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(generated from captions) for a little while. and you're going to be hurting I'll be OK. You know, I have Nick and Dominick. but we have each other, so... Of course there's going to be sadness

And you know you'll always have me. and I appreciate that. I can count on you that you're trying to tell me? Is there something Maybe there is. Alright. Um... Dante...

Dante, what is it? the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. Good evening. his silence on the drugs scandal First - Wendell Sailor breaks

his lucrative rugby career. that could cost him On his return to Sydney, his team-mates and his family. he's admitted letting down Out of hiding and now back in Sydney finally faces the cameras. disgraced rugby star Wendell Sailor at the moment is for the Waratahs. Yeah, I'm alright but my concern It's been a big year for the boys. admitting he's feeling the pressure The suspended Waratah winger reportedly cocaine, after testing positive to drugs, without him at the weekend. and watching his team lose It's a pretty tough time at the moment. but my thoughts are with the boys over the weekend, I've put a bit of pressure on them

I didn't play my part to look after here. so obviously I've got a family at his Bronte home with his wife Sailor will now remain the positive drug test and decide whether to fight

or face a career-ending suspension. Tony Dempsey Players Association president will meet with Sailor this week saying in a statement today:

a police investigation Wendell Sailor is unlikely to face despite his positive drugs test. Police sources say to pursue a successful prosecution. it would be almost impossible has already been ruled out. A move back to rugby league

by a world anti-doping policy Both rugby codes are bound on recruiting banned players. WADA code, if that is the case, So once you're banned under the

of the sports signed to that code. he won't be able to play under any

subject to the World Anti-Drug Code, With nearly every world sport now the drugs scandal appears set into premature retirement. to force Wendell Sailor James Boyce, Ten News. is at Waratahs training. And Tim Bailey about the Sailor scandal He speaks with captain Chris Whitaker later this newshour. To some breaking news now - at a Sydney school crossing. another girl has been knocked down

by a car at a school crossing The 7-year-old girl has been hit

in south-west Sydney. to St George's Hospital She's been rushed with a broken leg and other injuries.

when a car overtook a 4-wheel-drive Witnesses say she was hit on Duke Street, Campsie which had stopped at the crossing just outside St Mel's Primary School. This latest accident comes Sophie Delizio was also run down just over a week after little at a crossing. in a serious condition. She remains in hospital

over so-called hate books Widespread outrage tonight

in the Muslim community. that are being freely sold and anti-Australian conspiracies, The books, promoting suicide bombings of Muslim leaders. even drawing the ire

manuals of hate - They've been labelled literature in the Arabic language and terrorism. that promote suicide bombings Islamic bookshop last year Discovered at this Sydney and seized by police, endorsed Osama bin Laden, some of the literature have now decided but Federal authorities sedition laws the material does not breach and can be legally sold. or other material Whether it's a book or manual that is publicly available on how to construct a bomb, that gives people information or some other form of terrorist act, or commit a suicide bombing, is a huge concern. shopping here - Last year we found Bilal Khazal on terror charges. he's currently awaiting trial

A neighbouring bookshop owner says

should be banned. the inflammatory material We condemn those sort of books because Islam is a religion of peace and love and mercy. The Islamic youth movement says here in a store in Lakemba. the books are no longer for sale But a spokesman says promoting terrorism there's much more material freely available on the Internet. the books are dangerous. Muslim groups say the way into salvation, Such literature probably isn't

a peaceful life in this country. nor is it the best way of leading

It is not just bombs that kill, when taken to extremes it's ideas and words to our society. are what causes the damage Federal authorities The NSW Government is calling on to ban the publications.

John Hill, Ten News. A pledge from John Howard tonight and the war on terror that Australia's support for the US will continue well into the future. about Mr Howard's own future But speculation is mounting by the end of the year. with new reports he will quit At a time are distancing themselves from him, when even his own Republicans to welcome a friend George Bush is mighty pleased from a great distance. No other American leader Ambassador's residence has come to the Australian of two trees and none has made a special gift White House plants. grafted from historic for your strong support I can't thank you enough, John, and for the liberty agenda to be a peaceful place. and deep desire for the world made four years ago The PM reaffirmed his commitment with the United States to stand side by side against the terror threat. That resolve is as strong now as it was on 12 September 2001. called on John Howard to quit Mother's Day peace protesters and for the war in Iraq to end. it would be cutting and running. Movie star Susan Sarandon rejecting I think that's just an expression of mentality that appeals to a macho kind to get people to stay. strongly again in Australia If the leadership speculation running

is right, to Washington as PM. this could be John Howard's last trip Bush seems determined If it is, his friend and ally George to give him a visit one to remember. But Health Minister Tony Abbott dismisses reports that Mr Howard will resign by year's end. I don't see anything unusual that is likely to happen this December. The heir apparent is busy profile-lifting and maybe hoping his time is coming. Oh look, I am not going to go into all of this

at this time or in this place. In Washington, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A court win for a host of Channel 7 personalities cleared this afternoon of contempt charges.

Reporter Kate McGrath joins us live from Melbourne. Kate, their bosses aren't yet off the hook?

That's right that's correct,

although I have just witnessed the

'Sunrise' team, including David

Koch and Melissa Doyle, Naomi

Robson from 'Today Tonight' and

Jennifer Keyte all looking

particularly relieved outside the

court. They've just found they

won't be facing two years jail or

$10,000 fines. However, the company

is Channel 7 -- the companies and

their news bosses have not been so

fortunate. They've been found

guilty of identifying and

publishing parties involved in a children's court proceeding. Two

years ago, all ran stories of a

14-year-old boy who divorced his

mother. They all ran pictures of

him, identified him and conducted

interviews with his mother, who

spoke about the child. Despite the

fact that this matter was actually

in the children's court, all the

scripts were OK'd by in-house

lawyers. The magistrate told them,

though, that even if they did not

know it was a children's court

proceeding in this particular

situation, ignorance is never an

excuse. While there was relief for

the Channel Seven stable of stars,

their bosses didn't fare so well.

It seems that those who make the

news are tonight the news. No doubt

there will be an appeal against

that stkigsz? That is correct.

Peter Meakin, the boss of Channel

Seven, has promised that all will

be revealed the decision. They are

due back in court on Wednesday with

sentencing at a later date. I think

it's deeply regretful that the

Victorian authorities, for whatever

the reason they saw fit d,icided

the reason they saw fit d,icided

to turn this into some sort of a

show trial. I believe they were

star-struck. Peter Meakin. Thank

you for that report, Kate. Detectives want to speak with a mystery man who could shed light on the bizarre death of a political campaigner. Rick Farley died on the weekend after suffering serious head injuries at a Sydney hospital. Police say the mystery man pushed Rick Farley up the ramp

outside Balmain Hospital and left him on the footpath.

His wheelchair then rolled down the steep pavement. Mr Farley falling out of his chair and onto the road where he hit his head. Mr Farley was located with some grazing to his facial area. He was still alive at that stage and he was returned back to the hospital. The 53-year-old was then taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he died six hours later.

Police are now investigating whether he met with foul play. We're just trying to answer all the questions as to how he got from the foyer to the corner of Booth and Sorrie Street. The one-time Democrats candidate was undergoing months of treatment after suffering a brain aneurism on Boxing Day last year. As investigators try to work out whether there's anything suspicious about Mr Farley's death,

a key question they want to answer is why he left the hospital so early on Saturday morning well before he was supposed to? There is no information and that's the unknown area that were trying to collate as we prepare a brief for the coroner. His wife, State Labor MP Linda Burney, today said: A post-mortem will soon reveal if a pre-existing medical condition contributed to his death. Evan Batten, Ten News. Warnings tonight we're facing a diabetes crisis. A national health study has found almost 300 Australians a day are developing the disease doubling the chance of early death.

Peter Arnold checks his blood sugar levels daily

to ensure they're not spiralling out of control. He's one of almost a million Australians with diabetes. Numbers are on the rise - a new study finding 275 people develop diabetes every day. Australia is not unique. This is a global epidemic now. It's caused by excess sugar in the blood and can lead to heart disease, strokes and kidney failure. Australia's burgeoning waistline, poor diet and a lack of exercise

is largely to blame. The health crisis costing billions. As the number of people with diabetes goes up that cost is just going to keep going up. For those with diabetes it's a potential life sentence, doubling the chances of dying in the next five years. Specialists want the Government to strengthen educational programs,

but the Health Minister says it's ultimately about individual responsibility. The sad truth is we are slowly eating ourselves towards a premature death. The obese are four times more likely to develop diabetes, while those with high blood pressure are three times more likely.

The physically inactive are twice as at risk. Experts say the best way to combat diabetes is through exercise and a better diet. It's so important that I exercise on a regular basis, that I eat healthy foods. Christopher Still, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport and more dramas out at the Eels tonight. Yes, Brian Smith has resigned as coach. Smith, whose job was up at the end of the year, says it would be better for someone else to take over for the rest of the season. He's expected to hold a media conference shortly and we'll cross to Parramatta in sport. And the NSW and Queensland name their Origin sides. The Blues with injury concerns around their centres already. The reaction to the selections shortly. Also later - the Waratahs re-group. And a stunning win for Karrie Webb in the US. Fresh safety concerns at the Beaconsfield gold mine. That's next. Also tonight - police probe another fatal shooting in the city's south-west. And the Premier facing a commuter backlash on Sydney's public transport troubles.

Police are investigating the shooting murder of a man in Lakemba overnight. Residents heard gunfire around midnight telling police they thought it was fireworks. Hours later passers-by found the body of a man aged in his 20s lying in a park on McDonald Street. Police have not been able to identify the man of Middle Eastern appearance. Detectives are asking for witnesses to come forward. A Sydney court has heard a man shot his friend dead then burnt his house down to allegedly cover up the crime. James Barton is accused of lighting the fire despite knowing there were two children asleep inside. Within hours of killing his friend prosecutors say James Harry Barton calmly cooked breakfast for the dead man's two children. He allegedly spent the day with the 3-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother at their home while their father's dead body lay covered with a blanket on the lounge room floor. A court told Barton shot the father of two because he was fed up with being blackmailed by him. But it was also told the murder only created two more problems for Barton. What to do with the dead body, and what to do with the kids. It's claimed the prisoner's solution was to simply burn the house down with all three family members inside. So he allegedly drugged the children with methadone, put them to bed and set their home alight. It wasn't long before the Albury property was: Neighbours rushed to help and allegedly found Barton preparing to drive away in the dead man's ute. He wouldn't answer when they asked whether the children were inside but under pressure from bystanders he eventually rescued the 5-year-old boy who was already badly burned.

It was too late to save the little girl. The jury weren't told the nature of the blackmail only that Barton had handed over large amounts of money over many years in response to it. It's claimed Barton killed because he could no longer handle the threats from a man both sides of the bar table have described as dangerous and of dubious character. Barton's lawyers say he was provoked to kill.

Amber Muir, Ten News. Former rugby league star Ian Roberts will reveal he was sexually assaulted when he gives evidence tomorrow at the inquest into the death of a young Sydney prostitute.

The court was told Roberts will allege Frederick George Rix sexually assaulted him when he was 15. The statement revealing he was taken to Mr Rix's premises for a deep massage on two occasions. Roberts had been a friend and mentor to Aaron Light, whose body was found in Sydney's inner west in 2002. Light was due to give key evidence at the trial of Mr Rix who was charged with sexually assaulting him. Sexual assault charges against a prominent Sydney ear nose and throat surgeon have been dropped. Dr Martyn Mendelsohn, who appeared on the medical reality television show 'RPA', was accused of having non-consensual sex with a woman last year during a consultation. Today, as his trial was due to start, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. The State Government in damage control tonight over another bad report card for Sydney's public transport system. To ease the traffic turmoil the Premier has announced special corridors giving buses priority. The Premier behind the wheel and conceding more needs to be done to steer the public back to public transport. We've still got a long way to go. Just how long underlined by the latest think-tank survey revealing 4 out of 5 Sydneysiders believe the city's transport and traffic system is crippled with problems. 58% declaring it's getting worse. Report author Professor Michael Dureau says the public wants the Government to go into debt to fix the problems rather than rely on Cross-City Tunnel-type joint ventures.

It's obviously a fact that the people's perception is that

it's not working. But the Professor says it is possible

to reverse the public's anti-public transport mind-set.

It's been done once before at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. It's just unfortunate that we dropped the bundle after the Olympics. Part of the Government's response? The first of 43 special bus corridors between Miranda and Hurstville,

satellite-based technology giving buses signal priority. Those that are running behind schedule will be given extra green time at the traffic lights and that means reliability will be improved. The Government says the bus corridors represent a $135 million investment. Paul Mullins, Ten News.

Check of the weather now. Tim

Bailey, a nice dribble of rain

today - perfectly timed for a

Monday. You can use the word 'rain',

Ron! The sky was kind. 31mm at

Castle Cove, our best. 26mm also at

Sydney's Observatory Hill, where we

quite often do the weather. That

was the wettest night since

September. We need it, don't we? A

lot of people are jumping off the

Waratahs. Guess what - Bailey is

jumping on. Number 10 - didn't

jumping on. Number 10 - didn't expect me to get number 9. 7

expect me to get number 9. 7 couldn't do it, 2 I couldn't do it,

couldn't do it, 2 I couldn't do it,

SBS, I don't even know what number

SBS, I don't even know what number they are. We talk to Chris Whitaker

later in the bulletin. Maybe a fog

and drizzle for tomorrow, 21

degrees. Skywatch - that felt like

a Monday. Mondayitis written all

over it. It was grey, ordinary, but

the garden loved all, and so did

the dams. No problem with pollution

levels. Tomorrow - 21 degrees and

wet behind the ears. See you again

in around about 10. Out with the old - the Defence Force shows off its new heavy transport aircraft. That's next. And the elderly widow being targeted by Telstra over a bill worth two cents.

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Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Vic, is that

rain playing havoc with your

rain playing havoc with your evening peak hour? Unfortunately so,

Ron. A lot of traffic heading out

of the Sydney at the moment.

of the Sydney at the moment. Unfortunately, crippled as a result

of the wet roads. It's over

Rydalmere at the moment. A car had

broken down just past the flag pole

on Victoria Road. Take a look at

the two roads heading towards

Parramatta - struggling with the

wet conditions. Also a

accident around the Sydney Airport.

Slow down and allow 25 extra

minutes to get home tonight. Thank you. A billion-dollar bungle

has put the future of the Navy's Seasprite helicopters in doubt. Technical problems and safety concerns have grounded the aircraft, and the Federal Government altogether. Australia's new military air-lifter. This C-17 transport on show in Canberra, one of four acquired under Defence spending guidelines, rules designed to avoid mistakes like the Seasprite helicopter. With a billion dollars spent on the project an angry Defence Minister has signalled the choppers could be scrapped. I want to make damn sure we have a good, hard look at this. The match-up of a Vietnam War-era airframe and modern technology proving unworkable and unsafe.

What we are endeavouring to do in this overly ambitious program is to fit the equivalent of 2006 Holden electronic technology into an EH. Commissioned by the Keating Labor Government and signed off on by the Howard Government, the anti-shipping and anti-submarine aircraft are unlikely to see any active service. But we weren't able to get our upgrade right. Now, we have here a bungling government. Observers say the days of bad Defence spending policy are over. The Defence Association is fairly confident that a disaster of this scale probably won't occur again in the near future. The Government is now considering its options, including legal action against those contractors

who failed to make the Seasprites work. The Opposition says Defence has already signed away its right to sue. When you spend a billion dollars you would think you'd be able to get it right at some point in time. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Workers from the Beaconsfield mine still don't know if they'll ever be able to return to work. Miners met with union representatives today in the hope some parts of the mine could re-open. But the union says the men expressed serious concerns about management's approach

to safety and work practices at the site. They are completely sceptical that if the current mining methods are sought to be pursued most of them won't go back down again. The meeting also discussed how a trust fund for the family of killed miner Larry Knight will be administered. Police have found the bodies of three people drowned in a boating mishap off New Zealand's South Island.

Divers took an hour to recover the bodies of the 78-year-old man and his two grandsons. A total of six people, spread across three generations of the same family, died in the tragedy. The police investigation will include whether their boat was overloaded. It happened so quickly that um, there was not an opportunity to get to either beacons that were onboard and available or to the radio to make a May Day call.

The three survivors were found on a nearby island. OJ Simpson is back in the headlines using his notoriety for cheap laughs. He's starring in his own candid camera show called 'Juiced'. In one scene, he pretends to sell the white Bronco he drove through L.A. in that now infamous 1994 police chase. He's even coined his own catch-phrase. You have been juiced. Look into the camera. In other pranks, the former footballer poses as a rapper, a windshield washer, a pizza delivery man, even an Elvis impersonator. Simpson was acquitted of murdering his former wife and her friend but a civil jury later ordered him to pay millions of dollars in damages. What coach Brian Smith's resignation will mean for Parramatta. That's still to come.

Also, simulated surgery - the training program set to boost doctor numbers and save lives. And ready to blow - a spectacular eruption of gas and ash from Indonesia's volcano. Welcome back to the table, viewers. Now, this doesn't look good, Jim. MAN: Double it. Ha! This hand ain't much better. MAN: Uh, one. Well, a pair of aces and an ace on the flop... And is that...? Yeah. Another ace! Four of a kind! We have a winner! APPLAUSE Yeah! The new $5 World Poker Tour Scratchie could deal you 250 grand!

The top stories we're following this newshour - PM Howard has pledged Australia's support for the US and the war on terrorism will continue well into the future. But speculation is mounting about Mr Howard's own future with new reports he will quit by the end of the year. Outrage tonight over so-called hate books being freely sold in the Muslim community. Federal authorities have decided despite promoting suicide bombings and anti-Australian conspiracies, the books don't breach sedition laws. And Wendell Sailor has broken his silence on the drugs scandal that could cost him his lucrative rugby union career. He's admitted letting down his team-mates and family. New technology means surgeons can now make a mistake at the operating table and not live to regret it. But a battle between bureaucrats means you could die waiting for it! One slip and the patient dies.

But thankfully not here in this simulated operating theatre. And be careful. Just like a budding pilot, the trainee surgeon can make a mistake and get a second chance. You can teach them what not to do, you have permission to fail. On a patient, you don't have that. It will help boost dwindling surgeon numbers. The specialist training takes only 6 years instead of 10 in turn, cutting public hospital waiting lists. We've got a crisis developing in surgical workforce numbers.

The ageing of the surgeons themselves,

the ageing of the population etc means that we haven't got enough surgeons.

It may look just like a video game, but it is very serious. Called Accelerated Training it simulates a range of major procedures. We have the technology, the question now is who pays for this equipment? The future of it is very much in the hands of government bureaucrats.

New South Wales was all set to go with a Skills Centre two years ago before a funding fight between Federal and State governments killed it off.

This is not going to happen for free. The model we use in Ireland is well, what cost one life? The Irish Government has given him $60 million to further develop their program. Back here, Queensland is ahead of the game, up and running at a cost of $12 million. New South Wales officials are awaiting another report.

If a Skills Simulation Centre finally gets the green light, it'll be a new lease on life the medical field has been hoping for. Frank Coletta, Ten News. A big correction on the local share market today thanks to a fall on Wall Street and cooling metal prices. Two cents isn't even legal tender but that's the amount Telstra's trying to squeeze out of an elderly north coast widow. The telco's sent her a number of demanding letters but the bill's proving difficult to settle.

Hazel Bardsley dreads going to the letterbox. For three months she's been receiving letters from Telstra demanding she pay an overdue bill of 2 cents.

I've got it every month on top of my phone bill. I just want... I can't get rid of them.

She's tried to pay the overdue sum, but 2 cents is no longer legal tender. I have got some 2 cents. I wanted to send one of those but I was told you can't do that 'cause it's not legal. So the tiny bill persists. The charge of 1 cent for her broadband connection plus 1 cent GST bewildering the widow who doesn't want to cop a bad credit rating. To add insult to injury, she's only just transferred back to Telstra after being with another telecommunications company for 15 years. I think Telstra's just got to get its act together and get their billing up to date. Telstra admits there've been similar discrepancies in the past but say they're developing a program to eliminate any future billing bungles. For now, they've publicly apologised to Hazel and say, while they're obliged to inform clients of outstanding amounts, common sense should prevail. It's a problem we are aware of and we are seeking to resolve not only for her but for other customers who may receive bills for small amounts such as this. Telstra has promised there will be no further action. Summer Burke, Ten News. Scientists are warning Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano could erupt at any moment. An explosion today sent clouds of deadly hot gas tumbling kilometres down its slopes. Experts say it's not a full eruption but a sign of extraordinary activity happening within the crater. 60 people died when Merapi last erupted 12 years ago. Overnight, rivers of blazing lava oozed down the volcano.

But despite the danger, tens of thousands of villagers are defying orders to evacuate the area.

Letsdz take another look at the

weather with Tim Bailey. Vic

Lorusso has been chasing the rain,

but you've managed to leave your

umbrella at home tonight. Don't you

love a Monday - cold, wet, mierable,

the wettest day since September,

and we love that talk on the

television. Tomorrow, it will be a

bit drizzly, but don't grizzle. We

need every drop of it. It won't be quite as wet

quite as wet as today, with tops of 21 degrees.

Now, as I go back to the desk to

those rascals, tough times for the

Tahs. They lost oneering but have a

look here - straight in. The boy

Webster, you've never been good

enough to wear one! He's jealous.

He wants one. They're recruiting garden gnomes now?

Tim Webster with sport and breaking news at Parramatta tonight. Yes, as we told you earlier in the bulletin, Brian Smith has resigned as coach. We'll cross shortly for the latest on the turmoil at the Eels. Also, the Blues battling injury concerns already as they face a new-look Maroons side. And Karrie Webb's golden run continues.

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Breaking news at Parramatta tonight with coach Brian Smith re-signing. League reporter Glen Lauder joins us live from Parramatta Stadium. Glen, what did Brian Smith say about his decision?

Thanks, Tim. Smith spoke to players

at training this afternoon, saying

it had become apparent it was time

for someone else to lead the team.

They've made a dizzimate start They've made a dizzimate start to

2006 - they've won just two of nine

games this season. Smith was told

at the start of the season he

wasn't required next season. He has

since signed with Newcastle. The

club must now decide on a

replacement, and quickly. That's

right. The coaching structure at

Parramatta appears in tatters at

the moment. The assistant coach has

gone to Hull, and Taylor or Premier

League coach Matt Cameron could

take over for the rest of the

season. The club's board is meeting

at the moment to discuss where they

go from here. Thank you. If we hear

from Brian Smith before we go,

we'll have it for you. Meanwhile, NSW and Queensland have named their Origin squads. The Blues picking Braith Anasta and Craig Gower to play in the halves in what's now known as the 'post-Andrew Johns era'.

Queensland overlooked boom youngster Karmichael Hunt and have named a team which includes seven debutantes. After the representative retirement of Trent Barrett and a lack of other contenders, it's been suggested Braith Anasta is the Blues' five-eighth by default. The Sydney Roosters pivot bristling when asked if his form is up to Origin standard. I think it is - you guys may not but I feel I'm getting there. Origin is a completely different game, it's a tough game,

you've got to run hard and you've gotta do your job in your position and I'm feeling very confident I'll be able to do it well. The former Bulldog admitting he's only just starting to hit his straps. I had a slow start to the season. I probably haven't played as well as I would've liked or of what people have expected but I've felt over the last two weeks I'm getting there and I'm confident. Selectors picking Anasta and halfback Craig Gower for their Origin experience. After a quiet game for City, Manly's Matt Orford considered too big a risk. We knew what Anasta and Gower can do at that level. We had a look at Orford on Friday night and it wasn't one of his better games so we couldn't experiment in a State of Origin game. Star centres Mark Gasnier and Matt Cooper being treated for hip and hamstring injuries respectively. Both to be given until later in the week.

You've got two guys on stand-by there and I'd like to give them an opportunity to prepare as best they can. It's an important match for the State and for them. You've got to respect everyone involved here.

Eric Grothe the first emergency stand-by with Luke Lewis next in line. After sleeping in and missing last week's City medicals, Grothe one of the first to arrive. Set the alarm three hours early this week.

The Queenslanders naming seven debutantes but no room for Broncos fullback Karmichael Hunt despite his status as an incumbent Test player. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Waratahs players say they'll stick by Wendell Sailor even if he's found guilty of using illegal drugs. The team are trying to put all the drama behind them to prepare for Friday night's Super 14 semi-final after losing to them in Sydney on Saturday night. They face the Hurricanes again, this time in New Zealand. The Waratahs getting used to life after Wendell but they won't be washing their hands of their troubled team-mate.

He's a great guy. He's been a great

athlete for so many years, and you

know, one indiscretion doesn't take

away a friendship. He's a good

friend of mine and I will stick by him. Sailor's latest drama a bodyblow to the Waratahs's dream of a Super 14 title. His absence likely to cause a backline reshuffle for Friday's semi-final against the Hurricanes.

I think 14 years at the top, he's

always said. So we'll obviously

miss him a lot, but you know, I

think one of the things we've

developed in this squad over the

last period of time is the depth. The Waratahs leave for New Zealand tomorrow to prepare for the Hurricanes. The team that beat them at home just two nights ago.

We've got a game to play. We

haven't got time to sit around and

mope and discuss what's going on.

The focus is on the game. They're

long odds, but there's still a

chance the Waratahs could host the

Super 14 final. They'll have to

beat the hurricanes, then hope the

Bulls can knock off the

top-of-the-table crusaders on

Saturday. The crusaders are a

quality out. If stpt. You never

know what will happen when the

Bulls are playing. Harry Kewell will stay in Europe for treatment on his injured groin ahead of the World Cup in Germany. The injury soured Kewell's celebration of Liverpool's dramatic FA Cup final victory over West Ham. Scans have confirmed he tore a groin muscle during Saturday night's match. match against Greece at the MCG Kewell will now miss the Socceroos

on May 25 and possibly Australia's warm-up matches against the Netherlands and Liechtenstein. He'll link up with his team-mates in Holland for the pre-World Cup training camp. Swans coach Paul Roos says his players will have no problems refocusing after their 118-point demolition of Richmond on the weekend. Veteran Paul Williams received the prefect present to celebrate his 300th game when the Swans kicked their highest score in 19 years. But Paul Roos believes none of the players are getting carried away. Yes, they would be aware we're playing the Bulldogs this week and probably most of them would've sat back yesterday

and watched the Bulldogs win in a similar fashion. The Swans take on the 4th-placed Western Bulldogs at the SCG on Saturday night. Karrie Webb's stunning return to form continues in the United States where she's won the prestigious Michelob Ultra Open. Winless on the tour for the first time in her career last season, Webb's now bagged two victories and two seconds in her last five tournaments. COMMENTATOR: That's one of the best shots we've seen all day. Beauty. The 31-year-old Queenslander

a 7-shot winner from Mexican Lorena Ochoa.

Her victory worth $426,000. Fernando Alonso has extended his lead in the Formula One world championship

after winning this morning's Spanish Grand Prix.

McLaren's Juan Pablo Montoya spun out of the race to continue his horror season. Mark Webber lucky to avoid a crash on his way to a disappointing ninth place. But the world champion became the first Spaniard to win his home race. COMMENTATOR: Fernando Alsons wins the Spanish Grand Prix. 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher finished second, with Alonso's team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella third. Alonso's win gives him a 15-point championship lead. Rafael Nadal has continued his amazing domination of clay court tennis, beating Roger Federer for his 53rd straight win on the surface. But the 19-year-old Spaniard ran into more trouble than usual in the Rome Masters final.

Federer won the opening set.

Nadal responded by taking the second and third sets before saving two match points to win in five sets. CHEERING Nadal's clay streak equals the record set by Guillermo Vilas. It was also five wins from six matches against Federer. And later in Sports Tonight - we'll bring you the new Parramatta coach and the rest of Origin developments.

That Brian Smith press conference

hasn't started yet. Bit of a

bombshell. Thank you, Tim. Another

look at the traffic with Vic

Lorusso. Some motorists aren't

heeding your advice to drive slower

with those wet conditions?

Unfortunately not. In Sydney's

south-west, there was an accident

just past Liverpool on the Hume

Highway. The accident has been pushed

pushed into the breakdown bay. A

minor accident in wet conditions -

what's what it does to peak-hour

traffic. Appalling delays to St

Andrews. An extra 45 minutes from

Liverpool toward Campbelltown on the M5. What this week has in store for us weather-wise. Tim Bailey is next.

And Prince Harry tips his hat to fallen soldiers in a century-old tradition.

EXOTIC ELECTRONIC MUSIC (Gasps) RUMBLING MUSIC INTENSIFIES (Berries chatter) Whaargh! Ribena contains no artificial colour, flavour or sweetener. Ribena:

Tim Bailey just happened to be

scheduled to be at war stus training tonight. With training tonight. With the whole

Wendell Sailor story breaking, it's

proved to be opportune. Any more

tidbts of information? Well, Chris

Whitaker, the skipper of the

Waratahs, is with us. Have you ever

known a time tougher for the Tahs

in the last tpwrourz in the in your

career? The loss didn't help, but

the boys are keen we can go to welling

welling stn and come away with a

win. Obviously you're personally disappointed with Wendell Sailor.

Has he apologised to you

personally? I've spoken to him a

couple of times. He's obviously

doing it quite tough at the moment.

He's a mate of ours. He knows more

than anyone we've got a big game

this is week and a big task ahead

of us. The 48 hours - you needed a

win to have a home final, to have

all of Sydney behind you. That didn't come didn't come your way. Tomorrow

you're on a plane to New Zealand

and you're still a chance to go

like that, hold up that big silver

thing, Super 14. If you can beat

the hurricanes - it will be wet and

cold and 9 degrees, if you wanted

to know! Then prostprobably the

crusaders. You're still in this

thing. It's a different ball game.

Two ball games to win the title,

hopefully. The hurricanes are hopefully. The hurricanes are there.

You've got to come away with a win,

and bonus points don't matter. It's

probably in our favour. I

appreciate that Wendell Sailor -

that big story, a huge story

Australia-wide. You lost, it was

probably your last home game in

Sydney for you, the icons of the

game. You're still good enough to

talk to us on a day you must feel

like talking to nobody. On behalf

of us, thank you very much. There

is some good news, mate - Sailor

out, but that's got a nice ring

about it - Tim Bailey in. We'll

give you a go. Weatherwise, folks -

well, a bit of that stuff came out

of the sky tonight. Last night, it

was our wettest night since

was our wettest night since September. We got around about 26mm

at Observatory Hillerse, 31 at

at Observatory Hillerse, 31 at Castle Cove. Tomorrow - grey skies,

fog and some drizzle. No-one will

grizzle if it turns to rain. We

need it again. That garden of yours

crying out for it, as are the dams.

Top score tomorrow of 21 degrees.

Cloud is sweeping over south-west

WA with a cold front producing

showers and squally storms. Low cloud

cloud over southern Victoria in

onshore winds causing drizzle patches. Strengthening

south-easterly winds along the

Queensland coast, a high will clear

showers from NSW. Boo, hiss, we

needed more of it. Keep the rest of

the south-east dry. Isolated

showers along the northern half of

the NSW coast. Scattered showers

along the Queensland coast.

Wednesday - onshore winds

Wednesday - onshore winds and an

upper trough will cause showers

along the Queensland and NSW

coastlines. I know this is probably

it for the tauz, but you're going

to a place - you think over in New

Zealand this weekend will be cold,

wet and miserable. Where will you

play the next couple of years?

Sunny Dublin. Land of the sun.

Can't wait. Along after your family

over there. Thank again for being on and

on and talking about the Wendell

stuff. We appreciate it. Cheers,

mate. No problems. Good on ya!

At 5:35, the Waratahs give it to

the hurricanes on the weekend!

That's it from the small weatherman who continues to who continues to dream, ladies and

gentlemen! I'll see you again

tomorrow night. Blue is his colour.

Thank you, Tim. Speak to you tomorrow. Prince Harry has swapped his beret for a bowler hat to take part in a military parade through central London. Wearing his regimental tie, the Queen's grandson was one of 2,000 past and present soldiers remembering fallen colleagues. In a tradition dating back to the First World War, all wore a bowler hat and carried an umbrella. It's the first time the 21-year-old has attended the event since becoming an army officer last month. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Sandra Sully and Ryan Phelan

will have the Late News and Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.