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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - Aussie fans going wild for the game of their lives. as the Socceroos prepare a life ban for king-hitting the ref. A rugby league player facing speaks of her personal heartache And Olivia Newton-John a Queen's Birthday honour. after receiving and Sandra Sully. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. the Cronulla riots investigation Also tonight, fears is being wound down too early. for Kylie Minogue and her fans - And a dream comes true to the stage. the Aussie superstar returning crunch time for the Socceroos, But first this evening, World Cup showdown with Japan with kick-off to their first now just hours away. from Kaiserslautern. Ten's Neil Cordy joins us live in the making. Neil, this match has been a long time

Yes, Ronnie. No doubt about that.

At least it's here. It's been a

journey 32 years in the making,

probably the longest-running saga in

Australian sport. And it's finally

about to enter a new chapter and

hopefully a successful one. I'm

here on the main here on the main street. There's

already some Aussie fans here. It's

early in the morning in Germany.

But the Socceroos had their final

training session ahead of the match

against Japan, which has been given

some extra spies because of the

comments made by the Japanese that

the Socceroos play dirty football.

Not surprisingly, that has drawn a

response from the Australian


I'm getting very angry that

people are suggesting that. There's

always, before a World Cup with

this huge attention, always games

played towards the opponents and I

think this should be a fair contest.

With matches to come against Brazil

and Croatia, the number one team in

the world Brazil, it's really a

must-win match for the Socceroos

against Japan. They'll need all the

support they can get and Frank

Coletta's been finding out just

where that support is coming from. help is on its way. Socceroos, fear not - # And he sang and he watched (All sing) # And waited till his billy boiled with me. # # You'll come a-waltzing Matilda Frankfurt is the latest German city of green and gold mania, to get a taste rolling into town. the 7,000-strong fanatics the month-long festival of football, They've come prepared for tired but ready for the challenge. when you get to a game No matter how tired you are, you're going to find it somewhere. you're going to find it, We've got so many songs. They'll love it. There's plenty of us here, so we'll be pretty loud. Another little Australia, Socceroo success. where they've been toasting

and happy about qualifying, We're here now wanted to make sure although a couple of rivals the pain of the past. Aussie fans never forget Don't forget '97, don't forget '97. Iran! Iran! Very, very cheeky. Cheeky, mate. they've dubbed the 'Aussie Express' A special train service to Kaiserslautern. will see these passionate supporters Most are ready to give their all. We're still learning the songs.

and their growing band of supporters, This is what awaits the Socceroos a hearty welcome from Kaiserslautern. It's fairly quiet now. are about to change all that. About 10,000 Aussies and in confident mood. A few are already there

hitting us up We had a few of the Japanese journos are going to be. for what we think the tips What did you tell them? Aussies all the way. Australia 2. Japan 1. Nooo! Frank Coletta, Ten News. In Kaiserslautern, Germany,

Yes, as you can see, there's some

Aussie fans here in Kaiserslauten

at the moment and those numbers

will swell dramatically in the

coming hours. There are more than 2

now thousand coming on a specially

chartered train from Berlin. Ronnie,

exciting day. back to you. It's going to be an

another violent attack on a referee Back home, there's been at a local football game. is expected to be banned for life. The player involved After a spate of rough tackles, off the field. the referee orders Darren Jack Curry Magpies player lets fly. But instead, the Lower Clarence only stopping The attack on referee Vaughn Steel pull him away. when Curry's team-mates It did catch me by surprise with this particular player, because I thought, I had a good rapport with him. he'd sin-binned Curry Just minutes earlier,

for using his elbow in a tackle.

to the reserve grade match, But within seconds of returning the lock forward was at it again. This time taking it out on the ref.

and local supporters. The incident devastating his team to the ref. The club president later apologising No-one likes to see that, the game officials. especially when it involves to get good officials. As we all know, it's very hard It comes a week Smith pushed a referee in the back. after Parramatta half-back Jeremy of just four weeks. For that he copped a ban That decision spreading disquiet at all levels - through refereeing ranks should have been much tougher. many believing the penalty

sacrosanct. They definitely should be when, in this instance, It's really concerning into their own hands. players take the game incident are under way. Several inquiries into this latest Curry's final match. It appears this will be Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Community concerns tonight investigating the Cronulla riots the strike force is being wound down too early. Enoggera has run its course Police insist

and there's nothing left to do. street violence, Six months after Sydney's worst the race riots and revenge attacks the task force set up to investigate is being wound up. 14 convictions and four jail terms, After nearly 100 arrests, police admit they've hit a wall, than they can do. saying there's little more from time to time Specific task forces are set up to deal with particular matters and, when their work is complete, those task forces are wound up. are still on the streets But most of the revenge attackers a $20,000 bounty on their heads. and the Opposition wants lock up those Middle Eastern thugs This Government was never going to and I'd say to Premier Iemma put the money there today. If he doesn't do it, I will straight after the election. Already people who have information would have been as cooperative as could be. But this is a matter of evidence, it's not a matter of money. Task Force Enoggera will wrap up in the next three to four weeks after all leads are exhausted. Most unsolved cases will be passed on to the Middle Eastern organised crime squad. What has been out in the public domain for quite a lengthy period of time is all we have. But, as I said, there's more investigation to do and the results will come. State Crime Command says the main problem they're now facing is a lack of new evidence. Most of the hit-and-run revenge attacks took place at night and police say there isn't the same amount of video footage available as there was with the riots. Releasing these pictures led to two arrests in the past 24 hours. A 17-year-old boy handed himself in to police after his photo appeared in a Sunday paper. A 22-year-old woman has also been charged. Police are still searching for four other suspects. Richard Davies, Ten News. Calls for an overhaul of the Queen's Birthday honours list from two former PMs. Entertainers, sporting figures and charity workers are among the 670 Australians receiving official recognition.

Best-selling author Colleen McCullough has dubbed her AO the Adults Only award. But she really would have preferred a recognition more in keeping with the Queen's birthday. Quite honestly, it would be much more fun to be a dame, which is what it used to be. I'm not knocking it, believe me - I'm delighted. One of seven to receive the highest honour of Companion of the Order of Australia is Olympic Committee chief John Coates. I'm obviously very pleased personally. It is an important recognition, particularly for the Olympic movement, the role it plays in this country and internationally. Another to get the top gong, painter Margaret Olley. Among the sporting stars recognised today, former cricketer Dean Jones. Former Australian rugby league captain Brad Fittler is also there. His charity work highlighted as well. To put a smile on a couple of kids' faces is an amazing feeling, so what's considered time and effort is really nothing. Father Chris Riley for his Youth Off the Streets program

has been awarded an AM. No day off for the youth worker, though - he's in East Timor today. A fresh row has broken out on the relevance of the awards - republicans see it as a distraction from the Australia Day honours and even former prime ministers Whitlam and Fraser want the selection process changed so more charity workers are acknowledged. When asked if he would back any changes, John Howard was blunt. No. Rifka Knox has dedicated her life to helping others and now has recognition for her community work. I wanted to raise people's self-esteem, and keep them warm and show them someone cared. Bali bomb survivor Julian Burton is another who gave a lot back to the community by setting up a burns trust. I don't think you do charity work to receive awards. You do it because you want to make a difference to the community, so to be recognised on this level, I'm very proud of it. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. And Olivia Newton-John has also been honoured, made an Officer of the Order of Australia. Later this news hour, she breaks her silence on the reported sightings of her missing boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, in Mexico. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport,

and yet more trouble for Parramatta. Yes, Eels forward Fuifui Moimoi will front the judiciary tomorrow night. He faces a biting charge. The incident referred to the panel without a grading. More in sport, including a Bulldogs-Raiders thriller. And Rafael Nadal stretched his amazing record on clay

after winning back-to-back French Open singles titles, and he beat world number one Roger Federer to do it. Also later, a much-needed win for the new-look Wallabies. Does it mean a revival? A backlash against Kim Beazley's plan to rip up the new work laws - that's next. Also tonight, deep under Sydney, the city's huge new rail tunnel takes shape. And ready to brave the elements - two thrillseekers heading from Sydney to New Zealand by kayak. LAUGHTER PIRATE: Alright! Get in and grab some of these Pirate Pearl M&M's! Why don't you just use the other one, mate? Oh. Sorry.

This program is captioned live. A Sydney father has put his life on the line to save a tourist trying to surf in wild seas. 49-year-old Kim Finlay was looking out the window of his Queenscliff unit late yesterday when he spotted a struggling surfer waving for help.

So I just grabbed my wetty and got on my surfboard, paddled out and got him and towed him in. The 29-year-old Czech tourist was exhausted and very grateful. He was quite happy to see me, quite happy. What did he say to you? He said thank you. His actions were heroic. What he did probably saved the gentleman's life. Police will recommend the father of three for a bravery award.

Warnings tonight Kim Beazley's pledge to tear up individual workplace agreements could backfire badly. The Prime Minister says Labor has caved in to union pressure and would leave the average worker worse off. At the scene of the latest workplace stand-off - Sydney Airport baggage handlers refused to work under a piece of dangerous equipment. They were proven right but were docked pay under the Government's new laws. So this is what a worker under John Howard is invited to do - risk his life or risk his mortgage. But Kim Beazley's pledge to tear-up a key part of the WorkChoice changes has him under fire. Abolishing individual workplace agreements certainly scored well with unions - earning him a standing ovation at the NSW Labor conference. The Prime Minister is less impressed.

He has clearly been bullied into this policy by the unions - particularly the unions in NSW. Big business is horrified - warning workers will lose out if Kim Beazley gets his way. If you get rid of AWAs and force them onto collective agreements they will actually have a wage cut.

But of the 10 million Australians in the workforce today,

only about 2.5% are on AWAs. There'll be a lot more by the next election, though,

as employers take advantage of the new rules. Just last year, Kim Beazley seemed to accept that scrapping AWAs altogether would be just too disruptive but he says it has now become clear that workers have no safeguards at all and he makes no apologies for changing tack. Mr Beazley says he changed his mind after hearing about workers like Spotlight employee Anette Harris. She signed an AWA and saw her pay packet shrink by $90 a week. I'm about flexibility up.

John Howard is about flexibility down. He is saying to people, who want to better themselves, I won't let you do so. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. Sydney's new Epping to Chatswood rail line is taking shape deep underground. The $2 billion project will link the main Northern line with the North Shore expanding capacity of the network by 12,000 passengers a day. This is about adding comfort and capacity to our rail system. Comfort, because these are going to be 21st century railway stations - amazingly open, airy, to the highest standard. The underground line and three new stations are due to open in 2008. Hoping for a world first, two young Aussie adventurers are setting out to cross the Tasman in a kayak. They'll be braving seas and storms and dodging cargo ships all in an effort to raise money for sick kids. The expedition sounds terrifying enough that it must be a world first, but for adventurers James Castrission and Justin Jones, crossing the ditch is a dream. We're expecting seas not too huge, but upwards in storms of around 7m, 8m even. The boys have already paddled the Murray River and crossed Bass Strait. The 2,200km Tasman crossing will take about 50 days. Their custom-built $80,000 kayak, with a small cabin,

will offer some protection from the rough weather. Things that have to go on board have taken two years to come up with because there is just no-one to turn to, there is no precedent that's been set. The pair are confident in their safety planning

but their families aren't so sure. My mum said, "What have we done wrong as parents?" Same goes for my parents. They didn't really enjoy the idea but I think now they're coming around, and Dad's actually supporting us, but he can't tell Mum that yet, so don't tell her that. One of the toughest challenges for the boys is the fundraising. Not only do they need $180,000 to cover the journey, but they're also looking to raise money for the Sydney Children's Hospital. The boys will kayak out of Sydney Harbour in early December. Tim Potter, Ten News.

The long weekend took a brighter

turn today. It was bright for you

all weekend, Tim Bailey. It was

perfect for the snow season. We got

30cm on Saturday night. Then it

just cleared - a big full moon last

night and a brilliant blue day

today as we come live from one of

the most Pacific risk little rivers

in Australia, the Thredbo River.

What about the chilly temps in

Sydney today? Last night, if you

had a case of the shivers, it was

the coldest night with the mercury

down to 5.8 all year so far. At

Holdsworthy, the mercury dipped to

minus 1.5 degrees, which is what I

think my bottom is on this rock

right now. This was the first time

we'd seen the sun for a long time.

I love a day without an office -

don't you? This week looks to be a

whole different week to the last

couple we've had. Fine, sunny

conditions, tops of 17 degrees

right through until next weekend,

where it will be about 15. Back to

the desk. Sandra sully is sitting

next to Ron Wilson. I've been

looking for you to cuddle down here all weekend. Two Australians rescued from the wreckage of their plane in the Pacific Ocean. Their ordeal next. And wild weather across the Tasman - Kiwis enduring blizzards, fierce winds and widespread blackouts.

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You're watching the news at 5:00.

Time to check on the traffic now

with Vic. The last time we spoke,

it was all the traffic going out

for the long weekend and now

they're coming home. Where's

worst? Unfortunately heading back

from the ski fields. We have

bumper-to-bumper traffic delays

from the Southern Highlands into

Campbelltown. This is live on the

Hume Highway on to the M5. Traffic

barely moving. Unfortunately that

continues to Liverpool. We'll stay

around this area and check the

conditions just after sport. A concerted effort to heal the rift between Australia and Indonesia. A top-level delegation has arrived from Jakarta hoping to thrash out differences over our treatment of West Papuan asylum seekers. Indonesia's Ambassador to Australia is all smiles.

Back in Canberra for the first time

since Australia's decision to grant asylum to 42 West Papuans

enraged Indonesia in March. Our geographical proximity dictates us to work together and we will try to work together. A week-long visit from Indonesian parliamentary delegates is expected to re-ignite the dialogue between the two countries, beginning with talks with the Prime Minister tomorrow. For some case we give many respect and thanks to Australia and the other cases, sometimes we disappointed what decisions you make in respect to Indonesia. Helping to alleviate tensions with our northern neighbour, John Howard's policy switch on immigration. The PM now pushing for asylum seekers to be housed and processed offshore. It's important that we continue to convey a consistent message. A privately commissioned Newspoll shows almost three quarters of Australians are against Mr Howard's stand. The return of the Indonesian Ambassador to Canberra is seen as a step in the right direction to mending the damaged relations between the two countries but the real test will come when Prime Minister John Howard faces off with President Yudhoyono. That's expected to take place at the end of the month. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Two Australians have survived after ditching their plane into the ocean near Hawaii. The pilot was well prepared for the emergency. She once saved her boss when he ditched his plane into the Pacific. An American Coast Guard plane captured these pictures seconds after the light aircraft ditched in the Pacific. It was a very large splash, and we looked at that and said, "There was no way anyone could survive that crash." But to the rescuers' surprise the two Aussie occupants pulled themselves out of the aircraft. Somebody said, "Hey, they're standing on the wing of the aeroplane," and they were waving, and there was a lot of clapping and rejoicing on board. At the controls was Sydney school teacher Lyn Gray

and co-pilot Kristian Kauter. They were flying the Piper Seminole from California to Sydney, but near Hawaii, they lost an engine. The US Hercules followed the crippled plane and dropped flares to help guide them close to a waiting container ship. We dropped them every 50 feet, just to simulate the centre line of a runway, and to help them have a good heading into the wind and avoid the impact of the seas. But two years ago Lyn Gray was the hero as she circled for four hours after her boss Ray Clamback ditched in the same area. This time he returned the favour, flying nearby and keeping a check on Mrs Gray's stricken plane. Mr Clamback says his pilots suffered only bruising. It's the third such ditching for the company that ferries aircraft between the US and Sydney. Every time the plane's been lost, within minutes the aircraft has sunk beneath the waves. Max Futcher, Ten News. An Antarctic storm has left New Zealand reeling.

Up to 15cm of snow was dumped by icy winds howling at 130km/h. A snapped cable then blacked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. The storm leaving a massive damage bill. We woke up this morning and it was like a huge earthquake but from above.

Even the news was affected.

What a day it is - we've got snow, sleet, heavy rains, gale winds, power cuts in the news room, as you can see. The black-out caused traffic chaos, led to surgery being cancelled

and trapped dozens in lifts. A strong earthquake has jolted Japan, injuring at least eight people.

The early morning tremor, measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale, shook the city of Oita, 800km south-west of Tokyo. No deaths were reported and damage was minimal.

Some high-speed train services were delayed and authorities quickly ruled out any chance of a tsunami. Olivia Newton-John speaks out about her boyfriend's disappearance. That's next. Plus, a heartless act of vandalism on the 10th anniversary of the Black Hawk disaster. And Kylie Minogue returns to the stage for the first time since her battle with breast cancer.

Duracell standard Alkaline will only take up to 80 shots. FANFARE

It's great to have access to Australia's largest electronic banking network. And now it's even better because just $4 a month can give you unlimited everyday Commonwealth Bank electronic transactions. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories. Community concerns that the strike force investigating the Cronulla riots is being wound down too early. After nearly 100 arrests, 14 convictions and four jail terms, police admit they've hit a wall, saying there's little more they can do. Another violent attack on a referee at a local football game.

Darren Jack Curry from the Lower Clarence Magpies was ordered off the field after a series of rough tackles, but instead he let fly. The club has apologised. The player is expected to be banned for life. And a major show of Aussie pride

as the Socceroos prepare for the game of their lives. Thousands of fans have just arrived by express train in the German city of Kaiserslautern ahead of tonight's much-anticipated showdown with Japan. A distressing act of vandalism today in Townsville. Anti-war slogans were painted on a memorial to victims of the Black Hawk helicopter crash, as survivors and victims' families prepared to mark a sombre anniversary. Ten years has passed since the night-time collision of the countries finest, but vandals also chose today to grab headlines with a crude anti-war protest. In a carefully planned attack on Townsville's memorial, they sprayed "Black Hawk down - blood on the crown." There were a range of clearly well-prepared stencils used

making reference to things like 'Black Hawk Down', and spray-painted onto the brick. So we're not very impressed with it. Council cleaners managed to paint over the graffiti before this morning's ceremony. Dumbfounded survivor John Fraser says the protest smacks of ignorance. What are people thinking? It's a sacred site. Disappointed - I guess I'd like to talk to the people, and say, "What were your reasons behind it? "Do you realise what this actually means?" More of the 100 people who attended the moving ceremony were unaware of the desecration. They were there to pay tribute to the 15 members of Perth's SAS regiment who were killed on the night of June 12 as well as three of Townsville's 5th Aviation regiment. Only two survived. You don't forget what happened. You don't forget your mates.

Local police are investigating the vandalism. Jesse Grayson, Ten News.

Olivia Newton-John has broken her silence over claims her missing boyfriend is alive and well. She's desperately hoping the reported sightings of Patrick McDermott in Mexico turn out to be true. A week after Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend was reportedly sighted in Mexico, the Aussie star has spoken about her hopes and heartache. It's obviously very distressing for everyone in the family. And we just miss him and love him and we'd be thrilled if it was true. Hollywood is cashing in on Patrick McDermott's mystery disappearance. One of America's top-rating entertainment shows sending a psychic to Mexico to try to find the 48-year-old, who's suspected of faking his own death. I can honestly say that I feel he has been here.

At least five people in the past week have claimed to have seen McDermott in bars in the small costal town of Todos Santos. From Canada, Olivia Newton-John admitted the speculation was tough, particularly on days like today, when she is celebrating making the Queen's Honours List. I'm sad that he wasn't here to enjoy this. He would be very proud of me. She's heard claims McDermott is on the run with another woman, but the psychic, at least, doesn't think that is true. She does exist and she is dating somebody who looks like Patrick who's younger. The US Coast Guard is now investigating the reported sightings. But until McDermott is found, dead or alive, Olivia Newton-John is no closer to the truth.

In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

Sisters were doing it for themselves in London as Kylie Minogue made a surprise appearance at little sister Dannii's album launch.

It was Kylie's first public appearance since being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She even sang a duet with Dannii, prompting a 2-minute standing ovation. The 37-year-old is the headline act at next year's Glastonbury Festival in England. Kylie hoping to announce dates for her Australian Showgirl tour soon.

You promised icy nights and clear

days. Bring it on. Yeah. You know

what? I think I've sort of wandered

into the pages of National

Geographic. This is absolutely

beautiful - the Thredbo River,

folks. The shot would be perfect if

Sandra sully was sitting right there

You know what I mean. Tomorrow, 17

degrees and blue skies. The good

news is the weather will be fine.

The bad news is you're going back

to work. Sorry.

Look at this shot as I throw you

back to the desk. It's so serene.

It's perfect. It's the certificate

convenient thing that's happened to

me in the last 72 hours. We're

jealous, OK? We fess up. Thanks,

Tim. We'll talk soon. Sport with Tim Webster and the Socceroos skipper defends Australia's strong tackling.

Yes. It comes after rivals Japan accused Australia of rough tactics. That little controversy shortly. Also - the Socceroos get a dry run at tonight's venue. Ahead - just how much time Harry Kewell's likely to get. And in a thriller, have the Raiders scored the tightest try of the year?

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This program is captioned live. Just a few hours to the Socceroos' showdown with Japan,

and Australia's rivals have already infuriated coach Guus Hiddink with claims we play dirty. The comments obviously designed to influence the referees. On the eve of Australia's return to World Cup action Guus Hiddink is on the warpath. In his sights, the Japanese and their gamesmanship. They have irresponsible behaviour towards our team and to the sport in general. The Dutch master coach accusing the Japanese of bad sportsmanship.

And it's unfair. It's just conditioning people around, or referees, to make those comments. And I think it's giving an attitude which does not belong to the sportsman. The Dutch master coach supervised the Socceroos' first training run at the Fritz Walter Stadium in Kaiserslautern, the venue for tonight's historic return to World Cup action

against Japan. Rough play accusations surfaced after the Socceroos' warm-up match against Holland last weekend, accusations the Australian coach and captain refute. We're very competitive people, we like to win and we'll never pull out of a tackle. But it doesn't mean we go out to hurt people.

Immediately after today's training session, Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill likely to start on the bench.

The coach hoos concern that Harry

Kewell may not run out the full 90

minutes. Aussie supporters are

behind me. Hopefully they'll be

here in their thousands later tonight. Portugal is breathing a sigh of relief after they scraped past minnows Angola 1-0. In the other matches, Mexico impressed against Iran while Holland edged out Serbia-Montenegro. Portugal should have gone 1-0 up in less than a minute against Angola. But they only had to wait till the fourth to break through. With names likes Figo, Ronaldo, Deco and Pauleta, a Portuguese barrage was on the cards. But all that followed was frustration. COMMENTATOR: And that's a fabulous stop. Angola scrambled and threatened, much to the joy of their fans. But with Ronaldo benched, the score stayed at 1-0. In the other Group D clash Mexico weathered the early Iran raid before seizing the opener. Mexico scores! The lead, however, was short-lived. They're in trouble here. And Iran scores.

The match remained tied until three late magic minutes. A cross - and it's good. The win an emotional one for goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez following the death of his father late last week. In the earlier Group C match an 18th-minute goal was enough for Holland to defeat Serbia-Montenegro.

Boy, has he taken that chance well. The left-footed Dutchmen nearly made it a double minutes later.

Rob Waters, Ten News. Canberra held off a fast-finishing Bulldogs at Telstra Stadium this afternoon. The Raiders scraped home 28-26, and, for once, the boot of Hasem El Masri

was the difference for the other side. Bulldogs winger Matt Utai was a one-man wrecking machine early going against Canberra, injuring both Michael Hodgeson and captain Simon Woolford and then scoring the game's opening try. COMMENTATOR: Matt Utai scores!

The Bulldogs ahead 10-0 when Chris Armitt scored but that's as good as it would get for Canterbury. Clinton Schifofske's try backed up by an unbelievable effort from David Howell. David Howell is just amazing. The good times kept coming for Canberra,

Schifofske grabbing his second, the Bulldogs falling in a heap minus their Origin arsenal, the Raiders out to an 18-point lead with 20 minutes remaining. This is no contest. But the Dogs woke up and Canberra fell asleep, tries to Utai, Macillwain and Patten bringing the score to 28-26 to the Raiders. The comeback ended there, though. And the Raiders win! In the wash-up, this David Howell tackle is set to come under scrutiny by the match review committee tomorrow. Rob Canning, Ten News. And in other league news, two major charges for the judiciary. Adam Hawse joins us live from the Origin camp in Brisbane,

and the Eels have another player in potentially big trouble.

Yes. Crowd favourite Fuifui Moimoi

has been charged with biting.

He'll front the NRL judiciary

tomorrow night. His alleged victim

- Melbourne prop Brett White. He

sent an official complaint today.

The incident is seemed so serious,

it was passed on to the judiciary

without a charge. The last three to

go direct to the judiciary have

xopd a combined 40 weeks suspension

so that gives you an idea of what

he's up again. Adam MacDougall has

been given a grade 5 charge.

The Blues are wary of an ambush up

there? Everyone has been bagging

Queensland. It can be fun but they

only lost the first game by one

point. NSW can see the danger signs.

They were sharp at training today

and Graham Murray said earlier at a

function that they expect a

function that they expect a backlash from the Maroons. When you

get criticism you come out fired up

and there's no doubt that the

Queensland side have copped some

criticism. Fair? Who knows. But I

do know this - they'll react to it

and come out pretty strong in this game at

game at Suncorp.

In club news, Souths held tacks

today with Jason Smith and Matt

gidly has asked for a release to

join English club St Helens. Wallabies coach John Connolly wants big improvements from his squad ahead of this Saturday's Cook Cup decider against England. The new coach started his reign with a scrappy 31-point victory over the world champions, but admits the team is still a work in progress. The victorious Wallabies took off for Melbourne this morning following their 34-3 victory over England. But coach Connolly was quick to bring his side down to earth. We were always aware

what we did last night we were going to improve on. I think we were incredibly rusty. The Wallabies chanced their arm in a mistake-riddled first half

before piling on three brilliant tries in the final 25 minutes. The flying finish handing the squad a shot of confidence after their shocking 2005 season, which saw them win just one from their last nine Tests. Exciting running rugby a hint of what's to come. It was a bit of an experiment last night. We certainly tried a few things that we wouldn't normally try.

And it's just a matter of time before we settle into this new attacking philosophy. The scrum still a sore point for Australia, who conceded three penalties in the first half. But Connolly is confident in his new recruits.

It was a huge leap into the unknown.

I was delighted with the two props and how they started. And the way Rodney Blake finished. The man they call 'Rodzilla' capping his debut with a memorable 5-pointer. While skipper George Gregan pulled off a miraculous try saver.

Solid defence keeping England tryless, although it could have come at a cost. Daniel Heenan in doubt for Saturday's rematch after injuring his shoulder. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. In AFL, Melbourne have won their third successive Queen's Birthday clash with Collingwood in front of almost 79,000 fans at the MCG. The Demons wanted to consolidate their spot in the eight and were too strong for the third-placed Magpies across the ground.

Aaron Davey produced his brand of magic on the forward line. Leon Davis provided a rare highlight for Collingwood as the Pies battled to hold the Demon surge. Adem Yze got into the spirit of the World Cup as the Demons ran out winners by 47 points. Spaniard Rafael Nadal has successfully defended his French Open title, beating world number one Roger Federer.

The match lasted three hours with Nadal's record winning streak on clay now at 60 matches. But the 20-year-old was broken in his first service game and lost the first set 6-1. The tables turned as the game went on. Federer made errors as Nadal found his unstoppable rhythm. CHEERING

The fourth set went to a tie break and Federer couldn't keep pace. Nadal secured his clay court stronghold, dashing Federer's hopes of becoming the first person in 37 years

to hold all four grand slam titles at the same time.

Australia's Karrie Webb has fallen agonisingly short

of a second consecutive women's golf major. After 72 holes, Webb was tied at 8-under-par with Se Ri Pak and could only watch on as the Korean hit this amazing shot on the first play-off hole. COMMENTATOR: What a shot! Oh, this is a great shot. My goodness. Hard to recover from that. Karrie couldn't make the birdie to stay alive, and the title went to Se Ri Pak. It must have been a day for second places for our golfers. Adam Scott gave himself every chance at the Barclays Classic, holing out for eagle on the 7th and then this at the 11th. COMMENTATOR: Oh, my goodness. Four times this week he's chipped in. The wheels fell off soon after, though. He dropped four shots in four holes, opening the door for former world number one Vijay Singh

to win by two strokes. Defending world champion Fernando Alonso has taken his fifth win of the Formula One season, this time the British Grand Prix.

An early exit for Australia's Mark Webber,

caught in a first-lap crash involving Scott Speed and Ralf Schumacher.

COMMENTATOR: Woah! Massive crash! Webber's woes continue. Can you believe it? All three were forced to retire. 24-year-old Alonso led from start to finish to give Renault their first Silverstone win since 1983. Ferrari's Michael Schumacher was 13.9 seconds behind the Spaniard

and now trails by 23 points in the drivers' championship. Third was McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen. And later in Sports Tonight, we'll have all the reaction to Canberra's thrilling win over the Bulldogs.

Mark Webber can't take a trick.

Now to Vic. Travellers snaking

their way back home as the long

weekend winds up. Yeah, they are,

Sandra. It could be an interesting

drive for motorists. We've got a

full moon up there and you can see

the glow toward the Prospect

reservoir. As a result of the full

moon at traffic heading home, we've

got traffic delays flew Eastern

got traffic delays flew Eastern Creek and major issues in emu

plains. We have motorists on the M5

bumper to bumper from Campbelltown

and Liverpool. Double demerits in

and Liverpool. Double demerits in place until midnight tonight. What

a pain. I'm glad I'm here. It's been a bumper weekend at the snow. Tim Bailey joins us from Thredbo with all the latest weather details next.

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Why? Because they're good with people. And good with money.

Time to go back to our little

snowflake in Thredbo. What are you

actually doing in behind that tree,

Tim? It looks dodgy. Be very, very

quiet. I'm hunting ski Bunnies, Ron.

Welcome to the Thredbo River, folks.

It's been a winter wonderland down

at the NSW resorts right across

this long weekend. Of course, the

opening of the snow season. The

little front came across and the

NSW resorts - Perisher Blue and

Thredbo and Selwyn snow fields got

around about 30cm of snow. Victoria

missed out. If you're ever down

this Thredbo, this is a brilliant

spot for a picnic but, because it's

a long weekend, I thought it would

be unAustralian unless we had a

barbecue together, what with the

Socceroos having the biggest game of

their lives, we'll start right now

with the sausages, bread, tomato

sauce. It's been a long, long

weekend because it wasn't that

because because I'm still walking

and talking. You thought they would

put me down but I kept at it

because I'm a professional! I hope

you're bringing me back a sausage.

I knew you'd go straight to the

food. Sandra, I miss you and I mean

that. I'm there, Timmy. No you're

not, and I know that. Weatherwise,

17 degrees and bright blue weather

tomorrow. Fine and sunny until next

Saturday. Although the temperatures

by next weekend will be down by next weekend will be down around

about 15 degrees - pure winter

stuff. Plenty of snow around down

here. It really was just the

perfect opening of the Australian

snow season. Let's get into your backyard.

Mostly clear across the country due

to a strong high in the south. Low cloud over western Tasmania,

southern Victoria and coastal

Queensland in cool onshore winds. A

few light showers. Cloud over south

west WA is due to a trough but only

brings light showers to the capes.

Tomorrow, a low pressure trough

generates showers and storms to

south-west WA, a front maintains

strong showery winds in as yip and

onshore winds on the east coast

bring a few showers by Sydney

misses out. The business of the

brolly - isolated showers along

the Queensland and northern NSW

coastlines. Light showers in

Tasmania and southern Victoria. And

by Wednesday, westerly winds

between fronts will maintain

showers in western Tasmania and

most of the east coast of NSW and

Queensland will be dry.

Ah, the smell of a barbecue on a

long weekend - you've got to love

that. In case you're wondering,

around about minus one degree at

Thredbo. It will drop to about six

degrees in Sydney tonight.

There's another long weekend in

Thredbo. How do I keep delivering

it? I'm wondering that myself. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. I'll be back with the Late News at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) ( FRUSTRATED GRUNTING ) DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE