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(generated from captions) extension 456. WOMAN ON PA: Dr Max, Dr Caspary. Has Bridget Marone checked in yet? My contractions are starting. What happened? one in the car. She had a contraction in the house, Set up for a pelvic exam. cervical and vaginal cultures. I want a urine sample, It's way too early. Let's test for foetal fibronectin. we'll give you Brethine to delay it OK, if you are in labour, or an oxytocin inhibitor. to develop. Her lungs haven't had time Don't get ahead of yourself. No! No, Doctor... you need to calm down. Bridget, Bridget, Bridget, Bridget, Calm down honey. that we do everything we can. What I need is to make sure the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the horrific body blunder - blasts the PM the widow of Private Jake Kovco after being sent the wrong remains. braced for the worst The Tasmanian town of Beaconsfield of one miner's body. after the discovery And an apology from the man images on his computer. caught with thousands of child porn Good evening. Also tonight - faces further punishment a Bulldogs star for high-range drink driving. for Timorese baby Maria, And a life-saving operation in her heart. Sydney surgeons repairing a hole But first tonight -

of Beaconsfield the small Tasmanian community is braced for the worst the body of one of three men after a robotic camera discovered trapped in a gold mine. for the other two miners. Rescuers hold grave fears around the mine entrance, As tarpaulin screens were placed hopes for a miracle faded delivered the terrible news. and then the mine manager found during the rescue process At 7:22 this morning one body was at the Beaconsfield mine site. who the deceased is. It is currently not known remote-controlled digger and camera. The man's body was found using a Father of three Todd Russell Brant Webb and Larry Knight, and two colleagues, gold mine Tuesday night were trapped in the Beaconsfield when a section of the mine collapsed. as the search continues. The town preparing for more sad news devastated at the results, The community is absolutely or likely results of the rock fall. around the families affected, As the town rallies mine for not keeping them informed. it there's growing anger towards the We could do with more info. Everybody could. driving them crazy. The waiting must be who offer support. Tributes, too, from friends in other mines. I've been through the situation Never nice. about the safety of the mine. More concerns were also raised He's not allowed back there. It's just not safe enough.

It hasn't been for a long time. has met unions The Tasmanian Government after meeting family members. which demanded a full inquiry We're not gonna give up hope. and it's just - They're not giving up hope

frankly, it's just devastating. James Wakelin, Ten News. from the Bulldogs star An apology today caught drink-driving on Anzac Day. from the team Reni Maitua has been dumped from the club. and faces further punishment Facing the media alone with club officials, after a 2-hour meeting Reni Maitua was offering no excuses. I realise I'm a role model to kids, and I've stuffed up. and to any young people out there, for what I've done. Basically I'm really apologetic with friends, including team-mates, The 23-year-old had been drinking

when he was pulled over in Cronulla. Maitua registered a high-range 0.165, A P-plate driver, police stripping him of his licence. played a bit of two-up, Anzac Day, had a few drinks, decision to get behind the wheel. and, you know,made the silly been in trouble with the law. It's not the first time Maitua's He was last in court 18 months ago, against an assault conviction successfully appealing

and off-duty police over a brawl between the Bra Boys at the Coogee-Randwick RSL. The Bulldogs are angry of the incident straight away Maitua didn't tell them this morning, two days later, the club only finding out drink-driving charge went public. when news of Maitua's they got wind of it first Unfortunately,

to them. before I could say something I was going to do this afternoon But it was definitely something after training. but Maitua's manager, Gavin Orr, The Bulldogs won't comment, to terminate his client's contract. insists the club did not threaten just throwing the book at him I think and marching them out of the club or ripping his contractup is not the answer. Let's make them better people. Sutherland Local Court next month. Maitua will face Adam Hawse, Ten News. An extraordinary apology to child pornography charges. from a man who pleaded guilty

of little girls on his home computer, He had thousands of images his father blaming the internet. tried to hide his face Clearly ashamed, Matthew Tarnawskyj but he wanted to say sorry. as he left court in Newcastle, Ashamed, I'm scared, a better person out of this. I'm going to try and become

continued after admitting The 30-year-old had his bail sickening child pornography images he had downloaded the 5,000 police found on his home computer. the student told police Court documents reveal aged between 4 and 8. he was sexually interested in girls Australians arrested in March The Newcastle man was one of four an international child porn ring when Canadian police busted on the Internet. and Europe. There were also arrests in America claims his son is also a victim Tarnawskyj's father, Stephen, of the Internet as a lonely adult. of a paedophile as a schoolboy and but Matthew is a victim. I can't excuse Matthew's actions he's a victim of technology He's a victim of society, and that was his only escape. Why did I do it? and loneliness and all that. Probably because of frustration

Please get in the car, mate. strict bail conditions, Among Tarnawskyj's a ban on him using the Internet. within 200m of any school He's also forbidden from going or anywhere else where children might gather. He'll be sentenced in June. Tarnawskyj will stay at his grandparents' home

Matthew's circumstances, his isolation led him to getting caught up in it and all that I can say is look, please, if you're a parent - watch what your children are doing. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Five members of the Bali Nine have had big reductions to their life sentences on appeal.

Renee Lawrence, Michael Czugaj, Matthew Norman, Si Yi Chen, and Tan Nguyen will now serve 20 years jail for their roles in trying to smuggle over 8kg of heroin into Australia, Si Yi Chen, and Tan Nguyen will now serve 20 years jail for their roles in trying to smuggle over 8kg of heroin into Australia, the Bali High Court finding the five were only couriers, acting on orders from ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, who've been sentenced to death. But Martin Stephens lost his appeal against a life term, while Scott Rush didn't challenge his sentence. The widow of Private Jake Kovco has given the PM an earful over the blunder that left her husband's body behind in Kuwait. The remains of another person were brought to Australia in his place, delivering a double blow to his grieving family. That's it, we've had enough. Judith Kovco lashes out at the army after another cruel blow. First the death of her son, now the loss of his body. Her daughter-in-law arrived home with her two young children but no husband.

Soldiers left outside to guard her grief and privacy. Part of the Australian Security Detachment in Baghdad, 25-year-old Private Jake Kovco was killed in a shooting accident last week. Family and friends had earlier gone to Melbourne Airport to meet his body. But in an appalling blunder, the wrong one was flown to Australia. It's an absolute disgrace, them losing the coffin. The Government and the army should be ashamed of themselves. On behalf of the Government, we are desperately sorry for what occurred. I can tell you one thing - if I have anything to do with it, it will never happen again.

I can tell you one thing - if I

have anything to do with it, it

will never occur again. Will you

look at labelling - They were angry

and they dished it out to me and to

the chief of army, and I don'tent

-- don't blame them.

When Defence Minister Brendan Nelson broke the news to the family, all hell reportedly broke loose.

All of them, great people. And they

were angry and they dished it out

to me and to the chief of army, and

I don't blame them.

The Prime Minister woken so Private Kovco's widow could speak with him. She refused the offer of a flight to Kuwait where her husband's body still lies. She was distressed, angry, and all of that's understandable. Only yesterday, a heartfelt plea for help.

As I said, until I get him home, I

don't know. Private Kovco's mates' children and flowers all sent as support.

While his remains have been located, Private Kovko's final journey couldn't begin today

because of a religious holiday in Kuwait. It's now expected home early on Saturday morning. Christopher Still, Ten News. Embarrassed Defence Force chiefs have announced an immediate inquiry into the fiasco. Three formal investigations are now under way into the soldier's tragic death as confusion mounts over the circumstances.

There is no doubt the mortal remains of Private Jake Kovco left Baghdad on a RAAF Hercules and with military honours. In Kuwait it was handed over to Kenyon International, a private company with a proven reputation. The Defence Force Chief had no qualms

assuring his minister Brendan Nelson, about the arrangement. I became aware of the fact that we were planning along those lines last weekend and I informed the minister. But the minister now says he doesn't understand why a military aircraft wasn't used. I have learned a lot in the last 12 hours about how Australia's repatriation system works. Red-faced, Air Marshal Houston has ordered an immediate inquiry into the shocking bungle. A senior officer and a civilian pathologist will be asking the questions. Never again must circumstances occur

where our honoured dead are brought home by anyone other than the services for whom they fought. The RSL agrees. The Australians who lost their lives in Vietnam were flown back home on a military airplane and escorted by a military guard.

And there's confusion over just how Jake Kovco died. The Defence Minister has changed his story from the weekend,

raising even more questions about the tragedy. Information I now have is that he wasn't in fact cleaning his weapon. It was near him, in his vicinity and he made some kind of movement which suggests that it discharged. The Defence Chief refuses to add to the speculation. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A tiny East Timorese girl has undergone life-saving surgery in Sydney to repair a hole in her heart. Nervous mum watched as baby Maria Soares was put under anaesthetic

in preparation for the delicate surgery. It's all gone extremely smoothly. The lines have gone in very easily, so that's all gone really well,

and, for a small child, that can be very challenging. Surgeons at the Sydney Children's Hospital donated their time to perform the 5-hour operation. The heart surgery was a success, but two month old Maria now faces a tense 48 hours as doctors monitor her recovery. If all goes to plan, Maria could return to East Timor in just over a week. at what's ahead in sport - Tim Webster joins us with a look at Telstra Stadium tonight. and the Swans aren't training a last-minute hitch - No, there's been Swans Coach Paul Roos Mark Thompson and his Geelong counterpart arrived at Telstra Stadium re-turfing was still continuing. only to find out the emergency More on that a little later. in New Zealand continues, And the Waratahs wild detour in an old-fashioned training run. the NSW side getting physical charge for the Bulldogs Reni Maitua. Also coming up - a drink-driving for our cricketers. And some work to do See you soon. into oil companies Pressure for an investigation

as fuel prices soar - that's next. who cultivated a marijuana crop. Plus - the camera-shy pensioner at Australian Fashion Week And the swimwear looking fabulous but can you get it in your size? You never know just who SONG: # Anyone could win it everywhere... # # There's Lotto winners # It really could be you (All shout delightedly) You know just what to do # The big red ball could find you

You know it could be you # Get your lucky Lotto numbers in # 'Cause it's the big red ball that makes dreams come true # The big red ball # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. #

Da Vinci's most famous portrait Crack the code behind for a chance to instantly win: Bingo Scratchie. The new $3 'Da Vinci Code' It'll put a smile on your face. This program is captioned live. motorcycle gang Rodney Monk Slain president of the Bandidos by friends and family. has been laid to rest paid their last respects Hundreds of mourners to the 31-year-old Bandidos leader also joining Monk's mates. with members of rival gangs by fellow Bandido Russell Oldham Monk was gunned down

who is still being hunted by police, there'll be no further bloodshed. the Bandidos hoping right across the board. The violence has got to stop

The violence is of yesteryear. as something to start afresh. We got to look at this

of mourners to a private burial. Monk's coffin led the procession on the petrol front - More bad news tonight to have to live with fuel prices oil companies say we're just going around $1.40 a litre, the cost of basic foods will rise. the State Government warning is a courier sub-contractor. Ralph Lever prices are doing to his business. He has no-doubt what soaring petrol

They're basically killing me. Ralph, who operates in the CBD, in three years. has seen his fuel bill double With three children to support, to survive. he's left with a weekly struggle you know. You're always tossing and dividing,

or should I buy groceries? Should I buy toothpaste today or can I afford petrol next week? Should I buy meat with the State Government predicting That dilemma is set to intensify fruit and vegetable prices an imminent increase in retail meat,

Caltex, warning and Australia's biggest oil refiner, prices around a $1.40 a litre. motorists must get used to petrol

goes up, If prices of basic food stuffs

squeezed again. then families will be around that $1.40 a litre mark, With petrol prices still hovering the political pressure on Canberra. the State Government is stepping up allegations of collusion It wants the ACCC to investigate by the oil companies. and price-gouging

what small businesses see, What families see,

their price by the same amount is each of the oil companies moving on every corner at the same time. should end the petrol blame game The Opposition says the Government and do something positive, onto public transport such as encouraging more people train fare increases by dumping the proposed the Independent Pricing Authority. currently before up to 25% for off-peak travel. Particularly those increases the Government has quickly rejected. That's an idea Paul Mullins, Ten News. in the Cronulla riot revenge attacks Three men accused of being involved officially dropped in court. have had their cases no longer has to face charges 19-year old Ahmad el-Ahmad of being part of a violent mob. were also dropped against Ali Elskaf, Charges of riot and affray by the Enoggera Task Force. who was arrested in February In court, no evidence to convict his client. Elskaf's lawyer argued there was by Police Minister Carl Scully It follows yesterday's announcement that conviction was unlikely. A pensioner has admitted stash with his friends at parties. sharing his home-grown marijuana as he left a Newcastle court Clifford Bashford lashed out on a suspended 3-month sentence. to supplying cannabis, sir. Hey, hey - you pleaded guilty to having 3kg of cannabis, The 62-year old pleaded guilty a sophisticated hydroponic set-up. which he grew with the drug to help his back pain. Bashford told the court he used into the minds of Muslim extremists A revealing insight at a Sydney terror trial, from a key witness encouraging many the September 11 attacks their adopted homelands. to take up arms against the first prosecution witness Just after dawn, Faheem Lodhi at the trial of Sydney architect from the US. gave evidence via a video-link described Indonesian-born Kong Ki Kwon to Islam how he and his fellow converts in the wake of September 11, wanted to help Muslim nations soldiers from their adopted homelands even if that meant fighting against in the West. moved to Pakistan So, he and a group of friends and trained with Lashkar-e-Toiba, rifles and rocket propelled grenades learning the intracacies of assault in Afghanistan. to use against US forces Their convictions only wavered was on their tail, when they realised the FBI up to 138 years on terrorism charges. threatening to jail them for about his involvement Kwon's solution was to lie until the truth was exposed. to help his Muslim brothers In the end, Kwon's mission than his own freedom, was worth less to him involvement at terrorist camps trading in his secrets about their for a drastically reduced jail term. didn't name Faheem Lodhi, Kwon's evidence

he met at the training camps but he did describe a Frenchman which the defence believes was Willie Brigitte, his testimony providing insight into the workings of LET and the keen involvement of Western Muslims after September 11. It also exposed Brigitte's alleged terrorist connection two years before coming to Australia and making contact with Lodhi.

Amber Muir, Ten News.


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again in around about 10. A security scare at Auburn Hospital, next - a gunman entering the maternity ward. And there's nowhere to hide for Aussies in Hollywood as America celebrates a special day. Do you have NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance? Well, if you don't, I'm sorry, I've got some bad news for you. You see, you could be missing out on rewards that many of our customers enjoy, because no other major insurer in the ACT rewards you in all of these ways. For starters, our customers are rewarded with a loyalty discount of up to 20% the longer they stay with us. Not something most insurers offer, I'm afraid. And by combining their comprehensive car and home insurance with us,

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Time to check on the traffic now

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. It's not often

we get to visit Tempe in the evenings. Unfortunately,

pear-shaped tonight. After a broken

down bus was sitting at the

intersection, take a look at the

traffic delays southbounders are

going through this oovening. That

continues toward the CBD. There is

some relief past rockdle. More of

Sydney's traffic just after sport

with Deb. Thank you. A security scare at a Sydney hospital when a man pulled a gun in a maternity ward. Auburn Hospital was locked down with police setting up a perimeter in surrounding streets as they hunted the gunman. The suspect was visiting his girlfriend and threatened a security guard who tried to intervene when the couple started arguing. The security cordon was lifted after police checked security vision

had left the hospital. to confirm the gunman He's still on the run. No-one was hurt during the incident. at the wheat-for-weapons inquiry Heated argument tried to influence its finding. over whether the Prime Minister But Mr Howard is off the hook - simply part of the political debate. his comments ruled and an unusual protest - The last days of the AWB hearings not about wheat sales. demonstrated in the cold These scantily clad women of cattle and sheep. against the live export under attack inside the inquiry. But it was the Prime Minister calling on the commission Lawyers for two AWB executives over comments he made to the media to take action against Mr Howard at the inquiry. following his appearance that AWB was corrupt until 2005. At no stage did it enter my mind

assumed AWB was guilty The comments, they claimed, independence into question. and called the commission's was plainly deceived by AWB. The Government was systematically deceived. I think DFAT rejected the claim, But commissioner Terrence Cole debated publicly for several months saying the AWB scandal had been to engage in that political debate. and PM John Howard had every right outside the inquiry Mr Cole insisted the PM's comments

in his deliberations, would play no part

from Opposition Leader Kim Beazley nor would comments

Kevin Rudd. and Shadow Foreign Minister Mr Cole also rejected claims Meanwhile, made on the SBS 'Dateline' program that a statement taken from the man

to the Iraqi Government, who channelled bribes Othman al-Absi, Jordanian trucking boss by a commission solicitor had been doctored to remove links to Austrade. John Hill, Ten News. by bomb attacks Egypt has again been rocked a strange but lucrative venture Hugging Australians has become

for a US businessman. 'Hug an Australian Dayh He's declared today more than they bargained for. and unsuspecting Aussies are getting Australians and Americans embraced. It was a day Welcome to Hollywood. Happy Hug an Aussie Day. It was Hug an Australian Day. I feel good now. our Federal Communications Minister And so did from a Hollywood heavyweight. after a cuddle I think it is a great idea. Hug an Australian Day. I think every day should be For would-be huggers, guidelines the Australian Consul-General issued such as "grip at your own risk", especially if alcohol is involved. Alcohol - that sounds true. about celebrating Australians. The only problem, the day isn't just

there is a fast buck to be made. Like everything in the US, of Hug an Australian Day The American founder

to an American greeting card company. has sold the rights on the Internet Look up "Hug an Australian Day"

an e-card. and this is what you get - 'WALTZING MATILDA' PLAYS created and copyrighted the day American businessman Thomas Roy 18 years ago, like No Housework Day along with other gems and No Socks Day. in America. It's Hug an Australian Day Have you ever heard of that day? Absolutely not. Are you serious? I wouldn't be a bit surprised. He won't say how much he's making our good relations with America. by cashing in not for profit. I think you should hug for free, our New Zealand friends are doing. And that's exactly what A Kiwi hugging an Aussie - oooh! Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the US, the power of illusion Magician David Copperfield has used

to escape a mugging. confronted by four armed teens. Copperfield and two assistants were

their wallets, While the others handed over his belongings, Copperfield magically hid pockets which appeared to be empty. revealing the reverse side of his

is what I do every day, Doing magic under pressure West Palm Beach police department. but the real heroes are the number plate and called police. He memorised the criminals' and charged with armed robbery. The teens have been arrested that's next. Fuel prices push airfares up again - survivors share their stories Also, returning to Port Arthur - 10-year anniversary. on the eve of the massacre's come in realistic sizes? And do the outfits at Fashion Week. We'll check out the swimwear

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Tonight's major stories - has given the PM an earful the widow of Private Jake Kovco husband's body behind in Kuwait. over the blunder that left her brought to Australia in his place, The remains of another person were to his grieving family. delivering a double blow A robotic camera finds the body a gold mine in northern Tasmania. of one of three men trapped in is now braced for the worst, The community of Beaconsfield for the other two miners. rescuers holding grave fears An extraordinary apology to child pornography charges. from a man who pleaded guilty He had thousands of images of little girls on his home computer, his father blaming the Internet. Survivors of the Port Arthur massacre are gathering in Tasmania

to mark the 10th anniversary of the horrific crime. They'll be joined by relatives of the 35 who died at ceremony attended by the Prime Minister and Governor-General. Behind Port Arthur's beauty are the scars inflicted by its tragic past. Every day, visitors reflect on its history as a cruel convict colony. Tomorrow they'll pause to remember the evil act of a lone gunman

10 years ago. There's been a lot that's happened in that time, but I think now we move on.

Adelaide's Ron Neander and wife Gwen were in the Broad Arrow Cafe when Martin Bryant opened fire - Gwen among the 35 who died. Mr Neander's new wife, Lily, has helped him escape a near-decade of darkness. It was the first time, in her company, that I was able to cry. Tomorrow's commemoration service will focus on looking forward. Keith Moulton lost his daughter Nanette and granddaughters Alannah and Madeleine. I'm coping with it. I've built my life around the fact of what happened, the loss of the girls, and we're doing pretty well, as good as expected. We'll keep going and hope to improve. Some of those who lost family and friends in the massacre here at Port Arthur

have found it too painful to return until now. Melbourne's Natalie Smith felt she couldn't return. A decision to leave the cafe just as Bryant walked in, sparing her life, which she's since devoted to helping leprosy sufferers in Africa. I'm just really grateful that it wasn't my time that day. Other survivors aren't returning because they never left. It's not the place, it's just, yeah, it's not the place that caused this.

In Port Arthur, Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. It's not just motorists feeling the pain of soaring fuel prices. From next Friday, passengers on Qantas domestic flights will have to pay $5 more, while those travelling to New Zealand will be slugged an extra $10. The fuel surcharge on the carrier's other international flights will rise by $23.

Singapore Airlines will also raise fares on its Asian routes by about $13. The airlines blame the levy hike on high crude oil and jet fuel prices. A weaker close for the local share market this afternoon. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities - and new evidence we're feeling a whole lot better about our finances.

Yes, Ron. It comes from a survey

from Ipac. They found that 76 of us

are feeling financially secure at

the moment. That's well up from a

reading of 43% a year ago. A key

reason why we're feeling so much

better off is because of the

strength of the job market. Higher

job security and higher income. It

also has a lot to do with the

strength of the share market -

those superstrong gains over the

last 12 months. Thank you.

Sizzling swimwear has taken centre stage

at day two of Australian Fashion Week. But the slim-sized models have many asking how will the clothes look on the rest of the us? It isn't a spring-summer show without swimwear, and Zimmermann's designs had it covered - or uncovered as the case may be. One designer really out to razzle dazzle is Alannah Hill, who began her collection with a bikini-clad hula hooper. Her frocks featuring an explosion of colour, with flowers, feathers and some delicately beaded numbers.

The highlight - her first couture collection.

They're like very expensive - like very, very expensive - and I'm quite proud of that.

Members of the public aren't welcome here at Fashion Week. Instead, the whole extravaganza is put on for the benefit of the media, buyers and members of the industry - off the catwalk which means some of the fashions as those on show. are just as interesting The queues before each show who's wearing what. providing a chance to check out Imagination the only limitation - the value of a good accessory. even the very young know At the start of the Bare show,

what Miss Universe had on many were checking out to a catwalk before turning their eyes that had been turned into Route 66. on the models, While all the gear looks great what buyers want to know their customers can actually wear. is if it comes in sizes their clothes bigger than a size 12. Some Australian brands refuse to make to embrace real figures. Others are happy I do have women that are sexy. Hey, myself, I'm quite buxom - when you're trying to say fat - that's putting it nicely and I like to wear my clothes, to say, so I think it's almost unfair of me if you're up to size 14-plus, "Oh, sorry,

"it's all over, range rovers." Angela Bishop, Ten News.

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Orange in a sentence, why should

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amenities of a great regional city.

Beautiful. And this bloke is a

used-car dealer, isn't it, ladies

and gentlemen? A proud used-car dealer!

Orange - the place that has a mayor

that's a proud used-car dealer.

More at five to 6:00. with all the day's sport - Tim Webster could be fighting for a new contract. and the Bulldogs' Reni Maitua of contract talks - more shortly. Yes, his DUI comes in the middle in resurfacing Telstra Stadium. Plus - the Swans caught by delays Also - counting the weeks out

at the stadium. for the Bulldog who slipped up for the Aussie cricketers. And a series clean sweep

BRAKES SQUEAL, TRUCK HORNS TOOT OK. Come on, kids. Let's go. on the all-wheel drive, MAN: A six-speed auto and Acutrac for car-like handling. Yep. Nice rig. With Ford Territory, you're driving a truck. you'll never feel like in our news, As you may have seen earlier Reni Maitua the Bulldogs have dropped five-eighth against the Warriors for Sunday's game with drink-driving after he was charged to save his future at Belmore. and he's now fighting drink-driving charge The timing of Reni Maitua's couldn't be worse, a new contract for 2007. the star pivot trying to negotiate I don't think it's the time or place straight away. to talk to him about negotiations for Reni to establish himself I think we've just got to wait we know that he is. as the quality player Andrew Emilio, Bad news also for Maitua's team-mate the Bulldogs' centre a victim playing surface. of the controversial Telstra Stadium this weekend He's not only out of the team to play and will be out for 10 weeks. but needs knee surgery terrible, but that's footy you know. Last week, the ground was pretty and slipped, so. I just went to step,

On match payments only, financially as well as physically. Emilio facing a tough time vowing not to be caught up Cronulla prop Ben Ross

tomorrow night. in his return to Penrith in the Test team. He's targeting a place

getting carried away, There's no chance of me just in for a good game to selectors and hopefully to prove something

for the Anzac game that I'm still a chance to fill in those spots. if they need anyone and house-mate Joel Clinton. Standing in his way, former team-mate He's their best forward in the pack, spot as well, and he's looking for that Australian between the two of us. It will be a good rivalry Adam Hawse, Ten News. Telstra stadium for training tonight, The Swans have been forced off of the playing surface continuing. with the returfing Neil Cordy joins us - Saturday night's match? and will Telstra still host Yes, thanks, Tim. here at Telstra Stadium The match will go ahead as scheduled on Saturday night in the last 48 hours. in spite of all the drama continuing to prepare the surface. You can see workmen behind me and into tomorrow They'll work through the night to get it in the best shape possible. a look at the surface this afternoon. Paul Roos and Mark Thompson both had training session The Cats will have their scheduled tomorrow night at 6:00, decided to cancel theirs but the Swans at the SCG. and are currently training in the opinions of the experts, Both coaches putting their faith on Saturday night. who say it will be safe by the AFL tomorrow morning at 9:00. I think there's an inspection but I don't think I'm qualified - I can't speak for 'Bomber',

I can't override anyone.

to be honest. I haven't got an opinion either way, we've chosen not to train on it All I can say is tonight to get it ready for Saturday night. to give them an opportunity consultants say it's ready to go, We're of the opinion that if the AFL we'll play. then we won't stand in their way - We'll back their judgment. will be the first at this venue So the match on Saturday night for the Cats, was in that amazing semifinal remembering the last time they played at the SCG last September and the win. when Nick Davis stole the show for the Swans' fans, And unfortunately with a hamstring strain. Nick is out of action this afternoon. He didn't train at the SCG

by veteran Paul Williams in the team. He'll be replaced almost certainly is half as good as that one, Tim, if this match on Saturday night it should be a beauty. The Waratah's have finally arrived safely in Dunedin a day late after bad weather forced an unexpected detour to Christchurch. They made the most of the crazy preparation, organising a cold, wet late and poorly lit training run. Coach Ewen Mckenzie saying sometimes it can be good for a side to fall out of their comfort zone. To come across mud and slush, it was very foreign. The guys certainly indulged and more than one player ended up face first in the puddles.

So it was a bit unusual, but it took me back about 20 years. Lock Al Kanaar the only casualty, but after quick treatment, he returned to finish the session. Despite a series victory over Bangladesh,

Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting says our one-day side need to address their batting collapses prior to next year's World Cup. The bowlers were up to the task last night. They made easy work of the locals

after Andrew Symonds's composed century. From the opening over, Brett Lee had the Bangladeshi batsmen on the backfoot. COMMENTATOR: Australia strike with the second ball. Nathan Bracken quick to join in on the action, removing Saleh with his first ball, Tushar Imran following soon after. Another wicket goes down for Bangladesh. This innings is disintegrating very quickly for them. Australia unable to make the quick kill though, skipper Habibul Bashar leading the local resistance on his way to a dogged half century.

Another dubious third umpire decision denied the Aussies their fifth wicket. No demonstrations from Ponting this time. Instead he turned to part-time bowler Michael Clarke for the breakthrough.

Up in the air and, yes, he's gone. And when Rafique spooned this gift to Lee, the rout was on. The home town fans' lack of faith in their side's lower order proved correct as Brad Hogg mopped up the tail. The last three wickets falling for for just 24 runs. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Barcelona will play Arsenal for the Champions League crown after advancing to the final with a scoreless draw against AC Milan. Milan's Shevchenko came closest to breaking the deadlock. His second-half goal disallowed for pushing a Barcelona defender. The Spanish giants progressed on aggregate after winning the opening leg 1-nil. In the English Premier League, it was a dress rehearsal between next month's FA Cup finalists Liverpool and West Ham. Liverpool winning 2-1. COMMENTATOR: Cisse gets his second goal. Liverpool go in front again, nine minutes into the second half. It was a spiteful end to the game with Hayden Mullins and Luis Garcia sent off for violent conduct. And later in Sports Tonight -

the lengths the government is going to to allow sports drug cheats to be dobbed in anonymously.

Thank you, Tim. Another look at the

traffic with Vic Lorusso. Vic, I

think late-night shopping could

have something to do with the heavy

traffic on Victoria Road. Pretty

much not going anywhere by our live

pictures from the helicopter at the

moment. Victoria Road is jam-packed.

moment. Victoria Road is jam-packed. Unfortunately, these traffic delays

head all the way into Parramatta

from Ermington. A good 5-10 minutes

extra for motorists this evening.

Also issues at Penrith after an

accident - the M4 slow. Thank you.

Tim Bailey is back after the break with all the weather details.

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, I have a great fondness

for the people of Orange - it has

many members of the Australian Cardigan-Wearers' Association. I

hadn't thought of that one, Ron.

You'd fit in here - I met one

person on this tour who wants to

basically say hello to you. Hi, Ron.

Love you. Love you back! Love you

back, of course he loves you back -

he's got you and his wife and

absolutely no-one else! Ladies and

gentlemen, we are in Orange, a

brilliant city in western NSW.

We've just written it a new song.

This is Pat and Kelly on your telly.

Two, three, four...

# You should come to Orange #

# Come down our way

# It's a coloured city

# Come and stay

# Come and stay

# You should come to

# You should come to Orrr-aaaange.

Ladies and gentlemen, Pat and Kelly.

A God bless both of you! Here's the

mayor. Bear with me. He is a

used-car salesman. He's the mayor

of this fine town. You used to be

the mayor down the track for about

16 years. John Davis, ladies and

gentlemen. Tell us a bit about the

wineries. Cool-climate winds, about

a 10-year plan and it's starting to

hit the dartboard. In the last 10

years, there has been a lot of

acreage into world-class wines.

They're now starting to mature and

it's a great industry and we're

starting to be better recognised

throughout the world. You're 3.5

hours to Sydney and Canberra. Good

place. Good medical facilities, and

place. Good medical facilities, and

a new hospital is about to be built.

You'll get the only Ronald McDonald

house in all of western NSW. Round

of applause for that. CHEERING AND

APPLAUSE We've got to raise $1.5

million. If ever you see Ronald

McDonald in a house and Orange in

the same sentence, make make sure

you give generously. If you're on

holidays and driving around this

great state of ours, make sure you

pop in and see the only used-car

salesman who happens to be members

of this fine town. And the new

of this fine town. And the new tourist attraction - the only

person in NSW who loves Ron Wilson.

And he's not as short as you said!

We sneaked that in as well as the

travellogue, folks. 23 degrees

tomorrow - the best thing is it's

fried Friday. We love that talk.

Could be the odd shower and some

plenty of blew Blue sky to go with

it. A weekend forecast in a second.

Satellite - widespread cloud over

the NT is forming ahead of a

low-pressure trough and generating

heavy rain. Cloud across South

Australia causing rain in the west.

High jet stream cloud over NSW. A

low-pressure trough will take rain

from the NT to western Queensland.

Rain to western NSW as well

tomorrow. CHEERING That rain word,

you can't say it enough here.

Predicted precipitation - tomorrow

- patchy rain for western NSW,

mainly in the lower west. By

Saturday, a low-pressure trough

will cause patchy rain over eastern

NSW, the Queensland interior and

the tropics. Got to thank duby city

council. Must thank Orange city

council. I have had the best week

out in western NSW. I suggest you

do exactly that - get in your car

and come out and see some of the

best people, the best attractions,

and some of the best inland towns

that Australia has to see. Let's go interstate:

I'll throw in the fact it's Friday tomorrow!

That's it from the central-west.

Wave goodbye, Orange. Thanks for

having us. And Ronnie, I'll bring

her home for you! Thank you, Orange. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News and Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. RAUNCHY ROCK RIFF PLAYS What's on the box is proudly brought to you by what's in the box with the dots. SONG: # Domino's! # D'OHH! ( SCREAMS ) ANNOUNCER: WE NOW RETURN TO OUR 48-HOUR ITCHY & SCRATCHY DIAMOND JUBILEE MARATHON-- CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF RIB-TICKLING BRUTALITY AND HILARIOUS ATROCITIES. # THE ITCHY & SCRATCHY SHOW. #