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(generated from captions) I love you, Brooke. and I want you in my life. I love you I want you back in my life. I want you now. (Whispers) I said don't. Don't do this to me. Please just leave me alone. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - at the wheat scandal inquiry, the PM's historic appearance of kickback warnings. denying any knowledge of three schoolboys at Double Bay. A bizarre explanation for the bashing take their toll on holiday travel. And soaring petrol prices

Good evening. the wheat-for-weapons inquiry, The Prime Minister has fronted damning evidence of kickbacks insisting he never saw to Saddam Hussein. the Cole commission Mr Howard has told that AWB would behave corruptly. it never entered his mind a sneaky side entrance. Not for John Howard inquiry and through the front door. The Prime Minister walked to the is open, transparent and accountable. Proof, he says, his government Howard, you're a liar! were given a fright Police and security at the entrance after the PM entered. as a refugee rights protester ran

a spectacle Ian Rintoul came to create and was arrested for his trouble. PROTESTERS YELL tell the whole truth and nothing but. In a firm voice, Mr Howard swore to His belief - of AWB's kickbacks to Saddam Hussein. he was never shown cables warning

manipulated He has cruelly and cynically oil-for-food program the United Nations enter my mind that AWB was corrupt. It's just that at no stage did it memory failed him only once. Unlike his ministers, Mr Howard's he was strong in his belief On the stand AWB's sanction busting that he had never been told about after the UN's Volcker report and he only learned of it last year. after just one hour of questioning Mr Howard left the commission by counsel assisting John Agius. to cross-examine him. No other lawyer was permitted

Labor claims it's a fix. Howard gave him a term of reference, cross-examined at any great length. which meant that Howard wouldn't be 23 legal experts agree. of Mr Beazley and Mr Rudd, This business coming out is nonsense. with respect to 23 lawyers, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A bizarre explanation of bashing three Sydney schoolboys. from one of the teenagers accused He says he tripped over a hedge, of the victims with an iron bar. accidentally hitting one They handed themselves into police,

and Lachlan Purkis say but Billy Wijaya teenagers in a Double Bay park they never tried to attack three last Tuesday night.

bashed the Scots College students Police claim the pair with an iron bar, with head injuries. leaving two of the boys in hospital remains in a coma. One of the victims aged 17 Police allege the attack between the groups at a nearby ATM. followed an earlier confrontation In front of their families, have today applied for bail, the 18-year-olds in self defence, saying they had acted by the schoolboys with beer bottles. claiming they were attacked he found the iron bar in the park The court has been told Wijaya says to help break up the fight and was only trying and fell, when he tripped on a small hedge in the back of the head. accidentally hitting the 17-year-old he acted in self defence Purkis also claims one of the alleged victims when he had to kick who later picked up the iron bar. He's been granted bail was judged by the magistrate because his involvement to be significantly less. But Wijaya will remain behind bars. bitterly disappointed. His parents leaving court supreme court in a bid to win bail. Billy Wijaya will now go to the consideration needs to be given His lawyer believes better to his clients view that his actions and self defence. were both an accident

fully aware of the facts The public should be made prior to making up their mind. matter will come out in due course. What's occurred, the facts of the James Boyce, Ten News. of his life A man bashed within an inch during the Cronulla revenge attacks for the first time. has spoken publicly to help police catch the assailants. He's come forward in a last ditch bid father of one almost died. Five months ago, this Cronulla over my head. They broke a baseball bat from head to toe, I obviously had heavy bruises was black and blue for weeks afterwards. of the revenge attacks. It was the night were being torn apart. Sydney's southern suburbs to pieces. They're smashing the place His identity now protected, putting out the bins this resident was simply carloads of angry Middle Eastern men when he was set upon by several and calling him an Aussie dog. wielding iron bars, throwing bottles I will always be able to remember The one thing about the assault that was the hate in their eyes. in my life. I've never seen anything like that

and losing a lot of blood, His ribs and fingers broken, he blacked out momentarily.

and I fully expected to die. It just seems quite surreal to the Arab community He's joined police in appealing to dob in those who did it. in relation to this. We have very little to go on It was in the cover of darkness, a guerilla hit-and-run affair. it was very much hasn't given up yet. The riot strike force men, caught on highway patrol camera. It's also trying to locate these two on a police car. They're wanted over an attack arrested the driver Detectives have already of the white van in this footage, another two such vehicles but there were at least that night. ferrying around revenge rioters Shaun Fewings, Ten News.

In breaking news, in a mini bus crash eight people have been hurt near Penrith. on the Great Western Highway

of the vehicle, The driver apparently lost control upside down in their seatbelts. which rolled, trapping three people five people at the scene. Ambulance officers treated another suffering minor back pain and cuts. They were taken to Nepean Hospital The crash has created major problems for motorists heading out of Sydney for the Easter break. Serial paedophile William Gallagher

has lost any hope of being released this weekend. The 62-year-old's latest sentence was due to expire this Sunday, but the Supreme Court has ordered he remain behind bars

until a more formal ruling is made on his future. Gallagher has a 30-year history of sexually abusing boys after stalking them in public places. He has refused all treatment while in jail and is considered likely to reoffend. The Government wants to use new laws to keep Gallagher in jail for at least five more years. It's gearing up to be an expensive Easter for many families. Petrol prices are hitting hard, forcing many people to holiday at home. The Easter long weekend is usually about packing up the car and heading out of town. But but this weekend, petrol prices will force many to stay at home. The tourism industry really suffers and people aren't doing the trips in the car that they were doing before.

In just four days, some fuel outlets have recorded a jump of 20 cents to $1.40. They've jacked the price up. We're paying 25% more for fuel this year than at the same time last year, that's a big impost on most families. But Ron Bowden from the Service Stations Associations denies it's an Easter special. That's happening now, not because it's Easter, it's happening because it's this week, it's now Thursday. Tell that to the average motorist. The cost to run a family car has tripled in the last two years. It's collusion, I think, because they all go up the same day. For those who will be on the roads this weekend, beware. Double demerit points apply for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt or helmet.

Police have already started counting the Easter road toll. The first victim, a 3-year-old girl killed on the South Coast this morning.

Take that break every two hours. Make sure you stick to the speed limit or below. And importantly, don't overtake when things are dangerous. Now, it's not all doom and gloom.

Easter is about a time to celebrate. One area that won't hurt your hip pocket is the price of seafood. Especially prawns - around $10 cheaper than last year. Atlantic salmon, ocean trout, king fish and barramundi are also bargain buys. We've had some exceptional markets in the last two days, so there's been a lot of fresh supplies coming through as well. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at what's ahead in sport -

and a crisis meeting for Souths.

The difference is it wasn't called by the players themselves. The boys were summonsed behind closed doors by new owner Peter Holmes a Court and CEO Shane Richardson. The fallout in sport shortly. And what a Test. After looking shaky early, Australia has achieved what seemed an unikely victory on the final day against Bangladesh. The dramatic run chase coming up as well. Also in sport - Swans coach Paul Roos on his feud with one the game's leading coaches and commentators. And a brave surfer girl providing inspiration at Bells Beach. Tougher rules for asylum seekers - that's next.

Also tonight - exposing the fakes. A massive counterfeit clothing racket busted in Sydney. And welcome home - HMAS 'Parramatta' returns from duty in the gulf. Crispy chicken with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo Hungry Jack's Crispy Chicken BLT. MAN: The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. and we found that 80 percent of our waste is a tually recyclable, So we changed our garbage services and now w 're recycling... What have you done... No matter what business you're in and taking advantage of a good opportunity. That's why I choose TransMOBILE to keep in touch. Because I get great savings and a plan that suits me. And all the coverage I need. So give TransACT a call today, BELL RINGS TransMOBILE - it's blue. SONG: # How will you feel when it happens? # How will you feel if it's you... # MOTOR SPLUTTERS # When the big red ball comes rolling in # To make your dreams come true? # You'll be throwing Lotto parties You'll be having Lotto fun

# You'll have lots of Lotto money if you win the big one # 'Cause it's the big red ball # That makes dreams come true... # Sold! # The big red ball that makes dreams come true # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # Up to $3 million in fake brand-name clothing has been seized during a police raid at Peakhurst. It's the largest seizure of counterfeit clothing in Australia. The bogus designer brands were illegally imported and destined for stores and markets across Sydney. A man questioned by police has been released. The Premier has gone into battle for a contract on a ship so big, its hospital could fit a town of 25,000. Morris Iemma wants the $2 billion vessel to be built here, but the Federal Government isn't convinced. It's as big as a 10-storey building - a mini aircraft-carrier the NSW Government hopes

will see a return to major ship building on Sydney Harbour. Well, full steam ahead to Sydney and Newcastle. The Premier backing this French-Australian East Coast bid for the amphibious ship contract has been angered by a defence department suggestion. it might be cheaper to leave Australian shipyards out of the mix altogether. I'm saying that it would be against the national interest if it's built off-shore. Part of the bid, NSW-based defence company ADI says it will mean 1000 new jobs. You have to understand that the 22,000 tonne ship is a very, very big animal. The NSW Government is ramping up the politics on this bid.

There's a lot at stake for Sydney, Newcastle and to a lesser extent Brisbane. And they should know the result of this $2 billion nautical prize by early next year. We need to fight tooth and nail

to make sure we get as many of those dollars in NSW as possible. The Premier dismissing the main opposition, a Spanish-West Australian consortium. It's a picture on a piece of paper, whereas this is a real ship. If it wins the bid, this French Mistral-class ship will be the biggest in the Australian fleet. Paul Mullins, Brest, France, Ten News, A family at the centre of a violent street brawl has lashed out at police who stormed their home. Three officers were injured, and two cars smashed in the Victorian town of Drouin before riot police used capsicum spray to quell the violence, arresting seven people. Police rocked up, gassed the house with all the kids in the house. Threatened to get the kids out of the house. They gassed the house. We had to sleep in the house. Angry relatives say a woman celebrating her 72nd birthday was knocked to the ground by police. They say it was a family dispute and police should have stayed out.

Australia is to toughen its treatment of asylum seekers, sending them offshore for processing even if they're legitimate refugees. The decision follows Indonesian anger over visas given to 42 West Papuans. The visas given to a group of West Papuans triggered a dramatic slump in relations with Jakarta. Now they've also prompted legislation aimed at deterring a new wave of boat people from the troubled province. If you arrive on the mainland as an unlawful arrival by boat, you will be treated the same way as those who arrive on a nearby island. Future arrivals will be relocated to offshore facilities for processing -

and that could mean Nauru or Manus Island in PNG. Mr Howard insists we're not kowtowing. It is not done as a concession to Indonesia. It is quite clear that our policy is being changed not on a deliberation related to the Australian national interest but on the complaints of another country. Now, that's not good enough. The Government is describing the move as an extension of the Pacific Solution policy that arose out of the 'Tampa' crisis in 2001. We will decide who comes here and the circumstances under which they come and this is simply an extension of that policy. Legislation will be introduced when Parliament resumes next month. The Government will find it hard to shake off the perception that this measure is aimed at soothing Indonesian anger, Mr Howard confirming that Jakarta was advised of the proposed change before it was announced. There were discussions with not only - information conveyed not only to Indonesia but also to Nauru. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Emotional scenes as Australian sailors return from their six month tour of duty in the Persian Gulf. The HMAS 'Parramatta' was given a grand reception, the band playing as she pulled into port. On shore, family members couldn't wait for a long overdue hug. It was the end of a successful tour for the 'Parramatta', sent to protect Iraq's oil rigs and help stop terrorism. She's been replaced by HMAS 'Ballarat'. ds

Tim Bailey has swapped the

raging red carpet for a bit of a

piece on the harbourside.

Absolutely, happy Easter everybody,

on the eve of the wonderful holiday.

Weather wise, it will be a mixed

bag. We're dodging a bit of

spitting rain here at Manly. The

good news is a trough over NSW gave

some areas a bit of a drunk. Mujee

got about 8mm in 10 minutes this

afternoon. The rain moved into

Sydney late in the day. Not a lot

in it, but pen nant hills got 5

number, Chatswood got 4. Tomorrow,

Good Friday, weather wise, it

should be a good looking day. A few

showers early in the piece. Tops of

27C. Saturday a windy one. Sun and

Monday are the sparklers, blue sky

but cooler, 22C. Let's look at sky

watch for you to the Ten News

centre. That was a grey old day but

it didn't matter because it was

Thursday and we don't go on hos

until tomorrow. Pollution levels on

the television. Nom, Good Friday, a

four day easter break and if you're

not grinning after that sentence,

you're not trying. Next - a couple's bizarre attempt at crime. They faked giving birth to sextuplets hoping to make a fortune. And we'll get a little star struck on the red carpet at the MTV awards in Sydney.

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Time to check the traffic with Vic

Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter traffic helicopter. And

a lot of trouble on the M4.

Unfortunately so for traffic

heading towards the western suburbs.

Earlier we showed the bus accident

involving three or four cars. As a

result, this is what happened to

the M4. All of the lanes heading

towards the western suburbs have

stopped. For home bound motorists

getting home towards the mountains,

strongly recommend to take the

Great Western Highway. Double

demerit points in place. We'll have

an update of the if 3 after sport. Chilling cockpit recordings from a doomed September 11 flight have been played to an American jury. The terrorist on trial for the attack smirked as others in the courtroom were reduced to tears. From the smoking wreckage of Flight 93 come the voices of those who died. Caught on a cockpit recorder, their terrifying screams and struggle for life have been played in public for the first time at the trial of confessed 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. The jury heard the hijackers' voices warning there was a bomb on board... ..and ordering, "Don't move. Shut up." The pilots made a mayday as passengers screamed in the background. Throughout the 31-minute recording people begged for their lives. One man saying:

As the passengers tried to fight back a hijacker says in Arabic:

Flight 93 ploughed into a field in Pennsylvania.

The last words heard were, "Allah is the greatest."

Then the tape fell silent. Relatives of those who died broke down in the court, as did some of the jurors. But Moussaoui appeared to be enjoying their misery, smirking and looking around the courtroom just as he's done the entire trial. I wish the whole world could see it so they could see how he's mocking us. It has been an overwhelmingly emotional trial, the jury subjected to gruesome video and photographs of victims as well as emergency calls from those dying in the Twin Towers. WOMAN: It's so hot. I'm burning up. The prosecution has rested its case. Now the defence must tell the jury why Moussaoui should be spared execution. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A gruelling task for the head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog, trying to convince Iran to scale back its nuclear activities. Mohamed El Baradei faces an uphill battle with Iran vowing to radically expand its enrichment programme. But he remains confident a compromise can be reached. We still believe that the time is right for a political solution. The US and the West fear Tehran is trying to make nuclear weapons. Hundreds of protesters have vandalised the Indonesian offices of 'Playboy' magazine. No-one was injured in the attack,

carried out by fundamentalist Muslims, the same group involved in the trashing of bars and nightclubs across Indonesia. (All chant) Allah akbar! The magazine, which features no nudity, went on sale last week. The launch edition instead carrying pictures of midriffs, thighs and cleavage. There is no nudity in the Indonesian edition. It's a lifestyle magazine. The magazine sold out quickly partly thanks to the controversy surrounding its publication. An American couple is facing jail after pretending to give birth to sextuplets. Police arrested the pair after they accepted thousands of dollars in donations for the non-existent babies. It's not hard to see who's missing from the article about the miracle sextuplets.

Where are they? It doesn't matter where they are. Go, leave. The Eversons had courted reporters during Sarah's pretend pregnancy, openly requesting donations at their website after describing their fears of financial difficulty. What do you have to say to the people who donated money to your babies that don't exist? Locals like Gary Bradley rushed to help. They needed new transportation because they have a truck, they needed a new house. They needed a washer and a dryer to handle the clothes for six kids, cribs, all those types of things. Thousands of dollars in cash and gifts flooded in. Apparently they were very convincing and we do have people like that and unfortunately they take advantage of the system. Some even claimed to have seen the imaginary infants.

They were drinking milk and everything. Locals still didn't smell a rat when the couple told them the babies were too sick to be photographed, and that a court order prevented the hospital from confirming details of the birth. That was the big question - why are they holding back the babies? Why hasn't anybody seen these babies? A quick police check established the babies didn't exist. The couple was arrested and could now face time in jail. REPORTER: We need to ask to be absolutely clear - there were no babies? No. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The youngest member of the legendary Pointer Sisters has died of cancer. 52-year-old June Pointer had been treated in hospital since February. Throughout the '70s and '80s, the Pointer Sisters topped the charts

with songs such as 'I'm So Excited', 'Fire' and 'Slow Hand'. June Pointer also released two solo albums. A surprise performance by AWB shares after the PM's evidence - that's next. Also - Prince Harry graduates from military training under the gaze of his grandmother. And hey big spenders - the Pearce family from Townsville finds out how much a day at the Royal Easter Show can really cost. Do you have NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance? Well, if you don't, I'm sorry, I've got some bad news for you. You see, you could be missing out on rewards that many of our customers enjoy, because no other major insurer in NSW rewards you in all of these ways.

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If you're caught speeding or not wearing a seatbelt

this Easter and Anzac holidays, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one passenger isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone.

Double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. Hurry into Retravision now for these mind-blowing price buster specials. This: just: So hurry in today. SONG: # At Retravision Yeah, we'll do it. # Up to $3 million in fake brand-name clothing Top stories this newshour - five people have been taken to hospital after a mini-bus crash on the Great Western Highway, near Penrith.

The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle which rolled. A court has heard a bizarre explanation from one of the teenagers accused of bashing three Sydney schoolboys. He claims he tripped over a hedge, accidentally hitting one of the victims with an iron bar. And the PM has told the wheat-for-weapons inquiry he never saw damning evidence of kickbacks to Saddam Hussein. John Howard also claimed it never entered his mind the AWB would behave corruptly.

Terror suspect David Hicks will be allowed back to Australia if he wins a British passport. The Court of Appeal in London has upheld his right to citizenship. The British Government plans to appeal that decision to the House of Lords. If Hicks is released from Guantanamo Bay, nothing can stop him coming home. If he were no longer being held by the US and he wanted to return to Australia, he has a lawful right as an Australian citizen to return. Supporters hope Hicks will win the same treatment as British terror suspects already released from US custody. Prince Harry has been warned he could soon be sent to fight in Afghanistan or Iraq. Second Lieutenant Wales has graduated from military training under the scrutiny of his grandmother, the Queen. He's the younger brother but for a few months at least he'll be the senior in military rank.

Officer Cadet Harry Wales took his place on the parade ground at Sandhurst to receive his commission while Officer Cadet William Wales, who only started at Sandhurst in January, took his place with the other junior intake in the stands to watch. There to preside over the Sovereign's Parade was the sovereign. As well, Harry's father, the Prince of Wales, and his stepmother the Duchess of Cornwall. The Queen inspected the 200 cadets receiving their commissions, stopping briefly to talk to Cadet Wales. For Harry it's the end of 44 weeks of rigorous training.

Harry will now join the Household Cavalry, the regiment that acts as the Queen's ceremonial bodyguard. But Harry's joining the armoured reconnaissance section. A role which could involve him in service in Iraq or Afghanistan. The local share market has finished steady today.

Let's cross to Tim Bailey and the

weather' see what's ahead for

Easter. Don't you love television.

I said to my producer, can we come

on the telly a little bit early

because just the people on the

Northern Beaches should not the

only ones to have a look at this.

This is Manly on the eve of Easter,

Thursday before Good Friday, mother

nature and T Bailey in a pact

together to bring you good tfg.

Isn't that an amazing sky. Michael

McGee, thank you very much to you

for brilliant pictures. And the

weather, tomorrow 27, nothing wrong

with the temperature. A few showers

early in the piece, a little bit of

grey. Saturday a windy one and then

sparkling conditions, if a little

sparkling conditions, if a little cooler, 21 to 23 on Monday and

Sunday. They're normally the other

way around too you may have

noticed, Sunday then Monday. Let's

look at the map of NSW. Do we have

to leave that, that is God's work

at its best on the television. at its best on the television. Let's have a look.

One last look at mother nature,

prfgs folks! I'll see you again at 5:55. The local share market has finished steady today.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities - how did AWB shares fare after the PM's appearance in the witness box?

Well, they actually managed to

rise on the day, up by 5 cents and

that's a in a weaker overall market,

but a far cry from $6.40 a share

that they got to in January. But

one of the factors helping the

wheat exporter at the moment is the

price of wheat is rising,

currently at the highest levels in

three and a half years. And metal

prices are still going through the

roof? Yes, this is the biggest boom

in base metal prices the world has

ever seen. Up by 220% over the last

four and a half years, and a gain

of 60% in the last year alone. And

overnight, both copper and zinc rose

to record highs. The high prices

are certainly good for miners but

good for the overall share market

and those holding superannuation.

Because return on shares over the

last 12 months, up by 30%,

certainly a wonderful gain. Thank

you and happy Easter. Craig James

at Commsec. A day at the Royal Easter Show is costing some families just as much as a holiday. The busiest days of the show are coming up so we followed one family to find out just how much you could be up for.

It's a day the Pearce's have been saving up for for two years. The family from Townsville, coming to Sydney especially for this year's Easter Show, prepared for an expensive day. Entry alone set the family budget back $120. We're actually staying at the Lane Cove National Park, so we're actually camping, which has made it more economical for us as parents. They've been saving their pocket money, their tuckshop money. They haven't been spending it at tuckshop, they've been saving that as well. Anything - their birthday money, anything they've got 10-year-old Demi May and her 9-year-old brother Hudson managed to put away $600 in the piggy bank. Even 5-year-old Jye saved up $300. First stop - the showbag pavillion and there was no time wasting. I spent $63. I spent $40.

I spent $70. Just on showbags, the kids have spent $170. We couldnt miss out, also, so we've spent $45, totalling $220 just on the bags. A bit of lunch, and some sugary favourites cost the family $60. Then it got a bit damp at Sideshow Alley, but there was no way the kids were going to let their parents off the hook. One of the biggest money earners of the show is Sideshow Alley. The most expensive ride is the Sling Shot and that costs $30 a ticket.

Buying ride tokens in bulk saved the family $20. And a win on the games scored the kids a few free toys. Adding up the figures, the grand total for the day... We've actually spent about $700. We've been saving up. This is what we come for and 700 bucks is nothing

compared to the smile that's been on their faces today. (All) We had the best time! Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Sport with Tim Wesbter - and a brave shark attack survivor is surfing at Bells Beach. Yes, she's a teenager who made world wide headlines after losing an arm in Hawaii. We'll have more shortly. Plus - Craig Gower back on the park. And rugby league badboy John Hoppoate labels his former code a girls game. Also - Souths players summoned to crisis talks with the new owner. And Ricky Ponting's fighting century secures victory over Bangladesh.

COMMENATOR: That is a sensational 100 from Ricky Ponting.

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A fighting century from Ricky Ponting has steered Australia to victory over Bangladesh in the first Test. Ponting held the run chase together in a dramatic final day as Bangladesh again threatened to pull off the biggest upset in world cricket. Australia was in the box seat chasing 307 late on day four. But at 1/173, Matthew Hayden pushed his luck. COMMENTATOR: Unfortunately he'll be really annoyed there. He was definitely looking down the barrel of a century. Martyn and Clarke followed, leaving Ponting and Gilchrist to bear the burden of the 95 required on the final day. A fortunate run-out escape for Gilchrist early on, but one on which he failed to capitalise. Gilchrist opting to play back instead of forward and the ball sneaked through. The keeper bamboozled by Bangladesh's own sheik of tweak, Rafique. 5/225 became 6/231 when Rafique trapped Warne in front. Aha! Rafique is teasing and tormenting Australia.

Bangladesh had a sniff and were falling over themselves to keep the Aussies under the pump. Ponting knew the scoreboard had to tick over, and he found a willing ally in Brett Lee. A kiss of luck for the new ball, and it kissed Brett Lee goodbye. That is a very crucial wicket. With 30 still to get, the game was wide open. Running out of partners, Ponting had to be the one to score. But in sight of 100, it almost brought about his undoing. My God. Have they dropped it?

And soon after, the skipper notched his 31st test ton. That is a sensational hundred from Ricky Ponting. Ponting carried the responsibility as Australia swallowed the total after lunch. A tougher win than expected and a growing respect for their hosts. Rob Hazel, Ten News. Wests Tigers star Benji Marshall will delay surgery on his shoulder

until the end of the season and hopes to be back on the field in four to six weeks. Meanwhile, the only NRL team without a win, Souths have met behind closed doors with their new boss Peter Holmes a Court.

The businessman defending claims he and Russell Crowe have bought a lemon. Underperforming Souths players first heard from their coach then their new boss, Peter Holmes a Court, along with CEO Shane Richardson, taking the Rabbitohs behind closed doors. We've had a tough start to the season because of injuries and otherwise that have been well documented, but we've come down to send a positive message to these guys.

Since members voted for privatisation, Souths failing to win a game and losing financial saviour Souths Juniors. But Holmes a Court denying he and Russell Crowe have bought a lemon. We've got a lot of fortitude, mate. We're going to be here a long time. We're going to do a lot of things before this club can be put on an even playing field with other teams. But we're here for a long time - we're not worried at all. Coach Shaun McRae defending his battling Bunnies. The fact that you don't win a game doesn't mean you're not heading in the right direction. But certainly we all want to win because that's what we're here for. Craig Gower's courageous comeback continuing today at Penrith. The tough halfback training with the team, just days after being released from hospital. It's fine. Just copped a bit of a knock on the weekend I feel 100% and looking forward to playing. And John Hopoate has jabbed his former code as he embarks on a boxing career.

I just think it's turned into a bit

of a girl's game to tell you the

truth. You can't do anything with

it now. You get suspended for

using your shoulder and

accidentally hitting someone in the hit. The bottom-poking antics that made headlines around the world, deserving more credit.

The NRL should have gave me a pay

The NRL should have gave me a pay rise because I took the game global. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The war of words between Swans coach Paul Roos and his former coach now commentator Robert Walls has escalated. In a Network Ten documentary, the pair have revealed just how strained their relationship has become. Paul Roos once described Robert Walls as the biggest influence on his career.

Walls coached Roos when his playing career started at Fitzroy. But it was comments he made when the Swans were struggling midway through last season which has strained the friendship to breaking point. The thing that worries me is that Paul Roos might be coaching for Paul Roos to be a finals coach. My dad came up to me and said, "Jeez, Paul, "I'm really disappointed that you're coaching for yourself." It's the same feeling I get when I reflect on what Wallsy said. The pair then exchanged telephone messages. When I read that he felt I questioned his character, I was shocked when I read that.

And I immediately rang him. And I left a message on his phone. He denied he actually said it. So that's probably one thing that surprised me. A chance meeting at Melbourne airport appears to be the final straw in the relationship. I walked up, congratulated him on the win, wished him well for the Grand Final. He didn't want to talk to me. That's his choice, that's his choice. But I've made two approaches, there will not be a third. Battles with former friends not the only thing on Roos's mind. The Swans coach also revealing in the documentary what he believes is an anti-Swans push in Melbourne. From that point on, every time we would lose, they would come out,

and whoever they were would come out and criticise the way we play. Neil Cordy, Ten News. And that Swans documentary called 'Shake Down the Thunder' can be seen here on Ten at 6:30pm on Saturday night. Socceroo Mark Viduka has scored a stunning solo goal A junior surfer is attracting just as much attention as the world's biggest names at Bells Beach. Shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton is competing in the junior event pursuing her dream of one day turning pro.

A shark attack two and a half years

ago changed her life forever. But

this remarkable story is not about

what happened on that horrific

Halloween day. It's been crazy

Halloween day. It's been crazy since the shark attack. So much

stuff has changed for me. And life

stuff has changed for me. And life is just like, I can't believe it. A

four metre tieker shark took her

arm and very nearly her life. But

the 16-year-old Hawiian was back

within weeks. She's appeared on

within weeks. She's appeared on Oprah and released a book and met

with US troops in Iraq. Now

Hollywood producers have been

turning her amazing story into a

major production. We're just

working on the script now. The

first script was really bad, it

hasn't me. Now me and my family are

trying to come up with something

better. And once we get that

finished, eem' going to try to do

stunt surfing. Tragedy has turned

her into one of the most indemand

teenagers in the world, but she

remains content tackling the swell.

Definitely a life changing

experience and I've lenched a lot

and I'm out to change my story and

be an encouragement to others.

She's appearing in the Rip Curl

junior event this week. And later in 'Sports Tonight' - why the St George Illawarra Dragons have been put on notice. And a full wrap up of the Brisbane-St Kilda AFL match. Major problems for motorists

heading out of Sydney. If you're

about to challenge the F3, this is

what you're going to have what you're going to have to sit

with, 5km to 10km all the way

towards Berowra. And no accidents

or breakdowns on the F3, just heavy

holiday traffic and heavy police

presence with double demerits. The

roads are wet and slippery across

Sydney. We still have the accident

in Sydney's western suburbs that

has crippled the M4. Tim Bailey helps us plan Easter next. And a big night out - The stars shine at the MTV awards in Sydney.

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This is a very important segment

this, when it comes to weather, Tim

Bailey is no easter bunny. Give us

all four days now. Yes, and I just

lost my ear piece there as you came

to me. So I hope what you said was

good, because this is where the

weatherman makes his money. It's

not just one day to get right, not

two, not three, but four days to

get right. It's not like being a

news reader like the William Woods

and the Deborah Knights of the

world. It's top stuff. 27 and an

early shower. But the temperature

delightful. Saturday, we've got rid

of the showers on Easter Saturday.

Then the Bailey blue sky. I come

with the rabbit, he dishes out the

with the rabbit, he dishes out the eggs, I dish out the fine weather.

Around about 22 to 23. Easter

Monday, a sparkler as well and

clear and fine conditions. If you

clear and fine conditions. If you are looking for something to do

across easter, Darling Harbour have

cic curbgs us. Your eyes won't

believe what they see, it is some

100,000 people expected to attend

over four days. It will be a

delight. What did we get? Some rain,

that was a delight across many

suburbs in Sydney. 5mm in Pennant

Hills and four in Chatswood. So

Mudgee got 3mm. So a bit of rain

falling but it looks like it will

falling but it looks like it will be clear for the easter. Into your

backyard if you don't mind:

Widespread cloud across NSW and

Queensland, east of a trough

generating heavy showers and

storms. The weather map for good

Friday is a good one. A trough

generating showers over Queensland

and northern NSW. Rainfall for the

next 24 to 48 hours as the bunny

gets busy. Rain clearing from

northern inland NSW, isolated

showers in north-east NSW, southern

Queensland. Saturday, moist

easterlies bringing heavy shoupers

and storms again to the tropical

North Queensland coast but NSW

should remain dry. So whatever you

do, have a happy and safe Easter.

The weather, I've trietd to wangle

that as best as I can. A windy one

on Saturday, fine and blue and 22

Saturday and Sunday. OK, let's go

interstate if you're lucky enough

to be going away, as many are for

the 4-day break.

That's it, it's officially Easter.

Have a good, Good Friday. See you

again after the break! Thank you, I

hope the Easter bunny is very good

to you! Rock stars, politicians, athletes and supermodels - the MTV Australia awards had a little bit of everything last night. Fans descended on the Sydney Superdome for a glimpse of their idols. It certainly was an unusual crowd at the second Australian MTV Music Awards.

Of course, you had your musos. But then some slightly less musical types like Lara Bingle. So if you didn't vote... Where the bloody hell were you? While Erica Baxter traded boyfriend James Packer for a rapper. Big Snoop GG bringing you the doggy sound to the land down under with my friend Erica here.

And a couple of Commonwealth Games gold medallists decided to let their hair down. We don't get to hang out with cool people very often. So for us, it is just hang out and try to be cool. On hosting duties, Ashlee Simpson. You know what you guys, I have to tell you, I'm a girl who likes to go down under. No wonder. She also won two awards, beating Madonna, among others, to be named Best Female Artist. Sister Jessica, an unexplained no show. Last year was the first year the MTV Awards have been held in Australia. And it certainly was memorable, mostly thanks to Anna Nicole Smith and her decision to bare all in the name of music. Well, don't be disappointed. This year had a couple of big surprises too. Like supermodel Megan Gale grabbing a box of doughnuts. And this frank admission from crooner James Blunt. I would like the Australian fans to know that I look much bigger with no clothes on.

Marcia Hines joined Russell Crowe's band on stage,

before the Oscar winner welcomed Peter Garrett, recognising his humanitarian work with the Free Your Mind award. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Bill Woods. Goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News and Sports Tonight is at 10:30. Goodnight.

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