bizarre. Does it

matter, and does she deserve

criticism? Not at all. She is an

entertainer, so she doesn't look

quite as pert or svelte as her

sister does in hot pants, I prefer

J-Lo as a personal preference. Have

you measured these bottoms? How do

you know how pert Danni Minogue is

compared to Kylie? It was a purely

visual thing. I would encourage

everybody watching today - look

down at what you're wearing at the

moment, and imagine if it was going

to be on the front page - it's

different for us, we have been

dressed by other people - of the

paper tomorrow morning, and

everybody was going to dissect it

in the tiniest detail, it would be

horrible. Danni Minogue, to give

her credit, was singing before

Kylie, had made a career to some

degree, and Kylie has overwhelmed

that, but how hard would that be?

Your passion is what your sibling

does. You look absolutely beautiful

this morning. Are you on drugs? You

would need drugs to wear that

jacket. That is the best you've

looked in quite a few months. We

will end up married. This is

terrifying. I looked at that photo

and thought, I can't work out what

the problem S She looks great. The

outfit is not her best choice, she

looks like she's wearing a nappy.

Given that her ex, the racing car

driver, Villeneuve, has taken up a

career in singing. Does he sound

like he dreefs? As long as he

doesn't try to wear hot pants.

That's Villeneuve clearing his

throat ( Zoom) Basically, it

doesn't matter, British press, get

over it. Do you remember con any

chunk, one of America's most famous

journalists who used to present CBS

News. Her cable show was axed, so

she decided to go out with a bang.

# Mark Waughry would talk instead

of listening

# I'm away of the concept of whispering

# When he did say the right thing

# It was so rare

# Why should I care?

# Thanks for the memories

# The thing I love the most

# About hubby as co-host

# Is all those other anchors were

as dull as Melba toast # (Indistinct)

# Thanks for the memories

# Now that the show is through

# I've got bigger things to do

# But Mark Waugh Maurie is back

waiting in the hotel

# He can't get enough

# Thanks for the memories

# As we come to a close

# We say to friends and foes

# Thanks fortuneing in to watch the

Con take on the pose

# We thank you

# So much #

It might have helped if her accompanyist had played something.

She looked damn good and she's 59

years old. That is extraordinary. I

take my hat off to her. What guts.

It's like putting your worst

karaoke nightmare up there for

everybody to seefplt I was concern

with the dress, she might end up

with that is for the mammaries.

She's not taking herself seriously.

If more presenters like that - I

could see you two doing the same

thing. You should see the big

ending for today's show. That's

like Simon, off It Takes Two. It's

the great Australian show,

something we've spoken about, how

we love to take the mickey out of

ourselves. She's not taking herd

seriously. She's saying, stuff you,

you've axed the show, I don't care.

We should have had her teamed up

with Richard Zacharia. That's a

thought. Or David with his prisil

la stuff. Time is running short.

Thanks guys, enjoy the wedding and the weekend. Straight ahead this morning,

the latest from the newsroom with Monique. And your chance to be heard. Go ahead, jump on the soapbox! We'll go through more of your emails in just a second. But right now, a final check of the headlines with Monique. Thanks, Andrew. Queensland police are searching for a woman who witnessed a scuffle between a police officer and a driver on Queensland's Gold Coast. The woman fled after a gunshot was fired, hitting the driver and another passenger. Both victims were taken to hospital. Their condition isn't life threatening. The police officer suffered serious facial injuries, in what colleagues have described as a terrifying situation. The Ethical Standards Command is investigating. East Timor's Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri will learn his fate today when his party meets to decide whether their leader should resign.

And Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink has confirmed veteran goalie Mark Schwarzer will be wearing the No.1 shirt during Australia's knock-out game against Italy on Tuesday morning. Looking at today's weather - And that's the latest this Sunday morning.

I'm wondering what's happening at

Nicole's place. You know what

brides houses are like before the

bride GST married, and having been

a braids made, I'm well verse odd

that. There's often a lot of

tension. One very close girlfriend

I was a braids made for recently,

asked her mother, what towel should

I use to have a shower. Mum said,

just use one of those old towels.

"That old towel." That's it, she's

not coming to the wedding. She

doesn't understand this is the most

important shower of my life. I'm

wondering whether those tensions

are running in the Kidman's house.

She should have cracked open one of

the wedding presents, there's bound

to be a towel in there somewhere.

We are sending a Sunrise telegram

to the wedding reception and we

asked for your suggestions: Nic,

may you have a wonderful day, live

long and happy lives together. long and happy lives together. Then

there's: Tom, eat your heart out!

Short and snappy. I like it. We

have some suggestions for wedding

songs. Being Australian, how about

an Aussie love song, Rene Geyer or

the yier gliders, we will together.

Come what may is very romantic .

But it wouldn't be original as I

went down the aisle two years ago.

As a uni student I used to sing at

weddings, and one day I sang Jesus

Christ superstar, I don't know how

to love him

# I've had so many men before in

all so many ways

# The song is going to be I want to

be your everything, not the Andy

Gibb version. Slightly more

appropriate than Andrew's.

Australia and Italy coming up, so

all things Italian on Sunrise. We

hear that Neil Finn could be singing today.