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(generated from captions) Tonight - Hundreds of homes torn apart in North Queensland. as Cyclone Larry devastates towns

A massive relief operation begins who've lost everything. to help people at the Games And Australia's double clean sweep as our walkers claim all six medals.

This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. have been left homeless Thousands of people North Queensland this morning, after Cyclone Larry slammed into half a billion dollars to fix. leaving devastation that could cost came ashore at Innisfail, The Category 5 storm packing winds of 300km/h. and trees torn from the ground, Homes were ripped apart everyone survived the cyclone's fury. but, amazingly, "Larry" sounds a friendly name, they're cursing it. but in northern Queensland, in the eye of the storm This is what it was like early this morning. was prepared - The community of Innisfail not that it mattered. of a terrifying episode Dramatic images they'll talk about for years to come. And another threat, too - flooding. The repair bill will be monumental. evoking memories of Cyclone Tracy. Up to 700 homes have been damaged, A scenic drive normally - not today. A landscape trashed by Mother Nature. Normality turned upside down. came off almost as badly. The nearby resort of Mission Beach In less turbulent times, are part of the attraction. the palm trees Today, they were proving lethal. right onto the corner of the house, Huge queen palms fell took the corner out. deep inside their homes. Locals sheltered where they could, hoping that nothing broke. Just hiding downstairs, A Category 5 cyclone, they could recall worse than anything

in an area used to climatic extremes. spinning at 290km/h The vortex of wind and rain into a disaster zone. turned the tropical paradise bringing down countless powerlines. Trees were uprooted,

Roads became obstacle courses. in or out of the danger zone. There were no flights has been widespread. Damage to properties This house in Cairns was destroyed sparked an electrical fire. when the storm when the storm

too. And livelihoods have been devastated and banana crops have been wiped out. Millions of dollars worth of sugar Just extraordinary. 290km/h winds. Can you imagine it?

In a region used to cyclones, swung quickly into action. a well-rehearsed emergency plan

we've got to evacuate. We had the warning that That's when we knew it was serious. and some torches We've just bought some batteries and get some groceries now. and we're going to go Those ordered from their homes in local community halls. were forced to shelter

Some are just staying awake. Some are trying to sleep. what was bearing down on them - And this is of the cyclone's ferocious core. a satellite image

we've had for decades This is the worst cyclone impact on the east coast of Queensland. Cyclone Wati - And, ominously, a second storm - following in its wake. Despite the scale of the damage,

that it wasn't worse. there's also relief Authorities warn, though, could take months. that the recovery from Cyclone Larry Seven's Grant Denyer travelling through the disaster zone. has spent the day to Mission Beach, He's driven up from Townsville just south of Innisfail. Grant joins us now. Grant, what have you seen?

Roscoe, trees for hundreds of comes,

they haven't been pushed town,

they've had the tops snapped off.

It is simply extraordinary. We

tried to reach Innisfail. We made

it has far as Mission Beach, 50km

south. We've had to duck and weave

through live powerlines. Swoling

rivers are rising. Communities have

no power or communication, and

they're doing it alone. Emergency

crews haven't made it through. of Cyclone Larry's power. Grant, we've seen amazing pictures How did people cope?

As best they could. We hear stories

of families huddling in churches as

the roofs were ripping off. They

grabbed their mattresses, ran to

the bathroom and put it over them

to protect themselves. It's been a

physical night, but it's not just

the material things. Its it's the

emotional ones. Now, the big

question is the crops, bananas and

sugar canes that keep this communey

alive, 4,000 jobs in question.

and emotionally. They've been battered physically

Seven's Grant Denyer reporting there. Thank you, Grant.

of Cyclone Larry Some of the most dramatic video of Cyclone Larry

sheltering in a motel. was shot by two men they grabbed a camera. When the roof started to lift, Here's what happened.

Is it falling right down there? And

we're exposed there. The roof

between the two units was starting

to lift, so we could actually start

to see the roof of the room lifting

and we could see sky outside the

gap, and we realised the room was

about to break up, so we decided to

get a mattress and go into the

shower, covered ourself with the

mattress, and glass started

smashing all around us. Roof down.

Thank God that came down. That's

why we didn't lose our roof. Your

car. We were able to go out into

the eye of the storm, and people

were dazed, looking around at the

damage. We are in the eye of the

storm? If you come back any time...

Yeah, look at that. Look at the

roof up there. Anything you need

out of your car? That lasted for

about 30 minutes, and then the wind

velocity started picking up again.

We went back and we were offered

another room on the other side of

She'll be right. the hotel, which was a lot safer.

Your car's free! The Prime Minister says

to help cyclone victims, he'll do everything possible the Army and Air Force. including sending in any additional assistance The Federal Government will provide by the Queensland Government. that is wanted then they will be made available. If any military assets are needed, deployed to check damage from the air Army and Navy helicopters have been and direct relief efforts. has kicked off a national appeal The Queensland Government for cyclone victims, donating $100,000. If you want to help, the hotline is - at any Commonwealth Bank. Donations can also be made To the Commonwealth Games now, disqualified while on track for gold and Jane Saville's agony at being at the Sydney Olympics has been eased with victory in Melbourne. Matthew White is there. Matt, it was a family affair at the finish line?

Yeah, and a wonderful storywise well Jane's sister, Natalie, won the silver medal in the 20km walk. It was a great day for Australia, with our walkers making a clean sweep of the men's and women's events. Jane Saville has had victory snatched before, but this time would be different. RACE CALLER: And there it is. A high five from sister Natalie, and Jane was home. The Commonwealth champion - Jane Saville of Australia. Moments later the younger Saville crossed for silver, completing the family quinella. Dad's still crying, and mum was just so proud.

Mate, there was a tear in the eye from start to finish and a knot in the stomach. Cheryl Webb finished third, making it gold, silver and bronze to Australia. But the day belonged to Jane Saville - sweet redemption after that awful moment in Sydney. She's been disqualified in the shadows of the stadium. This week she's won her third career Commonwealth gold and led the nation as Australian flagbearer. That honour put history on Jane Saville's side from the outset. Her victory today means that in 18 Commonwealth and Empire Games, Australia's flagbearer has won gold an astounding 17 times. The last week has been just amazing for me. It was inspiration enough for the Australian men, Nathan Deakes winning 20km gold. Luke Adams took silver. 21-year-old Jared Tallent claimed bronze. A perfect six from six. Pretty

amazing, isn't it? We knew we had a

really good chance to take all six

medals today. Jane Saville described these Games as her career highlight. Her dad summed it up for the rest. Beautiful. Bloody beautiful.

Over at the pool now. Australia has a new Madame Butterfly - Jessicah Schipper, who's won our latest swimming gold medal in the 100m butterfly. At just 20 years old, she's already being tipped for even greater success than Susie O'Neill and Petria Thomas. There's nothing intimidating about Jess Schipper. But in the water, she drags them out and knocks 'em down. COMMENTATOR: It's a real battle in the middle of the pool. Just what Schipper loves. She's got the gold medal, Jessicah Schipper. It's amazing that I can have a title like this for my own. It's amazing. (laughs) Coach Ken Wood knows he has someone very special. Jess is not going to get the same publicity as some of them, you know, because they're more suited to the front page and the glamour magazines. But, Jess, I think she'll take butterfly swimming to where it's never been before. Better than Petria Thomas, who presented Jess' gold here last night. And better than Susie O'Neill. Even she can't believe what we're seeing. last year at the world championships. I'd pretty much discounted her, to be perfectly honest, because she's pretty quiet, doesn't say much,

doesn't seem very threatening. Jess's family knows different. She's got muscles in every inch of her body, yeah. Don't make her angry. (laughs) The three Schipper boys, triplets, also used to swim. I coached them when they were young and, oh, you know, human rights was all that stopped me - those little shockers, you know. She had to fight for everything. If you were half a second late at the food table, you got nothing. Also last night, silver to Melissa Gorman in the 800m freestyle, and Travis Nederpelt, bronze in the 400m individual medley. Australia's track cycling team has overcome scandal and tragedy to win seven gold medals at these Games. Despite their success, celebrations are low-key as they continue their quest to become the best in the world. Mate versus mate, Kate versus Kate. The 3,000m final everyone had expected - Kate Bates and Katie Mactier. COMMENTATOR: Katie Mactier from St Kilda takes it. A result even the girls had predicted. Yeah - always the bloody bridesmaid.

Mactier can't ride no-handed - this lap was her hardest of all.

Even last night, I thought, as I grabbed the flag, "Please Lord, don't get caught in the chain "and let me fall in front of all these people." At post-race celebrations, a hug from Dad, a kiss from Mum and a well-earned drink. Yes, that tastes very good! And she only got into the sport three years ago. Family here, friends here - and to see the Prime Minister of Australia (giggles) - quite surreal. In the scratch race, Ashley Hutchison won silver, our sprint team took bronze. After eight gold in Manchester, five in Athens -

the seven here marked an outstanding result. We have dominated the world in track cycling the last four to five years and it's not about to stop. And it seems nor is the cycling team's bitter in-fighting. Today Ryan Bayley took another swipe at team-mate Ben Kersten, condemning his riding style. Well, dangerous riding, or bad riding. Obviously seen in the past that he can get away with it. So why not do it again? Maybe they need lessons - in "Kateship"? To the medal tally, and Australia is on its way to 100 medals with 31 gold, 26 silver and 25 bronze. England is second, followed by India and Scotland.

A total of 82. Getting closer to the century. And, Roscoe, I'll be back later with more Games highlights, and Grant Hackett's exclusive preview of tonight's swimming finals. Ahead in Seven News - New South Wales police to get a new weapon for battling rioters.

Also, why Sydney's overcrowded buses are leaving angry commuters

stuck on the kerb. And South Sydney's new boss gets in training for the battle ahead. Jack, can you tell me what this is? A piano. And this? A TV! She's brought the papers. Have you seen the 'Trading Pos '? On the desk. And in your hand, mate. Oh. Really? Hello. Let's talk price. OK. Ah-ah-ah... (Sneezes) (German accent) Do you have another map? My phone's a map! to do more things in more places. Police will be equipped with a powerful new weapon to quell any future riots. Water cannon are already used overseas

to deal with mob violence. Now, the government will spend $700,000 on one for Sydney. After Macquarie Fields, Redfern and Cronulla, it now appears we have to be prepared for these options very quickly. Police insist the cannon would only be used as a last resort. A Seven News investigation has found Sydney's bus network is failing to cope with increasing demand caused by high petrol prices. As more people give up their cars, more commuters are being left stranded at stops As more people give up their cars, more commuters are being left stranded at stops and crammed into crowded aisles. A fourth bus drives by a busy stop in Redfern, too full to take anyone else. It's 8.30, and people are late for work. I don't even go by the timetable because it doesn't exist. And if I am lucky enough to get a spot, In Lane Cove, the lines are even longer. You can be standing here and buses just keep coming past.

Or you're just, like - there's no buses, then there's 10 turn up. Not today - the queue stretched on, and on, and on. People in this queue wait up to 20 minutes to get on a bus. They almost never get a seat because most of them are already too full once they get here. Around Sydney, complaints are the same - late, crowded, smelly, leaking, and noisy. All at a time when people are turning to public transport because of high petrol prices. As we can see petrol prices increasing further - and they will - people will definitely be changing their habits. Research company AC Neilsen has found patronage is up 19% since September, but still well behind the world average, because Sydney's public transport is seen as unreliable. The Minister is promising improvements.

In particular we need more buses, more drivers. We've been employing the drivers. We're buying new buses. Too late for some. And one is coming right now, so I need to go! The new owners of the Rabbitohs

have been approached by sponsors wanting to join the club just a day after winning control. But they're playing down hopes of a premiership, saying the priority is to fix broken facilities. Some say he got it cheap, but there's obviously still plenty to spend. No sign of partner Russell Crowe, but South's new owner denies they're miracle-workers. I guess I came down here to tell them I'm not a fairy. We don't have any magic dust. Yesterday, he seized control of the club by a few votes. Today, a visit to the Rabbitohs' training centre showed the job ahead. It's the worst in Rugby League. It's the worst in professional sport in Australia. The new bosses were welcomed by the team, but it was business as usual. Still got the same coach and he flogged us today, so... Holmes a Court took calls from new sponsors today

and opponents of the privatisation, but not club legend George Piggins. I haven't heard from George, no, but it's not about George anymore. Eddie McGuire may be on the new board and possibly Rusty's cousin, former Test cricketer Martin Crowe. Russell Crowe has set his club's sights on a premiership within three years. But the question remains - what makes Souths more of a winner now than it was before yesterday's vote? That's Russell getting excited about the vote, I think. I don't think that's realistic. There's a long way to go. Back to Matthew White in Melbourne, and marathon runner Kate Smythe is already planning her next big race. After

what happened here, you'd wonder

why, but it's a remarkable story. Roscoe, it's a remarkable story

given that Smythe could barely walk when she crossed the line yesterday. But now, on the Beijing Olympics in 2008. she's got her sights firmly set for the winless Dragons. And in Rugby League, another blow With just one phone call, from selected suburbs you can get picked up with our Flexibus evening service. call 13 17 10 So before you do anything, to get you where you want to go. and we'll coordinate the best way at the Commonwealth Games Australia's winning run The

here. weather really has been spectacular

at the Commonwealth Games Australia's winning run is showing no sign of easing.

make a clean sweep of the 20km event Earlier, we saw our walkers and this afternoon, and Natalia Rahman also won gold. shooters Lauren Mark The pair went into the final round rivals, England and New Zealand. five shots clear of their nearest They cut our lead to two. from Rahman. It required nerves of steel to secure gold. She was dead on target Pull! COMMENTATOR: And there it is. for the Mark family - The medal completed a quinella double trap pairs yesterday. husband Russell won gold in the men's In the pool, Craig Stevens is into tomorrow's night final of the 1,500m freeystle. Andrew Hurd in the heat, He was neck and neck with Canadian but couldn't reach him. by a body length. Hurd goes in and beats him of three Australians Brett Hawke was the quickest the 50m freestyle. in the mad dash to the wall - Hawke's got him. of completing a remarkable journey. Joanna Fargus is on the verge in Southern California, She went to university the Olympics and the Commonwealth, she's swum for Great Britain at then she's come to Australia because she's following her dad's work. She sizzled in the 200m backstroke to qualify fastest. Kate

Smythe has spoken of her

frightening finish. I felt myself

go over and then swing back, and I

thought no! I'm on the wrong side.

I've got to get to the other side.

Today she can laugh. Tomorrow

begins preparation for Beijing. And

in League, Adrian morally has pcome

the second player to be attacked

alt a hotel in the past week. Just like the Tigers' Benji Marshall, Morley says he was the innocent victim. He's suspended for a high shot,

but Adrian Morley's told police he was not to blame for a fight outside the Coogee Bay Hotel on Friday night. Morley went to Maroubra Police Station on Saturday and claimed he defended himself after being attacked. their "get tough on field" stance The Bulldogs have also defended after a fiery win against the Tigers. I don't think we went over the top. I think people overreacted that sort of play because they probably haven't seen for five or 10 years. So there were a couple of high shots kind of high shots. but they weren't over-the-top Willie Mason will escape suspension for this high shot, with an early guilty plea is looking at a week for striking. but Tiger Bryce Gibbs prop Luke Bailey The Dragons have lost with a knee injury. for up to six weeks at the club on a sour note You don't wanna end last year so hopefully we can fix things up playing the majority of games. and get me back out there

will be back to face the Souths Skipper Trent Barrett after overcoming a virus. pretty crook there for a few days. Yeah, I was a bit - so it knocked me around a little. I probably lost about six kilos, his future Barrett's still to finalise of a switch to England. but his wife won't stand in the way She's been really good I'll do what's best for me. and as I've said all along

Roscoe, that's it for now. Just

back to the swimming - we've got 11

gold medals on offer. Grant Hackett

is tipping more Aussie success. You

don't want to know about the Rugby

League tips? Hope springs eternal.

Four out of seven. I doubled my

previous week. You're doing well. after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather but first finance. the 5,000-point barrier today, The share market pushed through failed to take advantage. but Telstra James Hardie shares tumbled

it owes the Tax Office after the company revealed more than $220 million.

So, what do you reckon? Thanks. It's great. It's Honeycomb! Honeycomb Flavour Corn Flakes. New Kellogg's from the original. It's a surprising change DOOR SQUEAKS cross-ventilation A more efficient way to achieve the eco-living exhibition, can be seen at Crescent, North Watson. Majura Rise Estate, Roma Mitchell Tempe Public School, Good evening from

where it's all about getting moving. After-School Communities program - These kids are part of the Active active outside of school hours. a great way to have fun and keep Over 100 schools are doing it in our State, but soon it's hoped it'll be over 1,000. Weatherwise, while north-eastern Queensland copped the worst, was some cloud and light drizzle. all Sydney had to contend with today only reaching the low 20s. Temperatures stayed cool,

just 14 degrees. Very cool in the mountains - recorded after 9am, Penrith's 0.4mm was the most rainfall but it was wetter overnight, at Cronulla. with as much as 11mm falling Cyclone Larry crossing the coast On the charts, we can see Tropical as a Category 5 this morning. It's not a Category 2, rain depression, causing heavy falls, and will continue to weaken into a

menaces the coast. as the next tropical cyclone, Wati, Further south, Interstate -

tonight. Cloudy with a few light showers with tops around 23/24 degrees. Staying overcast tomorrow 17 in the mountains. more frequent along the coast Any light showers will be tending to just a shower or two further inland. for the rest of the week Moist onshore winds will stay with us with very similar conditions. with tops in the mid 20s. Partly cloudy with the odd shower

Now, guys, are you having fun? Yes.

you tired yet? No. Roscoe, these

kids are going to skeep well

tonight. Should I have a go? Yes.

Right! Great idea. Keep it moving. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. Tonight -

in North Queensland Cyclone Larry wreaks havoc on the way. and there's another cyclone Also, the great work challenge. From Centrelink to Centrelink and transport to the unemployed, we went offering the hope of jobs but will they take up the offer? REPORTER: No? No? No interest? None? Plus, the footy star who discovered is his real father. his next door neighbour What will the reaction be as father and son? when they meet for the first time We'll find out shortly. Welcome to beautiful Queensland. And this was the promise.

I will not drink-drive again. speak louder than words. Well, actions But first, the job challenge. officially unemployed There are still 500,000 Australians there are thousands of job vacancies. and at the same time we attempted a small experiment So, with this in mind, even offering to match the jobless with jobs, there are jobs going begging. to drive the unemployed to where Here's Rodney Lohse. We're from Channel 7. shortage up in Mildura Apparently there's a fruit-picking and we're going to take a free bus up there - if anyone's interested in coming up there with us tomorrow to pick fruit. Piss off to Mildura and stop looking for jobs. (laughs) It's sad that somewhere near 500,000 Australians are out of work. But what's even sadder is in the Murray Valley on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, there are about 5,000 jobs going begging. We found that about 50% of growers, half of growers,

basically said they had trouble getting the labour they needed

to meet the seasonal demands of their crops. Peter Mares is a researcher with Swinburne University in Melbourne.