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(generated from captions) Thank you. Thank you, Doctor. Look, Dominick is your son. he'll over know. And you're the only mother It's OK. (Dominick coughs) the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - inspiring young Sophie. CROWD CHEERS

Out of hospital, home at last. of our lives. It's the start of the next chapter

It's just good to be home. And cheerfully facing the future. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - into holiday fuel prices. pressure for an inquiry for the sacked Sharks player Also periodic detention who broke a woman's nose.

over an obscene gesture. And a State MP forced to apologise But first this evening - with a wave and a smile the hearts of a nation Sophie Delizio has again captured bravely walking out of hospital. She's now back home with her family at a pedestrian crossing. a month after being hit by a car amazing even her doctors. Her recovery Walking out and always with a smile. a defiant hospital exit Sophie Delezio has made the second time in her short life. in front of a hoard of cameras for since Sophie was rushed to hospital It's been just over a month

after being struck and almost killed pedestrian crossing, on a Northern Beaches her second brush with death. the most unlucky family in the world A lot of people think we might be to happen with Sophie with two accidents that we're probably the luckiest. but I'd like to think the other way, she'd use a wheelchair Her doctors thought but Sophie wouldn't have it. It just sums up Sophie. to see her walking. I almost started crying

of my career. It's truly one of the great moments Sophie arrived back at her home - and family waiting to see her. a welcoming party of friends It's a very exciting moment. in our lives It's the start of the next chapter and we're just thrilled to be home. Mum still very protective. her independence. Sophie desperate to prove Do you want me to carry you? Try the steps. while all Sophie's toys arrived. A big hug with grandma a more normal life. Then inside to resume rehabilitation Although there's still some intense including physiotherapy ahead, is to return to her classroom Sophie's main goal in just six weeks. with Term 3 starting desperate to welcome her back. Her classmates Just give her a big hug and be nice. for her return. Sophie's artwork still in place she's well supported by her family She's a happy child,

and just a delight to have in school about her coming back. so we're really excited James Boyce, Ten News.

sentenced to periodic detention A sacked rugby league star has been on a young woman. for a violent attack breaking her nose He punched her in the face a comeback. but his club still won't rule out His career in tatters. Tevita Latu walked from court today Disgraced former Sharks hooker he could change the past. no doubt wishing to apologise? REPORTER: Would you like No comment. he was remorseful His lawyer told the court pleading guilty Brooke Peninton in the face to punching model and breaking her nose. introduce herself to the 24-year-old The court heard Brooke had tried to outside a Cronulla service station hours after a football game. showing more interest in her friend. At first, Latu ignored her, at Ms Peninton. But then he started throwing chips She said: trying to grab the chip packet. She struck him across the face Latu reacted by punching her. on the concrete gutter, She fell back, hitting her head

blood gushing from her broken nose. ripped up Latu's 2-year contract The Sharks club on her face this week. and paid for Brooke to have surgery Latu was today convicted mid-week detention. and sentenced to eight months In a double blow for Tevita Latu,

his passport the magistrate confiscated when they appealed the decision. to NZ this weekend That means he won't be able to fly

first birthday. missing his daughter's offers to play overseas. Now unemployed, Latu will field attending court today The Sharks showing their support a come-back for Latu. refusing to rule out That's a bit hard to answer get on with his life. but we definitely want to see him Evan Batten, Ten News.

of the handbag fight First pictures tonight sporting hero in trouble. that landed a New Zealand was drowning his sorrows Former All Black captain Tana Umaga

in a Christchurch pub when he was drawn into a fight. Order was quickly restored. an accessory to violence. Umaga then decided to become shattered to pieces. The mobile inside the handbag reduced to tears. His flower-eared team-mate cleared Umaga of misconduct New Zealand rugby a $2,500 fine. but his team-mate copped

Petrol prices have soared the Queen's birthday long weekend. right on cue, ahead of

The pressure is on for an inquiry to pay through the nose. into why motorists are being forced

it's a long weekend. The good news is - a small fortune to drive anywhere. The bad news is - it'll cost get slugged, yet again. Another weekend in which motorists has gone down A barrel of crude price of petrol has gone up. but the price of a litre Something is strangely wrong. Wrong, and expensive. is calling on Canberra Premier Morris Iemma investigate. to ease the pressure on motorists and Get the ACCC to conduct an inquiry, these super profits find out who is actually gauging

out of motorists. and the other Premiers, But the NRMA says Mr Iemma, own parliamentary inquiries should conduct their been bullied by oil companies claiming the Federal Government's and the ACCC is wimpy. It's a toothless tiger. It has no powers. It can't look. PM John Howard disagrees. it needs. He says the ACCC has all the power You've got the mechanism there. You don't need another body. That's just wasteful bureaucracy and we've got enough already. His best offer - asking the ACCC to keep an eye on prices over the Queens Birthday weekend. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Staff at a Sydney hospital will escape disciplinary action despite throwing out the remains of a stillborn baby.

Baby Angelina was born in the back of an ambulance

when her mother went into premature labour at 28 weeks. Her body was taken to the mortuary at Blacktown Hospital and accidentally cremated with three foetuses.

The inquiry concludes that on the balance of probabilities, baby Angelina was inadvertently removed from the mortuary with clinical material on 17 May 2006. The hospital boss visited Angelina's parents today to give them a copy of the report. If the minister was saying this is not gross negligence, then what is it? The Opposition wants the Government to pay for a memorial service. Convicted killer Bruce Burrell has launched an appeal while facing a trial for another murder. The 53-year-old is behind bars awaiting sentence for the kidnap and murder of Kerry Whelan nine years ago. Her body has never been found and her husband, Bernie Whelan,

is now offering a $50,000 reward to find her remains. The Supreme Court today lifted a suppression order on the name of a second Sydney woman Burrell is accused of murdering. Prosecutors allege he killed 74-year-old Eastern Suburbs widow Dorothy Davis in 1995. A State MP has been forced to apologise after making an obscene gesture in parliament.

The crude hand movement captured on camera during a heated debate on the aborted plan to sell off the Snowy Hydro Scheme. The latest example of MPs behaving badly. Labor backbencher, Steve Whan, makes an obscene gesture during a debate on the abandoned Snowy Hydro sale. The target, National Party MP, Thomas George, not amused. I took offence to it. You know, for these actions to be carried out in Parliament. It was a disgrace. It's the latest in a series of unsavoury events. Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal gives two female MPs the finger. Labor MP Greg Donnelly forced to apologise for violent comments and action and when he was Roads Minister, Joe Tripodi under physical attack in the Parliament from National Party front-bencher, Andrew Fraser. Late this afternoon the Member for Monaro apologised in a statement saying: Thomas George admits he called Steve Whan a hypocrite during the debate. He says he's still waiting for a personal apology.

And I think it's about time the Premier read the Riot Act to the Labor MPs. Thomas George says he didn't regard the gesture as a joke. So far, no comment from the Premier. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Tim Webster joins us with a look at what's ahead in sport and an uninspiring win for the Socceroos? That's right, Deb. The boys have wrapped up their World Cup preparations with a seemingly listless victory over Lichtenstein. But as far as the Aussie fans were concerned any win is worth celebrating. The green and gold army rolled into Ulm. (All) Australia! Thousands of Socceroo supporters in fine voice. There were those putting on their game face

as FFA officials continued to smooth the waters with fans. Aussie tourists dared to take on the locals on their home turf but they didn't go too well. Ulm, birthplace of Albert Einstein and home to the tallest church spire in the world, awash with green and gold. Even at 20 euros and with tight security, ticket sales were strong. The local cuisine went down well too. All the icons were out in force. The adulation going into overdrive as the team bus arrived. (Crowd chants) Guus! Guus! Guus! Loud, but a lovable lot. They are good. They make lots of noise. Yeah, lots, but it is normal here. And from those who spent their savings getting here... All the money we spend here, we'll win back from German bookmakers. Once inside, the Aussie faithful were as boisterous as ever

as the Socceroos battled to overcome lowly-ranked Liechtenstein. COMMENTATOR: Towards Kennedy. Joshua Kennedy! Not the best performance on the field, off it, though, the Australians were in sparkling form. The next stop for these Socceroo supporters is Kaiserslautern for the big one - the start of the World Cup finals against Japan.

In Ulm, Germany, Frank Coletta, Ten News. Also coming up - major changes for the Wallabies pack. We'll hear from the giant rookie prop forward who admits he became a bit teary when he was told about his Test debut. And on the Origin front - reaction to big Mal's mind games. Plus - the Maroon forward now known as 'Jacob Who?'.

A co-founder of Greenpeace backs the push for nuclear power plants. That's next. Plus - the people rushing into civil unions with their same-sex partners in Canberra. And - the marathon effort to rescue

a worker trapped in a trench collapse.

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and took me partner with him. Two backhoes began digging delicately around the 32-year-old. But with fears of another cave-in burying victim and rescuers, large boards were pushed into place along the trench walls. I know they don't want to dig an access hole, but I think that's what they may need. Paramedics climbed in and gave Mr Phillips pain-killers and oxygen. Before the toughest part of the rescue began - digging him out with spades and buckets. I dug down deeper than him and pulled the dirt away and then they did the last bit by hand. After seven hours, Mick Phillips was free. Firefighters carefully pulled him onto a stretcher and he was carried to a waiting ambulance. How are you feeling, Mick? (Groans) He was pretty good. He was helping out a lot of the time. He was using the tools for us and cutting stuff. The experts say workmates did the right thing,

calling for help instead of trying to dig him out themselves. If he'd gone in after him he could have been possibly trapped as well. Remarkably X-rays have shown no broken bones. Mr Phillips should be released from hospital tomorrow. Max Futcher, Ten News. Gay couples in Canberra are queueing up to enter into formal civil unions in defiance of the Federal Government. But John Howard remains determined to stop them warning they threaten the institution of marriage. Nick Henderson wants to be among the first to have a formal civil union ceremony with his gay partner under Canberra's controversial new law.

We have been together for five years, bought a house together. We are very much a couple and we want to have that recognised before the law. The ACT Attorney-General has moved to cut the waiting period from one month to one week so gay couples can tie the knot before the Federal Government can overturn the law. We are not proposing something which is marriage. We are simply proposing that same-sex relationships be given the same treatment under the law. But that's the problem, as far as John Howard is concerned. The fundamental difficulty I have with the ACT legislation is a clause which says a civil union is different from a marriage but it has the same entitlements. There's still a chance the Senate may block Mr Howard's disallowance of the ACT law. With the minor parties and the ALP combining, it would only take one Coalition senator to thwart Mr Howard's will. That senator could be ACT Liberal Gary Humphries, who wants to defend Canberra's right to make its own laws. I will not stand by if ACT residents are treated as second-class citizens. WOMAN: Mrs Clinton. No. Could it be an omen that the US Senate has itself just blocked an amendment to ban gay marriage across America? Nick Henderson wants to go ahead with his civil union even though it may only be legal for a couple of weeks. Marriage as a word isn't important. What is important is equality. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A boost for the Prime Minister's nuclear debate. A co-founder of greenpeace says it's a no-brainer in terms of a ddressing climate change. Patrick Moore trades on his background as a co-founder of the anti-nuclear organisation Greenpeace. That was, before the world changed.

Now a spruiker for nuclear power,

the answer, he says, to climate change.

Nuclear energy is clean and safe. Therefore, why would we not use it? He sees Australia's coal-fired power stations as responsible

for our record as the biggest per capita polluters in the world. All the anti-nuclear rhetoric and propaganda is pure scare tactics that don't have any basis in reality. Unconvinced - Greenpeace.

It says its co-founder is now an eco Judas and nothing more than a hired gun for the nuclear lobby. While Mr Moore welcomes John Howard's inquiry, another environmental activist refused to join it. This is really an inquiry about the nuclear industry and it's about economics. It's not about the environment. Greg Bourne was a BP petroleum executive who now says Australia is not doing enough about climate change. The credibility of the Prime Minister's task force has been under fire all week for its lack of balance. It's stacked with nuclear physicists and its chairman was on the board of ANSTO,

our nuclear science organisation, until a late-night resignation. Ziggy Switkowski now agrees it was not a good look. I didn't ask him to do so and I'm not aware anybody in the government did, but it seemed to me to be a very sensible thing. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Well, if you've got a heatwave, Tim

Bailey will report it. If you've

got a storm, he'll be in it and if

he's going to do a snow report,

he'll be in that too. When we say

we preview the snow season, you

know we're not mucking about. When

you've got a real live cameraman

showing you exactly what is going

on , 24 hours before the season

even gets close to opening and 48

hours before we go, "There you go,

folks. You can have the mountain."

Up here at the moment, you can see

there's plenty of snow. The

official depth - 34.1cm worth.

We're still waiting on Mother

Nature for the bottom half.

What about Sydney today? 19 degrees,

plenty of blue sky. Nice to see

that. Two above average. The

coastal showers of the evening

before brought around about 24mm of

rain to Cronulla but not much good

on the sand and in the saltwater as

we keep saying.

Let's look at Skywatch. Thursday

came up shiny and blue and that was

lovely. One problem with pollution

levels in the east and the current

temp is 17 degrees, a small bit

warmer than the 0 we've got here.

You know what I'll do you? I'll see

you again in around about ten. Previously unreleased footage of a ferocious IRA blast. That's next. And the simple nasal spray set to protect people from diabetes.

Time tour check on the traffic now

Unfortunately the traffic delays go

back to Parramatta road from that

accident at merrylands. Remember,

double demerit points in force from

midnight tonight. We'll have more

traffic just after sport. Disgraced millionaire businessman Steve Vizard has been interviewed by police over perjury allegations. The investigation centres on conflicting statements given to two courts during proceedings which led to his fall from grace. Almost 12 months after his reputation was shattered by a shady shares scandal, Steve Vizard could be off to court again amid allegations of perjury. All I can say is, to the best of my knowledge, there's no new matters, no new charges, no new investigations, no new anything. The former high-flyer sought answers from Victoria police yesterday, eight months after it launched an investigation into conflicting statements he made during two court cases. If it's about a matter which has been gathering dust in an in-tray for 12 months, then you know more about it than I do. In a statement of agreed facts tendered to the civil Federal Court action against him, Mr Vizard admitted he abused his position as a Telstra director to trade shares. That's despite denying any wrongdoing at his accountant's committal hearing on false accounting charges in 2003. While neither Victoria police or the Director of Public Prosecutions would comment, one prominent Melbourne defence barrister doubts perjury charges will ever be laid against Mr Vizard. I think it would be difficult to prove. Perjury cases are always very difficult to prove, and in this case it may be just that added bit of difficulty because of the way in which the statement was prepared for the Federal Court. Mr Vizard had begun easing himself back into public life, including a self-deprecating appearance at the Logies. If I never see another QC as long as I live, it will be too soon. So, what about you? Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Breaking news and the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has announced the killing of the al-Qa'ida chief in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The report's being carried on al-Iraqiya state television. Fears the death toll in East Timor could be higher than first thought has sparked calls from the Catholic Church for an international inquiry. It comes as the country's defence minister calls for the UN to police the troubled nation for at least two years.

Australian army and the others, maybe they can stay here up to one year or less or maybe more. Jose Ramos Horta says he's willing to lead the government if Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri gives in to the demands of rebel soldiers

and resigns. Dramatic pictures of the moment an IRA bomb destroyed a shopping centre in northern England 10 years ago. No-one has ever been charged over the 1996 attack. The previously unseen video was released after police decided there was no chance of a prosecution. The explosion, one of the largest in peace-time Britain, did not kill anyone. But more than 200 people were injured the damage bill running to millions of dollars. Wild storms continue to pummel China. They've killed at least 46 people and left hundreds of thousands of others homeless. The worst-hit area has been northern Fujian province where heavy rains have triggered floods and landslides. Nearly 250,000 people have been evacuated from the area. China is regularly hit by devastating summer floods but this year's rains have been stronger and earlier than usual. Prevention of diabetes could be as easy as a nasal spray.

Australian researchers will soon start testing a vaccine

after a trial showed signs of success among children and young adults. Self-injecting insulin several times a day for the past 13 years, Travis Matheson knows well the trials of having type 1 diabetes. I have two long-acting insulin injections - one in the morning and one in the evening - and three during the day - at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But all the blood-testing and injecting could one day be a thing of the past thanks to a simple nasal spray.

Ten News has learned Australian researchers are soon to begin trialling an intranasal insulin vaccine to determine if it will stop the immune system attacking and destroying insulin-producing BETA cells in the pancreas. Research on mice showed the vaccine activates an immune response that protects the cells. There were similar results in a pilot trial involving high-risk children and young adults.

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Australia, affecting around 1 million people. Preventing diabetes will not only have obvious health benefits, but will also help the hip pocket - the condition costing the nation more than $3 billion each year. It's a very good, positive move, to be able to prevent this thing from developing

because the costs - the personal costs, the family costs and the costs to the community from diabetes are vast. Trial participants will self-administer the treatment weekly for a year and have hospital check-ups for five years - a small price, according to those with the disease. I truly hope it works. Diabetes is a horrible thing. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Allan Raskall, Ten News. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are denying rumours they're about to tie the knot. International media was banned from their first public appearance

since the birth of daughter Shiloh. Hollywood's newest parents thanking locals for respecting their privacy. Baby Shiloh was kept out of the limelight. Money for the rights to her first photos is being donated to charity.

Hugh Jackman speaks about his challenging new movie role. That's next. Also, Sydney's new road tunnel. We'll go for a drive deep under Lane Cove. And Split Enz back after all these years.

Reports of the death of the head of

al-Qa'ida in Iraq. He has

reportedly been killed. Al-Qa'ida

has been blamed for scores of

bombings in Iraq, which have killed

hundreds of locals and US forces. A sacked rugby league star has been sentenced to periodic detention for a violent attack on a young woman. Tevita Latu punched her in the face breaking her nose but his former club the Sharks hasn't ruled out the possibility of a comeback. And she's home at last - Sophie Delizio released from hospital after her second brush with death. A car hit her on a pedestrian crossing one month ago. Her inspiring recovery amazing even her doctors.

Her classmates from school are now desperate to welcome her back. Sophie's return home has inspired people across the nation, as her family courageously faces the future. A lot of people might think we're the unluckiest family in the world with two accidents happening to Sophie, but I'd like to think the other way, that we're probably the luckiest parents alive today. We were really concerned that Friday night. We thought she mightn't survive and it's the second time I've had to tell the Delezio family

that this is truly amazing. She's an incredible 5-year-old girl that's defied the odds not once, but twice. Sophie back home where she belongs. The start of the next chapter. Glad to be home. An insider's look at the controversial Lane Cove Tunnel. The $1.1 billion project will link the M2 Motorway at North Ryde with the Gore Hill Freeway in Artarmon, beneath Epping Road. With the majority of the excavation finished, workers are now putting the final touches on air ventilation systems, finishing electrical work and laying concrete. A parliamentary inquiry starts next week looking into traffic funneling measures. No fixed date yet, but the tunnel looks set to open by the end of the year.

Good news on the job front with unemployment falling to 4.9%. A figure not seen for 30 years. But a shocker on the stock market today.

Hugh Jackman says he's thrilled to replace Russell Crowe as Nicole Kidman's love interest in Baz Lurhmann's new Australian film. The actor, who only got the breakthrough role of 'X-Men's Wolverine when another actor dropped out, has no problem with being second choice.

It's going to be the biggest Australian movie of all time. The Australian landscape is going to be as big a character as all the actors. I'm really thrilled. Jackman is about to start rehearsals for the Australian tour of the 'Boy from Oz'. This giant amoeba crawling on stage is in fact the members of Split Enz at last night's opening of their first Australian tour since 1989. The suits, the hair and the humour was all there, as the Finn brothers and their friends rocked through their impressive catalogue of hits. (Sings) # What more can a poor boy do? # Split Enz play the Sydney Entertainment Centre tonight

and tomorrow night.

Tim, we've been complaining about

the cold in the last few weeks but

I think you deserve a hot toddy or

two up there on the mountain. They

tell me it's the opening of the

Australian snow season across the

weekend. As if I wasn't going to be

the first person involved in that.

Can you take this and give it to

Ron. Give him one of those for me,

the first of the season. We're live

at Thredbo, folks. Today in Sydney

town, you - well, you land-lubbing,

sea-level dwellers did it under-19

degree skies and plenty of blue

stuff. Still a little bit of

coastal rain, 24mm at Cronulla.

Friday, we love them, particularly

when Saturday, Sunday and Monday

are gift-wrapped and given to us as

days off. Around about 19 degrees

with coastal showers.

That's Tim's temps for today.

Just in case deb missed, Wilson and

Webster, there's one each. Duck!

Duck! There we go! Sport is next and Tim - the NSW State of Origin team won't be lulled into a false sense of security. We'll have the blues take on the Maroon mindgames shortly plus the Wallabies make major changes up front. Also, a lacklustre Socceroos performance

certainly didn't impress coach Guus Hiddink. And this wayward seagull picked the wrong day to go to the baseball. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this June long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one passenger isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone.

Double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. A lacklustre performance from the Socceroos will see coach Guus Hiddink firing up his squad ahead of their World Cup opener against Japan. The Soccerooos lost concentration and discipline

in beating lowly Liechtenstein 3-1 in their final World Cup warm up.

(All sing) # You'll come a waltzing Matilda with me. # The Socceroos' ever-growing band of supporters could well have been asking just which team was going to the World Cup

when Lucas Neill found the back of his own net in the opening minutes. COMMENTATOR: It came off Lucas Neill and Zeljko Kalac had absolutely no chance. The Australians lucky not to be two down after another defensive mix-up, before John Aloisi went close to putting the Socceroos on the board. The equaliser eventually coming from the boot of Mile Sterjovski. You can almost hear the sighs of relief around the stadium. Tim Cahill showed there are no such thing as friendlies any more when he was yellow-carded just before the break. Harry Kewell took a rest after another solid 60-minute hit-out. The man who replaced him, debutant Josh Kennedy, soaring to give Australia the lead.

Albury-Wodonga's finest. I showed today what I could do. If the games goes to plan, I hope to get some minutes. John Aloisi extending it minutes from the end. Coach Guus Hiddink had a number of concerns about his team's performance in the match here in Ulm. Amongst them, a lack of concentration and discipline. I was angry in the first 20 minutes. It's a lack of concentration. It's a lack of tension in the game.

We did get in behind them a few times and created a few chances. Should have scored a few more goals, but all in all, it wasn't a bad game.

This is what these games are for. We learn from these mistakes. Neil Cordy in Ulm for Ten News. Former NSW coach Ricky Stuart has suggested Mal Meninga's cranky outburst yesterday is all a ploy to help create a Maroons ambush in Origin II. Ricky's advice to his Blues successor Graham Murray is beware. Ricky Stuart might be busy keeping rugby union away from Ryan Cross but his heart is still with the Blues and he doesn't want them falling for any old Origin tricks. Mal coming out now and blowing up and firing up his troops,

it's typical Queensland and I'm sure Graham Murray and his boys will be very wary of it. Meninga yesterday lashing out at the critics claiming the Maroons may as well hit the grog. I've got no doubt there's a bit of strategy there, but I don't count out the fact that

Mal is fairly passionate about people thinking that they can't win. But we won't fall for that trap. Visiting the Childrens' Hospital at Randwick, Blues players not fooled by Big Mal. No, I think it's pretty smart, mate. They know what they're doing. I don't think

there's ever been a Queensland team that hasn't been confident, especially up at Suncorp. They'll be very tough. The battling Maroons facing more grief. Justin Hodges no certainty of overcoming a hamstring injury. If I do feel the slightest pain there, I'll do the right thing by my team-mates and pull out. Queensland's latest no-name shrugging off criticism of his selection. I haven't sort of heard any. I haven't taken much notice of it. It drives you, that sort of thing, but I don't think you can't take those things to heart. The NRL today warning players after Reuben Wiki was exonerated of kneeing on a technicality. The League says a tackler can be charged with dropping knees even if a player isn't stationary on the ground. Adam Hawse, Ten News. New Wallabies coach John Connelly has chosen a rookie front row to take on England on Sunday. Prop Rodney Blake and hooker Tai McIssac will make their debuts while prop Greg Holmes has just three test caps to his name. They are the least experienced Wallabies front row in 23 years. John Connelly admits it's a risky selection gamble

but is confident they can do the job against England. The inexperience we have in the front row with three players with one Test between them.

I think whatever they do they'll improve on, but we've got a fair bit of faith in them. Understandably, it was an emotional call-up for 113kg Queensland prop Rodney Blake. I was nervous and I went to my room and sat there for a second and thought I'd ring my mum and dad and tell them the news and I almost cried on the phone. Western Force hooker Tai McIsaac also surprised. Still can't believe it. It still hasn't sunk in and probably won't until I run onto the paddock on Sunday night. The Wallabies forwards were outplayed in their loss to England on last year's European tour. The new front row ready for battle and not fazed by the pressure or lack of experience. You can't really say it's in our favour but yeah, none of us are worried about it. In other selection news - scrum-half Josh Valentine will make his debut from the bench after Sam Cordingley was ruled out through injury. The tourists returning to Telstra Stadium, the scene of their 2003 World Cup win over Australia. However, they are not living in the past. We're looking purely at the weekend as our challenge. It has nothing to do with anything that's past. It has no relevance on it at all, other than it's the same venue. Trent Higgs, Ten News.

Sydney coach Paul Roos has warned his side must improve significantly

if they're to overcome St Kilda on Saturday night. The Swans will regain midfielder Paul Williams for the clash against the injury-hit Saints.

But it's the slow start the side made against the Kangaroos last week that's causing the coach some angst. If we're not on our game then it won't be 32 points down, it'll be 60 points down and the game will be all over. So we definitely need to come out a lot stronger than what we did last week. It's a milestone match for midfielder Jude Bolton. He'll play his 150th AFL game. At the French Open - Rafael Nadal has continued his incredible unbeaten streak on clay. The spaniard proved too strong for Novak Jockovitch he ran his opponent all over the court with some fierce forehands before the Serbian retired with a back injury. Nadal now has 58 consecutive wins on the red clay. His next opponent - Ivan Ljubicic. He defeated local hope Julien Benneteau to ensure all four of the top seeds are in the semi-finals

for the first time in more than 20 years.

Seagulls tend to have a risky existence at our various cricket grounds and the same can be said of their US cousins. This gull picked the wrong time to fly through a minor league baseball game.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, the bird flew right out in front of home plate. The bird got hit by the pitch. Oh, my goodness! The bird takes first base. That's what happens - the bird gets first base. Apart from having a few feathers ruffled, this winged warrior was eventually able to fly away. And in Sports Tonight - it's party time at Souths but what have they got to celebrate?

Traffic check now. Vic, you did get

around. You were at Merrylands last

time and now you're at the Harbour

Bridge. We're covering the whole of

Sydney. Unfortunately, pretty big

Sydney. Unfortunately, pretty big delays on the Harbour Bridge and

the Western Distributor tonight.

Late-night shopping has traffic

back to the Anzac Bridge. Major

problems out to the west via the M4.

From midnight tonight, double

demerit points until midnight

Monday. Thanks, Vic.

Tim Bailey's at the snow. He joins us with the latest weather details next.

More now on tonight's major breaking story - US military officials confirm that an air strike has killed the leader of al-Qa'ida in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It's understood he died a short time ago south of Baghdad. It's considered a major blow for the insurgency movement which has killed hundreds of people including US soldiers during a long-running bombing campaign.

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, many of us can't wait

for the ski season to come round

and you're giving us a tease on

Thredbo tonight with a look at that

snow. Look, it's fantastic. We like

to get in before everybody else.

When we give you a preview of a

snow season, we give you a preview

of a snow season, folks. Around

about 1834m above sea level here at

Thredbo. The depth of the snow is

around about 34.1cm at the moment.

And look, for the weekend, the

opening weekend, Perisher is going

to have a front valley open and

Thredbo will do front valley -

sorry, Friday Frat and, of course,

the cruiser as well. We were

hoping to have some fireworks for

you on the television and maybe we

can get across to those right now

but, once again, the magic of TV,

when you're trying to do 13 things

at once in the Alps, it doesn't

happen. Bailey and his fireworks

display goes down as one of the

great live moments on television.

What have we got for you in Sydney

tomorrow? 19 degrees - and I

promise you the sky will be

brighter than what you just saw as

we tried to do some flower pots off

the top of Kosciuszko. Coastal

showers and around about 19 degrees.

What about that rain that fell last

night? Mainly coast allergen. 24mm

at Cronulla and 12mm at the airport.

If you're coming to the Australian

snow in Thredbo or priber blue,

we'll have a good one -- Perisher

Blue. The top half of the mountain

will be open at Thredbo and

Perisher Blue, of course, doing

scan front Valley I.

Cloud band crossing the south with

a low pressure system producing

showers only in West and South

Australia, though. Tomorrow,

onshore winds will maintain showers

and inland trough will form and

cause rain to develop over western

Queensland and north-west of NSW.

The business of the brolly - drips

and drops across rooftops.

Isolated showers on the NSW coast

north of the Illwarra and mainly in

the hunter. They need it up there.

Saturday, widespread rain across

inland Queensland and NSW. That's

where the story is for the long

weekend. Some moderate falls

expected there. Speaking of which,

Saturday looks like a rain day and

Sunday as well. That rainfall will

move across inland NSW, WA is

finished with that SA into NSW.

Saturday night, Sunday, Monday,

rain on the way for the long

weekend. Good news. Let's go interstate:

What about that for a great moment

in TV? Did you love the fireworks?

It never works. Rush off now and

fine somewhere to keep warm. I know

you know all the methods. That's the news at five. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH! ( SCREAMS )