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(generated from captions) Can you hear me? Don't give up. Don't you DARE give up. MONITOR BEEPS MORE RAPIDLY

She CAN hear me. You CAN hear me, can't you? You are fighting, aren't you? Oh, Felicia! Hang in. You're gonna show them all. aren't you? My girl's gonna show them all, the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the fire brigade tragedy - that killed their mate. emergency crews respond to a crash Bali bombing survivors furious Abu Bakar Bashir. over the release of Muslim cleric

player who king hit the referee. And an apology from the rugby league

Good evening. Also tonight - disturbing new allegations a mother's death on a cruise ship. about the men linked to a statue of Wally Lewis And outrage as vandals attack State of Origin clash. ahead of tonight's But first this evening - for emergency crews an horrendous ordeal crash in south western Sydney. arriving at the scene of a fatal and hit a tree. A fire truck clipped a semi-trailer knew those involved. Many of those responding to the crash left to free five of their own A grim task for emergency crews, fire tanker number 84, from Macquarie Fields' after smashing into a tree. trapped in their cabin passenger seat was killed instantly, The fire fighter sitting in the front with pelvic and stomach injuries. the driver flown to Westmead Hospital Harrowing situation - course, so it's an awful day for us. they're not in good shape, of Counselling has been arranged fire crews that arrived to help. for the ambulance and extra but they're very distressed. Fire fighters are tough people, of our brother. They had to do the extrication to the officers involved, Some of the patients were known treating the patients. however, they carried on of an oncoming semi-trailer, The tanker clipped the back

packed with of a full load of water, smashing into a tree, weighing six tonnes. Under lights and sirens, to a fire alarm the fire brigade was responding at the defence base nearby. It turned out to be a false alarm. based here permanently. The fire fighter who died wasn't

on a temporary assignment, Ten News understands he was here who'd gone on annual leave. covering for someone who's given distinguished service, He's a long-serving officer, a huge loss to the brigade.

for the coroner, Police are preparing a brief also being interviewed. the truck driver others when they're in danger, Fire fighters are used to helping

and rescuing people from accidents. is to do it for your own people. The last thing you want to do Evan Batten, Ten News. Outrage from Bali bombing survivors Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir. over the release of radical from an Indonesian jail He's been freed for his role in the terror attacks. after serving just over two years Walking free from his Jakarta prison by hundreds of supporters. Abu Bakar Bashir is mobbed in the crowd, Many of his former students giving him a hero's welcome. chanting "god is great", spiritual leader The alleged Jemaah Islamiah called on all Muslims to unite the Islamic brotherhood. and strengthen He's spent just two years behind bars the deadly 2002 terrorist attacks. for his involvement in

even distressed, How extremely disappointed, at the release of Abu Bakar Bashir. millions of Australians will be is not accept it. The thing we've got to do he's a murderer. This guy is a criminal, of many gangs. He's the leader of gangs,

a lot of what's going on. He controls in the Bali nightclub bombings, 202 people were killed including 88 Australians. Bashir was implicated of planning the attacks. but never convicted of a lesser charge of conspiracy. He was eventually found guilty absolute disgust at what happened It was a feeling of disgust, in that short time. and how he got out have expressed concern Indonesian authorities will spark a resurgence Bashir's release in radical Islamic groups, what restrictions, if any, he'll face but it's not yet clear now that he's free. There is a lot of concern, also, to his home city of Solo, Bashir is now travelling through Java to resume teaching where he's planning he founded. at the Islamic boarding school Amanda McLeay, Ten News. In Indonesia, Disturbing new allegations of Diane Brimble on a cruise ship. at the inquest looking into the death at the centre of the inquiry The court has been told two men to their cabin. tried to entice teenage girls

and Amy Mudge were just 15 and 16 Best friends Jessica Kornacki at a pyjama party on the Pacific Sky. when they were approached by two men the pair as sleazy. Four years on, Jessica remembered but a towel around his waist. One, she said, wore nothing as Leo Silvestri, Her friend identify him at the inquest. one of eight persons of interest His mate was Mark Wilhelm. to impress the girls It's claimed the men tried or even fly them to America. with offers to buy them gifts Silvestri had another suggestion: When the girls kept saying no, The night in question just one day Diane Brimble died after Brisbane mother of three in the company of the same men.

the ship's magician, Also in the stand today, who vanished from the staff list information after he tried to give P&O

about Mrs Brimble's final hours. told him to shut his mouth. He claims the cruise director to at least tell your story Mr Hart, was it a relief

after so many didn't believe it? Yes, it was.

Lawyers for P&O said they objected away from what happened on the ship. to the focus of the inquest moving

on the company's promotional tactics The past two days having concentrated and attitudinal concerns among staff. the context was relevant But the coroner said about debaucherous behaviour given the evidence that's come out female harassment and sexism where Diane died. all on the same cruise Amber Muir, Ten News. An apology tonight who king-hit a referee in the face. from the rugby league player But saying sorry might not be enough to save Darren Curry from criminal charges.

Sheepishly watching the replay of

the punch Darren Curry claims was

out of character. His mother

equally unimpressed. The reserve

grade player claims he acted out of

frustration having earlier been

sin-binned for using his elbow. It

was the first time he'd been sent

off the ground in 25 years of

football. He hopes to shake hands

with the referee and apologise. I

would like to sense seerl apologise

for my action and what it has

brought to the game -- sincerely

apologise for my action and what it

has brought to the game. I wiek woo

like to meet him and shake his hand

and say sorry. He may have played

and say sorry. He may have played his last game but curry is pleading

with officials not to ban him from

the sport for life. It's actually

my life. I can't wait to get on the

field and play a game of football.

I can't wait through the week. I

wish it was Sunday. He's telling

young players not to emulate

hisantics. I don't want you to ever

do that. It's wrong. It's not in

the best interests of the sport.

Although the referee is happy to

accept a personal apology, he's

been gagged by league officials.

The referees association still

considering criminal charges. Police say they've smashed an illegal international betting ring in town to cash in on the World Cup. Computers, mobile phones and $20,000 in cash were seized from three rooms at the Metro Hotel. Six men from Hong Kong and two Malaysian women have been arrested, accused of unlawful bookmaking.

We're still only going through the evidence we've seized to ascertain if there's any other bets been taken other than the World Cup. The eight accused arrived in Australia three days ago.

They're now in the custody of immigration officials and will appear in court next month. Tim Webster joins us with a look at sport,

and the Socceroos have recovered better than many of their fans.

Yes, they were straight back into training today. There were no major injury worries as everyone trained, focusing on how to beat Brazil, the Socceroos then watching the Brazilians down Croatia 1-0 - a result that has Australia on top of its group. We'll hear from Socceroos shortly in sport, plus more of today's spectacular cup goals. Amid the Socceroos euphoria,

you'd be forgiven for forgetting it's Origin night. Adam Hawse joins us live from Brisbane, and, Adam, a cheeky prank has the teams fired up.

A NSW fan is on the run tonight

after vandalising the famous Waly

Lewis statue behind me at Suncorp

Stadium. He's been captured giving Stadium. He's been captured giving Waly a new coat of paint. I think

Waly a new coat of paint. I think the king has never looked better.

Police are investigating. They've

taken the matter very seriously. It

took cleaners several hours to

remove the blue paint from the king

and have him back to normal for

and have him back to normal for tonight's game. It's a much

prettier colour T could be a

historic night for the Blues. If

NSW beat Queensland tonight, that's

four successive series victories.

That's never been done in Origin.

The boys are keen to etch their

names into the record games.

Capping off a crazy day up here,

five NSW players from the under-17s

team have been stood down in

disgrace after shoplifting from a

surf shop at Sydney Airport. More Origin news in sport

as rugby tries to steal league's thunder by parading Ryan Cross as their latest big name signing. Fears of traffic chaos if the toll for the Lane Cove tunnel is too high - that's next. Plus, the legal showdown over a popular Archibald winner - the Supreme Court hands down its decision. And the former mayor of a Sydney council going into battle against parking fines.

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On top of great service, Retravision is now giving you a huge 500 days to pay. That's 500 days to pay on all electrical goods over $500. Check out our June catalogue for details. # At Retravision Yeah, we'll do it! # The inquiry into the Lane Cove Tunnel is now under way. Our State political editor, Paul Mullins, joins us live from Parliament.

He claimed the upfront payment is a

trade-off. This and the issue of

the toll was raised even before

members of the parliamentary

committee toured the site today.

committee toured the site today. The allegation is the operator pays

the $79 million up front and only

has to build two lanes instead of

three. On the toll, the councils

say it should be $2 or $2.50 each

way at the most to avoid rat runs

or traffic chaos through Lane Cove

or North Sydney. Lack of

ventilation is another key issue.

Here's part of what the main

players said earlier. We want

filtration. We are not going to

give up on filtration. It's going

to affect the whole of Sydney. It

will go up in the air out of two

big stacks and fall all over Sydney.

The cross-city tunnel was a bad

deal behind closed doors and now

we're looking at the Lane Cove

we're looking at the Lane Cove tunnel and we've found out an

upfront payment was trading away

an extra lane. There is no doubt

that this parliamentary inquiry is

a stunt. Not one car has gone

through the lane cope tunnel yet.

through the lane cope tunnel yet. Now, Paul, transport is certainly

going to be an election issue. Is

the Lane Cove tunnel likely to sway

voters as well? The Opposition

certainly hope so. They are pushing

this issue very hard indeed. The

saving grace for the Government is

that the tunnel is not due to be

opened until May, well after the

March election. Indeed. Thank you,

Paul. Doubts are being raised about whether the extra police announced in the State Budget will be enough to tackle crime. 750 have been promised, but the police union insists 3,000 are needed. It's a slick TV campaign to recruit more police that starts tonight. TV AD: Serious crime rates are lower than a decade ago. Police have tough new powers and the latest equipment. But it's reignited the row over police numbers. The Government insists their recruitment plans will put enough police on the beat to contain crime. Not only are we putting on another 750 later this month, but we will continue that recruitment program. And now, revelations of a shortage of officers across some of Sydney's most troubled areas. Redfern needs another 17 police to meet the authorised staffing level. In Surry Hills, numbers are down by 26,

Eastern Beaches down by 16, Bankstown is short 23, and Burwood is 19 below the authorised level. Every command, every specialist group is undermanned. We need to get out there and be visible in the streets. We can't continue to drive down crime if we haven't got the police to investigate. Burwood is an area plagued by burglary and car theft, but most of the time there aren't enough police to fill the roster and respond to local crime. Burwood Station is supposed to have 16 detectives. At the moment it has only 11, and there are so many cases to be investigated, they are being overwhelmed by the workload. And in a law and order election, the State Opposition considering the union's call for 3,000 extra police. I'm confident we're going to be able to reach a good outcome with the association in the run-up to the election campaign. John Hill, Ten News.

A Supreme Court judge has thrown out a challenge to the winner of the 2004 Archibald Prize. The case raised questions about whether artistic matters should be decided by the courts. Is it a painting or is it a drawing? That's the question that's been mulled over in the Supreme Court for two years, Justice Hamilton today finding he couldn't definitely say it wasn't a painting. A great relief. I think it's a victory for art in general. I don't think art should be judged in the courtroom and I think that was made very clear today.

Criag Ruddy's depiction of actor David Gulpilil won the $35,000 Archibald Prize, as well as the People's Choice, in 2004. But rival artist Tony Johansen challenged the win, claiming since Ruddy used a lot of charcoal, it was a drawing, and therefore shouldn't be in the Archibald, a painting prize, at all.

It did seem to me that the work did not fit and ordinary definition of what a painting is.

Art Gallery of NSW director Edmund Capon arguing the decision paints a broader picture. I've seen portrait prize exhibitions in which small videos occur so the idea that it's completely contrained to one technique is, I think, unrealistic. Still, some good has come from all of this for artist Craig Ruddy, and that is that the value of his painting has now soared.

There are a lot of people offering a lot of money, yes. Meanwhile, Tony Johansen is heading back to the drawing board with a clear picture in mind for his next entry. Definitely a very, very good painting. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A former mayor's feud with a Sydney council over parking fines

has ended up in court. The fight is costing him thousands, but Mick Gallagher won't give up the right to park on the footpath outside his home.

It's become Sydney's most expensive parking spot and it's right in front of Mick Gallagher's home. He claims it isn't safe to park on the corner. Two cars can't pass each other, so it's better for me, because I live on a bend, to have it on the nature strip on top of the roots. For months, the former Hornsby mayor has been fighting a $70 fine, but today the magistrate convicted him, and he'll have to pay $4,000 in costs. I'm not paying. They'll make you, Mick.

They'll try, they'll try - you don't get money out of Mick Gallagher. The council's also been ordered to pay $2,500 legal bill. Mick and his supporters argue there's a principle at stake.

Mick is a talker for freedom and justice and that's all that Mick's wanted here. One of the strangest parts of the story is that Mick was fined 22 times by Horsnby Council then they decided to leave him alone.

He hasn't been given a ticket for more than 12 months despite parking in the same place. The council were acting on the basis of complaints made by his own neighbours and they weren't happy with where he was parking his car. Council hasn't made up its mind whether the parking tickets will start again and if they will chase the outstanding fines. Mick - well, he has a song. (Sings) # G'day, I'm Ranger Danger, and I'm out to get you # I work for the local council, I outdo the boys in blue # Ha, ha, ha... # Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

We're trying to cover all the

football codes tonight. We've

covered the Socceroos. We're doing

the Blues in Queensland and Tim

Bailey is flying the flag for

Aussie Rules. It gives you an idea

of how far AFL has come that we can

be here on a State of Origin night

and in the middle of World Cup

soccer. Pennant hills AFL club is 40

years old this year. We'll put some

former stars and some Sydney Swans

and tell you about them later in

the bulletin. What about the

weather? Pretty happy today. In the

first two weeks of June we got our

entire monthly rainfall because the

next week is extremely dry with

temps of 17 degrees and clouds

rarer than a foot on a seagull.

Classic Sydney sunshine today, a

brilliant one. No pollution

whatsoever in the basin.

Tomorrow - fine and sunny and 17

degrees. Get a little post hit note

and stick it on your fridge because

that's the forecast for the next week.

A rousing reception for the US President as he makes a surprise visit to Baghdad - that's next. And good riddance - a major industrial polluter bites the dust.

I never thought of joining the police force before, but I'm glad I did. I'm back at my old job because the kids have started school. I never really left. And coming back is the best thing that I've done. Serious crime rates are lower than a decade ago.

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Time to check traffic with Vic

Lorusso. Take us to the airport

tonight. What's the problem down

there? We've got big traffic delays

into the airport and away from the

airport. There was a three-car

collision just out of the airport

tunnel. The accident is clear but

trying to get in toward the tunnel

as we zoom over the runways at

Sydney, we've got traffic

backlogging all the way back to

East Lakes and as we take the

offramp to Port Botany, you can see

traffic delays trying to get away

from Foreshore Road. The delays

extend to the M5 tolls but does

ease for motorists which is good news. Flights to and from Sydney Airport are returning to normal after an air traffic control glitch in Melbourne. Ten's Danielle Isdale joins us from Mascot and, Danielle, how are the queues looking?

They're clearing now which is a

relief for some very nervous Blues

fans trying to get up north for the

big game. It's a scare they didn't

need. The fuss was over one little

computer. A flight data processor

went offline in Melbourne for 15

minutes today. It controls all of

the airports in southern Australia.

That 15 minutes was long enough to

cause delays in Sydney, Melbourne,

Adelaide and a number of other

airports. Here in Sydney now we're

still seeing arrivals delayed up to

an hour but mostly arivals and

departures appear toing getting back

on track. The A close call at Sydney's Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, with a ruptured pipe triggering a safety scare. Federal Labor claims two toxic gases were expelled into the atmosphere, but the Science Minister says there was no contamination. ANSTO have stated that there was absolutely no radiation threat and no measurable contamination outside the immediate area where the incident concerned or in the community generally. A leaked memo from Lucas Heights confirms it will have difficulty supplying some nuclear medicine products to hospitals for the next week. Dissent within the Liberal Party over our treatment of asylum seekers has escalated sharply. Angry federal backbenchers

have emerged from crisis talks with the Immigration Minister, demanding a rethink of plans to send boat people offshore. Rebel Liberal MPs Judy Moylan and Bruce Baird lend their support to an Australia-wide petition condemning Government plans to do a backflip and send women and children asylum seekers to off-shore detention camps. I'm just pleased that people are prepared to let their views be known. So how are the talks going? Slowly it seems. We hope to be able to respond very soon to that report. Mr Baird spelling out their demands. Women and children out of detention,

length of time, ombudsman involvement and guarantees that they'll come back to Australia - these are the issues we want to see addressed.

As refugees lucky enough to be granted asylum commemorate World Refugee Day, the rebels' cause was bolstered by an all-party senate committee rejecting the changes. We're repeating the concerns that we've had and I think now we have the added strength of the senate report behind us. Watching developments very closely, an Indonesian delegation, the planned changes tailored to appease Jakarta over the granting of asylum to 42 West Papuans. New Zealand doesn't tell us what to do - I don't think Indonesia should. As many as four government senators are prepared not to support the bill as it is and the signs are the Family First Senator is also unconvinced,

and that's more than enough to assure its defeat. Why won't the Prime Minister listen to Australian parliamentarians

as much as he has listened to Indonesian parliamentarians? SPEAKER: The member for Brisbane is warned. JOHN HOWARD: It has nothing to do

with listening to Indonesian politicians. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Runaway Natasha Ryan has revealed in court for the first time why she disappeared, sparking a massive police hunt that led to her boyfriend's cupboard.

She was concerned about a prisoner's release from jail, the details of the man's identity suppressed for legal reasons. Today could have been Natasha Ryan's last walk to court, but a magistrate ruled the woman who fooled her family and police into thinking she'd been murdered did have a case to answer.

Her boyfriend, Scott Black, was also ordered to answer the charge of causing a false police investigation for helping to hide Ryan in his house. The prosecutor told how nearly five years after Ryan vanished police received a letter from Black's neighbour saying she was alive and well. Detective Carl Judge raided Black's home the next day. His partner found the teenager hiding in a cupboard. He said:

She nodded and then he said: At the time, serial killer Leonard Fraser was standing trial for the runaway's murder. The 21-year-old's father will tell how he was in the murder trial when police broke the news.

They asked him to call and confirm it was in fact his daughter by asking a question only to which only Natasha would know the answer. The reply on the phone came back, "I love you, Dad. I'm your grasshopper." An operator from Kids Help Line will also give evidence. She's expected to say that she received a phone call from a young girl who she later believed to be Natasha Ryan saying she'd run away from home, her parents thought she was dead and a man had been charged with her murder. In Rockhampton, Chloe Baker, Ten News.

US President George W. Bush has made a surprise visit to Iraq. Iraqi leaders thought they were going to talk to the President via video conference but he unexpectedly joined them in one of Saddam's former palaces. I've come to not only look you in the eye,

I've also come to tell you that when Amwerica gives its word, it will keep its word. The whirlwind 5-hour trip was aimed at showing support for the new Iraqi Government. have enjoyed a bird's-eye view

of a spectacular, controlled explosion. The 150m high chimneys, known as the Four Sisters, had been a local landmark for 43 years. Oh, my God. CHILDREN SCREAMING The site was once the world's largest coal-fired power plant,

but it was also a major polluter, and health authorities decided it had to come down. A senate showdown looming over gay civil unions still to come. Also - Qantas unveils new plans to join with Air New Zealand. And Sydney's least likely boy band computer geeks strike stardom on the net. But Brad has a bright idea.

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Tonight's major stories - an apology from the rugby league player sparked outrage when he king-hit a referee in the face. But saying sorry might not be enough to save Darren Curry from criminal charges, and he's unlikely ever to play again. Outrage from Bali bombing survivors over the release of radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.

He's been freed from an Indonesian jail after serving just over two years for his role in the terror attacks.

And - an horrendous ordeal for emergency crews arriving at the scene of a fatal crash in south -estern Sydney.

A fire truck clipped a semi-trailer and hit a tree. Mny of those responding to the crash knew those involved. One fire officer was killed.

Four others were injured. A Senate showdown is looming over the ACT Government's bid to introduce gay civil unions. The Howard Government used its power to scuttle the Territory law this week, but it could yet be reinstated by a vote of the Senate.

The Prime Minister regards gay civil unions as a threat to marriage,

but many gay couples in Canberra disagree. I just can't see how it is a threat to a traditional marriage. What I want is the right to be able to look after my partner if he gets sick. What I want is basic rights that are given to de facto couples. One Liberal, Canberra Senator Gary Humphries, says he will not support Mr Howard's position, because it denies the Territory legal independence. Qantas has revealed a new plan to join with Air New Zealand. Both airlines want to sell each other's seats on the Tasman route. It follows the recent failure of a an attempt by Qantas to take a stake in the Kiwi carrier. Qantas says the new plan will benefit the airlines and consumers alike. By combining our efforts - that is Air New Zealand and Qantas - we can reduce costs by removing some surplus capacity and ensure that low fares are sustainable. Critics disagree, saying the plan will instead increase fares. Qantas has suffered one blow, revealing a 6-month delay on its new Airbus A380. After yesterday's huge fall, a slight recovery today for the share market.

A group of Sydney computer geeks have become unlikely stars thanks to the Internet. They put together a send-up of boy bands and, much to their surprise, found a worldwide audience. By day they're your average computer geeks. But to their thousands of online fans they're known at Rootkit. What started out as a work Christmas party stunt has launched the IT consultants into stardom. The reason I'm wearing a cast

is from fending off the amount of women that have been swamping us.

Their song 'Patch It' about computer security software has been entered in Google Idol - an international online competition in search of the world's so-called best musical performers.

So far, their spoof video clip is right up there with serious international bands with big budgets. The foursome say their inspiration for making the clip came from their idols, the Backstreet Boys. And now they've got high hopes of hitting the big time. When you start at the bottom, there's no way to go but up. These brainy techs are causing quite a stir in the workplace, their instant rise to fame making them the envy of the office.

These self-confessed computer

geeks have not found a way of

hacking into the computer system.

Just one vote per day per computer

is allowed with the winner

announced in two weeks time.

And despite the invaluable international exposure, they have no intention of giving up their day jobs. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

Weather check with Tim Bailey who

is joined by a Ten News legend.

Harry Potter is our Chief of Staff,

intrepid police reporter and

intrepid police reporter and also

into AFL as well. He's Mr AFL out

here. We're here for the club's

40th anniversary and blood sweat

and tears and the family gene pool

gone through here? My three sons

started under six and my eldest is

in mid-20s and Jack is 13. They

talk about obesity in kids, never

in our case. Timmy potter, if you're

watching, he's an up-and-coming

reporter and he'll be cringing

that his Oldman is here talking

about them big round of applause

for Bethany, the only girl here.

We'll tell you more later on. This

is a weather report, H. You don't

deal in inexact science. You are

one of the world's best crime

reporters, let me do the weather report.

Tomorrow, 17 degrees and a

brilliant blue sky and for Ten News

this was - Harry Potter, Ten News.

And Tim Bailey, Ten News. Very good.

I love hearing that. Sport is next and, Tim, rugby tries to upstage league on it's big night. Yes, they've chosen Origin day to show off Ryan Cross as their latest recruit. More shortly. Also - the Blues expect to be at full stretch with speculation it could be a fiery game two. And the match that left the Aussies on top of their World Cup group.

The average card charges over 15% interest. Now you can do something about it. and apply for Escape the card sharks. Call today:

There are predictions State of Origin's Game II is set to explode tonight. League reporter Adam Hawse joins us and Queensland's desperation might cause things to boil over.

Tim, they're tipping some good

old-fashioned State of Origin Biffo

tonight. The Maroons have to win to

keep the series alive. They offered

little in Game I until Justin

Hodges and Erik Grothe went toe to

toe. Queenslanders play their best

when emotions bubble over. You can

expect a fiery game tonight. Both teams enjoying a match-day stroll, but there'll be nothing pleasant about the opening exchanges tonight. It's not anything that Queensland's condoning but there's been a lot of pressure on the Queensland forwards to be aggressive. If it's taken to the next step we might see a few little fisticuffs which would be...bring it on. Origin legends expecting - and hoping - for fireworks. I'm pretty sure they probably will so it'll be good for the crowd - they're not going to hurt each other and they'll all wear mouthguards so get it on. The Blues to face a more aggressive Queensland. I think so. I think there will be a bit of spite. I think Nate Myles is a really good introduction into the starting team. I think he's a really tough kid. I think Mark O'Meley's against him - I watched them in the first game and they tore into each other so there's two blokes who don't mind starting it. The Blues preparing for Darren Lockyer to bounce back to his best. You just get a feeling that he's dirty about all this talk about him moving back to fullback and he wants to show people that he's the real deal in the 6 jersey. Rugby union using league's biggest day to announce Sydney Rooster Ryan Cross is defecting to the Western Force and already has his eye on next year's World Cup. That's definitely a goal. Obviously I want to play well for the Western Force and hopefully make them a winning team, but long term that's definitely a major goal.

And Parramatta prop Fuifui Moimoi has been cleared of biting Melbourne's Brett White.

Tim , there was a little bit of

doubt over Mark O'Meley who had a

groin twinge yesterday but he's

been cleared to play.

South Sydney have landed their

first blop for next year signing

David Kidwell for the next three

years. Tonight I tip the Blues by

12. I'm with you. Wallabies half George Gregan will start from the bench in Saturday's second Test against England. He one's of three changes. Australian coach John Connolly will rest the skipper to blood Sam Cordingly at scrum half. Centre Stirling Mortlock will become the Wallabies' 73rd Captain. Three years ago when I first got thrown into the captaincy role with the Brumbies it was a little bit foreign to me and I was a little bit unsure how to handle it, but now my mind-set is pretty good. I know what I've got to do to perform well and to be a good captain. And giant Waratahs forward Wycliff Palu will debut in the green and gold joining Gregan on the reserves bench. It was back to work for the Socceroos today after their stunning victory over Japan. The boys are still riding a wave of emotion after their historic win. The Australian flag was flying high and proud

at today's recovery session. Not surprisingly it was all smiles for goal-scorers Tim Cahill and John Aloisi, the pair still coming to terms with their amazing achievement. It's most definitely the pinnacle of my career, you know. It was only for half an hour or so but it was the biggest half an hour of my life and a lot of Australians back home and my families. It makes me proud to finally be at a World Cup and the whole of Australia is watching now.

The Australian crowd support a vital source of inspiration. One thing I'll never forget is the players walking on the field for the first time in 32 years and to hear the supporters sing the national anthem here in Germany. There were no words to it, just the music, and the supporters sang the words. It gave the players a wonderful lift. Goal-scoring hero Tim Cahill in no doubt about the impact of the win back home.

The knock-on effect it's had, it's rocked the nation. This shows what we can do to Australian football and what we can do as a world game. The Socceroos' effort against Japan has also caught the imagination of fans across Germany. School children from Oehringen crowding in to the training session to support their second-favourite team at the World Cup. Bresciano!

After the oppressive conditions of the match against Japan, the team have got through remarkably unscathed. Every one of the 23 members of the squad training at the recovery session and available for the match against Brazil. Neil Cordy in Oehringen for Ten News. Another historic moment for the Socceroos, sitting on top of their group after the opening matches. Brazil's 1-0 victory over Croatia has Australia ahead on goal average

after the two group heavyweights slugged it out. As true believers listened a world away in Brazil, in Berlin fans were in their finest, expecting a barrage. It came in the 44th minute from Kaka's blast. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Kaka's got time... Ronaldo's touches were all too rare as Croatia took the game up to the champions. The 1-0 result reason to celebrate for both camps -

no more so than in Rio - the first team to win eight consecutive World Cup matches, giving birth to hopes of back-to-back titles. A somewhat sombre note to the French voices, players honouring injured superstar Cisse. The eloquent skills of Zinedine Zidane were on show, which had him a marked man. Switzerland created the most chances, which had the '98 world champions happy to sit on a 0-0 draw, both sides left ruing a number of quality opportunities. In South Korea a sign of just how massive this world football stage is. And it was an anxious wait, South Korea's winner coming in the 77th minute against debutants Togo. Jung-Hwan Ahn - oh! Having dedicated the win to Guus Hiddink the country holds strong hopes of the fireworks continuing. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. Tiger Woods will make his return to professional golf this week And in Sports Tonight, all the highlights from Suncorp Stadium as the Blues attempt their fourth consecutive series win.

Traffic check with Vic Lorusso who

is at Parramatta Road tonight. It's

a struggle out to Guildford.

Traffic affected by an accident on

wood vill road have to head through

Lidcombe. Parramatta road delayed

on both lanes. This traffic ex

tends through Granville and Auburn.

Delays from Homebush continues to Greystanes. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather next.

for a massive 15% off storewide. Some exclusions apply. ends Saturday!

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, I'm a little

embarrassed tonight. I've

accidentally wandered on with a

reddish-coloured tie and the Blues

are playing. I mucked up. We said

earlier in the bulletin, what a

long way AFL has come. State of

Origin is up

Origin is up in Brisbane - don't

like saying the word, I'm breaking

out in a rash saying 'Brisbane' and

World Cup soccer is on. We're talks

grass roots and a song that goes

like this. (Sings) # The team (Sings) # The team we love

# The team of the red and the blue

... #

It's pennant hills and they're

celebrating their 40th an

versally. One of their old boys is

now a Sydney Swans star. Welcome to

the telly Jared. How are your ears?

Not exactly a choir. You started

here. Grass roots AFL footy pooming

across Sydney. 40 years this club

and they've produced a few stars

like your brother and a few others.

You have Lenny Hayes in skilled ya.

He's been a captain before -- St

Kilda. He's been a cap take before. A

A huge game on Saturday week. You

got beaten by a few points, three

points. Sorry about the weather on

Saturday by the way. It was a bit

wet. Collingwood got a hiding

against febl and the two super

teams come together at Telstra

Stadium on Saturday week. We hope

so. Collingwood is in good form so

we'll hopefully win and we just

want all the supporters to get out

there and support us and get us

over the line. They will because

you're playing the black and white

and nobody likes them, not anybody.

On Saturday the 17th of June, it's

the 40th anniversary dinner for the

Pennant Hills Australian rules

football team. Give yourselves a big cheer.

And plenty of blue sky. That will

in Sydney town in the next week.

Mainly sunny and 17 degrees is all

she wrote, that's all you need for

the next week. Lucky we we got all

the month's Labour rainfall in the

first two weeks because it's

looking fine and sunny and 17

degrees right through until not

just this weekend before the one after.

Skies are clear across most of the

country under the influence of a

strong high pressure system.

Tomorrow, a high pressure system

generates a cold morning and mostly

sunny days. Tomorrow, what's

falling from the sky? Dry across

NSW. Showers along the Queensland

and north-eastern NT coast. Friday

- a strong high in the Bight will

result in another cold, frosty

morning in the south-east and a

mostly sunny day across the south.

Fine and sunny, 17 degrees. It's

easy being the weather man for the

next week. Let's go interstate.

Happy 40th birthday, Pennant Hills.

See you tomorrow. It will be quieter then. World Cup fever has spread from the green grass of Germany

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( MARGE GRUNTING ) COME ON! TO DO YOUR... BUSINESS. THE EXPERTS SAY IF YOU WANT AN ANIMAL TO DO SOMETHING YOU SHOULD DO IT YOURSELF FIRST TO SHOW HIM HOW. I'M NOT GOING TO THE BATHROOM IN THE BACKYARD. SORRY, YOUR MAJESTY.