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(generated from captions) showcasing the variety of work They've put together an exhibition course. they've produced during the covers, the exhibition is From fashion to food to record of work. enhancing their professional body photographers is on display at the The work of the budding tomorrow. C-I-T exhibition space from Tuesday night. That's WIN News from Canberra this at The headlines are on our website Coming of age - world class in the world game. the Socceroos finally prove they're for Australia. COMMENTATOR: It's an historic moment wild celebrations in Germany... The victory sets off Bring on Brazil! (Chant) Bring on Brazil. ..and here at home. of the hotel robbery Murder hunt - dramatic video stabbed to death. which saw a Sydney father making a return to Sydney. And double-decker buses This program is captioned live. Good evening.

nobody wake the Socceroos. If it's a dream, please - Australia's first-ever goals - They have created history, scoring victory at the World Cup finals. and more importantly, our first-ever Ken Sutcliffe joins us from Germany, what a result! and Ken, what a finish - just getting here was enough, Mark, many thought but they clearly forgot

of passionate Aussies, to tell this extraordinary team who never, ever give up. Just when all seemed lost last night, three sensational goals the Socceroos scored in just eight minutes against Japan, on both sides of the world. sparking euphoria

echoed throughout Germany, Their cheer deafened Kaiserslautern, pay attention. and made every other World Cup team Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Aussie! (All cheer) we'd won the World Cup final. You'd have thought colouring it green and gold, Aussies filled the town centre, in their thousands, celebrating a win the team's World Cup credentials. that buried doubt about was anything but a celebration. But, for 84 minutes, the game the Socceroos looked set For all their support, to their first round. to record a lame start Japan scored a controversial goal - knocked sideways. Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer claiming a foul. COMMENTATOR: Schwarzer's probably 8 or 9 times out of 10. And I've seen those given as fouls Hiddink activated the masterplan, Then in the second half, coach Guus Tim Cahill and John Aloisi. sending on substitutes Cahill was quick into action. Australia has done it! It's brought home by Tim Cahill - Australia has do e it!

World Cup goal. Australia's first ever simply went nuts. The fans outside the stadium Redemption - a potential draw - to settle for that. but they weren't going just five minutes later by another. That historic first goal was followed Cahill! Tim Cahill has done it again! What a goal by Tim Cahill!

Cahill again, 2-1. John Aloisi made sure Then, in extra time, were no longer underdogs this competition knew the Socceroos and not to be underestimated. Aloisi - 3-1. It's all over! undoubtedly remembered A win which will sporting history. as a great moment in Australian was a sensation, Just qualifying for the World Cup convincingly is a dream come true. but to win this first game so Absolutely sensational. three goals in eight minutes - 1-0 down, that's what it's all about. of the team's next opponents. And among this crowd, no fear now Bring on Brazil! Bring on Brazil! sitting on the side of the road, Leaving dejected Japanese fans of the town's square. the Aussies took charge # I still call Australia home! # (All sing) And, back at the stadium, as the team hit the road. more fans formed a guard of honour to absorb the win. The Socceroos had two hours an old hunting lodge - The ride back to the team hotel - like a returning hunting party. and they were greeted Now it's on to Munich World Cup holders, Brazil. and the next game against reigning National Nine News. In Kaiserslautern, Michael Usher, From the epicentre here in Germany, shockwave all the way back home the Socceroos sent a seismic and city across Australia. that could be felt in every town (Chant) # Ole, ole, ole, ole! # Cheering 32 years in the making. Brilliant! Number one. I don't believe it. into all corners of the country... The world game reached sounded the same. ..and success for the Socceroos

They played 16,000km away fans lived every moment. and from the kick-off, hope to supporters in Japan. That controversial goal delivered Rubbish. Absolute rubbish! came and went, Opportunities for Australia answered. but the prayers of the faithful were And it's poked home by Tim Cahill! COMMENTATOR: Harry Kewell... emptied their lungs again. Goal two and the fans And then the third. some able to en look The Japanese were dumbfounded, some unable to even look.

There were no ethnic divides. Here, seeing was believing. Fair dinkum, I love you. I'm Korean. Everyone was in green and gold.

The victory has made fans believe than ever to take on Brazil. that Australia is now more ready

and we are going to win. We still have two more games to win Cahill, I'll marry you. The celebrations choked city streets. at 1:30 in the morning. The victory parade created gridlock Police were there to return order, turning down the volume. but there was no but th re was no

is set to kick on. This love affair with soccer Dale Paget, National Nine News. Mark, I'll be back later the Socceroos' astonishing victory. with more highlights from continues for a fifth man Now to other news and the police hunt of a Sydney father of three wanted over the murder on Friday night. after a hotel robbery at St Peters as 20-year-old Sitiveni Loko. Police have named the man National Nine News of the hold-up. has obtained graphic security vision from crime reporter Shaun Fewings. This exclusive report police want to arrest. This is the man the robbery at the White Horse Hotel. They believe he's the mastermind of the front bar just before midnight, It's alleged four thieves burst into bailing up patrons and dashing for the cash register, where a fight broke out with the barman. I thought it was a joke and then I turned around and there were a gun, there were knives out there. The hotel's cameras show off-duty security guard Stoyche Petreski playing the pokies, celebrating with friends the birth of his third child. In a flash, they were interrupted at gunpoint. Mr Petreski and his friends were forced to hand over their valuables. Next door, the barman tried in vain to open the hotel safe. Three of the thieves then ran for the front door.

The gunman levelled his weapon at the terrified barman, who decided to fight back. KEN: I thought if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die like a man. He then pursued the robbers outside. Other hotel drinkers, including Mr Petreski, armed themselves with pool cues and gave chase as well.

Moments later, 33-year-old Stoyche lay dying on the ground of a stab wound. Friends tried to revive the father of three. I knew he was gone. He died in my arms, you know? He died in my arms. Mr Petreski's friends have established a hotline number for donations to his family. The number is 1300 793 888. Shaun Fewings, National Nine News.

Two teenage boys have been arrested after another youth was stabbed during a fight outside a school at Doonside in Sydney's west this afternoon. The 17-year-old was with a group of friends when a car pulled up alongside them.

An argument broke out, before one of those in the car pulled out a knife. The boy suffered a cut to his cheek and was also hit on the head. He's recovering in Blacktown Hospital.

There has been more startling evidence at the inquest into the death of Dianne Brimble on board a cruise ship four years ago. Stephen Hart, who worked as a magician on the cruise, claims he was told to shut up and his job was threatened after he tried to speak to his superiors about Mrs Brimble's death. He says he danced with the mother-of-three in the ship's nightclub the evening she died and she'd appeared happy and not intoxicated. The inquest was also shown a promotional postcard for the 'Pacific Sky', which the coroner described as sexist and inappropriate. Police have spent the day searching bushland in Sydney's south for a woman who went missing two years ago. Kylie Labouchardiere, then aged 23, left her grandmother's home on the Central Coast in April 2004, heading for Goulburn. Police have tracked her movements to Sutherland railway situation, prompting the search in the nearby Royal National Park. We're looking for anything that would indicate what happened to Kylie, but one of those things we're looking for is a body, yes. Kylie's family has appealed for witnesses to come forward to end their distress and grief. The State Government has been forced to defend its road safety record, with claims there's a disturbing shortage of highway patrol officers. The Police Minister has denied there's any crisis. The Opposition has produced what it calls 'hard evidence' of fatally low levels of police highway patrols. It says these rosters leaked from the Tuggerah Lakes police command reveal a skeleton staff of highway patrol officers could do little to prevent 11 deaths in February, March and April. We've only had two highway patrol available to do highway patrol work out of a potential pool of 24 officers. Certainly, some areas, you don't see enough highway patrol and I admit to that. A former highway patrolman himself, the shadow police minister says the F3 in particular is being policed by speed cameras, not highway patrols. The fact is the Government's relying more on Constable Kodak - the speed camera on the side of the road these days - than they are actually the police presence. And the head of police traffic services couldn't argue with the claim that more tickets are issued after fixed-camera detections. I don't have those figures. The RTA are responsible for fixed digital speed cameras in this State.

The Government says the Opposition's figures are outdated and the Police Minister has seized on statistics from the long weekend just gone as proof that the roads are well policed. The road toll was only two,

compared to a comparable weekend last year of five and the year before of six. Forget the spin, Carl. Forget the spin, Premier. Get off your backside and get these cops through and get these highway patrol back out there doing the job. Adam Walters, National Nine News. In a clear sign that relations are beginning to thaw, Indonesia's ambassador is back at his post in Canberra, receiving a warm welcome from PM Howard. The links between he links between our two parliaments are important. The ambassador returned following 11 weeks in Jakarta as a diplomatic snub over Australia's decision to grant temporary asylum to 42 West Papuans. In the news ahead - double-decker buses returning to Sydney. Red Planet rover - the new vehicle to search for life on Mars.

And Kylie's latest video, singing with her sister. It could become more expensive to get into a nightclub if legal action by musicians and their record labels is successful. They want a greater share of the profits from those who play their music, arguing that while clubs charge at least $10 a head for people to get in, just seven cents of that goes to them. It's all about a fair deal for those who create the music - the recording artists and the record labels. The musicians want a cut of around $2.30 per person within the next five years. If you wait long enough, everything old becomes new again. 30 years after they disappeared from Sydney's streets, double-decker buses are set to make a return. Once upon a time they moved Sydney - (two short whistles) lumbering green and yellow diesel-burners as high as the shop awnings. The double-deckers replaced the trams but, by the late 1970s, they, in turn, were plagued by controversy - The blue Atlanteans in particular, nicknamed 'trouble-deckers' as unions fought moves to get rid of conductors. Eventually, all were taken off the roads. But now, a new-age double-decker could soon be rolling through town. They may come into their own on the long-haul routes, say from north-western Sydney or the northern beaches - that's where they'd be most appropriate, where we need to move a lot of people at one go. Custom Coaches is Australia's biggest bus builder and it's come up with the new design, shorter and more fuel-efficient than existing buses. Yesterday's solution isn't sufficient for today. We're in a different environment, we have different needs, and we're trying to deliver on those needs. The company says there's lots of interest from bus companies. This skeletal framework gives customers an idea of size. One of the big differences - the new buses have got rid of that old and very dangerous spiral staircase that the original double-deckers had. But one thing hasn't changed - that is the view from the front seat on the top deck still provides the best outlook in town. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Four days after the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, al-Qa'ida has a replacement. And a fresh round of rebel violence is under way, with car bombs killing at least 34 people around Baghdad. The new al-Qa'ida chief in Iraq is a man named as Abu Hamza al-Muhajir. Holding a summit on the Iraq crisis today, President Bush said Zarqawi's successor is now a wanted man. I think the successor to Zarqawi is gonna be on our list to bring to justice. The Americans continue to refute claims that Zarqawi was bashed before he died, saying he hung on for 52 minutes after the air strike, but couldn't survive blast injuries to his lungs. British scientists are planning a new mission to search for life on Mars, using a remote-controlled machine they call 'Bridget'. Now being tested in the Canary Islands, it's designed to think up its own solutions to exploration problems. The main tool is a drill, which will probe for soil samples, then analyse them for any evidence of life forms. And this grainy video recorded on a mobile phone officially marks yesterday's happy moment when Kylie Minogue returned to the stage. hen Kylie joined sister Dan i A fan grabbed this video souvenir when Kylie joined sister Dannii and sang a chorus to Dannii's song 'Jump to the Beat'.

With treatment for breast cancer now complete, Kylie ultimately hopes to resume her Showgirl Tour, which she had to abandon last year. We'll go back to Ken in Germany after the break, with Guus's sideline dust-up and plenty more highlights from our historic win. Aloisi! And the Blues get a feel for Suncorp Stadium, ahead of Origin II. Welcome back to Germany, where Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink has refused to apologise for a sideline stoush

with a FIFA official and a member of the Japanese support staff. But not even that could spoil the Aussies' astounding 3-1 victory, the most important in Australian soccer history. Every Socceroo day should finish like this... COMMENTATOR: It is an historic moment for Australia. Guus Hiddink celebrates, Australia celebrate.

It began on the golden afternoon in Kaiserslautern with a wardrobe to match. But this Australian story had a very bad start. It's awkward for Mark Schwarzer. It's gone over the top and it's a goal. Amidst cluttered defence, some push and shove - somehow, the referee said 'no worries' - Japan in front 1-0. Guus Hiddink was furious and let a FIFA official and his opponents know it, on a sideline monitor. as he tried to check out the replay on a sideli e monitor. There's some argy-bargy on the touchline as well. Hiddink was right and the ref soon knew it.

After seeing a big-screen replay, He apologised to Schwarzer for not disallowing the goal and awarding him a penalty. He basically just turned to me and said, "Listen, I'm sorry. I made a mistake". Kewell was flat out. Kewell! The Socceroos needed an edge on an energy-sapping 38-degree day. I can tell you that Tim Cahill's arrival is imminent. Almost immediately, Cahill, along with Joshua Kennedy and John Aloisi, invigorated the Socceroos' attack. It's a landmark moment for Australian football. Tim Cahill has scored the nation's first-ever World Cup finals goal. At that late stage, a draw loomed as our best result. But five minutes later, Cahill, who came into this tournament with an injured leg, made it 2-1. in Kaiserslaute n! Oh, it's a wonderful moment in Kaiserslautern! It's a wonder strike from the wonder boy of Australian football. The heart of the Socceroos was beating strongly, leaving their opponents bewildered. Then, in a flash, the killer blow. Aloisi! 3-1! It's all over - 3 points for Australia. Before delirious fans, the Aussies demonstrated they were made of the right stuff. We worked hard. The managers told us to keep going and we did and it paid off. But they had tested even the most faithful. There's no doubt this victory has given the Australian fans a lot of heart There was no shortage of goals overnight. Tomas Rosicky was on target for the Czechs, scoring twice, including this perfect long-range bomb which gave the American keeper ich gave the American keeper no chance. Italy was finding Ghana tough to crack, until Andrea Pirlo launched a powerful shot shortly before half-time.

The match was sealed in the 83rd minute, when a defensive error handed the Italians their second goal. Roosters hard-man Adrian Morley is set to announce he's heading home at the end of this season. The English international is poised to sign a long-term deal with Warrington. Meanwhile, the Eels' Fuifui Moimoi is currently facing the judiciary, answering a biting charge. If found guilty, Moimoi could face up to 12 weeks on the sidelines. Souths' Adam MacDougall today accepted a 4-match ban for striking. Queensland coach Mal Meninga has promised a more fired-up approach from his team in tomorrow night's crucial second State of Origin game in Brisbane. It's a match the Maroons must win to keep the series alive, while the Blues also won't hear of defeat. Despite their own challenge, the Blues are feeding off the Socceroos' success and the round ball got a brief run at training today. We want to be a few other different heroes tomorrow night would be nice, but first things first, and we've had a real relaxed build-up to the game. It was NSW's first and only session at Suncorp Stadium before tomorrow night's showdown and increasing talk of Queensland turning on the biff isn't sending shivers through this lot. Controlled aggression for sure, controlled passion, controlled ball, controlled everything, so, that's what's going to win the game. The old Lang Park used to a be a ground that made every Queensland player feel unbeatable

and often the Blues couldn't handle that. But NSW has now developed a real passion for the place and game II can't come quick enough.

Those Queenslanders are certainly different and passionate. They create such a great atmosphere for the players to play at, so it's going to be a good night.

Some of those fans are already lining up, and here's a little taste of what the visitors can expect from the 50,000-plus crowd. Go, Queensland, the sun will shine on you. And go the Maroons and do a Hopoate on the Blues. Queensland is facing a record fourth consecutive series loss and that's a statistic everyone in this State is praying will bring the best out in the Maroons. Queensland is ready and the Blues are waiting. In Brisbane, Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News.

Mark, an absolutely beautiful day

here in Germany in this beautiful

little village. It's all the better

for last night. What an amazing night. After the break - the CommSec finance report, then Jaynie with the weather details.

To finance, and after taking a breather for the Queen's Birthday, our market resumed its downward spiral, registering its biggest one-day fall since the September 11 terrorist attacks nearly five years ago. More than $25 billion was wiped from investors' portfolios,

Our dollar is nor Ou dollar is nor Our dollar is nor faring, buying Our dollar is nor faring, buying 73.99 US cents. It was an icy cold start for inland suburbs. Richmond was almost -1, your coldest morning in nine months. 7 for the city which is 2 below average. Right now, it's 15. A large high is sitting over the country, providing us with clear skies. Winds are turning onshore along the North Coast,

with evening showers and a frosty night for the inland. Now this high will stay west of Sydney over the next few days, then head out to the Tasman on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Canberra - morning fog and frost then sunshine, 12 degrees. A brief shower for Melbourne and a few for the Hobart mountains. A cold and frosty morning for Adelaide. Early showers for Perth. Gusty winds for Darwin and a possible shower in Brisbane. Sydney - early birds can catch the sun-up at 6:58. Barely a cloud in the sky, with light winds and local sea breezes in the afternoon. Sunset at 4:53.

Waking up to some fog over the western suburbs. The rest of our short working week will stay sunny after those cold nights and very dry air. At this stage, there's a chance of a light coastal shower on Sunday, but that's it for a while, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

'My Restaurant Rorts' - the eatery made famous on reality TV,

but now no one's getting paid and the owner doesn't care.

Can I ask why, please? Can I ask why? Also tonight, outrageous parking fines. Now they're even slugging people waiting for other drivers to pull out of parking spaces. Plus, the ADHD epidemic - why are children from poorer backgrounds more likely to be put on powerful drugs? And microwave ovens - the best deals, and the dangers every family should know about. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw.

Those stories shortly. First, World Cup glory for the Socceroos - 32 years of wishful thinking is over.

We're not just competing at a World Cup, we've got our first win on the board. And it came courtesy of three amazing goals

in the space of a few unforgettable minutes. How big is this World Cup? Mate, it's bloody huge, mate. I'm only 30 and I've been waiting 32 years. Yeah (laughing). a little crazy under a full moon... Things are supposed to get a little crazy un er a full oon...

(All sing) Ole, ole, ole! ..but last night's lunacy was all about football. It kicked off well before the game did. CAR HORNS BLARE It's about watching every World Cup and never seeing Australia in it and now we're finally in it and you know what, we are going to do damage, we are taking this one home. Yeah! Maybe it was the beer talking, but Australians were also full of confidence. From the lounge room... Australia! Go Aussies, whoa! the local... We're going to win.

Australia! It's all the way, yes. COMMENTATOR: It's Viduka for Australia!

A few early misses for Australia... (all groan) ..and a first-half goal to Japan, and all of a sudden, there was silence. and all of a sudd n there was silence After 32 years, you'd think they'd give us a fair go, but that's alright, second half we'll show them what we're made of. With 10 minutes to go, the worried looks were contagious.