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(generated from captions) Roads to reopen Tonight -

the Cross City Tunnel contract. as the government rips apart

A Sydney woman arrested in Turkey of her millionaire boyfriend. over the disappearance

with lawless gangs in East Timor. Australian troops get tough And live to Holland for their biggest World Cup test. as the Socceroos prepare This program is LIVE captioned. with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Premier Morris Iemma has declared war

Cross City Tunnel. on the owners of Sydney's peace deal with the motorway company, He has given up trying to strike a announcing closed roads will reopen. The government had been negotiating and overturn the street closures, to lower tolls but the Premier is sick of talking.

the government and tunnel operators For three months that works for everyone. have been talking about a solution

I can report to you to conclude such an arrangement. that we have not been able

So enough's enough. taxpayer money the company should get The sticking point was how much to subsidise the toll for the reopening of surface roads. and be compensated The government offered $50 million. wanted $96 million. The tunnel's boss Graham Mulligan

that's just being greedy. Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal says

The Cross City Tunnel operators

their original traffic model numbers insist on using about compensation. for any discussion is using real traffic numbers. The government The most significant reversal to the Harbour Bridge and tunnel is allowing direct access

and Sir John Young Crescent. via Palmer Street

on the south side of William Street. Bourke Street will also be reopened

And general traffic heading west Druitt Street here will be allowed back through between Kent and Clarence streets. is in breach of the tunnel contract It all means the government and open to legal action. Morris Iemma says "Bring it on." in good faith Having gone through this process an arrangement, and attempted to now negotiate to defend the taxpayers we're in a better position if the matter reaches court. The roads won't open immediately - must be finished first. design and construction work for the Cross City Tunnel The half-price toll period ends tomorrow night. on what the company will do now. There's no word

has been arrested in Turkey A former Sydney real estate agent of her English boyfriend. over the disappearance

run from Scotland Yard detectives Bernadette McManus has been on the her lover's $2 million mansion. since illegally selling

From North Shore real estate agent most wanted women. to one of Britain's Bernadette McManus Turkish police are questioning over a trail of intrigue to Sydney and London. stretching from Ankara (speaks foreign language)

as a Turkish man-eater," "She's known says this police spokesman. "She gave herself up, want to question her." "and British police They want to ask the 35-year-old

64-year-old British boyfriend. what happened to her rich, when they took a trip to Turkey. He disappeared She returned to London alone, and Mercedes. selling his $2 million house it has a familiar ring. For her ex-husband here in Sydney, Peter McManus says multimillion-dollar Mosman home his ex-wife tried to sell HIS

and poison him. after allegedly trying to stab from their divorce. She got $2 million two personalities - She seems to have and kind, one that's nice, and gentle, and Hyde, pardon the expression. and this other one that's Jekyll Berna Ozdogan. Mrs McManus is also known as will face a Turkish court tomorrow The Australian citizen business partners in Turkey. charged with defrauding

disappearance of another British man. She'll also be questioned over the on lawless gangs in East Timor, Australian troops are getting tougher

to disarm and detain rioting youths. using strongarm tactics the violence in one part of Dili, But as soon as our soldiers stop

there are fresh outbreaks in another. on the streets of Dili. Gang violence meets brute force

Put it down! Put it down! Put it ---- down, mate. In a land of chaos and lawlessness rough justice. Australia's soldiers impose After 10 days on the ground, their terms of engagement. our troops appear to have ramped up Down! Put it down! Down! to now. This kind of resolve had been unseen

Reports of armed gangs terrorising this disputed neighbourhood

and firepower. brought overwhelming numbers slightly, alright? Guys, I'll ask you to step back We're chasing somebody with a rifle. and perform house-to-house searches. They comb back streets Stop four clear! matching the tactics, Their Malaysian counterparts handcuffing hooligans with bamboo also making arrests, to keep them detained. and turning tanks to paddywagons force is, many here say But as impressive as that show of it's next to futile through the area and cleared it because as soon as the Army has swept minutes later the gangs are back and the cycle of violence continues. Vandalism and violence with impunity,

about the cameras. and they don't care Here, more chaos. impromptu and illegal. Check points, Dili style - in a similar attack, This woman was caught outside an Army barracks. her head split open to hospital. An Australian passer-by rushed her Pretty dire condition.

I don't think she'll live. from the brink is far from over. The battle to pull this country back to come clean The Prime Minister is being told for nuclear power stations. about his government's plans possible sites in New South Wales, A leaked Cabinet document names four including three in Sydney. this area has faced its fair share. When it comes to unpopular proposals,

Holsworthy was once earmarked for Sydney's second airport. of a nuclear reactor. Now it could be in the shadow comes up, Every time an idea like this that seems to bear the brunt of it. it seems to be my community

compiled nearly a decade ago A Federal Government list nominated 14 sites for nuclear facilities, four in New South Wales - the Holsworthy Army base, the existing Lucas Heights reactor, outside Sydney at Goulbourn,

or even Broken Hill. They kept it secret then and they're keeping it secret now. There's no safe place to put a nuclear power station. Australia and other countries should not be investing in nuclear power. In Holsworthy, locals had an uneasy Sunday morning. I'd be really scared.

The fallout and the pollution it may cause. Only a politician could have thought of that. Communities like this one may be unimpressed with the prospect of a reactor in their backyard, but the Federal Government maintains going nuclear is just a debate and talk of locations now is fear-mongering. Today, nuclear power in their own electorates had government ministers baulking. It might be a little bit difficult putting one in Kings Park, for example. Well, I'd like to have the debate and get hold of all the scientific facts before I answered that question. There was one taker - as long as it's safe. Then why not? I mean, you can't be a nimby in this situation. We all use electricity. Police have identified a body found at the bottom of a cliff near Wollongong. It's a 24-year-old man missing from Shellharbour.

Police came across his body when a stolen taxi plunged 30m down the cliff at Barrack Point. Detectives have ruled out murder as a cause of death. Children across New South Wales

will be forced to start school at the same age under a Federal Government plan. A report has found going to kindergarten at 4.5 will lead to more students finishing year 12.

The first day of school is pretty much the same all over Australia. But the age of the children is not. In some States, they're five, in others, just four.

And the day they're enrolled is different as well. And that does impact on the 80,000 students with their families every year. who move interstate

A federal report into school starting ages has found students would be more likely to finish year 12 if they start school when aged 4.5. The idea has support. We do think there should be a standard age across Australia and, obviously, those discussions are taking place.

But it comes at a cost. Standardising the school starting age would require extra resources

in most States and Territories. They are going to have to deal with the questions of additional classrooms and additional trained teachers. And that's why I'll be taking this report

to the education ministers meeting next month so we can look at the financial consequences. Parent groups say the one-size-fits-all approach won't necessarily work for all children. But don't go packing lunch boxes just yet. The plan won't come in until 2010. The Socceroos' build-up for the World Cup goes up a notch tonight when they take on Holland. Seven's Adrian Brown is in Rotterdam.

Adrian, there's excitement back here after seeing Harry Kewell in action yesterday. What's the feeling among the players?

Well Chris, perfect conditions here

for soccer in Rotterdam but

conditions not so perfects for the

Socceroos. A big question mark over

whether Harry Kewell will make an

appearance even as a stut. Not in doubt though, Australian support here on the ground. A rare treat for these fans... CHEERING ..a chance to see the Socceroos close up. A final limbering up before the showdown with the side FIFA ranks the world's third best. Leading the Socceroos into battle, a charismatic Dutchman who took Holland to the semifinals of the World Cup eight years ago. But in Guus they trust.

We say "Guus, Guus, Guus." He says tonight's game will be a test of just how well the team's preparations have been going here. But it won't be easy. It's obvious that Holland has the superiority and quality, of course. Missing from this training session, Harry Kewell. His groin injury continues to overshadow Australia's World Cup hopes. Little time left for him to become match fit. It's impossible to get him in full, full shape -

game fit - in which he can play three games in a row. There'll be two Dutch coaches standing on the sidelines of this pitch in a few hours - one of them wearing an Australian tracksuit. But Guus Hiddink sees no conflict with that. I love this country, of course, but I am not super patriotic. But in the small town in Germany the Socceroos will soon call home loyalties are divided. Even on the biggest day of their lives this couple was thinking of another match. Go Socceroos! Go Socceroos.

hello Melbourne Sunday Love and soccer in the air. So, Chris, the excitement is really building now.

Just a few more house to kick off.

The excitement is building and the hello Melbourne

Sunday game is important because

give us a real indication of how

ready the Socceroos are to take on

the world's best.

Let's hope they are poised for worlds domination. Ahead in Seven News - why the American president made a late night call to John Howard. Also, new drugs extending the life of breast cancer patients. And a rare sighting of killer whales heading north for winter.

KETTLE WHISTLES AND BIRDS CALL (Man sighs) This is as good as it gets.

DOG: Is it? ALL: Is it? (All sing) # Is it as good? # Bushells has the flavour (Fish sings) # Is it as good? (Choir sings) # As good as tea can be

# Is it as good as Bushells? # Is it as good # As Bushells? # (Man laughs)

What was originally planned as a protest today became a victory celebration for residents in the Snowy Mountains. Hundreds turned out in Cooma to celebrate the decision not to sell the Snowy Hydro scheme. It was a muddle-headed idea driven by the sentiment that the rich can get richer by taking over this plum asset that belongs to the people of Australia, and it was wrong from the outset.

CROWD CHEERS The celebrations began on Friday when the Prime Minister scuttled the sale. Two new breakthroughs have been revealed today in the treatment of breast and brain cancer. Worldwide trials

have shown new medications are effective in shrinking tumours and improving survival rates of patients. Lorraine Ware is living with an aggressive form of breast cancer which spreads quickly and attacks other parts of her body.

Six months ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer and gave up hope of fighting the disease. But a new drug called lapatinib restored her faith in being healthy again. her brain tumour started to shrink. After enrolling in a drug trial, I think I've always been optimistic, and the lapatinib certainly made me feel a lot more optimistic.

Also known as Tykerb, trials show the drug blocks proteins that cause cancer. And it not only fights the spread of the disease from the breast to the brain, it also delays the progression of breast cancer when taken with chemotherapy. Now we have two tools to target this and a lot more research can be initiated to try and figure out how to optimally use this drug along with the other drugs.

Another new medication showing dramatic results for breast cancer is Aromasin. It's a hormonal therapy for women who've gone through menopause. Trial results released today show patients who make the switch from the commonly used treatment tamoxifen can cut their risk of dying by 17%. Prime Minister John Howard has taken a late-night phone call

from the US President to discuss action against Iran. George W. Bush told Mr Howard about the diplomatic steps he's taking to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons. The Iranian president has indicated he's prepared to negotiate as long as the Western world stops threatening his country. Mr Howard and Mr Bush also discussed Iraq and the unrest in East Timor. Canadian authorities claim to have stopped a major terrorist attack. 17 people, including five teenagers, have been arrested in overnight raids. Police also discovered three tonnes of materials to make bombs. This group posed a real and serious threat. It had the capacity and intent to carry out these acts. It's claimed the men were inspired by al-Qaeda

but authorities haven't confirmed any link. Millions of angry bees have turned a road accident into a more painful experience for rescue crews in Turkey. A truck carrying hundreds of hives overturned on a highway.

When emergency services tried to reach the injured drivers, the bees attacked them and the media crews brave enough to get these pictures. The swarm was eventually subdued by smoke. Several people were treated in hospital for stings.

Whale watchers have been given a rare treat off the coast of Western Australia.

A pod of up to 30 killer whales has been spotted putting on a spectacular show near Perth. Wildlife experts say it's so unusual to see that many travelling together

that it's unlikely to happen again. Killer whales traditionally follow the migration of humpbacks to warmer waters for breeding. Time for sport with Nick McArdle. Can Lleyton go any further at the French Open?

Bathie, he is into the fourth round, but his next opponent is defending champ Rafael Nadal. We'll check on Lleyton's progress next. Also tonight, celebrations for Manly veteran Steve Menzies. COMMENTATOR: Guess who came down with it! What a way to celebrate 300 games in first grade. And out of the car and into the ring at the V8s. I didn't like being tapped - not once, not twice but three times.

Manly veteran Steve Menzies has celebrated his 300th first-grade game in style as the Sea Eagles snuffed out a late challenge from Penrith this afternoon. Brisbane held off the Warriors to win by 5. The Tigers beat the Cowboys by 10 in the grand-final replay, while the Sea Eagles notched their seventh win of the season, 29-22. It was Steve Menzies' 300th game but his fullback, Brett Stewart, stole the show with the first two tries, although the second looked a little suspect. COMMENTATOR: Did he reach out, though, for a double movement?

They looked unstoppable when a bomb to the corner found Manly's favourite son.

What a way to celebrate 300 games! Two quick tries got Penrith within six, before Stewart struck again. Brett Stewart gets a hat-trick. Shayne Dunley was lucky to stay after he hit Rhys Wesser high but the day belonged to Manly. Centre Steven Bell with his 11th try in as many games.

There's no doubt about this try 6789 At Telstra, the Tigers looked to be in cruise control as Benji Marshall helped them to an 18-4 lead. He does the dance. He goes through. But unlike their grand-final clash, the Cowboys came again. He scores. Star halfback Johnathan Thurston got his side within four points. And while Justin Smith still had some fight in him, Dean Collis ensured the Cowboys came up short.

Collis, Collis will score. A thriller in Auckland where two Ruben Wiki tries for the Warriors tied it up at 18-18 before Darren Lockyer broke the deadlock. The Broncos then went 80m to seal it with the try of the match. This could be one of the best tries Brisbane have scored this season.

Hazem El Masri has broken another Bulldogs record, passing Terry Lamb as the club's highest all-time try-scorer. In other games last night, the Storm beat the Roosters 20-16. The Rabbitohs lost again, but only by two points. And the Bulldogs were too good for the Knights, 38-22.

The Bulldogs were back in the gym after pushing themselves into the top four but most of the credit should go to this man. Hazem El Masri rewrote the record books against the Knights. COMMENTATOR: Sonny Bill Williams puts the shimmy-shimmy-shake on - finds Hazem El Masri. Already the Bulldogs' all-time highest point-scorer El Masri is now the club's leading try-scorer. This, his 124th. El Masri scores! El Masri hat-trick and the Bulldogs will win.

To cap it off, he kicked his 600th career goal. To come up through the ranks and break all them records, it's a great achievement and I'm very proud of it. It was a frustrating night for Newcastle who ran out of energy copping hits like this. They now have the bye to recover. Talking of frustration, the Rabbitohs fell just two points shy of their first win, beaten by the Raiders 24-22. Williams from the base of the scrum - where did that come from?

The Roosters went down by four to the Storm but Brett Finch had a good enough game to make it difficult for Blues selectors to ignore him for Origin II. Goes to Finch. A kick off the legs of a Melbourne Storm defender. It bounced up for Ryan Cross. The Chooks' defence let them down and let Greg Inglis through. He finished with a double for the night.

So after 13 rounds, it's still the Broncos and the Storm leading the competition. The Bulldogs are by themselves in third. The Cowboys, Knights, Eagles, Sharks and the Dragons are all on 16 points.

The Sydney Swans have snatched an unlikely win against the Kangaroos in Canberra this afternoon. Sydney were 32 points down in the third quarter before clawing their way back to win by seven. Barry Hall kicked six goals.

It was the Kangaroos by seven points at half-time and they should have won it

after a third quarter in which they kicked five goals against the breeze. But Sydney came good after a spray from coach Paul Roos and they kicked five against the wind in the last quarter - Barry Hall a key. a couple today. COMMENTATOR: Hall's snapped he's got five. He's snapped another, Adam Schneider sealed it late. The Swans knew they'd stolen one. In today's other games, over Carlton Port Adelaide by 34 points against St Kilda. and Melbourne comfortably And last night, by 26 points Collingwood beat Brisbane and Fremantle over Richmond by 11. from Adelaide and Collingwood, So West Coast leading the competition in fourth spot. with Sydney entrenched Down the bottom, with only one win for the season. Essendon in all sorts

for at the French Open - It's the showdown we've been waiting a fourth-round match-up Lleyton Hewitt has booked Rafael Nadal. against defending champ with a tough four-set win Nadal celebrated his 20th birthday over Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu. before easing past Dominik Hrbaty. Hewitt survived a tough first set Lleyton Hewitt wouldn't make it There were many who predicted even this far in Paris.

the first break of the match Dominic Hrbaty grabbed and served for 5-3. From there, Lleyton hardly put a foot wrong.

The immediate break-back. The first set in a tie-break and on a roll in the second. accuracy I'm talking about. COMMENTATOR: And there's that in the third set. An early break of serve in two five-set marathons. Hrbaty had reached the third round C'mon! He was looking slow and tired.

Hrbaty just started to tee off. Nothing to lose, Again, just free-wheeling. but it couldn't last - Spectacular, yes, and didn't. Hewitt 6-2 in the third. UMPIRE: Set and match, Hewitt. impressive performance COMMENTATOR: Well, a pretty from the No.14 seed. Next up for Lleyton, Rafael Nadal.

off the defending champ Paul-Henri Mathieu grabbed a set but it was Nadal in four. for Rafael Nadal. The winning run continues Sydney Olympics, Marion Jones, The golden girl of the of her comeback. has had the biggest win continue to haunt Jones, Doping allegations although she's never tested positive. at the New York Grand Prix, Now she has won the 100m and Olympic champ Veronica Campbell. beating world champ Lauren Williams

COMMENTATOR: Marion Jones - MJ is doing it her way. It's her first win in the US in nearly a year. of the V8 season Craig Lowndes has won his first round at Winton in Victoria.

in race two - There was plenty of push and shove right in the middle of it. Jason Bargwanna's Ford He blamed Warren Luff in the pits. and the pair took the matter further from Rick Kelly Steven Richards got a good touch-up who took the flag in the second race. but it was Jason Richards and took the round on points. Lowndes won race three COMMENTATOR: Lowndes wins Winton! retiring Waratahs skipper. Congratulations to Chris Whitaker, that raised $75,000. He had a testimonial night last night He could have pocketed the lot every cent but instead chose to donate

to various children's charities. are forecast for Sydney. Shower and a possible storm for the new week next in Seven News. I'll have all the details

When you see a big news story, and start shooting. grab your camera or videophone Then send your images to After some brief overnight showers across Sydney. it was a mostly fine day 17 or 18 degrees in most suburbs. Temperatures stayed around Penrith got to 19. Katoomba reached 11 after an overnight low of 2, but in Richmond the mercury fell to just 1 degree.

A cooler day tomorrow for Sydney -

and a possible storm. showers forecast