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This program is captioned live. Tonight - tunnel warfare. over the Cross City debacle A legal showdown as motorists prepare to pay dearly.

is an act of greed. I think setting a toll at $3.50 the city's water supplies. Sydney's drenching fails to replenish love shock - And Olivia Newton-John's and well. claims her missing boyfriend is alive and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - ferry service scrapped. the struggling 'Spirit of Tasmania'

in full voice And Socceroos supporters in the Netherlands. as the team faces a gruelling test up it goes again. But first this evening - back up to $3.50 The Cross City Tunnel toll shoots from midnight tonight. But the battle is far from over

to rule out legal action with the motorway company refusing re-opening surrounding roads. to stop the State Government and another bleak day for motorists. Rain over the Cross City Tunnel at midnight tonight With the half-price ride due to end

a new discount of sorts. the tunnel operators are offering

for a $2.90 toll. Rejecting the Government's call

by just 17 cents to $3.50 Instead reducing its full fee a 'further act of good faith'. in what it calls was demand, demand, demand All we had from Government whatsoever. and not one sensible offer is an act of greed. I think setting a toll at $3.50

between the warring parties An expensive court battle over road closures and compensation now almost certain. This is a public-private partnership of the partnership and we've got one part is just bullying the other.

we haven't been able to get there We've tried in good faith, so enough is enough. an expensive damages claim Now the Government is risking

including: by re-opening 13 closed roads traffic on William Street, an extra traffic lane for eastbound Harbour tunnel from Palmer Street returning direct access to the and re-opening Druitt Street between Kent and Clarence Streets. to traffic going west almost $100 million in compensation. The tunnel operators wanted just $20 million. The Government offering

of public-private partnerships. The Government denies this is the end has not been scared off. Business, it says, any court action will be over But it's unlikely before the State election next March. for the street re-openings There's no timetable but one thing's for certain - of William Street more headaches for the shop-owners for road changes. facing more construction Paul Mullins, Ten News.

service in the Sydney CBD A plan to extend the light rail will be put to council tonight. to Circular Quay The route linking Central Station would transform Castlereagh Street and cutting travelling time in half. making it a 'bus free' zone every 2.5 minutes during peak times. 19 trams would provide a service

move 10 million people a year It is viable, it's doable, it could the light rail network for the CBD. and it could be the beginning of

If the plan gets the green light, within two years. it could be up and running service from Sydney to the Apple Isle The 'Spirit of Tasmania' passenger has been axed. Tasmanian premier Paul Lennon says extra $50 million needed his government couldn't afford the to bail it out of trouble. to break even It's been a struggle for the vessel and rising fuel costs. competing with cheap airline tickets Sydney on August 27. 'Spirit III's final voyage will leave The ferry will then be sold. to ease the city's water crisis Sydney's drenching has done little be hit hard in the hip pocket. with predictions today we could soon A CSIRO study has found a staggering 600%. our water bills could soon jump

A rare but welcome sight seem all too tough. even if it makes going to work across Sydney There have been major rainfalls but did it go where it's needed? 30mm the city, 42mm fell in 24 hours over Rose Bay, to the crucial water catchment areas but as the clouds moved west it dried up - just over 1mm in the Blue Mountains. has warned And today our peak science body six times its current price by 2032 drinking water in Sydney could cost

if we don't make drastic changes. and jobs to move to cheaper states. The price hikes could force industry "Water is too expensive here" The industries will say so they'll move elsewhere are looking for jobs and so when people where the jobs are. will choose to go To keep costs down the CSIRO believes

the drinking supplies NSW must pipe irrigation water into to spare? but is there any farming water unlike State Governments. They don't waste water

for the cities and the people. They use the water to grow food its solution isn't the only answer. Even the CSIRO admits when it rains, While we may not be able to control

how much we pay for it. we can have some say over the independent regulator IPART, The price is controlled by for water is actually shrinking while the Government believes demand

efficiently. as we look to recycle and use it more

in the future Will secure Sydney's water supply and will keep pressure on prices. way to boost dwindling supplies. Stormwater harvesting seen as another Most of the rain falls on the coast and on days like today of litres of stormwater you've literally got millions that's literally running out to sea. James Boyce, Ten News.

Our intrepid weatherman is out

amongst it. Tim, it may not have

come about in the catchment areas

but it's raining where you are. We

got 51mm in the city today. The

catchment area, the upper levels of

the catchment got 10mm worth. It's

not a bone dry argument. The interesting thing is the

temperature. It's the coldest day

in two years and I

in two years and I feel every bit

of it here at North Sydney. 12.2

degrees, five below average. It's

the coldest June day in 11 years.

Some Sydney suburbs out in the west

had their coldest day in three

years today. What's the weather

going to do? Will the coastal

showers continue? Yes. Tuesday

through to Friday, rain forecast

across the weekend. Temperatures

getting as low as 16 degrees. A wet

getting as low as 16 degrees. A wet week ahead and tomorrow - coastal

showers and tops of around about 17

degrees, which is tropical compared

to what it is right now - 11. I'll

see you later in the bulletin. One of the State's top cops has been caught up in a Police Integrity Commission inquiry into the disappearance of a Bathurst woman. A local detective was considered a suspect but nearly five years on, no-one has been charged and no body found. Paul Jacob is one of the State's highest profile officers

and his investigation into the disappearance of a Bathurst woman has been called into question. It's not something that's appropriate for us to comment on. The detective inspector is best known for bringing accused killer,

Gordon Wood, back to Sydney to face trial for the murder of his model girlfriend,

Caroline Byrne. In 2001, Jacob led the strike-force into the disappearance of Janine Vaughan from a Bathurst nightclub. The Police Integrity Commission has begun a hearing in Orange

into the possible mishandling of the case. The Commission has received considerable new information which it continues to assess. The key issue is how closely police investigated one of their own local detective Bradley Hosemans, who was later sacked for exposing himself to a barmaid. Good weather for it boys. Witnesses, and Janine's sister, Kylie, told police

she was aware that Hosemans had an interest in her. The disgraced detective admitting for the first time today that he was in Bathurst on the night of the disappearance. He later became involved in the investigation and the Police Integrity Commission wants to know how thoroughly Paul Jacob and his team pursued their fellow officer as a suspect. This Police Integrity Commission investigation won't be the end of the matter. A coronial inquest into Janine Vaughan's disappearance will be held later his year. It's feared Janine was murdered but no body has been found.

Her family just want to the truth to come out.

The worst nightmare anyone could go through.

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend may be alive and living in Mexico. Patrick McDermott mysteriously disappeared from a fishing boat in California almost a year ago. Now he's reportedly been spotted living in a busy coastal resort.

Authorities have always suspected Patrick McDermott may have faked his own death. When the 48-year-old went missing When the 48-year-old went missing

from an overnight fishing trip off Los Angeles in July last year, his long-time partner, Olivia Newton John, begged for help to try to find him. I love him very much and, as you can imagine, it's an incredibly hard thing to go through. And, um... Thank you. Now, more than 11 months after his mysterious disappearance from the boat ironically called 'Freedom', there have been three reported sightings of him along Mexico's remote Baja Peninsula. The latest just 10 days ago. Bar owners here in Cabo San Lucas and in a small nearby town have reportedly recognised Mr McDermott from his missing persons photograph. He allegedly told one man he was here working on a private fishing vessel. But that's not the only twist. It's been revealed

the fishing boat made a previously unknown stop for fuel before docking in Los Angeles - a stop that would have given McDermott the perfect opportunity to disappear. At the time of the boat trip he was facing possible jail time for failing to pay thousands of dollars in child support to his former wife.

The last time he was seen on the boat was when he paid his $10 bar and food bill. That was an hour before it docked in Los Angeles.

In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

Tim Webster with a look at sport and Tim, the Socceroos very impressive. Yes, a super performance just days out from their opening match of their World Cup campaign. Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer frustrated one of the world's top football teams, and tens of thousands of Dutch fans, as Australia drew 1-all with the Netherlands in Rotterdam. They came full voice, but were well and truly outnumbered. (All sing) # Ole, ole, ole, Aussie, Aussie. # Just 1,000 or so Aussie fans crammed into a single bay surrounded by a sea of orange. It was billed as a 'friendly' but was anything but that for the Aussies and their fans. This a true test against the third ranked team in the world.

The Socceroos found themselves behind early but spurred on by their small band of noisy fans turned enthusiasm into scoring opportunities. COMMENTATOR: Viduka! But the real hero proved to be goalkeeper, Mark Schwarzer. He pulled off save after save to keep his team in the contest and make his family back home very proud. Very excited about it - his performance.

Even another setback with the loss of Luke Wilkshire couldn't dampen the Aussie spirit. An equaliser coming from the boot of Tim Cahill but only after a few head-stopping moments. Mark Viduka. It's put in! But the hero of the night was Schwarzer who continued to reel off a number of sensational saves forcing his proud father to send this message to coach Guus Hiddink over just who should protect the Australian goal in the World Cup opener against Japan. I hope it settles a few arguments now.

The friendly against the Dutch now

behind them, the serious part of

this World Cup journey is about to

begin for the Socceroos. Shortly,

they'll touch down here in

Stuttgart. They'll be housed in a converted

converted castle just outside of the city. All the match highlights shortly in sport plus some major charges coming out of the NRL judiciary. Among them, the Roosters Lopini Paea. His spear tackle could cost him up to 13 weeks out of the game. Suprisingly, Eels half Jeremy Smith wasn't given an open-ended grading and will miss four games. Also later - changes to the State of Origin line-ups, most of them to the Queensland side. Parents warned after a depraved attack on two young girls

That's next. Plus, Prime Minister Howard targeted by furious protesters in Sydney. And no more fine print - the new food nutrition labels that are much easier to understand.

LAUGHTER PIRATE: Alright! Get in and grab some of these Pirate Pearl M&M's! Why don't you just use the other one, mate? Oh. Sorry.

A community is on high alert after a brazen attack on two young girls who were sexually assaulted at knife-point. The girls, aged 10 and 11, were crossing Elermore Vale Park near Newcastle just after lunch yesterday when a man pulled a knife on them, took them to a secluded corner and attacked them. One of the girls managed to escape and call for help. He was described as being in his 30s, tall, he had dark brown eyes, a large nose, olive-tanned complexion. Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers on: Superstar Mel Gibson is used to taking on the movie bad guys. But his lesser-known brother, Danny, is now grabbing headlines over a battle with his neighbours. Living next door to Mel Gibson's brother requires more than a brave heart, according to neighbour Michael Smart. He claims Danny Gibson's falsely accused him over noisy dogs,

fish in his boat and an untidy yard repeatedly dobbing him in to Hornsby Council. We've had enough. If we could afford to move out of here and get the hell away from this we would, but we can't. The father of two got rid of his rooster and an unfenced wading pool without argument but says more complaints kept pouring in. He says he tried to be nice to the Gibsons even once helping them put out a fire

but the battle continues. Mr Smart wonders if it's because of his neighbour's famous name. I don't know whether that's a part of it. I just want it to stop. Mayor Nick Berman says all complaints are treated the same. I can assure both parties council is playing fair. There are no favourites involved. Ten News attempted to reach Danny Gibson but he was uncontactable. We did talk though to the next two closest neighbours

who say they've never had a problem with the Smart family.

No never. I've never had a problem in my life. The council's keeping a 'dog diary' on the Smarts who are no longer on speaking terms with the Gibsons. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A passenger train on its way from Melbourne to Sydney

has slammed into a car killing the vehicle's driver. It happened at a level crossing near Albury. The 90 passengers on board the Country-Link service escaping injury. Some people who had seen the incident out the side windows of the train were obviously upset by the whole affair. The impact caused the locomotive to become uncoupled from the first carriage. It could be days before they're removed from the track.

A top scientist says Australia would need up to five nuclear power stations for the industry to be viable. But the PM warns it's too early to speculate on where those facilities could be built. A grab bag of protesters jeer the Prime Minister at Sydney University. Nuclear energy didn't seem to be one of their gripes but it's sure to join the list before long.

Adding to the radioactive mix, the nuclear science chief. Nuclear energy operation in Australia probably should have four or five involved. Dr Smith says the power stations would be on the east coast, where the demand for electricity is greatest. John Howard has not been prepared to come out, come clean and say how many power stations Australia would need or where they should be located.

You are putting the cart before the horse. The first thing is to work out whether it is economically feasible or not. Federal Cabinet, tomorrow, will give the green light to an inquiry into the feasibility of nuclear energy. Nuclear power is not economically viable in Australia. Besides, it's too dangerous, she says. The ANSTO chief says it would take 10 years for a nuclear industry to be established in Australia

and the five reactors would cost $10 billion.

"Not in my State," says Morris Iemma. Well, while ever I am Premier of NSW there won't be any nuclear power plants in NSW. But of course he already has Australia's only nuclear reactor, at Lucas Heights, and the local federal member today proudly opened a $10 million security upgrade.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

A new weapon in the battle against expanding waistlines

with food labels that tell us how much we should be eating.

The Federal Health Minister wants all food producers and fast food companies like McDonalds to simplify food labels. Kellogg's products now have one line on the front describing that food as a percentage of how much you should eat in a day.

I hope that this example becomes extremely catchy for the other food manufacturers of our country and I have reason to think that it will be.

Mr Abbott hopes it will help Australians beat obesity. A notorious paedophile booted out of the country. That's next. And the effort to save an East Timor landmark. Locals and foreigners take their buckets into battle.

Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo. it's: T/Gel from Neutrogena.

Australian peacekeeping troops have fired tear gas Australian Federal Police on the front line breaking up a gang fight. Move back now! Move back! Keep going! A local caught in the violence.

His motorcycle vandalised then set on fire. It's the first time the Australian Federal Police have deployed officers to take on the gangs

and it's had an immediate effect. The AFP has another fight on its hands United Nations staff told not to cooperate with federal agents investigating the massacre of a dozen East Timorese police. These killings are murder. We've got to get to the bottom of it. We're responsible for security here in this place at the moment. The UN says it will help the AFP only if a request to do so

first comes from the East Timorese Government. But the troubled nation's political administration has all but broken down. If they're trying to ask us to recognise that we are not able to govern the country, we will never do that because we are able to govern the country. Dili is ablaze with political spot fires, but it's the real infernos which are consuming the attention of the local people. A failed attempt to burn down the popular Castaway Bar

drawing a bucket brigade of thirsty ex-patriots intent on saving their favourite watering hole. Away from the chaos, the Australian Government has reaffirmed its intention

not to let the fledging democracy in Dili slide into failed state status. We cannot afford to have Timor-Leste become one of those and in doing so become perhaps a haven for trans-national crime. In Dili, Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

A notorious paedophile has been booted out of Australia. His file stamped never to return. William John Gallagher left the John Morony Correctional Complex on the floor of this van this morning. Immigration officers escorting the 61-year-old to Sydney Airport where he was deported to London. He'll be forced to immediately sign Britain's Sex Offender's Register after spending most of his adult life in jail for sex offences against young boys.

A major crackdown on terrorism in Canada.

Police have arrested 17 people over a plan to bomb government buildings foiling a plot potentially much worse than America's Oklahoma bombing. Heavily armed police surround a courthouse awaiting the arrival of a group of men charged with planning a devastating terror attack on Canada. 12 men and five youths were arrested and charged with plotting attacks with explosives on Canadian targets.

Their families, arriving at court, shocked on hearing the allegations. I'm shocked. It's crazy, just crazy. It has no meaning whatsoever. These families are all established, longstanding residents, citizens of Canada for the past 50 years. However, Canadian authorities say they launched the undercover sting after monitoring emails and discovering they were trying to buy

three tonnes of the fertiliser ammonium nitrate. It's the same explosive used in the Oklahoma City bombing. The 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people was completed only with only one tonne of ammonium nitrate.

Police claim they found an assortment of bomb-making materials, including mobile phones attached to crude detonators.

They also believe the group has links

to two men arrested in Atlanta recently and a number of men arrested on terrorism charges in the UK. Tim Potter, Ten News. Gunmen have shot dead dozens of people including several school children, at a makeshift roadblock in Iraq. Insurgents stopped two buses divided the passengers into ethnic groups and then executed Shias and Kurds by the side of the road. Among the dead were students, children and old men.

While the violence continues, the political process continues to falter. The prime minister again failed to appoint two key ministers. A decision seen as vital to restoring stability. A major new development in cloning with a pair of test tube mules put through their paces. A record crowd were drawn to watch the field's star attractions. Idaho Gem - the world's first equine clone - and his brother Idaho Star.

The scientific wonders showed clean sets of hoofs winning the 300 metre sprint. The 3-year-old clones, who carry identical DNA, have trained separately from each other for the past two years. Workers who took on the boss all lose their jobs. That story next. Plus, Treasurer Michael Costa prepares to deliver the final Budget

before the State election. And soaking up the glory - Australia's Isla Fisher triumphs at the MTV Movie Awards.

Tonight's major stories - Sydney's drenching does little to ease the city's water crisis

with predictions today we could soon be hit hard in the hip pocket. A CSIRO study has found our water bills could soon jump a staggering 600%. The struggling 'Spirit of Tasmania' ferry service between Sydney and the Apple Isle axed. It's been unable to compete with discount airfares at a time when fuel prices have been soaring. The final voyage will be in late August.

And tunnel warfare - a legal showdown over the Cross City scandal as motorists prepare to pay dearly.

The toll shoots up to $3.50 each way from midnight tonight as the State Government prepares to re-open surface roads in defiance of the tunnel operators. Our State political editor Paul Mullins joins us now. Paul, the tunnel's turned into a real headache for the government 10 months out from the election. This is

This is not just a headache. It's a

migraine. The Government is taking

a very big gamble here. It's gamble

that it won't have to pay out

millions of dollars in

compensation for what is effectively breaking a contract.

It's also gambling that by

reopening these 13 roads it will

effectively kill off the very

troublesome issue of the cross city

tunnel well before that state

election just 10 months away. Treasurer is

Treasurer is preparing to hand down

his first budget tomorrow. Any

surprises expected? I don't think

there'll be too many vices. This

has been THE most leaked budget in

living memory. We know all about

the record spending on capital

works and the record borrowings

that come with that, something like

$5 billion in the first years. I'm

told there will not be any concessions on

concessions on payroll tax but some

changes to land tax to make it

fairer. But don't expect too many

changes tomorrow. I'll have the

full rundown from you tomorrow.

The company at the centre of an industrial relations storm is on the verge of collapse. The owners blame union tactics during an unusual unfair dismissal case. Owner Jim Sutton is preparing to walk away from the company where 27 years ago he began work as a tool-maker.

It's the second time in five years

Finlay Engineering has gone into administration, but just two months since the highly publicised sacking of two union member employees, one of them allegedly for smirking. Oh, the union has been a big part. I believe if we hadn't had the absenteeism campaign, if we hadn't lost between six to eight days a week,

which is probably 25% of our turnover, we would have been able to fight through it.

A picket line was established by protesters and the men reinstated. Unionists say the company is a victim of mismanagement and the global economy. There have been problems with Finlay Engineering, there's been problems with management and communication problems. Administrators were formally appointed at a meeting of creditors this afternoon, and now have 28 days to decide the company's fate. It's estimated the 28 employees are owed $1.2 million in entitlements,

the Federal Government likely to be asked to cover any shortfall.

My superannuation went into the company to try and keep it afloat, to buy machinery. I sold my house,

I put that money into the company to keep it afloat, so we're left with nothing. Church welfare bodies have joined the battle over work, supporting Wednesday's union rally. Any legislation which creates the capacity to exploit and abuse,

which these have the potential to do so, then you'd have to say they don't support the Christian value. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Metal and oil prices pushed up the share market today.

An actor known for dishing the dirt on his famous co-stars has turned the spotlight on his own life. Richard E. Grant has turned director

for a film about his unusual childhood in Africa. Richard E. Grant is famous for telling it like it is -

his best-selling book 'With Nails' details what really goes on in Hollywood from the inside. So it's no surprise that when the actor decided to write and direct the story of his own life, it would be a warts-and-all affair. It's based on his own diaries which he started writing as a child in Swaziland. Ever since I saw my mother bonking my father's best friend on the front seat of the car when I was supposed to be asleep on the back seat, which is the opening scene of 'Wah-Wah'.

The title 'Wah-Wah' comes from the way people in the then British colony spoke. Oh, come on, girls, relax. I'm an American. How very hubbly-jubbly for you. Why do they all speak in this snooty baby talk all the time? Blah, blah this, hubbly-jubbly, hoity-toity, tootle-loo, ding-dong. Sounds like a load of old wah-wah. The movie is at times hilarious, at others, harrowing,

including a scene based on real events, where his alcoholic father, played by Gabriel Byrne, shoots at him. Shoot! What are you waiting for? It's the first movie ever shot in Swaziland, but even that was a challenge. I had to beg the king to allow us to film because the French producer, who I no longer speak to, had neglected to deal with some little things called work permits. Richard's next project is set to be another expose called 'Zeitgeist'.

It will be a movie version of 'With Nails'. What really goes on with actors as opposed to the PR version of, you know, we all have a happy family and everything is fabulous. 'Wah-Wah' opens on 22 June.

Angela Bishop, Ten News. Aussie actor Isla Fisher is continuing to turn heads in Hollywood. She's just won the MTV Breakthrough Performance Award for her role in 'Wedding Crashers'.

The comedy about two bachelors dominated the night, winning Best Movie. For most people,

playing a bipolar nymphomaniac would have been a challenge. LAUGHTER But I've gotta say, for me, I think I just played myself. And Heath Ledger emerged victorious in the Best On-screen Kiss category delivered to his co-star in the gay cowboy movie 'Brokeback Mountain'.

You had to dig around in the

cupboard to find your umbrelya.

we'll get Ron to dig around in his

and lend you a cardigan. Indeed.

The forecast was cold and wet and

the reality is that it's cold and

wet. 12.2 degrees today, five below

average. The coldest Sydney

average. The coldest Sydney day for

two years and the coldest June day

in 11 years. Wet? You bet. The city

got 51mm to 4:30 this afternoon and

we got 10mm in the upper areas of

the catchment area. What about

tomorrow? Showers. Particularly on

the coast, 16 degrees. Showers

until Friday, turning to rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Broadcasting live from

Broadcasting live from Thredbo

Thursday and Friday this week for

the opening of the Australian snow

season. See you again later. Sport is next and Tim, a long list of charges at the judiciary. Yes, the crackdown on spear tackles continues with a hefty suspension. That shortly, plus all the Origin changes. Also the hero again how Mark Schwarzer saved the Socceroos. And Aussie Casey Stoner's wild exit in Italy.

New Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion contains oatmeal,

If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this June long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one passenger isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.

now. We will check traffic again tomorrow. Maroons 2-try hero Greg Inglis

is in doubt for Origin II in Brisbane. The Socceroos arrive in Germany tonight with their World Cup hopes boosted by a draw with the Netherlands. A 1-all scoreline with the much vaunted Cup heavyweights reinforcing the belief Australia can be a darkhorse in the opening Cup rounds. 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR' PLAYS

In their biggest test since the Uruguay series, not surprisingly Mark Schwarzer was called into action early. But he couldn't keep out Ruud van Nistelrooy moments later. COMMENTATOR: Follow-up by Ruud van Nistelrooy and there's the first goal for the Dutch on the 9-minute mark. It could easily have been two when Grella handled the ball in the area. Schwarzer keeping the Socceroos in the match with a pair of saves within a minute.

A good stop by Mark Schwarzer. Comes out to Wesley Sneijder. Sneijder - shot! Great save, Schwarzer.

Marco Bresciano provided Australia's first shot on goal but it was Mark Viduka who went closest to drawing the match level. Scott Chipperfield... Viduka! That's an absolute top-quality save. Schwarzer's heroics continued after the break. A rare move forward earning the Australians a penalty

when Mark Viduka was dragged down. The skipper, though, reviving memories of his miss in the shoot-out against Uruguay. But Tim Cahill came to the rescue. Tim Cahill! All I could see was the ball roll towards me. I went in a bit later and basically saw the bottom corner and smashed it in. It was a great feeling. Celebrations were short-lived. Luke Wilkshire's second bookable offence drawing a red card.

Arsenal's Robin van Persie was causing loads of trouble, denied again by Schwarzer. And then the woodwork. Guus Hiddink's men holding on for a remarkable draw. The Socceroos will fly to Germany tomorrow, buoyed by the confidence of this result, holding out the Dutch for more than 30 minutes with just 10 men. Mark Schwarzer's heroic performance in goal sure to give him the starting spot against Japan.

I'm confident in my own ability and I know if I can go out there and play at my normal ability, my normal game, that the rest will be decided for itself. Neil Cordy in Rotterdam for Ten News. A major setback for the Queensland tonight with reports boom rookie Greg Inglis will miss game two of Origin

with a back injury.

Meanwhile, a near record eight players have been charged by the NRL judicia y among them the Eels Jeremy Smith for pushing a ref.

Sydney Roosters forward Lopini Paea could miss 13 matches, the longest suspension of the season, for a dangerous throw on the Storm's Ben Cross. Experts claim at least one Rooster should have been sent off

for this horror tackle last Saturday night - the match review committee obviously agreeing. Lopini Paea facing a 10-game match ban even with an early plea. Team-mate Ashley Harrison could go for two games.

Thankfully, Ben Cross suffering no ill-effects. Warriors veteran Ruben Wiki looking at an 8-week suspension for a grade five kneeing charge. Parramatta half Jeremy Smith given a grade five contrary conduct for allegedly pushing referee Sean Hampstead. The Eels could be without him for six games.

There's so many times you'd like to

throttle the referee and

throttle the referee and you can't

do it. He's slipped up a bit. In his first game back from a 7-match suspension, Billy Slater could miss another two for this tackle.

And Matt Cooper is facing a 3-match ban for a dangerous throw. Cooper overlooked for the NSW team announced today. The only change being Dragons team-mate Luke Bailey coming into the squad for the injured Luke O'Donnell. Game one hero Brett Finch given a week to prepare - not 24 hours.

I'm going to try and stick to the same philosophy and not try and get caught up in it all.

The Queenslanders including Test fullback Karmichael Hunt in their revamped line-up. He replaces Matt Bowen - one of three axings. Other new faces Chris Flannery and Broncos hitman Tonie Carroll. The Maroons seeking more mongrel. We probably just needed a forward pack with hitting power. Tonie Carroll is obviously a known hitter.

Selectors keeping Darren Lockyer at five-eighth to the delight of the Blues. I think any side playing against Brisbane or Queensland, would tend to run at Lockyer. I'm sure we can do that in game two. With debate raging about referees' reluctance to blow penalties, Blues coach Graham Murray

wanting a meeting with referees boss Robert Finch. I'm a bit like yourselves at reading and hearing.

I thought we were there to police the rules. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

The Swans are praising their senior players for inspiring yesterday's comeback against the Kangaroos. The come-from-behind win stretching the Swans winning streak to six games. The Swans are still jumping after their 7-point win over the Kangaroos but the big leaps took place in the final quarter in Canberra.

After trailing by as much as 32 points the premiers looked to their leaders. COMMENTATOR: He's a star. Oooh commeth the hour, commeth the man. It's just good to see the group respond in a way we did. I thought our leadership was fantastic yesterday. Leo Barry, Barry Hall kicking those goals. They led the way for us and everything else followed. Six goals from Hall and a match sealer from Adam Schneider

turning around an otherwise scrappy afternoon. The way everyone jumped on board on the last quarter shows the power of the group and we can win games when we're not playing well. The Swans's next assignment St Kilda at the SCG on Saturday night. The team they defeated en-route to last year's grand final. They're a dangerous team for us. They're in and under like we are.

A similar style of play like us it will be a great game at the SCG. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News.

Upsets in the women's draw at the French Open tennis, with world number one Amelie Mauresmo and Maria Sharapova knocked out. In the men's, world number one Roger Federer booked himself a quarterfinal appearance against Croatian Mario Ancic, while Australia's Lleyton Hewitt plays tonight against clay court king Rafael Nadal. A dramatic day for the women, with fourth seed Maria Sharapova beaten in straights sets

by fellow Russian Dinara Safina. COMMENTATOR: Well, what a point to seal it. And French hope Mauresmo was also a straights-sets loser to Czech teenager Nicole Vaidisova. Mauresmo has never gone past the quarterfinals at her home grand slam. Australian MotoGP rider Casey Stoner has walked away from a spectacular crash at the Italian Grand Prix while reigning world champ Valentino Rossi celebrated his homecoming with a drought-breaking victory. Sitting in third place on the ninth lap,

Stoner lead a group of riders behind Rossi and Spaniard, Sete Gibernau before this tumbling exit. COMMENTATOR: Big one! Casey Stoner is gone! That is huge, but he's landed OK. After failing to finish in the last two Grand Prix, Rossi thrilled the locals with his fifth consecutive win at Mugello, countryman Loris Capirossi second while American Nicky Hayden took third. And in Sports Tonight - we'll be there as the Blues meet with past Origin greats.

It's a cold and wet one. Tim Bailey with the latest winter weather details next.

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You're watching the news. You'll be

impressed to know that we use a

range of scientific methods of

gathering the weather information

each evening. Tim Bailey, how cold

is it tonight? This is very

technical. It's that cold. It's

12.2 degrees. It was chilly

12.2 degrees. It was chilly today.

In some western suburbs, that was

the coldest day in three years. The

city itself, coldest day in two and

June's coldest day in 11 years. We

got the wet with it. The city did

at least. 51mm this afternoon and

the catchment, upper areas got

around 10mm. More coastal showers

tomorrow and Tuesday through to

Friday before it turns to rain for

Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures - 16 to 19

16 to 19 degrees, which is

absolutely tropical on today's 12.2

degrees, five below average.

Cloud building over eastern NSW

near a trough is generating rain

mainly about the Central Coast.

Jetstream cloud spreads over WA and

Jetstream cloud spreads over WA and causes patchy rain in the Pilbara

and Gascoyne. Low cloud on to the

southern coastline in onshore winds

is bringing the odd light shower.

Tomorrow, south-easterly winds and

an upper trough will maintain

scattered showers along the NSW

coast and ranges. Only isolated

showers will reach the Queensland

coastline A strong high pressure

system over the south-east will

keep the rest of the country mostly dry.

The business of the

The business of the brolly - had to

use one today for the first time in months.

Scattered showers along the NSW

coastline. Isolated showers for

far southern areas of Victoria,

western districts of Tasmania and

coastal areas of Queensland.

Showers developing late in

south-west WA.

By Wednesday, south-east winds and

an upper trough maintains showers

along the NSW coast and ranges.

along the NSW coast and ranges. Unfortunately, mainly coastal. Not

a lot of it getting into the

catchment area. Possibly heavy

showers in northern areas of NSW. A

broad ridge of high pressure keeps

much of the country dry and a cold

front will spread scattered showers

along the southern WA coastline.

Inside this brown suit tonight is a

goose bump factory. It's a chilly

out here, hence the breath going

like that. Around about nine

like that. Around about nine degrees. It's the coldest day in

two years in Sydney and June's

coastest day in 11.

For a thirsty town like Sydney,

that's a beautiful forecast. Germany might have World Cup soccer

but you have to 'hand' it to their neighbours Austria. They have finger-wrestling championships. The digital duelers pulling each other with bare knuckled fury. To say the rubber is a 'band substance'

might stretch it a bit far but this is a serious sport going back to the 1600s so would-be champions refuse to let their big chance slip through their fingers.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. Tomorrow night, Angela

Tomorrow night, Angela Bishop will

have the first one on one interview

with Jennifer Aniston, in town for a movie premiere. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us here on Ten.

We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News and Sports Tonight.