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(generated from captions) spent six months working on the The Brindabella Women's Group has exhibition. mums at home with children under The women's group is designed for display at the Legislative 'Windows on Mothering' will be on June. Assembly gallery until the 16th of 7:30: On Sixty Minutes this Sunday at is such a powerful part of the Ray Martin explores why the road Australian way of life. more we get into strife and The more we use the roads, the That's WIN News this Friday night. at The headlines are on our website at the WIN News team, have a great I'm Peter Leonard, from all of us weekend. Iraq's terrorist mastermind. How America hunted down and killed ruins a luxury harbourside home. A truckie's mistake I've just caused all this damage. I'm in shock, why wouldn't I? the World Cup now just hours away. The wait's over -

discuss the joys of parenthood. And Brad and Angelina of our daughter. ..a truly peaceful birth This program is captioned live. Good evening.

on his hands He had the blood of thousands it was the bounty on his head but ultimately of Iraq's most wanted terrorist. that led to the elimination in a precise US air strike Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed north of Baghdad - al-Qa'ida network betraying him someone from within his own in return for a $33 million reward.

Iraqis celebrated al-Zarqawi's death the dangerous streets of Baghdad. on his usual hunting ground, the PM had some good news to deliver. For once his way into history. Al-Zarqawi bombed and beheaded and today they put it on show. The US wanted his head badly his face cleaned up for the cameras, A giant photo, was dead. proof the 'Beast of Baghdad' in the planning. The operation has been weeks his spiritual adviser, Sheik Rahman, An American spy plane tailed north of Baghdad for a meeting. as he drove to the house Then the US called in an air strike. whatsoever We had absolutely no doubt that Zarqawi was in the house. It was 100% confirmation.

let their laser-guided bombs go. Two F-16s engage it here momentarily The lead aircraft is going to with a 500lb bomb on the target. launched from 8km away, The bombs, are accurate to within a metre. They are going to do a re-attack the second 500lb bomb go in. and you'll see as the smoke was still rising. Iraqi and American forces arrived and five others, including a child. They found al-Zarqawi's body to unsettle Iraq. He ran a relentless campaign of roadside bombs, He mastered the use of American troops. the biggest killer between the Shiites and Sunnis He bombed shrines to incite civil war and put it all on the Internet. and personally beheaded his victims When Saddam Hussein was captured, here in America. there was quite a celebration But not so today. dying almost daily in Iraq, With so many young American soldiers there's more a sense of relief. there are very more problems to come. But a warning from the very top

in the global war on terror It's a victory for Iraq's new government and it is an opportunity to turn the tide of this struggle. a positive spin on his death, Al-Qa'ida insurgents have already put proclaiming online will motivate them that al-Zarqawi's martyrdom to carry on their jihad. terrorist network betrayed him Someone inside his own and will get the $33 million reward. Robert Penfold, National Nine News. It was hardly surprising welcomed Zarqawi's death. that Australia's leaders Alexander Downer says Foreign Affairs Minister it's a huge blow for al-Qa'ida, evil genius for inciting such hatred. referring to Zarqawi as an they've lost their planner, Truth is, they've lost their inspiration, and that's a very good thing. struggle to find someone as effective Mr Downer says al-Qa'ida will to lead them in Iraq. within hours of Zarqawi's death - And an Australian was killed in Iraq

to reduce the violence. proof his exit is unlikely a 34-year-old from Queensland, The victim, died when a roadside bomb exploded. as a private security contractor. He was working and they take very big risks. People are entitled to be employed in a Baghdad marketplace The worst attack occurred

and left nearly 30 others wounded. where a bomb killed 13 people Authorities have spent all day

out of a luxury harbourside home. prising a semitrailer There was mayhem this morning rolled off a building site when the runaway rig to put on the heavy-duty handbrake. because the driver forgot was marred not just by the weather One of the best views in Sydney today but the back end of a truck. a construction site The 18-tonne rig rolled off in Tivoli Street, Rose Bay, down a driveway, of a multimillion-dollar house. and into the the front doors escaped injury, And while the family of four inside his embarrassment. the truck driver was unable to hide How are you feeling this morning? I've just caused all this damage. I'm in shock, why wouldn't I? it was all his fault. Gary Thompson admits not the maxi brakes. Had the park brake on, out of the truck when it rolled away. He'd only just climbed trying to get to the truck, I fell over but it just took off too quick. He's the best driver, I reckon.

But sometimes, mistake. does a mistake. Everybody in this world some damage, While there's obviously been there was some luck. emergency crews believe

if the trailer had been fully laden They say have slipped further down the hill, there's little doubt the truck would destroying the rest of the house.

the first on the scene. Insurance assessors were among probably $500,000. In terms of dollars, But the repairs will have to wait.

The job now to retrieve the semi. it's a slow process, With the help of two tow trucks, any driver would want to forget. dragging out a day Damian Ryan, National Nine News. a union complains of overstaffing, It's not every day that but the rail union claims are being paid as many as 150 Sydney train drivers to sit around and do nothing each day because of cuts to services. The union says the drivers are bored? and want to work. These train drivers are the lucky ones. They've got work to do. Don't get a break today? No, no breaks. But the union claims plenty of others are getting an unwanted break because fewer trains and as many as 150 fewer drivers are needed to service new timetables. Obviously there's no trains for them to drive. Two years ago a shortage of drivers led to a rail crisis. Now the drivers have compiled a document which they say proves they're overstaffed. They want to work. They don't want to be sitting around drinking coffee. They want to be out on the road. 150 drivers is an absolute fiction. The truth, RailCorp insists, is that it has just 14 drivers more than it currently needs and they'll soon fill vacancies caused by retirements. Every day there are 30 drivers rostered on stand-by

in case of sickness or other disruptions.

RailCorp says that's been a part of the system for more than two decades. Drivers that are ill are able to be replaced at short notice so services can continue. But some drivers - mainly new recruits - complain of getting to drive only twice a fortnight. Two shifts a fortnight is probably too few to maintain a safety standard across the CityRail system. Dale Paget, National Nine News. The Australian Government is calling for an investigation into claims that East Timorese Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri set up death squads of rebel soldiers to kill off his political enemies. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says the allegations need to be fully investigated by the East Timorese or the United Nations. It's alleged the death squad was recruited by Mari Alkatiri to eliminate his political opponents

in the lead-up to next year's elections. The hit list is said to include many of the rebel soldiers, known here as the petitioners. TRANSLATION: Our first instruction was to terminate all petitioners. We have to kill all of them. The claims have increased the pressure on the embattled PM to stand down or be sacked, something Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta doesn't rule out if his country's crisis isn't resolved. Obviously when you have a crisis like this, even if the PM might come from a majoriy party, there can be change. The PM has flatly denied the hit squad claims and says they're part of a smear campaign. Jose Ramos Horta is also sceptical but he's called for but h 's called for an urgent inquiry. These people are now looking to really to demonise my image. This is the only thing I can say. The Foreign Minister, meanwhile, has revealed he's prepared to take over as PM if the position becomes vacant. It would be a temporary measure to prevent a power struggle. But for now Dili is a city slowly getting back on its feet. The shops and cafes are reopening and the markets have more food. In Dili, Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. The biggest sporting event on the planet is now just hours away, with tonight's World Cup opening ceremony kicking off a month-long soccer celebration. Ad while Germany is the epicentre, there's barely a country on earth that's not being swept up in the excitement. In Munich, they're getting warmed up for the biggest show on earth. Watched and supported by more people around the world than the Olympics, this sporting event is the Holy Grail for football players and their fans. Reigning World Cup champions Brazil attract 25,000 to their daily training sessions. This boy risking the wrath of security guards to meet his idol, Ronaldinho. Every one of the 32 qualifying nations has now arrived in Germany. They have their legions of fans which follow their national sides at training camps up and down Germany. This is the Cup showpiece - Munich's $650 million stadium. It looks like a giant inflatable cushion but it's all high-tech plastic and steel - the very best Germany can build - and it's the venue for the World Cup opening ceremony and first game between Germany and Costa Rica. That kicks off the first round in a few hours. Australia will have to wait three days to play its first match against Japan. Fortunately, they're secluded in a peaceful, luxury hotel spa - a renovated 17th century hunting lodge away from the World Cup excitement. Harry Kewell reckons it's the perfect place to avoid the hype and work on those strained groin muscles. Are you feeling fit? I'm feeling good. Again, we're still about three or four days out from the first game but I'm working day and night and we'll see where that takes me. Neither he nor his Socceroos team-mates are short of local support. In a nearby town, a campsite is set up for a few thousand travelling Aussies and they've opened a local fan club for everyone who couldn't get a ticket to the World Cup. In Munich, Michael Usher, National Nine News. In the news ahead, the first person jailed under new sex slave laws. Mourning the loss of two mates in the Canadian snowfields. One minute they were here. The next they were gone. And we sit down with new parents Brad and Angelina. Age can be a real barrier to getting a job. I guess we should put more value on experience. I want to work. But I've got the kids to consider as well. I could look at some part-time positions. The Australian Government's providing extra services to help more people look for work as part of the new income support rules. We're also asking employers to have a more flexible attitude. I'm keen to work. I don't see my disability as a problem. I should focus on what people can, rather than can't, do. So next time you've a vacancy, take a fresh look at who's out there and tap into a wider work force. If you're on a payment that's affected by the new income support rules, you'll have received a letter from Centrelink explaining how more people are being asked to look for work, but: A Melbourne woman has been jailed for 10 years after becoming the first person in Australia convicted by a jury for possessing sex slaves. 44 yea -old Wei Tang was found guilty of bringing at least five women from Thailand to work in her brothel.

While the women weren't kept under lock and key, Wei Tang confiscated their passports. Two young Australians were remembered today in a special memorial service in the Canadian ski resort of Whistler. Josh Bradford and Ben Kontor were killed there earlier this week in a freak snowmobile accident. A farewell that came far too soon. Family and friends of Josh Bradford and Ben Kontor

gathered today in the Canadian ski town where the 23-year-olds lived, worked, and lost their lives. There's absolutely nothing on this earth that could prepare you for the loss of a child. We're really happy that Ben was able to be here and enjoy himself so much. Friends paying tribute to their passion for snowboarding and sense of fun. Benny and Josh, my heart goes out to all your family at home. I know you'll be greatly missed by everyone. The cause of the crash has baffled investigators. Conditions were good when the snowmobile carrying the pair hit trees. One minute they were there, the next they weren't. It was over in a flash. Josh was to be married next year. His fiance said this was his legacy. Live your dreams. No "I'm gonnas", no "I'll do it tomorrows". Do it today. Do it now. Because you don't know when it's gong to end. Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. A Swedish man who butchered his Australian girlfriend and dumped her remains in a frozen lake has been sentenced to life in prison.

The 31-year-old killed Canberra-born Nina Peltonen by hitting her with a frying pan. After dismembering her body, he put the remains in plastic bags and dumped them in a lake south of Stockholm. The couple's two young children are being cared for by a Swedish social workers. And appeals court in Cambodia has upheld an Australian teacher's 20-year prison sentence for child rape. Bart Lauwaert was seeking to have the conviction overturned after two young girls withdrew their allegations against him. They have all asked the complaints to be dropped. There are 17 people, all their parents, family. Nobody wants to keep me in jail.

Except the judge, who has questioned why the girls decided to reverse their testimony.

Hollywood's hottest couple has spoken publicly for the first time about becoming parents. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have given a rare interview in the African nation of Namibia, where they stayed to try to avoid the media during their daughter's birth. Finally, the answers the world has been hanging out for.

Together with the latest photos of themselves with baby Shiloh Nouvel, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came out of their self-imposed seclusion in Namibia to explain just why they chose a remote corner of south-west Africa

as their little girl's birthplace. We thought we wanted to find a place that was a beautiful place that our other children would enjoy. Angelina Jolie earlier adopted 16-month-old Zahara from Ethiopia and 4-year-old Maddox from Cambodia. Their surnames are now legally Jolie-Pitt. We have had an incredible time with our family exploring the country and a truly peaceful birth of our daughter. Jolie visits Africa frequently. She's a United Nations goodwill ambassador for refugees. And all the money - expected to run into millions of dollars - from the sale of baby Shiloh's photos will be given to medical charities helping children and refugees in Africa. We wanted it to be a practical donation that wasn't just an idea of money but to understand what the doctors were needing or requesting and what the patients were missing. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Tim with sport next, and Wendell Sailor is searching for a new career. His manager has taken off to the US. Also, Brett Finch questions the dumping of Rooster Ryan Cross. And an injury worry for Socceroos skipper Mark Viduka. NRL newcomers the Gold Coast have signed another Panther, with backrower Frank Puletua to join Preston Campbell and Luke Swain at the new club. Round 14 begins tonight with the Sea Eagles at home to Wests Tigers. And Manly's coach, Des Hasler, has been good enough to join us. Des, four tries each last time. You've both won a couple straight, it might be just as close tonight.

Yes, with the weather the way

itself, and the ground, the track

is heavy, it will be a slugfest and

a close affair. You've scored more

fries from kicks than any other

team in the NRL, we'll see how

effective Matt Orford is with that.

With no Brad Hodgson, is that With no Brad Hodgson, is that the

money play for you. That's an

option. It'll go both ways, we have

a couple of good kickers, with

Orford and Monaghan. That'll

feature pretty highly tonight. The

further you go the more Matty

Orford fits in. He's having a

pretty good year. We are still a

little bit away from our best yet.

We are gaining momentum, it's

building towards the end of the

year? The half-yearly report cards

are out, and the critics have given

you a B. Never mind what they think,

what is your opinion. B is fine by

me, there's room for improvement.

Thanks, desrr good luck tonight. In other league news, Roosters half Brett Finch has questioned his team's decision to withdraw its offer to centre Ryan Cross. Cross will join the Waratahs or the Western Force after being told late yesterday that he won't be required next season. It's this exclusive footage of Ryan Cross entering the ARU which prompted the Roosters to withdraw Cross's offer. They didn't want to be held to ransom by rugby union. Today, one of Cross's close mates, Brett Finch, was told the news and found it difficult to understand. I find it a bit weird, but I don't want to be telling the club how to do their job. Cross met with his manager, John Fordham, today to discuss his future. And while there is interest from rival league teams, there is no doubt he's switching to rugby. I think he'd be a good acquisition for rugby, very experienced, good rugby background. Connolly has other issues to deal with - reports today that Wendell Sailor's B sample is positive. of hose issu s, I don't think. It's not for me to comment on any of those issues, I don't think. I guess we'll let the process take its course and see where we are at the end of the day.

Big Willie Mason has floated a possible future in the NFL for himself and Sailor. Their manager, Greg Keenan, is in the United States to gauge interest. I think maybe Keeno is over there for him as well but I'm not sure. Maybe he'd be a star at it as well.

I think he'd love it - all his bling-bling and the earrings and the trash-talking. I think that's right up Wendell's alley. Last night at the relaunch of the Rabbitohs, Souths owner Russell Crowe tri d Souths owner Russell Crowe tried to appease former greats of the club

who still haven't accepted its privatisation. I am doing this for them. For all our great players, for Clive, for Jack, for Eric. I'm doing this to preserve their legacy and to ensure the glory of our past heroes. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. With the World Cup kicking off tonight, the last thing the Socceroos need is an injured skipper. Mark Viduka didn't take part in training overnight, after suffering what's described as a minor calf injury. While he should be fit to play Japan on Monday, the Aussies remain confident should he sit out the game. I think he's going to be OK. But should he not be OK,

we've got more than a adequate replacement in John Aloisi. Wayne Rooney's foot remains the biggest injury story of the World Cup but England coach Sven Goran Eriksson has declared he's ready to play. Rooney has no more injury. He is injury-free. And host Germany will be without superstar Michael Ballack in the tournament opener against Costa Rica, due to a leg injury. French Open champion Rafael Nadal and world number one Roger Federer play tonight for a spot in the men's final. Women's title-holder Justine Henin-Hardenne won the all-Belgian battle against Kim Cljisters and will meet Svetlana Kuznetsova in the women's final. At one stage her opponent, Czech teenager Nicole Vaidisova,

served for the match

but Kuznetsova came back to earn a spot in her second Grand Slam final.

They are all hoping to get that

one over so they can watch the football. After the break, the CommSec finance report, and Jaynie with all the weekend weather forecast.

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To finance, and investors shrugged off fears over interest rates today, helping stocks stage a turnaround ahead of the long weekend. The gains were driven by the banking sector. And Telstra was firmer after the Government approved its revised plan for regional services. It's set to be a bumper long weekend in the ski fields.

With the details, here's Jaynie. Thanks, Mark. Good evening, everyone. at erisher Blu? today Eager ski fanatics were in heaven at Perisher Blue today with a great cover of snow to kick-start the season. Rain has been forecast for Saturday

but colder air from a front will move through on Sunday with snow down to 1,200 metres. For us non-skiiers in Sydney, a few millimetres fell over western suburbs with another dump of rain for the city, where we hit a chilly 16 degrees. It's now 14. Isolated showers for the coast this evening and a few showers for tonight's NRL match at Brookvale. Our long-awaited rain is set to fall in the west and north-west tonight. Tomorrow is the day we anticipate widespread rain of up to 20mm in most places, including the catchments. Heavier falls are likely in northern NSW with possible storms. Brisbane and Canberra in for late rain tomorrow. Melbourne expecting morning fog with afternoon showers. A fresh southerly change for Hobart. Showers for Adelaide. Fine in Perth and Darwin. Sydney - the showers out there now should carry on tomorrow morning, with 20mm-30mm likely over most of Sydney, increasing throughout the day. Temperatures climbing to 18 for most of us with light to moderate northerly winds. If you are keen for a surf, the one-metre swell looks like rising.

Cold, wet and very windy on Sunday, 15. Showers easing Monday. The good news is the city has reached its June average rainfall of 128mm. Let's hope we have even better news after the weekend, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great and safe long weekend.

Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. There is one law here for the (bleep), and one for everyone else. The honest cop who dared to breath test politicians, and how it destroyed his career. Basically been treated like a dog. Also tonight, we hear from one of the doctors named and shamed for rorting Medicare. Plus, why is the world's fastest car worth more than a $1 million, hidden away in an Aussie garage? And your guide to the biggest bargains at the winter sales. Welcome to A Current Affair. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. We'd like to believe that in the eyes of the law we're all equal. To have one rule for the high-flyers, and another for the rest of us is un-Australian. But all hell broke loose for this hard-working cop, who thought politicians should be fair game for random breath tests, just like everyone else. And it's driven him out of the force he loved. No-one, no-one is above the law as far as I'm concerned, and they should obey it. Sergeant Brett Hammond's been a cop for 23 years, and when senior officers questioned him

about who he's been random breath testing, he couldn't believe it. Absolutely shocking. I mean, for a senior officer to tell an officer he can't do his job and perform RBT is crushing.

Can you tell us why it was necessary to take disciplinary action against Sergeant Brett Hammond? I am not in the position to discuss the matter. He may not want to talk about it now, but Inspector Wayne Knapp was caught on a tape - that was played in court - abusing Sergeant Hammond for breath testing Les Tyrell, the Mayor of Thuringowa in North Queensland, after community functions. Is it normal for you, as a senior officer, to then criticise a serving officer for conducting an RBT? I am not going to discuss the matter. Well, we've already heard you on tape saying this.

Are you telling us there's one law for the Mayor, and one for the rest of us? Thank you very much for your time. I've even pulled up other inspectors on the way to home base and I've breath-tested them.