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(generated from captions) I know you love me. No, Ridge, please, you know, I know you always will. to think that maybe... But I'm just starting never come back into your life. would have been better if I'd That's not true at all. Oh, please don't say that. I have to go. Goodbye, Ridge. (Whispers) Goodbye. Goodbye, my love. TRUCK HORN BLARES (Screams) Private Jake Kovco arrives in Sydney Tonight - the family of to await the arrival of his body. Remembering loved ones - of the Port Arthur massacre. hundreds mark the 10th anniversary And a jealous former boyfriend jailed Good evening. Also tonight - seeking Australian citizenship. plans to test migrants the hearts of Sydney-siders And the baby who's captured are in Sydney tonight the family of Private Jake Kovco to await the arrival of his body.

regional Victoria a short time ago. His loved ones flew in from the body of Private Kovco A coffin containing in Kuwait is removed from a hospital mortuary of the Australian Ambassador. under the watchful eye from Baghdad on Monday, The body lay here since arriving around the world, but with bodies being despatched somehow the macabre mix-up occurred. in Melbourne on Wednesday night. The wrong coffin unloaded of Private Kovco Late today, the extended family to Sydney were transported from Victoria on the Prime Minister's VIP jet the body of the dead soldier to be ready to receive early tomorrow morning. was accidentally shot It's believed Jake Kovco with his own handgun

in barracks in Baghdad, what to believe. but his mother now doesn't know She suspects a cover-up. We are grieving people, and a lovely wife, he has left two beautiful children and we're being lied to. I can give her an assurance there will be no cover-up. has muddied the waters The Defence Minister

of what happened. by changing his account to stop. Mr Howard wants the speculation There is an inquiry further comment and everybody should hold

until that inquiry has been held. the Defence Minister in its sights. The Opposition now has Nelson when Parliament resumes. Labor wants answers from Brendan

an assurance And Kim Beazley is also after that there'll be new procedures of Australian defence personnel. for repatriating the bodies It is absolutely unacceptable like that in Iraq that Australian remains from a front other than Australians. are handled by people For widow Shelly Kovco, waiting for her husband. a sad, anxious night ahead in Sydney, Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A sombre ceremony of the Port Arthur massacre. to mark the 10th anniversary their lives joined by survivors Relatives of the 35 people who lost to reflect on the terrible day. over Port Arthur Somehow, the grey clouds seemed appropriate for this, of one of our nation's darkest days. the 10th anniversary

The families of those who died where so many lost their lives. pausing at the place now part of a memorial garden. What's left of the Broad Arrow Cafe as the service began. The Prime Minister laying a wreath above the clouds (Song) # Like an eagle I will soar

into the sun # # I will spread my wings and fly

for those still grieving, Thoughts, too, lost his daughter, Nanatte, like Keith Moulton who Alannah and Madeline. and two granddaughters, these reminders Even today, we can still experience at a family get together. and survivors - Tributes for rescue workers among them. opera singer Amelia Farrugia (Sings) 'Ave Maria' No mention, though, of Martin Bryant, claimed 35 lives the man whose shooting rampage and scarred countless more. of what happened here While the horrific memories remain with so many,

was as much about looking forward the focus of this ceremony as it was looking back. and not just to look back. We gather today not just in sorrow a minute's silence, But as victims' relatives observed on a memorial pond, then placed candles as difficult as ever. moving on must surely have felt It's been pretty wonderful. I can't talk.

Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. In Port Arthur, a massive firearms buyback, A decade after the massacre sparked all too common in Sydney. drive-by shootings have become another disturbing trend Documents obtained by Ten News reveal are being spared jail. most criminals convicted of gun crime in Sydney - It's become almost a daily event drive-by shootings, often deadly. And despite soaring gun crime, figures obtained by Ten News most offenders for possession reveal courts are just not jailing

or even use of illegal firearms. These figures tell us is not a serious offence in NSW. that carrying an illegal pistol locking these people away. The courts are simply not of the State's Judicial Commission Figures obtained from the files have revealed in the last five years of possessing firearms more than 50 people were convicted were jailed. but only a quarter of them 89 were convicted Of those using illegal guns, but only 1 in 5 was jailed. 89 were convicted but only 1 in 5 was jailed. from three months to two years The penalties ranging is 10 years. when the maximum penalty the magistrates, and the judges - We need to say to the courts, to for the community "If you're not going to work "and lock these people away, "get off the bench." jailing rates are higher In the Supreme Court but in the past seven years convicted of using an illegal firearm less than half of the offenders were jailed. need to do more on gun control. PM John Howard says the States Peter Debnam says His Liberal colleague in NSW the laws aren't the problem. of enforcement from the courts. The problem, he says, is a lack I'm aware of the PM's words are carrying illegal weapons. but the problem in NSW is criminals of gun laws or anything else. They're not going to take any notice late this afternoon, In a statement issued Attorney-General Bob Debus said the Judicial Commission figures covered a wide area of gun crime

including minor offences. Paul Mullins, Ten News. An obsessed Sydney man has been jailed for up to 27 years for murdering his former girlfriend angry at losing her to another man. The Supreme Court today rejecting his claim that he was mentally ill when he committed the killing. Unexpected smiles from Lyndsey van Blanken's family as they emerge from court one final time. I was just really happy with the judge's summary and hopefully for us it's closure. It's almost three years since 18-year-old Lyndsey went missing.

Her decomposed body found almost two months later stuffed in a cricket bag in the store-room of an apartment block. A judge today describing the teenager's strangulation by cable ties as "brutal and cruel to the extreme".

Former boyfriend William Matheson was the key suspect after it was revealed Lyndsey had expressed concerns he had been stalking her every movement. He even wrote songs of her death before it happened. When Matheson became a suspect, he suddenly claimed to have a mental illness and admitted himself to hospital. But medical experts say he showed far too much planning in the crime to have been impaired. The judge agreeing, describing the murder as clearly premeditated. Matheson was found with a body-dismembering kit in the weeks after Lyndsey's disappearance. No doubt hoping to get rid of her body before it was found in his cricket bag. The horror of Lyndsey's death

overshadowing her family's memories of a happy daughter. She was a lovable person and obviously we miss her and will miss her for the rest of our lives. Matheson will be eligible for parole in 2022. Amber Muir, Ten News. Emotional scenes outside a Sydney court today after a music teacher was found guilty of sexually abusing three of his students. A trial heard how 48-year-old Neal Winter befriended the boys' families

and offered free private lessons to gain access to their sons. Winter also kept diary entries about the students aged as young as 12. The victims and their supporters barely able to contain their relief when Winter was convicted on 27 charges of sexual abuse. So happy with the verdict. It's been a long time coming but finally, he's been taken off the streets. Winter will be sentenced at a later date. He

can't hurt anyone anymore. at a later date. The tiny East Timorese baby capturing the hearts of Australians is recovering from her major operation in Sydney. Surgeons say they're cautiously confident little Maria will make a full recovery. A heartbreaking sight for any mother seeing her baby like this. Lorencia Soares's only comfort, the risky open heart operation was necessary in saving her daughter's life. At the end of the surgery her heart began to beat spontaneously. The pressures were quite good. Good blood pressure and low-filling pressure. The East Timorese baby was born with a hole in her heart which resulted in blood leaking dangerously into her lungs. Probably in my long experience in rotary this is probably the most rewarding program that I've been involved in. I've been incredibly heartened by the support and generosity of ordinary Australians who've inundated us with offers of support. 2-months-old and weighing 2.5 kilograms, Maria underwent a complicated 5-hour operation yesterday morning. Maria's mum saying she can't thank the medical team enough. This is a show of friendship between the two people and two countries. Nurses will be closely monitoring Maria over the next 72 hours. Doctors predict it will take several days

before Maria's tiny heart stabilises. It's fair to say she's not out of the woods yet but we would anticipate and look forward to her slowly improving. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at sport for Telstra Stadium this weekend? Yes, the NRL and AFL will be playing there. After looking at this pitch today, the AFL reckon there are no safety fears for players on the newly laid sections of turf. More in sport. And not just another day in Bangladesh, skipper Ricky Ponting directs his team while handling the twelfth-man duties.

How our revamped line up is faring shortly.

Also later - live to Penrith for a preview of tonight's Panthers-Sharks game with major developments concerning comebacks for Andrew Johns and Benji Marshall. A man bitten on the hand by his pet death adder. That's next. Plus, he's already lost his job now this doctor may lose his freedom over a cannabis crop. And Deni Hines takes to the catwalk at Fashion Week. SONG: # Anyone could win it You never know just who # There's Lotto winners everywhere... # (All shout delightedly) # It really could be you # The big red ball could find you You know just what to do # Get your lucky Lotto numbers in You know it could be you # 'Cause it's the big red ball # The big red ball that makes dreams come true # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. #

A snake handler is recovering in hospital after being attacked by his household pet. The Careflight chopper flew the 53-year-old to Nepean Hospital after he was bitten twice on the hand by a death adder. It's believed he was attempting to open the reptile's cage. The man was given anti-venom and placed on a ventilator. He's currently in a serious but stable condition.

It could be days before the two men still missing in the Tasmanian gold mine are finally found. A second tunnel is being dug in a desperate effort to reach them. 68 hours have passed since part of the Beaconsfield mine collapsed, trapping father-of-3 Todd Russell, Brant Webb and Larry Knight 1km below the surface. The discovery of Mr Knight's body yesterday confirming the mine and the town's worst fears. I can advise you that unfortunately it has been identified

as the body of Larry Paul Knight, 44 years, of the Launceston area. Larry's family must be going through pain which few of us can imagine because to have to wait that long to find out if he was dead or alive is awful.

The terrible wait continues for the relatives of his two colleagues. The union has established a fund to support the families of the miners. It is going to be a long period of waiting.

I think the next two days will feel like an eternity for the people of Beaconsfield. Rescuers have worked day and night, building a tunnel to the remaining miners. But it could be two days before they reach them.

We're all working as hard as we can and quickly as we can so that everyone knows as soon as possible. But we cannot rush this. We cannot risk more lives. Explosives will be used to blast a 36m-long shaft. But there are fears it could start more rock falls, making the task even more hazardous. Just because you can't see much going on on in surface, it certainly doesn't mean nothing is happening. James Wakelin, Ten News. A Sydney gatecrasher has been sentenced to 18 months jail for driving a car into a crowd of angry party-goers. 24-year-old Shannon James MacAuley has told the District Court he wasn't thinking when the car struck eight people outside the party in Camden South two years ago.

Already serving 12 years for armed robbery, MacAuley said he was trying to rescue another gatecrasher who'd been beaten to the ground. He'll be eligible for release in 2014. Another partygoer, Nathan Garriock, died - hit by a block of wood in the brawl that followed the crash. No-one has been charged over his death.

A Sydney doctor has turned up at court with a stash of cannabis. He's been found guilty of growing an illegal crop on his property outside Newcastle

but says he grew it in the name of science. An unusual show and tell outside court - a doctor pushing cannabis. Hemp provides a perfect opportunity to lock up carbon. Each tonne that we grow locks up a tonne and a half of carbon dioxide and that's a perfect way to do it. Cannabis crusader Andrew Katelaris is in trouble with the law for having a $40 million crop on his property outside Newcastle. He was growing hemp which doesn't contain the psycho-active chemical that makes people who use marijuana, high. But he was de-registered as a doctor for supplying marijuana to patients. Patients have come to me in large numbers saying they've benefited but could we provide a standardised extract that they didn't have to smoke. And my crime is to actually to develop a tincture. The 50-year-old was found guilty of growing an illegal cannabis crop and was supposed to be sentenced today. But prosecutors are now examining evidence from the medical tribunal hearing. 1.5 years since his legal drama began Dr Katelaris will now have to wait until August to find out if he faces a maximum 20 years behind bars.

The activist has already lost his livelihood. He had a senior position at Sydney's Royal North Shore Private Hospital

before his medical licence was revoked and he's prepared to lose his liberty as well.

Whatever these people can dish out causes me no fear. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A class action against the State Government could be the next step for Sydney Harbour fishing families. They're seeking compensation fearing their health has been put at risk. Fishing families under the threat of a dioxin scare because they ate fish legally caught in Sydney Harbour. Recent testing revealed some have alarming levels of cancer-causing dioxin in their blood. Representatives of the 42 families have now briefed lawyers on a possible class action against the State Government. There's been a number of older fishermen died of different sorts of cancers, and I guess, even myself, I'm concerned, because I know my levels will be high. There's a real sense of concern as to what might happen to their wives, to their children who have been consuming the products that they've fished from the harbour. Studies suggest dioxin causes cancer and accelerates its onset. Low levels can also cause developmental problems in children. Lawyers say the question of compensation turns on whether the Government knew of the danger posed by dioxin-laden sediments in Sydney Harbour and failed to warn the public. That clearly is something that needs a fair bit more investigation and we call on the State Government to be open and honest as to what they've known. and transparent

compensation for loss of livelihood. And there's still argument over have accepted compensation While some fishermen for the loss of their licences, from the State Government others say what's being offered

losing their business and income. doesn't adequately cover for fair compensation. Fishermen say they'll fight John Hill, Ten News.

Home is the hundreder home from the

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State. Back in familiar territory.

Welcome home! It's good to be home!

Good news for western NSW - not the

fact that I'm out of Dubbo and

Orange - widespread rainfall that

lobbed across the west today. 15mm

at Broken Hill till 3:00pm. Let's

hope it keeps falling across the

weekend. Big swells in Sydney today

- so big it cancelled a pro surfing

contest at Narrabeen. More later in

the bulletin. Weekend weather -

what a weekend have I got for you!

Little bit dujy tomorrow with a

shower or two. It will be clear

with some sunny breaks and 22

degrees. Skywatch - it was a bright

blue sky after about 10:00am. That

is officially what a Friday should

look like. Currently it is 20

degree said. No problems with

pollution levels as we check them

around about 10. for you. And I'll see you again in

migrants get Australian Citizenship. The push for English tests before A cautious response to the plan next. in his mum's footsteps - And following for AIDS orphans. Prince Harry launches a charity Patrol Cab Chassis Like the legendary driving lights and tow bar. with air, free bullbar, That's over $2,100 of extra value. workhorse Navara DX, Or the 110-kilowatt driving lights and tow bar - also with free bullbar, almost $2,000 of extra value. Nissan's Get Real Deals. to go around. Hurry, while there's enough toolbox and water tank built in built in. and two-year roadside assistance SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # All for just $20,490 driveaway. Plus there's great deals and V6 petrol. on all Bravo 4X4 diesel delivers extra value built in. Mazda Bravo This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. It might have

been a short week, but I think

everyone is just as keen to get

home tonight as ever. Spot-own, Ron.

It's been a very busy Friday

afternoon already. Hovering over

the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not

great driving conditions for

motorists heading out towards the

Gore Hill Freeway and the M2. The

traffic is jam-packed. That's the

exit from the Domain. Traffic

trying to leave from the eastern

distributor. These delays go back

to the Anzac Bridge. If you're

waiting for motorists heading home

from the CBD, they could be home

later than anticipated. More after

sport with Deb, Ron. Good on you,

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter. Migrants may soon find it harder to become Australian citizens. The Federal Government is considering tough new hurdles including a compulsory English test. 70,000 settlers make the pledge to become Australian citizens each year. But taking that step may become more difficult. The Federal Government is considering making fluency in English essential with all applicants forced to pass a language test. Obviously if someone is going to participate fully in Australian life in our society, English plays a vital role in that process. The proposal put forward by Federal MP Andrew Robb has prompted some to ask how it would be implemented. There are many Australians that do not speak English for example, Indigenous Australians. Does that somehow make them less of an Australian because they don't do that? Not everybody has had the opportunity because of either work or level of schooling or parental responsibilities to take up the acquisition of the English language. Those applying for citizenship would also be expected to have a basic understanding of Australian values, laws and history. More controversially Mr Robb is leading the push for Islamic religious leaders to give sermons in English in a bid to help the younger generation of Muslim-Australians integrate into the community. The Federal Government is using the challenges of global terrorism to highlight the need for a smoother integration of migrants into the community. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Rebuilding work has finally begun on Ground Zero in New York almost five years after the September 11 terror attacks. Construction crews will start laying the foundations next month and the Freedom Tower is scheduled to be completed in six years' time. There'll be five buildings, a transport hub and performing arts centre. We're not just going to do it today, we're going to do it right for tomorrow, and I want to thank everyone involved in making that happen. we're going to do it right for tomorrow, and I want to thank everyone involved in making that happen. The twisting glass skyscraper will stand 541m tall. Prince Harry is following in his mother's footsteps launching his own AIDS charity in Africa. It was his fourth trip to the tiny kingdom of Lesotho where up to a third of the population, including this 4-year-old orphan, are HIV positive. The 21-year-old says he wants to carry on the charity work his mother started. I suppose it is one time when you can really use your name to raise money

and if I'm going to use it what more of a better opportunity than to use it here. Average life expectancy in Lesotho is 37 and falling. The 'Da Vinci Code' plagiarism trial judge has hidden a secret code in his legal judgement challenging fans to crack it. Dan Brown's book features a number of codes that must be broken to solve its mystery. But lawyers have discovered

the 71-page court ruling contains a secret message from the judge. Now the scramble to decode it has begun. It could be staring at you there in the face but you don't notice it. The author of the new mystery, judge Peter Smith, says he'll probably confirm the code to the person who breaks it. A psychiatrist who questioned Port Arthur killer Martin Bryant speaks out. that's next. Also Angelina Jolie tells us about the unusual side effects

of her pregnancy. And Australian Fashion week goes retro.

This Saturday only, we're having a huge 1 day sale

at Retravision. Check out our deals on quality electrical goods in all departments. Big brands on sale,

one day only at Retravision. You'd better hurry. SONG: # At Retravision, yeah, we'll do it. # This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - Sydney musician William Matheson to spend up to 27 years behind bars for murdering his ex-girlfriend. 18-year-old Lindsey van Blanken was strangled three years ago. Her body stuffed in a cricket bag

and dumped in the storeroom of a unit block. The family of Private Jake Kovco arrives in Sydney to await the arrival of his body. His loved ones flew in from regional Victoria a short time ago. His coffin now on a flight from Kuwait. And a sombre ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre. Relatives of the 35 people who lost their lives joined by survivors to reflect on the terrible day. A psychiatrist who's worked with Martin Bryant says the killer remains disappointed he didn't die in the shootings. Survivors of Australia's worst mass murder are still trying to put the tragedy behind them. Bearing scars that will last a life time, Port Arthur shooting survivor Graham Collyer still vividly remembers his first contact with Martin Bryant. Suddenly this guy comes hop, skipping and jumping into the cafe and throws a round into this little old fella and blasts him against the wall. Forensic psychiatrist Paul Mullen was enlisted by Bryant's defence team and describes the killer as pathetic, dim, angry and resentful. Professor Mullen doubts

Bryant would seek any satisfaction, however perverse, from today's anniversary. The satisfaction he wanted

was to be seen as a terrible, powerful, evil figure - the media have refused him that satisfaction. Bryant has also been largely silent during his incarceration and has survived physical attacks from fellow prisoners. Meanwhile, his victims have battled to rebuild their lives. What we do with that and how we move on from that is more important than living in the moment. So, the reality of it is he's been tried and he's been put away. Bryant is now 38 and will never be released from jail, a man with a dark past but not much of a future. If you have a lot of personal resources you can make something of your life, but for someone like Bryant - not much there. Cameron Baud, Ten News. A big drop on the local share market today.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. What was behind the large slump on the share market today?

That's no end to end -- no way to

end the week, Craig. We can sum it

up in one word - China - their

interest rates rose overnight.

Investors don't have anything to

fear. The Chinese Central bank is

just trying to take some heat out

of the economy. Speaking of fear,

we have the interest rate review

next Tuesday. What will happen?

Interest rates will remain

unchanged next week. Figures today

showing housing credit or lending

just a smidgen above the last five

years. The risk of a rate hike

later in the year has increased

somewhat. Thank you, Craig. Angelina Jolie has broken her silence from her pregnancy hide-out in Africa. While refusing to confirm whether she'll give birth in her temporary home in Namibia, the star did admit knowing the sex of her child with Brad Pitt and revealed an unusual effect of pregnancy hormones - uncontrollable laughter. Brad said this to me too, I've gotten - I get hysterical now. Like, it'll go on for hours. It's really horrible. The mother of two adopted children speaking out to encourage world leaders to make education available to all children. Fashion Week took a retro turn today to the decade that style forgot. Says who? 70s looks on parade with a 70s singing icon. They say fashion is cyclical and today it cycled right back to the '70s. 'KNOCK ON WOOD' BY AMII STEWART PLAYS Hip label Sydney One Teaspoon using lurex, animal prints and big jewellery to give the glam streetwear collection some added punch.

And to lock in that '70s vibe - a performance from a '70s pop star.

(Sings) # I feel thunder in my heart. # I love all the little sort of, Moroccan touches and gold hats and the tassels and things like that. It's the details that are so good. Halfway through it's like, "Oh, I get it now, it's Studio 54!" Also crooning on the catwalk - Deni Hines, helping show off swimwear by Serjeant. All of today's swimwear collections striving for something a little out of the ordinary. With so much going here at Fashion Week the challenge for designers is to get noticed. Whether that's by having a stand-out stand using singers in your show or else the pulling power of a few famous faces. A trick designer Alex Perry always has up his sleeve as the darling of the red carpet set.

I'm sure I'll see something I like tonight and probably end up wearing it to the Logies. And she had plenty to choose from.

Alex's Mexican princess theme offering some very celebrity-friendly options. MADONNA MUSIC PLAYS But he's taken the scissors to some of them -

these minis strictly for those with sensational legs. REPORTER: They were short! They were short. Look, they're a little bit shorter for runway because if you don't, it doesn't register like that. In Myer, we'll have them just a fraction longer than that so you don't have to worry too much. 'FUNKY TOWN' PLAYS Angela Bishop, Ten News.

And Ron has just admitted to owning

a pair of checkered flairs. Nothing

wrong with that! Tim Bailey, let's

take another look at the weatherism

you're back where you belong. The

sniff of salt water up the nostrils

is good for you on a Friday. Can I

backtrack a second? Was that Ron

Wilson actually introducing a

Fashion Week story? That doesn't

make any sense to me at, all folks!

What about this for a Friday

eveening? Glorious out here at the

moment. Still about 20 degrees.

Inought shower tomorrow. Blue sky

and 23 degrees for your barbecue.

I'll be back on the television at

5:55 with some big waves that hit

Sydney today - so big they

cancelled a pro surfing gig. I also

had that Starsky & Hutch sweater... Sport with Tim Webster. Andrew Johns and Benji Marshall could be back early? If they do there'll be some provisos. We'll outline them shortly. Plus, why the Swans and Geelong aren't entirely happy over the Telstra Stadium turf issue. Also, Socceroo hopes soar with Mark Viduka's stunning comeback from injury. And the day described as one of the best ever in women's surfing. Don't...even think about it. I thought you were going to mow the lawn. 'AMAZING' BY ALEX LLOYD PLAYS Johnny, I thought I told you not to leave your trike in the driveway. MAN: The Ford Territory Ghia comes with a reverse camera that gives you eyes in the back of your head. Ford Territory. The possibilities are amazing. Some people would go to any lengths to toast their Twister. Luckily KFC now toast them for you. Choose your favourite Twister and get it lightly toasted, leaving it crisp on the outside and fresh on the inside. So leave it to the experts. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. # What do you want froym your supermarket? I love the taste when it's really fresh. Like you get from the market. Coles is listening. Really listening. So they're introducing a new 'farmer to you' system, where the crate that the farmer packs... OK, mate! delivered to your Coles store. And less handling means better quality. Round 8 of the NRL kicks off tonight with Penrith playing Cronulla as league reporter Adam Hawse joins us. Adam, the Panthers are planning on a big home coming tonight?

Yes, Tim. Stage one of the new

stadium has been completed and

we're expecting almost 20,000 fans

out fleer the occasion. The stadium

won't be fully completed unsill

September. The Cronulla Sharks,

though - well, they couldn't care

less. The Panthers are back at their redeveloped home ground after seven weeks on the road but their opponents are planning to ambush celebrations. Unfortunately, yes. That's what we're aiming to do. We're going out there to spoil the party. Two games back from a knee reconstruction, Dragons halfback Mathew Head catching the eye of NSW selectors ahead of tomorrow night's match with Melbourne. I've just got back to playing footy so I think I'm still a few years away from even thinking about playing State of Origin. But like you said,

it's a pretty good boost to get your name thrown around. It will give me a little bit of confidence. Cowboys coach Graham Murray

hoping today's close shave for a Cyclone Larry appeal isn't repeated tomorrow night against the depleted Roosters. And Souths forwards sick of watching Ruben Wiki highlights. They're desperate to put last weekend's embarrassment behind them when they play Newcastle.

I was one of those blokes who missed a few tackles. It wasn't one of my best games so, I think you've just got to look at the tape and see where you went wrong and try and use this week to fix it.

Adam, Andrew Johns might play

against Souths on Sunday? Yes,

Johns has overcome an ank injury.

The Wests Tigers say Marshall is

available for next week's Test for

New Zealand provided he comes

through a test on his injured

shoulder for next week. Tim. Thank you. Both Geelong and the Swans are privately unhappy about the way the AFL handled the issue of the Telstra Stadium turf. The League gave the go-ahead for tomorrow night's match this morning. This morning's inspection of the Telstra turf

was held behind closed doors. The League's turf consultant happy the game should proceed as scheduled and the players will be safe. No public complaints from the Swans

but their opponents Geelong, who arrived in Sydney this afternoon, share their rivals feelings over the handling of the problem. I reckon if they had their time of day they would've liked to be a little less stressful for everyone. It's going to be a big game of AFL footy. You'd want things a bit smoother.

It won't look as good as

everyonewalk would like and it

didn't look so good either

yesterday because it hadn't been

flattened. You can understand some

of the comments. Paul Williams, who returns from injury this week, can see an advantage for the Swans with the match going ahead at Telstra Stadium. They probably haven't seen where it is. It is an advantage for us. The game will be the team's first meeting since Nick Davis stole the show and the match in last year's semi-final at the SCG.

That was last year and we've no

doubt moved on since then. They

might have a little bit of hunger

there. I think that only West Bank

that will only last for 5-6inants.

Once the game unfolds, you forget

about those things. It seems the Swans can't take a trick with their training venues - after being forced to move from Telstra Stadium to the SCG yesterday, this morning's recovery session at a seaside pool at Maroubra was moved because of the huge surf. Neil Cordy, Ten News. A boost for the Socceroos's World Cup campaign. Mark Viduka made a successful return from injury to score a goal in Middlesbrough's UEFA Cup semi-final win over Stower-Bucharest. Middlesbrough were up against it trailing 2-0 after this goal from Doran Goian in the 24th minute.

But the home-side made a stunning comeback - a Viduka pass helped set up their first goal. Then the Aussie netted one of his own, as Middlesbrough scored four unanswered goals. The 4-2 win secured Middlesbrough's first UEFA Cup final berth. They'll play either Seville or Schalka next month. Australia have just 125 runs to chase for a one-day cricket series sweep of Bangladesh. Ricky Ponting, Brett Lee and Nathan Bracken were rested,

but the side didn't miss a beat. They skittled the local batsmen with more than seven overs to spare. With Ricky Ponting on twelfth-man duties, Adam Gilchrist was leading a very inexperienced Aussie squad. Fve players with less than 10 matches under their belt. Mitchell Johnson taking Lee's place and just as effective with the new ball. Dorey off target to begin with, but once he found his stride,

the Tigers' top order were floundering again. COMMENTATOR: That's a big nick. He's got him. That's the one he was looking for. Lee helping Johnson keep his cool, while Ponting couldn't contain his captaincy instincts.

Bangladesh only rarely beating the field - Ashraful unable to steer this one away from Cullen. And that's a soft dismissal. It was shaping up as another lone hand for Bangladeshi skipper Habibul Bashar - Saleh and Kapali throwing away their wickets. Well, that could be straight down midwicket's throat. And it is. Before the captain capitulated with a rash shot of his own. Cullen chimed in for his first international one-day wicket. Number two brought a close to a very sorry batting effort by the locals. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Golfer Stuart Appleby has continued his good form in the US sitting in second place after the first round of the Zurich Classic in New Orleans. The Aussie fired a 7-under par 65 to trail Irish leader Graeme McDowell by one shot. Padraig Harrington is at 2-under going into the second round but it would have been more smiles if this had dropped. COMMENTATOR: Oh - go in! Great shot by Aaron Baddeley.

Fellow Aussie Aaron Baddeley also had a solid start carding a 3-under round of 69. Australian surfer Melanie Redman-Carr has extended her perfect start to the season winning the Roxy Pro in Fiji. The famous Cloudbreak reef produced some of the best conditions ever seen in women's tour history.

Rochelle Ballard's effort on this 3m wave one of the highlights of the day. Redman-Carr won an all-Aussie final against Layne Beachley making it two wins from two events this year. Like I said, it just felt like all the elements are combining in my favour. And I'm just taking 'em as they come. Six-time world champion Beachley finishing runner-up to Redman-Carr for the second event in a row. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Hawkesbury tomorrow. And of course, a round-up of all the footy, the cricket and more in Sports Tonight in the Late News.

Waratahs playing the Highlanders

about 15 minutes in in Dunedin. So

far 0-0. Thank you. Vic Lorusso

hovering over Neutral Bay at the

moment. A busy run towards the

northern beaches from Crows Nest. A

sea of headlights for traffic

proceeding to Spit Road. Just heavy

proceeding to Spit Road. Just heavy peak-hour traffic for a Friday.

Motorists are leading toward the

south-west - major problems for the

M5 and Campbelltown Road this M5 and Campbelltown Road this evening. Thank you. Tim Bailey's next with the all-important weekend weather. And some accident-prone penguins finally released into the wild. TRUCK ENGINE ROARS, GEARS CRUNCH 'AMAZING' BY ALEX LLOYD PLAYS MAN: A six-speed auto on the all-wheel drive, and Acutrac for car-like handling. With Ford Territory, you'll never feel like you're driving a truck. We understand it's only natural for a dog to fetch stuff. and roll in you-don't-want-to-know-what. So we made new Pedigree Natural with no artificial colours or flavours added. like fresh chicken, Australian rice, vegies, It keeps your dog healthy ..whatever that was.

Time for all the weather details

now. After a week in the bush, the

closest Tim Bailey came to wattler

week was a Mexican waval. He's

back in the big, deep blue this

evening. Indeed, I got my feet on

the sand. Ironically today, a big

swell came up around about eight ft.

There's a prof surfing event at

There's a prof surfing event at Narrabeen. It was postponed because

the waves were too big. A pro

surfer for this weekend, then he's

joining Network Ten as a sound

recordest. It was pretty hairy out

there, mate. It was a solid 6-foot.

They had to canctle because the

tide was getting low and it was tide was getting low and it was

going to be too hard for

competitors. Name some of the boys

on display this weekend. Hedgy and

Phil McDonald and Tommy Whitaker

and they flew back from Tahiti to

and they flew back from Tahiti to

give it a boost and make it bigger

for next year. Terrific. Before the

waves, look at this head - this is

what can happen on -- head for a

pro surfer. A fin chop right across

the noggin there. Welcome to pro

surfing. Sports-wise, the Swans

take on Geelong at that

controversial Telstra staid. --

Telstra Stadium. Watch it on the 10

network at 7:10. Thank you to

everybody at Orange and Dubbo who

totally destroyed Tim Bailey and

his crew for the last five days

across western NSW. I am spent, I

am broken on your television, folks,

but I had an absolute ball. Get to

those two fine towns if you get a

chance. Weatherwise, we're checking

out a fabulous Friday overlooking

Saturday and Sunday. Two of my

favourite words. Looks like an

early shower and 23 tomorrow.

Sunday, a bit more blue sky into

the equation. Into your backyard on

a fabulous Friday, and it looks a

bit like this:

Satellite - extensive cloud

spreading over western Queensland

ahead of a trough is generating

widespread rain. Cloud over western

NSW, Victoria and South Australia

circyltding around a low is causing

areas of rain. Tomorrow's weather

map - it has to dish up a

good-looking Saturday and Sunday. High moisture and instability

levels will result in heavy showers

and storms across the north. An

upper trough will combine with

southerly winds to cause showers

and isolated storms in southern WA

and western SA. The business of the

brolly - light rain contracting to

eastern NSW tomorrow. On Sunday, a

trough will interact with tropical moisture to cause

moisture to cause rain and storms

across north-eastern Queensland NSW.

Nice to have you joining the sound

recording team. Good luck this

weekend. We finish with Dubbo and

Orange. If you live in the Hunter

Valley, look out - Bailey will be

at Hanging Tree wines up in the

Hunter this weekend. Come and say

hello at the homestead. It's got

trouble ton with a capital 'T'.

Look forward to see areing you in the Hunter. Interstate:

From the small weather man and the

brand-new, newest member of the

first at 5:00 news team, Stevie

Clemens, see you on Monday. Thank

you, Tim. It's a proud day for handlers at Taronga Zoo. After months of gruelling rehabilitation, staff have released four Little Penguins back into the wild. Bluey, Sleek, Bubs and Marilyn were treated for puncture wounds and malnutrition after being involved in various accidents. Despite their recent injuries, the birds easily negotiated the rough surf, taking to their old home like penguins to water. Tofrptly,

Unfortunately, most of those

injuries came from dogs, which is a

real problem. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News is our next bulletin after 'Big Brother Up Late'. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.