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(generated from captions) ANDREW O'KEEFFE: Good morning. It's about as big as it gets. with Brazil? Can the Socceroos match it We'll know by this time tomorrow. with Alex Tobin in Germany. We've got the countdown covered Then, school kids across the country report card. could soon have a standardised Makes sense, right? So why are so many people against it? We'll have the bottom line. And is Britney simply misunderstood? of the week. It's the most talked about interview Stand by for what you didn't see. Welcome to Sunday, 18 June, 2006. This program is LIVE captioned. # Ole, ole, ole

# Ole, ole # This is Weekend Sunrise on Seven. here's Andrew and Lisa. Now live from Brekky Central,


you think Simon's dancing or

washing windows? Whatever it is, he's in the mood. and welcome to footy central. Good morning, everyone, are living the dream. And our Socceroos but now comes Brazil. We've conquered Japan,


can see the headlines now - "Hiddink's goose cooked." the team really needs your support. Don't forget, So throughout the show today, more of your hero messages. we'll be reading out And if you were Guus Hiddink,

would you be giving our boys today? what piece of advice What pearl of wisdom? Head to the soapbox and let us know.

Ydz be telling them not to look at

the Brazilian mael female

supporters. They'd be six goals up

in the first 10 minutes. remains Britney Spears. The other big story today candid interview with her yesterday. We played you part one of a very

This morning, you'll see part two. woman under a lot of pressure? Lisa, she does seem like a young

Yeah. I saw the piece that was run

on Friday on Sunrise. She's a girl

- I mean, you've got to remember

this is a girl who's only recently

had a baby and she's pregnant again.

And quite obviously depressed. Her

hormones would be raging. Sheez

she's also clearly in a lot of

trouble. You get the feeling

there's no-one close to her helping

her out. This is the problem, I

guess. When you're taken from

obzurety - no-one's saying she was

a beacon of class or style to begin

with, and then thrust into the

spotlight. But she's grown up in

front of the camera. She was a Mousekateer.

It's huge, enormous. Doesn't get

any bigger than that. So she should know how to cope then. in Melbourne for 'It Takes Two'. Well, Simon Reeve is again is that good or bad? You've had a week off -

I'm still trying to work that out,

but if you tune in at 6.30 tonight,

you'll find out. Still trying to

work it out. Do we need to be

sending you emergency parcels of

salt and honey and things?

Absolutely. I'm drirpbging more

hurlal tea than at any time of my

life. Two cups this morning.

Feeling very chilled. What are you

going to sing tonight? We're doing

a rhythm and blues number, right in

her kind of zone, and I don't know

about me. We'll find out. What's

making news, in the meantime? for another sleeplessness night Millions of Australians are set prepare to play Brazil as the Socceroos of tomorrow morning. in the early hours is Australia's day of truth. Coach Guus Hiddink says the match are concerned, this is it - As far as the Socceroos football history, the biggest moment in Australian team on the world's biggest stage. a chance to play the world's best The day of truth in the next game against Brazil, which is a very attractive game the world champions, in the world. one of the biggest teams aren't just content with playing - And this Australian team they want to win. a spot in the second round, Victory would all but guarantee not to mention the world's respect. Brazil and their Galaxy of stars. There's just one problem - after his mystery illness. Even Ronaldo is back in training

it's the perfect challenge. But according to Hiddink, We can make a good image we can be beaten. but also on the other hand, That is rather normal. a big victory for the Brazilian team Everyone, I think, expects but it is up to us to make the opposition.

And providing opposition has always been very good at. is one thing Australia We're fit and, ah, the way we play, now than we did in previous years we play the ball around a lot more with the best. and, ah, we can match it Tobin will join us live from Germany And former Socceroos captain Alex after the news.

Environment Minister Ian Campbell commercial whaling is not over has warned the fight against

the International Whaling Commission despite Japan's narrow defeat at

yesterday. small whales, dolphins and porpoises A vote to continue the protection of conference. was upheld at the Caribbean were also refused Japanese calls for a secret ballot to buy pro-whaling votes making it harder for them from poorer nations. have welcomed the result Environment groups but say it doesn't go far enough. says East Timorese President Xanana Gusmao for the country's political crisis. Major Alfredo Reinado is not to blame had tried to avoid conflict Mr Gusmao says the former army chief with his troops, by retreating to the mountains by Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. after they were sacked surrendered their weapons Yesterday, the 600 renegade soldiers and UN peacekeepers to Australian soldiers on orders from the President. Dianne Brimble say Relatives of Queensland woman the Federal Government they will lobby on the cruise industry. to put tighter controls a week of shocking evidence A Coroner has just heard about the 42-year-old's death. named as persons of interest Eight men and sexually harassed other people were said to have intimidated on board the Pacific Sky. says Mrs Brimble's former husband Mark is clearly not good enough. passenger safety

of a Victorian GP Doctors says the stabbing death at Australia's medical facilities. could prompt a review of security will face court tomorrow A 26-year-old man of Dr Khulod Maaroof. over the murder died from multiple stab wounds Police say the 51-year-old mother at her Melbourne surgery. after she was attacked says The Australian Medical Association the risks GPs face the death highlights in dealing with disturbed patients. Parents of young drivers who break traffic laws could soon face punishment themselves under a tough new set of anti-hoon laws to be introduced in Victoria. Fairfax newspapers report the Bracks Government is planning to enforce the changes within a fortnight. Under the laws, police will have the power to impound a vehicle for 48 hours for a first offence. The family car would be wheel-clamped for three months for a second offence and confiscated for good after a third offence. 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant Simone Warne has changed her name. The Spin King's estranged wife has reverted to using her maiden name

and says she now wants to be known as Simone Callahan. The 32 year-old also plans to move out of the Melbourne home the couple built together. Shane and Simone's marriage collapsed almost 12 months ago when British newspapers exposed the cricket star in a number of sex scandals. Time for Sport now and the Wallabies have won back the Cook Cup after thrashing England in the second Test in Melbourne overnight. Australia scored three tries in each half on their way to a 25-point victory. Fullback Chris Latham was the star for the Wallabies, receiving great support from winger Mark Gerrard, who scored two tries, including this beauty. COMMENTATOR: Larkham kicking across for Mortlock, and also Gerrard. CROWD CHEERS Halfback George Gregan came on in the second half

to win a world-record 120th Test cap. To the World Cup and Ghana have caused the shock of the tournament, beating the Czech republic 2-0 last night. Portugal also had a two-goal win over Iran while Italy has drawn 1-1 with the US. Ghana, or the "Black Stars", as they're called, shocked the world-No.2-ranked Czechs, scoring in just the second minute of the match. COMMENTATOR: And an opening here for Ghana, who score! And Italy scored the both goals in their match with the US - one goal for themselves and one own goal for the Americans. Italy ended with 10 men and the USA nine on the pitch. Back home now and in the AFL, Port Adelaide had an upset win over West Coast. The Power were too strong at home for the Eagles, running out 37-point winners. While in Brisbane, the Western Bulldogs continued their stellar run of form as they belted the Lions by 42 points. And in the NRL, the Cronulla Sharks have won their third straight match

after beating Manly in a thriller last night. In other games, the Tigers came from behind to beat the Roosters. While in the battle of the bottom-placed teams, Parramatta had a 20-point win over the Rabbitohs. Sportsworld will have all the match highlights just after 9.30 this morning. Now to Sunday's weather. In

the US Open, Jeff oglevy is just

two shots off the face, well off

the third round. Now to Sunday's weather. The chance of a shower or two in Brisbane with 22 degrees. Partly cloudy for Sydney, but all clear in Canberra. A fine 13 degrees for Hobart. Fine too here in Melbourne today. The sun will also be out in Adelaide and in Perth. Looking further ahead now - Showers will continue in Brisbane through until mid-week. Rain developing by late tomorrow in Sydney. The chance of a shower on Tuesday in Canberra and in Hobart. Foggy mornings in Melbourne, but otherwise okay.

Remaining fine in Adelaide. Showers could develop tomorrow in Perth.

And staying warm in Darwin. If

it's going to be fogo in Melbourne,

I hope my voice is okay tonight.

You'll be fine. Looking forward to

that. Just on the Socceroos for a

moment, it says in the Sun Herald

this morning that the 2am kick-off

against Brazil could cost the

nation $250 in lost productivity

tomorrow. Will the Prime Minister

make the call ($250 million) that

Bob Hawke made years ago that

anybody who sacked a worker is a bum? Everybody knows Dr James Wright. Well, the Sunday Telegraph reports that he's facing a massive tax bill -

we're talking millions of dollars - because the Tax Office has stripped his foundation of charity status.

Apparently, the medic is now taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills


think there was fraud against him

as well. This is sepprt to what's

come out today. The one last year

was something like $50 million.

There was a conman involved in the

investments of the charity. This is

a brand new one - the Tax Office

saying they're not happy with the

charitable status of his workings,

and here's a $3 million tax bill. I

think that's appalling. To give

them one status and repeel is in

retrospect is appalling. He's

personally donated $7 million of

his own money. He's such a good man.

Well, it's all taking a toll and

he's now taking antidepressants and

sleeping pills for the first time in his life. Fairfax papers this morning are reporting that computers could soon start marking school exams. St Andrew's Cathedral School in Sydney will be the first to try it out. The computer will mark English assignments,

If you could believe it, they've

chosen English, of all subjects,

checking for graming, punkuation

and spelling. Is there a scoring

system for adjectives? How does

that work? And how can the computer

get a flow of a narrative? Will

they be using the American

spell-check or the new Aussie one?

Let's hope they don't do that. We'd

love to know what you think. Guys, here in Melbourne the Herald Sun is going big on the inside plan for Nicole and Keith's wedding. It's apparently all official now. The pair will marry in Sydney next weekend.

For privacy reasons, guests won't be told the precise location until 24 hours before the ceremony.

That's ridiculousism I've got to book a cab!

But they've all been told to keep the entire weekend free.

It's going to be a big rolling bash. The dress code is strictly black tie. Now, speaking of the wedding, we'll have a major announcement about this on tomorrow's show. So be watching. And guys, maybe we should buy them a wedding present. What should we get them? What

do you get the couple who has

everything? That's a good point.

That would be tough. A very good

question. If you were a friend of -

I was going to say Tom and Nicole.

Don't do that. It's Tom and Keith.

No, it's Keith and Nicole. We

actually need one of those - I

don't know the word, but we've got

bafpg leana and Bennifer and

TomKat... How about Nicoban? It

sounds like gum. Or Keefman? That

sounds like a caricture from South

Park. If you're a friend of those

two people, what about an iron-clad

agreement you won't talk to the

press as a present? That's a very

good point, coming from a mall zeen

editor. Never worked on those

weekly magazines. This is terrible

and shows what a cynic I can be. I

didn't believe they were deferently

getting married until that singing friend of Keith's said yesterday,

"Yes, I've got an invitation."

She's the first one to speak. The

photos of them boarding the plane

didn't do it for you? Well, they

were going to the Shanghai film festival. The publicist still

hasn't confirmed the wedding's on.

So the question is, what do you get

Nicole and Keith for their wedding?

I think they've asked all the money

to be donated to charity. Which is

good. So 400 African children?

She's probably never had a salad

spinner. Let's go back to basics.

Does she have time? Oh, maybe.

She's always said she wanted to

pull back a bit on her career. And guys, one other story caught my attention from the papers. According to the Sun Herald, a Sydney woman claims she was sacked for chewing Nicorette gum. The 52-year-old worked at an RSL Club but says her boss didn't like her chewing gum while wiping down tables. She's now taking her case to the Industrial Relations Commission.

What do you think about that? Is it appropriate for someone to be chewing gum at work, especially Nicorette gum,

which is used by people trying to give up smoking? I

can't see the problem. So long as

she wasn't sticking it under the

table when she finished it. Maybe

that was the problem. Then other

smokers could come along and take

it. They should provide a

designated chewing room for people

trying to give up smoking, don't

you? You were going really well up

until then. Look, it's better than

her smoking. Good on her. She shouldn't be penalised. Coming up - the day Mark Riley met the boss of Shell. Whatever you do, don't mention petrol prices. It

is a great get for anybody who's

ever bought petrol in the last month. But next - Can the Socceroos tame Brazil? We'll take you live to our man in Germany.

This is Andrew Corporation, where we develop global wireless technology. Got a mobile phone? We can pinpoint you anywhere on the planet.

It's perfect for emergency services, and it's used by three out of the four major US wireless carriers. Wollongong is a recognised centre of excellence in telecommunications. We're world leaders in the field. Ingenuity, expertise, investment - it's all here in NSW. To open doors for your business in NSW, visit our website. Gary?

(All cheer) # No, Gary, no! # No, Gary, no! You'll notice something different about Nicorette Gum. It now has a deliciously different Freshmint taste. MARCHING BAND PLAYS (All chant) # Go, Gary, go! # Quitting never tasted so good. SONG: # Nicorette, Nicorette

Unless you've been on Venus, you'll

know inSocceroos have moved to

muchic as they prepare to face

Brazil. Let's make no mistake - this is tough opposition! Brazil have won five World Cups and are the tournament favourites.

I've never even had a Brazilian, so

I don't have a lot of... Any

comments on that to the Soapbox. We

were going to cross to al, Tobin,

but we've just lot the satellite a

moment ago. But Simon Reeve's just

as good, isn't he? Just hearing

what Goose had to say in the

interview, he seems to have these

guys in such good head space, with

such a good attitude towards this

game. They're going out there,

they're going to envoy the occasion

very much, because it's a

varopportunity. This may never

happen again. But they really seem

to have a tremendous amount of

inner confidence about the

potential result of this, and

they're just going to give it their

best shot, because they have

nothing to lose, and if they win

this, they go through to the next

round and don't have to face

Croatia, because that will be a

tough assignment for them, if they

drop this game tonight. And Guus

has a real problem with the number

of nelo cards handed out in the

first game. Heezr he's got thoowork

out whether he goes for broke.

That's right. I think reading in

the Age yesterday, one of the

former coaches in this country

basically said, "Look, you can

worry about all that on money, but

we have to put our best team on the

park and just give it our best

shot." You can't go into the game

thinking maybe we shouldn't play

Cahill, Aloisi. We've just got to

go out with the best team and give it the best shot and let fate take its course. On that, what happens if we lose tonight and then beat Croatia? Are we still in the

running? Well, it's all about goals

for and against, and there's quite

a complicated system and that works

out - because it's just the top

twop from each pool that comes

through? That's right. Brazil beat

Croatia I think 1-0 in the opening

match. So I think the way we look

at it is we

at it is we have to beat Croatia if

we get beaten tonight, and then it

will all come down to how many

goals. I was going to say mark

Beretta, we need to get him on the

phone. He knows all the rules. It's

complicated. If we win tonight, we

are going to automatically go

through. Interesting dilemma on the

game this morning between the USA

and Italy, because apparently Italy

scored both goals and it was a 1-1

draw. So do they get two goals for?

Not really a goal against, is it

it?. I was watching the match

before I came in here in Melbourne,

and there was a referee in charge

of the match like a New York

traffic cop, hands flying

everywhere. He had very little

control over quite a spiteful match.

He sent two of the Americans off

and one of the Italians. Italy

played with 10 men and the USA only

9, but a very good result for the

USa and they hang in, and Italy

haven't qualified yet for the

second round. If they'd won, they

would have, but they have a fight

on their hand. That's the wonderful

thing about the World Cup. There's

so much intrigue around goal

differences. Let's look at the

standings. Australia is still on

top. Wouldn't be love to see

tomorrow morning six points for the

Aussies. I just have a really good

feeling in my tkput about this.

There's going to be millions of

Australians setting their alorplz

for 2am, and I just have a good

feeling about this. You'll be

coming off the back of the cast

party for It Takes Two. We've got a

lot of hero messages coming in.

Here's one from the governor of New

South Wales. Her husband is an

ex-Wallaby. Indeed. They say - "To

the Socceroos, I'd like to tell you

we all share in the excitement and

joy of your win. Best wishes for

nourgt resounding victory. Warmest

regards" etcetera. That's a

terrific one. So everyone's right

behind the Aussies. Plenty more

soccer news coming up throughout

this morning. Thanks again, Simon.

Also ahead, Joe Lamble is going to

take your calls in the counselling corner. And Britney Spears defends her role as a mum. But next, the latest from the newsroom. And Mark Riley takes on big fuel in Canberra.


man of steel is back. No, not

Kochie - Superman returns next week,

and Sunrise has the inside scoop.

Join us tomorrow when Kochie goes

one on one with Brandon raffle. Superman on Sunrise, tomorrow. Good morning again, everyone. Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink says

Australia will go into their much anticipated game against Brazil with no fear. Hiddink says the boys will be playing to win tomorrow morning. when they take on the world champs

The Australian Government is warning the fight against commercial whaling is far from over, despite Japan's setbacks at the International Whaling Commission. Anti-whaling countries successfully buried Japan's proposal for secret ballots and upheld the protection of porpoises, dolphins and small whales. Japan says they're considering forming a separate whaling organisation. And the family of Dianne Brimble are heading a new campaign to improve security on cruise boats. The group will lobby the Federal Government to step up passenger safety standards and investigation methods in the wake of her horrific death on the P&O Pacific Sun. To the weather - The chance of a shower and 22 in Brisbane. And clear and cool in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. And I'll have more news at 9 o'clock. My

daughter Stella, good luck at pony

club today. A big day for Stella.

You're a good dad, Simon. Why isn't

that in the papers? It's all over

the papers in Melbourne, I tell you.

We're asking for people to write in

to the soapbox and give us

suggestions for how we can get off

calling them Tom and Nicole. It's

now Nicole and Keith. We need a

Brangelina way of saying who they

are. We like Nicoban. Dan from

Queensland says what about nrk ike,

or NiKi

Nish elsaid the ideal wedding

present would be a paparazzi-free

day. I couldn't agree with you more.

The chances are remote, I'd imagine.

But thanks for the suggestion. Parliamentary debate often has a real sporting feel. But this week, everyone wanted to be on the same team. Mark Riley watched from the sideline for his weekly diary.

RICKY MARTIN'S 'CUP OF LIFE' PLAYS Yeah! (repeats) # Do you really want it? # Do you really want it? This week, our attention has been somewhat diverted by a bunch of blokes in shorts kicking little white balls in Germany, and the unwanted - if not entirely unexpected - sight of soccer hooligans,

While in Canberra, we had an invasion of soccer fooligans, as our shameless pollies hopped into the Socceroos' pouch. # Here we go #

Firstly, let me start by confessing to a late night and congratulating the Socceroos on a terrific 3-1 victory. Cahill, Cahill, Aloisi - so it was terrific. That's Stephen Smith's excited look. Anthony Albanese claimed our double goal scorer. I might add that Tim Cahill, a proud Leichhardt boy,

did my area of Sydney very proud last night. Even Family First joined the soccer family.

I thought I'd see if you had any questions this morning, actually. You confident that... on the immigration Bill? Labor's Stephen Conroy made it sound as if he'd played in the game. The guys gutsed it out all the way to the end and they got the result they deserved. Oh, I don't know about anybody else but I'm buggered. And there was plenty of colour and movement inside the parliament as debate returned to industrial relations. The Prime Minister accused Labor of rerunning its IR scare campaign of 10 years ago. They said the world was going to come to an end, the sky would fall in. SPEAKER: Order. He reckoned it was all completely over the top. He was saying, "If you pass this legislation, Armageddon will come.

"The world would suffer great pestilence and desolation! "There'll be riots in the streets." This has been going on for more than eight minutes now. It's just a rant. And it wasn't over. Having accused Labor of a scare campaign, the next day he ran his own against Labor's plan to abandon Australian workplace Agreements. a direct attack on aspirational Australia, Mr Speaker. It's a direct attack on the success stories of Australian industries. It's a direct attack on our export industries. And a little help from the Treasurer.

Scab-lifting politics.

Running around, trying to find a little place where they can lift the scab and try and cause trouble. Your AWAs are all about a wages race to the bottom. Yes, they're a different breed here in Canberra. But, you know, sometimes we see some truly rare and exotic breeds hanging around here Parliament House.

Take your fuel company executives. Now there's a bird you don't see in the wild too often. And when you do, you ask them about petrol prices and why we drivers are getting belted at the bowser. Shell's John Simpson was here for a science museum party.

But we wanted to talk about the Queen's Birthday weekend present the petrol companies gave us. How does Shell see the outlook for petrol prices domestically just going forward? Oh look, it's impossible to say where petrol prices will go. I think most of the customer base appreciates that petrol prices are determined by the international oil price. So the Shell executives had no control over the price of their product at the bowser? Of course they have no control over the price at the bowser. It's to do with the international price of fuel...of oil. But the international price only applied in some States and not in Western Australia. How do you explain that? I have no knowledge of that. I'm sorry, I just have no knowledge of what happened in Western Australia. Oh well, I guess there's no Christmas card from Shell this year. # Go on, take the money and run #

The customer appreciates, Mark,

when it comes to petrol prices.

Love the choice of words. That's

right. The appreciation is a little

bit different to what Mr Simpson

thinks. I think they're legitimate

questions, aren't they - why does

petrol go up in the States

celebrating a long weekend. That's

the way the market works. The

petrol companies jack their prices

up when demand is high, cream off

the profits, perhaps they use the

money to subside size discounting

at other times of the week, but

tell us. Just tell us. Indeed. It's

very disingenuous to claim the only

thing regulated the prices is the

international oil price. That's

right. It's very complex. Will

anything change any time soon,

Mark? I think that can change the

wild fluc chewitations is people

power, people complaining when the

price is jacked up. Let your voices

be heard. Tell your local

politicians and make a noise about

it. Companies and politicians will

respond to that. We saw that just a

couple of weeks ago with the Snowy

Mountains scheme. The ACCC has a

brief to look at petrol prices but

is limited, and to look at every

fluctuationwit would take a lot of

resources. Labor says give them the

back-up and let them do it. There

is one prosecution on the way that

we can't talk about, but there's

evidence the ACCC is doing

something, but I think the most

powerful tool is the voice of the

people. Shout is out. Keep fighting

the good fight, Mark. See you next week. Ahead on Weekend Sunrise, the Britney interview. Stand by for what you didn't see. But next, got a problem you need help with? The Counselling Corner is in session.

Hon, what's your ultimate fantasy? A new Holden Rodeo. built so tough it can handle anything, and good enough for the weekends too. Is that all? No, I want it all from $19,990.

Sire! You are troubled, my Lord? I am poorly - blocked nose, blocked sinuses. What do you want? The Greeks have left a large wooden horse

at the gates to the city. What shall we do with it? Drag it inside, I suppose.

We'll look at it tomorrow. It's easy to stuff things up when your head's all stuffed up. Sudafed unblocks your head... MAN: Heave! it clears your thinking. Heave! It's a very heavy horse, my Lord. It must be made of very heavy wood. Mmm. LOUD TRAFFIC NOISE SUBSIDES ABRUPTLY DOOR SQUEAKS SONG: # Seems to me that all... # Why miss breakfast when you're in a rush? # I can be... # new thick cut toast and espresso coffee at McDonald's. # Finally feels right with me DOOR SQUEAKS Come and see what's new at breakfast and feed your inner child. # It's alright with me. # Parenting throws some pretty curly challenges at us nearly every day. And it can be so hard to know if we're doing the right thing.

But the Counselling Corner can always help. I

don't know if it can help Britney.

If you're out there, we're here to help. Our resident psychologist Jo Lamble is in the corner this morning. Hi, Jo. Jo, first up is Kylie, who's worried about her husband. Go ahead, Kylie. Hi. We have a

Hi. We have a four-month of old little girl and a

two-and-a-half-year-old son. My

husband is great, awesome, there

all the time, but feels like he's

not doing a great job. He just gets

really down about it, has

apologised to our son about it.

It's unusual, isn't it. It's

normally the woman who feels she

isn't a good enough mum. Kylie,

you've obviously asked him why he

feels inadequate. I'd suggest he's

been affected by the way he's been

parented, so his dad may have been

the best over or quite absent and

neglectful, or, more likely, he has

such high expectations of himself.

Perhaps the sense of responsibility

he has are so strong he's aiming

for perfection. I'd really

encourage you to get him to talk

about his expectations and get him

to look at his children,

particularly his son. Does his face

light up when he walks in the room?

Does he love him? The proof of the

success is in the relationship of

the children. I'd encourage him to

explore it further in counselling.

It may be an issue from the past.

Often you feel you can be

everything to your kids and you can

protect them from everything, but

you can't, can you? That's right,

especially at that early age when

they're so detendant. They really

make you take a hard look at

yourself too. If you've got foibles,

they're going to come ut. Isn't it

disturbing when you see your own

son behave like you, and son behave like you, and you

son behave like you, and you think,

that's poor behaviour. Or you hear

yourself saying the things you thought you'd never say. Let's go to an email now from Mary,

. This is such a common problem,

when a partner gets a job

interstate or overseas. Ideally,

all couples should talk about this

early on. Next best is when a

opportunity comes up. Then there's

your case, Mary, when he's already

accepted the job. Ask yourself - I

don't know how old the children are,

how far through their schooling

they are. How long does he see

himself in this role? Also, what's

the state of the marriage? Should I

be concerned that he's just

accepted the job without cisduszing

it? Can he commute, live down there

during the week and come back on

weekends? Would you sustain that?

It's not a great idea. When you've

asked the questions, get down to

melbb bn and have a look at schools

or areas to live in, just so you

have information. It's not being

sulfish. You can't really

compromise. Relationships often

involve one person following the

other for a short period, and then

it turns around. I think you need

to pretend you're back at square

one and decide what you want to do

as a couple. That's going to be a

common problem with the economy, I

imagine. Thanks, Joe, for your help

this morning. And if you have a question for any of our experts, just head to the Sunrise web site and follow the links. Should schoolkids across the country have the same kind of report card? Soon on the show, we'll hear from the woman leading the charge against it. But next, the interview everyone's talking about. Make up your own mind about Britney Spears.

There was a time when young girls dreamed of being like Britney Spears. She was the all-American pop princess. These days, she's not that innocent. At age 24, Britney is onto her second marriage. She has a son with back-up dancer, Kevin Federline and another baby on the way.


sorry I know how to pronounce his name. The tabloids have accused her of being a "home-wrecker" and a "bad mum". And there's constant speculation her marriage is in crisis. Now Britney is answering her critics. On Friday we showed you the first part of her candid interview with Matt Lauer. Here is part two. BRITNEY SPEARS' 'TOXIC' PLAYS Often times in my end of the business, we have to beg people to do interviews. And yet it seems as if you're anxious to talk at this particular stage in your life. You've

got things to address. I think

because I was pregnant with my son,

I didn't want to do interviews. I

kind of wanted to be a little bit

private. But 90% of the worldwide

agree the tabloids have gone a

little far with me lately, and I

need to speak up. Britney is no

stranger to the media. She's been

in front of the cameras more than

half her young life. We first got

to know her as a Mousekateer, but

the scrutiny now is a different

ball game. It's not like how they

used to be where they'd take your

picture and you'd walk by. They

just come out of nowhere. You were

photographed by the paparazzi and

there was Sean on your lap in the

car. Take me through what happened.

If we got in the car and went to

Starbucks, you'd see 20

photographers there. They're coming

up on the sides of the car, which

is a scary situation for me, and

they're banging on the windows, and

that's not something I want my baby

to, you know - so I get him out of

the car and go home. Did it...

Seriously, that driving incident, I

did it with my dad. We're country.

I have no regrets. And that

includes her relationship with her

husband Kevin. He was a back-up

dancer in a club two years ago, and

already a young dad. He left his

girlfriend when she was pregnant.

Did that bother you? I kid didn't

know until two months later, but I

don't blame him because him and his

friends, they weren't - they

weren't technically together when

he came to me anyways. What is it

about Kevin that makes you love

him? It's very simple. Women

complicate everything. He cares. He

cares so much, and his heart is

awesome. What do you think it will

take to get the paparazzi to leave

you agone? Um... I don't know. I

don't know. (alone)

Is that one of your biggest wishes? Yeah. It's okay. I would like for them to leave me alone. If you could talk to them as individuals, not as a group, what would you say to them?

I would just say that you have

babies at home and you have a wife,

and if you don't, you have to

realise that we're people. And we

need - we just need privacy, and we

need our respect, and those are

things you have to have as a human.

And yet as upset as it makes you,

you wouldn't trade your life now,

it seems? That's strange for people

to understand. If you're this

miserable, how can you say you're

lucky? Because I have to believe

that I'm here for a reason. What's

the reason? I don't know. I keep

searching every day, just like you

do. But I'm so blessed with my

baeby. That's the happiest thing

that's ever - it's like a miracle,

you know? But I just want the most

normal life possible for him.

That's all. Is that possible? I

will mapenage. I will create that.

Higher fences, bigger gates? How

will you do that? There's always a

way. Where there's a will, there's

a way. You have to believe. Britney Spears with Matt Lauer.

I feel very sorry for her. So do I. Poor kid. So what do you think? Has that interview changed your opinion? We're running a phone poll this morning to seek your view. And we'll have first results later in the show.

Fascinating to see those results. Indeed. Coming up, is it dangerous to flirt in the workplace?

We've got the findings of a new survey. And we'll seek some views on the Melbourne shop offering make-overs to kids. But next, news, sport and weather together. You're watching Weekend Sunrise on Seven.

Hon, what's your ultimate fantasy? With all the grunt of a big Rodeo V6, and good enough for the weekends too. Is that all? No, I want it all from $19,990. Plus dealer delivery, tray and government charges.

Lots of emails coming in about Britney Spears. First results of our phone poll are coming up.

Also in this hour,

should Australian schools have a standardised system for report cards? We'll find out why many parents and teachers say No. And have you ever flirted at work to get somewhere? We've got the findings of a new survey on that. And we'll tell you why it can be very dangerous. Before that, let's get the latest news from our own resident flirt, Simon Reeve in Melbourne.


flirting, I'd be nowhere, I'd tell

you. It's called the casting couch in our business. Good morning. Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink says his team will play to win in tomorrow's early-morning match with Brazil. Hiddink says Australia has earnt its place on the world stage and has no reason to fear the superstars of Brazil. As far as the Socceroos are concerned, this is it - the biggest moment in Australian football history,

a chance to play the world's best team on the world's biggest stage. The day of truth in the next game which is a very attractive game against Brazil, the world champions, one of the biggest teams in the world. And this Australian team aren't just content with playing - they want to win. Victory would all but guarantee a spot in the second round,

not to mention the world's respect. There's just one problem - Brazil and their galaxy of stars. Even Ronaldo is back in training after his mystery illness. But according to Hiddink, it's the perfect challenge.

We can make a good image but also on the other hand, we can be beaten. That is rather normal. Everyone, I think, expects a big victory for the Brazilian team but it is up to us

to make the opposition. The

message from the players is loud and clear. We're fit and, ah, the way we play, we play the ball around a lot more now than we did in previous years and, ah, we can match it with the best. Environment Minister Ian Campbell has launched an attack on Japan at the International Whaling Commission's annual meeting in the Caribbean. Mr Campbell's released a report branding Japan's southern ocean hunts as "disgusting", despite Japan's claim its whale hunts are humane. The report claims that more than 80% of whales die a slow death when they're harpooned. Overseas now, and it's been another bad night of violence in Iraq. A series of suicide and car-bomb attacks have killed at least 36 people in Baghdad. While in the country's south, US military helicopters and divers

continue to search for two American soldiers who it's feared have been kidnapped.

Relatives of Queensland woman Dianne Brimble say they will lobby the Federal Government to put tighter controls on the cruise industry. A Coroner has just heard a week of shocking evidence about the 42-year-old's death. Eight men named as persons of interest

were said to have intimidated and sexually harassed other people on board the Pacific Sky. Mrs Brimble's former husband Mark says passenger safety is clearly not good enough. A Sydney coach-maker is putting the finishing touches on a 2.5-tonne carriage commissioned to celebrate the Queen's 80th birthday. In London, the monarch and her husband Prince Philip arrived at the official birthday ceremony in another carriage,

this one built for Queen Victoria in 1842. And the warm weather proved the holiday was worth the wait, as Royal Air Force jets led a tricolour salute

in the clear skies above Buckingham Palace. Time for Sport now and the Wallabies have won back the Cook Cup after thrashing England

in the second Test in Melbourne overnight. Australia scored three tries in each half on their way to a 25-point victory. Fullback Chris Latham was the star for the Wallabies, receiving great support from winger Mark Gerrard,

who scored two tries, including this beauty. COMMENTATOR: Larkham kicking across for Mortlock, and also Gerrard. CROWD CHEERS Halfback George Gregan came on in the second half

to win a world-record 120th Test cap. To the World Cup,

If the Socceroos need inoperation,

they've got it from Ghana. and Ghana have caused the shock of the tournament, beating the Czech republic 2-0 last night. Portugal also had a two-goal win over Iran while Italy has drawn 1-1 with the US.

Ghana, or the "Black Stars", as they're called,

shocked the world-No.2-ranked Czechs, scoring in just the second minute of the match. COMMENTATOR: And an opening here for Ghana, who score! And Italy scored the both goals in their match with the US - one goal for themselves and one own goal for the Americans. Italy ended with 10 men and the USA just nine.

Lleyton Hewitt is through to the final of the Queen's tennis tournament in London. Hewitt beat Britain's Tim Henman in three sets overnight to book a place in the final. He'll play American James Blake who beat compatriot Andy Roddick in straight sets. Blake

and Lleyton have a bit of history. Back home now and in the AFL, Port Adelaide had an upset win over West Coast last night.

The Power were too strong at home for the Eagles, running out 37-point winners.

While in Brisbane, the Western Bulldogs continued their stellar run of form as they belted the Lions by 42 points. And in the NRL, the Cronulla Sharks have won their third straight match after beating Manly in a thriller last night. In other games, the Tigers came from behind to beat the Roosters. While in the battle of the bottom-placed teams,

Parramatta had a 20-point win over the Rabbitohs.

And Aussie Golfer Geoff Ogilvy is now just two shots off the lead at the third round of the US Open. Sportsworld will have all the details straight after the show. Now to Sunday's weather. The chance of a shower or two in Brisbane with 22 degrees. Partly cloudy for Sydney, but all clear in Canberra.

Fine too here in Melbourne today. The sun will also be out in Adelaide and in Perth. Looking further ahead now - Showers will continue in Brisbane through until mid-week.

Rain developing by late tomorrow in Sydney. The chance of a shower on Tuesday in Canberra and in Hobart. Foggy mornings in Melbourne, but otherwise okay. Remaining fine in Adelaide. Showers could develop tomorrow in Perth.

And staying warm in Darwin. And that's the latest. Go

the Roos tonight. More at 9.30.

Australian schools

will soon be using the same style of report cards. Instead of individual feedback, each student will get a grade from A to E, A being excellent, and E below average.

It's a Federal Government idea to make report cards easier to understand. But Jenny Branch from the Council of State Schools is urging parents to reject the new system. Why do you disagree with the cards?

Well, these new cards are a

simplisting way to report to parent

what children are doing within

schools, and also, there hasn't

been a lot of parental consultation,

especially our body, about what

parents really want out of a report

card. We are reporting to parents,

after all. With such a narrow grade

system, can this be damaging for

kids? If you're going to be

performing as an E and constantly in the bottom

in the bottom 25%, you're going to

feel pretty bad about yourself or

have low esteem, and we want to see children are given positive

feedback. We don't expect there to

be lies, but positive feedback and

encouragement so they achieve the

best they can. But surely that

exists at the moment? With my own

exists at the moment? With my own

children, their report cards goes

from excellent down to Poor or

needs work. How is it any kif

different? What we're saying is

that the report cards are fairly

simplistic, and what parents will

say to us - and we've done research

on this, and I've talked closely

on this, and I've talked closely to

parents in Tasmania as well. They

find out the most about the kids

from the comments teachers make.

They tell them where the children

are and how they can help. By

giving a card with an A took E that

we must say hahas been tied to

funding, so if States and

Territories don't agree, they'll

lose out on important resources -

it's not the answer. I'm not sure,

just from a personal perspective,

that you can protect children from

negative assessments, nor should

you try to, because the world will

give them plenty of those. But

individual feedback is important.

Is there any notion that the cards

will be accompanied by pursealised

comments from the teachers? Well,

we've got two systems here. The States are producing their own

report and trying to meet the

federal requirements as well. So

we're going to see the State

produce a report. They might

incorporate the A to E in it, keep

it outside and send two reports

home. These reports will come twice

a year. So there will be some

confusion about what is this

reporting, what's it about? I've

got a school report, an A to E

report, or both. So we want clarity.

Do parent have any choice? Is this


They do have choice. They have the

option of being able to write to

the State Government and saying

they don't want to receive the A to

E report. That's fine, but what

about the States that have tried to

combine the both so parents are

only receiving one report? We want

to see guarantees that if you're

getting an A in one school, it's

the same as an A in another school

in another State. We can't

guarantee that at the moment,

because there's been no discussion.

That's a very good point. Without a

standardised curriculum, it means

little. Thanks for your insit this

morning. It's going to be an

interesting batm. It sure is, and I

look forward to talking tathe

minister about it more. I'm sure

she looks forward to it too. You

really get most of your feedback

from the interviews. I've just had

mine in the last week or two. The

way I view report cards anyway - I

see them as the start of a

conversation with the teacher.

Agreed. Are there other areas? I

should confess and say I found

myself at one interview - I almost

had an out-of-body experience. I

actually said so how is he going in

relation to the other kids, so I

obviously wanted to know that.

They're learning the same stuff in

the same classroom. I wanted to see

how he was going. The HSC is marked

relative to all other student. It's

not politically correct to admit

that though. I'm sure all kids have

other skills.

Ahead this morning - Should shops be marketing makeovers to children? We'll seek some views. But straight ahead, the fall-out from that interview. Does Australia feel sorry for Britney Spears?

it embraces them. Move as one. Well, we're with you until 9.30, and then it's Sportsworld with Matt and Joh. Joh, Matt must be having the time of his life in Germany?

Oh, he certainly is. I keep getting

tex messages and emails claiming

it's all hard work and not much fun

at all. I don't believe him. We'll

cross to him and Tony Vidmar again.

Tony's closely involved in the team

and will give us a couple of

secrets about tonight's big match.

And what else is coming up? After

the Wallabies' win, we've got the

captain and assistant coach. Plenty

to talk about there. Jason Stevens

for the NRL, Justin Koschitzke for

the AFL, and Lydia Ierodiokonou.

She's got

She's got a long hard road back,

but very determined. Ststkurlening

Mortlock. 100% success rate. Well, if you're just joining us, you missed Britney Spears at her most vulnerable. The pop star and actress was candid about motherhood and her career. And she became quite emotional when asked about the role of the paparazzi in her life.

What will it take to get the paparazzi to leave you

paparazzi to leave you alone? Um...

I don't know. I don't know. Is that one of your biggest wishes? Yeah.

Well, since that interview, we've been running an exclusive Sunrise phone poll. We want to know - And, as you can see, 62% of our viewers say Yes. And if you want to take part, the numbers are now on your screen.

Indicative of the way the poll is

going is an email from Stacey. "I'm

a young mum. I can't believe the

pressure she's under. How many

people can never say they've driven

with their child on their lop?

Magazines should have more sense."

All of which I agree with. Not to say

say I condone driving with children

on your lap, especially in the city.

She's under a lot of pressure. So what do our All Stars think? Social commentator Rebecca Le Tourneau and 2UE's Glenn Wheeler. Good morning to you both. Bec, are her tears genuine?

She's a performer, a girl who knows

well-placed tears will garner

sympathy. She is. I was concerned

about her eyelashes.

about her eyelashes. I think they

were quite sincere. She's a young

girl. I wanted to give her a cuddle

and say it's going to be alright. I

thought they were quite sincere.

And I solo thought, thinking back

to when my kids were a few months

old, getting a child in a car, into

a capsule when you're wearing your

trackies and haven't slept for three

three years and the child's

screaming and you wish you had a

scotch in your hand, if one person

looked at me, I would have just

about killed them. So to have 20

paparazzi sticking a lens up your

dress and in the car, it must be

unbarable, and I think that

demonstrated how unbearable it is.

On the other hand, she's a

On the other hand, she's a star.

She bought the whole box and dice.

But do you enter into that contract,

that just because you're a star,

they can invade any element of

privacy in your life? I think the

point is a whole lot deeper. This

is a kid who... Are you going to

get deep on us? I think he just

said you're shallee. There's

said you're shallee. There's a

whole lot more to this than a

25-year-old girl on TV sobbing and

chewing gum, which was a classy

look, with the breasts spilling

over on to the set as well. She's

about to breastfeed. She's 20, and

she brings the attention on herself,

frankly. At eight years of age,

this is one of

this is one of these kids who had

supposed visions to become a star.

Whether it was her or mum or dad.

She tried out for the Mickey Mouse

club routine. Hooked her up with an

agent. By the time she was 10 or 11,

that happened, and on it went. This

is a kid who has 17 years of grow

grope growing up. She hasn't had a

chance to be a young girl. So yes,

I feel sorry for her, but not for

her bank account. If she's been

doing all of this since she was 8

and making an awful lot of money

for a lot of things, do you think

she's got people who she can trust?

Possibly not. Is she really happy?

Possibly not. When kids like

Britney - and there's lots of them

out there. This is a warning for

mums and dads. This is possibly the

result for many of them who haven't

had a chance to grow up and enjoy

life. And make mistakes without a

camera. And get a decent publicist

and stylist. Good lord. And stop

talking directly to the media.

Frankly, I don't think there's a

lot going on up there. That isn't

the reason why she's in front of

the camera. She's a good singer and

dancer. Glenn, that was actually a

very brave thing to do. I wouldn't

take my hat off to merher for a lot

of things, but that I think was

of things, but that I think was

great. A good manager would not

have gone there. We've got to move

on, and we will. I'm being told

we've got to move on. A shop in

Melbourne is outraging some parents

by providing makeovers to young

girls. Boutique by Barbie is offing

hair, make-up and style

hair, make-up and style

transformations to five to

12-year-olds. Is this just a bit of

fun? Were they trying to make the

child look like Barbie? Why don't

we just give them surgery as well?

Let's just throw the baby out with

the bath water. It's unbelievable.

My daughter is six, and while I

love the fact that she splatters my make-up and puts

make-up and puts on my shoes and

clothes, she's a little girl

playing dress-ups. This is actually

moving into the realms of adults.

That poor little thing just wiped

her nose. She's too young to be

sitting there like that. We're

taking away their childhood. It's

ridiculous. When I first heard it,

I thought the Barbie was going to have the

have the make-over, but it's

actually the child. Or let the kids

do it themselves. Put wigs on and

have fun dressing up. The other

thing which we're not realising is

it's very sexist. Where is the Ken

makeover for the boys? Who would

really want one? Well, if its areer

good enough for the girls... It's

also a bit sexuealised as well. The

way they're made up, they're not

the kids playing desz-ups, made up

to look like supermodples. Britney

Spears all over again. Dare I say

it, but stage mums will want to get

their kid in there. Mum, she's only

eight years of age, leave her alone.

The Ken makeover fascinates me. A

new bump in your pants or

something? Hard plastic undies.

Very uncomfortable. At least you've

already got a six-pack. Thanks very

much. I've got the full carton, to

be perfectly honest. Try a slab.

Thanks for that.

Straight ahead this morning, headline news and weather with Simon.

And what's on your mind, Australia? We'll check out the soapbox.

These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick. On Sunrise to the World... The Man of Steel is back. Yeah! No, not Kochie. Superman returns next week, and Sunrise has the inside scoop. Join us tomorrow when Kochie goes one-one-one with Brandon Ralph. Superman on Sunrise. Tomorrow. Don't miss that tomorrow on Sunrise. All

dressed up there. Don't miss that tomorrow. But right now, a check of the headlines with Simon in Melbourne. Good morning again, everyone. On the eve of their World Cup face-off with Brazil, the Socceroos say they'll be playing to win against the world champs. Super-coach Guus Hiddink says his side will put up a fight against the Brazilians, who look to be at full-strength with striker Ronaldo back in training after recovering from a mystery illness. Environment Minister Ian Campbell has launched an attack on Japan at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission. Mr Campbell has released a report

accusing Japan of inhumane hunting techniques. And 43 people have been killed in a series of suicide and car-bomb attacks in Iraq's bloodiest day of violence since the death of the country's al-Qaeda chief, al-Zarqawi. To the weather - the chance of a shower and 22 in Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Sydney and 18. 13 in Canberra and Hobart. And clear and cool in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. And that's the latest this Sunday morning.


heading off to have more herbal tea

before It Takes Two at 6.30 tonight. Don't have too

Don't have too many. Does it really

help your throat? It does. The

honey is really good. It just coats

the throat. If you're a bit husky,

Simon, you can gargle salt, and

drinking pineapple juice. Well,

thank you. Thank you. That's

fantastic advice. I don't think

John took any of that advice. Maybe

a few other things thrown into that

as well. We've got emails about the

soccer stars here again. Yeah, we

do. Keeping you up-to-date with

these, heading over to the team.

One here from Vicky. "Ronaldo

should be called Roundo, he's so

big. You guys will one rings around

him." And one from Brooke Hanson,

who we all know and love. "hi, guys.

Keep up the great spirit. The

Australian swim team are behind you

all the way." Fantastic. On the

Nicole and Keith thing, we were

looking for a new name. Lisa things

we should call them Urban Kid.

That's not too bad. Someone

suggested Keole. I kind of like

that. Any more? Urban Kid was the

best of them. A few Koles. We've

got Nikeith and Nik-key. Final poll

result - 5 4% of people feel sorry

for Britney. We're a warm-hearted

mob. Are the vultures circling, and

the only person who could help her

through I would suggest is Kirsty

Alley. Potentially. Courtney Love

could help out. Superman is on

Sunrise tomorrow. And live from

Alaska all week, Nuala Hafner is

there doing the weather. It will be

cool for her, won't it. Local

weather as well. Never fear.

Goodbye, friends. Have a great week.

See you next week. Bye-bye.

(Dog whimpers) MYSTERIOUS, ENCHANTING MUSIC MAGICAL TWINKLING The legendary Jeep Wrangler Sport with aircon - The rugged Jeep Cherokee Extreme with ABS and alloys - $38,990 drive away.