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(generated from captions) my Music Hall wig fell to pieces, I've always threatened that when I'd give up.. it's about time. must go on. But for Dr Russell Brown, the show successor but not too hard, cause One's always looking for a drop! I want to keep doing it until I audiences... Hitting a high note with own theme song. In its 32ndyear, it even has its the years 've written about 22 songs over with the grand 500th show next The curtains go up tomorrow night, night. That's our bulletin this Wednesday News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night Tonight ... Crash tragedy - on his way to an emergency. a Sydney fireman killed Adding insult to injury - who inspired the attacks is set free. Bali bomb victims outraged as the man Bring it on - than the boys from Brazil. the Socceroos doing better And King Wally gets the Blues - that has Queensland ropeable. the graffiti attack This program is captioned live. Good evening. of his colleagues have been injured A Sydney fireman has died and four this morning at Glenfield, when their fire truck crashed near Campbelltown. to an emergency call They were rushing and ran into a tree. when the vehicle clipped a semi and in shock, Pulled from the wreckage the driver of the fire truck of his station officer, struggled to deal with the death who'd been sitting next to him. My hip? My hip? yeah. I think your hip's dislocated, to a routine automatic fire alarm The fire engine had been rushing at the nearby Holsworthy army base semitrailer on a narrow causeway when it clipped an oncoming and slammed into a tree. Paramedics and other firefighters friends and colleagues. were faced with the task of treating assessing the patients It wasn't until we started

were known to the officers involved. that some of the patients

to the family of the dead officer, The Fire Commissioner broke the news based at Macquarie Fields. a 46-year-old veteran others when they're in danger Firefighters are used to helping

and rescuing people from accidents. is to do it for your own people. The last thing you want to do in this accident. Speed appears to be the main factor was travelling downhill The fire truck, its lights flashing, and over-corrected, when it clipped the back of the semi of water forcing it into the tree. the momentum and its full load The engine's driver and stomach injuries. is being treated for a broken pelvis is in a serious condition. One of his colleagues minor injuries. The other two suffered walked away unscathed. The driver of the semi Shaun Fewings, National Nine News. behind the Bali bomb attack of 2002 The man who inspired the fanatics is free again after just 25 months in jail. the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah Abu Bakar Bashir is the founder of and served time only for conspiracy. but he beat more serious charges the Jakarta jail Mark Burrows was outside as Bashir was released this morning. His light sentence was bad enough of the 88 Australians killed in Bali. for the families by this sight. They would have been shattered for giving the nod to the attacks, After serving a little over two years and in the crushing embrace Abu Bakar Bashir was free Muslim followers. of h ndreds of his hard-line They dote on every word he utters

of victory. and so this was their moment It only prove that he's innocent. who is evil, who is a criminal. People will not worship someone still worship him, If a lot of people he is an innocent man. it proves that But the court didn't think so. of the victims in Australia. Neither do the relatives approximately four days imprisonment What it means is that he received that were torn apart by the bomb. for every man, woman and child

that particular outcome - Many Australians will see of the Indonesian justice system - although a product disappointiong result. will see that as an extremely to his village in central Java, Bashir is taking a slow drive where he wants to resume teaching. a triumphant homecoming. It's supposed to be to do with the Bali bombing, While Bashir says he had nothing

he wants to do on his release one of the first things

is visit an old student in jail - marking time in a death row cell. the 'smiling bomber' Amrozi, National Nine News. In Jakarta, Mark Burrows, from share analysts today, 'Don't panic' was the advice

a slight recovery as the market staged after a month-long battering. plunge nearly 10%, Investors have seen stocks of the past 12 months. wiping out much many of the gains it's grim viewing. For jittery market-watchers very depressing at the same time. Interesting reading but and, honestly, I have done it for many years it's the worst I have ever seen. one-day fall since September 11. Yesterday's rout was the biggest The slide continued this morning lost ground late in the day. before the market clawed back by the extent of the falls We have certainly been surprised and the speed of the decline. big movers have been hit hard. In just a month the market's Riding high on the resources boom, have dipped almost 20%. BHP Billiton and Newcrest Mining Finance stocks are also well down. in context of normal market moves Those falls are quite large an overreaction there and perhaps there's something of international markets. to what we are seeing in it's a welcome reality check. The Treasurer believes If you don't have small corrections, corrections - eventually you have very large to have smaller ones. and it's better to make good profits this year Resources companies are still going and next. are still happening Things called earnings upgrades the share market. and that's going to underpin

the markets' control, The volatility is beyond all driven by talk in the US and interest rates. of an increase in inflation Economists here insist and be patient. investors should stay calm or light at the end of the tunnel. We will see blue sky, market will regain their footing. The world is not collapsing, the Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Passengers at Sydney and Melbourne airports were left stranded for nearly an hour this afternoon after flights were grounded by a problem with the air traffic control system at Tullamarine. No planes were allowed into southern Australian airspace while the system was down. The knock-on effect was felt in Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. Flights resumed at around 4:20pm. Now to the World Cup - and who would have believed it? Tonight Australia is sitting on top of its pool, above the mighty Brazil. Ken Sutcliffe joins us live from Germany, where, Ken, the defending champions and the biggest threat to the Socceroos have begun their campaign. That's right, Mark. The Brazilians are off and running, but the good news for Australia is they didn't display their trademark brilliance. Still, they were good enough to dispose of Croatia early this morning, 1-0. The only Australian in action today - Joe Simunic from Canberra - was playing for Croatia. His team's best defender, but he couldn't keep out Brazil's only goal. CHEERING Time and time again, the defending champions peppered the Croatians' goal, but even the greatest player in the world... COMMENTATOR: Ronaldinho!

..found the going tough. Pletikosa's kept it out. A Brazil victory, but it wasn't flash, giving heart to the Socceroos, who tackle the defending champions next week. And the Aussies are bristling with confidence after crushing Japan. As the Socceroos get over their bumps and bruises from yesterday's memorable victory, they have one game on their mind right now - Brazil - and how to beat them. First game hero John Aloisi flippantly offered this suggestion. It's not easy. Catch them on bad day, I suppose. And a headache for coach Guus Hiddink, forced to juggle four players who were yellow-carded against Japan. If they earn another one against Brazil, they'll be suspended for one game -

the Socceroos' crucial clash against Croatia, which could determine if Australia proceeds to the second round. We have some silly yellow cards, which we talked about before the game, so there's a little bit of criticism from my side. Hiddink was just as honest when asked about feeling more Australian

as result of the Socceroos' historic victory against Japan. I don't want to fool everyone. I'm just a farm boy and I like to travel worldwide. No wonder the Socceroos have thrived under his reign. Ken Sutcliffe at the World Cup, National Nine News. While the Socceroos are getting plenty of attention at the moment, they can't push tonight's State of Origin out of the headlines. Clinton Fletcher is at Suncorp Stadium for the game,

which is sure to have plenty of feeling, Clinton. Well, Ken, this game could produce anything. There's been talk all week of Queensland getting ugly, as they try to stop the Blues' roll. And a touch of vandalism certainly has them all fired up - it involves one of their favourites, the great Wally Lewis. It's an act of sabotage that has left every Maroon supporter seeing red. In an early morning raid picked up by security cameras, King Wally was attacked with a brush. The new look was blue and little was spared on the emperor of Lang Park.

I didn't mind the extra hair. I'd certainly take that very, very easily but it is an insult for me to be seen in a NSW jumper. While the locals are upset, at least one former rival couldn't see any harm at all. I had a big laugh, I just laughed. It was just one of those things where you laugh. It's all in good spirits, I think. No-one attacked it with an axe or done anything like that. At today's team walk, Mark O'Meley didn't look in any discomfort. His groin was playing up yesterday,

but it's his soccer skills that look the real problem. We know it's going to be a lot quicker game, 'cause game I was pretty steady and slow, so what more could you ask for in Origin II? O'Meley is one of four world-class props the Blues will have in action. Add Luke Bailey, Willie Mason and Brent Kite and NSW is packing a ton of punch. There's some great go-forward there and I think Bails is going to have a pretty big game with Ogre - I thought he's been tremendous this year, Mark O'Meley - so, yeah, I look to those four blokes to lead us. Being written off by everyone is what makes Queensland such a dangerous proposition. One point separated the teams in game I and it's likely there'll be nothing in it tonight. The attack on Lewis may just make the difference. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Mark, I'll be back later with more league and the new Socceroos superstar.

In the news ahead, a radiation leak at the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor. The art of judgement - a court rules on whether this is a portrait. And racing's fairytale come true. It's just every battler's dream. "Turn yourself in to the police." That's the simple message from the family of the accused ringleader of a weekend hotel robbery during which a father was murdered. Joanne Loko says her nephew Sitiveni is quiet and respectful and appealed to his religious upbringing to do the right thing. And that is to get down on your knees and ask God for forgiveness and give yourself in. Sitiveni's brother has made a similar appeal, urging him to go to police. A small amount of radioactive gas has been released during an accident at the Lucas Heights reactor. The Federal Government claims there was no threat to workers or nearby residents. With the Federal Government's decision to explore whether Australia should embrace nuclear energy, reactor safety is suddenly at the centre of political debate. So in Parliament, the Opposition leaped on news of the Lucas Heights accident.

There was an explosion in a carbon canister containing radioactive material. One technician was nearby. The incident happened last Thursday but was kept secret until today. What is the nature of the contamination by radioactive material of both the worker and the work area? Science Minister Julie Bishop tried to play down the seriousness of the mishap. There was a rupture within a pipe. I am informed that there has been no impact at all upon the health of workers at Lucas Heights or indeed the surrounding community. But Labor's Jenny Macklin surprised the Minister by producing an email sent to staff by Ron Cameron, chief of operations at Lucas Heights. It revealed that a small amount of radioactive gases - Xenon and Krypton - had been released through the Lucas Heights stack. The technician had received some contamination, which was washed off. And small amounts of contamination had been found in the hot cell where the rupture occurred, on the floor in front and in the Lucas Heights office.

But the email also said no radiation alarms had gone off, there was no significant dose rate anywhere in the building and the surrounding area had been checked and declared clear. We need all the information to be made public. This is just a beat-up by Labor trying to deflect from the fact that we're having a debate on nuclear power.

Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. The US President has made a surprise visit to Baghdad, giving Prime Minister Maliki just five minutes notice that he was coming to meet him.

Mr Bush confirmed America's continued support for the Iraqi leadership, as it ordered a massive security crackdown, the biggest military operation since the coalition invasion three years ago.

Israeli jet fighters have killed two militants and eight civilians,

a broken-down horse transformed into a $2 million champion. Now a new chapter in the fairytale success of Takeover Target is about to be written at the most famous track of all - Royal Ascot in England. Dawn at Newmarket, in the English countryside, and Britain's top thoroughbreds train for the biggest race meeting of the year, Royal Ascot. Among them, cabbie-turned-trainer Joe Janiak, with the horse he bought for just over $1,000. It's just every battler's dream, racing against the best. But we've never had the opportunity back home. When Janiak bought Takeover Target three years ago, he was told the gelding's bad knees would prevent him from racing again. COMMENTATOR: Takeover Target and he wins it. Takeover Target first. Now, he's favourite for both of Ascot's main sprint events and each has a first prize of around $500,000. This unlikely Australian champion is the big story of this year's carnival. Think Sea Biscuit, think Phar Lap - roll them all into one. This is an ex-baker, he's an ex-cabbie, he lives in a caravan or lived in a caravan and now he's got this super horse. It certainly is a dream come true for me and I just hope it keeps going. In England, Jodie Noyce, National Nine News. After a 2-year legal battle, artist Craig Ruddy has been confirmed as the legitimate winner of the 2004 Archibald Prize. Another artist had argued that because the winning portrait of actor David Gulpilil was done mainly in charcoal, it wasn't actually a painting. Today, the Supreme Court threw out the challenge. It's a victory for art in general. I don't think art should be judged in the courtroom. The judge said it was strange for courts to be making decisions about the qualities of works of art. We'll go back to Ken in Germany after the break for much more on the World Cup, including how the Brits are being told "Don't mention the war." And look who's the local hero of Oehringen. with air, alloy tray, ladder rack, Or get the same extras built into 4x4 diesel single-cab only $27,990 driveaway. Plus there's great deals on all Bravo V6s. Mazda Bravo delivers extra value built in. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. $6 million Powerball jackpot. You could: These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing

that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick. Welcome back to Germany, where the Socceroos were allowed an hour-long sleep-in this morning. But then it was straight back to work, training for next week's blockbuster against Brazil. And the undisputed centre of attention was Tim Cahill, the historic dual goal-scorer against Japan. Player number four - midfielder with a leg injury one day, Socceroo star the next. Tim Cahill at training the day after that game, and not complaining. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm only young once and you don't get to play in too many World Cups. I'll never complain about playing football, ever.

At the ground where the Socceroos train, they let local schoolchildren in, given a special day off to see their adopted World Cup team. And there was one autograph they all wanted. Most definitely the pinnacle of my career, you know. It was only for half an hour or so, but it was the biggest half an hour of my life. The whole team is the talk of Germany and the World Cup, but Cahill is the man in demand. Two young fans, brothers Billy and Jeremy, have a new hero in Cahill. It's cool 'cause you don't really get to see these guys very often. And the boys got the signature they wanted. That was embarrassing. Why embarrassing? I've never met him before. Cahill was humble about scoring Australia's first-ever World Cup goal. COMMENTATOR: Australia have done it! Basically just swing a leg at it. If the team thought they were going to get it easy today, no chance - coach Guus Hiddink had them working hard. He knows all too well that one win, no matter how sensational, is not enough to get them through the first round. And the coach has another confirmed star to juggle for the next encounter - John Aloisi, whose confident solo last-goal effort completed the demolition of Japan. Happy today to get some praise from the Dutch taskmaster with the plan to keep Australia winning.

He said, "What a great goal, John. You're a great player." LAUGHTER In Oehringen, Michael Usher, National Nine News. The Socceroos aren't the only team scaring the world game's big guns.

Overnight, former champions France were kept scoreless by Switzerland, while tiny African nation Togo frightened 2002 World Cup semifinalists South Korea. Togo's first World Cup, their first goal and a first for celebrations. COMMENTATOR: Kader... Goal to Togo! Africa celebrates. There'd be no repeat - South Korea coming back to win 2-1. A frustrating draw for 1998 champions France - Switzerland's footballers using hands to stop and try to score goals. England's fans are taunting the Germans about the war. Their next match is in Nuremburg, home of Hitler's infamous rallies. We are very sensitive in Nuremburg about showing any Nazi insignia or Nazi salutes. Even John Cleese, who goose-stepped his way through 'Fawlty Towers', is urging England fans to go easy on their German hosts. Don't mention the war. I did, but I think I got away with it.

He's even the star of a song. SONG: # Don't call them rude names # Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. While all attention in league is on tonight's crucial Origin game II, it's been an ugly day for the Sydney Roosters, with confirmation that Adrian Morley is going home to England to join Warrington and Ryan Cross will play Super 14 for the Western Force. It's been a time of deep thought for the game's toughest forward,

deciding to head home after six years with the Roosters. No NRL club can give 4-year deals to a 29-year-old. So, yeah, there's nothing against the Roosters, just that we had to take the 4 years. Morley is reluctant to leave the Roosters with the team on the slide. Today he said they should aim to recruit the Bulldogs pair of Nate Myles and Roy Asotasi. One's a State player, the other is an international, so they'll both go well.

But, yeah, I mean they probably do need to strengthen the pack. I understand that the Roosters met with Asotasi today and he'll meet with the Rabbits tomorrow, quite possibly with Russell Crowe. Souths have already had some success today,

signing Melbourne's David Kidwell to a 3-season deal. The Roosters are also on the hunt for a new centre, following the defection of Ryan Cross to the Western Force. The ARU missed out on Mark Gasnier, but Cross said he doesn't feel like a fill-in signing. Hopefully they can see me making a successful transition to rugby, so I don't feel like I'm a second or third choice or whatever, no. Meanwhile, the world's best player, Andrew Johns has announced his engagement to Catherine Mahoney. I've hit the Lotto but some say she has, too. (laughs)

And the Eels' Fuifui Moimoi has been cleared of biting the Storm's Brett White. Danny Weidler, National Nine News.

Mark, the Socceroos put their feet

up today, having a bit of a rest. up today, having a bit of a rest.

We're trying to find a place where

we can watch State of Origin 2. But

league isn't that big over here, particularly State of Origin. We'll keep our fingers crossed. After the break - the CommSec finance report, then Jaynie with the weather details. I never thought of joining the police force before, but I'm glad I did. I'm back at my old job because the kids have started school. I never really left. And coming back is the best thing that I've done. Serious crime rates are lower than a decade ago. Police have tough new powers and the latest equipment. We're continuing to lower crime rates with 750 new recruits. Shouldn't you consider a career with Australia's highest paid police force? In finance, consumer confidence suffered another fall this month, after the May interest rate hike and record petrol prices. On the markets: A superb Sydney day - with the details, here's Jaynie.

Thanks, Mark and good evening. It was a stunning winter's day, a bit chilly first up, especially in the west. Winds were fairly light. The city climbed to 18 degrees which is smack bang on average. 14 outside at the moment. Thick fog over parts of NSW this morning with visibility down to 350m at Cooma until 11:00am. The large high is still controlling our weather,

meaning dry skies apart from a few showers along the north coast of NSW with onshore winds. And we are expecting more overnight fog and frost. Tomorrow a powerful front will hit the south-eastern States with strong southerly winds behind it bringing showers and snow to the alpine areas later in the day.

It was Canberra's coldest morning in two years today hitting minus 5. Tomorrow minus 3 with a top of 11. Wet and windy in Melbourne and Hobart. Early frost in Adelaide. Darwin and Brisbane will stay dry. Sydney - sunrise just before 7:00am. Nothing but clear blue sky for our Thursday

after fog and frost in the west, with light to moderate west-sou'-westerly winds. With the sun setting about 4:55. Katoomba, Parramatta and Liverpool down to 1 degree. Most of us reaching 18. Good news for surfers with the 1.5m swell set to rise over the next few days. A very dry outlook. Sydney - we can blame that high pressure ridge. Cold nights, sunny days but no rain for the weekend, Mark. And that's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Good night. by the Australian Caption entre Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre I think it is disgraceful. Dianne Brimble's death and that cruise ship of shame. We speak exclusively with her best friend who was there. Of course it would have been a cover-up.

Also tonight - dangerous dogs with a record of vicious attacks. So why are they still on the streets? Plus - outrageous parking fines. They've just cost this man $4,000. And how your favourite stars are selling themselves to make a fast buck. This program is captioned live. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw.

It's nearly four years since Brisbane mum Dianne Brimble died on the cruise ship 'Pacific Sky' - allegedly from an an overdose of a date-rape drug. Now, a coroner's inquest into her death has been told that security guards for the shipping line stopped one man speaking out about her death. And there's also been criticism of the way the company promoted its cruises. Do you think it was a cover-up? Of course it was a cover-up. They were very secretive. So as soon as Dianne died, the cone of silence came down? Yes! It's the murder that shouldn't be a mystery. Security guards were saying "Be quiet, don't say anything about it." You heard the security guards telling people to shut up? Yeah. Today, David and Nancy Chard are accusing P&O Cruises of foul play, running interference after the brutal death of their best friend, Dianne Brimble. The whole ship was a bit like that - they kind of closed ranks and weren't saying anything. These are the eight "men of interest" to police. What role did you play in the death of Dianne Brimble? How much Fantasy did you give her? Excuse me. The victim, a quiet mother of three - how could she end up drugged then killed during a sex orgy? If you and your mates didn't rape and kill her, why w n't you talk? why won't you talk? Evidence was removed from the crime scene before police could board the ship. Why was the room cleaned up Why was the oom cleaned up before the police could get to it? Crucial sex photos were wiped. Why were the photos deleted? And today, this former P&O employee admitted the cruise line had gagged him from telling anyone what he knew. I feel sorry for that man. That man is Stephen Hart, the cruise magician -