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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening. I'm Sandra Sully crocodiles and venomous snakes Tonight, the threat of looting, who barely survived a direct hit confront locals cyclones. by one of Australia's worst ever

Lethal Leisel - the world 100m breaststroke record the golden girl smashes as Australia hauls in the gold. 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. And the Commonwealth Games headlines of fun at our men's swimming team. ryan, England start to poke a bit That's right, Sandra. a field day at our expense. The old enemy are having

of the Aussie men dominating the pool They're suggesting the days are over. stop drug testing A Sydney Swan demands the AFL is tarnished. because he says the current system We deserve our privacy. Players are people too. A new era at the Rabbitohs. apply a Cinderlla story touch Can Hollywood star Russell Crowe to South Sydney? But first tonight, of Queensland's Cyclone Larry. the shocking destruction homeless Thousands of people have been left are running as high as $500 million. and estimates of damage

The 270km/h winds have destroyed most of Australia's banana crop sugar cane fields, and flattened countless leaving thousands without jobs. In other developments tonight, that looters have been at work police and locals have reported fears in the devastated town of Innisfail. Adding to the misery, and residents officials are warning rescuers and venomous snakes to be wary of crocodiles which could be sheltering in debris. Queensland but it's losing power. Larry is still moving across from a Category 5 It's been downgraded to a Category 2 storm. victims left homeless by the cyclone The Federal Government has announced through Centrelink. will be given $1,000 is one of the worst hit areas And Innisfail in the area damaged in some way. with more than half of all properties In the early hours of this morning, Cyclone Larry unleashes his fury of Innisfail. over the North Queensland community a brutal battering The town of 13,000 copping ever to hit the Queensland coast. from the largest tropical cyclone twice the size of Cyclone Tracey, The massive Category 5 front, and running for cover. left thousands helpless

and really devastating. It was really scary It's just like a bomb's gone off. As the eye passed over, into the eerie silence those brave enough to step out of the severity got the first glimpse to come. and a taste of what was again we're in the middle of the eye. At the moment

just bowl over us. We've just had a Category 5 cyclone has gone flying - Absolutely everything guttering, there's latticework over here, the boats are full of water, and we're only halfway. The realisation hit hard. to a trail of destruction. Innisfail reduced Houses, schools, churches. a new river view. This community hall given whole back half of the building away Well, the cyclone just blew the brand-new ceiling is all gone, and the down studio with the that way somewhere. some, their livelihoods. Many lost homes, We don't know. We don't know. Hope and pray. That's all we can do. onto it and help us very quickly, Just hope the Government can get because we certainly need it. not to lose loved ones. All just thankful

for emergency crews. The job has only just begun SIREN WAILS too many injuries reported. So far, we haven't had water damage. Mainly just been roofs off,

to dangers that still loomed Curious residents swiftly alerted from the aftermath. and further flooding The threat of more water rising the already-waterswept town. in coastal areas Many fled their homes right into the strike zone. and were directed Wondering what lies ahead. and how everything is out there. What it looks like

We'll just have to wait and see.

evacuation centres - Backpackers also forced into experience. cyclones, a foreign and frightful to be honest. I was really freaked out, actually, when we got evacuated, So yeah, was pretty freaked out

because I was fast asleep. to get back on track. Power may take days or weeks And lives could take years. Brett Clappis, Ten News. in the pool. Now to Australia's golden night Ryan, Leisel's world class, books for several reasons, and tonight she entered the record with an extremely rare honour. Yes, Sandra. the record books Leisel Jones has rewritten at the Commonwealth Games. for an individual performance in the 100m breaststroke. Along the way, setting a world record Leisel Jones was nervous and unbelievably quick. but she was determined the world 100m breaststroke record. The 20-year-old obliterating COMMENTATOR: Leisel you'll do it! for the Games. Yes! First world record for the 50m and 200m breaststroke, By adding that to her medals in Commonwealth Games history Jones has become the first swimmer to bag all three. I cannot believe that. I am in abolsute shock. That is just absolutely amazing.

And Libby Lenton continues to soar,

and Alice Mills outswimming team-mates Jodie Henry this time in the 50m free. to win her third gold of the Games Libby Lenton wins the 50m. COMMENTATOR: 4 x 100m freestyle relay. A massive win in the women's Alice Mills and Shayne Reese Libby Lenton to Jodie Henry,

the Games record. slicing four seconds off Australias wins the 4 x 100m. the men are still yet to win a race. While the women fly the flag, New Guinean, Michael Klim losing to an unknown a sign of the declining standards. Mark Aiston, Ten News. Plenty more coming up in sport later in the 5,000m final. including how Craig Mottram fared The release of new detail reforms has reignited the IR battle. of the Federal Government's workplace Labor and the unions say

on Australian job security. it's a full-frontal attack taking effect from next Monday, With the new WorkChoices Act of 400 pages of regulations the release by the Government has prompted claims of unforeseen devil in the detail.

With unfair dismissal laws scrapped for most companies, the regulations suggest workers and bosses who independently agree to unfair dismissal protections could be fined. So Kevin Andrews the Minister determines that no unfair dismissal rights will apply even if an employee and an employer agree as part of their employment arrangements. The Minister unapologetic. Now consistent with that policy is a provision that you cannot have as part of an agreement what will be prohibited from an agreement - provisions such as unfair dismissals. Labor and the unions also claim the regulations leave it open for workers to be forced to cash out leave. Employers say that's just a scare campaign. WorkChoices legislation actually provide more protections for workers on annual leave than existed under the existing system. ACTU boss Greg Combet says a long list of union activities will be made illegal. He's implied he'll go to jail rather than comply. I am not going to pay a fine for doing my job. The proclamation of the laws from Monday

will set off a new round of political argument about the IR changes.

Labor and the unions say workers will gradually feel the impact in their workplaces and wallets. The Government insists that's absurd. The leaders summarising their cases... This legislation is not extreme. What this is aimed at is reducing wages. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A damning assessment of Australia's new anti-terror laws tonight from a former Federal Court judge.

Justice Marcus Einfield told a meeting in Sydney he fears the new laws could lead to a police state. The new law comes into effect in December. A dramatic new weapon to combat rioting mobs in NSW. For the first time, police will use water cannon. The State Government announcing it will spend $700,000 to buy the crowd controller in the wake of the Redfern and Cronulla riots. If anybody wants to stand in the way of a water cannon after you have given them clear and fair warning, then they may be knocked to the ground. But traditionally speaking, in my research they don't cause significant injuries, no. Police say they'll use their own officers as guinea pigs to test the new gear. A national poll has found that almost two-thirds of Australians want our troops out of Iraq.

It comes as thousands take to the streets in the US, to protest the third anniversary of the invasion. Three years on and anti-war protesters are still marching strong. Two-thirds of US voters now believe President George W Bush is mishandling the war in Iraq. I believe that this is an illegal and immoral war and thousands of young mena nd women and thousands of young men and women people like my son Joshua have been tricked and lied to. About a dozen activists were arrested on the streets of New York. Even states formerly known for their pro-war stance are now demanding the withdrawal of troops. (All chant) What do we want? Peace. But the President tried to reassure Americans the continued effort is justified. We are implementing a strategy that will lead to victory in Iraq. Promises of progress have been overshadowed by claims that Iraq has descended into civil war. We are losing a day, on average 50 to 60 people throughout the country, if not more. If this is not civil war then God knows what civil war is. The Federal Opposition echoing the voice of two-thirds of Australians who want our troops out. There's a rotation of troops in there supporting the Japanese engineers -

the Japanese engineers are coming out in May and that's when we should come out too. But others argue, leaving Iraq would be like giving Germany to the Nazis.

For Iraqis it's a painful milestone. EXPLOSION FIRES US troops clashed with insurgents in Ramadi while coalition forces continued to sweep Samarra as part of Operation Swarmer. Ebbeny Feranda, Ten News. Police have seized a birthday present sent to one of the Bali Nine in Indonesia. They say pornographic pictures were found on a computer addressed to Si Yi Chen for his 21st birthday. Stay on Ten. After the break, the publication of daring pictures lands the global face of Australian tourism in a new controversy. And how a professional skier beat the odds

and survived an avalanche.

This program is captioned live. More bad news for Australian construction giant Multiplex

and their troubled-plagued Wembley Stadium. The London site was evacuated tonight, with 3,000 workers running for cover after hearing a loud bang. Early reports indicate part of a roof may have collapsed

and dropped by as much as a metre. Company engineers are investigating. To the market in detail: The All Ords didn't quite crack 5,000 but it was still a record close. Coles Myer was up 9 cents after a half-year profit of $484 million. James Hardie fell thanks to a surprise tax bill of $222 million. Both AGL and Alinta went up as AGL rejected Alinta's takeover bid. Rio Tinto was up $1.60. Australia's newest tourism export is once again embroiled in controversy. Lara Bingle is threatening to sue over topless photos of her that have turned up in a men's magazine. She's made a splash in the infamous Australian tourism ads.

So where the bloody hell are you? Now we can see more of Lara Bingle than ever courtesy of a men's mag that got hold of some shots she did before she was famous. Is there anything underhanded in the way you got them? No. They were shots for a photographer that she shot for a few months ago. We bought them from him. And that's how it worked. I mean, she did the shoot and I'm sure she'll be delighted that they've made themselves into a magazine. Well, it turns out Lara is far from delighted.

The 18-year-old too embarrassed to face the cameras today, her mother telling Ten News Lara did not sign a release for the test shots done last year, and that her lawyers are taking action. This inside cover remark the most offensive to the Bingle family. That's not good. It's sad. It's a bit rude, I think. Very tasteful. Do you think she'd appreciate it? I don't think so, no. The magazine editor is unapologetic. We're just having a bit of fun.

But Lara's not laughing. Executives at Tourism Australia say they're shocked by the spread but have no plans to penalise Lara for something that appears was out of her control. If she decided to do a spread like this after the commercial had gone to air, Lara could have commanded big bucks,

but her manager insists she's not after this kind of work. Silly bugger, isn't she? Look at the advertising she's getting for free. She could crawl under my bed, anyway.

Angela Bishop, Ten News. A professional skier has beaten the odds and skied his way out of an avalanche. Before Jani Pogacar started his run, deep snow and high winds had brought avalanche warnings to the European Alps and his worst fears quickly materialised. Pogacar disappeared, surrounded by tonnes of falling snow and ice. Organisers feared the worse. But, amazingly, the Slovakian kept his cool, balance and nerve, emerging from the snow unscathed. CROWD CHEERS While he missed out on a medal, he was more than happy to walk away with what was definitely, the ride of his life. Ryan Phelan joins us now from Melbourne's Eureka Tower with Sports Tonight. Ryan, claims the sun is setting on Australia's swimming empire? That's right, Sandra. The Brits have counted the number of gold won by the Scottish and English swimmers and say it spells disaster for the Aussie men.

Also tonight - a Swan has his feathers ruffled over what he calls drug testing's confidentiality concerns. It's a disgrace. Players are people too. We deserve our privacy. South Sydney under their new regime - can the gladiator Russel Crow change the Rabbitohs culture? And Rod Pampling holds his nerve while an opponent chokes. Getting enough fibre during the day can be difficult. New Metamucil fibre capsules - Ever since I had Jarrod, I started to think about the kinds of ideals, values and beliefs that I wanted him to have. Now that I'm thinking about I realise they're actually the same ones Jesus taught. You can take or leave religion, but I can't get away from the fact WOMAN: To find out what Jesus had to say about life, This program is captioned live. An AFL grand final-like atmosphere at the MCG as Aussie distance runner Craig Mottram fought every step pf his 5,000m race. His courageous bid typifying our day at the track. As home town hero Craig Mottram ran the 5,000 metres, he carried the hopes of the nation with him. Victory, just out of reach. But unfortunately, there was one guy better than me, and that's racing. That's the beauty of the beast.

Gold, nailed by Aussie hammer thrower Brooke Krueger. In the men's 100m heats, all eyes were on the world's fastest man Asafa Powell, even his own. COMMENTATOR:He's looking at the scoreboard to see where the others are.

Straying from his lane but not enough to be disqualified. Australia's Patrick Johnson also making the final. CROWD APPLAUDS And that's when Asafa got serious. COMMENTATOR:Powell's in control, Powell wins easily. The Jamaican taking another title. Earlier Jane Saville's Games experience which began as Australia's flagbearer hit new heights. Gold in the women's 20km walk. Her sister Natalie less than a minute behind claiming silver. I'm so proud to be part of this team and the last week has been just amazing for me. I hope she's going to start looking over her shoulder

because I'm looking straight ahead of me and a few people in the crowd were saying, 'Keep an eye on that butt" in front. Cheryl Webb completing the trifecta. The men's event producing another one, two, three for Australia. Gold to Nathan Deakes. Jeremy Pudney for Sports Tonight. Our male swimmers are facing an unenviable record. Melbourne is looming as the worse Commonwealth Games effort by a men's team since 1938 when they won just one gold medal. And the British media are loving it. With the Aussie men yet to achieve a golden result in the pool, the English media couldn't resist having a dig. The London 'Times' even daring to suggest Australia's status as an aquatic super power is under threat, painfully pointing out the men lost the 4 x 200m freestyle for the first time since 1950. Former world champion swimmer Geoff Huegill disagrees. Unfortunately we're in a situation where two of our big guns are injured at the moment. of a simple fact. And he wants to remind the Poms to gloat too much yet. I don't think they've got any reason until the fat lady sings It's not over

of competition to go. and there's still two more days

with his own attack. The Victorian Premier came out women's swimming team in history We probably have the best in the world. of any nation anywhere, anytime a swipe at the crowds and the media The Fleet Street hacks also took Rob Hayles reportedly said, while victorious pursuit cyclist when we're winning." "We're only happy extremely generous I think the crowds have been and to all achievement to all winners and I think that reflects very well to their sport. on the attitudes of Australians golden performances by his citizens, No doubt hoping there are a few more arrives later this week. British Prime Minister Tony Blair Marathon runner Kate Smyth to yesterday's race, who had a sickening finish is expected to make a full recovery. Smyth's struggle along the MCG straight is destined to be one of the games' most enduring and disturbing images. I really lost all sense of balance or normality. It was quite an unusual experience I never have again. and one that I hope her next challenge The seventh place-getter knows to let her run again. is to convince family and friends for total medals. And Australia has cracked the ton with gold number 40. Our freestyle relay girls of 100 golds However the pre-games target

is starting to look hard to reach. a close eye over training today. Souths players had a new face casting for the future Their new boss has high hopes without promising the world. for the first time South Sydney has trained today

under the new regime and Peter Holmes a Court. of Hollywood star Russell Crowe Holmes a Court on duty at the dilapidated Erskineville Oval, warning things won't change overnight. We can't click our fingers and change things. We can't level this oval, we can't change the machines in there. There's no quick fixes. This is just going to take a while. At Brisbane, Barry Berrigan has suffered ongoing neck problems and experienced pins and needles playing for Towoomba at the weekend. It's feared his time could be up. As much as the career side of things,

the thing that hurts the most, I think is in five years it's great he can still walk. he'll miss up to three months Rookie Steve Michaels receiving news with a broken leg. several big names on the sidelines. St George Illawarra already has for up to six weeks. A further blow with Luke Bailey out But it could have been worse. crucial tear. He seems to think it's a posterior the worst thing that could happen. We'll have scans today but it's not hopeful of a return against Souths Trent Barrett and Matt Cooper both on Sunday. best players on the field Yeah obviously we'd love to have our but that doesn't always happen when they're not on the field. and you've got to find a way to win both breathing a sigh of relief. And Willie Mason and Frank Puletua being charged with high tackles. They'll avoid suspension despite

Glen Lauder for Sports Tonight. Premiership-winning Swan Jared Crouch has branded the AFL's drug testing process an absolute disgrace. With the Federal Police investigating the leak of confidential drug testing information the league is now facing a player backlash. Sydney's Jared Crouch is renowned as a straight-shooter,

and this time he's taken aim at the AFL's recreational drugs policy. You're entitled to your privacy and it's an absolute disgrace that whoever has obviously leaked these names out disrespects us so much that they're willing to do that. with the media leak So disgusted is he positive to illicit drugs, of players who have twice tested to be tested. the tagger says he's now reluctant I'm goint to be, In the back of my mind is this all fair dinkum? if it has come from there I guess that's the big thing that someone has leaked something, from doing other things then what's stopping other people just to embarrass us, just to disrespect us, so yeah, it's a bit shithouse. Nigel Lappin. A major blow for Brisbane Lion last year, After breaking his left ankle will now miss up to two months the star midfielder with damage to his good ankle. First round opponent Geelong faring slightly better. Scans revealing a fracture to James Kelly's left shoulder that will rule him out until round 3. But Cameron Ling has only a bruised knee and will be OK for round one.

Will Slade is breathing easier after getting the all-clear for this. COMMENTATOR:Ohh, Slade just poleaxed Bode. The Cat given a reprimand for his stray elbow.

Freo and Port players also escaping sanction for their minor scuffle on Friday night. Barry Levinson for Sports Tonight. A dramatic finish to the prestigious Bay Hill golf tournament become the third Australian winner has resulted in Rod Pampling on the US tour this year. finished fourth Fellow Aussie Robert Allenby extraordinary fight for the trophy. but all eyes were on the player had ever won Before today, only one international the Bay Hill Invitational. locals they were again under attack. Jose Maria Olazabal reminding the could happen. COMMENTATOR: This is what also standing out Englishman Lee Westwood of the year. among one of the strongest fields oh no, look at this. Oh you're kidding,

he'd rather forget. Stuart Appleby had a final round that shot. That's pretty embarrassing While Appleby's ball copped the brunt of his displeasure. Fellow Aussie Rod Pampling at one stage enjoyed a 4-shot lead. Oh, just right in the heart. But by the 17th, Pampling was two shots behind. Englishman Greg Owen now looked certain for his first win on the US tour. Oh boy. Then not so sure. Oh. And there was worse to come at the 18th. Oh. Just like at 17. While Owen came to grips with the blockage in his throat, Pampling calmly bagged his second US tour win, a victory worth almost $1.4 million. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. from two starts this season Renault has made it two wins won the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. after Giancarlo Fisichella didn't even complete a lap, Race favourite Kimi Raikkonen damaged his car. after contact with Christian Klien him straight off. COMMENTATOR: Now it's going to spin Right rear suspension failed.

Williams had a disappointing day, Mark Webber forced out of the race both Nico Rosberg and Aussie with mechanical failures. Fernando Alonso. Fisichella won it from world champion Jenson Button third. They enjoyed the result. Both drivers joined Renault team boss Flavio Briatore for a victory dance in pitlane. SONG: # If you need someone to go that extra mile, Retravision... # Excited about the Holiday Resort Bonuses at Retravision? With every $500 you spend, you get a $500 Resort Cheque. The more you buy from Retravision, the more Resort Cheques you earn. Enjoy a luxury break at any of over 100 fabulous resort locations in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Don't wait - details in the March Retravision Catalogue # At Retravision, yeah, we'll do it. # This program is captioned live. Well, it's almost bedtime, but here's one kiss goodnight that's not for the faint-hearted. Maybe this Malaysian reptile-wrangler being set at the Games. was inspired by all the records for snake smooching, He set a new world mark or more accurately, kissing cobras. love taps on this legless lover He puckered up and planted 51 in just over three minutes.

probably didn't expect this reaction. A huge achievement, though he Must have been something he ate. Play of the day. That's the day's sport. winds up tommorrow. All the action from the pool can secure a gold medal. Hopefully our men There's four up for grabs. in Melbourne, Sandra. That's all for now from Eureka Tower Now to the national weather. The synoptic map shows Larry bringing heavy rain to north Queensland. A monsoon low will maintain rain and storms over the Top End and Kimberley. A trough in WA will head inland to bring a humid change to the west coast. A high will direct onshore winds and showers onto the NSW coast. So for tomorrow, another wet day for Cairns. Thunderstorms and 30 degrees forecast. Showers for Brisbane and Sydney too. It'll be mostly sunny in Canberra. Increasing sunshine for Melbourne. Sunny in Adelaide. Cloudy in Perth. The Bureau predicts a late shower for Darwin. for The Alice. And mostly cloudy conditions to Commonwealth Games glory. A florist is staking claim presented to athletes He helped design the bouquets on the winner's podium. and strikingly modern. They're bold, beautiful florist Dennis Radford thought But initially, award-winning Adelaide they were just a bit too risque. He needn't have worried. is that everybody thinks, The reaction we've had

it's not just a bunch of flowers, "Wow, it's different, and bright and colourful." it's a design, it's nice florist John Jones in Brisbane Radford joined forces with fellow and spent five months designing the stunning bouquet. They wanted to strongly reinforce the colours of the Games. The flowers are put together by up to 25 staff

at the Interflora headquarters in Melbourne. Each one takes half an hour to complete. Considering that we had to make 1,300 bouquets over the period of the Games, I did have one sleepless night thinking we're never going to get all these made in time. Well, all of these flowers were, in fact, grown here. We've got haleconias, we've got the gerberas, spear grass and antheriums. on top. And of course, your chicken balls How very Australian is that? For the designer, his creation on the world stage. the greatest satisfaction is seeing I'd seen a presentation on TV. Saturday night was the first night that I had that sitting in the shop It was really great to think and there it was over there, and I held it that day really tremendous. If kept in water,

the bouquets should last about a week and a half. Jodie Blewett, Ten News. And that's the latest from Ten News. I'm Sandra Sully. Thanks for joining us. We'll see you tomorrow. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.