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(generated from captions) and be a father to your child. I was ready to step in a mother to mine. Now I need you to be

going to be there for him. I need to know that you're I will be. Nick and I will... I'm talking about you and me. No, I'm not talking about Nick.

parents he could possibly have. I want my son to have the best You and me.

to raise our son... Please agree to raise m... ..with me. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. punishing dangerous drivers. Tonight - our school kids. Tough new fines on the way to protect a tourist killed over a $6 cab fare. A desperate appeal from the family of And the court-room showdown he accuses of sexual assault. between Ian Roberts and the man and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight -

to Jake Kovco's family the PM apologises over the latest embarrassing blunder. And still The Man! his victory over Danny Green. Anthony Mundine celebrates But first this evening - to stop drivers breaking the law the tough new measures in school zones. are being increased Fines and demerit points in just two weeks. after 7 school kids were hit the hard way - This motorist found out in a school zone. what happens when you speed in a 40km/h school zone. She was caught travelling 80km/h She lost her licence on the spot. I know, I know, I know. I'm sorry. caught out during a police blitz. And she wasn't the only one and worrying. I find it really disturbing spate of accidents I would've thought that with recent with school children that is literally deadly driving. that people would understand To deter drivers from breaking the law near schools, harsher penalties. the State Government has introduced Speeding will incur a loss of four to seven demerit points and you could fork out up to $2,350. overtaking, speeding It doesn't matter if it's a U-turn, or simply not stopping, will not be tolerated. that sort of irresponsible behaviour from motorists Four demerit points will be deducted at pedestrian crossings. who don't give way of motorists speed in school zones. An NRMA audit reveals almost 70% The Pedestrian Council says

and speed cameras, a combination of flashing lights like here at Middle Harbour Public, to keep our children safe. is the most effective way

measures weren't introduced The council also questions why these when they were initially announced Carl Scully in 2004. by the then roads minister

implemented two years ago? It's too late. Why weren't these the whole lot of them? And why did Mr Costa neuter

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. cost the life of a young Sydney man An argument over a $6 cab fare has a moving taxi. who died after falling from making an emotional appeal The victim's family

for the driver to come forward. Darren Owen's life support was switched off Tuesday morning. Larraine Evans The 26-year-old and his fiance three months had only been in Australia at 4:00am on Sunday when he fell from a cab suffering massive head injuries. I didn't expect sort of, to happen. what was going to happen afterwards His brother says driver for taking the long way home. the electrician complained to the and drove away The driver locked the doors on the back seat. with Mr Owen still sitting his door was ajar As the car took off,

as the taxi sped away. which caused him to fall out His leg was caught in the door, some distance along the road dragging the Englishman before finally letting go. a tragic accident, It may have just been but we need to speak to the driver. Police are trying to track the taxi Street where they picked up the fare. from surveillance cameras on George as being of Asian appearance The driver's described aged in his late 30s. whether there something else in it, Whether it was accidental or we would have definitive closure. for his family to accept Perhaps the hardest thing

money that cost Darren his life - is that it was such a small sum of just $6. The fare on the meter read $21, it should have only been $15. but he believed this week. His family flew out from England to lay him to rest at home. They hope to take his body back soon Evan Batten, Ten News.

league international Ian Roberts A courtroom showdown between former assaulted him as a teenager. and the man he claims sexually a murder inquest The footy star telling of Frederick Rix. he'll never forget the face return to the witness stand Within moments of Ian Roberts's and accused paedophile Frederick Rix. tensions boiled over between him Pointing directly at the 78-year-old, Roberts said he had no doubts assaulted him as a teenager Rix was the man who'd indecently sparking this heated exchange: from the coroner to "behave". Rix's sarcasm earning him an order his description of Roberts outside: But he couldn't resist repeating He's a pathological liar! the alleged abuse a secret Roberts told how he had kept how it would affect his image as he was terrified as a rising football star. to his murdered friend Arron Light But he now felt he owed it to expose the truth had apparently been assaulted after discovering the 17-year-old by the same man. had been burned into his DNA Roberts said the ghostly image of Rix

of being aggressively set upon along with the memory with the chiropractor. within seconds of a massage session as he was rubbing the area, Almost instantaneously, that as soon

he was trying to stimulate me. to Roberts today. Rix's outbursts weren't confined and called the counsel assisting At one point, he jumped to his feet a "pious, pompous arse" Rix had written after the lawyer smirked at letters to potential witnesses. action from the coroner. That earned him a warning of contempt

might have tried to intimidate others She also expressed concerns that he against testifying against him. an exhausting day, Ian? REPORTER: Has it been

That's an understatement, yes. Amber Muir, Ten News. on our Defence Force chiefs There's pressure

to punish the army officer who lost a confidential report on the Jake Kovco body bungle. John Howard again forced to apologise to the soldier's family. The blowtorch of blame in the sorry saga of Private Jake Kovco is now being directed at Brigadier Elizabeth Cosson.

It was her job to report on how the wrong body was brought to Australia while the body of the sniper lay in a hospital morgue in Kuwait. Brigadier Cosson accidentally left the disk containing her draft report at a Melbourne airport lounge. At the brigadier's home in Canberra, a military minder was sent to ward off the media. There's no media doorstop, ladies and gentlemen. Everything that has been said has been said by the Minister and the Chief of the Defence Force. So if we can not lose focus on the fact that a soldier passed away and there's an investigation into that? The family of Jake Kovco, already stunned by the body mix-up, now appalled at the latest mishap and sick of the media too. It's particularly regrettable that there've now been two incidents that would have caused distress to the family, and I am very sorry about that - very sorry indeed. The Government's made it clear it expects disciplinary action. I suspect is could be quite a severe career-limiting move and even a career-ending one. There are now four inquiries into the events surrounding the death of Private Kovco - two into the death itself, Brigadier Cosson's inquiry into the body mix-up, and now an internal review of how such a confidential document could be treated so carelessly. The Defence Minister wants the ADF to deal with its own. It's not something I should in any way be interfering with. The military disciplinary processes will apply. But Labor reckons the buck should stop with him. Brendan Nelson has got to stop standing behind Angus Houston and other members of the defence forces. He is the Minister for Defence. He should start taking responsibility. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. John Howard has brushed aside questions about his future after remarks by international media mogul, Rupert Murdoch.

The PM's state visit to Washington overshadowed by the advice he should quit while he's ahead. Another big-hearted American welcome for John Howard, this time at the Chicago Mercantile Market. I love your country. You should come and see us. That would be great. This citadel of capitalism trades around $2 trillion a day. That was a buy! It's the biggest futures exchange in the world. It's where people come to buy risk on everything from pork bellies to snowballs. I love the atmospheric part of this. Isn't it great? It's just terrific. He doesn't love the latest leadership fire lit by Rupert Murdoch. The mogul says Mr Howard should quit while he's ahead. What's the next subject? And he brushed aside Peter Costello's opinion that the PM would carefully listen to Mr Murdoch's views. Yeah, yeah. Maybe the Treasurer should do some futures trading of his own. Political futures aren't traded here. The market for that is the party room and the polling booth and of course John Howard's judgment on risk. Mr Howard says he's getting on with Australia's business. And tonight in a major address he says that business is to stand side by side with America in combating terrorism. Australia is with you.

We will stay the course and we will together finish the job. In Chicago, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Anthony Mundine is looking forward to bigger paydays after downing Danny Green in Australian boxing's biggest ever bout. The event sparking wild brawls at pubs across the country -

one man dying after being knockeed to the ground. As ever, the man of the moment was in fine form. Last night, his stage was the Aussie Stadium ring. Today, it was the foyer of his luxury Sydney hotel. Recovering from a long night, Mundine still had enough strength to deliver a few more shots. I told you all I was gonna do it. I told you all, that's it. I ain't got nothin' more to say. You gotta watch that tape. Across town, Danny Green was down but not out.

I just wanted to win so badly that I just tried too hard.

A defeat which has The Machine picking up the pieces. I've just got to take some time off and assess my future and I'm obviously very disappointed. The biggest night in Australian boxing was marred by pub brawls across several cities, many arrests made and one man died after a punch-up in Perth. The 45-year-old was punched to the ground hitting his head as he fell, later dying in hospital. The victim went out for a family night with family members. As I said before, he did not return home, which is a tragedy in itself. Alcohol-fuelled fights spilled into carparks in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and while fans could not control their emotions, both boxers have new respect for each other. Choc was a better man on the night. I tip my hand to him. He fought a great fight. In keeping with the great style of his win, Mundine has certainly been celebrating in style here at Bondi's Swiss Grand Hotel. Some of boxing's biggest names dropping in to offer their congratulations.

And for once, the last word was not Mundine's. It was left to his trainer, Roy Jones Senior, to give him the highest praise. He's right there with them, with the Sugar Ray Leonards, the Alis, my son, everybody.

Five times - he's five times better than them. A world title win over Mikkel Kessler might go some way to proving that. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at what's ahead in sport - and Mark Gasnier, in or out of Origin? Deb, he's in. The Kangaroos centre was put through a fitness test this afternoon on his injured hip. More in sport including Brett Kimmorely trying to make a comeback this week. And some of soccer's biggest stars battling it out for Europe's most coveted club prize in the countdown to the World Cup.

Also later - some good news for the Waratahs

on the eve of their Super 14 semi-final against the the Hurricanes. The death of high-profile Sydney lawyer, John Marsden. That's next. Also tonight - Bulldogs' star Reni Maitua pleads guilty to drink driving. And a breakthrough for East Timor's littlest fighter, baby Maria. MAN: What do millions of Australians see in their capital? SONG: # Yeah, yeah To see how much more you're missing,

go to Prominent Sydney solicitor John Marsden has died from cancer while on holiday in Turkey. The 64-year-old died this morning.

He was best known as a civil libertarian for his gay rights activism

and as a former president of the New South Wales Law Society. John Marsden had a vigour, a commitment, um, an energy that he directed towards the underdog. His most notorious client was backpacker killer Ivan Milat. He also won Australia's longest running defamation case

against Channel 7 which accused him of being a paedophile. An horrendous toll-taking court case of 8 years. I'm positive that if it didn't cause his cancer, it certainly triggered it and contributed to it. Bulldogs star Reni Maitua is facing a hefty fine or jail after pleading guilty to a high range drink driving charge. It comes as riot squad officers prepare to patrol his club's next game to stop crowd violence. Reni Maitua was busy at Bulldogs training this morning as his lawyer entered a guilty plea on his behalf for drink driving. The New Zealand star blew .165 on Anzac Day. He's already been fined $7,500 by his club but a magistrate could fine Maitua another $3,300 or give him up to 18 months jail when he's sentenced in August. The forward will also lose his licence for up to three years. After training, a team of off-duty police were given a few pointers from Canterbury players.

The police will play against Queensland colleagues

as a curtain raiser to Sunday's match between the Bulldogs and the Sharks. Fears of fan violence as a reprisal for the Cronulla riots has prompted police to beef up their presence. We will have our public riot squad on duty both inside and outside the ground as well as police on the train and the other transport routes. Police won't say how many officers but it's likely to be into the hundreds and will include some dressed as spectators. They'll quickly act to stop ugly scenes like those at the last Bulldogs-Tigers match.

Oh, there's always hot heads from every club. I myself, I'm Lebanese but I don't go out to cause drama specifically but it happens, mate.

The Bulldogs are expecting a crowd of around 15,000. They're not expecting trouble because they don't believe any Sharks fans will turn up. And if there is any violence, police have a zero tolerance policy. If you want to come along and cause trouble, we're more than ready and prepared to deal with you. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A happy ending for a trapped horse stuck in a muddy dam on a Sydney farm. He'd been trapped since last night and was found lying on his side with no strength left to fight. But rescuers weren't giving up on the 2-year-old gelding Alisha's Chief using a sling to lift him out. His relieved owners giving him a well-deserved feed. A damning report on the state of preschool education in NSW. A lack of funding means some children are missing out

leaving them with no idea how to hold a pen or communicate. This is everything a preschool education should be - careful attention teaching children under 5 how to learn. But remarkably, for some, this is something they are just missing out on.

Professor Tony Vinson visited 20 kindergartens and preschools. He was stunned by what he found children unable to do. Many - many - had language difficulties,

unable to enunciate those sounds that you need to master if you're going to read. Holding for the first time a pencil, brush, even asking what a book is. Conducted for the Teachers Federation, the research shows NSW underspending every other State. If they come to school in the way Tony has described where they, for example, don't know how to hold a pen or don't know what gender they are, then they fall behind and keep falling behind. Community preschools say play-based learning gives children the tools they need to bloom.

You don't get that for nothing. You've got to invest in that, and Government has to invest in that if it's going to get good social results as children become adults. The consequences of not adequately funding preschool education can be dramatic. Research shows spending $3,000 on a preschool child today may mean not having to spend $80,000 on that person as an adult in jail. Tony Vinson says it will take an extra $90 million to provide adequate services. The Government acknowledges more needs to be done, promising to do it in the June Budget. More places for more children who wish to attend preschool and it will mean that preschool is more affordable for parents. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A big improvement in the condition of baby Maria Soares rushed to Sydney for life-saving surgery.

The 3-month-old from East Timor is finally out of intensive care. Doctors saying she's now well enough to be transferred to a ward. We're very confident that the heart is now going extremely well

and with everything going smoothly, she may very well be able to go to East Timor with her mum in six weeks time. Maria underwent a 5-hour operation to place a patch over a hole in her heart.

Time for a check of the weather.

Tim Bailey, I snuck a look at the

temperatures a few minutes ago. It

doesn't look to be terribly cold,

but it feels chilly. It's 18

degrees out here, Ron, another mild

day. We got to 22 degrees - 4 above

day. We got to 22 degrees - 4 above average. Nothing wrong with the day

- the high cloud lobbed around at

2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. Partly

cloudy tomorrow and 21. The weekend

- love talking about it on a

Thursday - looking to be an earl a

shower on Saturday and Sunday and

partly cloudy, temps getting to

around 19 by the time the day of

rest comes around. A sparkler today

- fog out in the west. Richmond,

visibility down to about 250m. That

looks nice on your television right

there. Currently, 18 degrees, as we

said. Very, very mild. Low

pollution levels courtesy of the

Bailey boy right now. The St

Vinnies mob - you know them, big

hearts. They launched their Winter

Appeal today. I need you to be all

ears and big hearts too when I see

you again in around about 10.

Calls for crisis talks

after a Federal Minister's confronting tour of Aboriginal communities. That's next. And the verdict's in - what Aussie fans think of 'The Da Vinci Code' movie. I don't think it lived up to the hype plus it was better than I thought it was going to be.

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Time to check on the traffic now

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Seeing as he's

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out that Sammy and the boys this

morning bought him a special

birthday present - a scenic

helicopter flight. Wasn't that

generous? Exactly what I wanted,

generous? Exactly what I wanted, Ron! We're monitoring traffic over

the Ryde Bridge. Motorists trying

to get home on time are being

delayed by this brokef -- bron

broke-down car. We'll bring you

another update just after sport

with Deb, Ron. Pressure on the State Government tonight to seek a further reduction in the Cross City tunnel toll. The latest report from the Tunnel Committee recommends the toll be reduced from $3.56 to $2.90 - the price the RTA originally suggested. In March, tunnel operators temporarily cut the unpopular toll in half, but that three month period is nearly over. I think if it goes back to the full, high toll, there will be customer resistance which is what's been happening. A summit to end abuse and crime in Aboriginal communities is in doubt as a row escalates between Canberra and the States.

Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough is in Central Australia to see the problem first-hand. Mal Brough on patrol in Alice Springs. Let's go. He wants greater protection for women and children in Aboriginal communities - proposing an emergency summit.

But at least one State has threatened a boycott. No, I'm not going to go. Northern Territory Chief Minister Clare Martin believes the summit will be a waste of time. The Prime Minister called a similar meeting three years ago and very sadly we saw perhaps little happen from that meeting. Mal Brough wants to discuss ways of breaking a culture of fear and silence in remote communities. I don't think it's a useful idea. I think we have talked and talked and talked enough. Open your eyes, Clare. Have a look. It's not working. Part of Mr Brough's solution - more sniffer dogs for Alice Springs as part of a crackdown on drug- and alcohol-fuelled violence. Drinking moselle at 7:00 in the morning is not good for your health. The spectre of another stolen generation clouding the debate. If a child is at risk of rape or sexual abuse,

that child should be removed from the danger. Mr Brough now has to convince the States and Territories to join his crusade. That might not be so easy, with at least one State pinning its attendance at the summit on how much money

the Federal Government is willing to attach to its plan. More money is not the issue. The Minister finding the answers may have been staring authorities in the face all along. And I said, "If there was one thing I could do for you what would it be?" And she said, "Just get rid of the grog." Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A powerful typhoon has slammed into China forcing the evacuation of more than 630,000 people. Southern coastal provinces took the full brunt of the 170km/h winds. Two children have been confirmed dead while 100 Vietnamese fishermen are missing. Typhoon Chanchu, the strongest to hit the region at this time of year, killed 37 people in the Philippines on the weekend. A retired aircraft carrier has found a new home at the bottom of the ocean. Navy divers detonated explosives aboard the 'USS Oriskany' off the coast of Florida this morning. It took 37 minutes for the 270m ship to slip below the surface. Now sitting 64m underwater, it will become the world's largest created reef.

After all the hype, 'The Da Vinci Code' movie has finally hit cinemas. But Australian fans are divided on whether the cinema version of the best-selling book is all it's cracked up to be. If the cast and crew of 'The Da Vinci Code' were upset by the savaging critics have given the movie, they weren't showing it on the red carpet at Cannes. It might be some kind of anagram. Can you break it? Demons, omens, codes, monks... ..da Vinci.

A critics' preview ahead of the world premiere prompting some harsh verdicts. I thought the movie was a big dud. Basically, it was complete crap which had a few good unintentional laughs. One of the film's stars, Sir Ian McKellen, tackling the religious opposition head on. I know the Catholic Church has problems with gay people and I thought this would be absolute proof that Jesus was not gay. LAUGHTER Tom Hanks dealing with opposition to his hairstyle. It's not up to me to decide if I'm having a bad hair day. I trust the press to communicate that opinion around the world at lightning speed. Despite the mixed reviews from critics, cinema owners across Australia are expecting the film to do a roaring trade across this weekend - all except for one.

At the Entrance on the NSW Central Coast, one staunchly Catholic cinema owner has decided not to run the film, forgoing perhaps as much as $50,000 in ticket sales. They didn't want to be in a position to screen a product that may question some of their beliefs.

But plenty of Australians did see it today. I haven't read the book, but that didn't stop me from wanting to come see the movie. I thought it was absolutely fascinating. It was good. Fast-moving and dark enough. We're going to be talking about it at church on Sunday. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The $200 million divorce -

golfing great Greg Norman splits with his wife of 25 years. That's next. Also, a Texan rose steals the heart of John Howard's youngest son. And a 4-year-old takes her first steps after life-changing surgery. During May, Retravision is giving away football supporter packs with selected catalogue products. Get a free supporter pack with this: Check out our May double catalogue for details. # At Retravision, yeah, we'll do it. # What do you want froym your supermarket? I love the taste when it's really fresh. Like you get from the market. Like you get from the farmer. Coles is listening. Really listening. So they're introducing a new 'farmer to you' system, where the crate that the farmer packs... delivered to your Coles store. And less handling means better quality.

Hurry into The Sale now at Kmart with 25% off men's and children's clothing. Excludes underwear, socks, hosiery and sleepwear. And get fantastic savings on all knitting yarn, these Mistral whitegoods and this Motorpro tool chest and cabinet combo. Top stories this news hour - a courtroom showdown between former Australian rugby league player Ian Roberts and the man he claims sexually assaulted him as a teenager. The footy star telling a murder inquest he will never forget accused paedophile Frederick Rix. The family of a young man who died after an argument over a $6 cab fare has appealed to the driver to come forward. The victim fell from a moving taxi in Rozelle on Sunday.

His life support was switched off on Tuesday.

The State Government is introducing tough new measures to stop drivers breaking the law in school zones after 7 children were hit in just two weeks. Fines and demerit points are being increased. John Howard might have been the guest of honour at the White House last night, but another guest is the talk of the town. Kristen Slaughter turned up at the ceremonial welcome

on the arm of Mr Howard's youngest son Richard. The 24-year-old White House staffer began dating the young Howard last year. Well, I think those are matters that, if you want to pursue further, you should address them to Mr Richard Howard. Kristen was born in George W. Bush's home state of Texas

but there are no plans yet for her to call Australia home. Golfing great Greg Norman has split from his wife of 25 years. The Great White Shark says he'll remain friends with Laura Norman who could now be in for a settlement worth of hundreds of millions.

Throughout the golfing great's most memorable moments, this couple created a few of their own. COMMENTATOR: Stop for a moment. But after 25 years of marriage, Greg Norman and his wife Laura are to go their separate ways. The couple's two children are now in their 20s. Throughout Norman's very public career, Laura always said her role was to do everything to support him. The 51-year-old 'Great White Shark' has confirmed divorce proceedings but won't give details. Only saying it will be amicable and there's no third party. But divorcing the man as famous for his golfing businesses as his golfing prowess, could leave Laura with a $200 million split. Meanwhile, the other celebrity split between former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and wife Heather Mills could turn out to be the biggest settlement in British divorce history. As fans outside the famous Abbey Road Studios express sadness,

I think Sir Paul has a very special position and his lawyers will be arguing very, very strongly he should be treated differently from most other husbands because here we have a man, who incredibly has built up massive wealth, because frankly, he is a genius and geniuses are treated specially in the divorce courts, there have been cases about that and that means that Lady McCartney will get a lot less. On his website, Sir Paul has supported his wife saying she's very generous and didn't marry for money. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A bad day for investors. After Wall Street's biggest fall in three years the local share market also plunged deep into the red.

A Queensland family is finally taking their little girl home. The 4-year-old has cerebral palsy but after 10 weeks in hospital is learning to walk for the very first time. It wasn't long ago, these tiny steps were just a dream. Now Krystal is standing tall and walking proud. (Sings) # I can walk like this. # The 4-year-old has undergone life-changing surgery.

Surgeons identified and cut problem nerves that were causing severe tension in her legs. It's the first time the delicate procedure's been performed by an Australian doctor. It was just tear to the eye sort of stuff. She does something new every day. Just to see her do something new makes it all worth it. She loves singing and music. Yeah!

And dressing up as a princess. And, perhaps most importantly, she's learnt she's special. Because everyone loves me! They do, that's right! Her self-confidence is huge now, compared to before. The intensive rehabilitation all part of setting her up for adult life. In the last 10 weeks, Krystal has re-learnt all basic movements. from rolling over in bed, to standing up, to taking those first precious steps. And the lessons will continue throughout her childhood. We're hoping she'll have a more normal quality of life, particularly from a mobility point of view. For now, though, it'll be back to preschool on Monday. Then there's another important job on the horizon - We've been putting off getting married till she could walk down the aisle, so we've been waiting a while. Krystal will be flower girl in November. Going back home. Amanda McLeay, Ten News.


a fantastic story. Tim Bailey

has also got a fantastic story. A

great organisation that needs our

help. Indeed, Deb. "Let us do

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lies at our hands." He started up

St Vinnies. It's the great

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St Vincent de Paul's Winter Appeal.

We'll tell you about it at 5:55. - 13 18 12. We

want heavy blankets, good-quality

winter clothing, and money. 5:55.

Vinnies. Weather - you don't know

Vinnies. Weather - you don't know what's coming your way, and I don't

think I do either. 21 degrees

tomorrow, partly cloudy. Perhaps a

bit of sunshine and blue sky as

well. The good news is it's Friday.

That makes me jump up and down on

the spot.

Ron, this is something you should

have been in a long time ago - a

straight jacket. We'll have someone

escape from that in 50 seconds and

hopefully St Vinnies will let

everybody escape from poverty this

winter. See you at 5:55. Thank you. Sport is next - and Tim, Gasnier cleared for the Blues. Yes, he's back for NSW

but at club level

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Anthony Mundine may have Danish world champ Mikkail Kessler in his sights for now but his trainer Roy Jones Senior says

Mundine will go beyond that to be one of boxing's greatest. The Man versus Danny Green title eliminator living up to all expectations. With celebrations under way and Mundine's critics silenced, it was time for the man to reap some well-deserved praise. The fight in front of more than 30,000 fans at Aussie Stadium,

it was Green that began the strongest before Mundine the entertainer emerged ensuring the pair traded some tough blows early. COMMENTATOR: Oh, it was a terrific exhange. Oh, opening up with both hands and upper cuts. The Man then taking control. Danny Green misses - oh, big right hand. That looked hard. Oh, Green badly hurt there. The fight going the distance before Mundine earned victory by unanimous decision and a huge compliment from Jones. Eventually, he'll rank among the greatest. Other greats also quick with their praise. The real package now. He's proven himself beyond doubt that he's capable of fighting anyone out there at all. Andrew Brown, Ten News. After four days of uncertainty, Blues centre Mark Gasnier has been cleared

to play in next week's State of Origin opener against Queensland. Gasnier passed a fitness test on his injured hip late this afternoon. Stand-by player Luke Lewis is now free to play for Penrith against Parramatta tomorrow night. Mark Gasnier's troublesome hip put through a rigorous work-out - team doctors and coaches watching on anxiously. A series of half sprints with trainer Paul McGregor enough to declare Gasnier ready to take on the Queenslanders. He's struggling early in the week and you could tell in his own mannerisms that he was down on himself, that he wanted to play. But I think I've seen a difference in him the last couple of days, and I think he's ready to play. Gasnier to take his place alongside Timana Tahu in the centres

next Wednesday night. The Telstra Stadium showdown not a sell-out - more than 10,000 tickets still available. Hoping to get as many people there as possible, especially, as you say, because we've got one game and the third one's in Melbourne. I'm sure the crowd will be vocal and they'll turn up in droves to watch us on Wednesday. At Cronulla, former Origin star Brett Kimmorley back training

after an ankle injury. The Sharks refusing to confirm if he'll play on Sunday. Their opponents, the Bulldogs, going through their paces without Sonny Bill Williams.

His knee blew up a little bit after three games in seven days with the Test match on the Friday night two weeks ago, and it's the usual protocol for us at this stage.

He pretty much just does ball work late in the week. Folkes adding the Kiwi sensation will play the Sharks. And referees' boss Robert Finch has ruled Andrew Johns in the wrong after this exchange last weekend. Johns arguing Brett Hodgson was guilty of using a voluntary tackle. Once that defender put a hand on the ball carrier, the tackle was complete.

You're not allowed to then grab the player and throw him into touch. Adam Hawse, Ten News. A welcome boost for the Waratahs on the eve of their Super 14 semifinal against the Hurricanes. Powerhouse flanker Wycliff Palu has overcome his shoulder injury and will start from the bench. Training in Wellington, Palu says he's firing on all cylinders. They're a very physical pack and, you know, they're big boys so if I was 90% or something, I wouldn't be playing. Coach Ewen McKenzie says his return won't affect the balance on the bench.

We want to be able to use him in the game in a certain way so having an extra forward will make a difference for us. The make-or-break match is almost certain to be a sell-out. The winner will take on either the Crusaders or the Bulls in the final. Barcelona have won a controversial Champions League Final after coming from behind to beat Arsenal 2-1. The Gunners were courageous in defeat. They played most of the match with just 10 men. An embrace between the team's two mega stars pre-game.

Thierry Henry the first to make an impression. COMMENTATOR: In towards Henry. Arsenal's hopes deflated 15 minutes later when Jens Lehman was sent off for a foul on Samuel Eto'o. Barcelona furious the advantage wasn't paid and Guily's goal disallowed. A man down, remarkably it was Arsenal who were on the board first. Henry takes it - Sol Campbell.

The London side defending bravely and with a real chance to extend the lead deep into the second half. Henry! Ohhh! The match turning on the miss as Henrik Larsen's substitution proved vital. Larson to Eto'o - 1-1! Four minutes later the match was Barcelona's. Brilliantly done. He can't believe it.

The champions of Spain are now the European champions. On the local front, Socceroo defender Lucas Neill is calling on Australian fans to use 'hero messages' to support the Aussies in Germany and believes fellow defender, Craig Moore, who's just returned from injury, could be one of the team's biggest heroes in Germany. I just feel that his influence could be a real huge swing

as far as our game is drawing or winning or drawing or losing. Neil Cordy, Ten News. And later in Sports Tonight - we'll have the latest from both camps as next week's Origin draws closer.

Vic Lorusso is up with us with a

traffic update. How are things on

the M4 tonight? Traffic heading

towards Penrith stalling at Eastern

Creek. A 2-car accident just part

the twin service centres. They

moved into the breakdown bay. We've

seen worse on the M4. No major

accidents or breakdowns around town.

Heavy spots toward the Harbour

Bridge exiting out of the city on

Epping Road, and late-night

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It's always amazes me how Tim

Bailey can take a very good

opportunity to go out and do good

for charity, and at the same time

turn it into an opportunity to give

me a good ribbing. I think I'll get

it again tonight, by what he was

talking about. A small problem with

our link out there. Thank goodness.

Because I know I'm going to get it

tonight. Alright, we'll talk about

the Winter Appeal with Tim when we go there.

It's their Winter Appeal. They need

cash and blankets and good-quality

clothing for this appeal. If you'd

like to contact them, they'll be

able to tell them where they drop

them off. Any chance he's there?

Here you are, Tim Bailey I'll let

you have your show back if you want

it. I was doing so well! Quite

frankly, that was awful! I've

wanted to do this to you for a long

time, mate - put you in a straight

jacket. Particularly this part here,

I was particularly interested in.

This at the back too. Greg hud hud

will get out of that quickly. We

want him out of that in less than

50 seconds. We want people this

winter to escape poverty just as

quickly. Joining me from St Vinnies,

John Picot, spokesman. It's part of

the great Australian fabric -

helping out St Vinnies with their

favourite Winter Appeal. We need

help with the community with money,

we need good, clean, warm clothing

this winter, and we need blankets

to help those people who are in

crisis of some sort, but really

struggling financially at the

moment. If people haven't got any

money to give or any clothes to

give, they can still help - 8,000

on the front line you've got,

Vinnies. People can volunteer to

give a hand, help us in our shops

or in our homeless services. It all

helps, Tim. Dig deep, folks - He's still

struggling. The great Greg coming

out of what could be a rather...

here he comes, out of the here he comes, out of the straight

jacket, we think, and let's hope

people escape poverty this easily

this year. Ladies and gentlemen,

round of applause. Put your signs

down. Thank you very much. An

applause too for Ron Wilson for his

puthotic efforts at reading the

weather earlier! Your place

tomorrow - 21 degrees and a partly cloudy day.

Satellite - widespread cloud over

WA near a low-pressure trough

generates isolated the inland

thundery showers. Onshore winds

will maintain isolated showers

along the NSW and Queensland coasts.

Isolated showers along the north

coast of NSW. I'm glalping because

Wilson went so slowly early! A

front will bring colder winds to

NSW and Victoria on Saturday.

Vinnies, the winner appeal, they're

one of our blue-chip charities. Please give generously:

Help out this winter. Heavy

blankets, quality clothing, some

money, and if you can, volunteer

your help and your hours.

Vinnies - 13, 18, 12. Do what you

can for the greater Sydney

population who are homeless. See

you again tomorrow night. A cause good cause. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.