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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening. I'm Sandra Sully their commitment Tonight, blood brothers reaffirm

to the war on terrorism to Washington. in what might be the PM's last trip as it was on 12 September 2001. That resolve is as strong now A court delivers its verdict facing criminal charges. on TV presenters as a volcano rumbles into life. A spectacular and frightening sight

honours an age-old tradition. And Prince Harry And two big stories.

hero and a shock resignation, A message of regret from a sporting with Ryan Phelan. headline Sports Tonight A big shock, Sandra. Smith fell on his sword this evening why was it time to go? but who's going to get the job and You

can't expect other people to be

putting in 100% if you don't feel

as if you can do it yourself. for hitting where it hurts. Carlton's Brendon Fevola cleared her wire-to-wire victory And Karrie Webb celebrates

in the Michelob Open. continue Australia's support First, John Howard has pledged to well into the future. for the US and the war on terror over Mr Howard's own future But a new war of words is looming

by the end of the year. with reports he will quit was rubbing shoulders While John Howard

with the world's most powerful man, was rubbing his hands together his heir apparent down a Broken Hill mine. is considering a Christmas handover Speculation the PM on his post-budget spruiking show. reaching the Treasurer his breath for an early departure. But Mr Costello isn't holding I am thinking of now The only departure

is my departure for the airport. The latest talk sparked with close links to Mr Howard after a conservative commentator might be on the cards for December. suggested an elegant exit are playing down the reports. But some in Mr Howard's inner circle Christmas will come in December. is likely to happen this December. I don't see anything unusual that and the Treasurer I strongly support both the PM in their current roles.

continue in those roles Personally, I'd like to see them for some time yet. wants to fight John Howard Kim Beazley at the next election. is now. Look at how smug Peter Costello Imagine how smug he will be and slide if he gets the opportunity to slip of this nation. into the prime ministership heads overseas It seems each time Mr Howard hits the headlines. Liberal leadership talk

at the end of the year But a changeover would give Mr Costello time credentials to promote his prime ministerial planned for the end of 2007. ahead of the poll Across the Pacific, cemented their friendship Mr Howard and President Bush with a tree planting ceremony. to fight the war on terror. Mr Howard reaffirming his commitment as it was on 12 September 2001. That resolve is as strong now With a hectic itinerary ahead of him as a farewell tour this trip could be interpreted the man of steel. by the man once dubbed Leonie Mellor, Ten News. A billion-dollar bungle Seasprite helicopters in doubt. has put the future of the Navy's

concerns have grounded the aircraft. Technical problems and safety now considering The Federal Government scrapping them altogether. Australia's new military air-lifter. on show in Canberra, This C-17 transport Defence spending guidelines, one of four acquired under like the Seasprite helicopter. rules designed to avoid mistakes spent on the project With a billion dollars has signalled an angry Defence Minister the choppers could be scrapped. we have a good, hard look at this. I want to make damn sure airframe and modern technology The match-up of a Vietnam War-era proving unworkable and unsafe.

with this overly ambitious program What we are endeavouring to do of 2006 Holden electronic technology is to fit the equivalent into an EH. the Keating Labor Government Commissioned by by the Howard Government, and signed off on

and anti-submarine aircraft the anti-shipping any active service. are unlikely to see to get our upgrade right. But we weren't able a bungling government. We have here

Observers say policy are hopefully over. the days of bad Defence spending is fairly confident The Defence Association that a disaster of this scale probably won't occur again in the near future. is now considering its options, The Government against the contractors including legal action involved in the Seasprites project. already signed away its right to sue. But the Opposition says Defence has

When you spend a billion dollars you ought to be able to think

at some point in time. that you'd get it right Murray McCloskey, Ten News. over a child divorce story TV presenters facing contempt charges have walked free from court aren't so lucky. but their company and bosses breathing a collective sigh of relief Channel Seven's stable of stars

Magistrates' Court. outside the Melbourne David Koch and Natalie Barr, 'Sunrise' team Melissa Doyle, Naomi Robson along with 'Today Tonight's and Seven news reader Jennifer Keyte with two years imprisonment no longer threatened or individual $10,000 fines. cameraman who recorded the pictures I'm amazed they didn't charge the who turned on the microphone, and the sound recordist such was their level of vengeance. Channel Seven Melbourne McPherson were not so fortunate. and bosses Steve Carey and Craig of identifying parties They've been found guilty proceedings. involved in Children's Court the station ran with a story Two years ago, in the Sunday 'Herald Sun' first published divorcing his mother. about a 14-year-old Melbourne boy that the Victorian authorities, I think it's deeply regretful for whatever reason they saw fit, some sort of a show trial. decided to turn this into I believe they were star struck. to court in two days, The parties found guilty will return with sentencing at a later date. All will be appealing the magistrate's decision. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Police received important new information tonight about the mysterious death of a public figure. Environmentalist, indigenous rights campaigner and farming leader Rick Farley died on Saturday after falling from his wheelchair near a hospital in Sydney. A man seen with him shortly before the death has given an account of what happened that's consistent with what other witnesses have said. Police say they're satisfied the death is an unfortunate accident. Workers from the Beaconsfield mine are still unsure if they'll ever be able to return to work. Plans to reopen parts of the mine remain on hold, amid ongoing safety concerns.

Almost a week after their mates were freed, Beaconsfield miners had hopes of a swift return to work dashed. Outside a meeting to discuss the site's future this afternoon, unions revealed they have a litany of safety concerns. And just a few hours ago they took those concerns and demands for an independent inquiry to Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon. The Tasmanian Government, we're satisfied have listened to our concerns about having an inquiry which uncovers the truth. It was thought parts of the goldmine could be reopened within weeks. But unions say miners won't return to work until their safety can be assured.

And an extended inquiry into the rock fall, which killed Larry Knight and trapped Todd Russell and Brant Webb could take months. We want the ability for widow and for the families of miners to be resourced to participate in the inquiry and have their voices heard. The union says it was unable to find a single underground miner who'd received occupational health and safety training. I want us to understand, as soon as we can what happened there and what measures need to take place to see whether or not we can get the mine reopened. It's believed the survivors of the mine collapse are close to securing a media deal, with the Seven Network reportedly the highest bidder. Also in the money, the Victorian workers who had their pay docked after collecting money for the Knight family during work hours. Their employer has agreed to reimburse the four men. Veronica Buck, Ten News. And a situation similar to the Beaconsfield incident

is being played out overseas tonight. The sound of voices has given new hope for the rescue of eight miners trapped in China. A hole is being drilled to pass water and food to the men

until they can be rescued. A sporting hero has broken his silence on a drugs scandal that could cost him his lucrative rugby career. He's admitted letting down his team-mates and his family. Out of hiding and now back in Sydney disgraced rugby star Wendell Sailor finally faces the cameras. Yeah, I'm alright but my concern at the moment is for the Waratahs. It's been a big year for the boys. The suspended Waratah winger admitting he's feeling the pressure after testing positive to drugs, reportedly cocaine, and watching his team lose without him at the weekend. It's a pretty tough time but my thoughts are with the boys at the moment. I've put a bit of pressure on them over the weekend, I didn't play my part

so obviously I've got a family to look after here. Sailor will now remain at his Bronte home with his wife and decide whether to fight the positive drug test or face a career-ending suspension. Players Association president Tony Dempsey

will meet with Sailor this week saying in a statement today: Police sources say Wendell Sailor is highly unlikely to face a criminal investigation despite the positive drugs test. They say even if Wendell made an admission of guilt, it wouldn't be enough for a successful prosecution. A move back to rugby league has already been ruled out.

Both rugby codes are bound by a world anti-doping policy on recruiting banned players. So once you're banned under the WADA code, if that is the case, he won't be able to play under any of the sports signed to that code. With nearly every world sport now subject to the World Anti-Drug Code, the drugs scandal appears set to force Wendell Sailor into premature retirement. James Boyce, Ten News. After the break -

And I think if you take care of the women - the mothers, the daughters, the women - then the whole family benefits.

Nicole Kidman takes on her important new job with the United Nations. And a young prince steps out in style in London. We've replaced the popular Pulsar with the all-new Nissan Tiida. It has a powerful 1.8-litre engine, great-looking interior and heaps of room. And for a limited time, it also comes with alloy wheels, luxury seat trim and power windows. All from just $19,990. So now, more than ever, the all-new Nissan Tiida makes you feel really, really, really good inside. We've replaced the popular Pulsar with the all-new Nissan Tiida. It has a powerful 1.8-litre engine,

great-looking interior and heaps of room. And for a limited time, it also comes with alloy wheels, luxury seat trim

and power windows. All from just $19,990. So now, more than ever, the all-new Nissan Tiida makes you feel really, really, really good inside. This program is captioned live. Your chance of getting diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. A new study has found almost 300 Australians a day

are being diagnosed with diabetes

with the health crisis costing billions and doubling the chances of early death.

Peter Arnold checks his blood sugar levels daily to ensure they're not spiralling out of control. He's one of almost a million Australians with diabetes. Numbers are on the rise - a new study finding 275 people develop diabetes every day. Australia is not unique. This is a global epidemic now. It's caused by excess sugar in the blood

and can lead to heart disease, strokes and kidney failure. Australia's burgeoning waistline, poor diet and a lack of exercise is largely to blame. The health crisis costing billions.

As the number of people with diabetes goes up that cost is just going to keep going up. For those with diabetes it's a potential life sentence, doubling the chances of dying in the next five years. to strengthen educational programs, Specialists want the Government but the Health Minister says individual responsibility. it's ultimately about The sad truth is towards a premature death. we are slowly eating ourselves to develop diabetes, The obese are four times more likely are three times more likely. while those with high blood pressure are twice as at risk. The physically inactive to avoid diabetes Experts say the best way and a better diet, is through exercise and more exercise. which means less of the sweet stuff I exercise on a regular basis, It's so important that that I eat healthy foods. Christopher Still, Ten News. tonight Saddam Hussein is defiant as ever at his trial. refusing to enter a plea After being formally charged

of hundreds of Shi'ite villagers, with ordering the killing and torture Saddam told the judge can't shake a hair on his head the list of charges Ready to blow its stack and he's still Iraq's president.

and he's still Iraq's president. Ready to blow its stack Indonesia's so-called Mountain of Fire has been pumping out steaming clouds of ash and gas, with experts warning a massive eruption could happen at any time. of huge avalanches. There have also been reports but some have refused to budge. 5,000 locals have been evacuated And looking rather spiffy,

for a bowler Prince Harry has swapped his beret past and present joining 2,000 soldiers to remember fallen comrades. dating back to World War I In a tradition all had bowlers and brollies. has attended the event It's the first time the 21-year-ld last month. since becoming an army officer

is a mum for the first time. Former Spice Girl Geri Haliwell The singer once known as Ginger Spice London. had a baby girl in a hospital in in a whole new light tonight. We're seeing Nicole Kidman to fight the cause for women The star has stepped up to the podium

with the United Nations. as part of her new job for UNIFEM It's Nicole's first public function

the UN's development fund for women, as Goodwill Ambassador in January. since her appointment organisation's 30th anniversary The Oscar winner choosing the

she was so keen to get involved. to reveal why I was raised by a feminist mother. But I was raised with, I suppose, a lot of women in my family. And I think if you take care of the women - the mothers, the daughters, benefits. the women - then the whole family Raising some big bucks on the night,

made by Rwandan women. these peace baskets buying a million dollars worth, US department stores water and clothes enabling those women to get clean and educate their children.

Good evening and welcome. just seen says so much The film that we've all

we are here tonight. about the reason just seen says so much The film that we've all we are here tonight. about the reason can make a difference. The actress stressing each small step to being overwhelmed. I think you can give way

in Australia, But then, as a little girl that was overwhelming too. when I set out to be an actress, you say it's one step at a time. I mean there's things where later this year Nicole is planning a trip to see some of the work firsthand.

Sudan, Afghanistan and Cambodia. Likely destinations include the

Angela Bishop, Ten News. with Ryan Phelan. Sports Tonight is next And Ryan, chaos at Parramatta. That's right, Sandra. A resignation and an appointment all within a few hours. Brian Smith is gone. Who has been given the task to resurrect the Eels. We'll tell you next.

Also tonight, dive Bombers. set to miss a month. Essendon champion James Hird Clay hero. in a 5-set marathon. Rafael Nadal outlasts Roger Federer And Fernando Alonso reigns in Spain.


# Finally feels right with me # It's alright with me... # and feed your inner child. # It's alright with me. # This program is captioned live. at Parramatta It's been a day of high emotion

surprising everyone with head coach Brian Smith announcing his immediate resignation. will take over the reigns. Assistant Jason Taylor

has watched the drama unfold. Sports Tonight reporter Glen Lauder Thanks, Ryan. he'd make the decision today Not even Smith's wife knew at an afternoon training session but he told his players in front of the media. before making an emotional appearance

and plenty of hope for Parramatta There's still plenty of talent in 2006,

but time is running out very quickly and something needs to happen

and I don't think that I'm the one. this season, The club has won just two matches boilover of emotion within the camp. leading to crisis meetings and the of emotion today. It was a different kind ahead for me It was a sad time and a few sad days but they'll get on with it. The players do. and CEO Denis Fitzgerald The frosty relationship between Smith well documented. as a major inconvenience. Fitzgerald appearing to take the news

Oh well I'm not happy about it. The decision has been made and just like any other decision with that decision we've got to move on rather than look back. and look forward fortunes around The task of turning the side's not easy for Jason Taylor. of familiarity. But he has the advantage All the players know Jason very well since he played with the club and a number have known him in 2001 about. so they really know what Jason's at the end of this season Smith links up with Newcastle to begin preparations for 2007. to get a head start. He's not planning I've never had more than three or four weeks off since 1998 so I think there'll be some benefits for me to recharge my batteries. over the nest three or four months on Friday night And Ryan, Parramatta play Penrith

be watching the match on TV. but Smith insists he won't even After weeks of speculation, have finally shown their hand NSW and Queensland selectors first State of Origin clash. for next week's in the Blues line-up, There were few surprises with Origin experience. selectors opting for players

Gower and Anasta the halves, Gasnier and Cooper have to pass fitness tests.

A different story in Queensland, with plenty of untried talent in new coach Mal Meninga's Queensland squad. The bolter Matthew Scott from the Cowboys who'll start in the second row.

Seven new faces in maroon jumpers - it's Queensland's most inexperienced line-up since 2001. From an Origin point of view they lack experience but not from playing at the high level. They get it week in, week out, so I'm not too concerned at all.

They'll carry the hopes of their State but the weight of being league's next sensation is on Storm fullback Greg Inglis,

after his meteoric rise to the big time.

Obviously there's been a lot of media about me being too young and all the other sort of stuff that's being said, but you know, if I didn't get picked it wouldn't phase me. The most surprising exclusion, Test fullback Karmichael Hunt overlooked for the Cowboys' Matt Bowen. For NSW, Trent Barrett's retirement assured the Roosters' Braith Anasta the five eighth spot. Just don't suggest his recent form isn't up to State of Origin standard. I think it is. You guys may not but, you know,

I feel I'm getting there. Origin's a completely different game. Anasta and Craig Gower the NSW halves. Manly's Matt Orford unable to sway the selectors. We knew what Anasta and Gower can do at that level, we had a look at Orford on Friday night and it wasn't one of his better games.

So we couldn't experiment in a State of Origin game. Injured centres Mark Gasnier and Matt Cooper have until later in the week to prove their fitness. Eric Grothe the first player on standby. Anthony Goodridge, for Sports Tonight.

Friday night's clash between Hawthorn and Melbourne could be a bruising encounter, after bone-crunching hits by Hawk Luke Hodge and Demon Byron Pickett were both cleared by the match review panel.

Sports Tonight's Ian Cohen has the details. Yes, thanks Ryan. Good evening. The match review panel continues to keep everyone on their toes but for Hawthorn and Melbourne they'll be breathing a big sigh of relief. Demon's hard man Byron Pickett happy with the news that put him in the clear over this. COMMENTATOR: Well it's within the rules. It's a similar tale for Hawk Luke Hodge who also has no case to answer for this late bump. Oh. But St Kilda's Max Hudghton copped a one-week ban for this punch. Others were very lucky -

Geelong's Darren Milburn has been given the all clear for his knee. Bulldog Peter Street given a reprimand only for this tummy tap. Carlton's Brendan Fevola very fortunate this awkward elbow is not considered to have enough force. Oh, my lord, that's - that could be painful.

At Essendon James Hird will miss a month with a hamstring tear as the injury hits keep on coming. It's unfortunately we're going to lose a top-class player

but we've got to also prepare to make sure that this team's good enough to win without James Hird, you know, particularly at this stage of his career. Scans have revealed damaged to Aaron Hamill's posterior cruciate,

he'll miss eight weeks. And the Lions' Joel MacDonald set to miss 12 months, his knee requiring a full reconstruction. So too the split between Leigh Matthews and Jason Akermanis. It's widening by the day. While the Lion's coach refused to speak publicly today,

Akermanis produced yet another burst on radio. Because it's been such a sensitive issue it's best to leave it. I don't think there's anything to be gained by adding to anything. I'm not going to respond publicly. Last week was really tough and, you know, as far as moving and all those things, well, it's a decision that we all make together, I suppose, because it's not real good if the side you play for doesn't really want you.

And Ryan, after copping a hiding on the weekend Brisbane's next opponent Port Adelaide are considering resting their out-of-form skipper Warren Tredrea. We'll wait and find out on selection night.

Thanks, Ian. Waratahs players say they'll stick by their troubled star Wendell Sailor, even if he's found guilty of using illegal drugs. The team is trying to put the controversy behind them

as they prepare for Friday nights semifinal against the Hurricanes. The Waratahs getting used to life after Wendell, but they won't be washing their hands of their troubled team-mate. He's a great guy.

He's been such a great athlete for many years One indiscretion doesn't take away a friendship. He's a good friend of mine and I'll stick by him.

Sailor's latest drama a bodyblow to the Waratahs' dream of a Super 14 title. His absence likely to cause a backline reshuffle for Friday's semifinal against the Hurricanes. 14 years at the top he's always said so we're obviously going to miss him a lot. I think one of things we've developed in this squad over the last couple of years is the depth. The Waratahs leave for New Zealand tomorrow to prepare for the Hurricanes, the team that beat them at home just two nights ago.

We've got a game to play. We haven't got time to sit around and mope and discuss what's going on. We've actually got a game to play so that's where the focus is. They're long odds but there's still a chance

the Waratahs could host the Super 14 final. They'll have to beat the Hurricanes then hope the Bulls can knock over the top-of-the-table Crusaders on Saturday. The Crusaders are a quality outfit. It's one of those unpredictable games. You never know what could happen when the Bulls are playing. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Harry Kewell will stay in Europe for treatment on his injured groin ahead of the World Cup in Germany.

The injury soured Kewell's celebration of Liverpool's dramatic FA Cup final victory over West Ham. Scans have confirmed he tore a groin muscle during Saturday night's match. Kewell will now miss the Socceroos match against Greece at the MCG

on May 25 and possibly Australia's warm up matches against the Netherlands and Liechtenstein. He'll link up with his team-mates in Holland for the pre-World Cup training camp.

Rafael Nadal has continued his amazing domination of clay court tennis, beating Roger Federer

for his 53rd straight win on the surface. But the 19-year-old Spaniard ran into more trouble than usual in the Rome Masters final. Federer won the opening set. Nadal responded by taking the second and third sets, before saving two match points to win in five sets. CROWD CHEERS set by Guillermo Vilas. Nadal's clay streak equals the record six matches against Federer. And he's also won five of his past Fernando Alonso has extended his lead after winning the Spanish Grand Prix. in the Formula One world championship spun out of the race McLaren's Juan Pablo Montoya to continue his horror season. Mark Webber lucky to avoid a crash ninth place. on his way to a disappointing first Spaniard to win his home race. But the world champion became the the Spanish Grand Prix. COMMENTATOR: Fernando Alonso wins

Michael Schumacher finished second, 7-time world champion

Giancarlo Fisichella third. with Alonso's team-mate championship lead. Alonso's win gives him a 15-point

has continued in the United States, Karrie Webb's stunning return to form Michelob Ultra Open. where she's won the prestigious second win in five starts. It's the former world number one's shots we've seen all day. Beauty. COMMENTATOR: That's one of the best The 31-year-old Queenslander Lorena Ochoa. a 7-shot winner from Mexican Her victory worth $426,000.

his upset win Bobby Martinez is still celebrating at the Billabong Pro in Tahiti. surfing's biggest names The rookie upstaged some of world to claim his maiden tour victory. Sports Tonight's Scott MacKinnon two straight after the win. caught up with the new world number champion. Well Bobby is the Billabong Pro Bobby Martinez. you've just had one year on tour. Now Bobby, This is your first year three events to get a win. and it has only taken you You must be ecstatic.

of my life. Mate, this is the craziest day that I would get a win. I had no idea it still doesn't feel real. If you get one, It is amazing, yeah. to Teahupoo And I understand your first trip here you ended up beating in the final. was actually with the man that Yeah. together We came here a few years ago this is an even better time. and we had a good time here and now

Now when that final hooter went, that you actually won, and you found out your hands went up.

you were on cloud nine. You looked like Can you explain that feeling to me? Yeah, it was amazing.

and I knew Fred had a good wave. I was waiting for the scores I didn't know what was going to happen.

Just waiting and waiting and when it happened I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to do, what to expect that ever happened to me. and it was the craziest thing and best of luck in Fiji. Well, once again congratulations Thank you so much. Thanks.

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(People argue) HORNS BEEP

This program is captioned live. Sure Mothers Day was yesterday but in the States that was today. we guess this qualifies And in the NBA to impress your mum. as an extraordinary way COMMENTATOR: Here he comes boys. triple double, 21 points, Lebron James with a rare 10 rebounds and 10 assists. so were his team-mates, Mum was happy with his night out,

who are still alive in the playoffs Play of the Day. and so were we -

That's the day's sport, Sandra. To Finance News came to a screaching stop today. and the stock market's record run

Macquarie Bank fell a big announcement on Wednesday. and is now in a trading halt before Now looking at the national weather. On the satellite map, with a cold front, cloud is sweeping over south-west WA producing showers and squally storms.

Low cloud along the eastern seaboard is bringing scattered showers. Low cloud lingering over southern Victoria is causing coastal drizzle. To the synoptic map - along the Queensland coast strengthening south-easterly winds will increase showers. from NSW A high will mostly clear showers dry and mild. and keep the rest of the south-east across southern WA. A weakening front will spread showers

of 27 degrees for Cairns. So tomorrow showers and a top Clearing showers and 24 for Brisbane. to clear with a maximum of 21. Sydney can expect the drizzle in the national capital tomorrow. It'll be mostly sunny and 18

then a sunny 19 degrees in Melbourne. Heading south and there'll be fog sunny tomorrow in Hobart, Adelaide, The bureau says it should be mostly

Perth, Darwin and Alice Springs.

And that's the latest from Ten News. I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News Team, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions