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(generated from captions) Tonight - Australia breathes a sigh of relief of misconduct. as Harry Kewell is cleared against Croatia. Very pleased to be able to play

Exclusive - finally facing a government inquiry Petrol company bosses into record prices. by a vicious pit bull cross. A little Sydney girl attacked for Nicole Kidman's hen's night. And celebrity guests jet in This program is LIVE captioned.

with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. is back on track The Socceroos' World Cup campaign

was cleared of abusing a referee. after star mid-fielder Harry Kewell Matthew White is in Oehringen. and the fans. Matt, it's a big relief for the team before the match against Croatia, Roscoe, less than two days can put the distraction behind them. and the Socceroos on the sideline, Kewell was facing up to four weeks

but he was cleared by FIFA couldn't get his story straight. because the referee who returned to training It was a contrite Harry Kewell the worst day of his career. on what could have been

the game's governing body, Just hours earlier, FIFA, his verbal tirade against the referee cleared the 27-year-old over against Brazil. following Australia's 2-0 defeat Their ruling - no case to answer in what the referee said later. because of inconsistencies I understand that, upon reflection, whether he'd heard what Harry said. the match official wasn't quite sure He won't say what it was Harry said, was clear. but John O'Neill's disappointment It was inappropriate behaviour. The game was over. for abusing match officials. There's no room in the game the outburst was out of character. Kewell says to put it all behind him now. But he's anxious to be able to play against Croatia, Obviously, I'm very pleased if selected.

Yeah, he's good. over the last two days. He has been good like the rest of us. Obviously, he was worried, the dark over the trouble with Harry. One team-mate, though, appeared in What happened after the match? Why? I don't know. REPORTER: Seriously? Yeah. Harry Kewell's been lucky. It could have been a lot worse. And he knows that, from now on,

on his best behaviour. he has to be anywhere between two and four games. We could have lost Harry for was feeling relieved, too. No wonder Guus Hiddink At the end - commonsense was there at the end. I think it was good that with more from Oehringen, Roscoe, I'll be back later against the Socceroos. including fears of referee bias major oil companies The bosses of Australia's a Senate inquiry face being hauled before petrol price rip-offs. and grilled over that special hearings will go ahead Seven News can reveal exclusively at the bowser after we compared soaring costs with falling world oil prices. have been busily dodging questions Fuel company executives about the recent petrol price hikes. I'm sorry, to talk about fuel prices. I'm not here today

a fuel executive. REPORTER: But you're if a fuel executive doesn't? Who else talks about fuel prices to dodge this. But they won't be able into petrol pricing. I want a Senate inquiry would have to explain what they do. The executives of the oil companies on Seven News, As a result of revelations would be forced under oath fuel executives to justify jacking their prices up, weekend, like over the Queen's Birthday were going down. when world oil and petrol prices and National Party senators My challenge is to the Liberal

to support this. National Party senators will, It seems ensuring the inquiry goes ahead. I think it would be good, that we'd hope, and it's one of the things

of the Senate committees, with the new structure and get out there. to be able to suggest

he'll vote against his government He's also revealed currently before the parliament, on another Bill the biodiesel industry. which he says will undermine about an issue, When I feel strongly

cross the floor on that. I'll certainly Senate inquiries this week, The government's been shutting down it won't be able to avoid this one. but it seems have told me today Other government senators they'll support it, too, they demand. so drivers get the answers gouging consumers at the bowser? Are Shell and other petrol companies I think that's a... inappropriate remark to make. I think that's a - a totally in Western Sydney A vicious dog attack nursing bite wounds to her head. has left a five-year-old girl as she was leaving home for school. She was mauled by a pit bull cross The dog has since been put down. and you wouldn't know it. Look at her smile,

You're not even crying! REPORTER: Gee, Kaitlyn, you're brave. Nope. She's a good girl. I'm not even talking. No, I'm not talking.

has been mauled by a dog - But five-year-old Kaitlyn a big one. I thought you said it was a lion! It's not a lion. As BIG as a lion! A pit bull cross, yet again. The dog broke from its leash Kaitlyn's driveway. as its owner was walking past Next thing, I'm hearing screaming.

and my daughter's just - I open the door blood everywhere. in the car to go to kindergarten. It attacked as Kaitlyn was getting savagely attacked her head. Knocked her to the ground, I kicked the dog off. biting an eight-year-old girl, The pit bull then ran up the street, raced her to Nepean Hospital. as Kaitlyn's parents at the hospital, She saw two golden retrievers and she just totally freaked. No stitches, but plenty of medical superglue. banned and got rid of altogether. I think they should be bloody well

but not to own. They are illegal to breed, Immediately after the attack, owner was doing the right thing Kaitlyn's parents thought the dog's when he gave them his details. It turns out they were false details and it wasn't until later on when he thought better of it that he handed his dog in to the pound. The owner lives just a few streets away. Police will be charging him. His dog has been put down. He scratched me on the head. That's all he did. A Sydney road-safety panel has recommended sensors be installed in the back of all new vehicles to prevent young children being run over. But car-makers are unlikely to agree, claiming it's all too difficult. The NRMA estimates

one Australian child is run over in a driveway every week. Most are under three.

So making reverse sensors mandatory topped the agenda at today's summit on child safety. every year in NSW. There's 340,000 new cars registered

If they all could have reverse technology to detect small children behind them or other objects, I think that's a way forward. The meeting came after Sophie Delezio's second serious car accident. We're a firm believer that good's got to come out of all these bad things that have happened to our daughter and our family. But car manufacturers say while reverse sensors are a great safety feature, it's not practical to make them mandatory when there are so many imported cars coming into Australia. It's important not to create unique standards in Australia because that would simply add complexity and extra cost to production. I think it's a bit of a furphy from the car manufacturers. The forum also endorsed compulsory safety seats for children aged one to four. It's calling for tougher fines and demerit points for driving offences around school zones,

and flashing lights at school crossings. Look, it's what we've seen from this government time and time again. They simply call round tables, talk-fests, they have reviews, they call for reviews. What they don't do is take action. I think that's pretty insulting to all of the groups that were involved and all of the individuals that came today. An inquiry into the death of Private Jake Kovco has been told he may have broken Army rules on weapons handling. A colleague says Kovco draw his pistol at least three times without reason. The day he died, Jake Kovco was fooling around, holding the door shut at a weapons checkpoint. His partner couldn't see if Private Kovco unloaded, and thinks he probably didn't. ..he testified. Minutes later, Kovco was dead. The inquiry heard he'd drawn a loaded pistol for no good reason on at least three occasions. And there was more today about the bungled return of Private Kovco's body from his room-mate, identified only as Soldier 19.

We could see Soldier 19 on the monitor from Baghdad. He sat there as somebody else read his written statement, but you could hear the anger in every word. The escort party just wanted to get Jake home. But they weren't allowed to carry his body into the morgue in Kuwait. They couldn't inspect his coffin or load it onto the plane - a civilian flight.

When they heard it was the wrong body, Soldier 19 said he was fuming. Australia's worst serial killer, Ivan Milat, has been stripped of privileges in Goulburn's Supermax prison. Victims' families were upset after hearing the backpacker killer had a television and a toasted-sandwich-maker in his cell.

The appliances were rewards for good behaviour, but the Premier has ordered their removal. We owe it to the victims to have this matter examined.

The reward system is now under review for all prisoners. Manly is firming as the site for Nicole Kidman's weekend wedding The State Government has seized control of the $800 million Carlton United Brewery redevelopment on Broadway. The Planning Minister calls it "a gateway to the city" that could house 300,000 people. But Frank Sartor claims it's been tangled up in red tape at Town Hall. After three years, 13 different designs and $8 million in fees, it's time to resolve this issue. Lord Mayor Clover Moore has warned the site could end up an inner-city slum.

Manly is firming as the site for Nicole Kidman's weekend wedding with work starting today on a marquee at St Patrick's Estate. Guests began arriving in Sydney early this morning,

just in time for the bride's hen's night. It was a lot of attention for a 39th birthday. Nicole and husband-to-be Keith Urban arrived at Mum and Dad's last night.

So did a few photographers. CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK This morning, Nicole's long-time friend, actor Naomi Watts, came in from the US... Bit too early for you, isn't it? ..ready to share the special event, but not any details. I'm not at liberty to discuss that, but I'm very excited for my friend. The Urbans are excited, too. I'm just excited to be here. It's fantastic. I'm really happy to be here.

Keith's brother Shane and his family touching down with parents Bob and Marienne. It will be beautiful. We know whatever - it will be beautiful. I don't know anything until I get to where we're going. That's all I can say. Do you know where you're going? No idea.

This wedding has got the local rumour mill here in Manly buzzing, especially with reports

of a large number of rooms being booked at this hotel on Manly Beach. Now, hotel staff have said they're not going to confirm or deny anything but it's not too far from one of the places the wedding itself is rumoured to be taking place - the Cardinal Cerretti Chapel, part of the old St Pat's, overlooking the ocean, where workers were busy today with building a big marquee. And this is what it looks like inside - traditional all the way. Ahead in Seven News - Sydney City Council kicked off Also, a free pornography filter for every home computer in Australia. And the household heaters blamed for inflaming childhood asthma.

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and here are a few things that we can all do to save energy, water and our environment. Choose energy-rated appliances. And energy-efficient light bulbs. Install a drip-irrigation system to save water. Help the environment by signing up to our renewable energy program, GreenChoice. ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here and always will be. A Sydney bus driver has apologised over the death of an elderly passenger

who fell over while on board. Norma Veleevis stumbled as the bus pulled out from Maroubra Junction in February last year. Her twin sister was also on the bus. When the bus jerked, it threw all my groceries on the floor. I picked them up and that's when somebody was screaming "Stop the bus! Stop the bus!" The bus driver, who we can't identify, told the Coroners Court he should have seen Mrs Veleevis in the aisle and is sorry he didn't. Australian parents will soon have access to a free Internet filter designed to stop children accessing pornography. The Federal Government will provide the filtering software for all home and library computers at a cost of $93 million.

This is the single biggest commitment to protecting families online in the history of the Internet in Australia. 2.5 million families are expected to take up the offer. New research has found some domestic gas heaters could dramatically increase the risk of asthma attacks in children. There are safer versions, but they come at a cost. It's a cheap and easy way to keep warm. But unflued gas heaters could be harmful to asthmatic children. It approximately doubles the number of asthma attacks and symptoms experienced by those children. Gas heaters produce potentially harmful nitrogen dioxide. Most portable versions don't have a flue or chimney to push the fumes outside, irritating sensitive lungs. It is colourless, odourless and quite insidious. People may not even know that they're in the room

and unfortunately air pollutants can cause people with asthma to have an asthma attack.

One in four New South Wales households has an unflued gas heater, which cost around $700. While newer models have lower emissions, even safer flued versions cost up to $2,000 - money worth spending for some. If you have children and particularly if they have asthma, unflued gas heaters may not be the right thing to have in your home. The study also measured the effects of unflued gas heating in schools. Here in NSW, more than three-quarters of them have been replaced, but some schools still have the old-style gas heating. If you can't afford to replace an unflued heater,

the best advice is to keep the room well-ventilated and have the heater serviced regularly. The man named as al-Qaeda's new leader in Iraq has claimed responsibility for murdering two US soldiers kidnapped last week near Baghdad. A search by 8,000 troops ended with the discovery of two bodies, believed to be Privates Kristian Menchaca and Tom Tucker. They'd reportedly been beheaded. An Iraqi general says the bodies showed signs of barbaric torture. Everyone in my family is broken-hearted and essentially crying non-stop. A web site says Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, they were killed by al-Qaeda leader of Central America, Huge waves have pounded the coastline of the 2004 tsunami. revising memories Dozens of homes have been washed away and Guatemala. in low-lying areas of Nicaragua by an earthquake, The waves weren't caused in the South Pacific but a cyclone almost 3,000km away. Time for sport now, from Germany. and Matthew White joins us again Matt, the game against Croatia - just a little bit extra. it's promising It'd be big anyway, Roscoe, have Croatian heritage. but so many of the Socceroos It will be something special. More on that shortly. And we'll look at overnight action. from England's Joe Cole? What about this who mastered Royal Ascot. And the cabbie and his pony a huge range of winter clothing. stocks won't last. You better scoot - we're leading the world At Peregrine, integrated circuits. in silicon on sapphire the US Space Program's Mars rover Our chips drive everything from to your new mobile phone.

And Sydney's infrastructure allows us to service the world

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. here is phenomenal. The electronics knowledge base as a global high-tech player. We're firmly on the map for your business in NSW, To open doors visit our website. Let's go, Aussie, let's go! (All chant enthusiastically)

KFC's Hot & Spicy Hot Box - Nothing fires you up like with all your favourite sides. three feisty pieces of Hot & Spicy It fires up the fired-up. Let's go, Aussie, let's go! (All chant) KFC's Hot Box. The Astra Equipe from $21,990 also ends June 30. The Viva Equipe Hatch from $17,990 from $33,990 is selling fast. The Special Edition Thunder from $32,990 drive-away And the Commodore SVZ So hurry into your Holden dealer their home base in Stuttgart The Aussies are about to leave on Friday. for their game against Croatia

and very physical. Expect it to be very tough has Croatian heritage, Much of the Socceroos side

and no backing off. but there'll be no favours yellow-card troubles. despite Australia's It's not just the games they play, it's how they play them.

Toughness and fitness are the Socceroos' trademarks, But with six players carrying yellow cards into the game against Croatia, they have to be careful. in the back of their heads, I think it's always and they could miss the next game. knowing that one more yellow card

of the Australian players Almost a third have Croatian heritage, when so much is at stake. but emotions don't count in Australian history tomorrow. This is the biggest game it's like we've won the World Cup. If we can get through tomorrow, if Croatia goes out, to be honest. So we don't really care we go forward Well, it means that if we win and if we lose we don't. I want the first one to happen. is behind them, The Harry Kewell saga are still concerned but the Australians about being branded bullish. is being used by their opponents It's an image the Aussies say to put pressure on referees. a common pattern of behaviour It is becoming from some of our opponents. "Gee, they're a physical side". People might be saying, a very good technical side. Actually, we're also And it's a multicultural side. if some players are in tune Don't be surprised when the opposition's anthem is played. I think I'll probably hum it. in the second round of the World Cup England will play Ecuador after topping Group B. and Poland over Costa Rica. Germany beat Ecuador in Berlin, while England drew in Cologne. Paraguay got the three points, But England progressed at a price injured his knee after striker Michael Owen against Sweden. just minutes into the match was the highlight of the 2-2 draw. A cracker from team-mate Joe Cole after the hosts saw off Ecuador 3-0. Sweden will now play Germany makes him the tournament's top scorer Miroslav Klose's double

with four goals. to prevent binge-drinking Parramatta players could face curfews alcohol-fuelled incident. after yet another for being drunk at training, A month after being fined thrown out of a bar yet again, half-back Tim Smith has been with cricketer Michael Clarke. this time after an argument With fans unhappy, code of conduct next week. the Eels will introduce a tough new such as "Parra-letic". We don't like to see headlines from a management point of view, And they'll be happy that the club,

to minimise alcohol incidents. is trying to do everything in the rags-to-riches fairytale A new chapter's been written of Australian racehorse Takeover Target. This time the Aussie battler has beaten the world's best at Royal Ascot - loved every minute of it. and his cab-driver trainer after a $370 million redevelopment. Royal Ascot open again,

and his $1,000 horse How could a Queanbeyan cabbie feel at home here? the new Ascot officially open. I have pleasure in declaring But with queens and future kings, for the fairytale to continue. it was the perfect setting with dodgy knees and a bad temper, Takeover Target, the horse saved from the glue factory to make ends meet - by a trainer who needed to drive cabs two genuine Aussie battlers. won this race three years ago. Another Australian horse, Choisir, have done it again. Now those damn colonials But it's Takeover Target nearside RACE CALLER: being swamped now. Ben Born flashing home. They hit it. Dandyman, the far side. Takeover Target in a photo! There was only a nose in it, prize money past $2 million. but it takes the gelding's is a movie waiting to happen. This horse if we got there. Oh, I wasn't quite sure I'm very relieved now. but this is more Joe's style - Top hat and tails today, his stables and the caravan he calls home, and the caravan he calls home, his stables just outside Queanbeyan. is the only horse he owns and trains, Takeover Target but more a mate than a meal-ticket. Now, time to celebrate. for their love of beer and bourbon. Both are known Have a few drinks with him, yeah. That's about it, yeah. Next target, back at Ascot. the weekend's Golden Jubilee Stakes It's

a great yarn. See you torm,

roorting from Stuttgart. Okay, Matt. A long journey. Grant has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. The share market was led higher today by the big miners and banks.

Hello, and welcome to Art Sydney '06. It's the art party of the year inside the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park where, over the next four days, 100 top galleries get together to make art accessible to everyone, whatever budget or taste. If you don't know about art but know what you like, this is the perfect place to start,

where you could pick up original works from $100 up to $80,000 for serious buyers. Let me paint a picture of today's weather for you on the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. There was quite a lot of rain around today, with 15mm falling in Marrickville. 17mm in Cronulla. Temperatures stayed low. Around 15 for most suburbs. 17 in Campbelltown. The view from the satellite shows a lot of cloud above the east coast, which is being directed by a high near Tasmania. But the high over the west is doing the opposite, bringing fine conditions. Interstate tomorrow - There'll be more rain overnight, continuing into tomorrow, falling over most parts of Sydney, with tops of around 17 degrees. 18 for Gosford, and 12 in Katoomba.

And there'll be a few more showers before people knock off work on Friday. But the good news is it should clear up a bit for the weekend, with tops of around 17. So don't tar the art world with one brush - sink your teeth into it here at the Hordern Pavilion. Thousands of original pieces offer something for everyone. Back to our own oil painting, Roscoe. Thanks, Grant. And that's Seven News to now.

I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. I'm Naomi Robson. Tonight, customer rage! Shop assistants under attack - abused, threatened, assaulted and all caught on video. It is quite frightening for front-line people. It's happening every day and we'll show you what staff have to put up with in a moment. Plus, how Coles and Woolworths are buying up everything from supermarkets to pubs and pharmacies, wiping out small businesses along the way. The $70 billion carve-up. Also, a simple massage - but do they know what they're doing? And are they causing more harm than good? I was in absolute agony.

He had just herniated the discs in my neck. And love, the very old-fashioned way. The couple deeply in love and tying the knot, but they won't even kiss before they get married. We want to enjoy the beauty of what it is to wait.

But first, retailers have had enough. They're sick and tired of their staff being bullied and abused by customers and they say it's getting worse every day. As a result they've given us exclusive access to video footage showing customers behaving very, very badly,

as Erin Edwards reports. This customer is on a rampage. Watch as he berates a shopkeeper with a tirade of abuse during a 10-minute tantrum in a Brisbane convenience store. He threatens the employee time and time again, punching the counter, kicking the door,

until ending his scathing attack with this final gesture. And then there's this customer, who threatens staff who've asked her to leave.