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(generated from captions) The Socceroos moment of truth Tonight -

their biggest match ever. as they face It's a great game. It's like a Cup final for us. fighting off machete-wielding thugs. A Sydney schoolboy injured Exclusive - are at risk because of poor training. warnings emergency drivers lives ahead of her weekend wedding. And Nicole Kidman asks for privacy give me a break, guys, yeah? And now, maybe, This program is LIVE captioned. with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. will be tested tomorrow morning, National pride and family ties

in the biggest match of their lives. when the Socceroos play Croatia Matthew White is in Stuttgart. will be playing to win. Matt, the Australians victory will place the Socceroos They certainly will Roscoe, among the 16 best teams in the world of the tournament. in the knockout second round could have been playing for Croatia, And while some in our team at 5.00am tomorrow, when the game kicks off here of the green and gold. they'll be thinking only in the colours of Australia. Mark Viduka he could just as easily But along with five other team-mates,

the Socceroos must defeat tomorrow. have been in the side he's Croatian, of course, In Croatia, they think that he won't be playing for our team. and they cannot still believe that could have donned Australian colours. And Croatia has three players who Both sides know each other well.

they even grew up together In some cases, this will be an emotional match. which is why (speaks Croatian) He may speak some Croatian, of discussing his blood ties. but Zeljko Kalac is bored of the question. And we are pretty sick But we don't care about Croatia. getting this result for Australia. All we care about is for Mark Bresciano And no divided loyalties either whose mother is Croatian. in the Bresciano household? REPORTER: Has this split allegiances

Nah. Nah, full Aussies, mate. of midfielder Jason Culina The father cheering for one country only. will be at tomorrow's game, if Australia doesn't get through. Oh, I'll be very, very disappointed Croatian national anthems are played And so when the Australian and will know the words to both. some of these players may not be a problem for the players, And, Matt, loyalty to Australia for their relatives in Croatia. but it's a different story blood isn't thicker than water Well, in this case, when it comes to kick-off tomorrow. their local heroes, Most of them will be supporting not the Socceroos. in Croatia with a touch of Australia. They are little towns and villages with a souvenir here and there. The houses A photo of a visit. with a Socceroo in the family. The places Stojan Viduka is Mark's uncle. (speaks foreign language)

but he's going for Croatia. He says Australia might win home versus a far-away relative. It's a tough call around here, has a well in his yard Martin Culina, Jason's uncle, but he's wishing for Croatia. (speaks foreign language)

not in Australia. Because, he says, he lives here, Zeljko Kalac's cousin. Drazen Kalac is standby goalkeeper He's been to Australia - thinks Zeljko will play tomorrow. (speaks foreign language) But he's going for Croatia,

grandmother. which leaves Mark Bresciano's (speaks foreign language) all the clippings of Mark - Maria's got all the photos, and the goats when he comes to visit says he likes to watch the chickens and, yes, she wants Australia to win.

(speaks foreign language) Good on you, granny. with more on the Socceroos. Roscoe, I'll be back later talking about his game plan. including Guus Hiddink

preparing for celebrations tonight, Croatians who call Sydney home are win, lose or draw. is expecting up to 500 people The King Tom Croatian Club at 5.00am. downstairs They've had to shift the big screen to accommodate the crowd

with many having a bet each way. I'll come half with the chequers, with the Southern Cross. the other half

It's hard to make a decision. and licensed venues Police will patrol live sites to stop fans getting too rowdy. To other news now, has been injured and a Sydney schoolboy trying to escape armed robbers. The 16-year-old fell, armed with a machete and a wrench. running away from two masked men and his friend The thugs bailed up the boy a local reserve, as they walked through demanding their backpacks. are searching for the attackers. Police dogs One was wearing a balaclava, a handkerchief tied across his face. the other, at Westmead Hospital. The boy was treated is taking a deadly risk Experts say the State Government for emergency services drivers. with a lack of education

responding to an alarm, A week after a fireman died for ambulance and fire officers Seven News learned advanced training is almost non-existent. in and out of tight spaces, Ambulance drivers can speed, legally, in and out of tight spaces, Ambulance drivers can speed, legally,

around them, with flustered, unpredictable drivers they're trained for it. and you'd think They're not. a basic driver's licence. They've got

no demerit points, As long as there are no penalties, in a very much difficult situation they get to drive a big ambulance

with no training. and downright dangerous. It's absolutely absurd

the State Government Ian Luff has been lobbying courses... for defensive driver-training to handle such a heavy vehicle. It requires a lot of skill for fire officers as well. this morning, We spoke to a fire department person and they were trained 13 years ago the fire department. when they joined from that moment on. They've had no follow-up training There is no follow-up training - just the initial three-week course. Even then, exercises like this... ..are just a small part of it. will consider The coroner and WorkCover could have helped save the life whether refresher courses of fireman Stephen Richardson, on his way to an emergency. killed last week It's commonsense to make sure there's regular updated training, particularly as vehicles change over time. This is an occupational health and safety issue. Government ministers were unavailable for comment.

It's not like the government doesn't offer safety training to any of its employees. The group learning here today is from Primary Industries,

maybe not the group that needs it the most. Australian drivers are finally going to get some answers

over petrol price hikes after the government endorsed a Senate inquiry into oil companies. They'll have to explain why lower overseas prices

don't always flow on here. With driver anger overflowing at the bowser, the government has now added its fuel to a Senate inquiry into petrol prices.

We understand the concerns of motorists. We know how hard this is hurting some families But Senator Minchin was sceptical. Well, Mark, there have been some 44 inquiries into the price of petrol in this country since 1983. If anything new comes out of this inquiry well, we'll be pleased but we'll be surprised, too. Family First Senator Steve Fielding went further. Family First condemns Labor's call for an inquiry into exorbitant petrol prices. It's just a stunt. The Opposition Leader disagrees. Labor's petrol inquiry will provide a few answers, I think, for Aussie motorists. The inquiry will look at differences between international oil and benchmark petrol prices

and those here. Mr Beazley says drivers will finally get answers to petrol-price hikes, such as that over the Queen's-Birthday long weekend. They'll see, day after day, executives of oil companies explaining extraordinary things. And Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce says he can hardly wait. The politicians now leave Canberra for a six-week break to get back into the real world, where this issue is really biting. The inquiry will begin within weeks and report by October. Australia is caught up in a new diplomatic crisis with Iraq after our soldiers mistakenly shot and killed a bodyguard working for the country's Trade Minister. They were protecting an Australian delegation when they opened fire on a group of armed plain-clothes guards they thought were insurgents. Five other people were also wounded. The ADF regrets the injury and the loss of life that has resulted from this accident. Iraq says the mistake could threaten trade deals worth millions. It also wants compensation for the victims' families. A nervous Nicole Kidman has pleaded with the paparazzi to give her some space as her Sydney wedding day approaches. She made the appeal after visiting children in hospital during what's become a frantic week of preparation. After meeting another trouper, Sophie Delezio, Nicole showed more grace under paparazzi fire. But even her patience can be tested. And now, maybe, give me a break, guys. Yeah, could everyone just not get dangerous?

The pressure's become intense. This could be why. You could see it, at what was meant to be a low-key hen's night. Nicole! Thank you. Hugh Jackman's wife was among the party girls. Are you looking forward to the weekend? Absolutely.

Bit of a barbecue planned, I think. There was no sign of anyone dressed as a fireman or police officer. We do know they drank champagne and Nicole left around midnight.

Hard info on the wedding is scarce. Everyone involved has signed confidentiality agreements. There's a rumour the cake is coming from this Paddington store. There's a rumour the cake is coming from this Paddington store. Excuse me, ma'am. Hello.

We hear you're making a very special cake this weekend. No comment. Is that true? This is the suspected venue - the chapel in the former seminary above Manly - but that's hard to confirm, too. We're just here to ask if we can speak to the person who organises functions here? He's not here - sorry. Is there anyone we can talk to? No, sorry. Is there anyone...? Nah, you got to leave.

You got to go. Well, they're certainly not very friendly, so I don't know what the service is like, but the grounds are truly lovely. On one side, historic sandstone buildings, and on the other, a charming little construction site. There are already photographers in the bushes. For Nicole, it's going to be a long weekend. Ahead in Seven News - Kylie Minogue to perform again in Sydney. Also, the Australian invention set to save lives on our roads. And the town where $50,000 fell out of the sky. for sexually harassing a female colleague. The woman claims she's been treated badly with her salary slashed, while the accused men remain on full pay.

Anastasia Dhillon worked her way up from being a cleaner at Central Station to assisting a senior manager. But her career collapsed when, she says, male workers began a sustained campaign of sexual harassment. They were calling me names, making fun of my figure and my body because I'm not anything special, I'm just a normal person. WorkCover paid her full salary for 26 weeks, but after that, the law requires it to be slashed by 60% to $400. One man she accused was suspended on full pay of more than $100,000. It is a statutory provision and in some respects our hands are tied. Simply unacceptable if the system says to the victim that you have to go off full pay but says to those who have allegedly been perpetrating the harassment, you can go home on full pay. Ms Dhillon says the men placed pornographic magazines around the office, made constant sexual comments about women, hid her belongings and made her wear high-heeled shoes.

RailCorp has found six men did harass her, and they may be sacked. I have no intention, ever, of allowing these matters to be swept under the carpet and ignored. It's been a really traumatic experience and I'm basically speaking out because I don't want other women who are in the same position to go through this again. She's now back at work. Police are urging drivers not to speed after five people were killed in road accidents in the past 24 hours. Soon, a new device will make sure people stick to the limit, saving hundreds of lives each year. This is the carnage caused by speed. This may look like a normal car, but when it comes to safety this Falcon is a glimpse of the future. A lot of the time when people speed, they speed inadvertently. this all-Australian invention will change the way we drive and, as a result, save lives. The advantage of a system like this is that they don't have to now look at speed signs, that they don't have to now look at speed signs,

they're not having to monitor their speedo, and so it means they can be alert for other things

that are possibly even more important in saving their lives and the lives of others. Using a GPS and digital mapping, an on-board computer monitors both the speed limit and the speed of the car. If you're breaking the law the computer gives you an audio and visual warning. If you don't react, upward pressure is placed through the accelerator pedal slowing the car down. A 12-month trial using 15 cars

found the system reduced the time motorists spent speeding in half and time travelling more than five kilometres over the limit was reduced by nearly 60%.

These types of intelligent transport system technologies will be available in your after-market, or your local parts accessories store within the next two years. It's been raining money in Wales, after a mystery man threw cash worth $50,000 from a car. Witnesses say the man, wearing a Welsh rugby jumper, yelled "Who wants free money?" before hurling the pile of pound notes into the air. The bizarre give-away was caught on shop-security-camera. One fella got out of a wheelchair. I don't know how bad he was. He got out of his wheelchair. He was on his hands and knees. Welsh police say they're investigating a possible traffic offence in relation to the incident.

Sydney fans will be the first in the world to see Kylie Minogue's much-anticipated return to the stage. Her international Showgirl Tour will kick off here on 11 November. 18 months after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's looking great. She's definitely through the worst of everything. She's so determined and she can't wait to see you all.

And Kylie says she's offended by reports she's supporting France in the World Cup. A message on her web site says she and sister Dannii are right behind the Socceroos. with Matthew White in Germany. Time for more sport

Guus Hiddink's preparing for a big pay-day. Roscoe, we're talking a huge cash bonus if the Dutch master gets the Socceroos to the second round. All that stands in the way is Croatia. We'll have the Aussies final training session next. Also tonight, Brett Kimmorley hoping to open the door to play to the Origin decider. On top of great service, Retravision is now giving you a huge 500 days to pay. That's 500 days to pay on all electrical goods over $500.

Check out our June catalogue for details. # At Retravision Yeah, we'll do it! # DOOR SQUEAKS A more efficient way to achieve cross-ventilation can be seen at the eco-living exhibition, Majura Rise Estate, Roma Mitchell Crescent, North Watson. The Socceroos are treating tomorrow morning's clash with Croatia as their own World Cup final. Guus Hiddink says he won't have any problem getting his players to lift and if they make the next round, the master coach will also pocket a huge cash-bonus. Stuttgart could be the last stop on the Socceroos' magical World Cup tour, but that's unlikely. A draw against Croatia will be enough to put Australia into the last 16,

but this is a team programmed to go for broke. It's impossible, I think, to say - especially to this team who like to go, when possible, in the attack - to say "Hey, guys, we sit back and go for a nil-nil draw." It's a great game. It's a Cup final for us, and hopefully,

we can get the right result that will take us through. It was there against Japan... ..and against world champions Brazil. Playing forward is the new Socceroos' style. Playing without emotion, especially for those with Croatian connections,

will be the key. Players know how to control themselves and not go over the edge to get a result, 'cause it will be counterproductive. Australian football could be in line for its biggest payday, and coach Guus Hiddink will also cash in as well. If the Soccerooos make it through to the next round,

Hiddink is tipped to receive an $800,000 bonus - part of his multimillion-dollar incentive deal. Many say he's worth every cent. Croatia is the only team in Group F yet to score a goal. The Socceroos only need one more point, and their goal to make the knockout stage

will be realized. Michael Owen's knee injury will be costly for English football in more ways than one. Owen will be out of action for his Premier League side Newcastle Owen will be out of action for his Premier League side Newcastle for up to eight months,

and the England Football Association hsa to pay compensation for his absence. A whopping $7.5 million. In other games overnight, Mexico made it into the second round, despite losing to unbeaten Portugal. Mexico's hopes hinged on Angola beating Iran. Mexico's hopes hinged on Angola beating Iran.

And the African's led 1-0, but Iran's late equaliser kept Mexico alive. And Argentina and the Netherlands played out a 0-0 draw.

Sharks skipper Brett Kimmorley goes head-to-head with Knights captain Andrew Johns on Saturday night,

a contest he'll be using to impress Blues selectors. Kimmorley and Penrith's Craig Gower are the frontrunners for the New South Wales halfback spot for the State of Origin decider. The opening that exists for Brett Kimmorley at Origin is not much bigger than the door for his kid's cubby house but he can blow it wide open with a big one against Andrew Johns. As a halfback you like to play against the best and he's certainly that. Johns has continually rejected calls to rescue the Blues. If Joey was to say he's finished, I think that should be enough to move on. With Brett Finch unwanted, Kimmorley and Craig Gower are the contenders. The Sharks' skipper is desperate for another crack after suggestions he would never be picked again after last year's Origin disappointment. I haven't been told that I've been stamped. So as far as I'm aware, I'm still in the picture. The Eels have told halfback Tim Smith his contract may be torn up if he doesn't stay alcohol-free for the rest of the season. He's been fined $1,000 for his latest indiscretion. Money's not the only worry for the Bulldogs in their battle to retain Queensland prop Nate Myles. Even though he can command $100,000 a year more elsewhere. I'm gonna see what's best for me. My goal at the moment's to get a starting spot. I'm not a big fan of coming off the bench.

Lower Clarence reserve grader Jack Currie has been banned for life for punching a referee in the head. Now he wants to become one. I reckon it would be good 'cause I know I wouldn't cheat anyway.

Roscoe, 10 and a half hours now to

the match that will make or break

Australia's World Cup. This is

Stuttgart, it will be packed with

people later on tonight. Personally

I hope Guus Hiddink gets that bonus.

It's a huge night and day ahead. We

tomorrow. look forward to talking to you

after the break, Grant has Sydney's weather but first finance. CROWD EXCLAIMS Extra! Extra! Read all about it! CROWD CHEERS Mitre 10's 15% off storewide. When you see a big news story,

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Then send your images to Good evening. on a cold night Knuckling down to a good meal sounds like a perfect recipe, considering our recent weather. It's a construction zone now, getting ready for tomorrow's opening, from celebrity chefs, but you'll find sensational dishes 300 stands from all over the world, wine and food tasting galore inspiring shopping ideas, to ignite your passion for cooking. and things you've never seen before What's cooking with our weather - We woke to grey skies again today, but temperatures were mild, suburbs. with lows of around 10 for most with 11mm. Mona Vale had the biggest fall

To the satellite picture. Looking at the cloud over the east, all this rain. it's easy to see why we're getting continent remains clear. But most of the western half of the overnight and into tomorrow. More showers are in store for Sydney around lunchtime. But the rain will ease with tops of 19. And it will be a bit warmer Looking ahead. Maybe an early shower on Saturday with temperatures reaching around 17. And sunny conditions are forecast for Sunday and Monday before the rain returns. the world's finest foods Touch taste and smell here at Darling Harbour this weekend. Bruno? And you know who's also a good dish, Roscoe. And before we go, political editor Mark Riley. congratulations to Seven's Paul Lyneham Award for Excellence Last night he was presented with the

in Press Gallery journalism. of stories on Seven News, Mark was recognised for his range including his special reports across Australia. on the shortage of radiology services And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. Tonight - deliberately fell pregnant this 14-year-old girl to pocket the $3,000 baby bonus - and she's not alone. What did you intend to spend it on? Me. How kids are having kids, for a quick buck. cashing in their childhood That story shortly. Also - the great debate over women and mood swings. that says PMS, post-natal depression The controversial study and menopause may be symptoms of plain old stress. Plus, the drug houses next door. drug operations How multimillion-dollar are being run out of family homes, and you'd never know. If you just imagine your average suburb with your average house - we find hydro operations in those. And how to choose the right bra for your body,

and end neck, back and shoulder pain for good.

But first, you're about to meet a 14-year-old girl who deliberately traded away her youth for $3,000. Samantha Scorse admits she fell pregnant for no other reason but to get her hands on the Federal Government's baby bonus and, sadly, there are many more teenagers out there just like her. Siobhan Gleeson has her story. I'm going out and getting me a baby tonight so I can get the money. It's ridiculous now 'cause, like, now I've got the baby and no money. When Samantha Scorse fell pregnant at the tender age of 14, it wasn't a careless mistake - it was a calculated grab for cash.