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No, right now. We will. to worry about, Nick, alright? There's nothing We'll see you. There is something you should know. Nick, wait. Wait a second.

OK. You got something to say...say it. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - a police family's anguish killers is acquitted of murder. as one of their son's convicted Freedom for the gun-toting librarian most dramatic prison break-out. who staged the country's And classmates rally of rules for elderly drivers. as Sophie's battle sparks a review and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - to go ahead tomorrow Larry Knight's funeral to free his mates. as the drilling continues And drying up fast - critical water shortage. the plan to tackle the State's But first this evening - murdering a Sydney police officer outrage after a man jailed for on appeal. has his conviction overturned they are disgusted Glen McEnallay's family say

it will damage morale in the force. while senior police fear

The McEnallay family son's tragic death at his funeral thought they'd laid to rest their would take care of the perpetrators. believing the justice system today But their grief replaced by anger had his murder conviction quashed. after one of the men involved in this State to be convicted. I don't know what someone has to do

I really dont. you know. Glen's case is only one of many, they all walk. It's the murderers, the rapists -

of a group of men Motekiai Taufahema was the driver Glen McEnallay at Hillsdale in 2002. pursued by police officer and three of the men fled the scene. The car ground to a halt also ran Their friend, Sione Penisini, to shoot McEnallay dead. but after first stopping there was only one gunman, The DPP claimed that although enterprise the murder was a joint criminal

and all were charged with the crime. has disagreed, But the court of criminal appeal knew any of his passengers had a gun finding no evidence that Taufahema or planned to use it. it seems unbelievable to me This technicality, and didn't know what was going on. that four people were in the car

by the Commissioner That frustration shared should receive life terms. who believes cop killers pursue it to its full extent. If an appeal is possible, we will

the case will have on their morale, And while police battle the impact questions are expected to be asked ran it. of the way the public prosecutors from jail today Ironically, Taufahema won't walk free despite the appeal result. He's still serving time to the assault of police officers for other convictions relating and firearm offences. His new release date is now 2007.

Amber Muir, Ten News. for the gun-toting librarian Freedom tonight most daring jail break. who staged Australia's on a Hollywood blockbuster Lucy Dudko based the escape to bust out her lover. hijacking a helicopter behind bars, After serving seven years

from jail. Lucy Dudko calmly walks free Thank you. It's a far cry her then lover John Killick from the way she busted out from Sydney's Silverwater Prison - hijacking a helicopter at gunpoint the jail's playing field. to airlift him off for John? Will you pass any message on Excuse me.

As part of her probation, has been forbidden the softly-spoken librarian who's in jail for another nine years. from seeing her former lover A lot of people are calling it I don't call it a love story. I call it a manipulation story. She was manipulated? I think her strength is by anybody again. she will never be manipulated straight from Hollywood. Back then she took her cues When she was arrested, of the action blockbuster 'Breakout' police found among her things a copy starring Charles Bronson inmates from a Mexican jail. as the chopper pilot busting out Since her arrest, during her trial, in prison, and throughout most of her time the wrong person, it wasn't her. Lucy Dudko always insisted they'd got That was until just a short time ago of her seven years jail as she neared the end when she finally admitted it was her. to kidnapped pilot Tim Joyce. That comes as some relief to his head, he forgives her. Despite Lucy Dudko holding a gun somewhere If we bumped into each other

to talk to her. I'd be more than happy

pastime, gardening. Perhaps about her new favourite Ali Donaldson, Ten News. take medical tests from the age of 75 Elderly drivers may soon be forced to as part of a road safety plan. The push comes in a critical condition as little Sophie Delezio remains in a drug-induced coma.

Primary returned to school The children of Balgowlah Heights Sophie Delezio, knowing their class-mate, to save her life. is once again battling to teachers, parents and students. Counselling has been offered she's able to overcome. Let's hope this is just a setback back at school very soon. We're looking forward to seeing her and my prayers are with them. She's such a beautiful girl

in a drug-induced coma Sophie is still at a pedestrian crossing on Friday. after being hit by a car her condition in the last 24 hours. Doctors say there's been no change to

and injuries In 2003, Sophie endured severe burns her childcare centre. after a car crashed through the drivers were elderly. In both cases, Last week's horrific accident has prompted the State Government drivers are annually medically tested to consider lowering the age from 80 to 75 years of age. independence of elderly drivers I don't want to impinge on the

ensure their own safety but at the same time, and the safety of the community. The Roads and Traffic Authority the school 40km/h zone has now extended where the accident occurred. along the road But traffic lights won't be installed for another five months. I would wonder why - why would there be some kind of a delay? What's the reason? What could be more important?

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. The funeral of Tasmanian miner Larry Knight will go ahead tomorrow even though his two mates remain trapped underground. His family had been waiting for a successful rescue but that's been hampered by new delays. Frustration hangs heavily in Beaconsfield.

For days, the anticipation of a successful rescue has been met by dashed hopes and more delays.

Faced with rock too hard to drill, Victorian specialists spent the night carefully blasting with PCF, a low-impact explosive. The PCF has been particularly effective overnight. They've used it, in particular, to dislodge that incredibly hard rock at the bottom of the tunnel that they're drilling. Now miners are preparing to dig upwards. They'll lay a solid platform to work on, insert wooden panels for protection, and dig diagonally upwards. The process will be repeated in the other direction until they reach the cavern above. When you're mining horizontally, the hard rock has no where to go because there's hard rock behind it. As they're mining upwards, the hard rock will at least be able to be pushed a bit, up into the fill, the crust which is the bottom or the carpet of the tunnel which the men are confined in. These seemingly endless delays have been particularly difficult

for the family of Larry Knight. They decided not to bury him until his colleagues were rescued and able to attend the funeral. Understandably, they can no longer wait given his body was discovered 1.5 weeks ago. The funeral will be held in Launceston tomorrow afternoon. They are stunning people and I'm very, very surprised they've been able to endure it for this long. But they've reached a point where they're saying, well, we need to say goodbye.

After the funeral, Larry Knight's hearse will be led to the cemetery by members of the God's Squad Christian Motorcycle Club.

His own Harley Davidson bike in the procession. I consider it an honour to be involved in, yeah, the funeral. In Beaconsfield Tasmania, Eddy Meyer, Ten News. And Ten reporter Jeremy Pudney joins us from Beaconsfield. Jeremy, there are reports one miner has volunteered to risk his life to rescue his mates? That's

right. He's volunteered to

put his life at risk by going into

the tunnel where the rock fall

actually occurred almost 14 days ago

actually occurred almost 14 days ago Now, it is considered to be the

most dangerous indeed T is so most dangerous indeed T is so

dangerous that a remote control

camera is the only thing that's

been sent down there since the

incident occurred. Commanders of the

rescue operation say they won't

allow it to happen. They say not

only would it be far too risky but

a slower route than the one they're

taking. No-one wants to set

deadlines, but let's go the other

way. What as the earliest time they

could come out? Absolute earliest would

would be tomorrow morning but now

that's looking unlikely. We could

be looking at another 48 hours.

Nobody wants to predict at this

stage, the frustration among the

family members of the miners is

growing by the minute. And their

health, are they still holding up?

We're told they are holding up. And

we're told that where they're

trapped, it is around 25 degrees

and paramedics and doctors are monitoring them around the monitoring them around the clock.

Thank you very much. Across-the-board tax cuts and money for extra childcare places are expected from tomorrow night's Federal Budget. The extra cash will come from a massive surplus fuelled by soaring company profits and the resources boom. The Budget papers are printed and delivered. It's now over to Peter Costello to present his 11th prescription for the nation's health. Booming tax revenues have given him a walk-up start. We are going to bring down a statement which will be aimed squarely at the future. The Treasurer is promising extra help for working mothers and for families. There's no doubt Mr Costello can afford tax cuts. He says the Budget surplus will stop them forcing interest rates up again. We have got to keep the bottom line strong. That is a big part of keeping interest rates low in Australia. Already legislated, top-end tax relief up to $45 a week.

But what about low and middle income earners? They've have been hit for six by Peter Costello and left behind in last year's Budget with a lousy $6. Promised relief could look like this.

A lift in the 30% tax rate threshold would give someone on $25,000 a weekly tax cut of $10. Father of two Mark Jones is looking for more.

It's just not going to cut it. $5 or $10 a week is not going to make a great deal of difference to my life or my family's life. The other big question surrounding this Budget is the Treasurer's own future. Could he, like John Wood, get his political Gold Logie later this year after more than 10 years of trying? You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to hand out Logies to trying reporters. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

An extra 240 troops are being sent to Afghanistan to help the reconstruction effort. About half the defence force personnel will be tradesmen and engineers. The remainder light infantry. Like all operations in that country, there is danger. The situation in Afghanistan still remains Like all operations in that country, there is danger. The situation in Afghanistan still remains in a number of parts of the country, quite fraught. The mission will last until at least April next year and is expected to cost around $270 million. Tim Webster with sport and Michael Crocker facing a big suspension? Yes, he's facing up to 12 weeks for a spear tackle. Crocker's bad record hasn't helped but coming up in sport we'll compare it with a similar tackle by George Gregan that will result in the Wallabies skipper missing just one game. Also Darren Beadman's son Mitchell starts his career with a first up win. His super ride shortly. Plus the photo-finish that denied him a double. Also later - the two-ing and fro-ing continues over Mark Gasnier. See you soon. Dire predictions for Sydney's water supply. That's next in Ten News. Also tonight - the new ads aimed at shocking smokers into quitting the habit. And the big party after TV's night of nights.

We go behind the scenes of the Logies.

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# Fancy clothes I do not crave # Don't need no lover to see me through # There's just one thing # You can do # And that's the last thing I'll ever want from you

# Want from you. #

A multimillion-dollar rescue plan tonight

following revelations Sydney's water supply is only guaranteed until 2015. The focus is on recycling but we won't be asked to drink recycled sewage. The Premier came to the Penrith sewage treatment plant to confirm a water policy backflip and release the Metropolitan Water plan - re-cycling not desalination now the centrepiece of the Government's water policy. The Penrith, St Mary's and Quakers Hill plants will be integrated into a new treatment facility, part of a 70 billion litre recycling target within a decade. It's the biggest in the nation and it will be hundreds of millions of dollars. Expressions of interest will be called in June. Stage one expected to be completed in 2009. is what underpins this plan. Recycling, recycling, recycling

Desalination now only an unlikely option if dam levels fall for the first time below 30%. What's happened is a re-ordering of the priorities in the plan. The main finding of the water plan is that currently Sydney has a guaranteed supply to 2015 and that's mainly because

we've been restricting our consumption to 1981 levels. The Opposition says it's too little too late. But we are still only recycling something like 3% of the water in this city. They simply don't go far enough. Recycled water from the new plant will be used for industrial irrigation and the watering of parks and gardens. The Government says the public isn't ready to accept recycled sewage as drinking water. Paul Mullins, Ten News. And desperate times for call desperate measures with their dam officially dry, the people of Goulburn are drawing up controversial plans to drink treated sewage. We'll have that story later this newshour. Shock tactics are again being used to convince smokers to quit. Confronting new ads begin screening tonight showing the horrific consequences. It's a confronting advertisement designed to leave smokers gasping - toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke causing gangrene leading to amputation. TV COMMERCIAL: I want you to think about what's happening here every time you look at your cigarette pack. Well, the message is that the new warning on the packs are coming alive so people can really think about the health consequences of continuing to smoke. But while statistics suggest every second smoker is planning to quit soon, many today weren't fazed by the new commercial. REPORTER: Would it make you want to stop smoking? Probably not. I don't think the commercial's much good. People will defend against that. It's too horrible to imagine it happening to themselves. Well, they do work.

We know that the smoking rate has dropped 2.2% in the last two years. That's about 100,000 smokers that have quit. Doctors warn every day someone in Australia has a limb amputated from smoking. Creative directors know that this ad campaign will only shock audiences for a few months.

They're already planning even more confronting commercials for later this year. Cliff Fisher lost his left leg to gangrene two years ago after smoking.

He hopes others will heed the warnings he ignored. Everyone told me that but I was young and silly and you just ignored it. "It won't happen to me, you know." Evan Batten, Ten News. A Labor great has used an historic anniversary to take aim at the Howard Government. Now, that's a nifty idea. It was a day for the true believers, former Labour politicians gathering to salute the 30th anniversary

of the first Wran Government in 1976. The occasion - the launch of a book about the Wran era. The contributors - former cabinet ministers, staffers and public servants. Neville Wran dominated NSW politics for a decade. At the height of his popularity, 80% of voters approved of how he was handling the job. He had four election wins, knocking over five Liberal Party leaders.

Hawkie and I had five election wins and we knocked over four Liberal Party leaders, except there was two of us and there was only one of you Neville. And the former Premier had lost none of his punch saying John Howard's workplace laws had one aim. The ultimate destruction of the trade union movement which means the ultimate destruction of the rights of the ordinary individual to be able to stand up to the boss.

His first win, giving Labor heart following Whitlam's dismissal. Restored the true believers faith that Labor could win elections and then formed a great Government. The Wran Government becoming the template for future Labor governments around Australia.

He thought Government was about getting things done rather than just staying in office and that, more than anything, was why so much happened while Wran was Premier. John Hill, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, I just took a sneak

peak at my snow cam before I sat

down this iening and guess what I

saw? I'm grinning. It's a month away

Talking about the opening of Talking about the opening of the

Australian snow season. Mother

nature thought she would give us a

preview. Pictures from Thredbo

today and they got 30cm of white

stuff and it was on for young and

old. Brilliant, four weeks until we

go there and broadcast live and you

won't be able to keep us out of the joint. Unfortunately the snow

across the Australian alps did not

turn into rainfall across Sydney. Low

Low humidity, you can feel it on

your lips and it's the old

favourite. 17C right now but the

wind chill gathering goose bumps as

we speak. Let's look at sky watch

for you on a magnificent Monday as

far as sunshine was concerned. Our

coldest day of the year yesterday,

we will beat it tomorrow. The current temperature 17. current temperature 17. Pollution

levels next. Got to say hello to

Olivia Stevens, 20 -month-old girl

who runs up to the television when

the weather is on and kisses it.

Proof of I have one female fan, one

more than you Ron. See you again in around about ten. A deadly fire sweeps through a Thai nightclub popular with tourists. That's next. And turning the table on perverts - the young woman who stood up for herself and won.

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Time to check on

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter. It's not actually a

traffic accident holding up things

tonight, we have a police operation.

We sure do. Unfortunately in

Sydney's south-west on the Hume

Highway opposite Yaguna station,

you can see police and ambulance

crews have blocked one lane. The

whole road was closed as a result of the incident of the incident that occurred and

we're still chasing the details of

the incident so we'll get more

details to you. Take a look at the

Hume Highway as a result, peak hour

traffic, unfortunately strife for

motorists leaving Bankstown. We'll

give you another update just after

sport. Thank you Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. A deadly fire has swept through a nightclub in Thailand. The single-storey club was closed at the time the blaze broke out. The seven people killed believed to be staff. An electrical fault is being blamed for the tragedy. The fire taking an hour to bring under control. The resort town is popular with backpackers but no foreigners are among the dead or injured. George W. Bush wants to shut the Guantanamo Bay detention centre and put all its prisoners on trial. But President Bush says his hands are tied until a Supreme Court decision on where they should be tried. Conditions at Guantanamo and the indefinite detention of its 500 inmates

have been strongly criticised. Australian David Hicks is among the prisoners. His chances of freedom improved over the weekend after a British court supported his right to obtain a UK passport. New technology has led to the downfall of a flasher and served as a deterrent to others. The flasher found himself under arrest when a victim snapped him on her mobile phone camera and put the image on a controversial website. On her way home one afternoon Thao Nguyen noticed a male passenger staring at her. He was like this, like locked on to his target. The shy 22-year-old was disgusted and terrified when the man began masturbating. And then I looked in the glass

and I could see him rubbing his crotch and then I took out my phone to look busy.

Using her phone she took a photo of him. I snapped it really quick. It happened really quick, like one, two and then he zipped up and left. Police couldn't do much to help so Thao posted the picture on a website. I was just afraid he would do something else. The image offended so many people it sparked the creation of a new site, Hollaback.

It encourages women to photograph sex pests and expose them on-line.

Its motto - if you can't slap em, snap em. The women who have done it just say it's taken the power off the street harassers' hands and put it into their own hands.

And the exposure worked thanks to the Internet Thao Nguyen got her man. 43-year-old Dan Hoyt has been charged with public lewdness. His lawyer says the site's unfair. To know that your picture is on an Internet site without authorization, has got to be one of the most horrible feelings you could have. Possibly not as horrible as having a stranger's genitalia exposed to you on the subway. If he didn't do it I wouldn't have posted it. I didn't even know who he was. It wasn't like I was out to get him. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. A frightening ordeal for children caught up in a fairground accident in the US. Ten boys and two girls were on board the ride when it came to a sudden halt. Attendants were able to free six of the children quickly

but the remaining six were stuck for over half an hour. Three were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. It's thought the accident was sparked by a sudden ground movement caused by an underground sinkhole. The Aussie market is powering ahead on the back of resources. Also, desperate times call for desperate measures -

the town thinking about drinking its own waste. And no longer the bridesmaid -

John Wood finally takes home TV's highest honour.

Top stories this newshour - outrage after a man jailed for murdering a Sydney police officer

has his conviction overturned on appeal.

Glen McEnallay's family say they're disgusted while senior police fear it will damage morale in the force. Freedom tonight for the gun-toting librarian who staged Australia's most daring jail break. Lucy Dudko based the escape on a Hollywood blockbuster hijacking a helicopter to bust out her lover, Robert Killick. She's walked free after spending seven years in jail. And the funeral of Tasmanian miner Larry Knight will go ahead tomorrow even though his two mates, Brant Webb and Todd Russell,

remain trapped underground. His family had been waiting for a successful rescue but that's been hampered by new delays. And a radical plan tonight to fight the drought. A local council is asking residents to consider recycling their own sewage to survive. No-one remembers the last time Goulburn's main dam was this dry,

but no-one remembers the last time it rained properly here either. The muddy remnants of a once-brimming catchment are relied on by 20,000 people. They don't play on the ovals anymore - it's like falling on concrete. Insurance companies just won't cover the teams. Unless we get substantial rain over a long period of time, we're really not going anywhere. Mayor Paul Stephenson is proud of the way his town is holding up.

The goal, though, is for each local to use 150 litres a day. That's about one bathtub full. We've put down bores. We've sunk bores down to supplement that supply. We've also put in a 9km pipeline from the river to try and help that. But when there is no rain, of course, the water is not running down the river either. So it's time for Goulburn to think outside the square. The red line is the 9km pipeline which will carry Goulburn's sewage through an unusual cleaning process. Put it up into this wetland, down through there and back into this lake that's going to be down here at the bottom. The wetlands should act as a natural filter. 10% of that water would be drinkable. Not much, but it's a start.

The water tanks are almost empty. The only other Australian town to consider such a move is Toowoomba in Queensland. The locals there don't much like the sound of it,

but Goulburn is ready to try anything. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. The share market put on more than $10 billion in value today spurred on by a bullish Wall Street and higher metal and commodity prices. A second son for Lachlan Murdoch and his wife Sarah. Aidan Patrick Murdoch, grandson to media mogul Rupert, was born five weeks early and weighed 2.9 kilograms. The Murdoch's already have an 18-month-old son, Kalan. Mother and child are said to be doing well.

He's no longer the bridesmaid. Actor John Wood has finally broken his Logies losing streak. The star topping the list of winners at last night's event. As always, the Logies kicked off with a red-carpet frock-fest, fans cheering their favourite stars while the media scrambled for a few choice words. Can you believe three months ago we were all just a bunch of fatties and now we're at the Logies. Voting for the Gold didn't finish until show time,

so one wrong move from the final eight could have cost them the win.

You're SMSing in your pocket there as we speak. I am. Well, I hope that's what I'm doing in my pocket. I'm just nervous! Overseas guests looking bemused. They've got me presenting towards the end, so I can't get totally soused. Joan Rivers probably summing up the thoughts of every overseas guest the Logies has ever had. I don't know what the (beep) I'm doing here. In between Steve Vizard's return to comedy, Bec and Lleyton mistaking their baby for a Logie, and 'Play School' being inducted into the Hall of Fame, there was time for some emotion. A tribute to journalist Richard Carleton, and Bert Newton's duet with the late Graham Kennedy. (Sings) # I feel honest. # I feel it too - honest. # Each word is true. # In the actual awards, it was Silver for Rove McManus, Kate Ritchie and the mini-series 'The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant'. Ten's Bathurst 1000 took to the podium for Best Sports Coverage

and 'Australian Idol' made it three times on the trot for Best Reality.

And then finally, after 10 long years, John Wood took the Gold.

I think Steve Vizard said a couple of years ago that I should never win

because it would be much better in the annals of television history, you know, 10 years a loser. But sorry, Steve, I really enjoyed winning it. John Woods's hard-earned win seemed to give the crowd a hard-earned thirst as they took to the after-partying with a particular amount of diligence. I haven't had a drop. No, I haven't had a drop either. (Both) Wooo! It's always a marathon night, most deciding what time to go home

based on what time they have to be on the box the next day, leaving the make-up departments to clean up the damage. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport and what a contrast in penalties for spear tackles?

Tim Bailey with a check of the

weather. It's been chilly today, an

excuse to cuddle up under the

dooner tonight. There will be a

goose bump in the air tonne. We'll

be down to single figures be down to single figures in the

city tomorrow morning. It will be

the coldest morning of the year, it

will get to 0 in the greater west,

and yes, blue sky though. Sunshine

and 22 or 23. Where is the rain?

None of it in May. We had very

little in April and the next week

according to the fabulous folder is

around about fine and sunny and 22

for the next seven days in a row.

No rain all. Let's look at the map

of NSW for you. This is how Monday unfolded.

Well, that equated to 30cm of snow

with one month to

with one month to go. I've got to

say to The Rothbury fire service.

You do a great job up there in the

valley. Meanwhile, back to the desk

and a few sore heads from the

Logies and nothing a good make-up

artist can't fix. Tim Webster with sport and what a contrast in penalties for spear tackles? Yes, Michael Crocker is staring down 12 weeks. George Gregan gets just one. We'll compare them shortly. Also a recall for Jamie Lyon proves a hot topic as the City-Country teams line up. And like father like son, Mitchell Beadman's stunning riding debut. COMMENTATOR: Is it an ideal start for Mitchell Beadman? Yes, it is! My Sore wins it!

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Two different competitions, two

different games. But, quite extraordinary.

The rugby fraternity equally baffled.

I guess that it sets

an interesting precedent for the

second time there is a spear tackle

of that calibre. But Gregan standing firm. There's also going

to be debate there, was a struckure

in place and they made a decision

in the judiciary and we're happy with that result. Crocker's coach not a happy man saying he's being victimised for his reputation. There's been a lot of other similar tackles this year, but because it's Michael Crocker everyone's thinking he's back to his bad old ways again

which is ridiculous. Bellamy today taking charge of Country ahead of Friday's clash with City in Dubbo. The match a NSW Origin trial. Talk though, of bringing Jamie Lyon back from England to fill the troublesome five-eighth position.

Jamie Lyon's a class player and he's been a class player for a number of years so he's producing overseas and we still play rugby league and if he's the best man for the job, he's the best man for the job. City losing wingers Hazem El Masri and Eric Grothe to injury replaced by Luke Rooney and Cronulla's David Simmons. ountry losing Clint Newton with a fractured eye socket. His replacement Ashton Sims also out replaced by Anthony Laffranchi.

Adam Hawse, Ten News. St George Illawarra boss Peter Doust says the club won't be bullied into tabling its offer to centre Mark Gasnier. The ARU wants to know within two days if the 24-year-old intends to switch codes but Doust says he won't be pressured. It was meant to be sorted out sooner than later. But the umming and ahhing continues. Na, cause it might not. I'll have to wait and see. But you do have a few days to think about some stuff, don't you?

Oh, not if there was... it's too...

I won't say anything today. Gasnier is expected to recover from a hip injury in time to play this weekend against the Warriors. Injured Sharks halfback Brett Kimmorley ran for the first time today and is on track to play next week meaning State of Origin is back on the agenda. Mate, if I come back and play, well then obviously the 2nd or 3rd game I might be available depending on how they go I suppose.

The Sharks travel to Canberra this weekend. The Raiders 100% unaffected by city country selections. We would be bitter and twisted about it, or we could not really care about it. I don't care about it. And referee Russell Smith is on the verge of being dropped following yesterday's Sea Eagles/Tigers match. While Manly face a $10,000 fine after these comments from coach Des Hasley. I'm not sure if he knows the rules. Rob Canning, Ten News.

After a slow start to the season the Swans are in the top 8 for the first time in 2006. But co-captain Barry Hall says there's still plenty of room for improvement after yesterday's 32-point win over the Lions in Brisbane. The sun was finally beginning to shine on the Swans after a lack-lustre beginning to their premiership defence. Back-to-back wins for the first time this season. I think there's a big improvement

from the start of the year until now. It was very pleasing but we have a lot of improvements still. REPORTER: Where do you think that improvement can come? I think silly skill errors a lot of the goals they kicked was probably our fault. The view looking a lot better for Barry Hall who's eye surgery in the off-season appears to be a success. It's not something that you go "Wow, it's totaally different." It's a minor adjustment but going into the operation we went in with the mind-set that it's not going to hurt, it certainly helped a fair bit. The Lions remain on the bottom of the AFL ladder after the loss

but received some good news from the match review panel today

with both Jason Ackermanis and Chris Johnson cleared of any wrongdoing after being reported on the day by field umpires. Neil Cordy, Ten News. The son of champion jockey Darren Beadman has just missed out on a winning double in his riding debut. Mitchell Beadman in the cerise colours produced a bold rails run to boot home My Sore in Goulburn. RACE CALLER: And My Sore. Is it an ideal start for Beadman? Yes, it is! My Sores wins it! Then aboard the favourite Rum Cruise in the last Beadman was denied a win in a photo-finish from Hippona on the outside. Ferrari's Michael Schumacher has made it back-to-back wins after taking out the European Formula One Grand Prix in Germany. More reliability problems for Australia's Mark Webber, a hydraulic failure forcing him out of the race on lap 13. Frenchman Franck Montagny gave the marshals a hurry-up after cooking the engine in his Super Aguri. Seven-time world champion Schumacher, a last-start winner at Imola, cruising to victory. COMMENTATOR: His sixth victory in the European Grand Prix and that was brilliant by Michael Schumacher. Schumacher was elated with the win,

Alonso second with Felipe Massa third. Australian rider Troy Bayliss has won both races in the World Superbike Championship round in Italy. It was an eventful start to the opening race with several riders escaping serious injury in this mad scramble to the first corner. Englishman James Toseland will also have a few battle scars after a spectacular dismount. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's run onto the grass! He's run on the grass as well! He's lost it. Bayliss dominated on his Ducati, his double win extending his series lead over compatriot Troy Corser, who had a third and a second placing. Australian golfer Adam Scott had a mixed round on his way to third place at the Wachovia Championship in the US.

Adam hit an amazing tee shot on the par 3 second hole, setting up one of his four birdies. COMMENTATOR: Adam Scott right next to the flag. You can see the ball mark. But not everything hit its mark for Scott, he finished 8-under, four shots behind eventual winner Jim Furyk. The American rolled in a pressure putt on the 72nd hole to force a play-off with South African Trevor Immelman before holding his nerve to win on the first extra hole. The victory Furyk's 11th career win. Later in Sports Tonight - we go into camp with both the City and Country sides and talk to big wave specialists Andy Irons and Joel Parkinson at Teaupoo.

Let's take another look at the

traffic with Vic Lorusso who is

still over the police operation.

Any other idea on what's going on?

Yeah, unfortunately so, we've just

had reports in that a man

unfortunately has received

multiple stabbing wounds on the

highway at Yagoona. The police have

still blocked off the left-hand

lane and investigations will be

ongoing into the evening. This

means for peak hour traffic heading

towards Yagoona, unfortunately it

has been crippled. Traffic

extending all the way back to

Bankstown. If you know anyone

heading towards the south-west, the

best bet is to avoid the Hume

Highway and take the M5 while the

Highway and take the M5 while the Hume Highway is 5. And Tim Bailey

with the weather outlook next.

(Man sings) # I get no kick from champagne # So tell me why should it be true # That I get a kick out of you. #

Time for all the weather details

with Tim Bailey. You're blathering

on about how cold it is in Sydney.

After a weekend in Melbourne, I

know why I love living in Sydney

know why I love living in Sydney so much. It is like visiting the

South Pole down there. You know why

they live in Melbourne Ron, because

they live in Melbourne Ron, because

they deserve it! Let's not get into

that chest nut. It is chilly here

at the moment, wind chill factor It

will deliver the coldest morning of

the year tomorrow morning with

temperatureing getting down to 9 in

the city and 0 in the western

suburbs. If we can come into a two

shot here, I have met the shot here, I have met the most

inspirational man I think I've

ever had on the television, Perry

Cross say hello to everyone on the

television at home. You explain to

people, the only feeling you have

in your entire body is basically

just the top of your head and your

mouth. And my face. Basically, the

rest of my body is paralysed, I

rest of my body is paralysed, I have no feeling or movement below

my chin. You're a ventilated

quadriplegic like Christopher Reeve

and he was a great friend of yours.

and he was a great friend of yours. What about the likeness of the two

of you, Dana Reeve before she

passed away pointed it out. She did

say that yeah, I look like her

husband. Superman mate, Superman.

So this happened to you in a rugby

accident in 1994. And the reason we have Perry on the have Perry on the television is

because we're trying to raise a

whole lot of money to build spinal

chord injuries Australia

rehabilitation centre. We've got $9

million, we need a lazy $4.6

million more. The number is on your

telephone screen - sorry your

television screen. This bloke is a

motivational speaker, young communicater of

communicater of the year. Some of

the things year, "Perry Cross is

spirational", Cross City Tunnel

cross -- - Athanasios Kostoulas

said that. Your life, your --

Pieter Cosgrove said that. You

decided you had to get up and

moving didn't you. It's a simple choice

choice to be positive or negative.

And I chose to be positive and stay

on track and it is simple. And this

rehabilitation centre in Colloroy,

what will it mean to quadriplegics

around Australia? It gives people a

chance to get back in the community

and give them as normal a life as

possible. After a spinal chord injury, life is tough.

injury, life is tough. So if we can

get the centre up and going and

they can have the space to learn to

live again, that's what we're doing.

Learning to live again. Thank you

for being on the television. Coming

out and having a crack with us. We

really appreciate us. Our own

Superman here. And it is cold out

here. He's down from Queensland and

he's feeling it. It is going to be

cold tomorrow but fine and sunny in

the end and 22. Let's get into your back

back yard quickly and I can tell you:

Satellite, cloud crossing Tasmania,

Victoria and SA in a strong

westerly air stream which is

causing scattered air shower and

light alpine snow. Tomorrow, a

front will cause strong showery

winds to increase I cross Victoria,

Tasmania and southern SA. That was

the weather map. The business of

the brolly, predicted precipitation,

drips and drops across roof tops,

we wish. Ice owe layed showers for

the NSW ranges. By Wednesday, a

dominant high pressure system will

keep most of Australia mild and dry.

If you can give generously to spinal chord

spinal chord Australia. $9 million

we've got, we need $4.6 million

more. Blokes like him have to be

looked after and we're going to

lead the way and build a world

class facility in Sydney. Let's go

interstate and quickly do the

weather for you there.

Coldest morning the yearing coming

up and then 22 with sunshine all over you.

Perry Cross, thank you for being on

the television mate. All the the television mate. All the best

with it. He's inspire agsal speaker,

he's addressed the Australian

cricket team and the Australian

Armed Forces and you on the television. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. Our next bulletin is the Late News and Sports tonight at 10:40, D-OHH! ( SCREAMS )