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(generated from captions) discovery. embarks on a journey of self Canberra, complete with its 2,600 And when the show lands in there will be a special site set seat big top in March next year, aside for it. selected a potential site in a We're quite delighted to have Lake Burley Griffin, Questacon and particular area which is close to the National Library. Tickets go on sale next Monday.

That's Thursday night's WIN News. at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night

at a crucial stage Getting closer - the rescue to walk out, not be carried. as the miners say they want charges he murdered a Sydney model. Gordon Wood allowed free on bail on a consumer exodus Shopping shock - retailers fear after the interest rate rise. the Pacific, And a powerful earthquake rocks setting off a tsunami alert. This program is captioned live. Tasmania. Good evening again from Beaconsfield, here in Beaconsfield tonight, There have been major developments and, so far, the news is all good. to drill a guide tunnel Rescuers have successfully managed and Brant Webb to trapped miners Todd Russell is getting under way. and work on the main exit tunnel But, after 212 hours, that it's a painfully slow process we're still being warned its most dangerous phase. and it's entering

All going well, Webb will eventually emerge. this is where Todd Russell and Brant this elevator deep into the earth. For years they've routinely ridden the final few metres to safety. Soon, it's hoped, it will carry them to rescuers, when the time comes, And they've made it clear they want to walk out - their tough miner's pride into the daylight. just won't let them be stretchered

of theirs, That would be a huge priority but that's what I'd want to do. Just beneath Todd and Brant's cage has now been completed. a small hole, about 20cm across, It's a pilot hole, created by a drill today punching through the rock wall that spent all night and most of between them and their rescuers. metre-wide drill It will guide the bigger, the main rescue tunnel. that will bore haven't heard or felt a thing. Remarkably, so far the trapped miners Oh well, they're asleep, we were drilling. they didn't even know iron tube into the escape tunnel One plan is to insert this corrugated to make their exit easier, 12m long, which was initially going to be but that's blown out to 16m. team to change direction Todd and Brant have told the rescue within arms' reach of them. so the tunnel will now appear It's longer, exactly where the men are. but it's gonna bring the tunnel up of what's happening This company video gives you an idea a kilometre below the ground. magazines and mattresses, As well as their new iPods, a small video camera. Todd and Brant have been given their survival tube to a TV. It's connected through to keep an eye on them. It allows paramedics Rescuers will also use it from the heavy drilling to check if vibration

is putting the men at any risk. about what they eat - And they're getting fussy and chicken sandwiches tonight. it was yoghurt for breakfast

So, after an agonising nine days, as that tunnel inches closer. there's now fresh excitement on the surface at the weekend. The men are expected to be miracles occurring, People have been talking about we are into miracles here. All I can say is that National Nine News. In Beaconsfield, Mark Burrows, Joining me now is Bill Shorten, of the Australian Workers Union. the National Secretary with the mine management He's in constant touch of the rescue effort. about the progress

The pilot hole has been driven to

just below a crust separating the

trapped men from the rescuers and

they're changing the drill, moving

from a small drill to a really big

1 thousand-mm drill which will

start the next phase of the

operation. Could that have started

already the The new drill piece is

a ton and a quarter, a heavy bit of

machinery. When I was speaking to

some of the off-duty miners, it

hadn't quite started yet. I'm

relatively optimistic it will start

if it hasn't already in it next

couple of hours. We're being warned

the closer they get to Todd and

Brant, the more dangerous it

becomes? As the machinery gets

closer, the dirt, dust, shaking of

the vibration will be very, very

perturbing for the two trapped

miners so I know the rescuers are going to focus on their

communications with the miners so

they hear any signals if it's

causing dangerous tremors or other

subsidence. What do you make of

their request that if possible they

want to walk out of there. If they

can walk out of there, they're

super men. I don't think we should

load them with expectations. If

they're up to it, that's good.

After 10 or 11 days, they should

Thank you. leave in any fashion they want.

While the entire focus of attention effort here for the past week, has obviously been on the rescue are starting to think about many in the town

the many challenges ahead. The mine is Beaconsfield's life-blood before it opens again. and it will be some time Heart of Tasmania's Tamar Valley. Beaconsfield is known as the Golden ago, when the mine was closed. It's been broken before, 92 years cancer support group's fundraisers. But life goes on, like the local They considered cancelling, was sorely needed. but decided some light relief of course, and thinking of them. We are all praying for them that life has to go on. But at the same time, they know Butcher Tony Anderson agrees. a part of life here, Helping others is simply are all with two men, proud people whose thoughts legacy may include but mindful that this disaster's the loss of its biggest employer. It'll survive, it always has. they started the mine up again It survived before if it does close. so I assume it'll survive afterwards from trading on the stock market Beaconsfield gold was suspended disaster was known, as soon as the gravity of Anzac Day's have been suspended. and dividends to shareholders which is the life-blood of this town. Ominous signs for an industry a focal point The community centre is now the miners, and their own futures. for those who are worried for that have been made The connections and friendships over this last nine days is just astounding. In Beaconsfield, Nick Coe, National Nine News.

That's the latest from here right now. Mike Munro in Sydney has the rest of tonight's news. Mike. Thanks, Mark. Gordon Wood, the man accused of throwing Sydney model Caroline Byrne off the Gap at Watsons Bay 11 years ago, has been allowed to walk free on bail.

Wood faced a Sydney court today after being brought home from England by police. Eight years ago he left Australia. This was his homecoming. REPORTER: Gordon, do you still maintain you're innocent? The 43-year-old arrived in Sydney last night where he was charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, Caroline Byrne.

It's a very emotional experience. We do hope that now we can find out the answer to the mystery. The model's body was found at the bottom of The Gap, at Watsons Bay, in 1995. While at first it was presumed she jumped, her father has always believed his daughter met with foul play. Many, many thoughts, but I can't comment on them, not now. One day I'll be able to. Wood - a former chauffeur for Rene Rivkin - was arrested a month ago in London, where he was living the good life. Now back in Sydney, he'll be staying with his mother. Despite facing the most serious criminal charge, Wood was granted bail. The prosecution agreed to his application but under strict conditions -

he must report to a police station twice weekly and hand over his Australian and English passports. The Opposition wants the Government to appeal the granting of bail. Premier Iemma has asked for a report on the matter. We just want to have some conclusion now. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. The National Australia Bank is the first to move after the interest rate rise. It will put its mortgage rate up by 0.25% from Monday. Meanwhile, retailers are convinced that the hike will force many shoppers to cut back on everything except the bare essentials. Overnight, the jump in interest rates sent a worrying shiver

through Australia's retail landscape... Customers were cancelling personal service appointments, like hair and beauty. The fact of the matter is, it's spooked people. ..small- and middle-range businesses especially wary of customers cutting spending on clothes and services. And it comes on top of a defacto interest rate increase with the spike in petrol prices. This is a double whammy.

And today's property auctions also reacted gloomily. Here, just one commercial lot up for sale, failing to attract any interest. I need an opening bid, otherwise we will pass the property in.

He did, this time, but he remains optimistic. 0.25% on an average mortgage of $300,000 is not enough to scare people away from the market. Andrew Willink monitors interest rates and he believes many Australians had seen the increase coming. People are going to hurt, but a lot of people in Australia have prepared themselves

by paying extra every month. And there's a note of caution from the man who runs Westpac. David Morgan says the Reserve Bank should think very hard before raising interest rates any further. I think there is a case for taking a bit of a breather and having a look at how that plays out. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. A massive undersea earthquake near Tonga has caused a tsunami scare across the South Pacific. Measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale, there were fears of destructive waves travelling as far as New Zealand. It was three hours before authorities gave the all clear. Centred deep beneath the sea 160km north-east of Tonga, the quake was recorded by seismologists in Canberra around 1:30 this morning. In the local region here, around Tonga, this would have been felt widely, even as far as Fiji. In the Tongan capital they were literally shaken out of their beds. The earthquake emptied store shelves, shattered windows and left cracks in buildings. Australian Andrew Stainlay thought his house would collapse. I quickly ran downstairs, I had frames falling over, clocks falling over, crockery in the kitchen falling over. I think it lasted around 90 seconds or so, and yeah, it was pretty terrifying over here. Measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, it's the world's most powerful quake this year. In New Zealand, fears of a tsunami sparked panic among residents in the town of Gisborne. This woman was in the middle of delivering a baby. And I had to leave delivering the baby and got on my cell phone and was ringing my son, saying, "You have to get out."

Authorities have issued a tsunami warning for a number of countries in the South Pacific. It turned out to be a false alarm but it was more than three hours before civil defence authorities gave the official all clear. There are now calls for an inquiry in New Zealand, where more than a few people have been left on edge. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a life sentence for a September 11 terrorist. Airline scare - a frightening moment when a passenger forces open the door. And blonde Bond - first look at the new James Bond in action.

Dad? Why did they build the Great Wall of China? It was to keep the rabbits out. There was...too many rabbits... China. Give your kids the right answers with broadband access from just $14.97 a month for the first 12 months. That's half-price access for 12 months for eligible customers. Plus a free standard modem when you stay for 24 months and no connection fee. For details, call 13 POND or visit There's surprising political news from Melbourne tonight where former premier Jeff Kennett has said he's seriously considering standing for the Liberal leadership. The position is vacant following the resignation today of Robert Doyle as Opposition Leader. An airline passenger caused a safety scare this morning. He jumped out of a plane as it was about to start moving for take off from Merimbula on the State's South Coast. Passengers arriving in Melbourne described the terrifying moments before the 33-year-old American opened the door of the Saab 340. Pushed the air hostess aside and proceeded to unlock the door, at which stage the pilot switched off the engine, because if he'd got out he would have had his head chopped off by one of the propellers. No-one was hurt. The incident is now being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

A former bank worker has faced court accused of stealing more than $10 million from client accounts then losing most of it at a casino. subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank. Bondi man Erik Tjandra worked for a He was arrested at Sydney's Star City casino in March, having allegedly gambled away $8.5 million. The only man convicted over the September 11 attacks has escaped execution in the United States. Zacarias Moussaoui, who confessed to an active role in the plot, has been sentenced to life in jail. Almost 3,000 lives were lost on September 11. Today, Zacarias Moussaoui - the only person charged in connection with the attacks - had his life spared. The jury has found the defendant should be sentenced to life in prison.

After a week of deliberation, the jury decided

Moussaoui will remain behind bars without any possibility of parole, a verdict that left families divided. And now we have to support him for the rest of his life. I don't understand it. We showed the world what we would do to terrorists. And that we will treat them with the respect no matter how much they disrespect us. The prosecution had argued for the death penalty after Moussaoui claimed he was to have flown a fifth plane into the White House -

the plan thwarted when he was arrested on immigration charges a few weeks before September 11. It was claimed - had Moussaoui told the FBI what he knew the worst act of terrorism in US history would have been averted. Throughout the hearing Moussaoui showed no remorse, even declaring his desire to see more Americans killed.

But a quarter of the jury decided that he was big-noting and that his role in 9/11 was minor, if anything. Today, he had the last word, leaving the courtroom saying, "America you lost. I won." In the US, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. Another positive step for the Solomon Islands today, with a popular MP winning the ballot to become the country's new prime minister. Manasseh Sogavare scored 28 votes to 22 to secure the leadership. He's made a commitment to reconciliation in the troubled country and given his support to the Regional Assistance Operation. To the movies,

and the first scenes with the new James Bond have just been released.

The trailer shows Daniel Craig, the very first blond Bond, in action against the baddies in 'Casino Royale'. The critics like their glimpse of the new 007. We see him rolling over in front of guns. We see him jumping over boats. We see his muscles, we see him beefed up. I think he's looking good. Based on Ian Fleming's first Bond book,

the movie is due in theatres in November, the 21st film in the famous action series. Ken with sport is next, and Trent Barrett to finish his career in England? As we told you last night, the Dragons star is headed for Wigan. Also, a big announcement from one of swimming's golden girls. And the day Tiger Woods lost his champion.

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Trent Barrett has told Mark Gasnier to ignore his critics and to take his time before making his decision on switching to rugby. Barrett confirmed today that he's off to England to join Wigan, but he dropped a bombshell by announcing he's also quit representative football. For some time now it's been a matter of when, not if, Trent Barrett would be linking with Wigan - a 3-year package worth an estimated $2 million. Barrett said leaving the Dragons and he can relate to what Gasnier is going through. Being a mate of his, and a team-mate, and I know I speak on behalf of all the other boys, he can take as long as he wants. If it takes another month, two more months, and we keep Mark Gasnier at the club, well, who cares?

Barrett is a legend in the local area

and his departure will upset some of the fans. On the upside, apart from having money to keep Gasnier, the club will now be able to make good offers for Matthew Head and a number of their star young forwards. It gives us more options and it gives us an opportunity to go into the market as well. If we were to be unsuccessful with any of those we would be able to compete in the market. And Barrett's decision to quit representative football has left NSW with a major problem at halfback. If we can get as many players as we can on deck during that period it's going to help. But it was a hard decision - playing State of Origin is the pinnacle. And this is what the Aussies and the Kiwis will be playing for tomorrow night. And New Zealand coach Brian McLennan has laughed off claims from Test selector Bob Fulton that his ego is out of control.

From Bob Fulton? Bob Fulton said this? No comment. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. The parents of sports stars are often remembered for all the wrong reasons,

but Tiger Wood's dad was different. He was Tiger's best friend and greatest role model, the pair sharing a special bond that helped take Tiger to the very top. Aged 74, Earl Woods has died of cancer. He was the lion-hearted father who taught his son an ancient game when he was just a cub. Par, par, par.

OK. Are you going to make a par on the last hole? Uh-huh. OK, alright, let's go do it. I've trained him from the time he was two years old. He knows who he is, he knows where he's going, and he knows what impact he can have.

That impact hit golf when Tiger won his first US Masters... COMMENTATOR: There it is! A win for the ages. ..reducing a tough guy to tears. (Voice breaking) He walked into my arms. We hugged. And time stood still. Earl Woods was much more than Tiger's dad. He was a professional baseballer and a Green Beret commando who served two tours of duty in Vietnam.

What he was not, was a pushy parent. I wanted him to be a good person, and if he was a good player, that's OK too. The greatest thing my father's ever taught me about the game

is just one thing - you get out of it what you put into it.

Earl Woods died of prostate cancer. He was 74. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News.

One of Australian swimming's all-conquering glamour girls

has announced her retirement. Nine years ago Giaan Rooney starred as a 16-year-old in Kuala Lumpur, going on to win World and Olympic titles. She's about to start a new career with the Nine Network.

Details of that on 'A Current Affair'. For me, I get the same kind of adrenaline feeling

of being in front of a camera that I do when I'm about to race, so that tells me that I'm heading in the right direction and that the next step is the right step. Racing in Warrnambool set a new benchmarks for the ridiculous today. On the extreme left of screen a barrier attendant is caught out when the gates open. COMMENTATOR: He was in the wrong spot. He's OK, but a few minutes later, at the restart, the clerk of the course inexplicably canters across in front of the field. Bang! Straight across the front of the field. While the rider was as red-faced as her jacket, this fellow topped off a silly day. He's very much a dry tracker, I think. half wit half

full. Andrew Johns

and Mark Gaznier on 'The Footy Show' tonight. After the break, the latest from Beaconsfield. And Jaynie will have all the weather details. I was on my way to a B & S ball. I ran into trouble. Total nightmare. So I rang the NRMA Insurance Helpline. (Cries) Yeah, I've had an accident. OK, don't worry. We'll sort it out. OK. They were amazing. I was in such a state. And they even helped me find a new dress, you know? And they got me there. Too bad they can't help Jason.

It is now 19. Barely any wet weather over the country today and we can blame it on this high. Light onshore winds have delivered showers to southern NSW. A large front is bringing strong westerly winds and rain to southern States. Low cloud will clear in Canberra. Winds easing but showers increasing for Melbourne. Hobart's weather calming down.

Fog, showers, rain and strong winds for Adelaide. A fine Friday for other capitals.

That's our weather. Back now to Mark Ferguson in Beaconsfield with the latest on the mine rescue. Mark, there's been much discussion about this drill?

Rescue miners will have to crawl inside. The miners have to get through the tunnel.

And that's National Nine News for this Thursday from here in Beaconsfield. If there are any further developments during the evening, we'll bring them to you first. But for now, I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre Crazy council rules -

banning yoga classes because they claim women breathe too loudly and fining people for parking on footpaths that don't exist. Also tonight, Australia's most unliveable street. You won't believe what residents are forced to put up with. Plus - inside a prison break - what it takes to keep the lid on our toughest jails. And have your say on Australia's top TV comedy.

This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair - live from Beaconsfield.

We check out the latest on the rescue operation here shortly. First, ridiculous regulations that give councils a bad name.

Like a ban on Sunday morning yoga classes because somebody complained about the noise, and parking fines against residents of a quiet street who can't make any sense of what they're doing wrong.

I thought it was ludicrous

that anyone could want to shut down something that's healthy and good for you. It's enough to make you gasp. First, the Manly Council which banned yoga because heavy breathing and body clapping disturbed neighbours. Well, I think it's absurd, and I think it's another step down that road of absurdity

And just down the road and into the driveway Lies another breathtaking example of council pettiness in the extreme. I couldn't believe it. Neither could we, because clearly there is no pathway here. My message to the council was, "Please be reasonable." Please Richard, don't be so naive. Common sense is no way to deal with a council, just ask the folk at Rhyoda Yoga in Manly. In itself, that complaint is completely ridiculous. There is no noise in this class. But two residents of this street complained and that, according to council, was enough to justify curtailing the morning operating hours

of this centre and cancelling Sunday yoga altogether. Well, unfortunately, some councillors with very extreme ideas have listened to one or two individuals