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we would find a liver donor in time. You knew there were no guarantees to take part of mine. I know that. So that's why I want you I've already been tested. is too risky for you, Mrs Forrester. A partial liver transplant Listen to me! I've already had my life. Don't say something like that! Don't say that. I've already had my life. Eric, stop. Stop!

and her child to have theirs. What I want now is for Felicia I am prepared to take this risk. I'm telling you, Doctor, I'll find someone that will. if you don't do this, I am not going to let her die. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the savage dog attack. just covered in blood. I opened the door and my daughter's in western Sydney. Two little girls mauled He's got sharp teeth. Privileges suspended - loses his perks in jail. serial killer Ivan Milat And he's laughing - after being cleared to play. Harry Kewell all smiles and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. army penny-pinching blamed Also tonight, over Private Jake Kovco's body. for the mix-up for Nicole and Keith's wedding. And celebrities jetting into Sydney But first this evening, against the owner of a dog charges are likely to be laid in Sydney's west. that attacked two young girls the children The pit bull cross mauled after breaking free from its leash. It's now been destroyed. was savaged by the dog 5-year-old Caitlyn Brunnqvist on her way to school. The kindergarten student was mauled with her family, as she tried to get in the car around her head, the dog locking its jaws and taking several bites. pulling her to the ground He's got sharp teeth. What did he do? He scratched my head. the front of her face The only reason it didn't get

is because Paul kicked the dog. Caitlyn was treated in hospital, of stitches to close up her wounds. doctors using special glue instead Of course she was screaming. She was really shocked. coming out of her head. And she had blood its savage rampage. The unregistered dog continued another young girl, It immediately attacked biting her on the hand. Again, it was an unprovoked attack. to chase the dog away a second time. Caitlyn's father was forced with the owners, Police and council rangers spoke their dog a few blocks from home who claimed they'd been walking leash before attacking the two girls. when it worked itself free from the to the pound. The owners have surrendered their dog

It's since been destroyed. and interview the owners once more Police will now speak with witnesses

before considering laying charges. could be charged Police say the owners and unregistered dog with keeping a dangerous of their pet. and failing to keep control 'cause what's it going to take? I am angry mightn't be as lucky. I mean the next one Evan Batten, Ten News. Government to strip prison perks Victim outrage has forced the State Ivan Milat. from notorious serial killer for good behaviour, He was being rewarded were shattered by his killing spree. angering people whose lives It's Australia's toughest jail, worst serial killer. housing the country's Milat's life in Goulburn's Supermax And now backpacker murderer Ivan is getting even more uncomfortable. his rewards for good behaviour - The NSW Government is withdrawing a toasted sandwich maker and a TV - pending a review. we owe it to the victims This is simply a case of to have this matter examined. They were outraged the guts once again by Ivan Milat. and felt that they'd been kicked in marked "never to be released". Milat's papers in the Supermax a privileges and punishment system. His electrical goods part of the Supermax is too soft. The Premier denying The Supermax is no holiday camp. tightly-controlled environment Its sterile, plays on prisoners' minds. Ivan Milat given his privileges no longer a suicide risk. because he's deemed for 18 hours a day Prisoners locked up in a cell just 2m x 3m, with little more than a concrete bed that doubles as a wash basin. and a toilet A caged exercise yard's nearby. for short periods, mostly alone. Use of a small grassed area full stop. Ivan Milat doesn't deserve a thing, accusing the Government Prisoner groups of a knee-jerk political reaction. There's no question to the same rights as any prisoner, that he should be entitled in this situation is quite wrong. and to politically posture The Government admits privileges being fully restored. the review may result in Milat's Paul Mullins, Ten News. the Socceroos' showdown with Croatia Harry Kewell will boot up for Army penny-pinching is being blamed body on the way home from Iraq. for the loss of Private Jake Kovco's into Private Kovco's death A serving soldier has told an inquiry the military was being cheap. Immediately after Jake Kovco died, what else could go wrong. his mates started worrying of losing the body several times, They talked about the possibility investigating the private's death: telling the inquiry One of Kovco's mates, when the private shot himself, who was in the room accompanied the coffin to Kuwait. where things started to go wrong, Soldier 19 told the inquiry that's describing the civilian morgue as: He's also angry to take Jake all the way home, Australian soldiers were not allowed saying: about the body mix-up, he fumed, When Soldier 19 found out telling military investigators over responsibility to foreigners this is what happens when you hand who cannot look after themselves. of failures in the system The inquiry has also been told loaded weapons into the barracks. that ensures soldiers don't take of the shooting Soldier 14 says on the afternoon having his weapon checked. Jake Kovco managed to avoid just days before the shooting, He also told the hearing in his pistol. Kovco had deliberately left a bullet And he'd asked him:

The soldier says he was troubled by the incident but did not report it to superior officers. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Harry Kewell will boot up for the Socceroos' showdown with Croatia after being cleared over his verbal spray with a referee. Ten's Neil Cordy joins us from Oehringen, Germany. And Neil, what a relief! Yeah, Deb, it certainly is. One of the players described it as Australia's World Cup final - the match against Croatia - and to go in without Harry Kewell, our star player, would have been a massive blow. So it's a huge relief to Harry and to his team-mates. It seems now, though, that the heat is being turned on his accuser, German referee Markus Merk, who is apparently now in hot water with FIFA because he said to Kewell during the heated exchange that Harry wouldn't be playing in the match against Croatia, which basically indicates that his report was premeditated. And in another twist to the story, one of the lawyers

that was preparing the case for the defence for Kewell is none other than John Didulica, who is the elder brother

of one of the Croatian players who is Australian born, Joey Didulica. So there's lots of intertwining connections in this one. There sure is. And, Neil, Friday morning's clash with Croatia is the next hurdle.

It all comes down that match for the Socceroos. They were pretty aggressive against Brazil, a style of play we're likely to see from both sides this time. Yes, Deb. With the stakes so high in this game it was going to be a physical match anyway. But with the added spice of the fact

that there's seven players with Croatian heritage in the Australian squad and three Australian-born players in the Croatian squad and a lot of them know each other very well. Mark Viduka and Jo Simunic, one of the Croatian defenders, grew up together at the Melbourne Knights, went through the same junior program together. Josip Skoko went to school with Joey Didulica in Geelong. So plus the fact that so many families still live in Croatia and a lot of the players played there, the Australian players, there's a lot of connections, a lot of spice, as I say. It will be a good one. Lots of bleary eyes too. Thanks, Neil. Neil Cordy in Oehringen, Germany. Nicole Kidman is getting frocked up for her hen's night tonight after the arrival of close friends from around the world. Relatives of the groom are also in town as preparations for the nuptials move into top gear. The bride and groom had a quiet dinner at Nicole's parents' house last night to celebrate her 39th birthday. But, as they were leaving, some scary scenes as sections of the media gave chase.

Nicole's gift of beer yesterday doing nothing to deter the keen interest in the lovebirds' every move. At dawn, the wedding guests began arriving, with Nicole's friend of 20 years Naomi Watts touching down from the States. But she wasn't giving away any details about the big day. I'm not at liberty to discuss that, but I'm very excited for my friend. Keith's family the next to arrive from Queensland, big brother Shane leading the troops. I'm just excited to be here. It's fantastic, I'm really, really happy to be here. It's wonderful news - how much of the family's come down? Well, we're all here today. Fantastic - and you're hoping the weather will clear up a bit. Oh, absolutely, it will be beautiful, we know.

Whatever, it will be beautiful. Dad Bob looked out for Keith's sister-in-law, Jennifer, and nephew and niece Blake and Jessica. Are you excited about the wedding? Yeah. Keith's family now join the burgeoning crowd here at the Intercontinental Hotel where all the guests for our wedding of the year have one thing in common, and that is they know very little about what's going on. Has Keith got a song planned to sing? I don't know. I don't know anything until we get wherever we're going. That's all I can say. Do you know where you'd going? No idea. However, at Manly's Cardinal Cerretti chapel, construction work has begun on a giant marquee.

Wedding planners also looking over the chapel's interior, where, come the weekend, Nicole Kidman will become Mrs Keith Urban. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at what's ahead in sport,

and more controversy for the eels. Yes, the NRL has issued a "please explain"

over another incident involving halfback Tim Smith. The latest drama, at a Cronulla pub, comes just weeks after he was dropped to reserve grade for being too drunk to attend a team recovery session. We'll have that story, plus some big-name league signings shortly. And repacking the Wallabies scrum, yet another rookie will make his Test debut. We'll hear from him in sport. Also ahead in sport, one of the super goals of the World Cup hammered home for England. The safety summit aimed at protecting our kids on the roads - that's next. Plus, a runaway train hurtles down the tracks for no apparent reason.

And saved from the knackery - an Aussie battler becomes the toast of Royal Ascot.

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This program is captioned live. Planning control for a massive development site on the edges of the city will be seized by the State Government. The Planning Minister says the $800 million Carlton United brewery site has been bogged down in council red tape. After 3 years and 13 different designs and $8 million in fees, it's time to resolve this issue but at the same time protect the city from a potentially very poor development. But the Lord Mayor says the Minister is pandering to developers. I'm saying that if he tries to increase the heights and densities of the site, he will create a slum of the future. Carlton has moved its operations from the heritage brewery site, with the Minister appointing a panel to fast-track a new development concept. Car manufacturers have knocked back calls for all vehicles to be fitted with special reversing sensors. The idea is being pushed by the State Government in a bid to cut accidents involving children. Highway patrol putting in to practice the latest attempts to curb school zone accidents. It's just one of the measures discussed

by the first-ever school road safety summit. Ron Delezio, whose daughter Sophie has twice cheated death, taking a front seat. Well, I think what's happened this morning is a lot of good groups getting together and agreeing on a lot of incentives to make things better. It's got to start somewhere. The round table endorsing flashing lights and educating parents and children about roadside safety. Whilst all these flashing lights and whatever else we can put up might have some results, it's the driver behind the wheel that needs to improve their behaviour. Despite all the talk of school zone safety, the RTA's own data shows most accidents involving children happen outside of school zone areas.

Sophie Delezio was just last month struck at a crossing not inside a school zone.

I think the approaches to crossings need to be more visible. People need to be aware they're coming up to a crossing, to slow down.

The summit also endorsing a State Government push for all new cars to be fitted with reversing sensors. I think it's a commonsense way of improving safety for children.

But the car industry believes it's impractical. There is a standard, and if we step outside the standard

and add something to it which is unique to Australia, it adds cost and complexity and it something, quite frankly, we try to avoid. Claims tonight the Senate will no longer be able to keep the bastards honest. The Prime Minister is under fire for making it harder for the upper house to hold embarrassing inquiries. It's been a year since the Howard Government won control of the Senate. Now it intends to take control of the Senate's powerful committees. SPEAKER: Order! Order! They're the ones that have a habit of airing the government's dirty linen in public, like getting to the truth about children overboard.

The Prime Minister who said he'd be humble about such a majority has come out wielding an axe. It actually makes the Senate powerless in its ability to hold the government to account. The plan to cut the number of committees, to sack non-government chairmen

and for the Prime Minister to appoint Liberals or Nationals in their place

seems to be a broken promise. The Government will use its majority in the new Senate very carefully, very wisely and not provocatively. He's becoming Paul Keating, mark II, and it's going to be to his own detriment. It's evil, says Kim Beazley. It's an absurd, over-the-top claim. It's the same arrangement, he says Labor had in government. Because we're bringing that back, we're somehow or other overturning parliamentary democracy - Mr Speaker, this is a bit rich! The fact is the whole time Labor was in power it never controlled the Senate or its committees. The difference now, according to government's senate leader, is that the people of Australia have democratically given the Coalition the numbers. And if you have them you use them to protect yourself.

The Senate is now gutted at the right point of time - a year before the election. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Toohey's beer delivery drivers were forced back into the Industrial Commission after resuming work today. The drivers had returned to work early this morning after a strike over new contracts that will slash their pay and force them to spend thousands updating their trucks.

But Toll Holdings, which controls their current contract, was unhappy that the 57 drivers had held another staff meeting offsite today. Driver representatives have been meeting Toohey's management this afternoon to discuss the new contracts, which come into force at the end of next month. A runaway train has left a trail of destruction in Melbourne's south-east. The passenger train rolled about 500m down a disused line before leaving the tracks and coming to a crashing halt. It appears to have struck the boom gate and a light on the way through, which has shattered the front window of the train, and there's a bit of damage to the road. Police say the train was unoccupied at the time and there were no signs of forced entry.

Tim Bailey. With all the rain

dumping down over the city at the

moment, it's good you managed to

moment, it's good you managed to find every nook and cranny that

offers cover in Sydney over the

years. Talking about the rain,

though, it was the case today of

the good, the bad and the ugly.

Peak Hurst got 19mm since 9 am and

the bad news is that only 1mm fell

in Warragamba in that time frame.

This underlies that the State is

89% in drought. For Sydney, it will

be grey, overcast and showery in

the next 48 hours. Hopes of 10mm in

the catchment tomorrow. Keep your

gum boots crossed.

Up we went today - no Up we went today - no point being

downcast about the overcast. No

point, grisling about the drizzling.

We need every last drop of that. As

the Opera House does a ghostly

appearance through the grey, I'll

see you again in around about ten. Monster waves lash America's Pacific Coast. Next, a 3-day pounding leaves communities in ruins. And from this to this - the discovery that could finally beat paralysis.

You're watching the news. Time to

check on the traffic now with Vic

check on the traffic now with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic

helicopter. People getting a

drenching tonight. It's wet in the

south-west at the moment. That may

have contributed to this accident

at Liverpool. Traffic delays extend

back past Warwick Farm. There is no

gap in between the traffic. We're

over Liverpool now but delays

extend back past Warwick Farm

racecourse and nearly towards

Lansvale. That's a significant

delay for motorists. You'd be

better off to take the M5 and avoid

that smash. We'll update a

situation in the north-west just

after sport with Deb. A controversial new tactic to improve health in Aboriginal communities. The Federal Government wants more outside intervention

following the failure of other policies. We've gone from assimilation, to self-determination, to practical reconciliation. Nothing seems to work.

Indigenous life expectancy today is about the same as Australians' life expectancy 100 years ago. The latest national health survey puts it even more starkly - 70% of indigenous Australians die before the age of 65,

compared with 20% of other Australians. But from Tony Abbott, a controversial reform formula. He wants outside authority imposed on remote aboriginal communities, with a return to paternalism. Someone has got to be in charge and in so many of these places no-one is in charge. But that's brought the critics out. It's just extraordinary isn't it that Tony Abbott thinks he's the father of Aboriginal people of Australia - he's got the missionary zeal. It is the Howard Government that has failed on this issue. Tony Abbott now joins Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough in calling for more intervention in indigenous communities, not just more money, casting aside what they call the counter-productive political correctness of the past. A lot of these indigenous communities are very dysfunctional places.

Tony Abbott volunteered the view that in his own Sydney electorate if 100 neighbours were asked to organise their own sewerage, schooling, shops and health services the result would be a disaster, but that's exactly what we've asked some Aboriginal communities to do. Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

Huge waves have carved a trail of destruction along the coast of Central America. The 8-metre-high swell bombarded the shoreline from Chile to southern California. The powerful waves generated by an unusually strong storm 3,000km away in the South Pacific. No deaths or serious injuries were reported, but the 3-day barrage has left thousands of beachside businesses and houses in ruins. It's a medical holy grail, the breakthrough that appears to reverse spinal damage. American scientists are convinced stem cells will soon help paraplegics walk again. Four months ago, spinal cord damage left this rat's back legs paralysed. Now, thanks to a scientific breakthrough, the animal's walking again. I think that even two, three years ago, the possibility of this was more in the realm of science fiction. Researchers injected 15 rats

with embryonic stem cells and a mixture of chemicals. The treatment not only reconnected the damaged spinal cord, it actually regrew new healthy nerve connections that restored the animal's limb movement. The actual connection to the muscle was lost, and now we have the possibility that that might be replaceable. Scientists have spent 30 years trying to achieve this seemingly elusive goal that promises to one day help repair damage caused by trauma or nerve-destroying illnesses like Parkinson's. This is important in spinal cord injury, in diseases like ALS. Polio would be an example. But it could be several years before the treatment is tested on people.

US research is being slowed by moral objections to the use of stem cells from human embryos, which have to be destroyed after the experiment.

Actor Christopher Reeve spent years trying to persuade opponents this day would come

and that more time and money should be invested into this life-altering research. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A terrifying touchdown for an American Airlines jet. Passengers were full of praise for the pilots, who landed their plane on its rear tyres after the front landing gear failed to activate. Pilots taxied on the back wheels for several hundred metres

before attempting to put the nose down. Sparks flying as the metal scraped along the tarmac. It was all, like, bumpy and I bit my tongue when we landed. None of the 131 passengers was badly injured. Fresh advice on how to pay less at the petrol pump - that's next.

Also, the great dental divide - why people in some parts of the State have the brightest smiles. And racing's amazing rags-to-riches story - the horse saved from the knackery becomes the toast of Royal Ascot.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - close friends of Nicole Kidman have been arriving from around the world, just in time for her hen's night tonight. And at Manly's Cardinal Cerretti Chapel,

a giant marquee is being built. Wedding planners also looking over the chapel's interior

where the marriage will take place this weekend. Victim outrage has forced the State Government to strip prison perks from notorious serial killer Ivan Milat. He'd been enjoying a TV set and a toasted sandwich-maker in his cell as a reward for good behaviour,

angering people whose lives were shattered by his killing spree.

It's 50 years today since mainland Australia began adding fluoride to drinking water. But dentists are concerned that many people are still missing out on the benefits because of where they live. In 1956, the southern town of Yass became the first mainland council in Australia to add fluoride to drinking water. 50 years on, dentists say the benefits are glaring. Everyone's got good teeth, very good teeth.

It's been shown to reduce tooth decay by 60%. But, half a decade on, as this map shows, about half of the rural shires in NSW still don't have fluoridated water. Experts say that's a dental crisis. In my area we have children, 14 to 17 in each 6-year-old classroom, that have dental decay. Opponents of fluoride are concerned it could prove toxic. But health authorities say after 50 years of debate there's no danger. Not unless you fall in a tank of the stuff and drown, I can't think of a single health risk that's been sustained. because to reach a World Health Organization toxic defined level you'd have to drink a swimming pool.

And if you wanted that toxic level to be a chronic toxic level, Fluoride has been known to harm teeth enamel in children. But dentists say we'd have to add much more of it to be at risk. An overall increase in tooth decay is also being blamed on our love of soft drinks and sports drinks and even bottled water.

A study now looking at how much fluoride is in water bottles - some don't have any, many only very small amounts. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. There are 8.7 million millionaires in the world, according to new figures, and Australia can claim 12,000 of them. Many becoming even richer today as the market rebounded.

Don't expect any petrol price relief from Australia's consumer watchdog. ACCC chief Graeme Samuel dodged accusations he lacks the power to crack down on oil companies which unfairly raise prices, especially on public holidays. The only advice Mr Samuel can give is to keep an eye on the price at your local station. Our advice to consumers is, consistently, buy at the bottom of the cycle. Mr Samuel even stood up for the petrol companies, saying they need to make a profit at some stage.

It's the rags-to-riches tale that's the talk of horseracing. A rundown nag owned by a cabbie from Queanbeyan has won a race at Royal Ascot. On the first day of Royal Ascot,

the 6-year-old gelding looked as regal as his peers, nothing like the broken-down nag bought for $1,300 three years ago by Queanbeyan cabbie Joe Janiak. His trainer was told he was mad - he had chips in his knees. If Takeover Target was feeling far from home and the pressure of royal spectators,

he wasn't giving anything away.

Showing class well beyond his price tag,

he galloped beyond the field of 27 top sprinters in the King's Stand Stakes, narrowly winning the race. It's yet another chapter in the Takeover Target fairytale.

He's already won more than $2 million from 19 starts. This morning's race adding another $500,000 to his kitty, paying out 7-1 to cautious British punters. Fearing his good run may be nearing an end, trainer Joe Janiak renewed his taxi licence before leaving Australia. In top hat and tails to meet Ascot's strict dress code, he remained humble.

Now that it's all over, it wasn't all that hard. He travelled pretty good. That was my biggest worry, the travelling, but he handled that quite easily. He's a tough little horse. It's a tale fit for Hollywood, but Takeover Target's story is far from over. The sprinter is a favourite going into Ascot's Royal Double this Saturday, with a string of international meets planned. Sarah Bamford, Ten News.

What a great story.

He looked good in the top hat!

Tim, grey and gloomy but don't we

love it? Yeah, we do. Thanks

goodness we have encouraging

rainfall news. We think tomorrow

around 10mm of rain will fall this

with this overcast, cloudy, dark

grey weather. On Friday, 5mm to

10mm. Whether it falls in the

catchment or not is in the hands of

fate and the great gardener

upstairs, not the little weatherman

down hereality Kirribilli. So far,

just 1mm fell into Warragamba since

9 am this morning.

While I've got a roof over my head

- you never tire of Sydney Harbour.

Back to three guys - sorry, Deb Back to three guys - sorry, Deb -

two guys and a girl on the desk. Sport is next and, Tim,

Parramatta are saying there'll be no action taken against Tim Smith. It follows another night out incident, but the NRL wants to know more. That shortly, plus - relief for the Socceroos with Kewell cleared. Also - a stunning goal for England is tempered by a major injury. And caught up in a Mexican wave - the world's best tackle storm swells.

(All chant enthusiastically) Let's go, Aussie, let's go!

Nothing fires you up like KFC's Hot & Spicy Hot Box - three feisty pieces of Hot & Spicy with all your favourite sides. It fires up the fired-up. (All chant) Let's go, Aussie, let's go! KFC's Hot Box.

This program is captioned live. As you may have seen earlier in our news, the Socceroos are now fully focused on Croatia after Harry Kewell was cleared of abusing the referee. Harry Kewell was so happy at training today he was falling over with delight. The case against him thrown out by the FIFA disciplinary committee, bringing a huge sigh of relief to the star player and his team-mates. There was a lot of talk about 4-match bans or 2-match, 1-match, whatever, and it was great to have the news this morning. Grave fears were held for Kewell's future at the World Cup when German referee Markus Merk reported him for insulting and abusing him. But conflicting accounts of what actually transpired appear to have got the Liverpool star off the hook. There was inconsistent reports from the match official and that was sufficient to create doubt in the disciplinary committee's mind such that the Harry Kewell matter is closed. You can be emotional after a game, during a game,

but then, after having a shower, you have a beer together and that's it. It's part of the game. Emotion's part of the game.

In a further development it's believed Merk himself could be the man in hot water with FIFA officials. Newspaper reports have suggested in the heat of the exchange, Merk told Kewell he wouldn't play against Croatia, indicating Merk's report of the Australian star may have been premeditated. The match against Croatia

will hold a special significance for a host of players from both teams. The Australian squad has no less than six players of Croatian heritage, including skipper Mark Viduka, while the Croats have three players who were born in Australia in their squad. I'm Croatian and I've been brought up that way as well as being Australian and obviously living there for a while, so there'll be emotions but as soon as that's out of the way, head down. Neil Cordy in Oehringen for Ten News. Meanwhile, the World Cup looks to be over for England's star striker Michael Owen. He suffered a serious knee injury in England's 2-2 draw with Sweden,

which was enough for the Poms to avoid Germany in the next round. 50 seconds in and Michael Owen's World Cup campaign takes a dramatic slide. COMMENTATOR: That's a very worrying sign. Another wince of pain for Owen. Scans tomorrow will determine the 80-game veteran's future, but already manager Sven Goran Erikkson says it doesn't look good and the tabloids have already written him off. Joe Cole went some way to easing the blow in the 34th before Marcus Allback's header drew the scores level. Wayne Rooney's spat over being substituted didn't go unnoticed by Sven Goran Eriksson. The 20-year-old had barely settled down when his replacement Stephen Gerrard became the saviour. Gerrard unmarked. England are back in front. However, in the final minute Henrik Larsson ensured Sweden's 38-year unbeaten record against England continued. The result was enough for England to finish on top of Group B and set up a second round clash with Ecuador, Sweden left to battle Germany. While riot police battled fans after the Cologne encounter, arresting nearly 50 hooligans in the nation's capital much calmer scenes as Germany easily disposed of Ecuador 3-0. Klose second goal. How did he get that one? Poland ended its campaign with a 2-1 defeat of Costa Rica. while Dwight Yorke's and Trinidad and Tobago's final outing was met with a 2-0 defeat by Paraguay.

Kieran Toohey Ten News. The National Rugby League has called for a full report from Parramatta after halfback Tim Smith was ejected from a nightclub for allegedly scuffling with Test cricketer Michael Clarke. It is Smith's second off-field incident in the past month. While the Eels are saying Tim Smith will not be punished for his latest brush with controversy, the NRL are seeking answers. The alleged inter-sport clash with Michael Clarke occurring at popular Cronulla watering hole Northies last Sunday night. It's the fourth off-field incident involving Parramatta in the past month. The club will hold a forum with players about their behaviour early next month.

Meanwhile, leading stars are concerned about the player market going open slather

following the scrapping of the anti-tampering deadline. May, June, if you're off contract, it's a big decision in your life. It is pretty stressful. I wouldn't like to cop a year of it, or two. Mason expecting calls to come thick and fast for fellow Bulldog Sonny Bill Williams, even though he's contracted until 2008. Every club in the rugby league world will be after him. We're just going to have to deal with it. Willie Tonga doing a deal of his own. The Bulldogs star re-signing for two years just days after privately deciding to quit the club. I didn't feel at ease with it. I just couldn't sleep and it was doing my head in. As soon as I made the decision I wanted to stay it seemed like the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, Dean Widders' signing

continues South Sydney's impressive build-up for next season. And Anthony Minichiello is expected to announce tomorrow he's re-signing with the Sydney Roosters. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Wallabies coach John Connolly will blood his sixth debutant in three Tests when prop Guy Sheperdson runs on against Ireland at Subiaco Oval in Perth on Saturday. The 24-year-old will get his chance

in place of the injured Rodney Blake at tighthead prop after catching the coach's eye over the Super 14 season for the Brumbies.

It's professional football, but

it's a whole new level, you know?

It's competing on the world stage

and, you know, it's, you know, a

step up across the board. Western Force hooker Tai McIsaac will return to the starting line-up for his second Test while George Gregan will resume as scrum-half and captain. Sydney Swans star Paul Williams has announced his retirement

after a decorated career. The dual best and fairest winner and premiership player will hang up his boots at the end of the season. A 16-year AFL veteran, Paul Williams is preparing to make his loved ones a top priority. I think it's time to go back to Melbourne. The girls are missing their grandparents and family, et cetera, there's a few family reasons as well as footy. Williams played 10 years with Collingwood, moving to Sydney at the end of the 2000 AFL season. He brought what coach Paul Roos describes as an element of unpredictability to the side. At his absolute best, looking at the two best and fairest years,

he was as good a midfielder running around. Williams lists the Swans' surge through last year's finals series and ultimately the grand final victory as a career highlight.

He holds the record for the longest wait for premiership glory in AFL history, a staggering 294 games. What everyone plays the game for and definitely what I play the game for and have played so long for is to play in September and hopefully have success. He hopes to stay involved in the game once he retires, though for now Williams is throwing everything he has into his last 11 games and another finals campaign. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Shaquille O'Neal has delivered on his promise to lead the Miami Heat to its maiden NBA championship. Shaq this afternoon won his fourth title, and the Heat's first, with a thrilling 3-point win over Dallas in game 6. Inside the final three seconds, the Mavericks had a chance to tie the game. But the shot from beyond the arc fell short, to trigger Miami mayhem. The Miami Heat have done it! Dwayne Wade top scored with 36 points for Miami and was crowned Finals MVP. Shaq managed just nine points. It was veteran coach Pat Riley's fifth NBA title. 7-times world surfing champion Kelly Slater made a successful return from injury in round one of the Rip Curl Search in Mexico. It's the first time Mexico has staged a world tour event, and Slater fired in the spectacular storm-generated conditions. He didn't surf in Fiji because of a rib injury. Mick Fanning also impressed in waves some competitors labelled among the best they've ever seen. Six Aussies won their opening round heats. There were standout performances all day. Hawaiian Bruce Irons also put in a powerful showing to win his heat. And in Sports Tonight, Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink reveals his plans for Harry Kewell following his great escape.

Some problems on the M5. It's a

slow run for traffic to St Andrew's.

Three cars colliding there.

Traffic is building up

significantly, unfortunately, for

molt visits into Campbelltown.

Earlier, we had problems in

Liverpool. Delays in the north-west

with a smash at Seven Hills. The weather's next with Tim Bailey.

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This is the news at 5:00. Time for

all the weather details. Tim Bailey

all the weather details. Tim Bailey seems taken with his harbourside

grotto this evening. I reckon I

could send you down some newspapers

to stay warm at night and you could

move in there. You can laugh. You

know and I know that for 10 years,

I can't be near a stewedio. Finding

dry places in the middle of winter

is important to me. Look at this

place. This beautiful sand stone

has been here for yonction. Look at

the views of the Harbour Bridge,

across to Circular Quay and the CBD

and over here a beautiful window

seat that peers out at the Opera

House - a bit ghostly and grey as

the rain moves down the harbour.

But most importantly, it has a roof

and keeps the little fella dry.

It's lovely to see a bit of

rainfall zipping down over Sydney

at the moment. Mainly coastal today,

unfortunately, Avalon and Newport

had 31mm and 35mm. Peak Hurst had

around 19mm. To give you an

indication of how dry it is inland,

poor old Warragamba dam got 1mm

since 9 am this morning. Some news

for your garden - tomorrow, around

about 10mm expected and on Friday,

5mm to 10mm. We hope it goes for

the catchment area. At the moment,

it looks good. It's started to just

intensify a little bit and it's

meant to stick around for the next

48 hours. On Saturday - windy but

mainly fine and on Sunday, a late

shower before more showers on

Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday.

Thick cloud forms over the east

coast in a moist onshore air stream

causing heavy showers. Tomorrow's

weather map - moist onshore winds

bring showers to the east coast and

ranges. A weak trough triggers

light rain over western NSW. They

are desperate for that. And

Victoria. The business of the

brolly - showers on the NSW co-.

Heavy falls possible. There's a

nice sentence. By Friday, onshore

winds bring further showers to the

Queensland coast. A trough causes

patchy rain over eastern NSW and

even a little fall of snow on the

higher Alps area and there's some

good news there too. We think maybe

10-15cm of snow before the weekend.

Western NSW - our eyes on that.

Patchy rain expected in the next 24

hours. Hopefully 10mm worth for the

likes of Tamworth who have had only

0.2mm in the last week.

That's it from my place. Ron and

Deb, have a nice one and I'll see

you tomorrow night. It's a pretty

good pad, too. Thank you, Tim. Australia's live music scene has been celebrated at the annual Jack Awards. Star City lived up to its name as those who rock the country's pubs and clubs took their place on the appropriately coloured black carpet.

The Living End were the big winners of the night, taking home four awards, including best band.

Record sales are good, but if you can't impress a room full of people, it kind of means nothing to us. (Crowd cheers)

Grinspoon were among the bands to rock the crowd.

The party lasting well into the early hours. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH! ( SCREAMS )