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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening. I'm Sandra Sully get new powers Tonight, Australian soldiers

once again to make Dili's streets safe

is becoming a desperate battle. but keeping the people fed This disorder is causing these people's lives to start, I guess, dangling by a thread. playing with a friend. A fence collapses killing a boy The last thing I want to do

to be heroes. is to make Brant and myself out for two miners Canberra rolls out the red carpet

with their notoriety. still coming to terms Todd and I are just normal people. I know I'm just a normal bloke. the support. It's very hard to fathom for St Kilda And an injury setback with Ryan Phelan. headlines Sports Tonight will miss the rest of the season. Lenny Hayes Yes, Sandra.

We'll tell you why. rival clubs. While suspension could cripple on a rough weekend of AFL. Also a Match Review Panel's verdict

the Dragon's captain's season. And the incident that could destroy in Dili First tonight, crisis talks under way to try to end the bloodshed. is in Dili Ten News reporter Max Futcher and Max, any progress so far? Well no word yet, Sandra Gusmao and Mari Alkatiri. on those talks involving Xanana

The talks started earlier today and there has been quite a crowd all day. outside the Presidential Palace They have gone home now and while the capital is very quiet, there is a tense feeling in the air the outcome of those talks will be because everyone wants to know what out of this crisis. and who is going to lead the country the Prime Minister and the President, Following day-long talks between

to a hero's welcome. Xanana Gusmao emerged

must unite and not be split His message - the East Timorese

and west of the small nation. by ethnic tensions between the east to end the country's crisis President Gusmao is trying to trying Mari Alkatiri. through talks with Prime Minister But many observers say between the two men. it is a leadership struggle to put down his position We want Alkatiri

and give back to Xanana. Tight security surrounded the talks. taking no chances. Australian media crews Assassination fears abound a house opposite the building with an Australian patrol searching and the Prime Minister met. in which the President unfounded. Reports of a sniper proving potential suspicious persons. There was reports of sightings of

at all. As it turns out there was no problem and now we're heading on our way We made our thankyou's on the streets of Dili. to maintain security facing the Australians, And in a sign of the dangerous job temporarily relieved of his weapon. one of the President's men was We have to check everyone.

President's bodyguard? Yes. in the early hours of the evening. The meeting ended here and the Foreign Minister The Prime Minister, the President whisked away amidst tight security.

to secure the country's future Just how much more talking is needed remains to be seen. In Dili, Murray McCloskey, Ten News. on the ground Well Max, the Australian troops have been given increased powers. some effect? Surely that must be having are powers to detain Yes, those powers which means they can get out

gang members involved in the violence and start rounding up some of the

over the past few days. on that front. There were only just getting started control crowds In other areas, they have had to trying to get the bare essentials. of everyday people in the street of that today. We saw plenty of evidence but it's still not safe A quieter day in Dili and that means shops are closed. and food is scarce. There's line ups for petrol under a hot sun, This morning with a swelling crowd

distribution they couldn't wait for the promised and again, broke in themselves. and once more pushed back the crowd. Australian troops arrived more controlled today It was hoped that things would be but that hasn't happened. too impatient, maybe too hungry. The people are just too frustrated,

when it seems no-one's in control. This is what happens into the sea of people Armoured vehicles soon rolled

to restore order. as the soldiers tried desperately who are game to venture out. These are the people mission, Across town at the Don Boscoe 13,000 huddled behind the walls, gangs continued to loot and burn. too afraid to go home as

with dwindling food and water. Men, women and children

of supplies that can't get in World Vision has three trucks without an army escort. the Australian troops, We've rung the ADF, we don't get a call back. Brendan Nelson's office to say I've now actually rung look, this is the situation. You might have a military strategy, desperately need your protection. but here's 13,000 people who

Tim Costello has been here two days. and clean water for another two. He says there's only enough food these people's lives to start, This disorder is causing I guess, dangling by a thread. In Dili, Max Futcher, Ten News.

with the death toll now beyond 5,000 The Indonesian earthquake and 6,000 more injured, to the Indonesian President Prime Minister John Howard has spoken

and $3 million in aid. offering a medical team

the leaders have talked It's the first time over the Papua visa scandal. since the diplomatic rift a couple married in the ruins. Also getting together, They plan to rebuild the family home, 1 of 33,000 destroyed in the quake. in a wall collapse An 11-year-old boy has been killed at his own home.

A brick fence came down were playing late this afternoon. while the child and a friend A family in shock. in an horrific accident. Their brother and son taken from them who have arrived. There are some relatives of course, They're leaning on each other but very distraught. in the front yard after school. The 11-year-old had been playing a fence column collapsed. With no warning,

on top of the child. Bricks came tumbling down A young playmate witnessed the accident and ran inside for help. When paramedics arrived a neighbour was trying to resuscitate the boy but he'd suffered severe crush injuries to his head and chest.

It is a difficult time for us and for everyone involved

but we're not going through anything compared to what the family is. Along with police,

a building inspector from the local council will assess the collapse. Their findings will be provided to the coroner. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. She's the 5-year old girl who has overcome two rare tragedies to inspire people around the world. And tonight, a first look at burns victim Sophie Delizio since being hit by a car three weeks ago. We've even gone so far as to say she should be nominated for Australian of the Year or Young Australian of Year, because she has been such an inspiration. Can I see a smile in there.

Sophie is having a new home built to help with her life-long care. Little hope is held for one of Australia's top female mountain climbers in Nepal. Sue Fear plunged down a crevasse on Mount Manaslu and hasn't been seen since.

Sue Fear is one of Australia's most experienced mountaineers, seen here on the summit of Mount Everest which she conquered in 2003. The 42-year-old is now missing feared dead after falling into a crevasse while descending from the summit of Mount Manaslu, the eighth-highest mountain in the world. The accident happened yesterday following her second attempt on the 8,150m high peak. News of the accident radioed down the mountain by her companion, Nepalese climber Bishnu Gurung, who managed to climb out of the crevasse. Sue Fear was last heard from on Friday when she reported heavy snowfalls and strong winds. While family and friends in Australia hold out hopes she might have survived, the Nepalese Government have now confirmed she's dead. Back in 2003, following her Everest climb,

Sue was named adventurer of the year. You have to have a certain amount of faith. It's about taking calculated risks - not being reckless. She also wrote a book about the climb with Lincoln Hall, who has had his own miraculous escape from Everest. He survived a freezing night alone near the summit suffering frostbite and altitude sickness after he lapsed into a coma and Sherpa's left him for dead.

The effects of altitude can play tricks on the mind and he was suffering from cerebral odema

which can cause hallucinations and disorientation so he would have been thinking about all sorts of crazy things. 50-year-old Lincoln Hall is now on his way to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu from where he is expected to fly home to Australia. John Hill, Ten News.

There's been a dramatic arrest in Sydney tonight. Police took no chances when they tracked down two men at Prairiewood in Sydney's west for questioning over a shooting.. DOG BARKS A third man was also arrested at a home. The shooting victim was wounded in the leg during an encounter at Edensor Park. The PM has vowed to fight to his dying political breath

any merger between the Liberal and National parties in Queensland. He says it could destabilise his Federal Coalition Government. It's John Howard's worst nightmare. A merger between the Queensland Liberals and Nationals to form a new party. There's one thing I will fight for till my last political breath, is to preserve the nationwide unity of the Liberal Party of Australia.

But this afternoon the Queensland Liberals and Nationals appeared to defy the Prime Minister. The Liberal/National joint party room has today voted unanimously to forge on with a proposal

for a single, united, non-Labor party in this State. The only basis on which I would accept a single party in Queensland

would be the Liberal Party. I'm not in favour of a new conservative party.

That went down like a lead balloon with the Federal Nationals Leader. If I wanted to be a Liberal, I would have joined the Liberal Party. In Parliament he ruled out any federal merger. That suits the party's Senate leader. Why would you run out a white flag when you're winning. Federal Liberals just as opposed.

Already this has started to cause not unity but division. We need this like a hole in the head.

Queensland Liberal sources say the merger in fact would be a takeover of the Nationals and it would not be called the New Liberals but simply the Liberal Party.

The next big problem is getting the Nationals at their State conference to agree to it once they find out. The Nationals star senator Barnaby Joyce definitely doesn't want to be a Liberal.

He sees a big fight coming up. The fascinator hats won't work at the State conference.

People are very aware of all the political nuances and they will have a full-blown political debate. The detail is still to be mae public.

I am quite confident that we can work with the Prime Minmister and the Deputy Prime Minister to overcome any concerns they have got. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A football fan, who argued with an AFL coach during a match in Melbourne yesterday, has been killed by a train.

The fan engaged in a debate with Kangaroos coach Dean Laidley during the match against St Kilda and was later found dead on a rail line in the Melbourne beachside suburb of Seaford. In a statement released through the club the family said the incident at the match was in no way related to his death.

Police say the death is not suspicious.

After the break - The last thing I want to do is to make Brant and myself out to be heroes. We're not heroes. The people who saved us are heroes. Australia's most famous miners pay tribute to the team that risked life and limb to bring them home alive. And Michelle Leslie sets the record straight on why she wore Muslim clothing when in jail in Bali. VOICEOVER: It started with the MX-5, The revolution continued with RX-8, a sports car like no other. The turbo-powered all-wheel drive Mazda6 MPS. Our hottest sedan ever. (Child whispers) Zoom-zoom. Once upon a time, we didn't think twice about doing this. But we wouldn't do it now. There was a time when this was the norm. But we've changed our ways.

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This program is captioned live. A self-proclaimed Melbourne witch who kept teenage girls as sex slaves will be released from prison in two weeks.

In 1998, Robin Angus Fletcher was convicted of sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls, drugging them and forcing them into prostitution. He has been assessed by a number of psychiatrists

and forensic psychologists and they have found there is no evidence that Mr Fletcher is a paedophile. He is now halfway through a law degree and it is his intention to now abide by the law.

he'll be supervised for five years once he's out. Beaconsfield miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell have been given the red carpet treatment at Parliament House in Canberra. Hundreds of members of the Beaconsfield community were flown in for the occasion with the Federal Government kicking in $8 million to support the crippled mining town. Around 800 people were flown in from Beaconsfield for the reception,

a big thankyou to the rescuers and their families. Much of the focus still on the two miners, Todd Russell and Brant Webb, who arrived VIP style in a government jet. They were the ones who captured the attention of the nation and the world as they endured two weeks trapped a kilometre underground. Saw you on the box! As did everyone else. The PM announced an $8 million fund

to help the Beaconsfield community adjust to the possible closure of the mine and a $1 million education scholarship in honour of dead miner Larry Knight, But it was an extraordinary act of bravery and strength of will and determination. The whole of Australia lived with Beaconsfield for two weeks - lived with their hopes, their joys, their fears. Both the miners humbled by the occasion. The last thing I want to do is to make Brant and myself out as heroes. I've lost the speech. LAUGHTER Can I borrow yours, mate? I am just a normal bloke. Todd and I are just normal people. It's very hard to fathom the support. APPLAUSE

But controversy continues in the wake of the Beaconsfield disaster.

The Australian Workers' Union still concerned that the new industrial laws limit its ability to provide safety training to its mining members. Repeal the laws that criminalise our efforts to ensure our union and our voices are heard in protecting safety in the workplace. The Government denies the new laws are a problem.

Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Model Michelle Leslie says she wore a Muslim head-dress in Bali

to protect herself from sexual assault. The 25-year-old says while she was in jail on drug charges Indonesian guards tried to rape her and that wearing the burqa stopped them. She says she's a Muslim but not a practising one. I'm only questioning her genuineness about her conversion. I'm still doubtful. The swimsuit model also says

officials demanded a $400,000 bribe for her release and that death threats were made against her and her family. A rare outing for Michael Jackson, nearly a year after being acquitted on child sex charges. He made a brief appearance at an orphanage in Tokyo, eager fans scrambling to catch a glimpse of the singer as he arrived. Inside, nearly 200 people gathered to meet the star most of them young orphans. Jackson has been keeping a low profile in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Bahrain since his acquittal. He's in Japan on a 6-day visit, accepting a Japanese MTV music award. Breaking news now from East Timor. Claims tonight from Australia's taskforce commander in Dili who believes they have turned the corner at restoring law and order. Brigadier Mick Slater says outbreaks of communal violence and gang attacks

have definitely died off. Sports Tonight is next with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, finally some good news for Souths in the NRL. Sandra, they've thrown a lifeline to former Sharks stalwart David Peachey. He could play this weekened. Plus, Dragons in damage control.

They could lose their captain for up to eight weeks. Season over. One of the Saints biggest names prepares to go under the knife.

And Socceroos star Harry Kewell rejoins his team-mates

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Just as things were really looking up for St Kilda, a major blow.

Star Lenny Hayes will miss the rest of the season, after suffering a severe knee injury at the weekend. He's one of several big names sidelined this week, either through injury or suspension. After a sleepless night with a sore knee, Lenny Hayes went for a routine check-up this morning. The results flooring the star Saint. I mean, I'm obviously bitterly disappointed.

I found out today that I'm going to need a reco. Yeah, it's very disapppointing for myself and the team, yeah.

Hayes suffered the injury just 15 minutes into yesterday's match

but played on after doctors gave him the all clear at half-time. It didn't feel 100%

but I just thought it was from a knock on the knee

and I mean, it was very hard of them to tell. As I said before, I got assessed at half-time and I felt fine. All the indicators they looked at were fine as well.

West Coast champion Chris Judd will miss a month of footy, his hamstring injury keeping him out until after the split round. Richmond forward Matthew Richardson also set to be out until then after undergoing surgery today on a fractured right wrist. Brisbane youngster Anthony Corrie's season is over after becoming the fourth Lion in 10 weeks to succumb to a knee injury. At Hawthorn, Shane Crawford's troublesome shins will be given a rest

and he will miss up to three weeks. Now to the tribunal, and the clubs have until 11:00am tomorrow morning

to contest the charges. But again the big names have been hit including Collingwood's spear Chris Tarrant who has been slapped with a one-match ban for this strike on Dale Morris. COMMENTATOR: Whooaah. Oh boy, stand by. Hawk Brent Guerra has been rubbed out for three weeks for his crude shirtfront. Brad Miller outed for two weeks for a couple of jumper punches. Not that it matters, but Lenny Hayes has copped a one-week suspension for his flying elbow. And Bomber Mark McVeigh has been fined $2,400 for his confrontation with central umpire Scott Jeffrey. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. St George-Illawarra are teetering on the edge of the top eight, now the blow that could push them over it. Club officials are going into damage control, and seeking legal advice over a tackle which could cost skipper Trent Barrett eight weeks on the sidelines. It looked innocuous enough at first glance, but the hit on Brian Carney in Friday's win over Newcastle could have far more serious ramifications for the Dragons. The club shocked by the grade-five striking charge, which could cost Barrett between five and eight games.

Melbourne's Ian Donnelly has been charged with contrary conduct, but cleared of an eye gouge on Penrith's Frank Pritchard who wrote a letter of complaint to the NRL. Frankly, it doesn't normally blow up like that so, you know, hopefully, things can be taken care of and we can all move on.

I just think that the game gets damaged by people opening up their mouths before they think. You give them two ears and one mouth, and sometimes you've got to think before you actually use your mouth because that's why God gave you that. Elsewhere South Sydney's dismal season may have taken a turn for the better, signing David Peachey for the remainder of the year after his controversial sacking from English club Widnes

for returning home to visit his father who has since passed away. Adam MacDougall faces disciplinary action tomorrow following his passionate outburst describing the Rabbitohs' recent performances. It's totally unacceptable for a player to come out and publicly criticise his team-mates. That is a matter currently being dealt with internally. The club's new owners Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court giving McRae their full backing despite a 0 and 11 start to the season. And 2005 rookie of the year Tim Smith could find it hard to return to the Parramatta line up. Jeremy Smith and John Morris combining well in yesterday's win over the Roosters. Everyone's on their toes, kind of thing. No-one's feeling comfortable at all, that's for sure. Timmy is a good player and look, it's whatever JT wants, I guess. Nathan Cayless expected to return for Friday's clash against the Dragons. Glen Lauder for Sports Tonight. Harry Kewell's race to be ready for Australia's opening World Cup clash against Japan, continues. The Liverpool striker hit the training track for the first time as he battles to recover from a groin strain.

Sports Tonight's Neil Cordy is in Holland with the latest. Thanks, Ryan. Yes, it was a good day for the Aussies here in Mielo. The weather cleared to allow their first full training session since arriving in the Netherlands yesterday. And good news on the injury front as well with Tim Cahill and John Aloisi both training impressively. Plus Harry Kewell making progress on his injured groin.

While his team-mates were going at it, Harry Kewell had a special training session under the guidance

of physio Les Gellas, running for over an hour and putting a smile on his and his team-mate's faces. It's good to see him smiling again. Obviously he's had a few disappointments of late and let's just hope we can get him kicking balls as soon as possible. Tim Cahill was travelling even better, putting in a solid display in a session which went for 120 minutes.

I've got to get through this week of training with the lads and get moving and be more mobile because, you know, I felt it out there but 90 minutes would be excellent. John Aloisi another almost-certain to resume against the Dutch on Sunday. Less certain, who will have the goalkeeping duties. Zeljko Kalac was custodian for the Greece match but Mark Schwarzer isn't afraid to state his case for the job

in the World Cup. I've had a good season at Middlesbrough this season, I played a vast majority of the all the games this season. That's got to count for something and I think that the last time I played for Australia I played well enough to warrant a game. The Socceroos' more immediate concern is facing the might of Holland on their own turf. The team's Dutch connections not limited to their coaching staff. Brett Emerton played there for three years with fine noord

and Jason Culina has been there for the last eight. Hopefully with Guus's influence and the rest of the team we can counter the way Holland play. While the Australians are here in the Netherlands for another week, some of the competing nations are already starting to arrive in Germany and they all have their own special requirements. Saudi Arabia arrived there yesterday and had all the alcohol taken out of the mini bars

and all the pornography taken off the TV sets, would you believe. And Ryan, I can reliably inform you that none of those restrictions are applying to the Australians.

Thanks, Neil. Australian captain George Gregan has retained his place in the Wallabies line-up, but it will be vastly different side, after nine uncapped players were selected. New coach John Connolly says

Gregan is still the best man for the job, despite months of speculation over his future. It's a great honour and you never take it for granted. And the fact that he backed me and supported me in that capacity is great. Among the rookies, 123kg Queensland prop Rodney Blake, known afectionately as 'Rodzilla'. As well as waratahs Wycliff Palu, Benn Robinson and Sam Norton-Knight.

Alicia Molik is set to make her grand slam comeback tonight on day two of the French Open. She's one of three Aussies in action with Wayne Arthurs and Nathan Healey also set to hit the courts for Round 1. Overnight, glamour girl Maria Sharapova survived a scare to advance. Sharapova looked to be cruising early, taking the first set 6-2. But a foot injury that's hampered preparations troubled the Russian,

presenting Mashona Washington with the second set. It then seemed there was no shot Washington couldn't make, even surprising herself to set up two match points.

A pair of pigeons stopping the American's momentum, allowing Sharapova to fight back and save the game

and go on to take the final set 7-5, showing a lot of heart in the process. It may have been the opening day of the Grand Slam, but fans on centre court were treated to a match of final-day quality.

Little-known Diego Hartfield out to spoil Federer's dream of that elusive French title. Two sets down, but still the Argentine refusing to give up. COMMENTATOR: That's the play of the day there. The crowd loves his effort. Federer's fans with something to smile about as he coasted through the final set to advance into round two. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight.

Our swimmers have jetted off to take on Europe's best with a noteable absence - 5-time Olympic champ Ian Thorpe. Australia's head coach Alan Thompson certain that Thorpe will return to the pool fully fit, after battling glandular fever and a broken hand. Rather than have another hiccup to the training routine, and another break to stay at home for another month, we decided it was better for him

compete later in June. keep on training and hopefully Leisel Jones, Jodie Henry Golden girls, Libby Lenton,

compete in Monaco, France and Spain. and Alice Mills headline the team to sunk to new lows this morning Mark Webber's wretched season

on the streets of Monaco. broke down again, The Australian's unreliable Williams

for an against-the-odds victory. while he was in contention Another bitter finish - Mark Webber running third impression yet of a high-tech lemon. when his Williams did its best COMMENTATOR: Oh, dear. in seven races. His fourth failure to finish He is a very, very, very angry man. a similar fate just minutes later, Second-placed Kimi Raikkonen met Fernando Alonso leaving world champion with a cruise to the finish from Juan Montoya and David Coulthard. Fernando Alonso wins in Monte Carlo! At the 90th anniversary Indianapolis 500, Tomas Scheckler made a mess of his car and the famous old speedway. Buddy Lazier hitting a piece of the debris, sending it into the crowd and injuring five spectators. Sam Hornish Jr giving his pit crew a fright

and earning a drive-through penalty at the finish. before catching rookie Marco Andretti of the World Superbike Championship, A crazy start to round seven

the first corner of the opening race. six riders coming to grief on

from Australian Troy Corser, It started with some acrobatics from Alex Barros. ending with some gymnastics

quite an exciting bit of flame there Barros's bike shoots out of the fireball! and he jumps over the top And more trouble just moments later. Oh, more riders down at the back! Troy Bayliss winning both races. Australia's World Championship leader Leanne West for Sports Tonight. the legendary Babe Ruth Barry Bonds has eclipsed on the all-time home run record list.

continue to taint his achievements. But ongoing rumours of drug use Some fans camped out on kayaks sent the ball their way. in case the super slugger the fans inside the ground Bonds though, chose to reward

with his 715th homer. COMMENTATOR: Bonds passes Babe Ruth. home-run list. He is second on the all-time The celebrations were mixed shouldn't count. with many fans arguing Bonds' records

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a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES Oz Lotto's Don't miss This program is captioned live. Play of the day time now, and no, the Socceroos popularity in South America. hasn't soared overnight they've won it five times Just because don't get excited by the World Cup. doesn't mean Brazillians Australia is going football mad

in 32 years, about our first appearance football mad. while in Brazil they're always It's a religion. But hey, it's green and gold, of support for our Socceroos. and we'll take it as a show Play of the Day.

Harry Kewell expected to train

tomorrow with the Socceroos. He'll

probably miss the next two

friendlys but hopefully be back for

the World Cup in two weeks. To Finance News, and more big gains and bargain hunters. thanks to higher metal prices iiNet sparked a $44 million trading frenzy. a whopping 50% of its value The company losing after a 5-week trading suspension. Telstra lost 2 cents

a free line rental deal. after Optus announced Now to the national weather. for both Cairns and Brisbane. So tomorrow, mostly sunny conditions and a top of 19 degrees in Sydney. It'll be windy with showers Frost then a sunny day. capital on Tuesday. 14 the top temp in the national then fine and 15. Melbourne can expect a foggy morning and Adelaide. It'll be mostly sunny in Hobart Showers easing for Perth. A sunny 29 in Darwin in Alice Springs. and frost then a sunny 18 degrees

from the Ten News centre. And that's the latest I'm Sandra Sully. thanks for your company. Goodnight. From the Late News team, by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions