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(generated from captions) Good evening. and welcome to Ten's Late News. I'm Sandra Sully Tonight - is asking for evidence why the Cole Commission

from two senior government ministers. Cyclone Glenda's dangerous path in the north-west. towards communities to keep kids in line. Plus, the school using shock tactics

which is out of the mainstream. This is clearly intervention on drugs. And an AFL coach's tough talk with Ryan Phelan. That story headlines 'Sports Tonight' Thanks, Sandra. will sack any player Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade three times. who tests positive to illicit drugs their careers are over, it's gone. They'd be crazy to do it.

Coaching chaos in the NRL Matt Elliott as Canberra warns outgoing for season 2007. not to help Penrith rebuild is waiting for a call from anyone. Meanwhile, the man he's replacing Does Channel Ten need an anchorman? And c'mon!

ahead of the Davis Cup quarterfinal. Lleyton Hewitt's praying for form development tonight First, there's been a major

in the wheat-for-weapons scandal. joins us with the latest. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno get the dreaded call Paul, two cabinet ministers

from the Cole Commission. the inquiry John Agius QC, Well, Sandra, counsel assisting at the end of today's hearings,

for the commission announced that solicitors had written to the two ministers -

the Deputy Prime Minister, Trade Minister Mark Vaile, Alexander Downer - and Foreign Minister sworn statements asking them to submit on what they know or what they knew of our wheat exporter, AWB Ltd. about the sanction-busting activities before the inquiry There has already been evidence

over the past four or five years that both men at various stages the activities of AWB. had been drawn into But both ministers have insisted

or didn't believe the allegations. they either weren't directly told John Howard was insisting And this afternoon in question time in fact had the powers that Commissioner Cole

the role of ministers. to properly examine

It is quite plain, Mr Speaker,

for Foreign Affairs that if the Minister to this matter he will so find that. has not done his job in relation that he will also so find it And it is quite obvious the Minister for Trade. in relation to Mr Speaker, in relation to me. It is obvious he will find it, at this stage And, Sandra, it is not clear whether the Prime Minister himself a sworn statement. will be called to make

Back to you. Thanks, Paul. Paul Bongiorno. Our federal political editor coast tonight, Cyclone Glenda hit the north-west

as little easier. and thankfully, everyone is breathing rode out the storm not long ago. Ten News Reporter Nick Way right across the region tonight, Yes, Sandra, huge sighs of relief here in Karratha. especially here at SES headquarters But this resources-rich region from this huge cyclone for days. has been under threat

station in another town west of here, And unfortunately there is a small Mardie and Onslow, the full brunt of the cyclone. that have taken much of veered west here this afternoon. But fortunately the cyclone

to come down very close It looked like it was going to Dampier and Karratha, headed along the coast, but it veered west, early this evening. and the red alert was dropped

of the evacuation centre A lot of very relieved people got out and from various homes. who were evacuated There were hundreds earlier in the day. because of the risk of a storm surge

But now they've managed to go home. is coming to the fore. But now the flood risk The road south of here is cut as you go further south and also there are flooding threats right down the west coast. in the big river catchments Back to you.

at a high school north of Brisbane More than a dozen teenagers have fallen ill to treat behavioural disorders. after taking a drug prescribed treated in hospital The Year Nine students have been for severe side-effects. At first, ambulance crews

they were dealing with. had no idea what substance Students kept falling ill.

school within minutes of being told, And angry parents turned up to the so easily. furious, drugs could be handed out about that, Yeah, I'm really concerned it's got a really good reputation. because this is a very good school,

that occurred here We're investigating the incident

being brought in to the school. in relation to some drugs

used in the treatment of ADHD, It now appears they'd taken drugs Disorder. or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity a medication Some students have taken what that medication is. and we are not sure is their health and their safety. And our prime concern handed out the drug. A Year Nine student thought to have the prescription medication It's believed she brought into the school earlier in the day. she ran off. But once classmates began falling ill She was found a few hours later.

were taken to hospital. All affected students investigated by police The incident is now being

and Education Queensland, through the week with tests being carried out it really was. to determine what kind of drug Jamie Rule, Ten News. and his close friend A promising young Australian boxer

in a blaze of bullets. have been murdered will spark a new wave of violence Police fear the shooting

in Sydney's Middle Eastern community. Fearless with a quick punch of a champion Australian boxer. Bassam Chami had all the makings for the May battle He was on the under card and Danny Green. between Anthony Mundine debut, Bass Chami. COMMENTATOR: What an impressive cut short in devastating fashion. But the 26-year-old's career has been Ibrahim Assaad Chami and his 27-year-old friend

in Sydney's west. gunned down in a hail of bullets one of the first on the scene, Amazingly, Mamdouh Habib former Guantanamo Bay detainee, who claims police arrested and assaulted him. and they started beating me. The same gunmen believed to have sprayed this Guildford home with bullets

just hours after the killings. Bassam Chami had a colourful past, serving 5.5 years for stabbing a man to death

outside this Auburn hotel in 1998. He was out to make a fresh start. He'd been on the straight and narrow for the last few years, had a decent amateur career and was now undefeated as a professional, ready to get married this weekend. A wedding marquee remains set up in his fiancee's backyard. It's the 22nd drive-by shooting in NSW this year,

leaving police chiefs trying to figure out if hand guns are once again flooding our streets. James Boyce, Ten News. Another off-field controversy for the AFL with Collingwood footballer Brodie Holland and his fiance charged with assault. The 26-year-old star, his fiance Sarita Stella and another woman will face court in Melbourne next month over the alleged incident.

The club says all parties will strenously defend the allegations. Broadcaster Derryn Hinch has denied claims he sexually assaulted an ex-business partner. Police have confirmed they're investigating a sex assault allegation after the woman spent 10 hours with detectives. Hinch has denied the claim as absolute rubbish, saying he's been blackmailed. No charges have been laid. The Federal Government's downplaying the publication of an obscene cartoon of our Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Jakarta is still fuming over Australia's decision to grant visas to 42 asylum seekers from West Papua, and the anger is showing in one particular newspaper. It comes with the territory of being Prime Minister to be the subject of satire and ridicule in cartoons.

But John Howard has never copped one quite like this.

He and Foreign Minister Downer depicted as amorous dingoes, lusting after West Papua. I have been in this game a long time. If I got offended about cartoons, then golly... ..give us a break. The cartoon in a popular Indonesian newspaper reflects the anger over Australia's decision to grant visas to West Papuans.

Ironically, Mr Downer was attending a press conference

on Australia's massive contribution to post-tsunami reconstruction, principally in Indonesia, when asked about the cartoon. "Tasteless and grotesque", he said, "but it's a free country". It's a pretty tacky sort of a publication and of course in tacky publications you get these sorts of things. The Opposition says Indonesia's angst and confusion is understandable because the Howard Government has always talked so tough

on border control. What the Indonesians did not understand is the PM didn't mean it, that, in fact, all those refugees are now in Australia or New Zealand. After talk of an Indonesian boycott, the memorial service for those killed in the Sea King helicopter crash, delivering tsunami aid on the island of Nias, will go ahead this Sunday, with Indonesian representation. What's less certain is when the PM will next visit Jakarta

to try to get the relationship back on track. Planning had been under way for a visit within the next few weeks, but that's now in doubt as our officials try to determine if Mr Howard is still welcome. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. The PM has made an important phone call, ringing to congratulate Israel's acting prime minister on his party's win in the general election. John Howard said the winning party offers real hope for the nation

and said Australia is a strong supporter, close ally and good friend of Israel. A major funding boost tonight for the fight against diabetes. The Federal Government announcing it will spend millions on a new treatment that could free sufferers from a daily jab. 8-year-old Courtney Pitson and her fellow sufferers could be a step closer to one day being diabetes-free.

Thank you, everybody. The Federal Government will invest $30 million over the next four years

to fund a ground-breaking islet transplantation program. It's already shown extraordinary success as a promising cure for type 1 or juvenile diabetes. Diabetes is the probably the emblematic epidemic of the modern Western world.

We have exploding numbers of diabetics. In type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system attacks the pancreas,

destroying cells which produce insulin. This revolutionary transplant works by doctors taking those key cells from a donated pancreas and injecting them near the liver. The cells then start producing their own insulin. Six Australians have already had the transplant. Two are now completely insulin-free

and all are reporting a dramatic improvement in their quality of life. I know with this initiative today, with the Australian Government and with these fine researchers sitting here in the audience, I know we are going cure this disease.

The multimillion-dollar boost will pay for a new national taskforce allowing the best scientists, here and overseas, to join forces and fast-track the breakthough treatment. The first round of funding will be divided by three leading research institutes in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Natarsha Belling, Ten News. And the fight against childhood obesity took a new turn tonight. A ban on junk food ads in children's TV programming is on the agenda.

The Democrats saying their proposal will improve the health of young Australians.

The school using shock tactics to discipline students, and it's entirely legal. This is clearly an intervention which is out of the mainstream. Those details after the break.

And why they rolled out the red carpet tonight for a racy Sir Jack.

MAN: What do millions of Australians see in their capital? SONG: # Yeah, yeah # Yeah, yeah. # To see more of what you're missing, go to This program is captioned live. The clock is now ticking in the Iran nuclear crisis. The United Nations Security Council has tonight given Iran 30 days to stop enriching uranium. Iran's official response - it's allergic to intimidation. Students given electric shocks to make them behave.

It's happening at a school in America and while there's been plenty of outrage, parents say it's a lifesaver. It's hard to believe anyone would discipline children like this. Ow! Teachers at the Judge Rotenberg Centre jolt teenage students for bad behaviour. 65-volt shocks are delivered by remote control via up to five electrodes strapped to students' arms and legs. It was painful. Like all kids at Judge Rotenberg, Antwone Nicholson was sent there for repeated behaviour problems and violence. He's 17 but he's really in between the age of a 4- or 5-year-old child. But after three years, Antwone's mother is suing to get him out, because she believes her son's being tortured.

This is clearly intervention which is out of the mainstream. Personally I worry about the ramifications and the implications. But school officials have no intention of stopping the practice. After all, it is legal and parents need to give permission before their children can be shocked. Many say the graduated electronic deceleration system

was the miracle they were looking for to transform their unruly children. My daughter was punching herself constantly, like that, in her eyes. I thank God for the GED. She wouldn't be alive today. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The world search for a new clean alternative fuel may come at a huge environmental cost. Borneo's rainforest and the Orangutan population it accomodates, are quickly being wiped out for palm oil. On the ground, it's like a battlefield. On the left, the rainforest in retreat. To the right, the advancing armies of palm oil. There's a very good chance that you have some of this fruit in your house already today. We use it in cosmetics, in crisps, in margarine, and soon it'll be in your petrol tanks as well. The world seems to have an insatiable appetite for palm oil. But at what price? Another slice of rainforest is cleared to make way for palm oil. The lucrative timber sold off. Half of Borneo's forests have now vanished this way.

The rest are disappearing fast.

This is unbelievable. Four months ago, this was forest. This is why there are landslides, this is why there are floods, this is why there's climate change. This is their natural habitat - the orang-outangs need the trees. If you lose the trees, you lose the orang-outangs. And right now, Borneo's orang-outangs are facing a bleak future. Of course we're going to lose orang-outangs. They need the rainforest. There's no substitute for the rainforest, and palm oil is just going to rob us of it. It's too late for these orphans, rescued from the new plantations -

the fragile victims of an untamed industry. A tax showdown is looming in Canberra tomorrow with State and Territory treasurers preparing for tough talk on the GST. The ministers have held talks ahead of their conference with the Treasurer to plan their strategy. The GST is set to dominate the talks with some States angry they're not receiving their fair share. Peter Costello has hit back, accusing NSW in particular of not passing the full benefits back to taxpayers. To finance news, and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Tom, another good day for investors, and commodities and resources the order of the day?

That's right. But this way of That's right. But this way of summing

it out is that resource stocks are on

fire at the moment Penston rising of

metal prices and a growing sense of

optimism about i n all optimism about i n all negotiations

taking place with Asian buyers.

Looking at the market in detail: his Thanks, Tom. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. What happens when post-Commonwealth Games celebrations meet the hype of Grand Prix preparations? Well, Melbourne has found out - the result - stars, cars a brand-new look. and, for one controversial athlete, If two gold medals and her impending wedding weren't reason enough to smile, hurdler-turned-party-girl Jana Pittman has shed her braces. Thank God. Yeah no, very pleased. Partying hard with controversy behind her her next hurdle - tomorrow's wedding to coach Chris Rawlinson. I've just got to learn to grow up, I suppose. You know, it's been fantastic. The support has been really amazing the last few weeks and I just think I've got to learn

to take it on the shoulder and move along. The Games' heroes show few signs of slowing down, joining the F1 celebrations along with Grand Prix ambassador Theodora Richards and her Aussie boyfriend. Fast cars, fast men, just how I like it. The daughter of rocker Keith Richards is planning to stick around for next month's Stones tour, lapping up the famous offspring tag. Yes, I'm stuck in the shadow, but I'm stuck in the shadow of a great man, so I have no problem with it. And as the celebrity race drivers paced themselves ahead of another day on the track... Last beer. We get breath-tested every morning. ..everybody's set for the racing to begin. Luke Waters, Ten News. A legendary Australian was honoured tonight by the movers and shakers of motorsport. The red carpet was rolled out for Sir Jack Brabham

who turns 80 this weekend and is still as racy as ever. It's going to be a fantastic weekend, really.

There's so many celebrations going on and I've got about three birthday parties to go to, so I'm doing very well. It was a night of nights for the knights of the motoring racing world. There to pay him their respects, Sir Jackie Stewart and Sir Stirling Moss.

'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan from Melbourne. And Rodney Eade lays down the law to his Western Bulldogs. The Wests Tigers are planning to muscle up

after a slow start to their NRL title defence. Benji Marshall fighting to prove he's fit enough for this weekend's match against Melbourne. And the Australian cricket selectors will blood Dan Cullen in the one-day series against Bangladesh. I'm just really looking forward to having a look at the standard. G'day mate! You taking out the ga bage? and we found that 80 percent of our waste is a tually recyclable, like these cardboard boxes. So, it's good for business and the environm nt. Yeah... Actually, I've got a plant that could do with your help! What have you done... Recycling - it's your business.

This program is captioned live.

While his team is currently taking on St Kilda, West Coast coach John Worsfold started the day with an apology, after calling the media 'spastics'. It continues a rocky off-season for last year's grand finalists. Yet another preseason hiccup for the Eagles,

the coach forced to apologise for calling reporters 'spastics' at a training session yesterday. The slur just adding to the Eagles off-season woes.

At Essendon, James Hird is making a late bid to play against Sydney

on Saturday night.

The club has named him after receiving some positive news about his troublesome calf. But they will leave it to the last moment to make the final decision. Yeah, it feels fine. It's not sore at all. Normally when you strain something it's sore the next day,

and it's not sore, so it's a positive sign. At Brisbane Nigel Lappin's ankle surgery has gone well but he knows he faces a tough task to be back this year. It's generally a 4- to 5-month injury but all I can do is do the best I can and hopefully it will be ready before the end of the season.

Western Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade, has warned he will sack any player who tests positive to illicit drugs three times. Whoever the first one or two blokes who get caught,

their careers are over, it's gone. They'd be crazy to do it. At Richmond, Nathan Brown's softly, softly build-up

to his return from a broken leg continues. While Matthew Richardson found himself in the wars even before the new season starts. The big man says the Tigers enthusiasm though is at an all-time high. We've really got a good grasp of what he's after now and we're looking forward to getting out there and making sure we can put it all together. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. And in that match under way in Perth, two new skippers welcomed the season. It was a willing contest from the start. Ben Cousins with the boundary umpire in the firing line, Aaron Hamill and Darren Glass not taking a backward step. COMMENTATOR: Big bump behind play! Big bump by Glass. But while the jittery Saints wasted chances up forward, the Eagles stamped their class on the game. An older Brownlow Medallist, Robert Harvey, made to pay by the current holder,

Cousins putting the preseason demons behind him. At the start of the last term, the Eagles are holding sway, but the Aaints still remain in touch. South Sydney Leagues club boss George Piggins has had a push for a re-count of the Rabbitohs privatisation vote blocked by the football club board. Still shattered by Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court's successful takeover of the Rabbitohs, Piggins had called for the validity of proxy votes to be investigated. The request has been denied on the basis that the board believes

the process has been entirely thorough. I think it would have made the air more clearer if we could have just had a look at it, simple as that. A trip to the Supreme Court appears the likely next move. The Souths patriarch has reminded Holmes a Court of his obligations as a member of the licensed club after upsetting officials by showing media a disused area of the Chalmers Street premises. Member 999 is back. Free to again utilise the club after having his membership ban lifted, Holmes a Court says he also believes there's still room for the football club offices to remain in Souths heartland. Why not stay in this building, in the leagues club? Why not help this leagues club be in a position to help the football club? And Matthew Elliott has been told by Canberra officials to forget about helping his new employer, Penrith, plan for 2007 while he's still in charge at the Raiders. Wests Tigers assistant Royce Simmons has revealed he'd be interested in taking over from Elliott,

while Panthers coach John Lang has denied he's been in contact with the Raiders. That's not to say he isn't interested. If somebody got in touch with me on Channel Ten I'd be happy to talk to them or something. about a key anchorman position at the end of the year. The bottom line is I'm unemployed Glen Lauder for Sports Tonight. A boost for the Waratahs with the Cheetahs at Aussie Stadium, ahead of tomorrow night's clash overcoming a calf injury. with lock Dan Vickerman with the team today Vickerman had a run getting through the tough workout. and had no problems earlier in the week He strained a calf muscle at training expects him to play. but coach Ewen McKenzie I wasn't worried about it yesterday. enthusiasm in the play It certainly generated a bit more than probably warranted. It is something we are mindful of. Any little niggle now we have to make sure it doesn't turn into something more serious. We rested him a bit yesterday and it looks alright at this stage. A rib injury has sidelined Wallaby back Mat Rogers. He's hopeful of making a return for next Friday's game against the Crusaders. The Formula 1 machines roar into life at Albert Park tomorrow. And defending champion, Renault's Giancarlo Fisichella has thrown down the guantlet. He says it'll be a case of catch me if you can. Before blast-off on the track, on the go-cart circuit. it was blast-off I enjoy myself a lot on go-cart It was a lot of fun actually, fitness way. and it's also very good The fight for the Albert Park crown one-hour practice sessions. begins with two and Giancarlo Fisichella The Renault pair of Fernando Alonso head in heavy favourites. And they're happy with the tag.

the car, it's really competitive, We have a really good package, is the reliability of the car, and one of the most important things which is really good. A last-start winner in Malaysia, defending Melbourne champion the 33-year-old has lofty ambitions in 06. But his first is the toughest - to the world title. beating his team-mate very, very young, and I'm pushing, It's been my dream from when I was

to win a championship. I'm working very hard While many say by weekend's end to start the year with, Renault will have a hat-trick of wins others aren't so sure. I think McLaren is very strong. BR Honda is not too far away, so I think certainly it's one of the closest seasons we've had in recent years. The talking stops, and the action starts on track at 11:00. Tim Hodges for Sports Tonight. Holden Racing Team's Todd Kelly has taken pole position V8 Supercar race at Albert Park. for tomorrow's opening Clipsal 500 winner Jamie Whincup split the Kelly brothers. with 7 cars, Again Holden's dominated the top 10 who was fourth quickest. including Mark Skaife, for Rick Kelly. It was an adventurous day in the kitty litter His HSV Commodore twice spent time as he pushed the limits. even bigger problems. But his team-mate had

dramas and failed to post a time. Garth Tander struggled with engine for tomorrow's opening 10-lap sprint. He'll start from the rear of the grid for reigning V8 champ Russell Ingall, It was a tough day as well who could do no better than 21st best time. Current world superbike championship leader Troy Bayliss has blasted the field setting a new all-time superbike best at the Valencia circuit. He beat fellow Aussie and defending champ Troy Corser by half a second, but the race for the championship title should be even tighter. It's always been pretty competitive, but just now we have a lot more makes of motorcycles up the front and also a lot of different riders,

so it's what everyone wants to see. It will go down to the wire. The world superbike championship wraps up in late April. 21-year-old South Australian Dan Cullen for international cricket will be blooded on the upcoming tour of Bangladesh. He replaces Mick Lewis. to having a look at the standard I'm just really looking forward Australian players go about touring and seeing the way the other and playing international cricket. in Chittagon on April 23. The first one-dayer will be played Ruud van Nistelrooy to a 1-0 win over West Ham. has led Manchester United It's their seventh straight victory. COMMENTATOR: And typically, produces the right finish van Nistelrooy right on the stroke of halftime. Villareal just 45 seconds It took Champions League minnows quarterfinal against Inter Milan. to score in the first leg of their hit back. But the star-studded Italian outfit secured a 2-1 victory at home. This spectacular effort first practice session Lleyton Hewitt has had his for next Friday's Davis Cup on the rebound ace court at Kooyong. And the world number 14 warns opponents Belarus shouldn't be taken lightly. Reunited with his Davis Cup team-mates after sitting out the last tie, Hewitt says he's over injury and ready to recapture his best form. I feel like I'm extremely close to playing some really good tennis, you know, in practice I've been hitting the ball great.

go out there and play on autopilot. Now, I've just gotta make it - after missing the first round The world number 14 returns against Switzerland because of injury

of the Australian Open courts. and retaliation against the slowness

shot against Paul McNamee, Hewitt couldn't resist a departing Australian Open Golf. who's left tennis to head up I hope he can play... eh? I dunno... Otherwise he'll be in the shit. head to head The South Australian will go with Belarus number one Max Mirnyi. success on the same side of the net. The pair has previously tasted

to team with Vladimir Voltchkov, The 55th-ranked Mirnyi who has a world ranking of 549. Kelli Underwood for Sports Tonight. Have you got the hots for what's in the box with the dots? Well, Domino's is open till late, so call 131 888 now and we'll deliver your favourite pizza in next to no time. Call 131 888. SONG: # Domino's! # If it wasn't for these people, my little boy wouldn't be speaking... One, two, three... ..and he is now.

and I urge you to do the same. This program is captioned live. Tonight's play of the day goes to a 'Sports Tonight' presenter who survived a rather rough ride in Melbourne today. Our very own Ryan Phelan was the victim of some childs play Australian Grand Prix celebrity race. during practice for this weekend's any time trying to get past our man, The purple Wiggle didn't waste barging Ryan out of the way. There was some damage of 'Wake up, Jeff' but perhaps it was a real case for this wild Wiggle. and giving us some entertainment For a change, before the races even begin Ryan gets our play of the day. Now to the national weather. showers and 30 degrees for Cairns.

for Brisbane. Rain clearing with a top of 28 Showers easing and 25 for Sydney. Showers for canberra. and Hobart. Windy with showers in both Melbourne A late shower and 21 degrees in Adelaide. The Bureau predicts increasing cloud and a top of 28 for Perth. A late shower on the way in Darwin, and it'll be mostly sunny in The Alice. And before we go, in breaking news, the release of American hostage Jill Carroll, a journalist taken at gunpoint in Baghdad almost three months ago. And that's the latest from Ten News. I'm Sandra Sully. Thanks for joining us. From the Late News team, goodnight.

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