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(generated from captions) Sullivan before, it's a very good Anyone who hasn't seen Gilbert and parts of the show. showcase of all the best songs and for the stage but not behind the The winning combination perfect understand the lives of Gilbert Most importantly you will is they didn't get on at all. and Sullivan actually. The reality Cross Club on Friday. The show opens at the Southern Monday night. That's all in our bulletin this The headlines can be found at team. I'm Tony Lynas, from the WIN News Good night Knocked down - in separate accidents. two Sydney children hit and injured

Sailor's shame - that's destroyed his career. Wendell tells of his drug blunder And health time bomb - is causing a diabetes epidemic. how our lifestyle towards a premature death. We are slowly eating ourselves Choppers grounded - that are too dangerous to fly. the Navy's Seasprite helicopters down the drain. There's a billion dollars

Smith quits, the Parramatta coach

falls on his sword after a disastrous start to the season.

This program is LIVE captioned Good evening. Sophie Delezio's terrible accident, Just over a week after by cars in Sydney this afternoon. two more children have been hit

outside schools - Both were knocked down the other at Campsie. one at Mt Druitt, outside St Mel's Primary School A distraught mother is comforted in Campsie, her 7-year-old daughter was hit - just metres from the crossing where by this schoolgirl. the accident witnessed and overtook this 4-wheel drive This car just came and kind of like ran over the girl, and I screamed

girl, she's getting run over!" "Miss! Miss! Look! There's this And it could have been even worse by the girl's brother. if not for quick thinking pulled her off the crossing The brother so the car just got her leg. she would have died. But if her brother wasn't there,

and he scream, "Oh my god!" Her brother just come in

about what happened this afternoon. They were very distressed obviously with a broken leg. She was taken to hospital Oh, my gosh! seen nothing like that before. I have never was interviewed by police. The driver of the car another incident in Mount Druitt - Just two minutes earlier, in front of Colyton Primary. a 10-year-old boy was hit by a car

about 200 metres from a crossing. The accident happened with cuts and bruises. He was taken to Nepean Hospital Nina Stevens, National Nine News. has decided to go to the High Court The State's top prosecutor to acquit one of the men to try to appeal the decision of policeman Glenn McEnallay. convicted over the death was initially found guilty Motekiai Taufahema and sentenced to 23 years jail overturned that decision. but an appeals court

to identify a murder victim Police are still trying in the early hours of this morning. found in this park at Lakemba either shot or stabbed in the back. The victim, aged in his 20s, was Neighbours have told police in the middle of the night. they heard loud noises or fireworks around midnight. There could have been shots detectives try to work out who he is. The victim has been fingerprinted as

is expected to tell a Sydney inquest Former league star Ian Roberts he was sexually assaulted that when he was 15 by alleged paedophile Frederick Rix. has been told The Glebe Coroners Court tomorrow Mr Roberts will make the claims

murder of 17-year-old Arron Light. as part of the inquest into the

he was due to give evidence Arron disappeared a week before at the trial of Frederick Rix.

as a person of interest The 78-year-old has been named in the teenager's death. has spoken for the first time Disgraced footballer Wendell Sailor broke at the weekend. since news of his positive drug test he's holding up under the pressure With his career in ruins, Sailor says his Waratahs team-mates. and his thoughts are with

on the football field. Wendell Sailor never hid

to cocaine, But after returning a positive test the lowest of profiles. he's been keeping by the people he's been dodging. He returned home today to be met How are you bearing up? How are you feeling? Yeah, look, I'm alright... With his career on the line, are with his team mates. Sailor said his thoughts Yeah, it's a pretty tough time. with the boys at the moment. But, my thoughts are very much over the weekend. I put a lot of pressure on them Didn't play my part, so... I've got a family to look after... Obviously, you know, to answer my questions, Sailor didn't have to stop but in a show of character, he did. the cameras, he couldn't. But then, when he wanted to escape led by close friends Mat Rogers Today, team-mates, and Lote Tuqiri, for support. said Sailor could rely on them in the last couple of days I felt quite sick and the family. with what he is going through He's been there for me. for the guy, If there is anything I can do I'd like to help him out. What can you say? It's a tough thing to go through. 100% All the boys here are behind you - to have a chat so, mate, when you want we're right here ready for you. from the ARU to ASADA - Sailor's matter has been passed over the Sports Drug Agency. he wants his B sample tested. From here Sailor must decide whether with his legal team this afternoon. Sailor had his first meeting Danny Weidler, National Nine News.

Three out of four commuters

believes the bus system is

dysfunctional, inefficient and in

desperate need of fixing. found four out of five people The survey of 10,000 transport users of Sydney's buses and trains rated the management of police, education and health. as worse than the administration The problems with transport extra trains or buses of whatever. are far deeper than just providing It's the accessibility. in private-public partnerships 75% of people had no faith

an efficient transport system. to deliver it is not working. The perception is the reality -

it doesn't need a survey The Government says to know passengers have been dissatisfied and today the Premier and the Transport Minister announced what they call a solution to the problem, unveiling the first of 43 new strategic bus routes. It'll operate between Miranda and Hurstville. When we talk about a strategic corridor,

that means moving buses along that corridor more efficiently so they can keep to their timetable.

And to do that, there'll be more clearways, adjustments to traffic lights and the use of global positioning satellites, but the Premier admits they won't provide an overnight solution. We've still got a long way to go. there's no question about driving further improvement. Even if he has to get behind the wheel himself. I love the seat. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Several news and current affairs executives from Channel Seven are facing possible jail terms after the station was found guilty of breaching the Children's Act for identifying a boy who was divorcing his mother. Personalities David Koch, Melissa Doyle, Naomi Robson,

Jennifer Keyte and Natalie Barr also faced criminal charges

from Melbourne Magistrates Court but walked free from Melbou ne Magistrates Court after Seven management argued the stars were not responsible for program content. Seven will appeal the guilty ruling. The extent of our looming diabetes crisis has become much clearer with new figures showing 100,000 Australians are being diagnosed with the life-threatening condition each year. Poor diet and a lack of exercise are being blamed. Five years ago the Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle study started tracking Australians, testing them for high glucose levels, a sign of type-2 diabetes. Today's results show the predicted epidemic is worse than expected. I don't think anybody can be anything but shocked

by figures of nearly 300 people a day developing diabetes. The cause is linked, without doubt, to soaring obesity levels.

80%-90% of people with type-2 diabetes are overweight. And it's getting worse. Every day, 600 people go from being overweight to being dangerously obese. Each year, hundreds of thousands develop diabetes complications,

such as high blood pressure and kidney disease. When you have kidney disease, not only will you end up on dialysis - that's at a cost of about $50,000 a year - but also you're at much higher risk of cardiovascular complications and heart attack. The study showed 1 million have diabetes but another 2 million have pre-diabetes, a condition where glucose levels are on the way up, due to poor diet and lack of physical activity. While acknowledging it's a serious issue requiring a culture shift, the Health Minister says government can't make people exercise or eat well. The sad truth is that we are slowly eating ourselves towards a premature death.

Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. The navy's billion-dollar fleet of Seasprite helicopters has been grounded because of safety concerns and it's possible the entire program may be scrapped. 10 of the choppers have been delivered to the naval base at Nowra but not one of them has been put into service. It was business as usual for the navy's Seasprite helicopters today. As usual, they were doing nothing,

parked outside their hangars at Nowra air base. We've had a succession of let-downs by contractors. For almost six years now, software problems have prevented the Seasprites from flying over water, or at night. They're designed to do both, and much more. Instead, they've been almost completely useless. It's a terrible capability gap. But luckily we haven't had to use that capability in a medium-level war. Now Dr Nelson is seriously considering scrapping the Seasprites and starting again with new helicopters. What we are endeavouring to do with this overly ambitious program is to fit the equivalent of 2006 Holden electronic technology into an EH.

If the Federal Government chooses not to throw any more money at the Seasprites, it may buy more American Seahawks - already in service with the navy - or the European NH-90, both proven success stories. There's a billion dollars potentially down the drain here, trying to do something with the Seasprite helicopter to get it operational and functional, which evidently the Kiwis have managed to do. The New Zealand Navy successfully operates five Seasprites but there's very little enthusiasm in our Defence Department for calling in a trans-Tasman rescue operation. Our problem, apparently, is different. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Tree cuttings from the White House have been planted at the Australian Ambassador's residence in Washington as a symbol of the friendship between Australia and United States. And to further underline the bond, President Bush joined John Howard to plant them. At the Washington home of Australia's Ambassador,

a rare presidential visit. George Bush made the journey to plant an elm and a magnolia, cut from White House trees former US presidents planted almost two centuries ago. This is a symbol of our enduring friendship. The Ambassador's got to look after the trees and keep his two Rottweilers away from them. And a personal thanks for John Howard's backing of the missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. I can't thank you enough, John, for your strong support for the liberty agenda, deep desire for the world to be a peaceful place.

Mr Bush has also ordered a rare state banquet for the day after tomorrow, fuelling speculation this is a last hurrah for John Howard in Washington before a retirement, perhaps late in the year. ALL: Stop war! Create peace! But John Howard has also came under attack in Washington. The President's popularity has slumped and anti-war protesters here, including actor Susan Sarandon, have turned some of that heat on the visiting leader. Tomorrow, John Howard begins the business of his Washington visit -

meetings with the Federal Reserve chairman and the secretaries of Energy, Defence and State. He'll see President Bush again for talks the following day. In Washington, Tim Lester, National Nine News. In the news ahead, books promoting terrorism found not to be illegal. A Telstra customer hounded over a bill for two cents. And an Indonesian volcano ready to blow its top.

A Gold Coast woman remains locked in a dispute with Telstra over a debt of just two cents. Back in January, Hazel Bardsley paid for a phone and broadband connection but since then she's been sent three bills demanding an extra one cent, plus one cent GST.

I've got a two cent coin there in the cupboard, but I can't give that because it's illegal tender. When Mrs Bardsley tried to call Telstra, she was kept on hold for an hour. I'm willing to pay five cents or whatever just to get rid of these bills that keep coming. Telstra has since apologised.

The Premier has demanded an urgent federal review following a legal opinion that books which are said to promote terrorism are not against the law. The shelves in Bilal Racheha's Islamic book store are filled with religious teachings. But you won't find any material here which promotes hate and terror. To me, I believe it's wrong. I believe discriminating or inciting enmity to anything is totally wrong. Wrong but not illegal, according to the federal authorities. It is of concern that this sort of material is available but I'm satisfied that under our current law the Australia Federal Police has taken the right course of action. One of books seized by police last year, endorsed by Osama bin Laden, talks about suicide bombings.

The legal opinion from the Federal Police - the material is descriptive rather than inciting violence. I have asked for the Commonwealth to review this decision and to examine options for prohibiting their sale. While the literature has been deemed legal, it seems book stores here in Lakemba at least are now shying away from selling such material. One owner we spoke to claims the books were removed from the shelves last year and they won't be returning. Others store owners say any ban would be futile, as many of the books are on the Internet. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. New Zealand divers have found the bodies of a 78-year-old man and his two grandsons inside a trawler which sank off the South Island on Saturday. It takes the death toll to six. Three others reached shore safely after their boat went down in heavy seas. Australian peace activist Phil Reiss has left hospital in Tel Aviv two days after he was hit in the head with an Israeli rubber bullet. The Sydney man was taking part in a protest against the construction of Israel's separation wall on the West Bank. He's now considering a lawsuit. At the very least, I would be wanting compensation

for the cost of my treatment necessitated by their actions. Reiss suffered a scalp wound and minor bleeding inside his skull. He will need further medical check-ups. An Indonesian volcano has begun to generate huge clouds of ash and smoke, possibly getting closer to a full-scale eruption. Merapi is one of the world's most active volcanoes. 4,500 people have been evacuated from the region,

with police enforcing an exclusion zone eight kilometres around the mountain. One of the key players in the production of the Sydney Olympics is still raking in the gold, winning a $30 million contract to create the opening and closing ceremonies for the 15th Asian Games. David Atkins's company is making thousands of costumes and props in warehouses across Sydney

before they're shipped out to the tiny Arab Emirates nation of Qatar. It's a huge contract. The actual ceremony itself is shaping up to be bigger than Sydney's. The Asian Games are being held in December. Ken with sport is next, and Brian Smith calls it quits at Parramatta. He's walked with a season to go on his contract. Also, the Blues have major injury concerns with their centres.

And Karrie Webb's wire-to-wire win in the United States.

With Optus Broadband, you don't have to pay excess download fees. That way, there'll be no nasty surprises. (Hoots)

Yeah! I&J Flame Grills -

State of Origin selection has tonight taken a backseat to the news that Parramatta coach Brian Smith has resigned, effective immediately.

It's expected Jason Taylor will be appointed caretaker coach

for the remainder of the season. The Eels have won just two games after 10 rounds. Parramatta's last two loses convinced Smith there was no point in hanging around until he takes over at Newcastle next year. Now in his 10th season with the Eels, Smith realised the players just weren't responding to him and something had to be done urgently to snap them out of their poor form.

You have to be honest with yourself. You can't expect other people to be putting in 100% if you don't feel as if you can do it yourself. After just two wins this season, the Eels players have also been accused of infighting. It all go too much for Smith, who was told last year this would be his final year at the club. The players were the first ones I told.

I think there was a mix - mainly that they were stunned. On the Origin front, the NSW squad has now gone into camp

with question marks over the fitness of centres Mark Gasnier and Matt Cooper. Over the next few days, they'll be expected to do some running, they go towards the end of the we k. increased running, and see how they go towards the end of the week. Cooper has a hamstring injury, while Gasnier's problem stopped him from playing on the weekend. Just a slight strain of a muscle in one of the abdominals,

so I'll do a lot of rehab and a lot of strength work and try and get it right as soon as possible. The Blues 17 doesn't contain any major surprises. Brett Hodgson is back after a 4-year absence at fullback. Braith Anasta fills the troublesome five-eighth position and Craig Gower the equally contentious number 7 spot. I've played with Braith. I think we're a good combination so hopefully we'll work well together this week and continue it next week. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Karrie Webb is back at the top of women's golf

after a remarkable 7-shot win at the Michelob Open in Virginia. The Australian pocketed over $400,000 for her second win this season making her the new leader on the LPGA money list. After three lean years, Webb is again showing

why she was the youngest-ever player inducted into golf's Hall of Fame. Leading by five strokes at the start of the final round, she picked up two early birdies and never looked back.

It was all too easy, Webb cruising to her 32nd title on the LPGA tour and second this year. 14 under par a new tournament record.

Also leading from start to finish,

Fernando Alonso at the Spanish Grand Prix. He's the first Spaniard to win on home soil - a feat, he says, rivals his world championship victory last year. Alonso finished ahead of Michael Schumacher. Australia's Mark Webber was ninth. And Rafael Nadal has defeated Roger Federer

in the final of the Rome Masters, making it a record 53 straight victories on clay for the Spaniard. But this one didn't come easy,

as the world's top two players fought out an epic 5-set battle lasting more than five hours. Nadal eventually won in a fifth-set tie break

and is now an odds-on favourite for the French Open, which starts in a fortnight.

Chris Hodgkinson, National Nine News.

What a day in Rugby League. Do you

fancy yourself with a coach. Only

in the lounge room with in the lounge room with a power a hindsight. After the break, the CommSec finance report and all the weather details.

(Sheryl Crow sings) # If it makes you happy # It can't be that bad # If it makes you happy... # than the four major banks in this country. Why? Because they're good with people. And good with money.

To finance, and James Hardie posted a full-year loss after allocating a billion dollars for future asbestos compensation payments. But the company is awaiting a tax ruling before finalising a deal for victims.

James Hardie shares lost 45 cents.

There was heavy selling across the rest of the market. The All Ords down 93 points

after a technical glitch stopped trade for a couple of hours. Now to the weather, and Jaynie Seal's on the sick list,

so tonight we're joined by Majella Weimers. Thanks, Mark, and good evening everyone. Well, a few drops of rain coming down today.

But unfortunately nothing to get overly excited about.

Northern suburbs of Sydney and the Hunter coast scooping the pool. And it will only be northern parts of NSW expected to maintain any light falls tomorrow.

Temperature-wise - down to 6 at Katoomba overnight.

The mercury made it to 19 at both Parramatta and Liverpool. It got to 18 in the city. Right now, it's 16 degrees. A high is continuing to get rid of the wet weather for NSW.

It'll push showers onto the Queensland coast, though. It's making for dry conditions right across south-eastern States, Victoria included. Showers and thunderstorms are firing up in the west of the country, but they're expected to also be given their marching orders by tomorrow. No rain for Perth on Tuesday. Showers still for Cairns and Brisbane. Fog to start for Melbourne. Then a mostly sunny day ahead. There's still the chance of drizzle for Sydney early on tomorrow. But that wet weather should clear and leave just some light east-north easterly winds. Top temps around the State will linger in the low 20s - Katoomba the exception, getting to 17 degrees. There'll be ideal conditions for a bit of fog and maybe some isolated frost. We're looking at a 2-metre swell. There could be a few more showers later in the week but unfortunately not the drenching rain we need. A late fall is forecast for Thursday, clearing by Friday.

Mark, we hope Jaynie's back on deck tomorrow. And that's National Nine News for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre

Helping teenage Helping teenage g rls

Helping teenage girls overcome the HelpYng teenage g rls overc# e the Help ng teenage girls overc# e the pressure to be Helping teenage girls overcome the perfect. Our

exclusive with Torville and Dean. Hello and welcome to A Current Affair. I'm back in the studio after covering that amazing rescue in Beaconsfield. The lasting impression is of the incredible spirit we saw there

not only from the trapped miners and their rescuers but the whole community which really got behind them. So thank you to everyone there for your wonderful hospitality. Moving onto tonight and a trend that's very un-Australian. Violence and thuggery are staging a pitch invasion of childrens' sport. It began with bad behaviour from parents and spread to attacks on referees and umpires. Now this win-at-all-costs attitude

pushed a highly respected coach to step out of bounds and strike a junior player. Danny, Ben Fordham from 'A Current Affair'. Can we have a chat about this assault at the soccer game? No comment. No comment. Danny Abboud is proud of his long history coaching kids' soccer. Apart from family, his true love is football, but last weekend he looked more like a boxer. Hey, hey - ref, ref! I'll give you Lebanon. Huh? Oh, you're kidding me. Oh, that is a joke. Socceroo legend Paul Wade has competed at two World Cups and the Olympic Games. But he never thought he'd see the day when this would happen at a junior football match.

He's got to have the book thrown at him. That's an absolute joke. I've never seen it. I've had the verbal stuff before, but I've never seen it as violent as that. I'm shocked. He's a 15-year-old boy, Danny. You've punched him in the face. Do you have anything to say to the young boy or his parents? No comment. You can see Danny marching up the sideline in the white shirt and black trousers.

He shoves the opposition coach