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Tonight - security fears critical showdown with Croatia. as the Socceroos prepare for their in the drug war - Police claim a major victory

to limit supplies across Sydney. a huge haul of ecstasy expected And Australia's deadly bungle in Iraq a minister's security guard. our soldiers kill

Good evening. Kylie Minogue's Aussie tour dates. Also tonight - And a bizarre career move - who wants to be a referee. the disgraced league player is in Stuttgart And Ten's Frank Coletta

for Socceroos skipper Mark Viduka? and, Frank, security fears

John Howard has sent a letter, just

like he did before the Japan game.

Let's hope it works again. Adding

spice to the match is the fact that

there's rivalry between the players. at training, Crossing paths with the Socceroos to go with their Croatian heritage the Aussies who chose of mates. and ultimately a World Cup showdown have parents from Croatia, Seven of our squad were born in Australia. while three of our rivals How are you? How are you going? tomorrow, But when it's not as friendly

a whole lot more confident the Socceroos will be feeling about the refereeing. England's Graham Poll, The man in charge, our Premier League stars is used to controlling physical competition. in what is a more Harry Kewell's notorious run-in the Socceroos' frustration highlighting at being branded too rough. Coach Guus Hiddink says the team's focus. the Kewell drama hasn't affected It was not a distraction. No, not at all. in what I call 'hot' games. Those things happen to star tomorrow. Hiddink now expects Kewell the sides have only played four times Head to head, in friendly internationals - Croatia once, plus one draw. the Socceroos winning twice, Another draw should be enough will play it. but that's not how the Socceroos especially to this team It's impossible, I think, to say, in the attack, who like to go when possible and we go for a 0-0 draw." to say, "Hey, guys, we sit back of this team. It's opposing the character It's a great game. it's the Cup final for us Like I say, result that will take us through. and hopefully we can get the right cheers for that result, And while a nation collectively from the Socceroos' base in Oehringen these German primary school students will be doing the same.

and waited till his billy boiled. (All sing) # Sang as he watched with me. # # You'll come a waltzing Matilda

When you've got to call in security

for Mark Viduka, what's this about?

This is amazing. Not just his

holiday house in Croatia but also This is amazing. Not just his

that of Josip Skoko. There's been holiday house in Croatia but also

security guards posted around the

homes 24 hours for the best part of

three days in relation to maybe

reprisals from locals should

Australia beat Croatia. There's

another issue that Croatia is

staying at a hotel previously used

by the Dutch and previously Spain.

The police that have been there

have been in double the numbers. So

that's interesting in itself. Not

forgeting of course that all three

Australian games were considered

high risk out of 21 by FIFA.

Finally before we go - we're in a

good position, the Australians. We

go into this game against Crash why

with a better head-to-head record.

We've scored and they haven't.

They've missed a pement. Here's a

tip - 1-0 to the sock roosz. You

like it? You're a brave man. dollar drug syndicate Police have smashed a multi-million in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. a sophisticated ecstasy lab Officers uncovering next door to unsuspecting families. pumping out hundreds of tablets right ecstasy tablets is worth $15 million. Police say the haul of 250,000 and other drug-making ingredients The tablets

in the east on the weekend. were found during raids on five homes Also found - cash producing thousands of tablets a day. and two machine presses capable of at this home in South Coogee. The drug-making machine was found It was rented two weeks ago with a 5-year-old daughter. by a couple Neighbours didn't suspect a thing. I mean I have two children. It's scary for me. The rooms had been soundproofed could work through the night. so machines was when police stormed the house. The first thing residents noticed was moving out really quickly And it was like someone of people around. and there was a whole lot We sort of didn't ask specifically, much information but they weren't offering packed in the vans and gone. and just everything was moved out, the drug supply across Sydney Police believe the bust will disrupt and drive the price higher. And we think that's a good thing because it takes it out of the reach out there in the street. of ordinary users this drug lab While police have shut down isn't over yet. they say this operation making more arrests, They haven't ruled out caught in the illegal trade. offering this warning for those when they least expect it. They are being monitored The police will be coming after you. to face court next month. Two men are due tonight being treated in hospital A 16-year-old school student is wielding a machete. after being attacked by a man were looking for money for drugs. Police believe the victim's attackers

Australian forces in Iraq. A deadly mix-up involving

The victim suffered facial injuries

as he tried to get away. It's a bit

freaky. The attackers fled a short as he tried to get away. It's a bit

time later. The teenager used his

mobile phone to call police. His

school folders were taken away for

fingerprinting. The robbery may

have been inspired by someone

trying to raise money for drugs.

The victim had only a few valuable

items, including a mobile phone,

which was left at the scene.

Evidence of drug use litters the

park where the attack occurred.

We've got a bit of a problem with

drugs around T seems to be getting

worse. The attackers were wearing

dark clothes and may have been

former students. Anyone with

information is asked to call Fairfield police or Crimestoppers. A deadly mix-up involving Australian forces in Iraq. Soldiers have opened fire on a suspicious vehicle,

killing a man who turned out to be a local politician's security guard.

Six people were wounded, one fatally, when Australian soldiers opened fire on this vehicle, thinking they were insurgents. In fact, they were bodyguards of the Iraqi Trade Minister. This eyewitness says the security guards had just left the Minister's secure compound, wearing civilian clothes and armed with AK-47s. He says when the Australians thought the white vehicle was tying to overtake them, they shot and killed the driver. The Australian Defence Force has apologised for the tragedy

Nchle asmdsmfsm ro regrelts the

jerp and the loss of life.

We regret the incident and loss of

life. The incident will be formally

and fully investigated by the ADF. The point is this - we shouldn't be there. We made a mistake going to Iraq in the first place. There was no mention of the deadly incident when Mr Howard announced details of the new mission for our troops currently based in al-Muthanna province,

when they move to the southern city of Tallil. The ADF second role will be to help the Iraqis in crisis situations. Despite suggestions

our troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year, the Prime Minister is determined to avoid putting a time limit on their role. There'd be no cutting and running. We will only leave when the job has been finished. The job keeps changing according to the Prime Minister.

Greg Turnbull, Ten News. An Australian nurse wounded in a drive-by shooting in Thailand has died. 26-year-old Pam Fitzpatrick had been in a coma since she was shot in the neck while at a bar on Monday. She was with her sister and friends

when a man on a motorbike fired into the crowd. Police have issued an image of the killer and say they're confident of an arrest. Pam's father is in Thailand.

He's arranging to have his daughter's body flown home to Brisbane. A desperate appeal from the mother of a murder victim

to keep her son's killers behind bars. The 29-year-old was brutally bashed and left to drown. One of the attackers to be released on parole next week. Shirley McHugh and her grand-daughter tending the grave of son Simon, brutally murdered in a vicious and random street attack in June 1992.

Simon McHugh, aged 29, was bashed unconscious with an iron bar and had his skull and both arms fractured before being dumped into a weir and left to drown. It was a ferocious attack and what was so brutal was the fact that it was random. After 14 years in jail, one of his killers, 43-year-old Nigel Boland, has been granted parole and will be released next week - four years short of his full 18-year sentence. When they began to talk about his being released he began crying and weeping, and I called it snivelling. In its submission to the parole authority the State Government recommended his full sentence. Boland should serve out he could become violent A psychological report concluded and was likely to re-offend. the parole system is a farce. The Opposition says this case shows The mother of the victim was asked

impact statement, to put in a victim's to water it down. then told it was too strong enough to keep him behind bars. When that was put in, it wasn't

over the loss of her son Mrs McHugh says she cries every day why his killer is being freed. and can't understand

champions the rights of criminal I think the parole board

and ignores the rights of victims. Boland's parole can't be revoked The Government says is an independent body. because the parole authority John Hill, Ten News. Just days out from her wedding, on suicide watch - that's next. Serial killer Ivan Milat

found in a shallow grave - Plus - the body of a 15-year-old girl

taken into custody. two of her friends who's now determined to become a ref. And the disgraced rugby league player Out it all goes! So get in quick. of 75-watt light globes, $2. 10-pack GMC 500-watt spiral saw kit, $84. 6-piece combo cooler, $22. are just the beginning. Lowest prices Retravision is now giving you On top of great service, a huge 500 days to pay. all electrical goods over $500. That's 500 days to pay on for details. Check out our June catalogue Yeah, we'll do it! # # At Retravision Two teenagers have been charged in Western Australia. with a shocking crime a 15-year-old girl after a party They're accused of strangling then burying her under a house.

in a shallow grave The 15-year-old's body was found

she shared with friends beneath the house of Collie. in the south-west mining town

Neighbours are devastated.

It's really shocking. The victim only moved in last month. she went out to a party, Saturday night with a 16-year-old housemate returning late and another 16-year-old friend. the older girls planned the killing, Police claim with a piece of electrical wire. attacking her on Sunday that stereo cable We're alleging one of the girls used to strangle Eliza to death. didn't turn up to school this week. She was reported missing when she she was dragged downstairs We'll allege that morning where a grave was dug. Police divers have been called in. clothes, her mobile telephone They believe the victim's party were thrown into the Collie River. and the cable and a 16-year-old from Perth The housemate

are facing charges of wilful murder separately to police yesterday. after handing themselves in most tragic cases they've seen. Investigators say it's one of the So far there's no obvious motive. from a string of road crashes The tragedy comes as the town reels

many young local lives. that have claimed

the effect is gonna be widespread In any small town it's just shock, horror. and at the moment Nick Way, Ten News. who punched a referee in the face A rugby league player from the game for life. has been banned the sport he loves He now wants to repay

a new job as a referee. and is considering It was this attack on a referee

25-year rugby league career. that ended Darren 'Jack' Currie's he acted out of frustration Currie claims

game for using an elbow in a tackle, after being sin-binned earlier in the ever been sent off. the first time he'd the judiciary found Currie guilty into disrepute, Charged with bringing the game

into disrepute, Vaughan Steel - twice. of striking referee the judiciary found Currie guilty

Because of the circumstances of the incident itself, and because of the seriousness

that it had no option the panel found and felt from playing rugby league for life. but to ban the player was prepared for the sentence, Although Currie

it was still difficult to hear. a bit lost for words. A bit heartbroken and, like I said,

of the incident sinking in The seriousness to his two young boys while explaining their dad play again. why they'd never watch A bit upset about everything on TV. they were worried about me They were watching, and they wanted me to ring them. The ban will stop Currie playing in the game altogether. but not end his involvement Despite banning him for life, is supporting Darren's plans the judiciary in coaching juniors to become more involved and even becoming a referee. in touch and that and Oztag Well, I have reffed go into rugby league, but I would love to and I reckon it'd be good. Tim Potter, Ten News. escaped a jail sentence A elderly man has narrowly almost $500,000 from the tax office. for helping his former lover hide

pleaded guilty to fraud. 71-year-old George Segal convicted tax cheat Ida Ronen He admitted helping from a diamond trading company. cover up proceeds on a good behaviour bond. But he walked away from court

your involvement with Ida Ronen? George, do you regret Dolina fashion label and her two sons The 72-year-old matriarch of the for tax evasion. were jailed last year million in foreign bank accounts. The Ronens squirreled away $17 Backpacker killer Ivan Milat in Goulburn Jail's Supermax. is on suicide watch video surveillance Milat is under 24-hour in a so-called 'safe cell'. to kill himself The serial murderer threatened a TV and toasted sandwich maker after privileges, including from his victim's families. were removed following outrage has been ordered. A review of the jail's reward system

Tim's top teams are getting a

workout tonight. We've found a

downside to women's footy. Tim's

teams on Ten. Women's AFL football

is booming. This is the Australian

championship at Henson Park. Come

and look at the finals on Saturday.

What's the difference between men's

footy and women's footy. You can

hardly tell the difference. Look at footy and women's footy. You can

the pink Sherrin. What a beauty.

the pink Sherrin. What a beauty.

Judi Hetherington, the team

manager, cooking snags all day long

and getting away with the 'Kath &

Kim' apron. We like it on the TV.

Weatherwise , what have we got it's

a familiar tale - the coastline,ers

areas like Cronulla and so on, get

54mm and the poor old catchment

gets 6mm worth. What about

Skywatch? You know what colour that

is. Not the blue of NSW but the

grey of a dreary old week but at

least we're getting some rainfall.

Tomorrow, 17 degrees and a mainly

showery old day.

NSW v the ACT in around about one

hour's time. Are going to give it

to them or what? Yes! AFL footy the

way the ladies play. See you in ten minutes.

Armed robbery suspects rounded up in Sydney including the son of a rugby league legend. That's next. And living with a disability - the inspiring mum trying to help others cope.

The son of a former international football legend

Time tour check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. That off ramp

on the Warringah freeway has been

causing trouble. Has is it tonight

in It's worse than yesterday. It's

the offer ramp for the Northern

Beaches. It's changed because of

the Lane Cove project. Traffic for

the northern beaches has to merge

in the right lane toward Falcon

Street. With the traffic slowly

building up from the Harbour Bridge,

unfortunately, these delays extend

back on to the Harbour Bridge and

for the Western Distributor so

there's no joy for the Northern

Beaches traffic. They have to merge

right not left. More confusion

right not left. More confusion unfortunately tonight. The son of a former international football legend has been arrested at gunpoint, police alleging they foiled his plans to rob an armoured car. 23-year-old John Filipaina is the son of Olsen Filipaina,

a former New Zealand league player, as well as Balmain, Roosters and Norths. It's believed he was planning an armed robbery attack this week with several other men. He's been charged with numerous offences including conspiracy to commit robbery. His accomplice, who was arrested at the same time, was released. Two other men have been arrested facing similar charges. All three have been refused bail. Bitter divisions have spilled over in Federal coalition ranks. Members are openly targeting rebel Liberals opposed to John Howard's asylum seeker laws, one MP branding them anarchistS

who want to bring down the Prime Minister. Liberal MP Don Randall is furious. He accuses 10 of his colleagues of holding the Government to ransom. We're getting sick and tired of the so0called dissidents, anarchists. But the dissenters refuse to be bowed. I still have a great deal of concern about asylum seekers who come to this country and then are sent somewhere else to another country. Last night Mr Howard, before he donned the glad rags to attend the mid-winter ball, called a special party room meeting.

As a tactic, it failed to deliver the numbers to pass the bill in the Senate. We're still talking through. There has been no final resolution on the key issues but we're still talking. Who are these people, with the odd exception? They're not people who support the Prime Minister. He accuses them of undermining the Government. But Judi Moylan maintains dissent is not disloyalty and the compromises in the bill cannot guarantee that Nauru will safeguard women and children or the rights of refugees. Labor agrees. Once you start with the principle that you're going to put people in another country, it's all over. Australian law stops. Mr Howard seems to concede this point but has not given up. The bill will be debated when we return in six weeks. Mr Howard had said he wanted the bill passed

before his meets Indonesia's President next week. that sounded like appeasement. For many he says he makes no apologies Now, in a change of tack, holding up the bill. for Australia's democratic processes he should withdraw the bill. The Opposition says Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. a rare genetic disorder A single mother with a son suffering

is reaching out to other families. other parents with disabled children. She's trying to raise money to help has defied the odds. 2-year-old Oscar Hudson He suffers from CHARGE syndrome - 1 in 20,000 Australian children. a rare condition which affects about don't live past six months. A third of sufferers His total future is uncertain one day at a time. but I think we just have to go since birth Oscar's had seven operations and is almost blind and deaf. and a cleft palate. He was born with a cleft lip

sleep apnoea, asthma. He has swallowing problems, which has a reflux. He has a single kidney, For mother of three, Lisa, has been life-changing. having a child with CHARGE She had to give up hairdressing

for her youngest son. to become a full-time carer It is a 24-hour-a-day job of severity is with CHARGE. no matter what the range is learning how to communicate. Oscar's latest challenge having a support network is vital. For single parents like Lisa

And she's eager to get in contact with CHARGE syndrome with families who have children from their experiences. so she can learn just little hints, or ups and downs, As parents we learn from each other, sometimes with them or you can just get a little real

about how hard it is. for CHARGE sufferers Lisa is helping to raise funds which starts next Tuesday. as part of Deaf Blind Awareness Week, Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. is making sure Denmark's Princess Mary

her baby son gets his sea legs early. with his parents on the royal yacht 8-month-old Christian travelled

to a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. during a 2-day official visit

helped the future king The Australian-born Princess practise his royal wave, with a nanny but the young prince was left with Crown Prince Frederick. while Mary toured the city grow on trees We all know money doesn't to our coastline. an environmental threat A leaking ship posing

That's next. lso - the show will go on. to the Aussie stage. Kylie Minogue's plans to return And - it's raining cash. who couldn't believe their luck. The city shoppers

Australian forces in Baghdad. A deadly bungle involving on a vehicle, killing a man Our soldiers have opened fire Trade Minister's security guard. who turned out to be the Iraqi The minister is now threatening with his country. to reconsider Australia's wheat deals is in hospital tonight A 16-year-old school student at Bossley Park. after being attacked with a machete were looking for money for drugs. Police believe the two assailants as he escaped. The victim suffered facial injuries to call police. He used his mobile phone dent in Sydney's ecstasy supply. And police believe they've put a big of the drug They've seized $15 million worth during raids in the eastern suburbs. with more arrests likely. Two suspects have been refused bail

that's leaking toxins A Liberian cargo ship to enter the Port of Brisbane. has been cleared a full inspection once it docks The ship will undergo now waiting on shore. with emergency crews

The carbon diosulphide is toxic and

can cause skin irritations and

blistering and of course will cause

system. some injury to your respiratory

None of the crew has been affected. escorted by water police The container's being has closed access and Brisbane's harbour master to waters surrounding the ship. saw another healthy surge A strong lead from Wall Street on the local stock market today. has been desperately waiting to hear. It's the news every Kylie Minogue fan Her 'Showgirl' tour is back on! 18 months after her cancer diagnosis, will be back on stage in November official confirmation today Kylie and opening night is in Sydney. that gave fans a hint It was a recent sister act Kylie was ready for a comeback.

say 'yeah' # (Sings) # Everybody here to take place Her highly anticipated encore on an already auspicious date. the renamed Remembrance Day chosen to begin 'Showgirl Homecoming' tour. the first night I know I'll be in tears

in the audience and I'd say so many people mostly will feel the same way, back in action. just so happy to see her

Kicking off in Sydney,

Brisbane, Adelaide, the 20-show tour will also take in Perth and Melbourne. have until July 14 to get a refund. to the new dates Ticket holders unable to make it

a significant amount of interest One by-product of the delay has been earnt by the cash from ticket sales. the extra costs of rescheduling Those funds will got to a charity of Kylie's choice. with any leftover money to go towards But amid the euphoria, battle against breast cancer. a note of caution on her ongoing you don't completely recover from. I think it's something on the odd day. She's still getting tired in London, With rehearsals soon under way

will be at a gentler pace, her renowned spectacular shows internationally. with no plans to continue the tour Melbourne is Mushroom. a great way to end, Melbourne is Kylie, and it would be and, boy, will I throw a party. Cameron Baud, Ten News. The day after her hen's night, visit sick kids in a Sydney hospital. Nicole Kidman has found the time to little Sophie Delezio. Among those delighted to meet her - returns home, Every time Nicole Kidman Hospital at Randwick, she visits the Sydney Children's usually in secret. on the lead-up to her wedding, But with all the attention

this visit became media pandemonium. to contribute to? Is this a charity you'd like people can just not get dangerous. Yeah but just if everyone The situation getting quite scary into her Mercedes. when a cab nearly ran the audacity to jump out The cab driver then having and take pictures on his phone. One young patient clearly overwhelmed by the whole situation.

Um, she said, "You're a champion," and she's got her kids with her and stuff. Nicole made the day for so many young patients today as well as one very special one. You guessed it - Sophie Delezio was in for a check-up today and got the surprise of her life.

Sophie was here and Sophie actually was walking along the ward from the carpark and looked up and her mother had no idea so we were able to actually introduce them and they had a big hug and it was really special but you know we've got a hospital full of Sophies and all those kids just got such a thrill. Nicole's own two children and her mum joined her on her tour of the hospital wards. Today's visit the latest in a busy round of engagements

heading up to the big weekend. The bride-to-be looking happy and relaxed. Have you got a bit of a gang come pg? Just a few friends. A clearly delighted niece the first to greet her. Yay!

Naomi Watts snuck in, as did actress Deborah Lee Furness,

the wife of Nicole's soon-to-be co-star Hugh backman. She was ready for some surprises. No, well, I guess I'll find out. Tell you on the way out. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Tim, I was pondering during the

break whether or not you were an

AFL player and Ron tells me he

thinks you'd be good as a ruckman

with the women on this team. I've

always been a little Rover. This is

the NSW team behind me, about to

play the ACT at Henson Park. It's

the Australian women's national AFL

championship and what about the

pink ball? It's art, folks, isn't

it until how we make a segue

between a pink football and a

mountain top, I don't know but

we'll try it because we've got the

snow report coming. It's hard to

work out tonight what is going to

happen. We think showers and rain

on the lower slopes but snow above

1600 m. Friday - the snowdrops to

around about 12 to 1100m, maybe 10

to 15 cent metres of snow. A clear

Saturday and more snow showers an Friday.

Talking Tim's top temps:

there's something about the pink

balls, boys, isn't there? Sport is next with Tim Webster and the Socceroos will be going all out for a win. Yes, that could be too dangerous a scenario. We'll tell you why shortly. Also - why Coach Hiddink believes Harry Kewell will play his best game yet at the Cup. And - Manly's star centre Steven Bell reflects on the incident that's left him with 16 screws holding his cheek together.

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This program is captioned live. The Socceroos will be on the attack tomorrow morning as they fight for a place in the second round of the World Cup finals. Croatia stands in our way, but the Aussies intend to progress with a win, not just a draw.

It's been a golden run for the Socceroos. Now the coach with the Midas touch is scheming and cajoling in a bid to make them the first Australians to go through the group stage. Australia won't be sitting back It can be very dangerous to play for a draw. It's a great game. Like I say - it's a Cup final for us. This team is trying to go for a win against - don't underestimate that - a highly profiled opponent. So it is impossible to be a director of a draw. Just four friendlies have been played between the two countries, Australia with two wins, Croatia one, plus a draw. Eight years ago the Croatians reached the World Cup semifinals at this Cup. but they're yet to score a goal have a huge crack at us Croatia will obviously definitely that can open things up and hopefully on the counter-attack as well. and we can look to get things lines up remains to be seen Just how the Socceroos strike force our most dangerous players. but Croatia has listed

Viduka, Kewell and Bresciano. to produce something special. Hiddink believes Kewell's ready

I think he has showed me yesterday physically, mentally. he is fully fit injured defender Tony Popovic, While Australia will be without the rest of their squads are fit. both sides report

with more on game day And Neil Cordy joins us

their date with destiny. as the Socceroos await Yes. Not long now to go of truth when they take on Croatia. before the Socceroos' moment which has so much intrigue It's a match and Australian connections because of the Croatian in both camps. right about now, They'll be having breakfast local time. remembering it's still morning coach Guus Hiddink will inform Then in a few hours time, in the starting line-up. which players will be Now, a draw will get the job done three goals and beat Brazil by two. providing Japan doesn't score some of their star players Now, Brazil will be resting great, Zico, as their coach and Japan do have a former Brazilian but it's a very unlikely scenario. will erase all those possibilities But a win for the Socceroos trying to do tonight. and that's exactly what they'll be

Devastating news for England's squad. Michael Owen Scans have revealed star striker a full knee reconstruction, will require to his World Cup campaign. putting an end Better news, though, for Argentina. after a 0-0 draw this morning They finished on top of Group D with the Netherlands. With a hand from God with a flurry in Frankfurt. Argentina opened up led to the opening goal. COMMENTATOR: And that very nearly

With top spot in Group C on offer, could find the finishing touch. neither team showed no great urgency to do so The Netherlands kept the match scoreless. Only van der Sar's brilliance

with Mexico. to book a second-round clash That's all Argentina required

a fresh Portuguese outfit The Netherlands will take on

and top spot in Group D which secured victory against Mexico without five of its stars. 1-0 to Portugal! He's pulled it back brilliantly here Maniche on target. handed Portugal a second goal. Mexico captain Rafael Marquez as good as a win for the Mexicans. The 2-1 defeat Mark Shield and Ben Wilson in control With Aussie officials to hold on for a 1-1 draw Angola overcame injuries against Iran. and it's Flavio who scores. It's Flavio it's aimed for While Flavio had tongues wagging with an equaliser. a touch of kindness rewarded Iran

came from two goals down And Ivory Coast to beat Serbia-Montenegro 3-2. And they've got a party on tonight if they can maintain this lead. Kieran Toohey, Ten News.

Michael Owen has flown home,

devastated after rupturing the

anterior cruciate ligament in his

right knee. The injury has the

26-year-old facing six months on

the sideline. His Premier League

club Newcastle is considering a $7.5 million insurance claim

against the England Football Federation. The NRL have downgraded the role of the video referee. From now on on-field referees cannot change their decisions based on TV replays, unless foul play is involved. Meanwhile star full-back Anthony Minichiello has delayed re-signing with the Sydney Roosters He wants to chew it over with his mum and dad. Ricky Stuart has always relied heavily on Anthony Minichiello. Now he's relying on Mr and Mrs Minichiello. You know, he's got a lovely mother and father and it's, I think it's great that players want to go back and talk to their families about their decisions and I know both Mr and Mrs Minichiello will be - I hope - pushing him towards us. Minichiello remaining sidelined indefinitely after back surgery and there'll be no early comebacks despite the Roosters' dire position. Anthony doesn't need to be rushed back and then put him back into a position where he's at risk. So, you know, his long-term future is my main goal. Manly star Steve Bell also fighting injury. A collision with Sea Eagles team-mate Steve Menzies in State of Origin II

resulting in extensive surgery. Yes, three plates, about 16 screws or something, you so, a bit of work done. His comeback time put back to a minimum of six weeks. Just hoping there might be a few weeks missed and back into it

but, just to be safe and give it time, you know, a couple more weeks. So hopefully be right in time just to get ready for the finals.

Bell barred from training until next week. This Sunday, Manly are out to make it seven wins in a row at Brookvale Oval when they take on Brisbane. History is on their side. The Broncos haven't won here since 1992. It means a bit more to you just at home.

And I know the boys will be pumped up so hopefully we can keep that record intact. Meanwhile, veteran Canberra hooker Simon Woolford has signed with the Dragons for two years. Adam Hawse, Ten News. US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy may not make an appearance on home soil this summer. The game's latest sensation had already committed to the Australian Open at Royal Sydney in November. But Ogilvy says he may be forced to pull out because of the birth of his first child.

It's due about two or three weeks

before that so there's - I've never

had a 2 or 3 week old baby before

so I mean that would be - thres the

potential for that sort of thing to go on. Ogilvy is back in Melbourne for a few weeks, before returning to have a crack at his second major, the Bristish Open next month. The world's best surfers have been treated to more classic waves in round 2 of the Rip Curl Search event in Mexico. But, not everyone had a smooth ride in the perfect conditions.

The right-hand point break showed it's brutal side and proved a real handful for a few of the competitors. Aussie Taj Burrow charged into the third round after outclassing local wild card Oscar Moncada in their sudden death heat. The 2m waves provided some long barrels and Australian Luke Stedman dropped in to one of the best of the day. Stedman takes on American Tim Rays in round 3. And in Sports Tonight, we'll have the latest from Germany

as the Socceroos prepare for their most important World Cup match. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather details next.

My family has always made wine. They pressed their first grapes here in Griffith in 1969.

We now crush 8% of Australia's grapes, making 50 shipping containers of wine per day. In 2001, we launched Yellow Tail. Today we sell more wine to the USA than all of France does. Regional NSW is a great place to grow a global business. The Riverina has the perfect climate and talented people. To open doors for your business in NSW, visit our website.

Tim, Deb is querying if the roles

are reversed is much this evening,

where are your tight Lycra pants

and pom poms. My tight little Lycra

pants are at home where nobody but

one very special person in my life

can see them. On that side of the

fence, it gets really serious so

I'm on this side. It's the AFL

national women's championship.

Teams were all over Australia and

the ACT are about to take on NSW.

This, ladies and gentlemen, on your

television is the ACT. One, two, three.

(All sing) * Are we good, are we

good are we any bloody good?

# We are the girls of ACT

# ACT, show me the money!

#. They are taking on my personal

favourites, NSW, the girls are

favourites for this match. It

starts in half an hour. One, two,

three. (All sing) * Cheer, cheer, the almighty blues

# Game on, because we hate to lose

# Run and kick and mark the ball

# All in for all and one in for all #

Thank you, girls. Go out and warm

up. All the best against the ACT.

That part of the show is over,

folks. It's called Tim's teams on

Ten. Look, if you haven't won a

game all year or you're trying to

raise money for the clubhouse

you've always wanted. If you're in

you've always wanted. If you're in a Grand Final. If you've just got a

raffle. Contact me. We'll come out

to your place and do Tim's Teams on

Ten. We're going to run it through.

It doesn't matter if you're in

netball, ten pin bowling,

88-year-old lawn bowlers, footy

teams. We want to hear from you and

put you on the television.

We got the precipitation today. It

was grey all over the place. Once

again, it fell mainly in coastal

areas. Country ya got 56mm and the

catchment just got 6mm that will

happen again tomorrow I'm afraid.

Cloud is directed on the NSW and

Queensland coasts by onshore winds

bringing a few showers. Tomorrow,

moist onshore winds carry further

showers on to the east coast and a

trough triggers patchy rain over

inland NSW, eastern Victoria and

Tasmania. There's a little bit of

good news.

Rain forecasts - showers alodge the

eastern sea board and patchy rain

over eastern NSW. By Saturday a

cold front moves into the Tasman

and clears rain from eastern NSW.

Cold south westerlies behind the

front send showers and light Alpine

snowfalls across Victoria and

Tasmania and Thredbo and Perisher Blue.

Women's AFL. What about it? The

national carnival on here. The

finals is on 10 am and the other

final at noon. Around about 400

people playing in this State and the ACT.

Hello, mum and dad. I don't say

that often. See you tomorrow night. We all know money doesn't grow on trees. But in this Welsh town it recently rained from the sky. It came about when a mystery passer-by threw thousands of dollars into the air, shouting, "Who wants free money?" Startled shoppers were at first unsure what to do, but then the scramble for the free cash began.

Picking up money and there were old

dears there. They forgot their dears there. They forgot their arthritis. Police have optimistically appealed for the money to be returned while they try to get to the bottom of where it came from. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING )