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(generated from captions) It was a flying visit to East Timor. Good morning.

with a plan for peace. Our Foreign Minister touched down So, will it work? Alexander Downer will join us live. available at supermarkets. Then, it's a common painkiller of a heart attack? But could ibuprofen double your risk Australia's top doctors. We'll speak to one of Mount Thomas. And it's time to farewell

After more than 500 episodes,

fade to black. Blue Heelers will tonight John Wood will share his feelings. Welcome to Sunday, 4 June 2006. This program is LIVE captioned. # Reach up for the sunrise into the big sky... # # Put your hands This is Weekend Sunrise on Seven. here's Andrew and Lisa. Now live from Brekky Central,

# Reach up for the sunrise the show. Good morning everyone and welcome to And can you believe it? No more Blue Heelers!

What an extraordinary run, 510

episodes, 12 years, longest running

prime-time series in Australian

history. It beats Homicide by one history. It beats Homicide by one

episode One sneaky episode. All

comes to an end tonight. A big

moment. No doubt tears will be shed.

We will chat to John wood later. In

the meantime, what were your Fife

rit moments on Blue Heelers, are

you disappointed its being laid to

rest or has its time come I think

the Mount Thomas police station

blowing up was

blowing up was big, and Lee zoo Mc

ewen leaving was a biggy.

Also this morning - chains has banned smoking. one of Australia's biggest hotel $200 who light up in their rooms. The Westin Group will now fine guests

are understandably happy Anti-smoking groups will now follow suit. and think other chains But what do you think about that? have the option of rooms for smokers? Is it fair that hotels won't even

such hotels? Will it stop you from staying in in the right direction? Or is it a step by heading to the Soapbox. Let us know your views

An expensive habit, when you pay

$10 for a pact, $40 if you drop

your butt on the street, $200 to

light up in the light up in the hotel room and

later in life. $5,000 to have your leg amputated

And, shock horror. out of love with Australia! It seems the Japanese have fallen Apparently Japanese tourists boring. now find koalas and Sydney Harbour how would you market Australia? So that's got us thinking,

Australia, you'll have a One wag suggested we should say,

Australia, you'll have a whale of a

time. Not sure about that. I'm not

either. What's wrong with Lara

Bingele. She worked a treat The

name Lara is not easy to say in

Japanese, but she has worked for

Japanese as well. the British, she can work for the

to bring tourists our way. We need to come up with new ideas Let us know your ideas. are now on your screen. The Soapbox details let's take you to Melbourne. But right now,

with the latest news. Our Simon Reeve is standing by Good morning to you. Good morning everyone. Federal Police A new contingent of Australian will touch down in East Timor today. have called for more protection Aid agencies after it was rumoured weapons in the country's refugee camps into the compounds. have been smuggled in the camps with tension rising. Up to a 100,000 people are now living

has called for a greater involvement Foreign Minister Alexander Downer from the United Nations. will speak to him shortly. Andrew and Lisa And it's been revealed Major Alfredo Reinardo the family of East Timor rebel leader has fled to Western Australia. and their three children The major's pregnant wife Maria have been spotted in Perth. with Major Reinardo's aunt and uncle, It's believed they're staying who moved to Australia in the '70s. for three years during the 1990s. Major Reinardo lived in Perth

it's a race against time The United Nations says earthquake survivors. to get help to Indonesia's spent their eighth night in the open Tens of thousands of people have on the island of Java were destroyed after 139,000 homes by last weekend's quake. Medical teams from Cuba and the US from Australia, Japan and Pakistan have joined emergency workers already on the ground. Indonesia's Foreign Minister says enough relief aid, his country has now received

but looting has become a problem stop trucks carrying food. as desperate survivors Cabinet papers from nine years ago

of sites for nuclear reactors. have revealed a potential list considering 14 sites The government was reportedly

across the country. in New South Wales, They include Holsworthy and Goulburn

and in Adelaide. an area near Perth Airport, has renewed debate on nuclear energy, The Prime Minister on where plants could be built. but has refused to speculate could soon be starting school All Australian children at the age of four and a half. Education Minister Julie Bishop State leaders next month will reportedly meet to put forward the plan. starting ages across the nation. Currently there are five different

particularly help the 80,000 students The government says the reforms will

who move interstate each year. that plan by heading to our Soapbox. Let us know what you think about

I'm sure Sam reef will email saying

he doesn't agree with the plan.

accepting bribes Fertile women are said to be

to childless couples. to donate their eggs uncovered News Limited papers claim to have a black market across the country. A shortage of voluntary donors the illegal trade. is reported to have led to to buy or sell eggs and sperm. Under Australian law it's illegal have arrested 17 people Police in Canada across Toronto. during a series of anti-terror raids and 5 teenagers Officers detained 12 men al-Qaeda inspired terrorist attacks. suspected of planning kits and three tonnes of explosives. Earlier they uncovered bomb-making their search for a chemical bomb And British police have continued in London, raiding another two businesses overnight. Police arrested two men yesterday, who was shot in the chest including a 23-year-old man in east London. during a raid on his home

He wasn't asked to freeze. He wasn't given any warning. in his house were police officers He didn't know that the people until after he was shot. Beachgoers in Western Australia have enjoyed a rare treat. Almost 30 killer whales were spotted

playing in waters off Perth. It's a sight the experts say is just about unheard of because killer whales almost always travel in small groups. The whales are on their annual migration

up to the far north Kimberley coast. To sport now - and Lleyton Hewitt will meet clay court maestro Rafael Nadal for a spot in the quarterfinals of the French Open. Hewitt smashed his way through to the fourth round overnight beating Slovakian Dominic Hrbaty in straight sets. Hewitt was in vintage form against Hrbaty but he'll have to take his game to another level against Nadal who won his 56th consecutive match on clay overnight. Nadal overcame Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu

in a four-set classic that took almost five hours.

To AFL, and Collingwood has continued its run of good form

with a 26-point win over Brisbane. Fremantle came from 15 points down in the last quarter to beat Richmond by 11 points at Subiaco. A six-goal haul from captain Nathan Buckley got the Magpies over the line in their spiteful clash with the Lions. Brisbane ruckman Jamie Charman is on report for this hit on Anthony Rocca. To Rugby League, and the Rabbitohs are still winless after going down to the Raiders in a two-point thriller in Canberra last night.

The Bulldogs were too good for the Knights, winning by 16 points. While Melbourne bought up their 10th straight win at home. Full highlights in Sportsworld.

Now to Sunday's weather. All clear today in Brisbane with 21 degrees. The chance of a shower in Sydney. A fine 12 degrees for Canberra. A tad overcast in Hobart. Melbourne may get a shower.

The chance of rain too in Adelaide. Perth's looking good with a top of 21. Looking further ahead now - Remaining generally fine in Brisbane. Isolated showers continuing in Sydney. Mostly fine for Canberra and Hobart. Becoming fine in Melbourne and Adelaide tomorrow.

A late shower is forecast for Perth on Tuesday. All clear for Darwin.

And we'll have more news at 8.30. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer

We'll look forward to the inside

oil on your It Takes Two

performance this evening. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has just returned from a mercy dash to troubled East Timor. His mission - to bring an end to weeks of violence. He urged both sides to reconcile their political differences for the good of the country.

But did his urgent message get through? Alexander Downer joins us from Adelaide. Good morning to you. Good morning. What did you tell East Timor's leaders?

A number of things. First, they

have to reconcile their differences.

They have to learn to work together.

It's not for us to determine who

should be the president or the should be the president or the

prime minister or the foreign

minister, but it is important that

there is a better spirit of

cooperation between them,

particularly during this time of

crisis in their country. I also

emphasised that there will be an

important role in building up their

police again, and that international police will have to

be centrally important to that, and

that is likely to include

Australian police. But, having said

Australian police. But, having said

that, I think that international

police should come under the United

Nations, rather than just under

their national commands. Did you

get the feeling these were messages

that the leadership took to heart?

Of course they say so. We will have

to wait and see. I understand from

the Prime Minister that his party

fret Lyn is having a fret Lyn is having a central

committee meeting today to look at

the party's perspective on the

crisis. That is the party that

holds the majority in the

parliament. The Prime Minister

plans to have the parliament meet

during the coming week. Obviously

the issue will be debated there.

It's up to them, but it seems to me

it's an appropriate way to go. I

got the feeling from talking to

Ramos Horta, who is now both the

Foreign Minister and the defence

min and from the president that the

cab neat reshuffle they have had

should help to somewhat ease the

tensions they have had in the

government. Wouldn't be it be

easier in the Prime Minister

resigned? Is that something you

would encourage? It's not something

we would get into. A lot of

commentators say that, it is

important to remember that important to remember that the Fretilin has a substantial majority

in the parliamentment if he were

just forced to resign, especially

by outside floorss, my estimation

is that would destabilise the

country further. The problem from

the point of view of the Fretilin

is that if their leader is forced

to resign and he's the

Secretary-General of the party, the whole

whole party will be tainted

political with what has amend and

in those circumstances going into

the election next year, they will

be put at a disadvantage. That's

their perspective. I think test to

move these things through in a

subtle way. Moving on to the role

of the Australian troops, the

overwhelming image this week is of

Aussie troops standing by while looting and violence looting and violence continued. Can

you clarify what are the

standarding orders of our troops?

They are required to enforce law

and order as best they can. But

it's not a very easy situation for

them as the week has worn on, they

have gradually got more and more

control on the situation. Obviously

there have been incidents of violence. I understand that as a

matter of fact lootrs and

matter of fact lootrs and - some of

the looters and vandals have been

doing it particularly for the media,

in order to try to get media

coverage for their cause. I'm not

criticising the media for that, I'm

criticising them for trying to

exploit the media in that way.

Overall, the Australian soldiers

have done an outstanding job in restoring

restoring stability, and it's

difficult to do it in a perfect way,

but a great deal has been done.

There is no police force left in

Dili, there is in the provinces of

East Timor, but in Dili the police

force has ceased to exist. How

quickly can the UN be involved effectively? I think reasonably

quickly. First and foremost, the international police are starting to come

to come in. Another 35 Australian

police are going in today and they

will be very welcome. There are

about 250 Malaysian police who will

come into East Timor in the next

few days, also 120 Portuguese

police, para mill interests really.

With those con tinge ents of

international police, also New

Zealanders, there will be quite a

strong police

strong police presence. The UN

itself will not be able, if it

decides to take over control of the

police, for another few weeks. A

resolution has to be passed through

the UN Security Council, which will

not be for five or six weeks yet We

looked forward to seeing what will

happen over the next few weeks. Let's take a look at what's making papers around the country. The Sunday Times reveals the West Australian Government is considering tough new measures to keep drunks off the roads. One plan would see the introduction of alcohol ignition locks. Repeat offenders would have the breath-testing device fitted to their cars, locking them out if they're over the limit.

It's high tech, but a fantastic

idea. There must be a censor on

them. I guess you could get a mate

to blow into it, rather than you.

Now, that would be cheating. You

don't say! If you are getting

behind the wheel of a car drunk,

aren't you cheating little bit

anyway? I like to think they are

more fool prove than that Can they read your retinas? Agents were said to be disappointed by Todd Russell and Brant Webb's performance on American television. Gee, give em a break!!

Give them a break. They were doing

what they did in the Australian TV,

albeit over two hours. It was live,

there were 20 million people

watching, they had an audience, a

pack of baying reporters, no doubt

they were nervous. I notice it's

change interested a movie deal to a

documentary. I wonder if they think

the real story is much better told

as it actually happened. That might mitigate against Russell Crowe

playing the part of Todd Russell,

as he hoped. I seeric Bana as he hoped. I seeric Bana and

Russell Crowe as the two main reads. Simon, you have another singing headline this morning? I do. Fairfax newspapers have scored an exclusive interview with Kylie Minogue. She's confirmed she's back in the recording studio and feeling great. Kylie says she's taking things slowly but is determined to resume her Showgirls tour. We could see her back on stage in November.

We should be so lucky. That is

great news. See you soon. Ahead this morning - how to set boundaries for your teenagers without them hating you. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg will pass on his expert guidance. But next, hunting Australia's worst con woman. You won't believe how she taunts police.

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Welcome back to Weekend Sunrise. And did you ever see the film 'Catch Me If You Can'? Take a quick look.

May I help you understand, my boss

sent me to Brooklyn, now he wants

me to take a few clients on the

town. I'm sorry, we're not allowed

to cash cheques from other banks.

What did you say your name was?

Ashleigh You know what

Ashleigh You know what I found on

the side walk? Must have spliped

right off your neck.

Is there something I can help you with, son?

Well, now an Aussie woman is following in his footsteps. The 28-year-old is known only as Jodie and is said to be Australia's worst con woman. She's passed herself off as a doctor and a flight attendant and stolen tens of thousands of dollars from victims in three States. So what provokes someone to become a con artist? Is it the money, or the thrill of being on the run? Wayne Petherick is a criminal profiler from Bond University. Good morning. What personality traits do con artists have in common?

The research and literature in this

area is not well looked into at

this time. What is out there tend

to suggest there are fewer

commonalities in offenders in the

fraudsters than there are in the

victims. One thing that tends to be

recurrent in the literature is that recurrent in the literature is that

con artists suffer from antisocial

personality traits and tend to

exhibit fairly high number of

psychopathic characteristics. You

would have to have contempt for

your fellow human big to get so

much pleasure out of ripping them

off. Is there a pattern

off. Is there a pattern to the way

con artists make money? The frauds

and cons are fairly consistent

among people, to the just the way

the specific schemes they use to

get them. Probably the most common

is the ponsy, which is a former

pyramid scheme, where you use money

defrauded from later investors to

pay off earlier investors. That is

one of the most common and one of

the oldest frauds around. Jodie is

particularly cheeky because she has

teased police with false promises

about giving herself up. What does

that say about her? If you take

what previous fraudsters have said

into account, part of the thrill of

the con is not the money, part of

the gain of the con is not the

money, it's the recognition, the

thrill, the excitement from being

able to perpetuate a con. If we see

the taupting of the police as an

extension of that, it's just a

thrill to be able to do that, to

know she is not only getting away

with cons but getting away with

money and also being able to evade

capture by police. That's a good

point. A major police investigation

has been launched. Con artists are

only mercurial and elusive by

nature. How done catch one? If we

look at the literature and research,

it is consistent and unanimous,

that what we should be doing ised

cake. This applies to a variety of

crimes, not just fraud or con.

Basically you educate people about

what is being done and how it's

being done, the kinds of mechanisms

employed by fraudsters, the kinds

of stories they are telling,

looking at vulnerable victim groups,

how they are being acquired, the

victims, and you tell people these

things so the alarm bells start to

ring if they come across any of

these things. It's a fascinating

case. Given that footage we have

just seen, she would be a hard girl

to miss if you saw her in to miss if you saw her in the street. Wayne Petherick, thank you

for joining us. My pleasure. And if you'd like to know more about the world of criminal profiling, you can read Wayne's book. All the details are on our web site.

If you recognised Jodie, you might want to call Crimestoppers. Ahead this morning - Gold Logie winner John Wood. He tonight signs off as Sergeant Tom Croyden. But next, headline news with Simon. And Mark Riley's infamous diary.

Age can be a real barrier to getting a job. I guess we should put more value on experience. I want to work. But I've got the kids to consider as well. I could look at some part-time positions. The Australian Government's providing extra services

to help more people look for work as part of the new income support rules. We're also asking employers to have a more flexible attitude. I'm keen to work. I don't see my disability as a problem. I should focus on what people can, rather than can't, do. So next time you've a vacancy, take a fresh look at who's out there and tap into a wider work force.

LAUGHTER PIRATE: Alright! What are you doing? Get in and grab some of these Pirate Pearl M&M's! Why don't you just use the other one, mate?

If you're on a payment that's affected by the new income support rules, you'll have received a letter from Centrelink explaining how more people are being asked to look for work, but:

In a moment, Mark Riley tackles the double standards of Federal Parliament.

That's probably a half-hour special. But right now, it's news time with Simon. Good morning again everyone. A new contingent of Australian Federal Police officers will touch down in East Timor today.

The latest deployment comes as Foreign Minister Alexander Downer calls on the United Nations to have greater involvement in the country. Mr Downer says the UN needs to set up an international police presence in the country. The Howard Government's nuclear policy is being questioned

after revelations of a nine-year-old report listing potential sites

for nuclear plants. Fairfax newspapers report the 14 locations were kept secret because the government did not want to unnecessarily alarm communities. Four areas in New South Wales, as well as sites in Woomera, Perth, Adelaide and Mount Isa were short-listed for nuclear reactors nine years ago. And the Federal Government wants to standardise the national school-starting age to four and a half. Education Minister Julie Bishop will meet State Leaders next week to put forward the proposal. Clear and 21 in Brisbane and Perth. The chance of shower in Sydney and 17 degrees. Clear and cold in Canberra. The chance of a shower and 15 degrees in Melbourne. Cloudy and 10 degrees in Hobart. And a steamy 29 degrees in Darwin. And I'll be back at 9am. When growing up, you'd surely never go to a party without first telling your parents. A similar rule applies in politics. Problem is, someone forgot to tell conservative pollies in Queensland. Here's Mark Riley. It was a week of grubs and gnats and worms and rats as the Queensland Libs and Nats announced

they were forming a new conservative party. It's fair to say the reaction among their Coalition colleagues in Canberra was... mixed. I'm very, very happy about it. head. We need this like a hole in the

Love it. And Labor had a field day. National party personnel are just Liberals dressed up in gumboots. Well, I don't know whether moleskins and white loafers really mix.

The PM said there was only one way he'd consent to this political union.

The only basis on which I would accept a single party in Queensland would be the Liberal Party. All the Nats becoming Libs?! I'm always pleased to see new Liberals, I love new Liberals. But surely red-blooded Queensland Nats, like Barnaby Joyce, wouldn't be pleased. Ah, yeah... Barnaby's a good bloke. I mean, you know, as John Howard has said, the Liberal Party is a broad church. Barnaby join the Lib's congregation?! That's a bit hard to swallow! COUGHING Australia would be a poorer place if this decision goes through. Now, all this didn't make Nationals leader Mark Vaile look too crash hot. It seemed everyone knew what was going on, except him.

Deputy Prime Minister, don't your colleagues tell you anything? The answer to the leader of the opposition's question, at the end of it, is no.

Ah! So he doesn't know anything.

I don't think I'd ever like to be in Mark Vaile's shoes, frankly,

quite happy where I am. Mark Vaile, as leader of the Nationals, is starting to look about as useful as a jam sandwich to a drowning rabbit. We'll have to take your word for that. Anyway, after some late-night negotiations and a little bit of old fashioned head-butting, the marriage was called off before it was consummated.

It's not up to me to declare it dead

because I didn't declare it alive in the first place. It'll be like Brokeback Mountain - they'll have to be content with the odd stolen weekend together.

(laughs) Well, I'm not quite sure whether that's appropriate. Hit me right there, I'm happy enough to be a whipping boy.

And there's a few people lining up to whip him, too. Now, there's also a case this week for parliamentary language to be whipped into shape after a rather ugly exchange sparked by this motion last week from Tony Abbott.

Mr Speaker, I move that the snivelling grub over there be no longer heard. If I've offended grubs, I withdraw, unconditionally. This week, the worm turned as Julia Gillard fired back. Mr Speaker, I move that that snivelling grub over there be not further heard. If I've offended grubs, I withdraw, unconditionally. But, while no action was taken against Tony Abbott, Ms Gillard was suspended from Parliament.

This is double standards writ large. But parliamentary history is replete with such grubbiness. Who could ever forget this from Paul Keating? Unrepresentative swill over there. Or this... And then we've got the member for MacKellar - old acid drop herself.

..or this... Little Mr Clever Dick over here! ..or this classic moment in political debate. I mean blub-blub-blub-blub.

Bob Hawke had his own way with words...

Just so this recycled dunderhead can get it straight! ..and copped a bit back.

Yeah! Shorty!!

Gareth Evans was known for his short fuse. Because you've made a dick of yourself for the umpteenth time. Even the PM's been known to do his lolly. Dear, dear, dear, you gutter snipe! You sit down... you sit down as well.

Which leaves us with just one final thing to say - Shame on you! Shame on all of you! Shame, shame, shame indeed... children. It's a classy joint, isn't it, Mark Riley?

At least it's not a conga line of

suck holes. Yes, or the brown noses.

There have to be serious questions

arising out of what they are

calling grubgate. Why can't the

speaker be independent? Because

there are only three independents

in the parliament, so they don't

want to lose their position on the want to lose their position on the

cross benches where they can make a

mark. It is one of the benefits of

government, you never really have

an even handed speaker. If you

think about the years of labour,

Leo Mac lay was hardly a paragon of

objectivity and even handedness. It

is one of the great assets of

government and part of the

impenetrable agony of opposition

that is only cured by winning an

election and appointing your own

speaker. Stunts like the one we saw

pulled off by Julia Gillard

probably don't hurt her profile.

Any reason for Kim Beazley to

worry? No, I think any silliness is

over, Kim Beazley will lead the

party to the next election, they

are ahead in the are ahead in the polls and doing

well. In the press gallery, we tend

to critique things on a daily basis,

most people who vote don't have

that much interest in the daily

workings of parliament and politics.

They are interested when it affects

them, like the snow describe

hydroscheme. But the time when

people look at political leaders

with great interest is with great interest is at election

time and the last couple of

elections Kim Beazley has come

close and obviously the people like

him and I think Labour know that.

Thanks, mark. See you next week. Coming up, how a common painkiller could cause more harm than good. We'll seek some expert advice. But next, do you have a troubled teen? Help is on the way.

Well, it's time now for the Counselling Corner. And today we're tackling parenting problems. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is Girlfriend Magazine's resident psychologist.

Good morning. First up, we have Shelli from Queensland. Shelli, what's your question for Michael?

My son turned 13 in January, and

he's the sort of kid that

boundaries are really important to

him. About a month after he turned

13, he started challenging every single boundary.

single boundary. I'm at a loss. We

are locking horns all the time,

over bed-time, over curfew, over

pocket money, over absolutely

everything. I don't know - is there

a - where do you go to find out

what's reasonable and what's not

reasonable for a 13-year-old? I get

thrown at me, it's not

thrown at me, it's not fair, all my

friends go to bed at 10.30. I have

a 3-year-old like that. This is the single most common problem in

parenting, without a doubt, about

setting limits and boundaries. You

have to recognise, parenting is not

a popularity con territory test.

You have to choose your battle

grounds. Some issues you have to be

resolute on, but they are all

resolute on, but they are all

issues related to safety - sex,

drugs, alcohol, curfews, sleep.

Those issues are non-negotiable.

All of the other things you can

negotiate with. You cannot get into

fights with kids by saying, let's

have a negotiation about curfews.

You are more experienced than he is,

so you can start at 6.00 and you

will win every single time. That's

interesting advice.

interesting advice. Peripheral

matters like pocket money is a good

thing to negotiate. Vie that will,

that way you are not constantly

yelling, screaming and chatting.

You are only going to be alive for

another 116,800 day, do you want to

spend all that time shouting at

your kids? Andrea from New South

your kids? Andrea from New South

Wales. I have three children, five

years apart, and I have tried to

make them responsible with their

money, so when they were old enough

they would do chores and get paid

for them at the end of the week. My

concerns are with my oldest, who is

19, when she started working

part-time, I her on a budget, but

she wanted independence so I monitored her

monitored her independence. Now

that she works full-time, she

doesn't want a budget. How can I

put her on a budget that allows her

her independence? You have to

recognise, kids at 19, the part of

their brain associated with reward

is not yet fully formed. It is all

to do with ventral

to do with ventral stratum.

Basically, you have to force the

issue, create an incentive, say,

for every dollar you save, I will

give you another dollarment set up

bank account where the money is

withdrawn automatically from her

job, and you have got it solved.

You don't have to nag, which is

time skueming and ineffective.

time skueming and ineffective.

There is the issue, at 19 you have

left school, you are bound to be

going crazy and living it up.

That's all part of being an

adolescent, but they need guidance

from a adult. I suggest a prepaid

phone card. I think most

19-year-olds in particular, most of

their money would be going on a

mobile phone. That by passes the

whole ventral stratum issue. Lisa,

what's your question? I have a

15-year-old who lax self-esteem.

Her group of friends have little

pantal supervision, and we try to

discipline her and she becomes

angry and violent if we don't allow her to

her to go to a partyment she thinks

we all suck and she doesn't have to

listen to anyone. She is drifting

away from her two sisters and the

rest of the family. She nodes to

know who is in charge. It will get

worse before it gets better. I

recommend that you start setting

very clear rules which have

very clear rules which have

immediate and short sharp sanctions

if in fact she doesn't comply. You

need to use a technique that I have

developed called the God father technique, which is nothing about

sleeping with the fishes, it is an

offer you can't refuse. For example,

you say, either you do what we want

or you are grounded for that

weekend. I want you to reward

compliance when she does do the

right thing, you praise

right thing, you praise her

verbally. When she doesn't, you hit

her with one of those consequences.

I'm afraid that is the only way. It

sound very basic, like seals and

fish. No difference between seals

and fish and teenagers, none at all.

At 15, she wants to exercise her

rights as well. It's the old tough

love. Afraid so. Thanks for helping us out

us out this morning. Pleasure. And next week Anne Hollonds from Relationships Australia is in the Counselling Corner. So if you've got an issue with a friend, partner, colleague or family member, you can email our Soapbox. Coming up - the surprising new research on ibuprofen. One of our top doctors will join us live. But next, it's time to farewell Mount Thomas. We'll share the emotion with John Wood.

Well, the countdown is on. Australia will tonight say farewell to a television icon.

Chan will 7 brings you television his

his Friday. We invite you to join

the rest of the Australia as the

curtain comes down. Senior Sergeant

Croydon will be standing down. The

final movie length event you cannot miss.

Of course, that's tonight. We have

had a heap of emails saying they

are devastated that the show is

finishing tonight. It

finishing tonight. It is 8.30 on

the Seven Network. One here, the

best moment was Lisa dying. I'm

sure Lisa understands what the

email says when she says that. A

lot of people said Molly dying on

country practice was their

favourite moment. One email saying,

when Joe Clancy died in the police

station moment.

station moment. Surely there is

nobody left in Mount Thomas to be

murdered or arrested, it's not a

large town. I wonder why they

didn't launch a Royal Commission

into Tom's stewardship of that town.

Crime rates never decreased. 510

episodes and still plenty of crime

to go around. Indeed.

Tonight's finale will also launch Blue Heelers into the record books. It will be the show's 510th episode, which will make it Australia's longest running

weekly prime-time drama. Blue Heelers' incredible success was largely due

to the popularity of the main character, Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon. In real life, Tom is known as Gold Logie winner John Wood. Good morning to you.

How are you feeling about tonight?

I don't feel a great deal, to be

honest. We finished in December, so

I've had a long time to get over it.

It's the end of an era, the end of

an icon. What can I say? I'm sorry

to see it go, it's a real tragedy

in terms of Australian drama. It's

a pity we are up against the newest

Australian drama tonight, the David

wentham thing on the ABC. But there

you go. 12 years ago you appeared

in the very first episode of Blue

Heelers. How long a run did you

think the show would have at that

stage? I knew it was going to work.

I thought we might get a year out

of it, maybe two. For the whole 12

years I thought, we might get

another two years out of this,

might get another year. It's

extraordinary to do something that

- 12 years is unbelievable. 510

episodes, that's a lot of filming.

Both on and off screen, you must

have fond memories of working on

the show. Yes, I do, but I can't

remember any of them. You did have

a good

a good time! It wasna knock over

the head in the explosion. That was

a terrible injury. Remember the eye

patch? I do. It was a good look.

There are too many memories to even

begin to contemplate. The thing I

really miss about the show is

alternative other people. We had a

fantastic relationship. I really

miss them. But I don't miss being

in the studio at all, I'm sure you

know what that feels like

yourselves. You have come into

contact with some of the best, Lisa

McCune, Marty sacks, grant bowler,

everyone who has been through the

show has been a great cooktor and

you've worked with them all. We've

had all those massive stars, Hugh

Jackman and people like that have

been in the show, Alwyn kurts,

George Fairfax that I have his last

performance ever on Blue Heelers,

hopefully I haven't given my last

performance. The town is only a

tiny country town, 510 especially

sides worth of crime, death and

destruction - did it ever get to

the point where you were offering

up ideas? How much crime can you

pack into a tiny country town? I

didn't offer up any ideas, or many

ideas. The stuff that interested me

more was the interpersonal

relationships, and I don't mean the

relationships between PJ and Maggie,

which I found a tad incestuous

myself, but the relationships with

characters like Clancy and some of

the other people in the town, like

Charlie Clark , the plumber, and

Kevin Harrington came in as Dash

McKinley's brother. of realistic relationships that you

Welcome back everyone. Well, new research out this morning reveals as many as two million Australians now have more than one mobile phone. Apparently, younger people like to have a fashion handset

How many do you have? I have one

old one and a new one they

September me, but it's still

setting in the box, because I'm

such a Luddite, I haven't

transferred the SIM card. It meant g means having to read the instructions. Apparently, younger people like to have a fashion handset as well as a simpler device.

Something with colour and that? Very Paris Hilton Indeed.

And business users might have a Blackberry as well as a more conventional mobile. So what do you do? Do you have a mobile just for weekend use? And seeing mobiles are so popular now, will home phones soon become a thing of the past? Tell us about your experience by heading to the Soapbox.

I know a couple of people who don't

have land lines That was us for a

few months, until my mother became

annoyed with the idea and put the

landline on for us. Very expensive

phone bill Yes, as long as people

are ringing you.

We're also looking for new ways to market Australia. Apparently Japanese tourists are now bored with koalas and Sydney Harbour. So we need some new at tractions.

We'll go through more of your emails and text messages on that shortly.

Right now though, it's time for the latest news with Simon Reeve. Good morning again, Simon. Good morning, everyone. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says the Government won't force East Timor's Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri to resign. Alkatiri has been blamed for sparking the rebellion which has led to a month of violence in East Timor, killing at least 30 people. Mr Downer says Prime Minister Alkatiri's party is expected to meet today to discuss his leadership. If he was just forced to resign somehow, especially by outside forces, my estimation is that that would destabilise the country still further. An extra 35 Australian police officers will arrive in East Timor later today. And it's been revealed

the family of East Timor rebel leader Major Alfredo Reinardo

has fled to Western Australia. The major's pregnant wife Maria and their three children have been spotted in Perth. It's believed they're staying with Major Reinardo's aunt and uncle, who moved to Australia in the '70s. Major Reinardo lived in Perth for three years during the 1990s. Cabinet papers from nine years ago have revealed a potential list of sites for nuclear reactors.

The government was reportedly considering 14 sites across the country. They include Holsworthy and Goulburn in New South Wales, an area near Perth Airport, and in Adelaide. The Prime Minister has renewed debate on nuclear energy, but has refused to speculate on where plants could be built. Family groups are upset by a new teachers' manual in Victoria The 'Learn to Include' manual

urges teachers to drop the names 'mother' and 'father'. Instead, it encourages the term 'parent'

out of respect to same-sex couples. The manual's author has been invited to promote the book at a conference of teachers next month. Fire has destroyed a classroom at a Melbourne high school causing $200,000 worth of damage.

Firefighters say there was no way to save the classroom from the 10m high flames,

but they were able to stop the blaze spreading to other buildings at McKinnon High School. It could have been a lot worse if we hadn't received early calls from neighbours and firefighters hadn't got on the scene on time. We could have had several classrooms on fire. Fire chiefs say they're treating the fire as suspicious and have handed the investigation to police. 28 people have been killed and at least 60 more injured

during a suicide car-bomb attack in Iraq. The explosion ripped through a busy marketplace in Basra. The attack comes just two days after Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, promised to crackdown on Basra's warring gangs, declaring a month-long state of emergency in the city. The United Nations says it's a race against time to get help to Indonesia's earthquake survivors. Tens of thousands of people have spent their eighth night in the open after 139,000 homes on the island of Java were destroyed by last weekend's quake. Medical teams from Cuba and the US have joined emergency workers from Australia, Japan and Pakistan already on the ground. Indonesia's Foreign Minister says his country has now received enough relief aid, but looting has become a problem as desperate survivors stop trucks carrying food. Millions of angry bees have turned a road accident into a painful experience for emergency workers. The insects were released when a truck carrying

several hundred beehives overturned on a Turkish highway. The driver and his passenger escaped major injury, but came under attack as they walked from the wreckage.

Firefighters and journalists were also attacked by the swarming bees

before a local farmer eventually calmed them down with some smoke. To sport now, and Lleyton Hewitt will meet clay court maestro Rafael Nadal for a spot in the quarterfinals of the French Open.

Hewitt smashed his way through to the fourth round overnight, beating Slovakian Dominic Hrbaty in straight sets. Hewitt was in vintage form against Hrbaty

but he'll have to take his game to another level against Nadal, who won his 56th consecutive match on clay overnight. Nadal overcame Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu in a four-set classic that took almost five hours.

To AFL, and Collingwood has continued its run of good form with a 26-point win over Brisbane, while Fremantle came from 15 points down in the last quarter to beat Richmond by 11 points at Subiaco.

A six-goal haul from captain Nathan Buckley got the Magpies over the line in their spiteful clash with the Lions. Brisbane ruckman Jamie Charman is on report for this hit on Anthony Rocca. COMMENTATOR: Ohhh! Copped the lot from Charman! To Rugby League, and the Rabbitohs are still winless after going down to the Raiders

in a two-point thriller in Canberra last night. The Bulldogs were too good for the Knights, winning by 16 points. While Melbourne bought up their 10th straight win at home. Full highlights in Sportsworld.

I will see you again next week,

after taking the floor tonight. On

that note, pardon the pun, what are

you singing tonight? What's the

team? We are adjourning from sin a

that last week, through me to the

moon, you selling way nicely in

Kiss, with a bit of a rock number.

What an obvious leap. Of course.

You'll see some fireworks tonight You'll see some fireworks tonight .

Which Kiss song? You will have to

wait until 8.30 to see. Are you

going to wear the tall wedge shoes?

All will be revealed on the show.

You are not giving much away. You

did a great job last week. Can I

say, you was robbed. You were first

cab off the rank and I don't think

the judges had worked out how to

score. Wasn't happy with the leader

board at the end. It will be

interesting tonight, should be a

lot of fun, all at 6.30. Wasn't

Richard sack Ryea robbed as well,

people don't understand a basso pro

fundo when they hear one. Now to Sunday's weather.

And all-clear today in Brisbane with 21 degrees. The chance of a shower in Sydney, but a fine 12 degrees for Canberra. A tad overcast in Hobart, while Melbourne may get a shower. The chance of rain too in Adelaide, but Perth's looking good with a top of 21. Looking further ahead now and remaining generally fine in Brisbane. Isolated showers continuing in Sydney. Mostly fine for Canberra and Hobart.

Becoming fine in Melbourne and Adelaide tomorrow. A late shower is forecast for Perth on Tuesday. But all clear for Darwin.

Well, new medical research has revealed taking a common painkiller can double your risk of suffering a heart attack.

The drug in question is ibuprofen which is available over the counter and in supermarkets. So many experts are now calling for stricter controls. Dr Mukesh Haikerwal is President of the Australian Medical Association. Good morning to you. So is this drug safe or not?

Ibuprofen and drugs like that

certainly are safe, but you have to

use them wisely. The concern we

have from the studies is that when

used in larger doses there are

major concerns with it, increasing

risks of things like bleeding

ulcers and increasing risks things

like heart attacks, and in recent

weeks he we have seen heart failure

as well. As well as being used for

headaches, temperatures, sports

injury, which can be relative safe,

used long term in large doses there

can be problems. So the signal

about getting these things over about getting these things over the

counter from the supermarket is

that it is safe, but it needs to be

regulated from that point of view.

The study, talking about high doses,

is talking about the top end of the

recommended allowable dose. What

sort of period are we talking about

that people have to be taking the

drug? The study tends to talk about

around 18 months as the time when

there is an increased risk. It

depends on the person's risk to

start with, then increasing by

around 40%. We are seeing from the

studies, which have gone through a

lot of papers, is that there is an

excess risk of maybe 3 in 1,000

heart attacks per year. There is a

relatively small amount, but

nonetheless one that gives us a nonetheless one that gives us a

warning. The warning is, if you are

taking medication and the reason

hasn't gone away, see your doctor,

if you are using large dose, don't.

The other thing is that you need to

be monitored if you are taking

immediate indication in larger

dosees, especially for things like

arthritis. If there are problems,

they need to be predicted and you

need to be aware of need to be aware of them. Some

people are in so much pain that

think need tab let's at a larger

dose to keep them active, but they

need to be monitored. What is the

range of ailments people are using

ibuprofen for? Simple things like

headaches, period pain, sporting

injury, but the more serious things

are like rheumatoid

are like rheumatoid arthritis and

osteoarthritis, where these drugs

are miraculous, they help people to

walk because of their severe

arthritis by reducing the swelling

and pain, and they remain an

important part of the armoury. In

this group of drugs, there are many

different anti-inflammatory drugs.

The latest and greatest group, like

The latest and greatest group, like

Vioxx and sell brex were under a

crowd and Vioxx was withdrawn, and

the message was clear that every

Tom, Dick and Harry can't prescribe,

they have to take note of the

individual, their individual risks

and how those individual risks

might increase if they take certain

medications. It is a very

convoluted process because you convoluted process because you have

to think not just about the tablet

and what it might do but what it

might do in the context of the

person in front of you. It is

important, if someone is seeing a

doctor, and they have brought the

tablets at the supermarket and are

using them, it is important to tell

the doctor, because it may explain

their tummy pain. That is good

advice, to take advice of your dock advice, to take advice of your dock

torque not simply your pharmacist.

Thank you for your time this

morning. Thank you, good morning. A

lot of emails on the issue of

smoking in hotels. A proposal has

been put forward by the W hotel

change, saying they will not have

any smoking rooms at all and if

anyone is caught smoking, $200 fine

right there. Anti-smoking right there. Anti-smoking groups

are very happy. So is Kathy from

Victoria. She says: I think this is

fantastic. On a recent stay in

Melbourne with my family, despite

staying in a non-smoking room, the

smoke came in through the vent and

I had to breathe it in. You smell that

that in corridors, people having a

quiet one in the shower. Bev has

written to say she gave a ride to

two Japanese back backers last

October and they showed the

backpackers the true Australian

appearance, not just the whistle

stop tour of Opera House, Harbour

Bridge, and Bondi Beach, but

outback coastal area. She said they

were interested in the landscape so

perhaps we should be promoting more

of the outback and the true

landscape. That brings me back to

your Ken Done suggestion, when you

said about getting your Ken done

T-shirts on the market, but his

name is recognise able in Japan.

His latest art work incorporates

the outback scenery, so it may be

something to think about. I think

you can never have too many Ken

done T-shirts in your life.

Up next, has Australia lost interest in Schapelle Corby? Stand by for our Weekend All Stars. Glenn Wheeler and Rebecca La Torneau.

I believe every child has a good side. With Continental Side Dishes, it's easy to get them to the table. plus all the ingredients you add,

(Burps) (Laughs)

Well, after becoming household names in Australia, Beaconsfield miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb have now hit the US. They were clearly nervous as they shared their darkest moments to five million people watching 'Good Morning America'. Take a look.

The two Australian miners had the

whole world on the edge of our

seats. Is it true you had a deal

that if either of you lost hope,

the other one was going to kiss

him? That was just in one part.

Every time - there were a couple of

times we got upset, and uptight

about the situation. Wanting to get

out, and telling ourselves, it's

another 48 hours. I said to Brant,

either you settle down or I'm going

to have to kiss you, and upon that

he settled down. We didn't look or

smell real good after 12

smell real good after 12 days. I

didn't they they did too badly. It only lasted eight minutes but Diane Sawyer was impressed, calling it "the most remarkable story". But how will the rest of America see them? It's over to our Weekend All Stars. Glenn Wheeler from Radio 2UE, and social commentator Rebecca Le Tourneau. Good morning to you both. Glenn, what did you think of the interview?

I thought it was good, typically

Australian. These guys came across

as being quintessential Aussie

bloke, the the way they respondd to

the question, in the big apple,

just the two miners taking it in

their stride, answering the

questions, as we saw them do in

Australia. It's obviously not had

anywhere near the impact they were

expect nothing America. I think

that says something about what

Americans expect of people being

interviewed, they expect Americans

being interviewed. They didn't give

it much promotion, apparently the

day before, die and Sawyer didn't

announce the guys were on and then

they put them on after a

13-year-old who won the spelling

bee. And Katie announced she was

resigning. It was her last day. I

don't know if you saw the pictures

of them trying to visit New York,

it occurred to me, what would be

worse, being stuck 1km underground

with just each other or 22 floors

up in the hotel stuck with a gang

of American producers. I think this

is the only place they got to go,

otherwise they were trapped in the

hotel. What about the grace escape

jackets, and the T-shirt with the

great escape on the grant? Does it

matter? Surely, these guys have

been through hole, the Sawyer

interview is about shoreing up

marketing for the film, the book or

whatever else happens in the states,

and it should. It's their story,

their experience, they were guys

living in a struggling town, they

went through hell and have come out

the other end millionaires, I say

good on them. I have my doubts,

because Australians play things

down, if they were Americans who survived, there would have been

tears on the set, more drama. You

would watch it, wouldn't

would watch it, wouldn't you? Yes,

but I don't know if there is enough

hype. You cannot imagine that

whoever acts them will be like them,

there will be tears. Can you

believe it's been years since we

saw these pictures of Schapelle

Corby receiving 20 years in jail

for trafficking in Bali. Rebecca,

do people still care about

Schapelle? I think it's interesting,

because when I saw the story in the

newspaper this week I realised I

had forgotten her, I hadn't thought

about her for such a long time. For

such a long timeway was a focus,

and that was such a terrible day.

Any parent watching that, feels

agony, no matter what she did or

didn't do, it is a terrible moment.

But I tend to think, to criticise,

to continue to say, I was framed,

it was a fit-up, to accuse

Indonesian or Australian

authorities of corruption is not to

do yourself any good. Surely the

best thing to do is to sit

best thing to do is to sit quiet,

and wait for something good to

happen. Sit quietly for 20 years?

No, think there's a likelihood of

some deal or pardon coming up

before 20 years. The bottom line is,

as far as the courts have ruled,

she is guilty, she has to do it.

The crime has been done. Unless

someone flys in and breaks

someone flys in and breaks her out.

We can't keep second guessing this.

What about all the other Aussies in

jails around the world on drug

trafficking charges? Schapelle

Corby is one amongst Hm many.

Whilst we might have forgotten

about her, there are a whole lot of

others we didn't know about in the

first place. It

first place. It shed light on a

fundamentally flawed justice system,

which is one of the reasons why she

is still so vocal. It is

interesting to compare the Michelle

Leslie situation. It lot of it is

how you play it. A Sirvi reveals

sex is firmly on the agenda, very

soon after giving birth, for nearly

soon after giving birth, for nearly

80% of new mums. Nothing to do with

me. There is no way in the world,

that is impossible, forget it. You

would never have gone as far as

having the baby in the first place.

Getting that revolting subject off the

the table. Were you surprised by

this? Yes, I don't understand it at

all. I'm not a woman, so I don't

understand what it's like to give

birth. But your wife has borne

three children. Yes, and I think

within the eight-week children I

was still on domestic duties, I don't recall much action in the

children. You

children. You don't think that's a

domestic duty? Possibly a domestic

duty, but not a priority at the

time, because my wife sets a

priority. It's not up there as

taking out the garbage as fore lay,

that really works for me. I reckon

100% of the 80% of the women who

said they were having sex at eight weeks are

weeks are lying, it is complete

rubbish. Nothing turns you off less

than a sleep deprived night, a

husband with filthy nappies. Maybe

they needed bonding after the event.

That's a big claim, 100% are lying.

If you are one of those women,

please write to the please write to the Soapbox. The

only way you can have sex quickly

after having a baby is if it's an

adoption. On that note, thank you for sharing. Straight ahead this morning, what's on your mind Australia? We'll check the Soapbox and talk sport with Matt and Joh.

MYSTERIOUS, ENCHANTING MUSIC VOICEOVER: Everything we've learned in 65 years has led us here.

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Jeep. 65 years old and forever young.

It's been a great show. Yes, and an

even better show now that Matt and

Joh are here. What's on this

morning? I'm still morning? I'm still suffering after

your domestic duties call. He

couldn't get out of here quick

enough. He's halfway through the

city at the moment. There was a

certain woman gagging in the corner,

because Joh has two boys that are a

day under a year apart. It was a

leap year, so it's almost exact. I

think I'm part of the percentage that doesn't

that doesn't - You are part of the

80%. We have Todd Woodbridge,

talking all for instance French

open, and makal Hagan, heading for

the Eels next year, so he's the man

of the moment. I'm interested to

talk to Todd, it's about 15 years

since he's been at the French since he's been at the French open,

so he will go back from a totally

different capacity u and we'll get

his spin on it. Lleyton