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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully and welcome becoming a nuclear nation. Tonight - another step to Australia who almost became prime minister. Judgment day for the man

of the future. The wraps come off the TV of fog in between two layers of air It's simply created by a sandwich and this side and the air is on this side

just shooting it down. and the fog is in the middle But it comes at a huge cost. headlines Sports Tonight Then, the Socceroos' Cup campaign with Ryan Phelan. Thanks, Sandra. in Germany The team is given a warm welcome World Cup warm-up match. as they prepare for their final long-awaited return. Plus - Richmond star Nathan Brown's And a shock State or Origin call up. for the Maroons? Who's about to make their debut the warpath First - environmental groups are on Australia's use of nuclear energy. over the PM's inquiry into has been appointed A former Telstra chief executive to head up the wide-ranging inquiry are already hostage amid accusations the key players

to the nuclear industry. cabinet meeting Emerging after a day-long of his special inquiry the PM revealing the detail into nuclear energy. although, in my bones, I'm not persuaded as yet, a fundamental change. I think there has been And I want to see the evidence. power stations to appear He says he doesn't expect nuclear in the next two or three years to see itself but warns it's foolish for Australia only as a uranium exporter. should also be considered. Value adding by enriching uranium risks in doing something like this There are always risks, political and long-term national costs but there are political and ignoring reality. in sitting on your hands the PM is chasing the wrong reality. But the Opposition says renewables not reactors. The whole debate should be about nuclear physicist Dr Ziggy Switkowski Former Telstra boss, will head the inquiry which has six months to report. Already tonight - and predictably - have attacked this inquiry environmental groups and the PM's assertion to the side of nuclear energy. that some of them are already warming has been stacked with scientists They also fear the inquiry who are already in favour. to come up with a pretty rosy report It's odds on they're going on nuclear power which is very concerning to us. we have looked at the facts again As far as Greenpeace is concerned and nuclear power is very expensive. It's dirty and it's dangerous. for Australia to go. It's not the way your bones are leading you astray. I'm sorry Mr Prime Minister, build any nuclear power stations - Mr Howard says his Government won't the private sector will. You, therefore, must say

the economics of it properly - if you are going to do where the reactors will go - and it's arrogance not to do that. Under the constitution, energy production State Governments regulate to oppose nuclear power stations and they're already lining up within their borders. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

for the PM And another pressing problem relationship with Indonesia. continues to be our tetchy asylum to 42 Papuans. The result of Australia giving in three weeks time John Howard is flying north

with the Indonesian president for an important meeting to try to patch up the relationship. the abortion drug RU-486 A doctor is preparing to prescribe to import 40 tablets. after getting approval Caroline de Costa Cairns doctor Professor after importing it from New Zealand will administer the drug

the Therapeutic Goods Administration. with approval from as a precedent We would hope that this would act actually seek to market the drug and that a drug company will

in Australia widely available and so it will become much less controversial. and hopefully Parliament voted in February of his veto over the use of RU-486. to strip Health Minister Tony Abbott a sweeping condemnation And the Vatican tonight issued fertilisation and same sex marriages, of abortion, contraception, in-vitro has never been so threatened saying the traditional family as in today's world. Labor leader Mark Latham Judgment day for former

pleading guilty to malicious damage a photographer's camera. after smashing He admitted he snapped. he was way out of line. The magistrate says but keeping quiet, Back in the spotlight

finally fronted court today the former politician and malicious damage. charged with common assault, theft Mark Latham pleaded guilty to smashing a photographer's camera, in compensation. paying almost $7,000 the other charges. Prosecutors dropped a News Limited photographer In January, Mr Latham confronted restaurant in Campbelltown. in the carpark of a fast-food was working on a story The photographer of his resignation from Parliament. marking the first anniversary

But Mr Latham was angry shots were being taken of his children. His council admitting in court today: After a heated exchange, and drove home, Mr Latham took the camera on the floor of his garage. where he smashed it the memory stick. Police later recovered 9 of the 50 photos taken The shots revealing were of Mark Latham's children. no interest in Mr Latham's children. News Limited today said it had Mark Latham's counsel told the court

prime minister the man who once would have been a house husband, is now strictly a private citizen, his privacy. and the photographer had invaded saying there was nothing unusual. The magistrate disagreed, While the magistrate said and he had overstepped the mark, Mr Latham was way out of line no conviction was recorded for the next two years. as long as he behaves himself Evan Batten, Ten News. of a kidnap victim. Closure at last for the family After nine days of deliberations, of a woman's abduction and murder a jury found the kidnapper guilty almost a decade ago. where's the body? The only question remaining - and two Supreme Court trials It's taken an inquest but, after nine years, Bruce Burrell is a convicted murderer. The wait for justice so long the victim's family can hardly believe it's finally happened. A few of my very close friends and I are going to get together and have a wake, I guess, because we haven't really been able to do that up until now. So yes, there will be a few drinks and we'll try to say goodbye to Kerry. I'm sorry. I'm just in shock, to be honest. I was expecting a hung jury again. It's amazing. Thanks to the prosecution and the police, of course.

It's wonderful. Burrell's solution to his financial problems came chillingly close to being the perfect crime. Kerry Whelan's body has never been found, nor any weapon, direct witnesses nor DNA linking Burrell to the case. But the devil proved to be in the detail. Security cameras caught Burrell at the carpark where Mrs Whelan was last seen alive. And a search of his home uncovered draft notes for a million-dollar ransom demand made of her husband. Still, the jury needed nine days to reach agreement as they grappled with the circumstantial evidence. I'd just like to pay a tribute to the lengthy deliberations by this particular jury in this matter. It was a complex investigation and it must have been very difficult but they've given it the time to really consider their verdict. The case has had a chequered history over the years with murder charges laid, withdrawn, then re-laid against Burrell only to have his first trial end in a hung jury. That result triggered the introduction of majority verdict laws in NSW. Burrell remained stoney-faced as he was taken into custody. His emotions as veiled as his information has been to the court. Throughout the legal process, Burrell has spoken to any one other than to his lawyers, refusing to provide any details, including the one most precious to the Whelan family. And that's where he hid the body. Mrs Whelan's brother telling how that that vital feature has prolonged the family's grief. That's all we can have now, is Kerry's body, so we can bury her. I'm always an optimist. I'll wait for that day. She was a really beautiful person who never did anything wrong to any body and deserves to be laid to rest. Burrell will be sentenced at a later date. Amber Muir, Ten News. A new life-or-death struggle for one of the Bali 9. Drug courier Martin Stephens has filed an appeal against his life sentence, claiming it's inconsistent with the other drug mules who had their sentences cut to 20 years. People power has stopped eight elephants leaving Thailand for Australia. Locals blocked the beasts convoy saying the elephants belong in Thailand. The Australian Government asked Thai police to clear the road but zoo officials have decided not to risk the health of the animals. It is not in the best interests of the animals for this sort of - I'll call it in a friendly way - ambush.

The elephants are meant to go to zoos in Sydney and Melbourne Australian soldiers have let thousands of anti-government protesters into the capital of East Timor. The huge convoy was first halted at a road-block. Leaders then asked for permission to enter strife-torn Dili. Australian peace-keepers gave the OK and the demonstrators rolled in.

They're demanding the sacking of the prime minister.

An engineering feat in China tonight to create the world's largest dam. As the explosions were triggered, huge waves erupted along the last temporary wall protecting the Three Gorges Dam. The world's largest hydro-electricity project is designed to save China's massive farming districts from regular deadly flooding and can generate enough power to light up Shanghai on a busy day with power to spare. Is this the love nest used by Olivia Newton-John's missing man on the run? The details when we come back. And the 6th of the 6th of the 6th - the date that spooked the superstitious but what is it they fear? Design and build the home of your dreams Enjoy the historic views of one of Canberra's oldest homestead properties Live just 15 minutes to the heart of the city Have it all at Wells Station Country living in the city

This program is captioned live. A dog has mauled a woman in a carpark leaving the victim in hospital with serious arm injuries. The attack happened this afternoon at Noosa in Queensland.

Police said a 46-year-old woman was talking to a friend when a bull mastiff attacked. The dog has been put down. Doctors in Shanghai have successfully removed a third arm from a baby boy. The infant, known as Jei-Jei, underwent the 3-hour operation earlier today, with doctors confident of success. Initial concerns centred on which of his two left arms to take off but after cutting the shoulder open doctors found all the blood vessels and nerves were in the right places of a normal arm. New evidence Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend may be on the run A date with the devil - the 6th of the 6th of '06 had some expectant mothers on edge today. But skeptics say it's just silly superstition. 1-day-old Charlotte Daniel, born just in time. Mum Candice is overjoyed with her angelic arrival but was worried yesterday afternoon she'd be having a little devil. After a long day in labour I was thinking, "Gosh, I need to get her out before the 06/06/06." Just a little bit superstitious. What's superstition for some is religion for others. The Australian Grotto Master of the Church of Satan

is celebrating the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year. I'm really excited about today - it's a wonderful day. It's like an anti-Christmas as opposed to Christmas. The Bible's Book of Revelation says 666 is the number of the beast. But the Australian Skeptics are - you guessed it - sceptical. I don't think any child born today is likely to bring about Armageddon. I think that's very, very unlikely. They may say it's a load of bunk, but I would use the Satanic words and say, "What if it isn't?" But new parents in the Philippines aren't scared. Mothers are not afraid of delivering today on June 6th as compared with delivering on the Friday of Lent

or especially Friday the 13th. The producers of 'The Omen' are cashing in, releasing a remake depicting Damien, the son of Satan, today. He's the son of the devil. No!

Moviegoers, though, in the most part, are taking the film for what it is - a very timely work of fiction. It was a bit scary. I'm sure some people would take it seriously. Very seriously. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. New evidence Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend may be on the run in Mexico with a mystery woman. Leisa Goddard-Roles from Ten's US bureau is on the hunt for Patrick McDermott in a remote coastal town in Mexico. Sandra, Olivia Newton-John has her own private investigator still working on the case and so far neither of them have commented on the new sightings or the claims he spent the night with a woman at a shanty-style motel. It's hardly luxurious, but this $33/night hut in a remote part of Baja Mexico may have doubled as a hide-out and love nest for Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend. Staff say a man they believe to be Patrick McDermott

spent the night with a blonde, European woman last month,

and they left together in the morning. McDermott has been suspected of faking his own death to escape financial problems, after disappearing from an overnight fishing trip off Los Angeles in July last year. Ten News has now found a fifth person

who claims to have seen him in Mexico. Yeah, that is him.


he was like here a week ago, maybe more. The latest sighting placed him in the Hotel California in Todos Santos last week, the hotel made famous by the Eagles song. Sitting on a corner stool, he threw back tequila and beer, paid cash and left. While standing at bar - watching and checking all the time. If McDermott was here, then he has probably fled by now. Locals say it wouldn't be difficult to disappear in Mexico. A lot of people don't ask a lot of questions - The US Coast Guard which is investigating the disappearance says it hasn't received any official reports of sightings and therefore isn't planning on following up the case here in Mexico. NSW, Queensland and the ACT have all delivered big spending budgets with record borrowings to match. Each State has spent up big on health but, in a surprising blow, the ACT will shut down 39 schools. The NSW Budget delivered some welcome news for mum-and-dad investors. From next year, anyone paying land tax on a property worth $365,000 or more will be better off. The cost to the Government - almost $400 million over the next four years. The fact is this is a very conservative budget.

Extra funds are also being pumped into

the hospitals and emergency services, to cater for an ageing population. There's also record spending on infrastructure. And to pay for it all, NSW will suffer a deficit of $696 million. Queensland revealed an expected pre-election spend-up. If we weren't borrowing

Tax cuts will build our

infrastructure through record

spinding and build opportunities for our children. $10 billion will be spent on capital works projects most outside Brisbane. What we're borrowing is chickenfeed. There are tax cuts for business - with a new million-dollar threshold on payroll tax. First home owners also win with no transfer duty on vacant land less than $100,000. The ACT is preparing to close 39 schools.

The demographic shift is being felt

in our government school system

where almost 18,000 desks sit empty.

22 preschools, 15 primary schools one highschool and one college will be shut down over the next three years. Ratepayers will also be slugged up to $400 more each year. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. With a little science fiction inspiration, researchers have invented a screen-less television. You can watch it, stand in it, touch it, even run through it. It's called fog screen and it's made of thin air. It's simply created by a sandwich of fog in between two layers of air and the air is on this side and this side

and the fog is in the middle just shooting it down.

It's the first time the fog-powered technology has been seen in Australia. It retails at $151,000 each. Sports Tonight is next with Ryan Phelan. Ryan - the Socceroos are living in luxury.

That's right, Sandra. No expense has been spared as Guus Hiddink's men prepare for the World Cup. Also tonight -

a Western Bulldogs star midfielder calls for more protection from the umpires.

The tug-of-war over a Queensland State of Origin star. And - Lleyton Hewitt in search of Wimbledon's greener pastures.

This program is captioned live.

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Bundaberg rum and Sports Tonight. Cleefrpb

With just six days remaining before their opening match against Japan, Guus Hiddink has scaled back the Socceroos arduous training sessions.

The Dutch master cancelling a planned session this morning as the team settled into their World Cup base. Our Sports Tonight team has kept a close eye on proceedings. Well, Ryan, Oehringen and all of its 25,000 residents have transformed this 750-year-old village into little Oz. The pubs and the hotels, the homes and the fans all draped in the Australian colours. The Australians jetting into Germany and the locals making them feel very much at home. The Socceroos had one last flight to reflect on what they'd achieved in getting to the World Cup finals and the challenge they now face. We'd like to give a special welcome to all our Qantas Socceroos today who are on board the flight. We want to wish you all the best of luck from Qantas, the captain everyone on board and, of course, everyone from Australia today. The trip to Stuttgart, which would take less than an hour but a journey 32 years in the making. A sense of occasion not lost on the players or the coaching staff

as they touched down on German soil. Up to 2,000 locals came out to cheer them on as the team bus wound through Oehringen's streets. There they found an opponent too hard to swerve past. Some quick thinking and a chainsaw had them on their way. Our flag and national symbols prominent across the 750-year-old village in Germany's south. (All) Australien! The Socceroos' home base is a converted castle. For their arrival - a welcome fit for kings. And an unusual rendition of a familiar tune. (Sings to tune of 'Waltzing Matilda') # Da da da da da da... # Locals proving they've done their homework. Joshua Kennedy is a good player, and Cahill from Liverpool, and Kewell from Liverpool, Skoko, Aloisi from Alaves. Caretakers of the 5th division club based here have more reason than most to cheer the Aussies - FIFA laying a brand new pitch for Hiddink's heroes to run around on. And with the local police also on their side, there's no stopping the Socceroos. Ryan, Guus Hiddink has done his best to try and keep a lid on the emotion surrounding the Socceroos but the Oehringen people have a fascination about the Australian team

and Neil Cordy has more. Yes, thanks, Frank. No doubt about it, the locals have made a very welcoming environment here at Oehringen for the Socceroos. They'll get a chance to see them in the flesh this afternoon The gates have been opened for their training session. The immediate concern is the match against Liechtenstein tomorrow. Harry Kewell is expected to play as he looks to gain more match fitness.

Tim Cahill in a similar boat. The rest of the team should be made up of the back up players. The main concern - 6 days from now is the opening match with Japan. The kick off for the World Cup just three days away, Ryan. Big news at Port Adelaide tonight - both on and off the field. The career of one of the AFL's modern greats is set to come to a close

as early as tomorrow with veteran Gavin Wanganeen expected to announce his retirement due to a knee injury. Gavin Wanganeen hasn't played for the Power since his 300th game in round one, placed on the long-term injury list following knee surgery. Sports Tonight understands the dual premiership player and 1993 Brownlow medallist is set to quit because that knee is now taking longer than expected to heal. Another Power announcement expected soon, tough sanctions for ruckman Dean Brogan. After his airport fracas the club is considering fining and suspending him,

possibly for two games. At Richmond, Nathan Brown will return after his broken leg. After finally beating the pain, he will play his first game in eight weeks, hoping this comeback will prove his season is not over. I was making a fool of myself out on the ground for probably two weeks in a row before I had a rest and wasn't doing myself any favours or the club. An AFL investigation has cleared Hawthorn's Ben Dixon of an off-the-ball incident with Bulldog star Scott West. But West admits he was angry and irritated with the treatment he received. I certainly knew I'd played a game of football once the game finished, when I got home and sat on the couch. Especially the next morning - it was very sore. Brisbane, Michael Voss joins Dick Reynolds, Ted Whitten and Stephen Kernahan

as a 200-game captain on Saturday night. But he concedes he'll quit as club leader at season's end, with Jonathan Brown the man to replace him. But I think we all know, even though only speaking to Lee briefly about it yesterday, even though we've never said anything about it together, or to each other about it, I think we've both sort of felt the same sort of thing. And the AFL tribunal has thrown out the attempting to strike charge against Fremantle's Des Headland, overturning a 3-match ban. Obviously, the right thing was done. Never had any intention to hit him at all and just wanted to get back on the field and take my spot in the zone. Geelong star Gary Ablett was also cleared, the jury agreeing his bump on David Wirrpunda was nothing more than a hip and shoulder. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. A tug-of-war over rising State of Origin star Greg Inglis - his Melbourne club at loggerheads with Queensland management before he was officially ruled out of next week's match. Canberra's Adam Mogg a surprise selection to replace Inglis. As 28-year-old Adam Mogg came to terms with his surprise elevation... It's awesome, mate. I can't really say much more than that. It's a dream. ..dramas over the player he's replaced.

Queensland management wanted Greg Inglis to fly north for a medical, but Melbourne Storm staff said no, concerned the trip could affect the 19-year-old's recovery

from a stress fracture in his spine. It's a back injury. I don't want to wind up in a wheelchair. One bad knock and I could, you know, be out for three years. While Inglis hopes to be right for Origin III in Melbourne, Origin I referee Sean Hampstead has been dropped, replaced by Steve Clarke for next week's match in Brisbane. I guess it'll be a quick game and definitely no backchat, put it that way. Referee Hampstead today getting an apology from the Parramatta player who shoved him. Jeremy Smith's 4-match suspension not long enough for some. I'd have probably given him about 10 weeks. We can't have players and/or officials pushing referees or touch judges around. It's just not on. The NRL's crackdown on spear tackles has seen three Sydney Roosters cop suspensions, including a 10-week ban for young forward Lopini Paea. It's a long time and he's only a young kid, so it's good for the game in a sense if it's gonna stamp that out, but sometimes things do go wrong in tackles.

Melbourne's Billy Slater will contest his dangerous throw charge at the judiciary tomorrow night. New Zealand Warrior Ruben Wiki risking an 8-match ban to argue his kneeing charge. We respect the NRL's process, but we think that perhaps in this instance they've got it wrong. The Warriors have terminated the contract of 5-game winger Misi Taulapapa for his fourth alcohol-related misdemeanour. I'm disappointed in myself. I've been given some chances before. Parramatta's Tim Smith is back in the top grade this weekend after his alcohol-related demotion. Newcastle has re-signed Kurt Gidley for three years. Penrith resigning Frank Pritchard for four years. Leanne West for Sports Tonight.

Matt Giteau is out of the Wallabies side for the first rugby Test against England on Sunday. The star centre is still struggling following minor surgery on his troublesome right knee. Mat Rogers is now favoured to assume Giteau's position. He returned to camp from Sydney after attending the birth of his third child and is looking for a position he can call his own. I've really enjoyed running at inside centre lately. To be honest, it gives you that real freedom to run the ball or play the ball whereas five-eighth is more of a ball player and fullback is more of a runner. I think my fullback days are over and I'll probably be in closer to the ball now. The squad flies into Sydney tomorrow with the team due to be announced Thursday. Lleyton Hewitt is confident he can challenge for the Wimbledon title despite losing his fourth-round match to Rafael Nadal. Hewitt stretched the clay court master in four tight sets and is now looking forward to returning to his favourite grass courts. There was a always one obstacle in Lleyton Hewitt's French Open draw, and the Spaniard's clay court dominance was obvious from the outset. He came out smoking it and hitting a lot of heavy balls out there. I couldn't really - didn't get an opportunity to try and dictate. An encouraging sign for Hewitt's summer campaign, he rattled the world number two taking out the second set. APPLAUSE He's very competitive. So if you have some mistakes, some misses, so he going to be 100% after, no? The Aussie admitting his game improved as the tournament went on, but a lack of big match practice took its toll. My serve did go off, my first serve, more than anything. Yeah, that just made it a lot harder to put pressure on him. In tonight's clash of the former world number ones, Kim Clisters proved too powerful for the Swiss Miss, Martina Hingis, taking it out in straight sets, 7-5, 6-1. And earlier, Czech teenager Nicole Vaidisova added another high-profile scalp to her resume. After defeating Amelie Mauresmo last round she sent Venus Williams packing 6-7, 6-1, 6-3.

Anthony Goodridge, Sports Tonight. Not happy, Jan. Or should I say John? One of the stars of the Commonwealth Games, John Steffensen,

has lashed out at Athletics Australia.

According to him he should have been named the Athlete of the Year at today's awards ceremony,

not long-distance runner Craig Mottram. He's won Commonwealth gold, has a swag of endorsements and was today named the country's Emerging Athlete of the Year but John Steffensen still wants more, specifically, Craig Mottram's title of Athlete of the Year. Obviously two gold medals is not enough. I think if you ask the public who they remember running on the track they'd say me. With Mottram competing overseas it was left to Athletics Australia to defend the distance king.

It's up to him now. Craig Mottram's been able to do it at both international level even at cross country he's been a very solid performer. So now it's John, the people's champion, it's time to really show that he is, he is the star that he believes he is. Steffensen's return to the track has been less than spectacular but he's confident come Beijing if his feet go as fast as his mouth there's no doubt he'll again be showered in gold. And I believe in two years I'll be running 43 seconds. When you ask me am I going to win I say yes, but I know what have I to do to win. When you ask me if I was going to the Commonwealth Games I said yes because I knew what I had to do to win and I knew what training I did to get there and I knew I could run the time that I ran to do that so that's why I could tell you I was going to ring. So right now I can't tell you about world champs because I don't know what to do to get there but I'll speak to my coach and he'll tell me what to do and when he tells me what to do

then I'll tell you what I'm going to do and then we'll do it. David Adamson for Sports Tonight. CLASSICAL MUSIC DRAMATIC OPERATIC MUSIC KETTLE WHISTLES With an authentic golden crema, Duracell standard Alkaline will only take up to 80 shots. ZOOM! This program is captioned live. Play of the Day time now and while our Socceroos are kicking goals in the lead up to the World Cup, these athletes are kicking each other

in the quest to become Britain's shin-kicking champion. Pointless as pickles on a burger, sure. But a lot of fun. They stuff their pants with as much hay as possible to soften the blow But by the sound of things it doesn't provide much protection.

The aim is obvious - bring down your opponent with big blows to the shins. So for baring the pain these guys get out Play of the Day. Now that gives meaning to the saying, "Better than a kick in the shins.

That's the day's sport. A whacky

one. It is. You're talking to an exhockey player. To finance news - and interest rate jitters in the US triggered a downward spiral on our market.

Now to the national weather. Looking at the satellite map - cloud is forming over eastern NSW, causing showers, mainly on the coast. Patchy cloud crossing the interior is only generating patchy rain in north-west WA. Low cloud is clinging to the southern coastline but it's generally dry. On the synoptic map - showers along the NSW coast and ranges, mainly in the north. Scattered showers along the southern WA coast. A broad ridge of high pressure spanning the southern States will keep other areas mostly dry.

So Wednesday - And that's the latest from Ten News.

I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News Team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.