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(generated from captions) Good medicine - patients with hospital beds - the high-tech system to match a National Nine News exclusive. better and smarter. It's about using our resources Under arrest - a man in custody near Camden. after sparking a huge police hunt

hours in another F3 traffic snarl. Highway hell - commuters stuck for violence erupts on the streets French Revolution -

over tough new labour laws. This program is captioned live. Good evening. of good news for frustrated patients. We begin with a welcome dose

it has the answer The State Government believes shortages in the State's hospitals. to the perennial problem of bed Adam Walters has details. Adam? Mark, the Health Minister has told me of technology the answer was the clever use at Westmead Hospital - freeing up hundreds of beds

the busiest in NSW. It was known as a "code red" -

when ambulances were turned away a critical alert struggling to find beds. from hospitals Now they can be found - to monitor patient flow a special unit at Westmead today unveiled by the Health Minister the hospital system. is set to revolutionise We're getting the right patient to the right hospital at the right time. to receive the right treatment

which beds are available, We can actually see or in high-dependency zones. say in critical care zones one emergency department to another, Without being shuttered from exactly where to go. ambulance officers now know when they're arriving, They can tell us where they're arriving, at each of our different hospitals. what the loads are as our 'air traffic control system' I nickname this or 'command control centre'. an admission, if I can, I just need to give you for an emergency. The unit uses the Internet and discharge of patients to coordinate the admission and Nepean hospitals. at Westmead, Blacktown

patient outcomes - We've seen improved less time in hospital patients actually taking by getting the treatment earlier. patient-friendly and safe It allows us to be a modern, agile, hospital health-care system. has produced stunning results. The Government says the unit eight hours or longer The number of patients waiting has been slashed from 48% to 13%. for a bed at Westmead better and smarter. It's about using our resources

throughout the State. Patient-flow units will now be set up the Government's about to make And Adam, I believe another major announcement on health?

Yes, Mark, for years the issue of

hospital services on Sydney's northern beaches has been extremely

contentious. I can reveal the

Government has given the go-ahead

for the construction of a major for the construction of a major

acute hospital, but Nine News

understands it will be built at

Frenchs Forest, not Dee Why, as

many have speculated. What then

will happen to the hospital at

monavail? I believe it will stay

open but, at this stage, we are open but, at this stage, we are

unclear on the exact level of

services it will provide. Mark. OK,

Adam. Thank you. Still at State Parliament, the Government this afternoon where the Greens embarrassed in the M5 tunnel. over pollution levels

The Greens have obtained documents stream of complaints from motorists showing there has been a steady

concerned about their health. Two weeks ago concerns about the M5 tunnel, the Roads Minister shrugged off

offering this advice to motorists. go through any heavy traffic area - Just wind up your windows when you it seems a very simple solution. Only yesterday he told Parliament had been put at risk, not a single tunnel user three years ago but these documents show that received more than 240 complaints the RTA's pollution line over a period of just a few months. either isn't up to his job Mr Roozendaal Parliament. or he is deliberately misleading Environmental Protection Authority One motorist also complained to the after nearly passing out, he'd been physically sick. while a motorcyclist said In the years since, 70,000 vehicles a day to 110,000. traffic in the tunnel has risen from

consequences would have got worse. You'd be expecting that the health to do as Health Minister Will you now do what you failed and protect public health and erecting warning signs? by filtering the tunnel has the kind of filter, No tunnel in Australia that you're talking about. the kind of filtration, has ruled out filtering the tunnel, But while the Government

is set to clamp down on trucks National Nine News can reveal the RTA which emit high levels of pollution. by a new monitoring system, Offending vehicles will be recorded backed up by tough new penalties. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News.

north of Sydney Getting anywhere on the busy F3 was virtually impossible this morning at Mount Kuring-gai. after a fatal accident with another vehicle A man died when his car collided

shortly before 7:00. and burst into flames Police closed both southbound lanes through the Berowra off-ramp and diverted traffic an investigation. while they carried out heading south were caught in the mess Some frustrated drivers for more than three hours for those travelling north. and it wasn't any better in hospital this evening A man is under police guard

near Camden after allegedly going on a crime wave on Sydney's south-western outskirts. a massive manhunt overnight He was the target of to have terrorised residents during which he is said and injured one through a door. after a shot was fired After 16 hours on the run, was taken to Liverpool Hospital the injured suspect under police guard. for a number of minor injuries, He's been treated

police station then he will be returned to Camden to assist us with our enquiries. from Queensland Police allege the 24-year-old his car at Narellan late yesterday. began his crime spree after crashing who stopped to help Two off-duty police officers with a sawn-off rifle. say he threatened them When local police arrived, leaving his car on fire. the man had disappeared, Police say they next heard of him at nearby Elderslie

when he walked into the home of Edna Durrington. I came out of my bedroom door and he was standing right in front of me. She says he told her he was an off-duty police officer - Edna believed him.

And I asked him, would he like a drink of water before he left? The gunman then allegedly bashed a 76-year-old neighbour before stealing his car. Police claim the suspect drove to a house at Razorback

and fired a shot through the front door - 67-year-old Robert Wynne suffered shrapnel wounds. Police say the victim's provided valuable information and the number of calls from the public was overwhelming. In fact, it was a resident at nearby Cawdor who saw the suspect walking on the side of the road and called police. We were very desperate to locate him.

Stella Lauri, National Nine News. The Federal Government has promised to change its radical new workplace laws if there are unintended consequences which hurt employees. Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews made the pledge today as unionists marched on Liberal Party headquarters in Melbourne. Union delegates from all over Victoria gathered this morning

to hear ACTU secretary Greg Combet issue a call to arms.

I want to know if you're ready for a fight. Yes, 'cause I am. Then, a thousand strong, they marched on Liberal Party headquarters demanding that the Federal Government scrap the radical industrial relations laws that came into effect on Monday. BOOING AND APPLAUSE Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews promised that the new system would be carefully monitored and changed if there were unintended consequences

damaging to the interests of workers. It would be totally irresponsible not to make proper amendments. But the unions and the ALP claimed the dismissal of a group of workers at Melbourne company Triangle Cables proved the unfairness of the laws. There was no explanation given, just "services no longer required". These eight employees sacked yesterday are just among the first of millions of Australian employees

whose job security you have torn up. The changes that came in on Monday are going to lead to more jobs in the Australian community, not fewer. Kim Beazley took his campaign to a Canberra bus depot, but got more than he bargained for - a lecture on Labor's failure to pay attention to blue-collar workers. If you want to et votes If you want to get votes and you to a prime minister, you need to start looking after these sort of people, not the minority. Mr Beazley knows all too well that a lot of those blue-collar workers now vote Liberal - Howard's battlers. He's trying the industrial relations issue to win them back. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. And new labour laws in France have sparked a massive and violent day of protest. The worst of the trouble was in Paris where close to a million people rallied. 500 were arrested and 46 injured.

The centre of the French capital transformed into a battleground as demonstrations turned violent. Riot police used water cannons on students determined to make their frustrations heard. The protesters were angry over a new employment law, which would introduce a 2-year trial for young workers during which time they can be fired without warning. My parents had job security, my parents had job stability

and I don't want to give up those rights. What began as a peaceful protest ended with gangs of youths pelting police with stones and bottles. Police were armed with cameras and guns firing indelible ink to tag troublemakers. Combined with a national strike, the riots brought much of the country to a halt. The Eiffel Tower was closed to tourists and there were delays on rail services and airports.

Despite the riots, which were a climax to two weeks of protest, the French Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, is determined to stick by the new law. In London, Jodie Noyce, National Nine News. Cyclone Glenda is bearing down on the Pilbara region of WA with winds of more than 100km/h. Now downgraded to category four, the storm is sitting 350km north-west of Port Hedland with predictions it'll cross the coast some time tomorrow morning. Residents have been warned to expect heavy rain and gale-force winds. 10 days after Cyclone Larry, another sign that life is slowly returning to normal in Far North Queensland. Innisfail High School was nearly wrecked by the storm, but today, it re-opened its doors to senior students.

It will be a long time before life is back to normal, but for these students, this was an important step. It was raining, there's no power, and most buildings remain out of bounds, but there were mates and those familiar school sounds. Seen all my mates, I know they're alright, so I'm pretty happy about that. While the high school's opening

is a tribute to the town's huge rebuilding effort,

there are still pockets out of Innisfail yet to get any help. You are the first people who are actually in the place, seven or eight days later. A neighbour gave Lubo Todurov a tarp? to cover his damaged roof. It's barely doing the job. As another night falls, power is the issue on most minds. Kurrimine, just south of Innisfail, like many other towns, hums each night to the sound of generators.

And this is why - Albert Agale ventured outside into Larry's eye and nearly became a cyclone casualty.

ALBERT AGALE: Ooh! In Innisfail, Matt Dunstan, National Nine News. In the news ahead - the man responsible for protecting us from terrorists. A desperate plea for help from parents of children with disabilities. These children deserve this service.

And a piece of Sydney's sporting history goes up in flames. (Fire crackles)

Beaurepaires Easter Bonus - Call 13 23 81 today.

A new boss has been appointed to the police unit responsible for fighting terrorism. Superintendent Nick Kaldis takes over from Assistant Commissioner Norm Hazzard who retires on Friday. He says his first challenge will be improving communication between the agency and the community.

One of the most effective weapons we have is reaching out into our local communities and building the relationships with them so that they are aware of the sorts of dangers that face them. Superintendent Kaldis is currently the head of the Gang Squad. Parents with disabled children are pleading with the State Government to continue funding an assistance program on the North Shore. $200,000 has been cut from Lifestart -

a service which helps school-aged children integrate with the community. We need this service. These children deserve this service and we, as parents, will fight for them because we're the only people who can speak for them. Well, I just think it's a bloody disgrace. The Government says it already commits a record amount of money to disability services. Sydney University's rowing club has been devastated by a fire which has destroyed its boatshed, along with all its boats. The early morning blaze also claimed precious souvenirs collected over the club's 140-year history. It's been the nurturing ground for many of Australia's rowing elite... (Fire crackles) ..and when it went up in flames, sporting history went with it. They call us the home of rowing in Australia

and, yeah, to have the boatshed go up like that, it's gutting. Destroyed were 43 boats - worth up to $1 million - and coaching equipment. That's all replaceable, but some items are not. We've got mementos from different Olympic games over time. Rowers arrived at 5:00 this morning expecting to train.

Instead, they found the building on fire. The whole shed was just billowing and there was a sound like glass, it's like glass breaking. Just how it started is unknown, but police are not treating the fire as suspicious. The timing couldn't have been worse. In just three weeks, 24 of the club's rowers will compete in the national selection trials for the chance to represent Australia. Now they've lost everything. Already, there have been offers of boats and equipment from other clubs and the rowers are determined to do their best. We can rebuild the memories. It's just devastating. That little shed was just fantastic. It was one of the greatest sheds in the country. Nina Stevens, National Nine News. Israel has entered a critical new phase with the country's new Kadima Party winning elections

and gaining a mandate to finalise Israeli borders. Leader Ehud Olmert, who took over Kadima after Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke, says he'll define borders within four years with or without Palestinian input. But Palestinians warn of trouble ahead if Olmert goes it alone and grabs disputed territory.

This does not bode well for peace, it does not bode well for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Mr Olmert, who is likely to lead in a coalition with Israel's Labour Party,

says he's willing to begin talks with the Palestinians soon. But that seems a difficult prospect with Hamas now governing the territories and officially committed to the destruction of the Jewish state. Caspar Weinberger - a man who helped America win the Cold War - has died. Weinberger was the defense secretary to President Reagan in the '80s and steered a $1 trillion increase in American military spending. He made a number of visits to Australia caught up in the ANZUS crisis when Australia blocked US missile testing

and New Zealand banned visits by American warships. He was 88. Ken is next with the latest on Andrew Johns's rep future. Apparently, it's not going to be a long one. Joey explains all in an exclusive interview after the break. And Shane Warne bamboozles South Africa for a stunning victory.

It's all about staying in close contact and taking advantage of a good opportunity. SONG: # Ah Ah-ah... # So give TransACT a call today,

and see how they can improve your game plan.

Andrew Johns has revealed that winning another premiership for Newcastle is the reason why he is quitting representative football. Johns will play one final Test for Australia,

but says that turning his back on State of Origin

was one of the toughest decisions of his career. For a player with nothing left to prove, Andrew Johns has now set himself one final goal. I'm gonna miss it. I know I'm gonna miss it, it's gonna hurt, but it's a sacrifice I'm gonna have to make if I want to win a premiership at Newcastle. I'm doing this decision not only for myself, but for the club up here and for my team-mates.

to Origing from a broken jaw Last year, Johns's dramatic return to Origin from a broken jaw turned the series. But it left him feeling drained. Now he wants to do what Brad Fittler did for the Roosters when he quit Origin. I seen what it done to Brad Fittler when he retired from rep football. He really galvanised their club at the Roosters and lifted them during that period. So I'd like to see myself hopefully doing the same. Before that, he's got some unfinished business. We all saw what the Kiwis done to us in the Tri-Series final. That really hurt me, watching that. I can't wait for that game, to get out there and rip right in. Penrith's Craig Gower is the hot favourite to take over from Johns in the NSW Origin side. His off-season off-field dramas are likely to be swept aside. But Brett Kimmorley is hoping to team up with his old coach Graham Murray now that Ricky Stuart is no longer the coach. I think I'd like that style. That's the sort of way that Hopes used to coach - just play for each other and battle out amongst each other rather than being intense all week. And Hollywood has arrived at Erskineville Oval. Russell Crowe has organised a special post-training catering for Souths so his team is running on the right fuel. While Peter Holmes a Court has urged George Piggins to back down from his demand for a recount of the privatisation vote.

Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Another brilliant bowling performance by Shane Warne helped Australia to a dramatic second Test win in Durban, sealing the series against South Africa. Chasing 410 to win, South africa started well before being bowled out for 297 Warne finishing with a man of the match haul of 6/86 in fading light. Warne soon turned South Africa's salvage job into a demolition. COMMENTATOR: Outstanding, absolutely outstanding. Graeme Smith next, though Warne's verbal sparring partner took a forearm jolt. The top order punch drunk - Jacques Kallis lbw. Grabbing the game by the throat, Warne was backed up by Andrew Symonds's grip. Even in the field Warne was rarely out of it... That's out. Out, caught slip. ..Jacques Rudolph his fourth wicket. Was there a glove on the way out? I think there was. Yes, there was. Pacemen took their slim pickings. Shaun Pollock another notch on Brett Lee's barrels. In fading light, Warne returned. Well, I think that might have hit the bat. Yes, he's on his way. Five wickets for the 35th time in his career - he'd finish with six. He's given him. Now he's given him.

The Australians have won the Test match. South Africa gobsmacked, the man of the match mobbed. Sidelined by food poisoning, even Ricky Ponting could smile. At the end of the day we probably got through and we probably, maybe just wanted it a little bit more. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. In the countdown to this weekend's Grand Prix, 7-time world champ Michael Schumacher has shown some of our Wallabies his sporting skills stretch beyond the racetrack.

In a game of touch footy he proved even without his Ferrari he still has speed to burn and what about this effort from the sideline?

Not bad for a beginner. Mark Webber also got back to basics, going go-cart racing with a group of sick children. And finally, a chance tomorrow for everyone in Sydney to help celebrate our Commonwealth Games team's stunning success, with a civic reception for the athletes at the city's Town Hall, beginning at midday.

And I'm gonna be there with a lot

of the good athletes. Hosted by

your good self. Look forward to it. After the break - finance, then Jaynie with the weather.

In finance, the Ten Network reported a 22% slump in half-year earnings. It has blamed a weak advertising market.

Car audio retailer Strathfield rose on plans to convert most of its stores to franchises. Conditions clearing up. With the details, here's Jaynie. Thanks, Mark. Well, it looks like a mostly dry evening after isolated heavy falls over parts of Sydney today - the highest at Avalon, 37mm, Bondi, 8mm. Virtually nothing over the dams. Mid- to high-20s with the city now on 24 degrees. Category four severe Tropical Cyclone Glenda is over the north-west of WA and is expected to cross the coast later tonight with winds exceeding 100km/h over the Pilbara coast. For us? There have been plenty of storms over the central and northern inland.

Showers along the coastline. Storms and rain will move to the eastern and central regions tomorrow with up to 10-20mm widespread. Rain intensifying over the Pilbara from Cyclone Glenda. A storm for Canberra and Darwin, showers tonight for Melbourne, clearing by tomorrow afternoon. A light splash for Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane. Fine in Perth. Sydney - most of the showers are due in towards the afternoon.

Increasing to rain by the evening with storms moving in from the west. Up to 20mm expected, including the dams. And the late southerly dropping temperatures.

Snuggle up on Saturday with a cold and windy day. A very chilly Sunday. The first of many cool nights ahead, Mark? That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

It's the worst decision th t this count y ha eve made. It's the oorst decis on that this country has ever made.

Sacked workers, growing unrest. Are the Howard Government's controversial workplace changes unravelling already? Also tonight, Australia's dental crisis. People forced to sell their home to get their teeth fixed. Plus, the nature strip nark making homeowners lives a misery over petty regulations. And Microskin -

the remarkable Aussie breakthrough changing the lives of burns victims.

This program is captioned live.