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It may be a little threadbare, are a little shattered, maybe pieces of it but it's not the end.

if we just let it. And it can be better than it ever was of our love story, Brooke... This, right here, is the middle ..not the end. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. the Beaconsfield mine miracle. Tonight - CHEERING who never gave up hope. Overwhelming joy from the families

their long-awaited reunions. Ecstatic loved ones plan and bash him. Get a big cuddle and a big kiss the delicate operation As rescuers plan back to the surface. to bring the survivors and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight, inmates injured on a country road. when a prison van rolls that ended in disaster. And the school holiday sailing trip But first this evening - to free the two men it could still take up to 48 hours at a Tasmanian mine. trapped 1km underground a hole big enough Rescuers are tonight trying to drill to Todd Russell and Brant Webb, to deliver food and water who are said to be in good spirits. Despite the danger ahead, nothing can subdue the excitement the Beaconsfield community. that's gripped their fathers from deep below. Handshakes for the men rescuing The family of the miners found alive hailed a modern miracle. visiting the site of what's being Good. Very good. I guess an adrenaline now a real slow, low feeling. whereas before it was just

But the waiting game continues are brought to the surface. before Todd Russell and Brant Webb long and difficult. This is going to be and the men are still alive That the odds have been surpassed

in any false illusion shouldn't leave anyone and strength that that sort of marvellous luck to a virtual evacuation. will automatically apply last night. An exploratory hole located the men sheltered in a 1.5m-wide safety cage They were found of almost six days ago. but unhurt in the rockfall

with the workers. They are in communication

are in OK spirits. The trapped miners miners still dangerously unstable, But with rock around the trapped their ordeal is far from over. is planned, A delicate drilling operation being consulted with the nation's best engineers on how it can be safely done. is providing food and water For now, the main priority through a 12m-long PVC pipe. to get vital sustenance to them. 10 men are working around the clock and Todd have been found alive, It's an absolute miracle that Brant and really quite well, they've been trapped down the mine. given the last five days here in Beaconsfield, But behind the euphoria of the town's lifeblood, serious doubt surrounds the future the mine itself, investigating with the Tasmanian Government to continue operating. whether it will be safe enough other issues, as we must, We'll look at all these safely to surface. after we get the two guys last week's rock collapse, And for the man who didn't survive flowers left for Larry Knight from the mine on Thursday. whose body was retrieved and it's very, very sad. A man goes off to work and he dies

Gareth Boreham, Ten News. In Beaconsfield, miraculous survival News of the miners' in Beaconsfield - was greeted with scenes of jubilation to the mine site to celebrate. the entire town dashing CHEERING

anguish turned to elation. In an instant, It was just meant to be. of the miners, taking to the streets. Beaconsfield locals, most friends God is good. next door to the mine Parishioners at a church their prayers had been answered. had prayed for a miracle and believed # He's a miracle-working God. # survivors who were most thankful, But it was the families of the had always believed he'd come home. Todd Russell's parents And that man up there, above ground, he doesn't only do miracles he does them underground.

they'd see their dad again. His children anticipating the moment when you see your dad, Liam. Tell me what you'll do Give him a cuddle and a kiss. to seeing him? Are you looking forward Yes. Great. when you see your dad? What are you doing to do Give him a big cuddle and kiss. And bash him. And bash him. LAUGHTER tried to keep his hope alive. Grant Webb's son Over the moon. hearing this news. It's been absolutely awesome this whole time, We've been really holding tight but it's been great. of the rescue operation Now the miners' family await news to the surface. and when they'll be brought can their ordeal truly be over. Only then Jeremy Pudney for Ten News. In Beaconsfield, from Beaconsfield. Eddy Meyer joins us of joy and relief. Eddy, we've seen incredible moments at the mine tonight? Can you describe the atmosphere

I think it's safe to say, Ron, that

the elation that we saw last night

is starting to wear off a little.

It's a little more subdued. People

are still coming to the mine, but

not as many. In this community,

more than any other, they

understand that the risks are not

over yet. It's an incredibly risky

operation that's being undertaken

to keep these men alive and safe.

At the moment what we see is a

degree of that subdued nature

coming back in, people taking it a

little more easy, understanding

that things are still tough ahead.

What is ahead, what's the next

thing we are going to see down

there? The critical thing is getting

food and water. That is happening

right now, we understand, they are

in the process of getting food and

water to the men. The Tasmanian

Premier came down a short time ago,

and he got a briefing from the mine

operators saying the two men are

interactsing with the two rescuers,

giving them a sense of what's

happening. We don't know how safe

the rock is around the cage they

are in at the moment. They are

interacting giving the rescuers a

sense of what's going on, making

sure nothing is done that will

endanger them in any way. Blasting

has stopped. It's a process of

drilling through to them as

carefully as possible. I gather

it's a delicate operation. What

sort of expert help is being

brought in to deal with that. It's

safe to say they are getting help

from across the nation. Equipment

is being gathered for the moment of

rescue and the final process of

getting through to them. Mining

experts from across the land are

giving every ounce of their energy

into making sure that whatever is

done in probably the next 48 hours

doesn't endanger the men in any way. Thanks Eddy.

An inquest has started into the murder of a boy who was about to testify against accused paedophiles. The teenager's body was found years after the cases were dropped - the original suspects now back in the spotlight. Eight years ago, 50 child sex abuse charges were dropped against this man after the alleged teenage victim went missing.

Now Frederick Rix is fronting a different court - named at an inquiry into the boy's murder. The 78-year-old dismissing any link to the case as absolutely disgusting.

Your role here is to vehemently deny any criminal activity? Absolutely. What do you make of the allegations? A disgrace. The body of Arron James Light was found by construction workers

at this site in 2002. The 17-year-old had been stabbed eight times,

then buried in a shallow grave, covered with cement. His murder today described as striking at the very heart of the criminal justice system, given Arron died before testifying against an accused paedophile ring. His family today anxiously awaiting information about what happened. They had only sporadic contact with him since he left home for a life on the streets, eventually falling into prostitution after he was allegedly sexually abused by Rix and five other men. One of his few genuine friends was footballer Ian Roberts. The gay rugby league star regularly gave the troubled child a place to stay, but lost contact with the teenager before his death. The court heard Arron stopped working the wall shortly before he disappeared. Friends claim he became paranoid someone was out to get him, but, as it turns out, his fears were well-founded. Sadly, the court heard his schizophrenic mother's concerns about her son's welfare went unchecked. The inquest is expected to run for three weeks.

Amber Muir, Ten News. Two brothers are lucky to be alive after a freak sailing accident on the South Coast. Their father was towing their catamaran along the shore, when the mast hit powerlines. A lunchtime sail was the perfect way to end the school holidays

for the Knowles family, but it suddenly became disastrous. Caroline Knowles and her 13-year-old daughter, Phoebe, were waiting on the shores of Lake Tabouri for her husband, John, and sons Sebastian, 15, and Edward, 9. When suddenly I waved to them one minute, the next second the whole boat looked as if it were on fire

and it had sparks from the top of the mast all over the boat

and it seemed to go on for ages as well. John was towing their catamaran by hand in the shallows with the two boys riding on top. Edward was at the front lying next to the mast. All the way down his arms and down his body turned into a bright yellow flare. On seeing the shower of sparks, Caroline thought her son was dead. My husband shouted out to me saying Edward had really bad burns

and he needed to go to hospital, and that was the most amazing relief, him saying that, because I actually realised he was alive. Sebastian recovering from initial heart rhythm concerns, while the extent of Edward's burns are still being assessed. Doctors here at the Children's Hospital at Westmead are amazed at the boys' remarkable recovery

from what could have been a fatal accident. Edward's burns will take some time to heal, while Sebastian is already keen to get back to school. I'm really thankful I've still got a family and my family's still got me. Tim Potter, Ten News. Time for a look at sport with Tim Webster,

and a change already for the Kangaroos? Yes, in the end, after a couple of tests, Anthony Minichiello wasn't fit enough, his full-back spot going to young Brisbane Bronco Karmichael Hunt,

who knocked back the Kiwis to play in the green and gold. All the reaction shortly. Also, riders down in this chain reaction collision at the Turkish Grand Prix in the 250cc class. Later in sport - just how close Aussie Casey Stoner came to winning the MotoGP. Also later, Stuart Appleby still in hot form on the US PGA Tour. A Sydney man accused of date rape pleads his innocence outside court. Also, inmates injured when a prison van rolls on a country road. And bananas bending the budget as they hit record prices. BLUES MUSIC PLAYS SONG: # We're like the stars that hang in the sky # Marshmallow

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This program is captioned live.

One of two men accused of date rape

has pleaded his innocence outside a Sydney court. His alleged victim claims she was plied with drugs and alcohol. Stephen Greenacre sprang to his own defence after facing court for an alleged sexual assault. Mate, I'm not guilty. Already he's claimed to the court the sex with the woman was consensual. And the truth will come out when it does. He is one of two men accused of the attack during an Anzac Day party. The 26-year-old from Caringbah knows the victim and was invited to her home, where the alleged assault occurred. He is also charged with supplying her with a drug which she thought was ecstasy, and apparently made her drowsy. She complained to police that Greenacre and another man, John Morton, also 26, of Caringbah, had sex with her without her consent. The woman also told police that she woke several times during the night to find the men having sex with her before she passed out again. Morton is also pleading not guilty. He left court with his father. No comment. The pair's time here at Sutherland Court lasted just a few minutes. The magistrate continued their bail. They will next appear at the Downing Centre court in June. It's the latest in a series of cases where drugs and alcohol were allegedly used to sedate victims.

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. The victim of a shooting in Sydney's south has driven himself to hospital. Police searched the man's car, which was dumped out the front of the Sutherland Hospital, with bullet holes in the door.

The victim, aged in his 20s, was treated for a leg wound. He told police several shots were fired at him while he was sitting in his car, parked on a street at Taren Point. Detectives have seized the vehicle for forensic tests.

Six men are in hospital after a prison van crashed in the State's central west.

A driver was taking five inmates

to the dentist from the Oberon Correctional Centre when the van rolled. The cause is not clear. to Orange Base Hospital Two prisoners were airlifted and Sydney's Royal North Shore with suspected spinal injuries. hospitals in Bathurst and Lithgow. The other four men were taken to has rocked an Adelaide suburb. A backyard gas explosion from banana sellers. A plea for help today are still skyrocketing, While costs for consumers the ultimate price, wholesalers claim they're paying after Cyclone Larry. as supplies dry up

have become a luxury food item. In just five weeks, bananas today selling for $2.65 Just one to an average $10 a kilo. as shop prices soar it's anything but a gold mine. For banana wholesalers, though,

They're struggling to make a living in the wake of Cyclone Larry. as supplies dry up They're doing it very tough here. of their business, They've lost about 90%

overnight. and it's just sort of happened a carton cost around $18. Before the cyclone, some selling for up to $120. Today it's six times that - to make do. But there's just not enough of 15,000-18,000 cartons Normally we have an intake Saturday, Sunday, Monday. over the weekend - for the weekend. Today our intake is only 400 cartons With more than 100 jobs on the line, plea to the Prime Minister wholesalers have now made a desperate for financial help. They're suffering just as much as growers are and other businesses are in northern Queensland. within the cyclone area, Unfortunately, because they are not for cyclone assistance. they are not eligible Shoppers are also being urged

through its darkest hours. to support the local industry until it's back on its feet It will be at least nine months and supplies return to normal. than a snack bar They still represent better value

and it's better for you. there's no greater treat, For these true banana lovers go to waste. and they're now not letting anything Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Time for a check of the weather. As

you'll see from Tim's hair, there's

a breeze. You call it a windsock, I

call it hair. The westerly is

driving rain across Sydney. Did

someone mention rain. What about

the South Coast. Eden recording

125mm of wet stuff overnight. That

was its highest reading in around

about nine years. Marr im bula in

the same boat, 120mm, that was its

highest rainfall in eight years.

April is in the year view mirror

officially. Did it seem dry? The

driest since 1987. Did it seem

warm? Yes, the average maximum

through the month was 2.2 above

what it had been previously. Right

now westerly wind doing a few nice

things with the blond locks on top

of the small chimpanzee weatherman

blowing at 56km/h. 22 tomorrow at

your place. A brilliant sunrise

today and we've witnessed a lovely

sunset. It's packaged the day up,

grey all the way in between.

Currently 19 degrees. I'll see you

again live from Bradley's Head in

about 10 minutes. TVs and a trip to the World Cup. to get you to give blood. Next, the latest incentives that sparked bomb scares across L.A. And the movie marketing gimmick

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Time for a check of the traffic

with Vic loruso. A few problems in

the southern suburbs .

Definitely a busy run for traffic

heading towards Brighton-le-Sands.

we are hovering at the outskirts of

Sydney airport, you can see the

traffic struggling in the tunnel.

Wet roads and rain falling, and

there's an accident at on the Grand

Parade. The traffic continues past

East lakes through to Ramsgate.

There's no way to avoid it. The

alternatives with Botany Road

hectic and we'll check the

outskirts after sport. Thanks Vik. are compulsory in all NSW homes. From today, smoke alarms on each level of a property. There must now be at least one fitted The NRMA warning installing an alarm home owners shouldn't put off season for house fires. as winter is the most dangerous have a working smoke alarm We'll still insure people who don't all NSW residents but we still are urging their smoke alarm fitted. to make sure they get

November, you face a $200 fine. If you don't fit an alarm before its biggest appeal The Red Cross has launched for Australians to give blood. and plasma TVs It's offering a trip to the World Cup of new donors. in a bid to attract a record number With winter just around the corner, a new ad campaign the Red Cross has launched

to become blood donors. to convince 45,000 Australians

Are you low in iron a serious heart condition? or do you have No? Congratulations. who can give blood. You're one of the few Australians Supplies aren't at critical lows yet, pressure in the coming months but will come under increasing with colds and flu. as regular donors fall ill to attract new donors, And they're going to new lengths giving away five plasma TVs, in Germany. even a trip to the World Cup final helps save three lives. Every donation of blood will need blood And the fact is one in three people some time in their lifetime. almost 600 times. Norma Hall has given blood plasma

It feels great to know in helping somebody to get along. you had a hand goes to this man - But the world record to 881. today's donation taking his count

It gives you a bit of a buzz, to become a record holder. but you don't do it but I hope it gets beaten. It's a record I hold now, Giving blood every two weeks,

in 5 years. he's aiming to make 1,000 donations Thank you! like 4-year-old Tanner Curtis, Their contribution helps people who's had up to 50 transfusions for leukaemia. Without people donating blood and without good quality blood products,

he certainly wouldn't be here today. Evan Batten, Ten News. The body of Private Jake Kovco has arrived in Victoria, A blow to peace efforts in Sudan's Darfur region, with rebels refusing to sign a new deal. Government-backed forces have killed more than 200,000 people and driven more than 2 million others from their homes. In the US,

thousands of protesters urging their government to halt the bloodshed. If we turn our heads and look away and hope that it'll all disappear, then they will - all of them, an entire generation of people. And we will have only history left to judge us. The White House has described the 3-year conflict in Darfur as genocide. Tom Cruise's explosive new movie, 'Mission: Impossible III', has had the L.A. bomb squad in action. To help promote the new film marketing gurus rigged up newspaper stands so that each time the lid was lifted, the soundtrack from the movie played. 'MISSION IMPOSSIBLE' SOUNDTRACK PLAYS The only problem - some of the audio boxes and wires fell loose triggering bomb scares across Los Angeles. For the police, it was one publicity stunt that wasn't music to anyone's ears. Slow sales for the latest vintage of Australia's most famous wine - that's next. Also, debunking 'The Da Vinci Code' - church leaders spend up big to separate fact from fiction. And from the Simpsons to Scientology - the voice of Bart speaks her mind in Sydney.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - two brothers are lucky to be alive after a school holiday sailing trip ended in disaster. Edward and Sebastian Knowles ended up in hospital after the mast of their catamaran hit 11,000 volt overhead powerlines. And it could still take up to 48 hours

to rescue two men trapped 1km underground at a Tasmanian mine. Food and water is tonight being delivered to Todd Russell and Brant Webb, who are said to be in good spirits. Despite the danger ahead, nothing can subdue the excitement that's gripped the Beaconsfield community. Kim Beazley has linked the mine rescue to the fight against new industrial relations laws. The Opposition Leader says the miners' union-based training helped them survive. And he claims the new federal laws will strip away such safety programs. help is on the way! And can I say about the new industrial laws - help is on the way!

Mr Beasley ought to offer an abject

apology to the people of Australia

for seeking to politicise a tragic accident. The Opposition has pledged to abolish the new laws if it wins office. For the families of the miners, the long wait for news has been an emotional rollercoaster. Hearts sank when rescue workers recovered the body of Larry Knight, but hope never faded that his two mates would be found alive. Anzac Day, and the tiny town of Beaconsfield was rocked by the news three of its sons were trapped deep beneath the ground at the local goldmine. 15 others escaped with their lives. These people were working at the 925m level, which is 925m below surface in the vicinity of the rockfall and we do hold grave concerns for their wellbeing. For family and workmates of the miners it was the start of an agonising wait. But on day two they remained positive. If anyone can get out of it, Todd will. He is one of the luckiest guys I know. delivering hope, As air filtered through the mine others turned to God. their worst fears were realised - Then Thursday, day three found beneath a pile of rocks. the body of Larry Paul Knight trapped miners is not known The fate of the other two but grave concerns are held. One lives with hope for the worst, and while we should be prepared I think we should hope for the best. continued, Work on a horizontal rescue tunnel

but there were frustrations. There have been issues at this mine they haven't been rectified. and obviously until it is safe. The mine should not be reopened broke its silence. On Friday Todd Russell's family son and mate Todd is a loving husband, father,

the first person to arrive and he would have been to help any rescue. lifted the spirits. Saturday, a charity football match were answered. Sunday, prayers for a miracle Keiva Matheson, Ten News. has arrived in Victoria, The body of Private Jake Kovco to lay him to rest. as his home town prepares

Thepm will attend the young

father's funeral service in Briagalong. arrival in Sydney on Saturday, In stark contrast to the coffin's to the RAAF base at Sale Private Kovko's casket has been flown with low-key ceremony. is preparing for a funeral tomorrow His hometown of Briagalong with full military honours caught up in the body mix-up saga as another family to Private Kovco's loved ones. offers its sympathy

Bosnian civilian Juso Sinanovic, 46, to the 25-year-old father of two bears little resemblance were mixed up in a Kuwaiti morgue but somehow their bodies sent to Australia. and the wrong remains

of a brain haemorrhage, Two weeks after Mr Sinanovic died still hasn't been told it's believed his family when they'll receive the body. The Bosnian's aunt reportedly says with Private Kovco's family she can empathise and feels the same pain as they do - over how Jake Kovko died. pain worsened by contradictions

on the mystery, The NSW Coroner shedding little light from a gunshot wound to the head confirming only that he died

the body is Private Kovko. and that dental records confirm After tomorrow's service, by gun carriage for burial. the casket will be transported

Nicole Strahan, Ten News. on the local share market. A good finish of Australia's most famous wine. Slow sales for the latest vintage of its 2001 Grange. Penfold's has produced 7,000 cases has failed to sell out But the 50th anniversary red like it has in previous years. The Cellar Door last year by lunchtime. sold right through their allocation

a better wine than the 2000, I think the 2001 is actually and we've got more of it,

with big smiles on their faces. so there's going to be more people Grange retails at $500 a bottle. 'The Da Vinci Code' movie The battle over is becoming bigger than Ben Hur. into the war of words Now the Anglican Church has weighed over the controversial film, at the cinema. with an advertising blitz for centuries? Has someone guarded this secret

Is this all news to Jesus? from watching the blockbuster, Rather than scare people away as a recruitment drive. the Church is using it more than $50,000 The Sydney Diocese will spend to join their congregation. hoping to convince moviegoers on people's interest in the film We want to piggyback behind the real Jesus. to find out more about the truth The movie will be released on May 18. most successful movies One of Australia's is set to hit the stage in Sydney. Queen of the Desert', 'The Adventures of Priscilla: the story of three drag queens

in a big bus, travelling across Australia is getting a musical makeover. it'll be a hit. The production team confident

It's shallow and it's feelgood. LAUGHTER in it. And it's got amazingly good frocks of Lizzie Gardiner. And those frocks will be in the hands designs for the film. She won an Oscar for her costume This time, her budget will be bigger. which is insane, For 'Priscilla' we had $15,000, and I don't know how we did it. The cast hasn't been announced yet. on October 7. The musical opens at Star City Don't have a cow dude, is back in town. but the voice of Bart Simpson

with her one-woman show, Nancy Cartwright is here and a strong belief in Scientology. her first look at the theatre Nancy Cartwright is taking this Thursday, she'll be performing in would relish the opportunity and while her alter ego Bart Simpson in front of on audience this big, of hamming it up despite being well prepared. Nancy admits to being a bit nervous I do voices, I do sound effects, I have clips from 'The Simpsons',

with celebrities, I tell what it's like to work

there's audience participation. of the first Simpsons movie, She's just completed her part

until next year. which doesn't come out as to what the story-line's about Can you give us a hint

in it? or if there'll be any celebrities No. gold then. I thought we were going to get Darn. are a much happier bunch these days She and the rest of the cast over their pay. following some industrial action Even Bart played a part. they cannot pay me what I am worth. One of the chalkboard messages says haven't always been so relaxed. Nancy's visits here controversy when she came to Sydney 10 years ago she attracted promoting Scientology. to launch a giant billboard

She credits the faith in her life possible. with making most of the success with the same precepts I raised my kids Scientology and they are great kids. that I've learned through

fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise And is quick to defend and all his couch-jumping antics. by the way? Who wouldn't want that, I'm a single chick. jumping up and down Who wouldn't want some guy

for you? and, like, celebrating his love It's cool. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Let's take another look at the

weather with Tim. The last remnants

of the sun is trying hard against

the grey clouds behind you there.

Before I get to the whether, he is

the Homer Simpson of the Ten News

team. He does his own voice. It's a

bit blowy and chilly out here. The

rain that hit the south coast 125mm

at Eden last night, heaviest

rainfall in nine years is on its

way to Sydney tomorrow? Do we need

it is this what about this, the

driest April since 1997. How dry

was that. In all of April just gone,

the month we played up in, 9.8mm

only, and normally we receive 127mm.

Work it out for yourself. The

forecast after tomorrow's rain,

which will go away around lunchtime,

mainly sunny through until Tuesday.

Looking at sky watch - that was a

grey old day off the back of the

south sou west winds that picked up

and gusted to 56 km/h. Let's have a

quick look at the forecast around

the place. Top tips:

That's it from me, we'll do it

again at five to six. Tim Webster, details emerging about an attack on a Knights player. Yes, what's happened to Luke Quigley isn't good. More shortly. Plus, a possible setback for Manly's Matt Orford

and his hopes of playing Origin. And the Kiwi who got away - Karmichael Hunt dons the green and gold. Also, a series of lucky escapes at the Turkish GP. Zero interest on a credit card? Sounds too good to be true. Then you find out it's only for up to six months. The Aussie MasterCard has a low ongoing rate, now:

This program is captioned live. Kiwi-born Karmichael Hunt will play for Australia this Friday night, against his former countrymen, after replacing Anthony Minichiello at fullback in the Kangaroos line-up. Minnie failed a fitness test this morning on a lower back injury.

Just last month Karmichael Hunt was

contemplating pledging his

alliance to the Kiwis, today he was

surrounded by Kangaroos. Getting a

photo, looking around you have

Johns, Hindmarsh, it's a big buzz.

I've been watching these guys as a

youngster, to play with them Friday

night is an honour. Hunt defending

his right to don the green and goal.

I feel like an Australian, I've

been here, done my high school

years, played all my senior

football over here. I feel

Australian. New Zealand shrugging

off Hunt's defection. He came over

when he was 14, he's been here four

or five years, he feels Australian,

good luck to him. As he considers

his own defection possibly to Rugby

Union, Gasnier hearing from David

Gallop before going into camp, the

NRL boss imploring him to stick with

with league. With doubt over Benji

Marshall the Australians have him

on a hit lost Friday night. He's

going to be a target. We have backs,

Tahu, King, if he wants to hide on

the wing, he won't hide there.

Mason and O'Meley the last

Kangaroos in camp after arriving

home with the Bulldogs. If he plays

well it's a master stroke, if he

plays bad and injure his should e

it's stupid. Marshall dismissing

the threats. What's new, I've been

targeted every other game this year

and last year. His employers

equally unworried. If they start

doing that, that may provide

advantage to the Kiwis, that would

worry me as an Aussie. Newcastle utility player Luke Quigley has had surgery on a broken jaw after being attacked by two men in a Newcastle hotel carpark early on Saturday morning. Quigley will be out for at least six weeks. Meanwhile, Manly halfback Matt Orford will have to beat Penrith's Craig Gower for the City number seven jersey after the ARL today ruled Orford is ineligible to play for Country. With his Manly team-mates going through a recovery session, Matt Orford booked himself in for some physio, yesterday winning the match against Parramatta and proving to the critics he's worth every cent. You know, the fans pay their money and can have their say.

Mate, if you're not playing too good I guess there's always gonna be criticism, and when you are playing well they pat you on the back, so, mate, you take the good with the bad and just get on with it. just around the corner With Origin football

soon to become unavailable, and Andrew Johns

that matter. Orford is making the moves a Blues jumper due to a calf injury. In 2004 he was forced to turn down Brett Finch make his Origin debut. But more painful was watching that was a huge opportunity missed Pretty shattered - you know,

in the back of my mind ever since. and I guess it's always been was seeing the doctor this morning Manly hooker Michael Monaghan after damaging his right hand. broken my hand The doctor thought I'd probably and had blood in it. the way it had sort of swollen up gonna be the case, They thought that was probably and there's no break in there. but got the X-ray this morning Dragons prop Luke Bailey In other news, and Bulldogs centre Willie Tonga if the early plea is taken. will both be suspended for two weeks one week. Parramatta's Adam Peek set to miss

Rob Canning, Ten News. The AFL has referred a decision in Launceston on the drawn St Kilda-Fremantle game

on Wednesday. to a full meeting of its commission meeting at league headquarters. It comes after a day-long crisis

been notified of the hearing Both St Kilda and Fremantle have to present their case and have been given the opportunity to the commission. we get the correct decision This is all about making sure is the right body to determine that. and the AFL Commission they failed to hear the siren, With umpires saying to level the scores St Kilda scored a point should have ended. 27 seconds after the game charged Geelong's Paul Chapman The AFL's video reviewers have with striking Leo Barry on Saturday night. after he floored Sydney Swan But Chapman won't be suspended - of a reprimand only. the offence deemed worthy but not his sense of humour. The hit knocked Leo around, to miss at the best of times. My big snoz, it's pretty hard It shook me up a little bit, that's for sure. but there was no malice in it,

corner with the win over Geelong. The Swans hopeful they've turned the on Sunday. They take on the Lions in Brisbane to host the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Australia has missed out on the right Sri Lanka and Bangladesh The joint bid from India, Pakistan, was successful. selected to host the 2015 tournament. New Zealand and Australia were chief executive Malcolm Speed Meanwhile, Australia's ICC from Aussie players does not agree with the call for less cricket to avoid burnout. Australia has a 5-month break now in the ICC Champions Trophy, before they play so I don't believe there is too much cricket. We have the balance right. I think I've said this previously. has led the fight Test captain Ricky Ponting

for more time off for his players.

has come painfully close Australia's Casey Stoner of a MotoGP race, in Turkey. to becoming the youngest ever winner Stoner led on the final lap, three corners from the finish. only to be passed by Marco Melandri his first podium in the category. Stoner's second-place finish I felt great, the bike felt great, Today, I've said myself, of the day. and I think we had the best set-up

in the 250cc race. Earlier, there was plenty of carnage for Alex de Angelis. A lucky high-speed escape He managed to avoid a crash on the last lap. after some high-speed lunacy stay on two wheels? COMMENTATOR: How did De Angelis

That is unbelievable! most notorious reef break, Teahupoo, the world's for the Billabong Pro surfing trials. turned on nearly perfect 3m waves Local knowledge proved the key. Teriinatoofa and Heiarii Williams, Two Tahitian surfers, Hira to the main event both earned wild card entries for making it through to the final. the overall winner, 19-year-old Williams, out of a possible 20 scored an incredible 18 points

in four of his five heats. CHEERING the best placed Australian - Dylan Longbottom was on a day of the perfect 10. he finished equal 5th for the World Championship event, This tube set the tone which starts on Thursday. has continued his recent good form, Australian golfer Stuart Appleby at the Zurich Classic in the US. to finish in a tie for fourth final round. Appleby fired a brilliant 8-under 64 The highlight - his eagle at the 6th. He was coming off a win last week 15 under par, and he ended the tournament Chris Couch. four shots behind event winner the first time on the US PGA Tour. The American winning for early birthday present for Couch - His $1.4 million first prize a nice

he turns 33 tomorrow. final round 64 Aaron Baddeley matched Appleby's

in a tie for 11th. and ended the tournament inside the Kangaroos camp, Later in Sports Tonight, we'll go

Vic Lorusso - any joy for drivers

over Epping Road. We have a traffic

backlog all the way in toward the

CBC. The M2 from Epping row is

crawling with a sea of headlights.

We are getting word about a bad

accident on Elizabeth, right near

George, a truck and bus involved. with Tim Bailey is next. The first day of May weather

Your watching the news, you would

think any forecaster worth his salt

would have some idea to find a nice

quiet protected corner on a night

like this. Not Tim .

Windy, rainy, nowhere to plug in

the blow-dryer and get may hair

working. I come with apologies. We

don't mind how much it rains. We

need lots of it. After April, it don't mind how much it rains. We

can rain all of May it just didn't

do that last month. We got

sufficient 9.8mm of rain. We are

expecting around about - the

average is 127mm. So 120-odd

millimetres of rain went missing

hasn't that been the tail of the

last two, three or four years. What

do we have tomorrow? Yes, rain, it

will blow into Sydney town. It

won't hang around, it will clear

late in the afternoon, then we'll

have a mainly fine and sunny pat

bern - surprise, surprise - for the

next week or so. What about this

for a Monday, the first 5-day

working week it seems since about

1989,ar Easter and Anzac Day. Today

was a shock to the system. The kids

will love it tomorrow when they go

back to school. Mums everywhere go

"You little beauty, I have my life back" .

The backyard. I'll keep this quick, I am chilly:

I don't think 19 is the true

temperature in Sydney, it's more

like 15.

today. Winds hitting at 56km/h at times

Satellite - thick cloud is

lingering over south-east NSW and

Victoria in a low pressure trough

causing steady rain and patchy low

cloud over SA bringing light

showers, cloud spreads over North

Queensland near a trough and

gerpbts area of presip itation. A

low in the Tasman heading east

causing showers to clear from the

NSW coastline, not before Sydney

gets a wet. A cold front bringing

strong showery winds late in the

day: what's falling from the sky:

There is some good news, it's not

going to be around for more than half a day.

By Wednesday a front will generate

cool strong winds and showers in SA,

Tasmania, Victoria and southern and

central NSW. Highland snow likely

in Tasmania. A quick call to Vik,

can he get gel down to Bradley's

Head pretty quickly, this is an

emergency, get the gel to Bailey

boy, Vik.

Sunny in Lismore.

That's it from me. On your TV I'm

going home to hair and make up.

'Bye. Get the rough head off our tellie. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News and Sports Tonight at 10:40. Goodnight. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) AH, SPRING BREAK IN HONG KONG. CUSTOM-MADE SUITS AT SLAVE LABOR PRICES. GOOD LORD! THEY'VE GOT THIS ALL WRONG.